A Summary of Gateway To Gold


By Cathy Eck


Blogs Aren’t Perfect

I recently posted my last post on No Labels No Lies, and this is the last free post on Gateway To Gold (for awhile).  Blogs are a funny thing.  They run backwards.  What you see first is what I’ve written last.  And that can sometimes be very confusing.  Ideally, people would start reading with the earliest posts and work forward, but that rarely happens.  Sometimes a search plants them right in the middle of the blog.  So many of the comments and questions I get are simply caused by the strangeness of the blog format.  Someone will write to me and say, “I’m sure you’ve said this, but I can’t find it.”  It’s just the nature of blogging.  Even searching isn’t perfect.  I have to highlight the same words as you are searching for in order for you to find what you’re looking for.  But I chose the blog format for a reason.  I’m getting letting go to flow through the veins of the internet.  I am just a search away for someone who wants freedom.  If they really, really want freedom, they’ll find me if I’m blogging.

Over twenty years ago, I started this project; and for some reason, I was continuously inspired to keep notes along the way.  If I had not done so, this blog would not exist.  I’ve written over 100 articles that explain the history and methods of letting go on this website.  Everything you need to get free is somewhere in that free information.  The easiest way to find all the free articles is to search by category.  You can access the category search on the right side of the home page.  Free information is a category.  The free information is very comprehensive, especially when you add all the free information on No Labels, No Lies.

Once the free information was complete.  I created a membership area, the Gold Circle.  The Gold Circle is a private membership community where you can have a virtual initiation experience.  It is deeper, more advanced material.  It is designed to help you go faster on your journey to freedom.  It is primarily about letting go of an aspect of our mind that I call the clone; it is the part of our mind that pretends to be our True Self.  It is a very tricky mind aspect.  I also expose a lot of popular teachers, gurus, preachers, politicians, and more in the Gold Circle.  I didn’t want to do that in a way that caused misunderstanding or public debate.  That’s a waste of my time.  Those people are only a problem when you decide that you want freedom.  Then you need to let them go.  You can read about it by clicking on the About Gold Circle link on the menu bar.  All Gold Circle articles start with GC.  There is now a more advanced membership area called the Creative Leadership Program.  Those articles start with CL.  That area is about discovering who you are and completing your life story in the way of initiation.

You adopt letting go to clean out your mind; then one day, you won’t need it anymore.  It isn’t a belief system.  Letting go in the way that I present it is about accepting a few carefully chosen beliefs that allow you to clean out all the crap in your mind so you can live as your True Self.  That’s all it is.  But there are lots of layers to letting go…personal, beliefs about others, and lots of collective beliefs.

It’s a strange thing.  I started this project to help free my ex-husband from his cultural and religious beliefs.  Throughout our marriage, I could see that his mind was really stuck.  But why?  He wanted to expand his perspective at times, but he couldn’t.  He wasn’t able to see beyond the beliefs he’d been given.  He feared hurting his family or pissing off God.  He’s not alone.

But once I stepped into this project, I wanted to know much, much more.  How does one get beyond the normal perspective of life and death?  Is it possible to live disease free?  Can we really do what Jesus did and even greater things?  Can we work less, love our work, and still have abundance?  Are there things that we are naturally good at, and why do so few people find such talents?  Is there any truth to any religion?  I had lots of questions.  And while many people had answers, those answers were inconsistent and often contradicted each other.  It seemed that most people presented reasons for why things were the way they were.  I wanted causes.  I wanted to find a single perspective that explained everything in life.  Nothing was to be left to a God who works in mysterious ways or a life that wasn’t fair.  If something had to be accepted on faith that proved that I’d not yet found what I was looking for.

I had far less beliefs than my ex-husband, but I too had beliefs that limited my experience.  Those beliefs made me very unhappy.  I truly wanted freedom from them.  They were beliefs that pretty much everyone had, and no one challenged.  I wanted to let them go but didn’t know how.  During this time, I found clues through research.  But I had no idea how to get to the perspective I desired within my own mind.  I was faced with a serious integrity issue.  To share the perspective of initiation without telling people how to gain that perspective within themselves didn’t seem right.  I’d just create false hope.  People would copy the initiates and create initiate clones; that just makes life worse for everyone.  I’d create a desire that could not be fulfilled.  Or so I thought.

By going deeper into the illusion and getting stuck in my husband’s world, I figured out how to escape the entire illusion.  I accidentally found the answer in my own emotional system; and I proved that it worked by escaping from his illusion.  Then, I could start attacking my own beliefs.  I was and still am using the techniques that I share on this blog (and No Labels No Lies) on beliefs that no one challenges…the collective beliefs of the illusion.  There’s just a lot of them.  I get to a place where I have a completely calm and peaceful mind, but then something pops up that I’ve never seen before.  Or I find beliefs when I help other people get free.  In the Gold Circle, I went into some very dark places; then I exposed my way out of those belief systems.  I gained a lot of strength and power doing that.  I won’t stop that until I am completely belief free.  My desire is to expose a completely clear exit from the illusion.  After completing the Gold Circle, I really felt that I could get out of any belief system.  So could anyone else.  They just have to know they can let go, and they have to gain comfort in doing so.

I’m now going to stop writing regularly on this free section of the Gateway To Gold blog and No Labels No Lies because they feel complete.  Anything I add will be articles that I feel plug a hole that I later discover.  Everything you need to go all the way is documented.  You just have to do it and do it and do it.  Letting go has to become so normal and automatic that when you hear someone say something false, your body-mind automatically sends you the emotion.  You notice that emotion means false, and you get to work on letting that belief go.  You have to get to the place where you can’t be tricked or pulled into another person’s illusion.  That’s complete freedom.


What’s Next?

One choice is the Gold Circle.  You can continue to let go with others for awhile and get more confident in your ability to live in this way.  Throughout 2017, the Gold Circle will be my focus.  Then I’ll move on to the Creative Leadership program in 2018.

I share a lot of stories on this blog and will share more in future books and programs. I don’t share them so you can hear my story and judge it or sympathize with it. Today, it’s very common for people to want to tell their story so they can get it out there and get it off their chest.  Or they want support for their way of fixing the effects in their life.  They just create more belief systems when they do that.  They make the exit that much more complex.  Often people share their story with a lot of emotional charge.  That’s projection.  When we don’t understand cause and effect, we tend to start our stories at the wrong place.  We start them at the moment that something physical happened.  We ignore the mental state that caused that physical event to happen.  And now we’re in the quick sand of the illusion fighting for our life.  We’re wondering how or why this happened to us.

I have a very strict policy with myself. I will start a story for illustration; and if I still have an emotional charge on any post, I let that post sit until I can read it as if it was just data. Usually by that time, I’ve completely forgotten about the incident; and if I hadn’t written it down, I wouldn’t even remember to use it as an example.

I do post on the GatewaytoGold Facebook page and Twitter feed.  My Twitter posts are mostly political.  Politics is actually a place where some people can understand what I say…mostly conservatives, some center-left liberals, and libertarians.  Social media is not a focus anymore now that Gold Circle has come to life.  I don’t have a mailing list, and I don’t plan to.  I use Facebook for communication about what I’m doing next.

If you have read both of my blogs, you’ve read the equivalent of about eight to ten books worth of information.  That’s a lot of information.  Congratulations.  And if you understand it, you deserve all the credit.  I spent a very long time looking for this; and I know not everyone has the kind of time or money that it took for me to put it all together.  Had I not sold a business, which provided me with the financial resources to work mostly unpaid for over two decades, I would not have been able to complete this project.  Much of this was done before the internet; so finding this information was expensive and time-consuming.  But I must remind you that you don’t want to memorize what I’ve written.  That creates a clone mind in you, and it will be even harder for you to get free if you do that.  Read slowly, and read for understanding.  Don’t memorize; that’s a bad habit we all get in school.  I give a lot of reasons for why things happen as they do.  But reasons aren’t the cause.  We must let go of reasons too.  They are part of the illusion.  Freedom comes from letting go of causes.

