Truth Will Set You Free

Learn the lost secrets of the ancient mystery schools, where men and women entered as mortals and emerged as gods and goddesses. The stories of the ancient mystery schools still exist as cultural myths and legends, religious parables and stories, and universal signs and symbols. But the true meaning has been lost. Literal interpretation creates disempowering beliefs that are 180 degrees from the truth. Gateway To Gold is a modern mystery school that cracks the ancient code, gives you the eyes to see and ears to hear, and sets you free.

What I Know For Sure!

The word belief has the world lie in it because every belief is false. Any belief that we do not wish to retain can be dropped.

Our true nature has no opposite; it is based on the premise of unconditional love, truth, freedom, and win-win. That which is win-lose is false. False ideas have only the power that is given to them by others.

When we drop beliefs, we return to Eden, living as our true Self. But Eden is not somewhere else; it is right here on earth.

The purpose of the illusion (made entirely of beliefs) is for play and fun; when we take it seriously we suffer.

Others have created beliefs and convinced us to believe them so that they could win, and we would lose. We don’t have to wait for them to change. When we let go of their belief in our mind, they lose their power over us without any fighting, rebelling, or protesting.

Hell is a world where we don’t know who we really are. We can’t go to hell; we are there every time we forget our true nature. Likewise, heaven is a state of mind, and we go there by living authentically (not by dying).

Our true nature is unconditionally loving, joyous, peaceful, and wise. It already knows the truth, it doesn’t need to learn anything.

Everyone can return to their true, authentic self in this lifetime when they know how.

As we drop beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

There is no battle of good and evil; truth is infinitely powerful. Beliefs have no power except for what we give them. Returning to truth defuses the power of any belief instantly. The battle exists only in our mind, and it is a battle of true and false, not good and evil.

The most unconditionally loving thing that we can do is drop our beliefs (or judgments) about another and set them free. This is true even if the other one thinks their beliefs are true.

Our emotions are our best friend. Their purpose is to help us discriminate between true and false. When properly used, they lead us to the causal belief that is in error so that our mind can be corrected.

The desires you hold in your heart are yours and will manifest effortlessly if you remove the lies that stand in the way.

Positive thinking is not something to do; it is our natural mental state. When beliefs are eliminated, positive thoughts erupt effortlessly.

Once we get rid of beliefs, we don’t need to talk about truth. Everyone was born knowing what is true. Therefore, direct all effort to removing beliefs. Then the truth is obvious and clear.

The false world is an error and can be destroyed as easily as it was created. The true world cannot be eliminated. Therefore, we cannot make a mistake.

We are all made of love and truth. No one is evil. However, people can pretend to be good and evil. Both good and evil are false; and all false is powerless and harmless once we know it.

No one can hurt us unless we allow them to do so by holding a lie in mind that gives them permission to do harm. Every person in this world is showing us what we believe about ourselves, about others, and about the world. When we finally see that, we are humbled by the extent that people are willing to go to in order to push us to remember our Self.

Everyone has an inner masculine and an inner feminine (regardless of their sex). The true masculine is win-win in nature and unconditionally loving. The true female is wise, creative, and insightful.

The false male is win-lose in nature and filled with beliefs. His female counterpart is emotional, sick, and lost.

This is a very supportive world once we remember the truth. Everything is set up for us to win and achieve our heart’s desires effortlessly.

If you are finding your truth outside of you, such as in this website, you have a belief that allows you to find truth outside of you--perhaps you enjoy it that way. But if you would rather find it inside, just let the belief go that God or truth is outside of you. It is your choice!

How To Navigate this Website

This website is divided into three sections:

Free information...there are over 100 free articles on this website. They cover a whole range of topics. The fastest way to search the free articles is to select the category "Free Information." There is a "search by category" section on the right side of this page. Everything you need to get free is within the free information. I've not held anything back that you need to know.

Gold Circle...these articles begin with GC. This is a collection of articles and audio recordings for those who have been reading and practicing the free information and want more. In this information, I dive into some of the most sinister tricks of the false mind...especially the clone aspect of our mind. I talk about collective beliefs, and how we can expose them. I answer questions that I commonly received in mentoring. I expose psychology, the New Age, progressive politics, religions (east and west), world leaders, and much more. Nothing is sacred on the Gold Circle. I don't hold back. Along the way, I provide some additional techniques that can be helpful for letting go. I also answer all comments, which can be very helpful. The Gold Circle is about speeding up your journey to freedom. You can read more about this program by clicking on the link on the main navigation bar above. There is a monthly membership fee to access this information.

Creative Leadership...these articles begin with CL. This is an even more advanced program than the Gold Circle. It is for people who want to become leaders, exposers, and creators within the illusory world. You can read more about this program by clicking on the link on the main navigation bar above. There is a monthly membership fee to access this information.


Heaven on Earth becomes your reality once you know how to access it. While most people search the world for a physical location, Heaven on Earth is actually a perspective that is available to everyone. But to attain that perspective, we have to let go of the false illusory point of view that veils it.

The ancient initiates saw Heaven on Earth as normal. Anything less than paradise was an error to be corrected. But that information was lost. This little book summarizes the entire philosophy of Gateway to Gold in a very simple way.


How to Download the Free Book

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Bear in mind that this course was created about seven to ten years ago.  I've discovered much more since.  Much of my new discoveries or clarifications I post in my blogs and programs. The most recent information is in the Gold Circle and Creative Leadership programs.