The Legend (Parts I and II)

Cathy Eck This post is in response to a request that I got to post the ending to “The Legend.”  I know I have it posted somewhere on this blog, but I can’t remember where it is.  So here it is again (at the end of this post).  While I was at it, I thought […]

The Ridiculous Notion of Ethical Manipulation

 By Cathy Eck   What is Ethical Manipulation? Recently, I listened to a webinar on blog marketing.  The leader said she was teaching us how to market using ethical manipulation.  I’m not much for marketing, which you probably know already if you read my blog.  But, I’m always open to new ideas that are ethical. […]

Beliefs: Which Beliefs Should I Keep? Which Beliefs Should I Let Go?

By Cathy Eck   Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein   Are All Beliefs Lies?  Really, Cathy? People say to me all the time, “Cathy, do you really mean ALL beliefs are lies?  Aren’t there some exceptions?”  They are shocked when I respond with “YES, according to esoteric wisdom, all […]

The Esoteric Wisdom Behind Why People Lie

By Cathy L Eck “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ― Mark Twain   Beliefs or Lies Beget More Lies If you’ve read my other articles, you know that I refer to all beliefs as lies because all beliefs come from our false self.  The word belief contains the word lie […]

God Versus Google: Is Google the New and Improved False God?

God Versus Google  I originally wrote this article in 2012, and I’ve not changed it.  But I added some key revelations (about midway in the article) in 2019 to prove that what I was saying in 2012 was accurate.  Back then, people couldn’t imagine how deep the false God rabbit hole could go.  It actually […]

Is it Hope or Just Hype? What Esoteric Wisdom Says About Hope

People are Desperate for Hope According to Google, every day approximately 13,600,000 people search for hope on the world wide web.  People are desperate for hope.  They think hope is somewhere out there, and they need to acquire it to get what they want from life. People spend hard-earned money on get-rich-quick schemes that promise […]

The Long Journey from Should to Could

Should I, Could I? I remember the very first time that I realized the difference between should and could was far more than a couple of letters.  I was newly married and still in college.  It was time for me to choose my major. I was good at math and enjoyed it, so I listed […]

Level Confusion: Esoteric Wisdom for Solving All Problems

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.                                                   Albert Einstein What is Level Confusion? Long ago in the ancient world, men and women learned about life by enrolling in mystery schools.  It was said that the initiates entered as mortals and exited as gods.  […]

The Haitian that Set Me Straight on Voodoo

A chance meeting with an enlightened Haitian teaches me about cursing and voodoo and how it has evolved into modern authority and advice.

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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.