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Understanding First-Cause and Eliminating Second-Cause Thinking

This is a more advanced article than many of the others in No Labels No Lies. While I have links to every uncommon concept or term that I’ve used in this article, it’s not wise to use this as your first introduction to initiation. I suggest that you start with the oldest articles on this blog and move forward. Even if you are a pro at letting go, take this article slowly; and let go as you read. This article has got a lot of beliefs within it that nearly everyone needs to let go.

The Age of the “Truther

We are living in the age of the “truther.” So many people today claim to have “the truth.” Those people seem to think that they have a calling to be a preacher, guru, or a teacher. It’s a false desire, and you’ll see why in this article. Many people say that they’re hungry for the truth. So the truthers with the urge to preach and teach find the hungry people, and it seems like it’s a match made in heaven. But it’s not a heavenly match because the truthers don’t actually KNOWthe truth.” 

How do we know if someone’s words are the truth? Most people consider the answer to that question to be a matter of trust, but it’s much bigger than that. Most people believe something if it’s what they want to hear; and that doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Or they consider something to be the truth if others treat it as a true. They don’t actually discriminate for themselves. 

Consequently, seekers of truth generally trade one belief system for another belief system, which means they only make lateral moves on the triangle bottom. In addition, seekers don’t let go of their old belief systems, so they project them out on to others. Now they want to enlighten or fix the people who have their old beliefs because they think they have the truth and others don’t. We live in a world where most people are fixing or fighting their OWN mental projections all day long, which means they’re actually doing nothing with their lives. That’s why they feel unhappy or unfulfilled. That’s why they aren’t free.

I took a hard look at this idea of “What is the truth?” decades ago. I wondered how I’d even know the truth if I found it. I read loads and loads of OLD books by people who claimed to have the truth throughout the ages. Every theory had cracks that the leader and followers plugged up with logic and reasoning. I read some NEW books too; but having read the old ones, it was all just old wine poured into new bottles. 

After much research, and applying my win-win test to everything that I read, I decided that nothing I read that was labeled “the truth” was actually true. Everything I read contained level confusion. In other words, the leader’s words sounded technically true, but the words were conveyed as a belief, i.e., their so-called truth had an opposite. Let me explain.

The truth can only be found within. Of course, many people say that as they preach or teach their truth. I find that ironic. We all have the truth within, so why in the hell do we ever need to talk about it, i.e., teach or preach it? We’d only do that if we believe that we lost the truth, and we want others to turn our beliefs into their truth. Why don’t we all just let go that we lost the truth? Why don’t we all live our perfect lives from our perfect True Self? I’ll tell you why no one proposes that idea. If we all did that, then no one could control us anymore. 

My questioning was taking me to a different place…a place where no one else was going…a mental perspective that was free. It became obvious to me that no one had ever helped me to find my own inner truth; everyone was giving me theirtruth, i.e., their beliefs. Or they told me to meditate and float above my mental manure; they didn’t tell me how to let go. In the end, I didn’t find one so-called truth in my mind that I wanted to accept as true. 

I knew with all my heart that if something was true, it had to be win win for everyone on the planet. There is only one way of perceiving that passes that test. The individual decides what they want to keep in their own individual mental container. The individual can add to their mind or subtract from it; there would be no group think, no false self connections between minds, and no projection. Of course, this was deemed to be radical thinking. I personally wanted no beliefs at all. People said that was ridiculous. So I wanted to see what would be left in my mind if I cleaned all the second-cause beliefs out of it. Would I become a moron, a mental patient, homeless, or dead? I honestly didn’t care because I wanted the TRUTH, not a pretty belief system that had been relabeled as true. As I kept letting go, I saw why I didn’t want any belief systems. They all limited my mental potential…every single one of them. 

I finally realized that the word belief had the word LIE within it for a damn good reason. In decades of letting go, I have yet to put even one belief back into my mind, which I could do if I wanted to do so. But now, I see the world through the lens of first cause…something that most people don’t even know exists. So let me explain.

If something is absolutely true, it has no opposite. That’s the simple definition of first-cause thinking. It was our natural way of using our minds prior to the biblical fall. The fall was when we accepted the illusion or the “knowledge of good and evil.” Good and evil is divided, second-cause thinking. Prior to the fall, we lived in Eden, which was a perception (not a place). 

