Children and Parenting

Children don’t appear to come with a handbook.  We step into having children and parenting them without any training.  The training out there is weak at best.  It might work some of the time.  We just don’t know how to do parenting right, or so we think.

What we don’t realize is that we have an inner parenting handbook that is perfect.  It is our emotional system.  When we know how to use our emotions and how to let go of our false thinking (discrimination), parenting becomes much easier and everyone is much happier.

We are born with free minds.  Then we start receiving rules, beliefs, and mental programs.  Schooling is a place where children feel emotional and often frustrated.  They are learning knowledge that is false and unnecessary for their adult life.  They come to feel like there is no place for their unique expression.  They learn to obey others; and they forget how to access their own inner wisdom.

The child’s mind isn’t wired to hold on to false information.  In this category, I share my experiences with schooling.  I made the choice to unschooled my children for part of their education.  It turned out to be a very natural and wonderful experience for all of them and me.

Why People Snap: The Black Sheep Syndrome

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