Mind Unraveled

Mind unraveled is not about the brain.  Lots of people research the brain, but few research or understand the mind.  I learned the basic construct of our mind from studying ancient wisdom and mythology.  Mind unraveled articles teach you how the mind works, as well as how it was designed originally to work.  We’ve gotten far off track.  We no longer use our minds as they were designed.  We are very inefficient.

Once you understand the mind, you start to see why you don’t achieve what you want from life.  You start to understand that the people who do achieve success are often just really good cheaters.  They have willed their mind to give them what they want.  But they aren’t using it as designed.  So they aren’t at full power.  In addition, they project on others so they aren’t living from win-win.

Because our minds have gotten so complex with so many beliefs, it’s tricky to unravel our mind.  So in this category, I share tricks to eliminate unwanted thoughts and beliefs.  You will also discover how to use your mind to fulfill your dreams and achieve success.  Most people are surprised that proper use of our mind eliminates the need for hard work; in fact, life becomes effortless when our we have a mind unraveled.

Election 2016: Everything You always Wanted To Know About American Politics And Farting

By Cathy Eck   Presidential Election 2016 I've never paid much attention to politics until Election 2016. I learned the meaning of liberal and conservative by watching Jon Stewart. My friends would say, "That's sad." I would say, "It's sane." I've always pretty much accepted whoever got elected. I'd pay…

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Democratic Philosophy and Organizing

Democratic Philosophy In order to understand democratic philosophy, I decided to read the book that supposedly inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's called, "Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals," by Saul D. Alinsky. It provides a perfect example of level confusion.  Here is quote by Mr.…

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