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This post is in response to a request that I got to post the ending to “The Legend.”  I know I have it posted somewhere on this blog, but I can’t remember where it is.  So here it is again (at the end of this post).  While I was at it, I thought I’d answer some questions I’ve been asked about “The Legend” from people I mentor and people who read this blog.


Where in the hell did you get this shit?

They don’t all say it like that — but some do.  It’s actually a very long story — a story that I’m attempting to put into a book right now.  In that book, I’ll explain not only “The Legend,” but also Adam and Eve, and other popular myths which diminished our feminine aspect.  I’ll also explain the events in my own life that contributed to the decoding of the story.  Here is a little preview of coming attractions.

One night at exactly 3:00 am, I woke up and saw a vision like a a movie in my mind, which I labeled “The Legend.”  I got up and wrote the story down even though I didn’t want to (it was cold in my room).  But it wouldn’t go away.  I wrote it down in order to clear my mind.  That was in 1997.  Prior to that time, I had seen visions, when I was daydreaming, of people being initiated.  I’d been researching initiation for about five years before that time, but I didn’t make the connection between “The Legend” and initiation.

None of this was planned or even really desired.  It just kind of happened.  It was like a complex puzzle that would not leave me alone.  I just had to solve it.  In hindsight, I realize that “The Legend” was like a zen koan that answered the questions that I was asking about initiation.  I didn’t see it as a channeled message, just something that bubbled up to the surface of my conscious mind.

I can now see that it was probably always within my mind, but I was unaware of it.  This is what prompted me to develop Freedom Astrology.  I started to hypothesize that everyone must have such a story that colors their life.  Given that all of the old stories were created by astrologers (who later changed their names to wise men), I decided that accessing that mindset would be valuable.  It was.


Can I find this in a book?

The short answer is “No.”  I knew this story, “The Legend” was important.  It took years to decode.  While trying to understand it, I read truck loads of ancient texts, myths from all over the world, and holy books looking for clues.  Nothing helped that much.  At some point, however, my perspective started to shift.  I started to see through the eyes of the ancient storyteller.  Then all those books I’d read in the past suddenly made sense.  I could now understand the mind of the ancient ones; the visions that I’d seen in my daydreams, and stories I’d read about initiation, all suddenly made sense.  They were the same books; it was my mind that changed.

Then I could see how modern channelers and teachers of the New Age were close but they didn’t deserve a cigar.  They were confusing the True Self with the false self. The ancient initiates kept these distinct; and that is how they got out of the illusion.  For example, the law of attraction, is billed as the truth.  It is real in the illusion.  It is how you win as a false self. But if you want out, you need to drop the law of attraction.  The True Self isn’t magnetic.  It is just pure creative energy.  The True Self is incredibly simple; it doesn’t make sense to our intellectually-programmed false selves.


How did you get involved in religion?

That started from being pissed off at my ex-husband and my in-laws.  They were so religious, and they presumed that meant they were automatically good.  But they used it as a cover to do mean things that I would never do.  I wanted to prove that they were misinterpreting Jesus to their benefit.  So I started the project as an asshole, and I ended it from a place of compassion and kindness.

In case you are wondering, they’re all still pretty much the same.  They don’t even know I have this blog; they all kind of disappeared from my life because I would no longer play the bad, non-religious role in their life.  I realized I wasn’t bad except in their illusion.  But they don’t bother me anymore.  I came to realize that the emotions I felt around them weren’t because I didn’t like them; the emotions were going off because what they were saying was false.  It wasn’t their fault, they were just parroting what they had been taught.

That got me thinking.  People live under the mistaken notion that they are good when they are really just obedient to a system.  Being Catholics, my husband and his family presumed that you could gossip about someone on Wednesday and confess it on Sunday; and holy shit, you were pure as a newborn’s butt cheeks.  I, the nonreligious one, didn’t want to gossip because I didn’t have an authority to remove the bad feelings from my body.  I struggled with social protocol where you built up the false self of the one you were with at the expense of someone who wasn’t present.  I realized that I was harming myself and the other if I did such a thing.  It was lots of little things like that.