Always let my writing prompt you to let something go.  Memorized information is false even if it is technically true because once memorized it’s only knowledge.  If you memorize this information or use it to beat others into letting go, it won’t do any good.  Many who have found this in the past have chosen not to share this information for that reason.  Or they shared it in parable form.  I decided not to do that.  I decided to share it and also explain why you should use it…not just learn or memorize it.  I decided to do something really radical — trust people.  I also realize that if you use this wrongly, you really hurt yourself more than anyone else.  Those who win at the illusion do lose the chance at freedom — they don’t know what they are losing.

In ancient times, the initiates were taught that if they ever used this information for false power, they would fall deeper and harder than they were before they encountered this information.  I used to think that was just a cheap threat, but I now understand it.  When you’ve had a taste of freedom, the illusion is much more painful.  But also, I’ve seen a few smart asses think they were something special with this material, and it got real ugly.  Treat this information like a very sharp knife.  Use it wisely.

The illusion has so many tricks and traps; and I fell for most of them.  I was often so scared that I was certain I would not live to finish this project.  Much like the curse of King Tut’s tomb, there were a lot of beliefs and myths about people dying who exposed this information.  And I had to let go of those beliefs to come out of the closet.  Everything we believe or even joke about believing is in our minds; and when we head for freedom, it tries to convince us that it’s true.  Challenging these big beliefs to gather all this information was a bit like fighting dragons at times.  But if you truly want freedom, you have to find the courage to challenge the beliefs that others accept as normal and true.  You have to let go of your fear of enemies and punishment.  It can feel kind of strange and lonely.  The pull to fit in and be acknowledged as relevant can be huge.

I had a rare opportunity to fall deeply into the illusion as an adult.  And I also had the benefit of memories of my life before beliefs, and also memories of times where I had less beliefs.  For most of my life, I watched my mind.  I didn’t always remember the specifics of an experience, but I could tell you what I was thinking as that experience occurred.  I saw a distinct difference in the quality of my mind and my life as I accepted more beliefs; and then as I let go of those beliefs, I could see my mind and my life returning to it’s earlier state.  Then I saw how we fall and rise again in initiation, just like we might see in a really good movie.

I had a unique perspective that showed me how the mind works.  Combined with my computer training, I was able to make sense of the mind in a new way.  But that didn’t mean that people understood what I was saying.  To most people, I sounded ridiculous.  They were used to thinking that their emotions occurred because of something that happened outside of them.  They thought they had to believe other people who said things that caused emotion.  They thought their mind was telling them the truth when they had a thought that generated emotion.

So I had to learn how to present this material, and that was another big challenge.  Then I had to learn how to work with others who didn’t see the same illusion as I did.  Even people who understand what I’m saying think their illusion is real and true.  People really believe their beliefs; so mentoring others has often resulted in me falling into someone else’s illusion only to have to pull my ass back out again.  But each time that happened, I learned even more.  I got more proof that letting go works really well, and no one has to live stuck in another person’s illusion anymore unless they want to.  Let me be clear.  I don’t consider the illusion or the people who hang out there to be bad or evil.  But some of us have had enough of that game.  We want to be ourselves.  We want to be creators.  So initiation is the choice for that potential.

There has been great progress in this work since I started.  I’ve been very happy to see that beliefs, which sometimes took me months to unravel, are now being dropped by people who read my blogs and people I mentored in days, hours, or even minutes.  This means that people can be free in a reasonable amount of time.  And as more people let go, and the path is easier to find, freedom might become something that is achievable in months or even weeks.  Someday it might be a simple decision.  I can’t wait for the day that I’m out of business.  I want everyone to have freedom if they want it.  But for right now, be patient.  It is still taking years.

Everything that I’ve written to this point has been about understanding the illusion.  The reason you couldn’t see the illusion as false was that you didn’t understand it’s construction.  It kept fooling you.  Now you do understand it if you’ve read these blogs.  And now that you understand it, it’s time to let the whole thing go.  It’s real, but it’s not TRUE.

What traps most everyone who sees the illusion is they use that information to teach, create new techniques which improve life within the illusion, fix problems, win over others, or just keep their distance from the parts of the illusion they don’t like.  But there is a more powerful way to live in this world.  That is to completely let go of the illusion so that you see life from the perspective of the True Self (what I call the mental perspective).  The illusion is still there, but it has no impact on you.  You create your life.  But you aren’t willing your life.  There is no force in true creating.  It is effortless and joyful.

Now that being said, the hardest part of making that choice is often giving up the benefits of the illusion that we’ve already accumulated.  We have to trust in our creativity ability; and that can be hard when our bread and butter has always come from the illusion.

For the remainder of this post, I’m going to summarize what letting go is about…the key points.  If you want more information on any of these topics, just click on the links.


Knowledge, wisdom
We are taught to value knowledge over wisdom. Read to succeed. We forget about the wisdom we hold within.


Mental Vs. Physical Perspective

Why are we doing this letting go thing anyway?  What’s the payoff?  Is it worth it?  Why is it so hard?  All of that can be answered by understanding the natural shift that occurs as we let go.  We move from the normal physical perspective of life to the mental perspective of life.  This means that our mind leads…our thinking becomes the cause of our body and our life.  The physical becomes the effect of our causal thoughts.

We’ve always done this.  We can’t help but do it.  However, we’ve not been the cause of our life because we were followers.  We followed our parents and older siblings when we were younger.  We had doctors to manage our bodies, spiritual teachers and preachers to manage our spirit, lawyers to keep things just, and teachers to give us knowledge.  We had dietitians to tell us what to eat and trainers to tell us how and when to exercise.  People think that creating their life is having the freedom to choose which belief system or leader they follow.  They’re completely missing the point of life.  True freedom means that we follow our True Self.  We live from inspiration; we don’t follow anyone else.

We aren’t born to be followers.  Any place that we don’t feel satisfied or happy is a place where we aren’t the cause of our life.  We’re following someone else’s knowledge, and we’re ignoring our own inner wisdom.  Letting go makes us the cause.  We stop following others as we let go…they don’t look so wise anymore.

In fact, we see people in a very honest way.  We see how they actually view themselves below their mask or without having fixed the effects of their beliefs.  For example, a body builder views himself as weak or unfit, or he would have no need for body building.  A person with a special diet views themselves as fat or unhealthy.  We’re trained to view people as the result of their efforts, but then we don’t feel right around them. We’re aware of our thoughts, but their thoughts seem to be hidden, even untouchable.  We’d certainly feel odd telling a person who just completed a diet and lost fifty pounds that they are projecting fat thoughts, but they are.  Losing weight through physical effort doesn’t change our mind.  Very little, if any, letting go happens in a diet.  Strength training doesn’t change our mind.  It’s a mind shift that creates permanent weight loss or real strength.  Otherwise, we have to continue to diet or train to keep the results.

I became aware of this a long time ago.  I’d just lost a lot of weight on a very strict diet.  I looked great.  But when I looked in the mirror, I heard in my mind,  “I’m still a fat person.”  My mind didn’t switch to fit my new body, and it shouldn’t.  The mind creates the body — not the other way around.  But we pretend that the body creates the mind. We pretend that if people think we’re nice, we are nice even if our mind is filled with judgment.  We pretend that if we can do a yoga stretch, we are flexible when we are doing a rigid practice.  We pretend that we’re strong after training at the gym because no one would dare point out the weakness of our thinking.  Most people are very incongruent because they fix effects.  Letting go causes a shift to happen where you see at a different level of reality.  Your become congruent again.  You live from cause and effect.  And this causes you to stop taking on other people’s projections.  They can’t hide from you anymore; and often they don’t like that much.

This doesn’t happen right away.  In fact, our own false self won’t generally want this shift to happen until we have nothing to hide in our own mind.  One of my goals for letting go was that anyone could cut open my mind and find nothing that they didn’t like.

