I no longer answer private questions.  People often find my blog and read one or two posts.  Then they send me a list of questions.  Or they want me to explain how my technique of letting go differs from other teachers.  Or they want me to tell them what belief to let go.  I understand their pain.  They’ve been seeking forever, and they’re tired.  But I feel that I’ve fulfilled my obligation by writing everything I discovered on my websites.  Everything that you absolutely need to learn how to let go is in my free articles. No one can let go for you or tell you what to let go.  You have to find the causal beliefs based on applying the techniques I share.  If you read everything that I’ve written, you will know how to let go.  If  you find this is the right path for you and you want more, you can join the Gold Circle.  I go into more detail and expose many belief systems in the membership material. After doing the Gold Circle, you can join the Golden Gateway program. In that program, I mentor small groups of people.

I have put everything you absolutely need to get as free as you want on my blogs.  It is a complete body of work.  It just takes time and practice.  In the end, all topics are the same.  You have to see that what you are thinking is false and let it go.  However, if you want to read something specific to a topic, I’ve keyed each article to the most commonly searched words.  The earliest dated posts are going to be the easiest.  The posts build in complexity.  So the more recent posts might be confusing at first.  Often I use terms that might be unfamiliar; but usually, I link those terms to other posts which offer more explanation.

The goal is not to learn what I write about.  It’s about unlearning.  The only way to get to freedom is to let go of your beliefs until you get as free as you want to be.  Reading about letting go isn’t letting go.  In fact, memorizing what I write will take you in the wrong direction.  So you have to apply what I write.  Ultimately, the reason that I wrote this blog is to help people see that they can answer all their own questions.  I want people to know themselves and be self sufficient.

I share many of the techniques that I used to gain freedom on No Labels, No Lies.   It takes time and persistence to break down the false self.  But it’s very possible if you stick with it.  Even in the ancient world, it was said to take a decade to get free.  So don’t get impatient.  Just make it a way of life.  Treat it like a game, and enjoy it.

Love, Cathy

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