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Surprise, Surprise: ChatGPT Doesn’t Know How to Let Go

Recently Jordan Peterson did a video on AI…artificial intelligence.  He said that he wrote an article by combining the writings of Lao-Tzu with the Bible. So he asked ChatGPT to do what he did.  He said that the answer he got horrified him. He got a four-page answer that was perfect in spelling and grammar; and he could have written it himself.  It was incredible, but ChatGPT did it in seconds. Jordan Peterson spent much longer on that article. Jordan freaked out. In fact, he was pretty emotional during this video.  He wanted to warn everyone about the perils of AI.

Of course, his strong emotion meant that something in his thinking was false. You know that if you’ve been reading my writing. Jordan clearly felt replaceable by AI; it’s no surprise that such a thought would feel bad. So his thought wasn’t true; it was simply real. Jordan’s emotions were the result of a classic error that I refer to as level confusion. His True Self is not replaceable by AI, but his intellect, which took two known documents and combined them, was clearly replaceable. A robot could do what he did even better and faster than he could. 

That should be a wake-up call for Jordan. If we can be replaced by a robot, then maybe we aren’t living from our True Self’s potential. Maybe we haven’t yet found our unique, true voice. It seems that Jordan has something more to give, and I’m sure he would love to do that. But he won’t find that something with intellectual thinking or intuition (which is sorting through the intellectual information in our minds in order to make good choices). Jordan needs initiation; he needs letting go, which leads to pure inspiration from our True Self.

I decided to repeat Jordan’s experiment based on what I do, which is help people to let go of beliefs and belief systems so that they do not manifest reality from their beliefs anymore.  I’ve always assumed that our unique, True Self perspective cannot be replicated by others or AI. But now, I had a chance to somewhat prove my point. So I formulated the following simple question and received the following answer from ChatGPT.

Cathy:  “How does someone let go of a belief from their mind so that it will not manifest in their life?

ChatGPT:  “Letting go of a belief from your mind can be a personal and sometimes challenging process. Here are a few suggestions to help you release a belief and prevent it from manifesting:

1. Awareness: Become aware of the belief you want to let go of. Recognize that it is just a belief and not an absolute truth.

2. Question the belief: Challenge the belief by asking yourself critical questions. Is there evidence to support it? Does it serve you positively? Questioning can help you see its limitations.

3. Replace with empowering beliefs: Intentionally choose new beliefs that align with what you want to manifest. Focus on positive and empowering thoughts that support your desired outcomes.

4. Self-reflection and introspection: Engage in practices like meditation, journaling, or therapy to gain deeper insight into the origin of the belief and address any underlying emotions or experiences tied to it.

5. Affirmations and visualization: Use positive affirmations and visualization techniques to reinforce your new beliefs. Visualize yourself embodying the desired outcomes, repeating affirmations that counter the old belief.

6. Take action: Implement actions aligned with your new beliefs. Act as if the belief has already been replaced, reinforcing it through your behavior and choices.

Remember, letting go of a belief takes time and consistent effort. Be patient with yourself and practice self-compassion throughout the process.”

I had to laugh when my AI text editor found grammar issues with ChatGPT’s sentence structure. One AI was criticizing another AI. Watching them fight that out could be amusing. When I read answers one and two, I was reasonably impressed.  We do witness our mind while letting go; and we do ask ourselves questions in order to find beliefs to let go. I also liked the last statement because letting go does take time and effort. People often quit letting go because they’re too impatient; they want results NOW. 

But the rest of ChatGPT’s answer was false. Like everything in the illusion, ChatGPT assumed that we need to have beliefs.  Living beyond, or without beliefs, was not part of its answer.  I’ve proven that living beyond beliefs is actually our greatest desire.  It’s what seekers are actually seeking. We all want to go back to eating from the biblical Tree of Life. But the Tree of Life doesn’t exist within the illusion, so we have to leave the illusion to find it. The illusion is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Most people don’t realize that Eden was a perspective, not a place. So we canall go back any time we want to do so; but we have to let go of the beliefs and knowledge that are manifesting our illusion in order to go back.

It took decades for me to be able to explain the last paragraph to others. When I first started doing this work, I did a few radio shows. Invariably the hosts, who were usually self-described as spiritual–not religious, couldn’t imagine what I was saying. They couldn’t imagine a mind beyond beliefs. They saw their beliefs as right; and the beliefs of religious people were wrong. They tried to superimpose true and false on what was clearly right and wrong. I realized that being interviewed by people who were stuck in the illusion, and wanted their beliefs to be the right beliefs, was just too confusing for listeners. So I stopped doing such interviews. 