But this gets tricky.  People in recent times have taught beliefs about positive thinking or tapping away your emotions.  But those are just belief systems to fix the beliefs that we don’t like…it’s another form of fixing the effects.  Letting go takes conscious realization that what we’re thinking is false.  If we have to force a thought into suppression, then we still believe the unwanted thought.  Usually, we’ll project it out and notice it in others rather than in ourself.  Mental techniques don’t get you back to the root of things…to the real cause.  We have also become so trained to look to others for help.  We fear that we don’t have the answers we need.  But we do have the answers.  We have every answer we need.

Most experts and advisors simply provide more beliefs or advice.  Often we want advice because we want reasons for what is happening.  Then we have reasons and ways to fix the effects, and we don’t even think to look for the cause.  We fix one problem, and we get ninety-nine more.

With the normal physical perspective that we have within the illusion, people think that their thoughts are caused by something outside of them.  They look to the physical for reasons.  In the mental perspective, people know that their thoughts are creative.  If they don’t want to create crap, they’d better let go of the crap creating beliefs.  We move from reactor to creator.  And that is a giant leap.  But it isn’t easy.

As we do this, we also become less literal.  But don’t get me wrong.  We don’t become symbolic or ritually minded either.  We see things at a different level of perception.  It’s like the often quoted saying of Einstein.  “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”  Let me give you an example that says it all.  When understood, you can see how the illusion’s physically-oriented perspective is behind every problem in the world.

I was watching a segment on the “60 Minutes” television show on suicide bombers.  They interviewed a middle aged man who trained young suicide bombers.  The interviewer, a woman, asked him, “Why do you do this?”  He said (I’m paraphrasing it from memory so it might not be an exact quote), “I do it for Allah.”  Allah is the Arabic word for God.  “But why?”  she asked.  “What is the reward?”  He said, “Allah says that you must sacrifice your Self in order to get to paradise.”  Ah, these are the same words that Christians often use to justify suffering and hardship in life.  They are the same words that ancient cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs used to reason that human sacrifice was desired by God.  And even today, people in religions like Voodoo or Santeria often sacrifice animals.  People have come to believe that sacrifice is just part of life.  But that’s only in the illusion.  The only sacrifice that we make as initiates is sacrificing our own beliefs so we can get free.  I call this level confusion.

If you see life from the physical level, then sacrifice involves your body or something else that lives within your physical reality.  In fact, it sounds like God desires this physical sacrifice.  Almost like God is a cannibal or a monster.  And the God of the Old Testament, who appears in Genesis II, is kind of a monster.  He’s angry, jealous, judgmental, curses, kills…like an ugly, power-hungry human.  That God is the God of the physical perspective.  He’s a false God.  And if you follow him, you’ll end up with problems, illnesses, and suffering — even death.  We become like the God we worship.

But if you see life from the mental perspective, the idea of sacrifice is very different.  In this case, God is asking you to sacrifice your beliefs, your resentment of others, your win-lose perspective, your judgments.  S/he is asking you to sacrifice the illusion and live as a free being.  Do you see how powerful that difference can be?  It’s just a shift in perspective, but it can totally change the world.  It can totally change your life.

If we think sacrifice is about bodies, we create terrorism, war, human trafficking, disease, and horrible problems like poverty and hunger.  When we think from the physical perspective, we are like Abraham in the Bible.  We think God would ask us to kill our own son.  If we achieve the True Self, or mentally focused perspective; then we know that the sacrifice is giving up our beliefs, knowledge, and lack of trust in others.  Sacrificing our son becomes sacrificing our false self — since our false self is our most important creation.


Good and Evil Are Two Sides of the same Coin

We are taught that the goal of life is to be good.  But good can’t exist without evil.  The physical perspective is dual…it’s the fallen perspective of the knowledge of good and evil.  Good and evil as knowledge are both false.

Good and evil are also considered to be equal partners that battle each other until one wins.  The way we get free is to recognize that everyone thinks they’re good — even a rapist or serial killer thinks they are pleasing God by punishing someone else.  If we follow a physically focused perspective of God that curses, judges, and kills, we will do the same.  If we find ourselves fighting evil, marrying it, joining it’s cult, or even protesting against it, we have some letting go of good and evil to do.  We can’t have a good mind without an evil mind.  They are as much of a pair as conjoined twins.  But again, I’m walking a very fine line with words because the truth is that when your mind is free, it’s all good.  Good doesn’t have an opponent anymore.  We see this in Genesis I.  Life is so confusing because so many words have two meaning…God, good, freedom, sacrifice…one meaning for the mental perspective and another meaning (180 degrees away) for the physical perspective.  Even initiation is used by occultists; and they do not teach initiation.

I recently saw a live documentary.  It was a documentary on the big screen with a live band and live narrator.  I love things that are different; and it was an awesome documentary called, “The Measure of All Things.”  It was about the Guinness Book of World Records and the unusual people that exist within the pages of the many volumes of that book.  Often they presented these record holders in pairs of opposites.  They pictured the tallest guy with the shortest guy.  They put the fastest person with the slowest.  Our mind does think in pairs.  They were giving a portrait of the illusory perspective of life — everything was about the physical.  But these pairs were what I label first cause…there was no judgment.  The tall person wasn’t superior to the short person or vice versa.  It was just interesting to see them together.

The filmmaker, Sam Green, told us the most amazing story that you’ve never heard as a way of introducing himself.  He made a documentary many years ago about the guy who used to show up on televised sporting events with the rainbow wig, called “The Rainbow Man.”  I remember Rainbow Man, and I don’t even watch many sporting events.  It seemed he was always in the crowd.  He got saved at some point, and then he started to wear the rainbow wig and a John 3:16 shirt (pictured below). Of course, today one would not see those two items on the same person as the rainbow has become a symbol of a group of people that believers see as evil…gay people.  Like I said, good and evil are never far apart.



Eventually, he added a wife to his act with a matching wig and t-shirt. But his dark side came out…dah…and he tried to choke his wife.  Eventually, his shenanigans landed him in prison for life. So his wife left him for another man, an Egyptian named Mo.  Sam Green wanted to interview the wife for his documentary. She said she would if he followed Mo to see if he was having an affair.  Obviously, she was an “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine” kind of gal.  It wasn’t easy to follow Mo, but Sam wanted the interview really bad. So he did it; and it turns out that Mo was having an affair.  Oddly, this woman’s intuition could predict that but not what was about to happen next.  Unfortunately for Sam Green, Mo made sure the promised interview never happened.  

Sam Green lost touch with the rainbow man’s wife; but years later, he did a Facebook search to see what happened to her.  He found her; and she was now single. Mo was no longer in her life.  He wrote to her to ask what she was up to and what happened to Mo.  She said that she divorced Mo in the late 90’s.  I forget the exact reason, but one can make an educated guess.  Then 9/11 happened.  By this point, she lived in LA and was teaching elementary school. While watching the coverage of 9/11, they showed photos of the pilots of the infamous planes; and holy crap, she saw some of Mo’s friends.  She’d been partying with suicide bombers and never suspected it.  Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all from the same roots.  You have to let go of the beliefs to get free of all religion.  Switching to another religion never brings freedom.  

Good and evil at the physical level coexist within the same person.  You can see this so clearly in very religious people.  It allows someone to declare themselves good and then take out a gun and kill another person because they are evil.  They project out the unwanted evil, and then they attack their own projection.  Rainbow man thought he was so good that it was fine to choke his wife.  Mo’s friends thought they were good, and they are now being rewarded with seventy-two virgins.  They don’t realize that the evil they see in the world is their own projection because they’ve been declared good by their own religious illusion; and they don’t realize the evil they see isn’t real.

Why would they want to give up that religion?  They like their role since it makes them special.  Since the wife of both of them didn’t see any of this coming, she certainly has a fair dose of illusory good and evil within her masculine side.  Good and evil was the original seed for the illusion; and that illusion grew into a very big tree.

If we want freedom, good and evil is the most important delusion that we must drop.  We have to drop the notion that we are good; and we have to drop that others are evil or vice versa.  We have to remind ourselves that the evil we see outside of us is within us.  Our mind is very certain that it sees a real enemy.  After we let the notion of evil go, you just don’t see it anymore.  You see people with stupid false beliefs.  You don’t believe what they are saying because it’s clearly only half true.