In Eden, it was said that there was only good without opposite. But that wasn’t just a conversation, or something we memorized for a history test, it was something that we KNEW without any doubt. We would never think a thought that had an opposite because we had no concept of second-cause thinking. Once our minds were programmed to divide thought in second cause, however, we did it without even realizing we were doing it. 

When we let go of all second-cause thinking from our mind, we end up with a first-cause mind again. We aren’t stupid because we know everything we care to know. We aren’t harmful to others because we only accept thoughts that are win win for all. The true initiates called this mental healing the alchemical marriage. It was also labeled the return to the virgin mind. Sadly, the last initiates disappeared around two thousand years ago; occultists who all have second-cause minds took the lead roles on planet earth, and they manifested the giant second-cause illusion that we have today. 

The art of true initiation was lost. But our True Self was never lost. Nevertheless, it seemed that once our mind was divided in second cause, there was no way to heal it and return to first cause. That’s false; initiation is the way out. But we must be careful with words in initiation; the occultists hijacked the initiates’ words. That’s why I’m overly precise in my writing. The occultists also speak of initiation, but their initiation is about rising up their pyramid of power. It doesn’t get you to freedom; in fact, it’s a giant trap. It’s easy to tell the difference, however; true initiation is about letting go of second-cause thinking. Occult thinking treats all beliefs as true.

The story of Adam and Eve was a metaphor for a change in the way we use our minds that happened at the dawn of civilized life. It’s a long story, and I share every last detail (several books worth of information on that one topic) in the Gold Circle. Initiation as I share it is about healing our own fallen mindset so that we can return to the Eden-like mindset. I call that our full-circle story. 

It’s easy to remember the difference between first and second cause if you think of a triangle. First cause is the triangle top…the concept of all is one. The top of the triangle has no opposite. Second cause is the triangle bottom; it’s dual and magnetic. The opposites are not equal; one side is desirable and the other side is undesirable. The entire illusion comes from triangle-bottom thinking. 

When we move to the top of the triangle, which happens by letting go, we move back into first-cause thinking. Once I discovered the ancient concept of first and second cause, all of my research and experimentation was about one question: How do we remove second-cause BELIEFS from our minds so that we can get back to first-cause knowing, unity, oneness, freedom, peace, and unconditional love? 

I now knew from direct experience that everything that had been labeled “the truth” was NOT actually true. There was an illusion of truth on earth that appeared to have begun around six thousand years ago. I realized that there was a time when we lived without beliefs, and we did amazing things. But that time period was covered up with false explanations; our human history had been rewritten so that everyone would think that we couldn’t go back to the Eden-like mind. The history that we’re taught in school has a physical focus; but our real history had a mental focus. Putting together the mental history of humans on planet earth was the most fascinating thing I’d ever done. While the physical history repeats in boring patterns, the mental history explains why the boring patterns are false illusions. 

Prior to and during this time, I was also researching the Great Pyramids and other old architecture that didn’t make any sense given the physical history that we’ve been sold. Such incredible buildings were labeled OOPS for Out Of Place Structures. Either the structures had to be explained with some bullshit story, like the story that the pyramids were built by slaves. Or we had to admit that humans were far more capable than we’re allowed to believe today. I always side with the untapped potential of humans, and I always will. That’s the win win for all.

My overall conclusion was that humans had mentally devolved over time when we went from first to second-cause thinking, but we were told that we had been evolving. This caused humans to have false pride in our growing knowledge and false ignorance about our natural, divine wisdom. In other words, we lost our first-cause knowing via devolution, and we replaced it with second-cause knowledge relabeled evolution. We still had the truth in words because people had left written clues, often carved in stone. But reading or even hearing the truth from another isn’t the same as knowing the truth. We can’t get to our True Self knowing on a ladder of beliefs and knowledge. We also can’t channel the truth or psychically access the truth. If you have a second-cause mind, you will only get the truth as presented by the occult. You either know the truth from first cause, or you don’t. It’s that simple. 