There was also an incident, when I was in my twenties, where a relative asked me my religion. I said, “I don’t have a religion.” The person said, “That’s not possible. You have a belief system of some kind.” I replied, “No, I don’t. I never think about religion.” So they said, “Do you believe in God?” I responded that I knew God, so I didn’t have to believe in God. I wasn’t lying. My perception of God, which matched the Creator in Genesis I of the Bible, was in my mind from my earliest memories as a small child. The God of religion had always sounded ridiculous to me. The God in my mind never judged me or anyone else; it didn’t have the concepts of reward and punishment or good and evil within it. But this religious relative thought that I was being arrogant. In other words, she judged me. It didn’t seem to matter to her that her own savior, Jesus, said not to judge. I was so confused by that interaction. Today I’m not. When we hold beliefs in our mind, we always see an opposite to our beliefs. All beliefs are dual. Our pure knowing is not dual. 

So in this relative’s mind, I was either a friend (if I agreed with her beliefs) or a foe (if I didn’t agree with her beliefs). I didn’t care that she had religious beliefs; but she really cared that I didn’t have religious beliefs. That interaction taught me everything I needed to know about believers of all sorts. When we live from beliefs, we want support from others. That’s why believers congregate in groups. When we live from our True Self, we have infinite support within. That’s why we are free; we don’t need anything from others. 

Answers three through six from ChatGPT contained popular psychological knowledge that does not take one outside of the illusion. It’s important to note that I write for people who want freedom. So I’m not being critical of psychology; I just know that it doesn’t free you. It does soothe people’s minds within the illusion; and that’s necessary at this time for many people. I have a master’s degree in psychology that I have not ever used, except to expose the aspects of psychology that keep one stuck in the illusion. I do that in the Gold Circle, which is written specifically for people who have chosen to go for total freedom. Getting that degree was valuable because I learned why psychology was just another belief system. Psychology came from observation of normal minds, and normal minds believe that the illusion is real and true. Normal is not the same as natural. A natural mind discriminates and lets go with ease. A natural mind is not bothered by the illusion because it knows it’s FALSE. Total freedom means getting back to our natural mind.

Let’s look more closely at answers three and five. Replacing one belief with another belief doesn’t free our mind.  Affirmations and visualization are the same as replacing our beliefs.  Such techniques takes us deeper into the illusion because we’re adding to our minds, not subtracting, when we do those popular techniques. Adding to our mind causes suppression of the belief that we’ve replaced or ignored, and that belief will now be projected out on to others.  Whatever we hold in mind will show up in our life or the lives of others. We are all looking at projections from our minds all day long. If we just let go of the beliefs that we don’t like when we hear them in our mind or encounter them in life, we don’t have to replace them or change them. Our mind gets more clear, and we see a better life and a better world. Unfortunately, people in the illusion assume that we can’t let go; that’s why such techniques became popular. The outer world is meant to be our feedback. We were meant to use that outer feedback to keep our mind pure; then we’d all live perfect lives. But sadly, we’ve been trained to believe that our feedback is true because it is real; then we can’t let it go.

When we see or hear our suppressed beliefs in others, we’re bothered by them. This is explained in the article on the Triangle Process. The emotion in our body is telling us to let go. The others are just our feedback; they’re not bad or evil. Often the others aren’t even wrong; they are just seeing things from a different point of view. Most people in the illusion think that they are good and right; that’s why they hold on to their point of view. If we let go in our mind, which I refer to as our own mental container, others don’t bother us anymore. In initiation, we always use emotion to remind us to let go. In the illusion, people want to change those who disagree with them; so they try to convert them, fix them, or destroy them. 

Our minds are meant to be individual mental containers for the purpose of creation. We were never meant to share beliefs with anyone, not even our families. Another person’s beliefs should affect them, not us. Sadly that’s not the case today because projection has become so common. Serious believers don’t hesitate to impose their beliefs on to others because they think their beliefs are true. To make matters worse, people are spreading the notion that words are a form of power (like spells) and our bodies are all energy (which makes letting go impossible). If our mind has no separation from others, then it seems like everyone else’s beliefs are our beliefs. So we’re bothered by everyone. That’s why people have a hard time socializing today. Projection, imposition, word spells, and the body as energy are all tricks that have been played on us by the globalists so that we can’t get free. 

