Living Beyond Lies: Why You Don’t Want to Be a Believer

Belief or Truth?

My life did a U-turn the day that I noticed the word belief contains the word “lie” within it.  I’m sure people notice that all the time and consider it coincidental. I didn’t.  In fact, I felt that it was an important clue to the truth left by some wise ones from the past.

Many people share their beliefs as if they are true.  Yet, as a listener, it is obvious that their beliefs are just beliefs.  Some say things such as, “You’ve got to believe to achieve.”  The believer’s words are often fortified with conviction, emotion, and a whole lot of persuasion.  I’ve often fallen prey to someone who was fired up.  I thought that their emotion meant they were passionate.  But desperate would have been a better descriptive.

Real truth, like unconditional love, is unemotional.  No one needs to persuade me to accept freedom, joy, or beauty.  I don’t need to believe anything in order to breathe; I just breathe.  In fact, if I get emotionally agitated or excited, my breathing is hampered.

When we see someone with emotional zeal and vocal hyperactivity, the person is usually selling a belief, rather than telling the truth. Beliefs require persuasion and trickery because without the fuel of emotion, they have no power.  Our body knows that, but our mind has forgotten.


That Old Black Magic

Fueling an idea with emotions was an old occult idea.  It was a trick of the dark magicians.  It was mostly used to persuade, curse, or manipulate people into doing things that they would not ordinarily do, such as doing hard labor for the rich magician while receiving pennies for your work.  Over time, people saw this as a formula for success.  Slavery appeared to evolve as we entered the industrial revolution.  People accepted job security in exchange for nominal pay.  Since the jobs lacked creativity, the trade seemed justified.  But it polished up another belief, which is that some people are creative geniuses and others are just worker bees.  Yet this was just a slightly higher form of slavery.

It was during this time when the positive thinking movement came into the picture.  Slave masters in the form of rich businessmen said that they had good intention.  They were providing jobs.  They even shared their formula for success.  People looked up to them and followed their principles..  But this was just a repeat of the ancient slaves looking up to the elite, rich, and powerful lords.


Our Emotions Keep us Safe

If We Listen to Them

Emotion when used in its most pure form is nothing more than a signal that what is being said or being thought in this moment is false.  In short, emotion is the effect of false thinking.  If one has no beliefs or false thoughts about themselves or others, they are unemotional.  Truth always feels peaceful and right.  Yet people will often find this calm person to be boring.  We have become used to high emotion.  We even seek it out as long as it isn’t directed at us.

It doesn’t matter who is doing the speaking.  It applies to our inner voices as well as what we hear from others.  Quite frankly, most of our inner voices are just recordings of what we heard from another individual earlier in life.

When people settle for slavery in any of its many forms, there are certain beliefs that cause them to do so.  These beliefs have emotion in them.  And people mistakenly assume that the emotion means they are true.  Here are a few examples:

Beliefs about feeling insecure

Beliefs that it is hard to get a job

They think they have no talent or gift

They think they aren’t smart enough

They believe they should be happy to have any job

Once we accept these lies as true about ourself, we don’t have the motivation to move beyond them.  Our life reinforces our beliefs; and we come to accept what is.  Of course, the ancient magicians were very smart.  They made accepting what is virtuous.  Someone who challenged their beliefs or the status quo was labeled a rebel.


Fueling Beliefs with Excitement

Ancient leaders with selfish motives planted ideas in people’s minds that fueled emotions such as fear or excitement.  Many politicians and religious leaders still use this tactic today.  Think about political campaign speeches; they fuel excitement by promising hope and great things to come.  Religious leaders tend to push the fear button and say that they will take your fear away if you join their group.  Either way, the authorities are planting a seed of belief (a lie) in our minds so that they can save us.

Comic books have been exposing this secret for decades.  The superhero needs a villain to keep his superior status.  No villain and the superhero simply becomes oh so painfully normal.

You have to watch very closely to see the trick.  Let’s look at the “believers” of today.  They love to talk about Armageddon.  But notice that they will be whisked into the clouds while you burn in hell.  The old black magic trick was to invent beliefs about others while excluding your own people.  We can see this all through history.  This was the “big secret of the elite.”  It was kept secret because it does not work if everyone is on to it.

This believer might argue that their intention is to keep others safe.  But the key is that they have excluded themselves from the problem.  When we don’t know this trick, we often believe the trickster.  And we might even feel we are to blame.

Part two of the trick is that once we feel we are to blame, our mind believes that the other has to pardon us to regain our freedom.  This one mental manipulation has caused so many people to spend their life looking for what they did wrong.  In truth, they did nothing wrong.


What is a Belief?

The word belief goes back to the late 12th century as bileave, which meant, “to hold dear, esteem, or trust.”  It went through several phases; and by the 16th century (the Renaissance period) it was spelled believe, which meant “mental acceptance of something as true.”  Today Webster’s top definition defines belief as “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.”

Accepting something mentally as true doesn’t mean it is true.  Once we accept something as true, our mind looks for evidence, and it eventually finds it.  Then we believe the belief even more.  We get stuck in eternal circular reasoning.  Our mind creates an illusion where we continue to see the effect of the beliefs rather than the truth that lies beneath them.

This was the gift to us from the ancient black magicians, who often called themselves lords or gods.  They wanted us to see a world filled with pain, fear, and suffering while they lived above it all.  The masses looked up to them with fear, creating a highly productive society of slaves.

Around the 16th century, the definition of belief metamorphosized to reveal the idea that beliefs and truth were not synonyms.  It seems that some people saw through the big lie.  This was the time of the Renaissance, a time where enlightenment was common.  When people regain their discrimination, they don’t listen to the beliefs of authorities.  They see right through them.  They turn the other cheek.  Oh, if Jesus was alive, I’d ask him only one question,  “Did he mean face cheek or butt cheek?”  I like to think he had a great sense of humor, and meant to shoot them the moon.


The Wise Ones Left Us a Clue

But, the egomaniacal leaders in power feared exposure and became violent.  They drove the Renaissance truth keepers underground.  Many wise ones expressed the truth in story, art, and architecture.  Some risked their lives attempting to expose the liars.   But the beliefs of the dark lords still had too much power.

These wise ones of the Renaissance left us a clue by encoding the word “lie” into the word belief.  They knew that a time would come when we could finish their work and fulfill their dream of a world where people are free and creative, where unconditional love is the true measure of a human being, and where wisdom, truth, and discrimination rule.


The Perilous Journey Out

We are fortunate to live in a time when people are regaining their discrimination.   Kids no longer want to work for “the man.”  Men are honoring their feminine side.  People are ignoring problems and refusing to go to war.  And many are challenging history, religions, and politicians.  But that doesn’t mean it is easy.  As our wise true Self returns to the helm of our ship, we often doubt ourselves.  We fall into old confusions and meet the demons we believed to exist in the past.  We find ourselves falling for the lies of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

While we live in a world with others, cleaning up our mind is in individual sport.  Each time we let go of a belief in our mind, we gain enough courage to expose a few more beliefs.  Then we learn the secret of the white magicians.  As we clear our mind, the prison walls start to fall for everyone.  We don’t have to warn others or inspire them.  We see them through a cleaner lens and they look just fine as they are.  In fact, to let go of a belief about our self, another, people in general, or our world is the most unconditionally loving thing we can do.  And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Even those big time believers that have used beliefs to hurt others are in for a great surprise when they finally let go.  Underneath all those beliefs is the ultimate treasure of paradise right here on earth.

But now for the bad news, those 72 virgins were just a belief, another old black magic trick.  Aren’t you glad you found that out before you blew up a building for nothing?


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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