Letting Go

Letting go is something that we believe we don’t know how to do.  Most of us made it to adulthood without ever being taught how to let go.  In fact, many will tell you that it is sinful or wrong to let go.  The illusory world depends on our ability to hold on to our beliefs.  While holding on is very unnatural, we are trained to hold on from birth.  So it becomes easy to hold on and hard to let go.

This website is about reversing that.  I teach you how to let go from both the masculine mind (or role) and the feminine mind (or role).  Then I share many of the tricks that I’ve learned.  I also reveal many of the common traps that we encounter when we let go.

In theory, letting go should be very easy.  People read what I write about letting go and there is a recognition.  It just makes good common sense.  But then their education, religion, culture, and social skills get in the way.  They discover that they have a lot more beliefs than they thought they did.  It seems a lot harder than it should be.  Often, people get frustrated and want to quit.  So I ofter an abundance of content on many different topics to help you through those difficult moments.  There is no one who can’t let go.  But it takes persistence, honesty, and commitment.

Understanding First-Cause and Eliminating Second-Cause Thinking

This is a more advanced article than many of the others in No Labels No Lies. While I have links to every uncommon concept or term that I've used in this article, it's not wise to use this as your first introduction to initiation. I suggest that you start with the oldest articles…

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Eliminating Competition and Comparison From Our Lives

By Cathy Eck   Competition and Comparison Competition is insanely normal in our life.  Or perhaps, I should say insane and normal.  We compete for jobs.  Teams compete in all kinds of sports.  Wanna be artists compete on reality television shows for record deals, modeling jobs, and the right to…

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Are You a God or a Dog? Eliminating Nice Person Syndrome

Click BELOW to Watch this Short Video: The Jon Stewart of Egypt, Bassem Youssef   Or cut and paste this link:  httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSpbEv2uxAw#t=139     By Cathy Eck   This is a very long post about a very important trap that causes people to hit thick walls in letting go.  Often they stop their…

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Spiritual Power Versus Physical Power (from a Private Session)

Introduction Below is a wonderful account of a recent session, written by one of the people who I mentor.  This detailed description of her experience beautifully illustrates a belief pattern that causes most of the problems in our lives and in the world. Most people have an entirely physical perspective…

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Addictions, Habits, and Obsessions: Breaking the Circle

Help! I'm addicted to food, drugs, porn, sex, washing my hands, television, cleaning, pleasing people, watching CNN, Facebook, Toddlers and Tiaras, gambling, wearing my wife's bra...   Addictions, Habits and Obsessions I often get questions on the topic of obsessions, habits, and addictions and decided it was time to write…

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