In addition, we’ve created some other crazy opposites like win and lose, superior and inferior, dominance and submission, right and wrong, and even the self-help view of positive and negative.  These are all big core beliefs that keep the structure of the illusion in tact.  All of them are two opposite false poles.  When we let them go, we end up with our version of the truth; and we know we’ve found it when we no longer see someone to judge, fight, or avoid.


Letting go is optional

When I first started this work, I absolutely hated beliefs because I was scared of people with belief systems.   It felt like their cooties would infect my mind.  Often I felt that they saw me as their evil projection.  And I couldn’t convince them to see that I wasn’t that.  Sadly, people with beliefs often perceive those with no beliefs as an enemy.

But that’s changed a lot.  Now I know that ALL beliefs are false; and I don’t care if people let go or not.  But there is one thing for sure.  I won’t accept a belief as the truth.  And people do like to treat their beliefs as the truth.  Often people get offended when we suggest that their beliefs are just beliefs.  In fact, people often enter my mentoring program to get rid of a couple of beliefs only to realize they have hundreds, or even thousands, of beliefs on every subject.  They just hadn’t even considered that their thoughts were beliefs.  They either see a much bigger possibility of freedom than they ever dreamed of, or they see a project that is too big to tackle.

Letting go is a tool for the removal of belief systems for those who want to get free.  I’m personally balls to the wall about letting go.  And the way I write is the same way.  I’m not going to pretend that certain popular belief systems might be an alternative path to God when it’s just bullshit that was passed down from generation to generation and never questioned.  I’m not trying to offend anyone, but we have to call a belief a belief.  Just because a channel said it doesn’t mean that it is true or even helpful.  The truth really needs no explanation at all.  When you find it, the great calm feeling lets you know you are there.

The key to exposing your own belief system is to set your goal at freedom, nothing less.  And you must be honest with yourself.  Stop trying to hide anything.  Just be vulnerable; say what you think.  If you can’t, you’ve found something to let go.  The True Self is congruent.  It doesn’t think one thing and say another.  It doesn’t need a personality or mask to hide behind.  It has no fear.

If you set your goal at being spiritual, enlightened, finding a spouse, making money, or fitting in, you will accept the beliefs that get you to that goal.  When you set your desire as a seat on the freedom train, all of your remaining beliefs arise naturally.  You end up in situations where your beliefs are revealed.  You see what you need to let go.   And here is the joke.  When you set the goal on freedom, you often do get all those other things.  But if you get all those other desires, you won’t necessarily get freedom.  Jesus said it best, “Find ye first the kingdom of heaven (freedom) and all else will be added unto you.”  I can’t improve on that.

If people just would admit that their beliefs are just beliefs, they could keep them and never harm anyone.  They would give us the right to say, “No, that’s not for me.”  And without all those supporters, belief systems would go out of style very quickly.  Why donate money to a belief system when you can have wisdom and truth for free.  This is why it’s often said that it’s wrong to charge for the truth.  And it’s why I don’t tell you what your truth will look like because I don’t know.  I only know what my truth will look like.  I can only tell you how to let go so you can find it.

So if you want to do one thing to make a difference.  Add something like this to your conversations.  “I understand what you believe, and you have a right to believe that.  But it’s just a belief.  Beliefs aren’t the truth; they are optional.  So you have the right to believe what you believe; and I have the right not to believe you.”  If you are really brave, you can enlighten them and tell them that they only see evidence of their beliefs because they believe them.  You don’t see that same reality because you don’t share their beliefs.  A metaphor that almost everyone can understand is the blue car metaphor.  If you want to buy a blue Lexus, you suddenly notice every blue Lexus on the highway.  Before that time, those blue cars went buy you unnoticed.  It’s the same with beliefs.


The Trap of Reasoning

Reasoning is one of the biggest traps of the false self.  Often we’re attracted to a scientific study, a spiritual practice, or a religion because it seems to give us good reasons for what we can’t explain.  Those reasons often become like mantras that we say when dissonance arises.  Religion started this reason-providing business long ago.  Religion provided reasons for things that scared people; and that reason was often that God was pissed off.  He had his paddle in hand ready to whack the first thing that came into view.

Then science came along and said, “God wasn’t pissed when that eclipse happened, it was an explainable event.”  But after a while science went too far as well.  People started to see in science what they wanted to see — the observer effect.  Experimental science has become a way to prove that your beliefs work.

This whole big mess started because people weren’t looking for the cause; they were looking for why — the reason.  Why did this happen to me?  And that comes from some deep beliefs that we’re not the creators of our lives.  It’s one of the first beliefs we put in.  And we must take it out.

Those who wanted control of our minds told us that God is our creator of our lives, and all that crap is his doing; but really the people who are creating our lives are the people who put beliefs into our mind.  Humans with authority are our creators, and they blame the Old Testament God so we don’t hold them responsible.  We’re told that humans fell out of Eden. But really our perspective of God is what fell.  We made God into a typical arrogant false masculine leader.

The important thing we must learn to get free is real isn’t the same as true.  When our mind starts looking for a reason, we’ve accepted our condition or experience as real, and that makes it harder to let go.  So let go of looking for reasons.  From my experience, when you really let go on any subject, you find the reasons why things happened as they did.  It’s how I found everything I write about on this blog.


Roles (Masculine and Feminine) 

Recently I heard a talk at a film festival by three philosophy professors on the topic of imagination.  One of the professors, I enjoyed very much.  The other two were stuck in the physical perspective, and didn’t have a clue what imagination was.

The professor I enjoyed told this story about imagination and the power of roles.  He was watching the news one day and saw a story about a club in Rhode Island that caught fire because the band used pyrotechnics.  People didn’t take the fire serious as quickly as they should have, and many died.  I think some of the exits were also locked for some reason. But here is the important point of his story.  The professor said, “I thought to myself, ‘that would never happen to me.  The minute I saw smoke, I’d run my fat ass right out of there.'”  He said, “In my imagination, I would not fall prey to such a problem.”  Now I want to point out to you that when we view something on the news or hear a story, we’re often sitting in judgment (like the false God) so we are generally in the masculine role.  This is why people like to watch the news.  Of course, we would not be so stupid as those people we are watching.

Two weeks later, the philosophy professor was in a lecture.  The speaker (in the masculine role) was a famous person that he really admired.  Suddenly, the fire alarm went off, and the philosophy professor felt that there was even a slight smell of smoke in the room.  But the speaker said not to move.  He was sure it was a false alarm.  He was completely in his mind…not paying attention to his senses.  The philosophy professor, who was telling us this story, said that he denied what he smelled.  He thought that he was imagining smoke because the person in the masculine role didn’t smell it.  He realized that he completely obeyed the speaker, even though he knew it wasn’t a false alarm.  He denied powerful sensual evidence because of his feminine role as an audience member.  Everything the speaker said felt bad; and fear was building up in his body.  Finally, the firemen then burst into the room and told them to get out quickly.  He said that what amazed him is that he was so into the role as admiring audience member (a feminine role) that his ass was glued to the seat.  He could not move until the speaker told everyone to go.  He would have felt embarrassed to run out in fear when the rest of the room sat there in obedience.  His obedience to his role could have killed him.

We often think that roles don’t affect us, but this story is powerful.  Studies have shown that if an authority figure tells normal people that someone is evil, they will kill or torture the one labeled evil without thinking about it.  They forget the person who’s labeled evil is human.

What allows someone to go to war for their country?  They’ve been told that they’re fighting an enemy; and yet, they personally have no experience of the enemy.  They’re completely obeying an authority figure’s illusion.  The notion of any enemy is an illusion as I stated above.  It comes out of the belief in good and evil.

We often wonder why people don’t question more; and the answer is that we’re trained to obey and believe authority figures (the masculine role) and to honor our roles in their illusion.  When we are in a feminine (non-authoritative) role, we presume we have no power.  We accept whatever we’re told.  And that is a lie, a belief.  The feminine is not an inferior role, but we see it that way because we are taught to see it that way.  Understanding roles and letting them go is crucial to our freedom.