The most knowledgeable, second-cause false self on earth will never be as powerful or as wise as our own first-cause True Self. That’s why artificial intelligence (AI) is never really intelligent, and it never will become intelligent. It knows what it’s programmed to know; and if second-cause minds are programming AI, that’s what the AI will give us, which will not turn out well. In fact, that’s what the people who rule the world want for all of us. They want our false minds to be exactly like a computer database filled with knowledge and beliefs that they view as true. They don’t want us to access the wisdom of our True Self; we’d show them up, and those at the top of the pyramid of power are very jealous beings. Without a True Self, the AI would never have discrimination; and the same is true for our minds. An AI or human mind without discrimination is a destructive mind. 

So we are living in a world today where most of the people are fueling the illusion, or manifesting more illusion. When we think from beliefs, we produce or fuel illusion. The illusion is lose lose for all; life outside of the illusion is win win for all. But our physical reality is shared, which is why we have to keep our focus on our own mental containers.

I came to realize that there was no knowledge or beliefs that I wanted to learn. But there was a whole lot of worthless knowledge and beliefs in my mind to let go. I desperately wanted to find out what was hiding under all of that worthless information that I’d stuffed into my mind for decades. In the beginning, I only knew how to let go using the win-wintest. I didn’t understand the purpose of my emotions yet. So letting go was slow. But I was persistent. 

I started to do what I call decodes today; my first decodes were the Bible story of Jesus and the story that I wrote called, “The Legend.” Both turned out to be initiation stories; and they played a huge role in my own process of initiation. What I called decoding was essentially removing the common second-cause beliefs from the texts one by one. Voila, I found that most everything that came from the ancient past was ORIGINALLY written in first cause; but today, people can only read such texts in second cause. The texts are perfect; it is our mind that has changed. So people with fallen minds either read the truth and turn it into second cause, or they look and look for the truth in places where it doesn’t exit. It’s like that song, “Lookin for love in all the wrong places. Lookin for love in too many faces.” When we do that with love or the truth, we go deeper into the illusion. We are adding to our minds when we should be subtracting.

Today after many decades of decoding many, many stories and texts, ancient and modern, it’s so apparent to me that if someone actually knows the truth, meaning they have real knowing from their True Self, they will be exposing false. They won’t be teaching and preaching their truth to others who already have the truth within. We naturally develop compassion for others as we let go. We can’t imagine harming someone else anymore; and telling someone what to put into their mind is mentally harming them. It’s imposing our will on them. Their mental container is like their property. We should not trespass on it.

So someone with TRUE knowing will find themselves helping everyone else to escape the illusion’s teachers, gurus, and preachers. They will give everyone permission to let go of all of the false rules, beliefs, and knowledge that have been shoved down our throats for eons. In addition, they will care deeply about individual and collective freedom; they will never support group think of any kind. But they will support the efforts of any groups who are exposing or doing anything to dissolve the illusion. 

The truth is worthless unless we find it within ourselves, and we don’t find the truth within by memorizing someone else’s pretty or truthful-sounding words. Eventually, after we subtract everything that’s second cause, i.e., rules, beliefs, and knowledge, from our minds, the truth or first-cause thought is simply what remains. Our truth will be unique for us; it will be a knowing that’s beyond words. What we do and even how we look, as well as every desire we have, will fit into one perfect picture. Our True Self doesn’t make mistakes; and it doesn’t compromise at all. Once we’re free from the illusion, we’ll express our True Self naturally as we enjoy life in an incredible physical body. Our life will finally make sense as part of a perfect whole. 

I talk about this a lot in the Gold Circle. We must bring our own “fall” story full circle in life; initiation in ancient times was about doing that ONE thing. It wasn’t a weekend workshop; it was a complete dedication to a new way of life. It took as long as it took, usually about a decade. Here’s where everyone is confused:  KNOWING the truth means living from our True Self. That’s all. It’s not about a spiritual quest, a high vibration, or enlightenment. It’s not about managing our thoughts or being positive. It’s not about being able to quote gurus or great sages. 

Initiation is our own personal life quest to find our True Self within; it’s a unique mental journey that takes us back to what we were initially…before the fall. We don’t have to leave our spouses or our jobs to go to a far-off temple anymore; today, initiation takes place right in the thick of normal life. 

What is True Versus What is False?

To get to the truth within, we have to be able to discriminate between true and false. Fortunately, we can’t screw this up. If something is really true, we can’t accidentally let it go. We can’t stop the sun from shining or destroy the earth by letting go. In fact, any harm to any living being, including the earth and our own body, has always been done by holding on to second-cause thinking. But even that harm would only be an illusion. If we let go, the harm disappears. An illusion looks real and true; but it’s only real and false. An illusion doesn’t actually exist. We can’t actually harm anyone or anything, and we see that when we fully let go of incidents from our past. 

