No Borders Travel

No borders travel is a perspective of travel that helps to free our mind.  It helps us to lose our fear of others.  It helps us to accept our differences more easily.  Travel can provide valuable initiation insights. It can teach us a lot about ourselves.  Travel can expose us to situations and people that we would not meet in our ordinary daily life.

This series of articles offers insights from my own travel around the world as a cruise guest speaker, an ordinary tourist, and someone who loves to understand the human experience in all of its many forms.  I focus on the idea of eliminating mental borders (not physical borders).  I offer suggestions for how to know the difference between truth and popular cultural beliefs.  It’s common for people to consider their beliefs to be true.  This is often difficult to deal with.  When we understand why people have such beliefs, and how they impact their lives, we can be more compassionate and understanding.  We expand our own mental (and even physical) freedom.

Manry At Sea

The above newscast shows one recount of the final moments of the Tinkerbelle voyage.  They are saying that their were 12,000 people greeting Manry.  The film (or the Q&A after) said that there were 50,000 greeters because there were people gathered in other nearby towns, hoping to catch a glimpse…

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True Self Expression Takes Awareness, Talent, Creativity, and Courage

  God and/or Goddess? Just a few weeks ago, I was touring ancient holy sites.  I visited Jerusalem, of course, the place where the three major western religions converge.  It makes you think about God to visit Israel.  I can't say that I really felt the presence of God.  But…

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Michelangelo and Sculpting our True Self

Michelangelo's First Love Michelangelo is best known for his incredible frescos in the Sistine Chapel.  But he didn't enjoy painting.  He really didn't want to do the chapel ceiling.  He was coaxed into it, and he sometimes complained and felt resentful.  His body took a pounding due to the strange…

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