Outside the illusion, roles don’t exist.  Everyone is equal and one at the True Self level.  Roles cause us to become one with authority figures — false selves.  We become one with something false, and then we lose our power.

Often people feel so horrible when they first come to this blog or enter my program.  They are deeply in the feminine role.  They feel powerless.  They have people in their life that they can’t imagine ever speaking to truthfully.  They are filled with emotional feedback.

But over time, they get into that masculine role, and then they see that the false beliefs are in them.  They suddenly want to treat people the way that they were treated.  Hopefully, we stop that train before it wrecks.  But this is the reason that many of us hate our parents growing up, and then we become them.  Our false masculine is a big data file of all the rules, beliefs, and traditions that we’ve been told and accepted as true.  When we acquire the masculine role, we impose those beliefs, rules, and traditions on others who are feminine to us.  We aren’t bothered because we perceive ourselves as above our own rules.

Pay attention, and you’ll see that what drives us crazy in the feminine role is that the leaders aren’t following their own rules.  This causes them to appear to live outside of the illusion while keeping us all imprisoned inside of it.

Most of the techniques that exist in therapy, self-help, or even the New Age are ways that the winners of the illusion have used to take the winning roles.  They are occult beliefs that people have somehow channeled or found stored in their mind.  They get us into the masculine role, but they don’t get us free.

In my experience, these techniques have made projection more prevalent.  This is why depression, suicide, and drugs are so popular today.  People who don’t have the masculine role feel very stuck.  What I share allows us to exit that feminine role.  But once we exit, we must be careful that we don’t become the masculine dick we hated.  We’re not free yet!


Two Worlds  

There are two perspectives existing simultaneously on earth.  One is the world that our joint True Selves created…which is another word for God as Creator (Genesis I God).  We can’t effect that world because we all created it as one in what appears to be the past.  In the true world, we are all individual creators because we were created in the image and likeness of God the Creator.  You have a pure thought or idea, and then you get the wisdom to manifest it on earth.  That’s what we all want to do.  It is where joy lies.  One could call this our purpose.  And this part of us can’t create something that is harmful…it’s only good.  If we aren’t doing this, then we are living in the illusion or false world.

The false world, the illusion, was designed by the elite and the occultists (Genesis II God) after people started to have more and more fear.  They realized that emotions are also magnetically creative although far less powerful than pure thought.  And emotions can be used to create false desires.

In earlier times, it was said that some people or leaders had animal magnetism.  This meant that they were good at creating with emotional power.  If you spend a long time, imagining a tiger eating you and fearing it, the emotions will eventually attract to you a tiger.  They observed this, and decided to use it for their benefit to create things that they wanted.  Today people call it the Law of Attraction.  They refer to emotions as good and bad; and they tell you to seek good emotions to get what you want.  These teachings have created a shit load of hyper excited people suffering from gluttony.  I wonder if that is why so many New Agers are allergic to gluten…the words are quite similar.  They could be trying to get rid of gluten instead of their mental gluttony created by following their emotional excitement.

Of course, no one understood that emotions meant false — the labels are just what we put on the emotions based on the surrounding circumstances.  If you pay attention, fear, romance, hope, anger, and even revenge all feel the same in our body.  Labels are completely circumstantial.

Today, you hear self-help people and channels spouting this idea that emotions are creative as if it is a revelation.  They are tuning in to this occult information without realizing that it explains how the elite won in the illusion.  It isn’t the truth.

Eventually, the occultists invented projection.  One side of any half truth was good, and one side was bad.  To become elite, you identified with the good side, which is easy to do since you dictated what was good.  The masses identified with the bad side — they were sinners.  The way to remain elite was to live the good side while projecting the bad.  The masses didn’t know what hit them.  They were bombarded with beliefs that they weren’t sourcing.  They were told that was God’s voice in their mind…and they had better obey that voice.

Today this is not just reserved for the elite.  And you will only want to step out if you realize just how unfair and unkind it is.  For me stepping out occurred when I realized that I wanted compassion more than anything else.  At that time, I wanted it even more than freedom.  Today I realize that free people are compassionate.

The key to the illusion from our standpoint (I’m presuming you aren’t enjoying the elite life or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) is that we accept a belief from others, and then we feel emotion.  The emotion is the penalty we pay for thinking from a belief, rather than our truth.  We’ve moved out of unified consciousness where creating is easy; we’ve fallen into the dual world of knowledge where creating is hard work.  The emotion is like a zap from our True Self saying, “Stop thinking that.  It’s taking you away from freedom, creativity, or your desire.”  And it doesn’t help that people have so many false desires today…giving them gluttony.

Letting go does happen automatically for awhile when we are children; but eventually, we stop believing that we can let go.  It feels like we can’t.  Then we start creating problems, disease, and suffering because our emotions do create the things we believe over time.  Fortunately, emotions (like fear, anger, grief, guilt, or shame) create slowly, or most of us wouldn’t live very long.

As we let go, we no longer want to project…we get a taste of compassion…and we realize the fulfillment of false desires is no comparison to the inner joy of compassion and freedom.  We realize that we don’t want a reward if it’s harmful to another.  We would rather take the time to let go.  And when we see this, all of those occult-based belief systems appear completely false.  But along that journey, we do meet the things we projected out earlier in life.  And often that offers quite a challenge.



When we live from our True Self, we have a vivid and creative imagination.  We were born creators; and all kids totally live and breathe what they imagine until adults tell them that their imagination isn’t true.  What we imagine can happen until we accept the belief that it can’t.  Then we feel a great loss.  But we accept the reality that others tell us is real.  We limit the potential of our life.  That limited potential is a world of knowledge; it’s the illusion.

As we move to freedom, we come to realize that what we call history or past reality is actually what has already occurred in the illusion.  And it occurred because we believed it would occur.  We can’t create beyond the limit of our beliefs.  And if we chain ourselves to others who live in a small box, we won’t be able to live outside of that box.  We’ll make ourselves miserable trying to get them to move into a bigger box…and they just might not want to do that.  Recording history and studying it causes us to think that the illusion that the elite present as real was God’s divine plan or truth.  It never addresses the mental cause.  History is, in fact, his story — the Man’s story.

But sometimes someone proves our collective beliefs wrong.  An example was Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile.  Since he showed that it was a false limitation, others have done what he did.  Anytime we break out of the illusion by fulfilling out True Self potential, we make it possible for others to do the same.  That’s a purpose worth pursuing.  There are opportunities to break the illusory box everywhere.  We find them every day.

The goal of initiation (the quest for freedom) is to prove our beliefs wrong.  To do that, we have to realize that our beliefs are false, and the reality that we created is only the effect of false beliefs.  We are capable of much, much more.  But we don’t know that until we let go.

People often ask me where to start.  And I say to start with anything you’re interested in.  At the beginning of this project, I was enrolled in a Transpersonal Psychology Masters’ Degree program.  I became interested in the mind, initiation, and it’s relationship to the story of Jesus as the result of a class that I took in that program.  I first found out the existing knowledge, then I let go of that knowledge and the beliefs that I’d acquired.  Then I took a fresh look.  Then I let go more and more.  And eventually, the Bible was no longer a book of finger-pointing messages and horror stories.  It was a story of how our minds fell and how we reclaim our mind.

I’ve seen others do this with something they’re passionate about.  If you love cheese, start with all you know of cheese.  Let go of all the things that people say are bad or unhealthy about cheese, and one day, you’ll see life through the lens of cheese.  I have a friend who is doing this with horse training.  My son does this with dance.  Einstein did it by studying the Theory of Relativity.  No topic is off limits.  But instead of becoming a know-it-all on the topic, you treat it as a beginner.  You allow the topic to teach you, you let go of what is common knowledge, and your subject of interest will take you to the truth.  And often that passion will provide an income for you along the way.