Sadly, however, the group of people who are often referred to as the globalists, or the cabal, know this. Most of them are members of secret societies. They intellectually believe that the illusion is false, and they take advantage of that knowledge. They don’t mind killing people with disease or war because it’s all an illusion. They also sell beliefs in order to keep people stuck in the illusion. I have no problem with their silly game as long as they don’t block the exits from the illusion, but they do. That’s why I’ve devoted the last three decades to opening the exits back up so that everyone can have freedom. 

Having learned that something is an illusion is not a license to take advantage of others while you live above them. When we are in the illusion, the suffering appears real and true; so a truly compassionate person would never allow suffering to occur on any level of perception. But these people are blind to the notion of compassion; if we’re suffering, they treat it as proof that we are inferior and stupid. Everything undesirable from disease, to war, to poverty is part of the illusion. But it’s really hard to let such things go from our minds and lives when we are living them in reality. 

What I say is appealing to most eyes and ears; but my message doesn’t necessarily motivate people to let go. For most people, fear is a much bigger motivator than unconditional love or truth. Security is a much bigger desire than freedom. To many, letting go seems like hard work, which is exactly how the false leaders on the illusory pyramid of power want it to look. Those who identify as teachers, gurus, and preachers will hear my message and think that everyone else but them needs to let go. So making letting go available to the masses has not been easy, but I just keep following my inspiration. I don’t market or impose what I do on to others; so if you are here, you probably do want initiation at this time in your life. 

When most people find thoughts in their mind that they don’t like, they change their thoughts, they put some positive ice cream on their negative manure, or they suppress their thoughts and ignore them. They flip sides on the triangle bottom, which causes them to notice a different aspect of the illusion. The illusion might seem better when we flip sides; but that’s not initiation. Initiation is mentally leaving the illusion altogether. The flippers will meet their opposition out in the world. We can’t get rid of opposition unless we leave the illusion. 

The key to letting go is that you KNOW the belief that you’re focusing on is false. It isn’t that you don’t like the belief, or you don’t want it in your mind, you know the belief is false for everyone. So you won’t give that belief power in yourself or any other. If another wants to have that belief, it’s fine with you; that will limit their life. But if they impose the belief or project the belief on you, you will let them know that the belief is false. People are not doing that today; and that’s because they’re afraid of authority figures who are pretending to be True Selves. I call them clones. They’re afraid that a clone just might be a True Self, and they don’t want to falsely accuse them. This fear disappears when we get rid of all of the clone voices in our own mind. I’m living proof of that; I will expose any belief or belief system as false. I view it as an act of love because I’m setting people free. A True Self does not impose or project their beliefs on others because a True Self has no beliefs. So the belief that you might falsely accuse the clones is projected by the clones themselves. That’s just one of hundreds of tricks that I expose in my writing. There are tricks everywhere we turn; and I expose them all. Everyone deserves freedom!

Life on earth won’t become truly heavenly FOR ALL until we eliminate the mental cause of all suffering, which is false, second-cause thinking. Letting go is an act of true compassion; changing our thoughts so that our life improves while projecting the opposite on to others is normal, but it lacks any true caring for others. Sadly, most caring is a facade; people have developed the illusion of caring.

Let’s zero in on this issue of truth. Most people believe that the truth is what actually happened in the physical realm. That’s not true, but it looks true when we have a physical focus. The physical is the effect of the mental; and the mental can be first cause (true), or it can be second cause (false). Whatever happened physically is ALWAYS the effect of our personal or collective thinking. If what happened to another bothers us (emotionally), then we are at least contributing to that effect. We are projecting our beliefs on to the person who is living the effect. So we are at least partly responsible for their suffering. But you won’t hear this anywhere else because all the teachers, gurus, and preachers are clones who want to pretend that they aren’t responsible for the suffering of others. 