Answer four from ChatGPT recommended meditation, journaling and therapy. Those techniques do cause us to turn inward, and that’s a very important part of letting go. However, ChatGPT did not include any form of letting go.  I’m not against meditation or journaling. But the traditional way of doing them, doesn’t free one’s mind. I show people how to use such techniques to free their mind (like the western meditation article). Doing such activities to contemplate our answers, floating above our answers, or connecting dots to make sense of our answers only makes one’s mind more complex. It’s like playing with our poop. It makes a bigger mess of things; so it takes us deeper into the illusion. Such techniques often result in blame for others, which ruins our relationships. We can’t resolve or fix the illusion; it’s false. We can’t fix false; we have to let it go. 

Answer six said to take action aligned with the new, empowering or positive beliefs. Once we label a belief good, the opposite comes with it; which is why Adam and Eve were told to stay away from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When we label a belief positive, the opposite rests quietly in our mind. Then we live the opposite of what we desire, or we project the opposite out on to another; and if they accept our projection, they live the opposite of our desire. With this answer, ChatGPT was basically saying to fake it until you make it. Why would we want to be fake when we can be our True Self? 

Taking action to fuel our new beliefs is just a way of ignoring (suppressing) our old beliefs, which leads to more projection.  Action helps us to keep the old beliefs projected out on to others.  However, projection always comes back to us in time. Most of you probably know this boomerang effect by another name…karma. Karma implies that what we put out comes back in the next life; but projection often comes back in this life. Karma was originally mental; then it was level confused. Today most people think of it as doing good or bad deeds. 

We project on to others when we judge, envy, compare, or compete with them. That judgment will come back to us because projection is only part of the illusion; it’s not true. A thought doesn’t leave our mind unless we KNOW that it is false and useless. If the person we projected on stops accepting our projection, they are free. We get our own belief back; and it will manifest in our life. This is normal in the illusion, but people don’t understand how our minds work. So they are surprised, and think that they are a victim, when they were actually the original cause of their problem. Letting go eliminates all karma, which is just another false belief that was invented to keep us stuck in the illusion for lifetime after lifetime. We’ve truly been lied to about everything.

The beliefs that ChatGPT gave me were false…popular knowledge that fits into the illusion.  If everyone agrees that a belief (lie) is true, it will be treated as true within the collective illusion. But it will still be false for those of us without such beliefs. The illusion is real, but it’s all false. The knowing that comes from our True Self is real and true. When we lead with our True Self, we live from knowing. ChatGPT will never have knowing; it can only have knowledge and beliefs.  In addition, our True Self isn’t a program, nor can it every be a program; it’s beyond programming. 

That being said, I found this experiment to be quite funny.  I did have a quick thought before I did this little experiment. What if ChatGPT gave me a perfect answer, and everything I’ve written (something like the equivalent of eighty books) was deemed to be irrelevant? I thought, “I’ll be so happy. I’ll take down everything I’ve written and put up the answer from Chat GPT.” I will go do all of the other things that I’ve wanted to do but didn’t have time to do. You see, even if ChatGPT made me irrelevant, it can’t take away my freedom. I only do this work to free people from the illusion. I cannot wait until everyone is free. When we do a job that involves the illusion, our goal should be to put ourselves out of business. 

But to my disappointment, ChatGPT wasn’t even close to what I’ve written. To its credit, ChatGPT proved that I’ve not been lying. So I guess we’re friends now according to the illusory definition of friendship. No one in the illusion can tell us how to let go, and AI is part of the illusion. So AI can’t tell us how to let go either. I’ve long said to people that if you follow someone who is giving you beliefs, and not telling you how to discriminate and let go, you are following someone who is taking your power. They need you more than you need them. When we do our job with the desire to put ourselves out of business, we don’t need anyone. 

People who have been living large based on their knowledge, like Jordan Peterson who is doing a great job at connecting knowledge in new ways, can be replaced with ease by AI.  Why don’t they want to be put out of job? Why would AI be so upsetting to someone like Jordan? If no one needed therapy anymore, we’d all be living in Heaven on Earth. That’s a good thing. That would totally be win win for all. You see, this is where we need psychology; it helps us understand those who practice psychology. Experts don’t want to be put out of a job because they get their self-esteem and purpose from their illusory role.  I don’t. I do this because I can, and some people want initiation.

I’ve come to know that everyone’s true purpose in life is initiation.  But we all get to choose when we want to do it. Jesus said it this way: “Find ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be given unto you.” He was describing initiation perfectly. He was saying to do initiation first; then you can live your perfect life. We clean up our minds of false beliefs and false knowledge in initiation, and then we become creators in the image and likeness of the Creator. In ancient times, it was said that ordinary men went into initiation, and God-like men came out. 