People often ask, “What is my purpose?”  It’s kind of a flawed question.  Being your True Self is your purpose and everyone else’s.  Escaping from the illusion is your purpose.  Then you realize you don’t need a purpose in the way that most people view purpose.  You just follow your inspiration, create, and express yourself.  You love others.  You have fun playing.  That’s enough.


Opposition, Oppression, and Competition  

You know what to let go once you recognize that your emotions were designed to expose what is false.  When you hear words and feel emotion, that is your nervous system saying don’t believe those words.  This would be easy if it weren’t for psychological reversals.  Often people hear something like “I love you,” and feel emotion; but they feel no emotion around “I hate you.”  That just means that their emotional system has been reversed or twisted.  That’s okay.  If we just let go of what feels bad, then eventually the reversals all come undone.  So it might seem strange to let go of “I love you,” but if there is emotion present when you say it, you don’t mean it anyway.

Our minds were designed around True and false.  True feels calm and peaceful.  False generates emotion.  True and false are not equal partners or opposites like good and evil.  True has all power, and false has no power.  However false often uses the power of numbers of believers to appear powerful.  False generates lost of emotion making it feel powerful.  But in truth, false has no power.  As we let go, we diminish the power from false beliefs until our own false self within becomes impotent.  Then our True Self runs our life.  We live from inspiration.

But there is an important understanding that we get from observing ourselves in competition, opposition, and oppression.  We often feel that we need to know what the other is thinking.  We need to get their approval.  We need to size them up.  We have to say the right thing to gain power or control.  And that won’t get you to freedom.  One of the most common pieces of advice that I give to people is “STAY IN YOUR OWN DAMN MIND.”

If we are in another person’s mind, we’re linking to their false self.  Why link to something that isn’t true?  If we stay in our own mind, we can watch our thoughts and let go of what isn’t true.  The True Self has the big picture.  It can see where we need to go.  But we must be letting go or the false self takes the wheel.  In other words, if you want Jesus to take the wheel, you need to be letting go.


Sometimes our emotions feel like a tsunami, but the volume of emotion that we feel shows how much we’ve believed the belief, the lie.

No Good Emotions

I say this a lot.  But it is the core of this work, and I don’t think I can say it enough.  Until you realize that your emotions are telling you what to let go within your own mind, you will continue to follow excitement, increase the size of your false self, and feel powerless.  If you want control over your life, you have to get control over your emotions…and I don’t mean to hide them, suppress them, or express them when no one is watching.  I’m talking about eliminating the cause of ALL emotions…false thinking.  There are no good emotions in the sense of good or bad, but emotions are actually all GOOD if we use them properly.

Emotions are considered normal, but they shouldn’t be normal.  This is why we want to get rid of our emotions. Emotions are never positive.  It’s always some form of nervous agitation.  People put positive and negative labels on nervous agitation.  Somehow emotions feel more tolerable when we label them excitement, hope, or romance.  But emotion always means that what we’re thinking right now, or what we are hearing from another if we are listening and believing what they say, isn’t the truth.  Our current thinking or belief won’t ultimately take us where we want to go…which if you are reading this blog is freedom.

If we listen to another and don’t believe them, we won’t feel emotion even if they speak falsely.  We feel the emotion when we accept the belief into our own mind.

You can’t let go of the truth.  If you feel emotion, let it go; and you’ll eventually get to freedom.

The True Self is shared by everyone; the false self was meant to be an individual creative container.  We were not meant to share our false self’s beliefs with anyone unless we choose to do so.  Religions abused this by giving everyone the same false beliefs and calling them the truth.  A lot of people believing something false doesn’t make it true.  But tell that to believers.

The false self was also meant to be temporary.  We have ideas and beliefs for a particular project or story — no one else needs those beliefs but us.  When it’s complete, we let that all go; and we return to the virgin mind.

We must realize that we’ve been trained that emotions are bad and evil…something to get rid of.  But to get free, we have to follow those emotions to the causal belief.  We can’t be afraid of our emotions.  They are our friend.

Make sure that you don’t skimp on witnessing (not wallowing in) the emotional charge that you feel as you discover your beliefs.  That emotional charge is what allows the belief to create in your life.  So if you have a fear of dogs, and you witness the emotion you feel when seeing a dog, you will notice a point where you realize the emotion was only telling you that your fear of dogs wasn’t true.  You won’t think about that topic again.  If you skimp on witnessing the emotions, you might end up doing the same topics over and over again because you haven’t gotten the root.  Anytime you watch your mind while witnessing an emotional charge, beliefs will arise.  They’re all false.  Just let them all go.

We all find moments of joy when we our false self isn’t ON.  We are inspired, creative and alive.  And then we fear falling again.  And that fear causes it to happen.  It has even been said that people can’t enjoy those moments of peace, freedom, or joy because they have so much fear that the other shoe will drop.



People say things like, “Believe and you will achieve.”  They have often replaced mental hard work for physical hard work.  They insinuate that we can’t create anything without lots of focus and attention.  And that isn’t true.  If we accept their premise, then we’d have to think before each breath.  We don’t have to do that.  In fact, we create best when we don’t think.

Healthy people are people who don’t think about health.  Abundant people don’t think about money.  People create very easily when they have no thoughts that are contrary to what they are trying to create.  The ancient initiates said that it only takes one completely pure thought to create anything.  Jesus called this faith.  It wasn’t faith that something outside of us could fix life for us; it was faith in our own True Self.

Letting go happens when we realize that something we’re thinking is false.  The two main ways that I discriminate (know a belief is false) are: the belief isn’t win-win for everyone on the planet — there is a loser or someone has to be bad or evil; and the belief generates emotion when we think it.  If we let our mind know that we no longer accept a belief as true, our mind will let it go.  Often there’s a lot of emotion around a belief, which simply shows how long and how much we have believed that belief.  So if you keep reminding yourself that the belief is false and simply witness the emotion until it is gone, you’ll find freedom from that belief.

When you don’t know what to let go, do western meditation.  Witness your mind…don’t think.  And thoughts will arise for you to let go.  If you focus on a problem or a body issue and witness your mind, you’ll start to find the causal beliefs to let go.  The trick is to not wallow in the emotion.  If you are crying, you are believing your mind…feeling like a victim.  If you’re terrified, you are believing what you’re thinking.  You have to really get that the emotion means that what you are thinking isn’t true.  And that’s like trying to stop a train with no brakes…it takes a lot of effort at first.  Eventually, it becomes easier…your mind starts to get the hang of it.

Also, let go of any protecting beliefs that arise such as, “I can’t do this.”  “This isn’t working.”  “I’ll never get free.”  We all have these stupid beliefs; they are false, but often they act like they’re true.  They’re always laced with emotion, but often our psychological reversal kicks in and says the emotion means they are really, really true.  It’s stupid things like this that make this path so difficult.

The illusion is a construct, a matrix, of collective beliefs.  The word belief contains the word lie.  Every belief is a lie.  A belief is not harmful to you if you realize it’s a lie.  Problems only result when beliefs are mistaken for the truth.  The illusion would disappear if the beliefs that make it up would be declared false by enough people.  But we don’t have to wait for it to disappear for it to disappear for us.

As you practice discrimination, your automatic mind learns to do it without you thinking each time — just like driving or brushing your teeth.  Therefore, you eventually discriminate all the time, which means you will no longer be fooled by another or take on their projections.

Often people think they will be alone if they do this, or they will have to hide in a cave.  Some think there is no reason to live if you are free.  That is all bullshit that others have taught you.  That is your false mind talking.  Freedom means that you can go anywhere and be with anyone and remain yourself.  If you still fear others, you’re false self is still running.  Too many people have sold the idea that living alone on an island is freedom.  They’re stuck in the physical perspective.  That isn’t freedom unless they also have the ability to come off the island and not lose themselves.


Keeping Score

Try not to look for results.  That slows you down.  If you like to keep score, and who doesn’t?  Keep mental score.  At the end of the day, assess if you’ve let anything go.  Write down your insights.  Write down anything that has changed without effort.  Record your inspired moments.