When I started tearing the Bible apart, I got hooked.  Years later, I was still doing it for ten or twelve hours a day.  I could see that religion had everything backwards because they saw the stories of the Bible as real physical events.  They also made things like anger, jealousy, cursing, and punishment acceptable by creating a God that did such things.  If God can do it, so can I, is the mantra of religion.  Since I didn’t have that God, I questioned myself before I punished another or was jealous of them.  I looked for the cause in me.  So then I wondered, how can God be such a low life?

That was when I discovered the little slight-of-name trick, where you label humans in power, or their genies in a bottle, God or Lord God.  When people say they worship the Lord, my whole body vibrates with emotion.  In history, those who were Lords were the most evil of us all.  So saying “praise the Lord” is actually saying, “I worship evil.”  Of course, they don’t know that; and fortunately, there is no evil.  It’s an illusion.  But it was more proof that people obey without finding out what they are obeying.


It’s all about the story…

But you see, it was all about story.  Ancient people didn’t have TV or the internet; they told stories.  The Gods that most of the world worship today were created by someone like our Walt Disney, or maybe Steven King.  They were entertainers.  They used real life places for the setting, much like Dan Brown did in Angels and Demons.  But the characters were made up or glorified versions of Kings and Emperors.  This is an old trick that makes fiction believable.

The ancient people saw characters as aspects of their mind just like any good storyteller does.  They saw life as a three-act play:  You are born, you fall, and then you resurrect.  But the Bible starts at the fall — the first act is basically ignored.  It tells the story as if the fall was a permanent mistake that can’t be reversed.  And the feminine gets all the blame.

We’re told the story is true.  Consequently, we blame our emotions, our feminine, when the masculine aspect of our mind is actually at fault.  While we’re busy wondering where in the hell our emotions are coming from and trying to get an Ambien prescription, people who want our power are busy programming our intellect (masculine mind aspect) with lies.  We believe them because our feminine is blind and dead.

The story hasn’t changed or been retracted because it’s still serving some groups of people — people playing masculine roles that want to blame their mistakes on their followers.  It happens in homes, in countries, in schools, and in churches.  And sadly it used to be a white or arab man’s game.  Now everybody’s playing it.  This is really why our white male’s in America, who think they are Gods, are so interested in the Middle East.  They are soul mates.

It’s possible that this twisting of stories was done for manipulative purposes, or perhaps it was once as obvious to them as it is to us that Mickey Mouse isn’t a real mouse.  Either way, people started to take advantage of this illusory fall; and humans came to fear that it was real and irreversible.  That is only because we were told the story when we were young and impressionable by big people who had authority in our life.


Surprise Ending

Years later, an ending for “The Legend” came to me one day while I was writing, which gave me a vision of where initiation would take us.  It also gave me some clues as to how to reverse the fall.  That was what I was really after.  My husband and in-laws were the biggest pains in the ass I could possibly find, but it was not because they wanted to be.  It was because their minds were brainwashed with stories that weren’t the truth.  They didn’t listen to their own emotions.  They couldn’t see beyond the veil that had been placed over their eyes when they were too young to discriminate.  But when I finally found the answer, they couldn’t have cared less.  I realized that they saw themselves as winning in the illusion.  I realized that no one was going to give up the illusion who perceived themselves as winning, even if the only prize they got was an illusory seat in the clouds after death.

I spent twenty years doing something and no one cared.  Everyone seemed to love the illusion.  So, I started to write the blogs to see who would be interested.  At first, no one was.  But I kept writing anyway.  I needed something to read that wasn’t candy-coated manure.

Eventually, something happened that makes me smile every single day.  People started to find my blog, which wasn’t easy.  I don’t follow Lord Google, nor do I market at all.  They were not normal, clueless people — they were cool and real.  The people who read this blog today are people whose hearts are still bigger than their minds, a rare thing in this world.  They have real compassion.  They see the illusion, and they remember the truth.  But when they try to speak up, the status quo tells them they are wrong or bad.  They feel powerless to make the changes that they know the world needs.

