Letting Go of A Belief


Beliefs are not the Truth, but They Often Pretend to Be True!
Beliefs are Not Necessarily True, but They Often Pretend to be!

By Cathy Eck

To let go of any belief, you don’t have to do anything.  You just have to recognize that it is a belief, not the truth.

At one time in my life, I would desperately pray to God, “Just tell me what to let go, and I’ll do it.”  I often hear people say, “How do I know what to let go?”

The truth is that you can’t screw this up because you can’t let go of the truth.   You can only release a belief.  Good news, huh!  So why is there so much confusion around what to let go?  Because most people believe that their beliefs are true, and they can’t let them go or change them.

The Role of Emotion

The original role of emotion was to keep us on our true path.  In our physical world, all action is preceded by thought.  If we think pure, true, and win-win thoughts to get to our desired destination, we will move forward with a calm, inspired confidence.  We’ll take only joyous necessary actions.  The journey will be as wonderful as the destination.  But if we think win-lose thoughts that take us off our path, we are hard-wired to experience emotion as a kind and gentle correction.

How History Affected Beliefs

Throughout history, power-hungry authorities wanted their laws obeyed; they wanted their beliefs to be the right ones.  They presented their religious and political agendas as true and ordained by divinity.  People were killed, punished, or deprived if they didn’t follow the authoritarian laws.  People accepted the authority figure’s beliefs so they could survive; and then they forgot that those beliefs were false.  The people originally knew the beliefs of the rulers were false because they felt terrible when they accepted them into their own mind.  But they didn’t believe they had the power to change the mind of the authority.  And if you look at any place you feel stuck today, chances are that there is a voice of authority in your mind that you feel powerless or unauthorized to change.  So life slowly evolved to match the vision of these leaders.  A new normal was born.

These power mongers declared our feminine aspect evil so that the followers would not challenge their flawed reasoning.  Intuition, the arts, emotions, homosexuality, and anything feminine were all labeled useless, bad, or evil.  Emotional people were considered crazy and demonic so that their intuitive insight would not expose those who were winning at the expense of others.  History (or his story) was fed to young children through education and religion.

All children are born with emotions that work perfectly.  When they hear something false, they react with emotion.  That is how they were designed straight out of the womb.  Over time, the false ideas of the elite no longer had to be taught or forced.  The parents willingly programmed their children from birth with the false illusions of those in power.  People trained their children to obey the illusion and to ignore their true Self while they believed they were building character and morality.

Reversing the Error of History

Reversing the error is simple, but not easy.  We must see our mind as a navigational mechanism that works perfectly.  We think a thought, and then we have a feeling related to that thought.  If the thought we think is true, we will feel clear and calm.  If the thought we think is win-lose or false, we will experience emotion.  We must make the decision to let go of any thought (i.e., not believe it anymore) that does not feel good.  Emotion must become nothing more than a signal to correct our thoughts.

This would be easy; except many people have been heavily conditioned to obey authority.  They feel good when they obey the rules (according to society’s definition) and bad when they don’t obey.  If you find yourself in this situation, you will first have to challenge your desire to live for the approval of others and ignore your heart.  Find what really brings you joy and make that your target.  That will reset your mind and emotions.

How Beliefs Relate to Emotion

I had a nasty third-grade teacher.  She told us to answer her questions, or she would punish us.  I studied hard and raised my hand every time she asked a question.  One day she looked at me and said, “Cathy, stop raising your hand.  You are a know it all.”  I was flooded with emotion.  Years later, I was still afraid to answer questions.  I could not see that my teacher’s words were utterly ridiculous because I was small, and she was an authority.

So I mentally went back in time and brought up the memory.  I played it very slowly in my mind.  I watched my emotions with each frame of the mental movie.  I noticed that when she said, “You are a know it all,” I felt an immediate surge of emotion.  I instantly believed her words even though my emotions were telling me not to.  The emotions were a signal from my true Self to ignore her.  It was that simple.  But I had lost the user’s manual to my mind.

I discovered the most important key to mental and emotional freedom.  Our emotions were designed purely for discriminating between true and false.  My feminine aspect (emotion) was telling me to ignore my teacher because she spoke from a win-lose, false belief.  But, I accepted her words as true because of her superior position.

My inner feminine was guiding me perfectly through emotional signals. Once I saw that my teacher was wrong, I was free.  It didn’t take years of therapy, rituals, grueling practices, or complex visualizations.  I didn’t even have to talk to my teacher.  I was able to gently witness the emotions as they left my body.  I simply reminded myself that her words were false.  This process produces pure forgiveness because the memory is forgotten once it is corrected in our mind.

Since that day, I have replayed and repaired many events from my past.  I challenge any thought or idea that doesn’t feel good.  With each released belief, I gain a little more freedom.

Truth vs. Beliefs

The truth always feels calm and good.  There is no emotional agitation in our body when we are thinking a thought or accepting the thought of another that is true and right.  False ideas have no power unless we accept them as true.  Each time we think a false idea, we feel emotion.  Over time the emotion becomes like a magnet and pulls into our life the manifestation of the false idea.  Now we are sure that our false belief is true.  But reality and truth are not the same.  Reality is the manifestation of something false; and it doesn’t ever feel good.  Truth is the manifestation of something true, and it fulfills our heart’s desires perfectly.