The illusion is about doing and fixing effects.  So often if we fixed problems with affirmations or visualization or medicine/herbs in the past, we’ll hear our mind say we must do that to fix the problem again.  That is just memorized thought; it’s not true.  Do your best to let that go.  But if you feel it will ease your fear to fix the effect, do it; but then start the process of letting go of the cause so you don’t create the same problem again.  Eventually, you won’t need to fix effects, but it’s okay to take it slow.

This isn’t a race.  Don’t beat yourself up for going too slow.  When I started trying to discover how to let go, I thought it would take a year.  I wasn’t even close at ten years into the project.  Now I’m more than twenty years into this project, and I’m not completely there myself.  But don’t be discouraged.  It took me fifteen years just to find out how to let go.  And it’s been real slow for me because I had to blaze the trail.  What I tell you was not written anywhere that I could find.  I had to look between the cracks of what people were writing.

I’m not bothered by how long it took.  The past would be the past anyway.  And my future is improving every day.  Letting go is not a quick fix; but it’s a complete cure for the curse of what was called the fall in the Bible.  It’s your ticket back to Eden.



This blog was designed to connect you with the True Self point of view, the mental perspective, and to disable the power of the false self by proving it to be illusory. Reading the blog is designed to validate your True Self’s perspective of life and to give it permission to let go of your OWN false self. We all were trained that we should not do this. We’re taught to respect the false self, not expose it or negate it. But that’s not true.

So reading this blog gives your True Self permission to lead; people often tell me they jump start letting go by randomly picking an article and reading. That’s the purpose. But the letting go must be done by you. I can’t let go for you and neither can anyone else.  Don’t take what I say as the truth or even reasons.  Use it as a catalyst for your own inner discovery.

You truly don’t need anything else to get free.  But I wrote a whole shitload of stuff so that you can hopefully see this simple concept from many angles.  If you are persistent and keep looking within, you’ll get there.  It isn’t an easy path or everyone would be doing it; but it’s so worth it.  And you can’t screw it up.  You can’t let go of the truth even if you really, really want to.

Here’s one thing that I want to leave you with.  I started this research project over twenty years ago when I realized that win-win was an optional way to live.  I could choose thoughts that weren’t judgmental.  And that alone was simply amazing.  It felt so right.  I tried it in business, and then I wanted it in every part of my life.  But I found a lot of traps and tricks along the way…all the things I share on this blog.

People like to quiz me.  Cathy, how do you know you aren’t delusional?  What if you are selling another illusion?  Believe me there isn’t a day that went by over the past twenty years that I didn’t ask myself that.  But I eventually answered that line of query once and for all in this way.  And if after I say this, you think I’m crazy, have at it.  Because I don’t care.

Would a sane God choose sides?  I don’t think so.  Therefore, the only thoughts that come from a true God must be inclusive.  Jesus coming back and rewarding the Christians is win-lose.  Discovering Jesus within ourselves, our own True Self, is win-win.  Competing with others is win-lose; competing with ourselves to better our mind every day and become more loving, free, and compassionate is win-win.  Saying that gluten makes you sick is win-lose; it’s a belief that more and more people are accepting.  Letting go of food restrictions or fear of things making you sick is validation that your body is strong, wise, and knows what it needs and wants.  Defining beauty in one way that is impossible for most is win-lose; expanding our notion of beauty to be inclusive and broad is win-win.

What if there was no special people…no American Dream?  What if it didn’t matter what others thought of you?  What if your rewards in life were based on your capacity to be your Self and create like a God, and what if I’m right and every one has that potential.  What if our body matched our inner mental state, and you could tell a person with an ugly mind by their appearance?  Then this would be a very fair world.  This would be a great place to live.  Heaven after death wouldn’t even look so great; we’d already be living in heaven.

I tried many techniques and teachers who people said got you to freedom, but I had some criteria of my own that I wasn’t willing to budge on.  First of all, the work had to be able to be done alone.  You can’t call your therapist in the middle of a tsunami or on the battlefield.  Most people can’t go study with a teacher/guru for years; they have families and careers.  Helping others get their faster is fine, but letting go would not be true if it could not be done completely alone.  This is very fair; someone who is homeless has nothing but time.  They can let go all day long, and they can find the creativity to get a home.  Someone making tons of money with their knowledge will have less time to let go; but they have their needs met with their knowledge.  You see, it’s a fair system.

I was also not going to accept something so complex that only MENSA members could understand it.  The truth shouldn’t require expensive degrees or long periods of study.   I’ve learned that the truth is simple; it’s the illusion that’s complex.  You also don’t have to make a scene of yourself to let go by standing in a stupid posture or tapping your brains out; no one even knows you’re doing it.

Over time, as you let go, you get more and more powerful, but you have no desire to use that power over others.  You become insanely compassionate and unconditionally loving.  You want to shut down beliefs simply because you want everyone to have what they want from life.  You see the cause, and you just can’t watch people suffer needlessly anymore.  You find yourself appearing very courageous because you no longer have fear of others.  You trust people, and they show you that they are worthy of that trust.

People who fight so hard for their beliefs don’t help anybody; there’s not a damn one of their beliefs that’s worth keeping.  They are simply selfish!  They impose their beliefs on others and fight for them because they know that without support those beliefs won’t stick or have any power.  Even those who are losing often hold on to beliefs because they are proud of them.  When we don’t believe the believers, they become nobody…just like us.  The power dissolves from their beliefs when we see them as simply beliefs.

What if I went to doctors and said, “You can’t use those labels anymore; and you can’t say someone is dying.”  What if we stopped making heroes out of people who do military service?  Don’t you think more people would spontaneously get better or find a way to get along.  You see, we are trained to think backwards; and we are taught that this backwards thinking is helpful.  It’s only helpful to those who are winning in the illusion.

What if I went to all the lawyers and said, “No more win-lose.  The case is done when the cause for both people has been discovered.”  Lawyers would become champions of justice.  Right now they are champions of injustice or the notion of good and evil.

What if I went to all the preachers and said, “You can’t speak a belief…not one.”  They’d have nothing to say.

Do you really want to live some place where your love is impotent, never enough, and doesn’t make a difference? I don’t. Do you really want to live some place where this unseen God force bestows diseases, suffering, and problems on you because you picked your nose in algebra class in the 8th grade?  Do you want to live in a place where you can’t tell true from false and people manipulate and deceive all the time?  You know, if you’re really, truly living your life so you can just get to heaven after death then it seems like it would make more sense to just kill yourself now.  Why delay gratification?  But people don’t kill themselves to get to heaven because some part of them knows heaven is here; and they hope that Jesus will show up and bring it because they are taught that belief.  Jesus is a metaphor for the True Self within us.  When we find Jesus (the True Self) we find heaven on earth.  Christians are all looking in the wrong place.

Just the other day, I was talking to some life long Catholics who said, “I never understood how God could approve of guilt.”  Everyone sees this stuff.  They are just afraid to be the one to speak up.  So I did that.  I started the conversation.  I exposed how we got tricked and how we get out.  I gave you one very important thing…that your emotions are always telling you what to let go.  And if you truly want to be as calm as someone like Jesus, then you have to do what he did…not hope he’ll come back and rescue you.  You have to let go of your judgments, hatred, and fears…you have to take the mote out of your own eye.

The people who commit suicide are often the ones who realize what I’m saying, but they feel unseen and unheard.  They know that life with their spouse or parents would be easy, but their parents/spouse are sure their dogma is right.  They feel like no one believes them when they say things like I say on this blog, and everyone believes the people who judge, guilt and shame others. It’s a shit-faced world where people are embarrassed to believe in the power of love.  It’s a cray world where we pay lots of money to those who say that diseases are real, poverty is normal, and war is created by God.  If the illusion is what pays; then I don’t want the money.  But that isn’t true either.  We do find that as we let go, we tap into life beyond the economy.  Things just work different for us.