So I decided that I needed to support this group of real people with hearts.  Forget those who are winning.  They will get it when no one buys their product anymore or no one votes for them.  That will happen by strengthening those who are true at heart but feel powerless.  That is why I write.  Those who have sold their hearts aren’t interested in letting go; but those that do let go and unveil their True Self will become the real powerhouses of the world.  These quiet people, who have been suppressing their power and love to fit into a world that is like a shoe that is five sizes too small, will change the world.  They just need to know they are right — they’ve been labeled wrong a lot.

Steve Jobs said look at the fringe; that is the future.  The people who everyone labels crazy today will be the leaders in five years.  I’m counting down the days.  In five years, I predict that people will be embarrassed to admit that they worship a mean ass God.  Being truthful will be more important than being obedient to a false system.  That is my prophecy.  I prayed to Steve Jobs last night, and he told me to say that — just kidding.  But that is pretty much how it worked.  Steve Jobs would be a much better choice than the one Moses prayed too.  Shit I’d take Donald Trump over menopause man in the clouds.

I came to understand that heaven is a perspective, not a place.  And we find it by cleaning out what is not heavenly from our own mind — what the ancient ones called the false self.  A good portion of what is in the false self is religion, rules, and rituals — the real three R’s of knowledge.  We don’t need any of them.  When we start obeying our True Self instead of some outer ghost, we find that we’d never harm another.  We can’t imagine it.  But we won’t be push overs either.  We will rock the world by pointing out what is false because the false masculine forces (The Generals from The Legend) need to be stopped from hurting others.


Back to The Legend

The King had always listened to his feminine consort, the Priestess.  Life was perfect in the kingdom.  The King (True Self) hired the General when he no longer believed that his unconditional love was enough to keep his kingdom safe.  The General is a different aspect of our mind (our false self) that doesn’t listen to the feminine within.  The General is at war all the time; it operates from memory and knowledge, which leads us to our death.  When the General lies, the Priestess within becomes blind and dies.  That is basically our story.  It would end there if religion had their way.  But there is an ending, and we find it by letting go of the belief that the old story was true.  When we let go, we fire the General.  The King and Priestess return to power, and heaven returns to the earth.  That’s the short answer to the hidden meaning.  The book will decode it in great detail.

Everything that I write about comes from this basic core.  I didn’t just wanted to tell people this perspective, however; I wanted to help people find the perspective in themselves so they could find their own answers.  Eventually, I realized the key was to witness your  mind and let go of beliefs and thoughts that generate emotion.  If you do that consistently, you’ll eventually see the truth in your own unique way.  It won’t be exactly like I say it, it will be in your own language; but it will complement what I write.  Our True Selves are each unique, but they are all harmonious.

As I’ve taken this journey, I’ve met a lot of beliefs that pretended to be true.  I’ve encountered tricks and traps where my mind tried to convince me not to let go.  I’ve had fears arise that I didn’t even know existed.  I’ve had to deal with people who thought I was insane.  And hardest of all, I’ve notice that many of my beliefs look very true because they had already manifested in my reality.  They were real but not true.  I decided to expose the tricks and traps that I found on this site and on No Labels, No Lies.  I often wasted months fighting a trick.  The illusion was set up to make escaping difficult.  If I had known the mind trick, I could have gone much faster.  In fact, I often tell people in sessions that what they cleared in an hour took me at least three months.  I love that I can save people that kind of time and misery.  I love seeing people glimpse freedom.

I’m not at the end yet.  I still have beliefs arising in my mind, although the frequency is far less.  So I can’t tell you the ending yet.  But I can point you in the right direction.  I can help you gain the eyes to see and ears to hear.  I have the equivalent of four books worth of information on this blog.  I’ll keep posting more until I have nothing left to say.  I’m sure you’ll find the freedom you desire if you not only read the information but apply it.  Real joy is finding your own truth inside; reading it only makes life bearable until that day.

Here are the two parts of “The Legend” recorded in audio.  Enjoy!


Part I:

Part II (The ending):


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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