Every belief and every belief system is inherently false; so anything manifested from a belief or belief system is a false illusion. All rules are inherently second cause and false. Knowledge can be first or second cause. All physicalknowledge is first cause, like how to cook or light a fire; knowledge becomes second cause once we add judgment to it. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

We were given the actual definition of truth in the Bible in Genesis I when the writer said that the Creator made only good. Our True Self is our personal nugget of the Creator, so our True Self is all good with no opposite. Our True Self is the nonphysical part of our mind that’s connected to everyone and every living thing all the time; we can’t break that connection. The totality of all of our True Selves is the Creator. 

We don’t need to think about our True Self connection with all that is. That’s why we don’t need to say that “We are all one.” That’s obvious if you’re viewing life from the True Self’s perspective. So people who say such things are not speaking from their True Self; they won’t take us closer to freedom. They have a false clone voice in their mind that says true-sounding words. They acquired their beliefs from others earlier in life. Such people are outer directed pretending to be inner directed. They’re feminine to another while pretending to be masculine to us. 

People have been falling for this trap for thousands of years. That’s why it works like a charm. To charm someone is to put a spell on them so that you can control them. Letting go breaks such spells and charms if you see the clone characters as FALSE deceivers. 

In addition to our True Self, humans have a false self. The purpose of the false self is to take thought from OUR OWN nonphysical True Self and divide it in FIRST CAUSE so that it becomes physical. This is what I refer to as effortless creating or inspired creating. It doesn’t mean that we won’t take action; but we will take enjoyable, easy action. We won’t experience the “curse” of hard work, which is only the result of second-cause thinking. It’s not actually a curse. 

We have been trained since birth to use our minds in second cause; so no one is inherently bad or a sinner for doing so. Make sure you are clear about that. Judging the part of us that judges ourselves and others doesn’t do a damn bit of good. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Practically speaking, the truth is always simple; we often call it common sense. All of the truthers, and I’ve heard a lot of them, are missing this very important distinction between first and second-cause thinking. Without that distinction, they’re invariably level confused. In other words, they’re saying things that are true for the True Self level of perception from their false minds, and that causes projection. Let’s look at the triangle of truth so that you can understand why I say that with such confidence. 

First Cause Versus Second Cause

At the top of the triangle of truth, we have the pure True Self without an opposite. That level of truth is best expressed in words like freedom, joy, oneness, etc. But those words only point to the truth; pure truth doesn’t need to be spoken because we all have such knowing within. That’s the place where we are all one! Therefore, our focus in initiation is always on exposing the triangle bottom (second-cause thinking) as false. In fact, pure truth becomes level confused, false, and second cause once it’s expressed in words. This is why you should ignore anyone who claims to tell you the truth in words. They have no concept of knowing. The reason such people are often successful or even magical is because they have a strong clone aspect in their mind; and they project a lot. So they are successful at the expense of others who are unsuccessful. We always have two sides on any triangle bottom. There is no equality or balance within the illusion. 

Let’s get right to the root of this issue. Let’s say that there’s a guru who’s telling people the truth. Why is he doing that? Stop and answer that question. It’s likely that your mind said that he’s enlightened, and he wants to help others. That’s the answer that keeps seekers stuck in the illusion. The guru has to believe that the seeker doesn’t have the truth, or he wouldn’t be teaching it. But the seeker does have the truth; everyone has the truth within. So why isn’t the guru helping the seeker to let go; why is he putting ice cream on the seeker’s manure? He doesn’t know the truth; he learned the truth from another guru. He doesn’t know how to let go himself. So the guru projects on the seeker that the seeker doesn’t have the truth; and the seeker agrees with the guru and accepts that projection. Now those two minds are falsely connected; and the guru has all the power. This is a very old con game. 

So why are people drawn to seeking from other human beings when they have the truth within? I think it is because they actually desire initiation. But they don’t realize that initiation exists. In addition, Jesus (who was an initiate) warned us that we meet a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing along the way to freedom. I took a little journey into eastern and New Age teachings, and I exposed them all as false. Then I was done. The wolves didn’t convince me that they were my grandma. In fact, I’m grateful to those fake teachers for playing that role, they showed me what I found convincing; they showed me my mental weaknesses, which I needed to let go. These people do serve a purpose, but it sure as hell isn’t to learn from them. 