The transformation that happened in the temples of initiation would never make sense to AI. I can explain that with a little logic and common sense. AI is a mirror of the part of our mind that I call “the clone.” I call it the clone because it stores knowledge and beliefs that we got from others. So that part of our mind is nothing but a clone of other people. The clone aspect of our mind (often called the intellect or ego by others) has nothing original in it. Original ideas come from our True Self. The clone memorizes the words of others and stores them. The clone aspect of our mind is like a giant tape recorder. It’s a memorizing machine, which is what children are taught to do in religion and education. After we live for a while, we trust these clone voices, which speak in words. We think that memorizing knowledge is the same as knowing. 

In the illusion, people focus on their clone voices; and they ignore their inspiration from their True Selves, which seldom uses words to communicate. The clone voices in their mind take on a life of their own, and they often pretend to be the person’s True Self so that they don’t let them go. Clone voices are complex; and they’re largely the reason that I did the Gold Circle. Clones are programmed to hold on to beliefs, knowledge, rules, and memories. They are opposed to letting go, and they are opposed to our True Self. They view reality as true. So it requires special skills and tricks to get the most dominant clone voices out of our minds. 

When we let go, the clones slowly disappear from our minds. After all, they are only voices. Without those clones driving us crazy and dictating our life, we start to remember our pure knowing. AI is made in the image and likeness of the clone aspect of our minds. So when we don’t regard knowledge and beliefs as true (or useful) anymore, the AI will be headed for the junkyard. If you fear that AI is going to replace you, then let go of the clone voices in your mind (one belief at a time); you will see that your inner and outer clone voices were nothing but worthless garbage that limited your life while telling you that they were enhancing your life or protecting you. Clones lie to us because they are the voices of people who were card-carrying members of the illusion. I can assure you that you won’t ever be disappointed with the results of letting go; ultimately, you’ll be living from your True Self again. You’ll be all knowing, which is very different than having all knowledge

Our True Selves are not replicable; and each of us have something wonderful, and win win for all, to give to the world. When we live from our True Self, we will expose the illusion and free people, or we will give of our creativity. You’d think people would do anything to step into initiation and become free.  But initiation isn’t easy, and the illusion is programmed to survive. The illusion offers things that tempt us like fame, fortune beyond what we need and desire, attention, approval, security, etc. The illusion will die if letting go and discrimination ever become the norm.  It simply will have nothing to offer anymore. 

The elite, i.e., those who appear to be winning all the time in the illusion, have worked very hard to keep letting go from us. But the joke is on them because they forgot how to let go too. If we just ignore them, they will lose their false power so quickly. All of their power comes from their ability to manage appearances to look superior and their ability to project on to others. They developed AI so that they could have all knowledge. But guess what, AI is going to put all of them out of a job. They truly have nothing to offer anyone. Just remember, when they are all as useful as cassette tapes and floppy disks, you will know about No Labels No Lies and Gateway to Gold. They won’t. Then you will become very useful; I assure you. 

At this time, my initiation work is still a little ahead of the curve. So if you are letting go, you probably feel a bit alien at times. People still want to fit in; and the illusion takes advantage of that. Eventually, initiation will become popular; and those of you who were letting go while everyone else was fueling their beliefs will be shining a light for others so that they can find their way. While you all do that, I’ll be drinking wine on the beach and applauding your efforts.

That being said, if you are letting go, ChatGPT can be useful. It tells us the beliefs and false knowledge that’s popular within the illusion. It tells us what we need to let go. Plus it can be kind of fun. The other day my daughter and I played with it to find a name for her new horse. She has so many horses that she has run out of names. ChatGPT should be viewed as entertainment; it gave us stupid names, but we had a great laugh about it. Treat AI like a fun game; laugh when you get stupid responses. Just like any other aspect of the illusion, we fall more deeply into its grip when we take it seriously.

When we remember who we are, and we know that the illusion is ALL false, the illusion doesn’t affect us anymore. It’s unlikely that we’ll all return to the Heaven-on-Earth perspective as a group. I also don’t think that any avatars or aliens are coming to save us because any being who is true will not disrupt our free will. If someone does show up who says that they are going to save us, they are probably trying to trick us. It’s likely that people will return to their True Self one by one via initiation, just like it was done in the ancient past; and each person will take a few more people with them over time (kind of like reverse immigration). The growth of initiation, as long as I can keep it alive until it becomes popular, will happen exponentially. One day, it will become normal. Then people will let go naturally again; they won’t even have to think about it. People will sit on their porch swings chugging a beer and laughing about the old days when they used to believe the false knowledge of good and evil, they had silly beliefs, and they even trusted experts and ChatGPT.