Often we feel that we can’t make a difference, but that isn’t true either.  We either perpetuate the lies by holding on to them, or we do our part to let go.  Every time one of us lets go, we add a little more signage to the illusion’s exit ramp. We give someone, some place, another chance to be themselves.  Maybe someone spontaneously heals or some problem goes away.  I know that happens a lot, and I always enjoy hearing when it happens.  My payment is your freedom.

I’ve loved being part of your life and sharing this long lost secret with you.  I’m sure our paths will cross again one day. Until then, thank you for taking this journey with me.  It’s been real!  And one day, after letting those beliefs go, you will know that it’s been True!

Much Love,





Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Taylor

    Hi Cathy, what about installing our own beliefs as a way to help ease this process. At this point, I know i’m not turning back as I know what I want and freedom is the ultimate goal. I’ve had many moments of pure bliss or “heaven on earth” but honestly I don’t really even care to hang on to those because I know i’ll get there. I’ve let go of impatience. But I find that emotion still comes up when I think i’m making a mistake. Like something will come up and idea or thought and I fear that acting on it one way or another will increase my false self. I have a big fear of going backwards and I think I have big psychological reversals around the notion of right and wrong/mistakes. I thought about it last night and I think it has something to do with my whole life revolving around academia. The experts/teachers/ and smart people are my false gods. Hence, my fall into the new age trap/seeking more and more information/ the need to make sure to explain myself the “right way” etc. blah blah blah you get the point. So I know you say don’t put in positive thoughts, but I’ve found that if I have a decision to make and I get emotional, if I tell myself something like “don’t worry about mistakes” or “there are no such things as mistakes/ right or wrong” it helps ease my belief that i’m going backwards. I’m just so determined to continue this journey that now I crave some stability and comfort.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Taylor,
      You are saying the emotion is there and you want to cover it up with a nice thought? Just go into the emotion. The emotion is saying that what your thinking is false. If you witness the emotion, the beliefs will arise. They are all false so then you have your causal thoughts. That’s the best time to let go.

      If you override the emotion, you are projecting it in someone else. The only thought I recommend putting into the false mind is that you can let go. Nothing else is necessary. Love Cathy

  2. Taylor

    Cathy, what is your opinion on imaginary friends. When I was younger I had one who I didn’t really believe in I just made her up as kind of an alternative/ slightly cooler version of me. Someone who wouldn’t judge me and I could express my thoughts to. I’ve been feeling a little better lately and I find myself conjuring her up randomly as a way to understand and see some of my feelings.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Taylor,
      I had imaginary friends too as a kid. We know we can create anything as a child. As adults, if we are creating a character there is a reason. Might be avoiding letting go of something like fear or loneliness. I don’t know. But I’d ask myself. It’s not harmful, but you don’t want anything to detail letting go. Love Cathy

  3. Taylor

    Hi Cathy, sorry another question. I woke up today feeling a little better but still didn’t get out bed, and missed my classes for the 2nd time this week. I’m even having all these radical thoughts about quitting school all together. I’m feeling very confused. I looked into your mentoring program but I’m not sure if I would make a good candidate. Can you tell me more about the process and expectations. I also tend to look for a quick fix when things get rough so I’m not sure if I’m just being dramatic or if I would benefit. ( i’m worried that i’m even turning your blog into a belief system!)help please!


    1. Cathy

      Hi Taylor,
      First the mentoring program has no openings. It has a long waiting list that I’ll probably never get through. I do a few single sessions with people not in the program each month; those are getting harder and harder to get. If you want to do that, just send me a message. But that is why I put so much up on line and on the Facebook gatewaytogold page where I write now. What you need is there, but it sounds like your mind is blocking you.

      Often the thing that blocks people is that they hit beliefs that are manifesting in their life or are strongly believed by family and friends. They just look too true to let go. So you have to really challenge those beliefs. And often you just have to witness a hell of a lot of emotion to get in front of them.

      But it might also be school. Perhaps what you are pursuing is coming from beliefs, not from your True Self. I’d look at what you truly want to do and see if you believe you aren’t allowed to do that or can’t do that. If that is the case, it won’t ever go away. You won’t get over it. You’ll just feel worse and worse until you make a mess of your life. Better to realize that sooner than later. Love, Cathy

  4. Taylor

    Cathy, help please! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and thought I was making progress but today I woke up feeling very disoriented and completely lost. I know from your other posts that you say feeling as if you are going backwards is normal during the process, but this doesn’t feel like backwards it just feels hazy and unnerving. Any insight you have to these feelings I’m experiencing would be appreciated.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Taylor,
      That isn’t that uncommon. It used to happen to me a lot. It usually came from one of two places. Either the day before I took on a big projection from someone else. In this case I’d say it was someone else’s confusion. Or some big belief has arises over the course of the night from my unconscious. You work with both of them the same. Sit for a few minutes and witness your mind, while lightly putting your attention on the hazy feeling; but treat the hazy feeling like emotion. So whatever arises, treat it as false and let it go. Even ask the feeling, why are you are? Then listen for the answers. The key is to not believe any answer you get. Just keep letting the answers go until you get something that really elevates the emotion or causes it to dissipate. You might get crap in there too like this so stupid. I’m wasting my time. I should just take a pill. Just keep letting go. They mind doesn’t want you to solve this, but you have to be like a hound chasing a fox.

      This is common as you go deeper also. Realize that you are getting closer to the oldest beliefs. They’ve got a lot of emotion surrounding them as you’ve been living them the longest. So it isn’t going backwards, it is going deeper. It is definitely progress. Love, cathy

  5. Richelle

    Also just wanted to add that I grew up with a very abusive mother. She is a narcissist and showed me no love, and used emotional blackmail and all forms of manipulation and abuse to control me, to keep me down, to stop my light from shining into the world. This has deeply affected me on every level. I am currently thinking to cut her out as I feel even though she’s far away there is a sickening feeling of connection to her still, just by talking over the phone.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Richelle,
      I completely understand, and I’ve been there. You understand what I wrote because your True Self is in there hoping you’ll go towards freedom. Suicide means they (status quo) win. Freedom means we all win. The reason people affect us so much is their beliefs are stuck in our mind. We have to let go of those beliefs. Then they lose their power. I explain how to do that on my other site, http://nolabelsnolies.com. I suggest you start with the old posts and move forward. Then let go all the time, you’ll get yourself back, and life will be good again. No one will be able to abuse you. Many are doing it. You aren’t alone. If you are on Facebook, connect to the gatewaytogold page. I write on that wall often, and the community is growing. They are all freedom lovers like you. You’ll see yourself in their comments. Love Cathy

  6. Richelle

    Cathy it appears my first message did not go through.

    Basically it said that I have not heard truer nor wiser words ever spoken. I could not stop reading because my jaw was open nearly the entire time – every following sentence made my jaw drop. I know your words to be true and it’s so comforting to know that someone out there, can write down everything in your heart – makes me feel less alone.

    I feel I’m standing in the middle of a teeter totter right now, could go either way (towards freedom or death.. death being death of my true self or suicide).

    Anyway Cathy, thank you SO MUCH. I’m 31 and feel although it appears I may not be doing the best at life, in the ‘rat race American shit dream’, I feel I am on the road to healing.

  7. Richelle


    I’d also like to add that my entire life I’ve struggled with being able to BE MYSELF. It especially shows up in relationships where I am very attracted to my partner, so I self-sabotage almost by being fake. I know I’m so great when I’m by myself alone at home – goofy, funny, playful, witty – but I can never fully be this around others. This is my greatest struggle in life and if you out of all people could help me with this, I would be forever grateful Cathy.



  8. Iliana

    Cathy, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for everything you’ve shared on your blogs. And I’m about to start reading your book. It has helped me so much, and I particularly love that your writing is so real – there’s no romanticizing, no bullshit, no New Age-iness…. It’s very easy to relate to, very everyday human… So thank you. I hope it helps everyone to wake up to their true selves. I have only scratched surface of your writing, there’s so much of it! I look forward to unpicking all my false beliefs one by one… And you’re right, it’s almost fun, once you get into the swing of things.
    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude X

    1. Cathy

      Thank you Iliana. That made my day. You are very, very welcome.

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