Look at it this way. If I expose the guru, then I get free; and he also gets free if he comes my way and lets go of his false beliefs. That’s the win win for all. Of course, he still has free will. He can keep being that clone of a True Self if he wants to. But imagine a time when no one believed that guru anymore, then he’d definitely choose freedom. He would not have anyone to project on. Now everyone would see what was below his clone facade; he was hiding and projecting his own belief that he didn’t have the truth or the truth was lost. He duped others because he was duped. 

Because of this horrible con game, people seek the truth and move further away from their own True Self. Gurus, preachers, and teachers are all part of a long chain of pain. This is the same programming that we see with the globalists. Are these people bad or evil? No, not at all. They are doing what was done to them; and they have a True Self too. But we don’t serve them or anyone if we perpetuate their lies. When we believe these wolves in sheep’s clothing, we give them power; that’s how the globalists got so powerful. They got the power they have today by fueling the New Age, progressive, and self-help movements in the West. Many people were moving toward initiation before those movements; and the globalists could not allow that to happen. They wanted to keep their clone thrones. 

I’m no guru; in fact, I’m no one special at all. But I do have compassion from years of letting go, and I want everyone to have a perfect life if they want it. What would I tell you to do? I’d tell you how to let go. You’d do so for a long time; and you’d eventually find your own truth. You won’t find my truth as you let go; in fact, you’ll probably forget that I even exist. You’ll find your OWN truth. Now that guru will sound like an imposter because he was an imposter. He was giving you his false beliefs cleverly relabeled as “the truth,” and all beliefs are second cause. (Note that I use the pronouns “his or he” because a clone or persona is part of the false masculine mind. The person is coming from the masculine mind, even if they are a woman guru.)

The True Self is meant to flow through the false self in order to CREATE our physical reality. We are all meant to be creators in the image and likeness of the Creator. Our greatest desire is to create physically from our True Self. In fact, it’s our job to do so as the physical extension of the Creator. 

The best example of first cause thought is the fact that you can see these black words because they’re on a white page. Black and white are a first-cause division of thought. Without first-cause division, we’d have no physical reality. But notice that there’s no judgment in black or white. They’re equal. Likewise, there’s no judgment in the colors of the rainbow or the notes of a scale. Those are creations from first-cause thought. Of course, we can take that perfection and mess it up by using such creation in second cause. So today, we live in a time when most art and music is just plain horrible. We think of skin colors when we say the words black and white. We’ve lost our fucking minds. 

If we put beliefs into our false mind by memorizing the truth and quoting it, it becomes false. We are trying to make a concept physical; and instead, we make it second cause. For example, if we take the quote that I wrote before, “We are all one.” and we insert that into our false mind by memorizing it, it now has an opposite because we’ve tried to make something nonphysical into something physical. We are not using our false mind as it was designed to be used. The opposite is: “We are all separate, or we’re not one.” There’s also judgment in the opposite, which results in inequality. 

Now this is where it gets confusing and weird. At the false-self level of perception, we are all separate. We all have individual mental containers so that we can create individually. However, there’s no judgment in that separation. It’s perfect and divinely designed. When people get caught in the notion of “We are all one,” at the false-mental level of perception, they try to unite with others at the wrong level of perception; they create belief systems or group think. Then they try to diversify physically by piercing their nose, changing their gender, or tattooing their bodies. They are level confused. 

It bears repeating that what I write was not learned; I got everything I know by letting go. I don’t think about these things. In fact, I don’t think much at all. I just look at the illusion and see where people are stuck in false. Then I decode that second-cause thinking in order to manifest an exit out of the illusion, which people can follow by letting go with me or not. Also, I’m only saying beliefs are false; I’m never judging or criticizing the person. People might identify with their beliefs or clone voices in their mind, but that is not who they are. What I do is so simple that people reject it. They are so used to complexity. 

In occult speaking, which is inherently complex, there is the spoken or overt statement; and there is a covert or implied opposite, which is projected. Occult speaking is in every religion, every spiritual teaching, every form of medicine and healing, psychology, education, science, and much more. It’s normal; but it’s never natural. It’s hard to avoid the occult way of thinking until you KNOW how to discriminate between true and false. Then false looks false.

On the second-cause triangle bottom, we have two points of view. We have the truth as it’s expressed by those with a strong physical focus; they would say that if something is physically real, it’s true. They’re neglecting the fact that reality can be an illusion that’s manifested with beliefs. Anything we manifest with beliefs is false, even if it’s real. This is where most people get stuck. That’s understandable. 

