On Desire, Love, and Success

By Cathy • June 27th, 2011
Will C and the GI Comedy Tour

Will C is paying it forward by mentoring new comedians

Yesterday, I went to a comedy workshop held by Jimmy Ouyang (Funny Asian Dude) and Will C near my home in San Diego.  They spent the day giving their advice and coaching to those of us who are learning and perfecting the art of comedy.  And it was a wonderful day filled with wisdom and laughs.

Jimmy Ouyang and the Cocky Asian Comedy Tour

Jimmy Ouyang is successful because he supports the success of others

I struck up a conversation with Will who is finally being recognized for his gift after paying lots and lots of dues.  He talked about the early days when he would take a job even if it cost him more in gas to get there.  He wanted microphone time.  He had to be seen to be discovered.  He talked about losing his marriage because his career took so much time and energy.  At times, he felt that he would never fulfill his dream.  But he said he stayed with it because he loved comedy, and he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Eventually Will did get his break.  And I wish I had a tape recorder so I could have recorded his exact words about the moment of his first big break.  He said that it is as if you love something so much, and you pour all you’ve got into this passion for a long time; and suddenly it is as if you have loved it so much that the world must give you your desire.   It was like he was talking about something hitting a sort of critical mass of energy where it can’t help but manifest.   I saw an image of some sort of big bang or cosmic explosion.  He went on to say that suddenly, the money comes and often in greater amounts than you even dreamed.  I hope I did justice to his wise words.  They really struck my heart.  And the image he invoked in my mind seemed like a powerful touchstone for inspiring others with big dreams.

But this was more than just a feel-good statement from Will.  It also has great practical value.  If you have ever been in love, you give the object of that love a great deal of focus and attention.  Your mind is constantly thinking good thoughts about the person or thing that you love.  And since love is energy, the energy builds and grows until the momentum you have created manifests the desire.

This is not obvious to everyone because few people create from love, especially in their jobs.  They create from duty, responsibility, and even a bit of hard work ethic.  They show up and put in the day’s work.  They do what they have to do to get buy.  Nothing grows or builds from that kind of energy.  No cosmic explosion erupts from obeying the rules.  Many think that doing the right thing is being a good follower.  I suspect they are afraid of their power because they have watched too many leaders who don’t follow their heart and lead from love.

Many of us have dreams that we love day and night.  And often we wonder if they will ever come to fruition.  We say “maybe I should give up, quit, get a real job and stop this stupid writing, art, inventing, music, business idea, animal training, etc.”  But we don’t quit; in fact, for some odd reason, we can’t quit.  Perhaps some part of us knows that our cosmic explosion is inevitable.  And that part of us keeps us going to one more performance or writing one more article or baking one more cake.

I talk a lot about letting go of beliefs on this website since it is my passion to support the world in dissolving the beliefs that support suffering, disease, and hatred.  Letting go of beliefs is very important.  But the desire is the other piece of the puzzle.  It is our desire that pushes us to take a hard look at what we believe and to challenge the limitations we hold in mind.  People who don’t have any desires rarely let go of beliefs.  They accept the status quo.   They exist but they don’t really live.

Often people think that having a desire is selfish or unspiritual.  But I liked Will’s words.  He said, he was pouring love into his work.  There is no way that can be selfish.  No doubt it challenges those people in our lives who liked our full attention.  It forces them to follow their passion and to grow as well.  But I can’t think of anything more delightful than a whole world of people pouring love into their dreams.  Thanks Will C and Jimmy.  You guys prove that comedians can be wise and kind, as well as funny.

PS:  Will C is part of the GI comedy tour which will be doing a show on Comedy Central this fall.  Jimmy has been recognized on FunnyorDie.com of one of the top young up-and-coming comedians.  Both tour throughout the US and perform regularly in LA and San Diego.



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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.