This is good news.  No disease feels good.  Poverty doesn’t feel good.  Crappy jobs don’t feel good.  Those situations are perpetuated with beliefs.  And we can let them go.

Listening to Your Inner Feminine

Our body-minds have accumulated many beliefs due to thousands of years of history where we believed lies.  If we want to live in freedom, abundance, joy, and unconditional love, we have to eliminate those old beliefs.  We use the feminine Goddess within to do this.  Fortunately, once we know how to let go, beliefs come out much more rapidly than they went in.  Freedom is entirely possible in this life while living a normal existence.

All that is needed to let go of a belief is the recognition that it is false.  If we have believed a lie for a long time and have accumulated emotion in our body around that belief, we may feel a huge rush of emotion as we expose the lie.  That is the magnet losing its power.  If we let go of all of the emotion connected to that belief (it is limited in quantity; and it will not continue forever), and no longer accept the belief as true, we have just prevented something terrible from happening later in life. That belief will not manifest.

This is a powerful, powerful practice. It is real, permanent transformation; it is not a quick fix.  Eventually, our true Self is running our show, and our mind becomes naturally silent.  Our body becomes calm and healthy.  And our heart opens up and leads us gently through life.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. danny iskandar

    Hi Cathy, Great article.

    It might led confusion to some people though, let me explain.

    ‘each time we hear false idea, we hear emotion’, Many people, including me when we hear something from what other people says, then we feel emotion even though those ideas could be ‘true’.

    say a people who are used to the idea of traditional school, when these people hear about ‘democratic’ school like Sudvalley school then the emotion comes out from them.

    I said it led to confusion because people might think they have to let go that idea of ‘democratic school’ that causes emotion in them, instead of letting go the idea of ‘traditional school’.

    or people who are used to the idea of ‘the way to LOVE is through do ‘good’ things in life” but when they hear people say ‘the way to LOVE is through let go’ then they could not accept it which in turn bring emotion.

    so they think they have to let go the idea of ‘the way to LOVE is through let go’, it never occurred in their mind to think differently.

    hope you understand what i meant.


    1. Cathy

      Hi Danny,
      Good question. You are a deep thinker.

      Yes what you are discussing is psychological reversal where we think something is true but it isn’t. It is only real because of so much belief. I’m very aware of Sudbury Valley for instance. I love what they do…Hate the democracy part. That puts the school into the illusion where it doesn’t really belong. Democratic is part of the illusion (opposed to Republican or Communism so it should feel bad. It has an opposite. We don’t need government to legislate anything if we are our True Selves.

      Letting go gets us to the truth, not a better reality. The truth will not be against something else. I had a very hard time breaking out of this because everyone I knew thought government and religion and school were true as if they were dictated by God. They felt emotions when I spoke, and I felt them when they spoke. That was when I realized that they had a different dream for their life than I did. They wanted to be good and fit in. I wanted to be free. That is my reader….one who wants to be free. It is a path that is directly opposite of the normal person east or west.

      Love through doing is never true love. But we are highly trained in that. Unconditional love is the only true love. The rest are facades created by people. So it will feel bad to caretake if you are on the path to freedom. However, if you are psychologically reversed and stuck in a religious or social teaching, then you will feel good when you do things for others that probably enable them. Our society in America is very big on this. We don’t trust others to handle themselves, especially the children. We think love is making things easy for others or removing their emotions by complying.

      So there are techniques to find out what really generated the emotion. For example, if I read the democracy thing and thought this was perfect school, then my emotions would be saying, “No look further.” Remember emotions were designed to say false, not wrong. And often something can be mostly true, but have one false aspect like Sudbury Valley.

      Love can have false aspects and yet people can be happy, but often that is because they share common beliefs and they support those beliefs. Makes it very hard if one person suddenly wants freedom.

      It all has to do with where you want to go. If you want to be a good Christian, then you would follow what Christians say is good. That is psychologically reversed to someone who wants freedom. Freedom is the ultimate path because it is how we become authentic. But it looks reversed and even bad to those deep in the illusion. It will feel bad to them because they want to look good. But they aren’t my audience.

      This is very hard to write, which is why I don’t advertise my blog. If you share it with someone who doesn’t want freedom, they won’t get it. But the people who stumble upon it, get it for the most part. They are at least highly enticed by freedom; they are fed up with the status quo.

      There is a post I wrote called something like looking under the rug. It addresses this as well as the post on No Labels No Lies on psychological reversal. We live in a world where people are going two ways. There is a whole internet full of stuff for people going deeper into the illusion. I write for the other very, very small group that has had enough.

      The key is to question. Why did that feel bad to me? Does it take me to freedom? Or does it make me fit in? My test is always, is what I’m doing right now win-win for everyone involved given that everyone wants ultimate freedom even if they don’t know it. That’s because I can’t live with myself if I disable someone by doing something for them that they can do themselves. You see. It is all relative.


  2. Jason

    Great article! I am all about teaching others how to be free and reclaim their power to make positive change.

    It all starts inside and this article lays it out perfectly.

    Thank You

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