On the other side of the second-cause triangle bottom, we have the truth as defined by the religious and spiritual teachers or the philosophers and psychologists; that point of view consists of beliefs that are relabeled “the truth.” These people are mentally focused; but it’s their false mind, not their True Self, that they put in charge of their body and life. They project out an opposite when they hold beliefs in mind because they can only identify with one side of the triangle bottom at a time. In essence, they made their mind like their physical body, which can only be one sex at a time. This explains all the gender confusion today; it’s really level confusion. But that’s a topic for another day.

Look at it this way: We can’t be an optimist and a pessimist at the same time. We can’t be enlightened and unenlightened at the same time. So we identify with one side of the triangle bottom; then we see the other side of our triangle bottom in others…that’s projection. Neither side is true because there’s judgment in the pair of opposites. In initiation, we would let go of both sides of that triangle bottom. That’s where people often stall out with letting go. They don’t want to let go of their positive labels of optimist or enlightened. But if they don’t, they will never have a free mind. There’s no superiority or judgment at the top of the triangle.

Second-cause thinking is what causes emotion. When we speak in first cause, we’re always calm. When we speak in second cause, our emotions should fire off because we’ve become mentally magnetic. We have divided our mind into polar opposites. That’s not our natural, or healthy state. But this is where confusion comes in. When people identify with the desirable side of the triangle bottom, they often project their emotions out with the undesirable side of the triangle bottom. So the projecting clone looks calm like a True Self; but a clone is always like a duck with fast paddling feet that you can’t see because they’re hidden below the water. 

Some Practical Examples

Let me explain first and second-cause thinking objectively. If I think, “I want an apple.” That’s my thought. It’s clearly a first-cause thought. There’s no judgment or comparison involved in that thought. On the other hand, if I think, “I hate that person’s haircut.” That’s also my thought, it’s clearly a second-cause judgment. I’m comparing the person’s haircut to some human-made definition of a good haircut, so I’m thinking from good and evil/bad (a triangle bottom). In both cases, I was the thinker. So I should be able to let that second-cause thought go as false with ease. I would just choose to do that. That’s how our minds works…it’s really simple. 

But we don’t think to let go if we don’t realize that second-cause thinking is not natural thinking; we don’t realize that such thinking is what takes us into the illusion. We don’t realize that judgment comes with a heavy price. People will often say that we should not judge; but they don’t tell us how to let go instead. So their words fall on deaf ears. People’s mind learn to judge habitually as a way to separate themselves from their projections; or they receive judgment as a projection and erroneously think that it is their own thought. In fact, most people confuse judgment with discrimination.

When we accept a belief into our mind on any topic and turn that belief into the truth, we develop a clone character or clone voice in our mind; that voice is pretending to be our True Self. It pretends that it has the truth; but it only has beliefs. It’s holding on to memorized information, which is not the same as knowing. Our True Self doesn’t speak much. It can use our words, but it does so sparingly. It generally uses visualization, emotions, and inspiration to communicate. That’s beyond spoken and written language; it is universal language. 

If our mind is truly calm and quiet, we won’t even think about the person’s haircut. If we heard a thought that we didn’t think, we’d ask ourselves: Where did that thought come from?  We’d be led to that clone voice; and we’d let the causal belief go. Eventually, the voices would just disappear; and our mind would become naturally quiet again. The Three Steps, or the triangle process are what we use to let go of second-cause thinking. 

Our minds should be one hundred percent quiet unless we’re deliberately thinking. Thus, eastern meditation becomes a joke to the initiate; it’s not necessary if our minds are already quiet. We should always let go of random thoughts. They’re either old thoughts that are arising that we don’t need in our mind; or they’re someone else’s projected thoughts trying to take up residence in our mind.

Let’s go a step further. If I’m reading a book or watching something on television that is fiction, then any emotion I feel is probably not from the book or the movie. It’s probably a belief in my mind that’s being revealed. For example, when I first saw the movie, “TheShawshank Redemption” I felt so much emotion. But that was because I was stuck in someone else’s illusion at the time. I felt like I’d been falsely accused, just like Andy Dufresne. So Andy’s character was showing me what to let go…the fear of false accusation. Andy wasn’t projecting on me from inside of the movie; someone in my life was projecting on me, and I was taking it. Andy’s illusory prison reminded me of my OWN illusory prison.

Once I let go of the belief in false accusation, I got some freedom myself. I saw that incredible movie as an initiation story. I saw Andy as metaphorically and mentally letting go of his WALL a little bit at a time. I saw how Andy’s letting go made it impossible for him to remain stuck in an illusory mental or physical prison. By letting go, Andy’s escape was certain. Andy was a messenger for me, and I didn’t shoot the messenger. I used Andy’s message to free myself.

If we’re reading a nonfiction book or watching a documentary, it’s often a little more tricky. Nonfiction material is not as pure as fiction (I know that sounds odd.). The nonfiction writer will often impose their beliefs on us. Imposition of beliefs is a form of judgment. This is particularly true when activism is involved. We form a false connection with that author if we accept their beliefs as true. 

For example, let’s say that someone wrote a diet book that said, “Carbs make you fat.” That’s a belief. They’re expressing that belief as if it’s true because they’ve seen evidence for it. Let me assure you that science doesn’t make something true. Scientists only prove what’s widely believed to be real. Science is almost always part of the illusion. Occasionally, a scientist breaks the boundaries of the illusion; but then, their discovery becomes something that’s learned by others. It becomes second-cause knowledge even if it started out as first cause in the mind of the person who discovered it. 

Our True Self doesn’t count carbs. It doesn’t think about food at all; it simply enjoys our sense of taste, and it loves the creativity of cooking, as well as the giving that’s involved in cooking for others. This nonfiction author wanted us, even expected us, to accept his or her beliefs as true. If our mind was working as designed, we would feel emotion when we read that sentence. We’d know that the statement was false, and we’d let it go. We’d stop reading the book. 

If we didn’t feel emotion when we read that statement, then there are two possibilities: 1) We already knew the statement was false; but then why are we reading the book? So that possibility is unlikely. 2) We already believed that statement; and we were enjoying the confirmation bias that the author provided. We probably count our carbs, and we project out fat on to those who don’t. So instead of fueling our belief, we should let it go. Then we free everyone from the hard work of counting carbs. 

I focus on exposing false in everything I write and say. I don’t tell people what is true. So you should not add anything I write to your mind…other than the tools I provide for letting go, the overall understanding of the occult illusion, which comes naturally as you let go, and the knowing that you can let go. If you add anything else, a clone is reading my articles; and it’s memorizing what I write. That will stop your progress toward freedom at some point. I warn people all the time to never learn from me. But often, they don’t listen to my warning; learning has become such a habit for most. At some point, they wish they had listened to me. 

If you feel emotion while reading my articles, a belief has risen to the surface of your mind. Stop, notice that the belief and the related emotion mean false, and let go. If you use my articles correctly, you will move through initiation much more quickly. The main difference between the free material and the membership material is that the free material is personally oriented. The membership material is for those who want to be free from everything in the collective and complete their full-circle story. Once you develop the habit of letting go, you’ll start to do it all day long with everything you read, view, or experience. The free person has no beliefs in their mind; and they have no clones in their mind. So be kind to yourself; initiation isn’t a weekend project. But it’s worth every second you spend on it. 

One more thing: Never be ashamed of your beliefs; you got them from others who had conviction. Everyone who came before us was already a card-carrying member of the illusion. So we all got caught in the second-cause, illusory perspective. So what; you are an eternal being. What else would you do with eternity? People should be ashamed of duping us; we should never be ashamed of being duped. But to be honest, most people don’t intentionally trick us into believing their illusion; they just don’t understand the difference between first and second cause. They don’t understand level confusion. They think they have the truth when they don’t. So their intentions aren’t bad. Don’t get upset with them; just ignore them. One day, when no one listens to the clones on their thrones anymore, they’ll catch on. 

Once we start to enjoy catching false beliefs in our mind and letting them go, we’re on our way to freedom. At some point, we can’t stand to think in second cause anymore. Judging ourselves or another, or imposing beliefs on another, feels horrible. Our emotions work properly; so we catch ourselves the moment we go into second-cause thinking regardless of what side of the triangle bottom we’re on. That’s because true compassion is awakening within us, which means that we’re getting closer to our True Self…closer to the powerful, wise, and unconditionally loving being that we were initially.