Sons of God, The Effects of Initiation

Sons of God with the Daughters of Men
The Sons of God were attracted to the beautiful daughters of men in myths, legends, and history.


The Sons of God

The most popular record of the Sons of God who mated with the daughters of men is found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Few people realize that this theme is ancient and is found in mythology and legends all over the world.

An older account can be found in Plato’s version of the legend of Atlantis.  In the legend of Atlantis, Poseidon mated with a mortal woman producing five sets of twins who became the rulers of the empire of Atlantis.

Gilgamesh, often labeled the oldest written story, was the name of a real king who was said to be a demigod.  Even Mr. Spock on Star Trek boasts a Vulcan father and a mortal mother.  And, of course, the most famous product of a father God and mortal mother was Jesus who has been labeled the ultimate Son of God.


Incarnating Gods

Religion paints a picture of God or Gods incarnating into human bodies.  These divine immortal men supposedly found the human women very attractive and mated with them.  It’s different in the story of Jesus.  The Son of God is the product of the mating between God and Mary.  Some say that Mary was so holy that she didn’t need a man to have a child.  But the truth is that when men emerged from the schools of initiation, they were often said to have virgin mothers.  It made sense, their earthly nature (feminine mind aspect) had been purified so that they were no longer a demigod, but a God.  They had made the body a fitting temple for their spiritual Self.  In more familiar terms, their false self was gone.  All that remained was their True Self.

I like to look for the practical reason for ideas that repeat.  They repeat because they work for someone in power.  The legend of Atlantis tells us exactly what happened.  It tells us that in the beginning, everyone on the planet was part human and part divine.  All humans were part earthly because they were physical (had bodies), and all humans had a spirit that was divine or God like (what I usually call the True Self).  Consequently, the stories of these semi-divine beings are our stories.  They remind us of our true nature before we accepted beliefs and thoughts, which caused us to lose our immortal status and our creative powers.

But the normal Joe didn’t know he was semi-divine — he was just Joe.  So leaders who wanted power and riches used words to raise themselves up and lower the masses.  It probably took awhile.  But in time, people had sufficiently accepted the notion that humans had fallen and weren’t able to get back.  They passed on the belief to their children that only some were divine as naturally as if they were passing a plate of potatoes.

Proclaiming yourself the product of divinity in a world where people think everyone fell was a way of quickly gaining authority.  In ancient times, the king could expand his power throughout the known world if his people would obey him without question.  Some kings used this authority for good; others used it to grow their empire and enslave people.

The story of Jesus demonstrates the temptation to use power to rule the world.  The fact that he was tempted implies that others were also tempted before him.  Jesus, of course, refuses the temptation; he chooses to use his power for the good of all.  Thus, Jesus is an example of what we must do to return to our God-like nature.

Of course we have to be responsible for the wellbeing of others in our thinking even if we aren’t fond of them.  But we must be careful.  The initiate was pure in his thinking.  He wasn’t a caretaker.  Religion made being good about doing; initiation was about thought.  Of course, if your mind is pure, you do good things.  You harm nobody.  But you don’t listen to your friends vent or fish for people.  You teach them how to fish and let them do it themselves.

The initiate became powerful by having pure thought, not by working out in the gym.  There aren’t exceptions to pure thought.  A leader had it or they didn’t.  So a leader who asked anyone to serve them or lower themselves wasn’t of pure mind.


Ancient Mystery Schools of Initiation

Schools of initiation were very common during the millennium prior to Jesus.   In these schools, it was said that men entered as mortals and came out as Gods.  To normal people, they appeared to be supernatural.

I suspect that the power of the true initiates was real.  Initiation taught men how to reveal their true Self.  They cleared their mind of false beliefs; and they became powerful.  Their talents and natural gifts expanded to a very high level.  And they appeared far superior to the average human.

But when they left the schools of initiation and went out into the world, the temptation to use that power for their own benefit was often too great to ignore.  People wanted a leader to tell them what to do.  People didn’t know how to take responsibility for their lives.  Even when the initiate would try to share the truth, the people would not listen for their minds had been turned 180 degrees toward bondage and suffering.  They were stuck with too much emotion and fear to clear their minds.     They just wanted people to heal them and feed them.

Eventually the mystery schools were closed.  Today we have secret organizations or fraternal orders that carrying on some of the old rituals.  But the true secrets have been veiled with illusion.  They often do good deeds, but they no longer purify their minds.


The Invention of Good and Evil

Why were the people so confused and so willing to be led?  The reason still exists today.  They believed that the story of good and evil was true.  They saw the world from a perspective of duality where everything had a right and wrong or good and bad.  They spent their life and energy, as many do today, trying to be good.  But good was not the same as being themselves.  Good was defined by the leaders.  A good slave was a hard working slave that obeyed the master.  Submitting to the leader was good; rebelling was evil.  Being kind to the other slaves didn’t get you any points.  Even today, the notion of hard work as a virtue and obedience to authority are often considered the best measure of goodness.  We still confuse our leaders with Gods.  To do so we must ignore our True Self because our True Self would never obey these false leaders.

The idea of good and evil was a man-made invention.  Rulers invented stories to put the idea into the collective mind.  They were the true evil ones.  They created rules for what is good and what is bad or evil.  Then they carefully placed themselves in the good category while projecting evil on everyone else.  They called themselves Gods and Lords, but they were leaders with big, fat egos.  This is obvious by looking at the qualities of these so-called Gods.  They are jealous, warrior-like, punishing, and fearful.  They required sacrifices and needed sex with beautiful virgins.  If a man behaved like that today, we’d lock him up.  But we honor gods and leaders in ancient stories because we were told they were good, and we were bad.

To break this programming, we have to become conscious of it.  We have to recognize that what feels bad isn’t true.  People tell me all the time, I couldn’t stand reading the Old Testament so I quit trying.  It made me sick, but I still accepted it because I was told it was the word of God.  It is the word of God — the false imposter God of the ancient world.


The Punishing God is an Imposter

Here is what I know for sure.  I did not have a punishing god in my mind until I was taken to church at about five years old.  All I had in my mind until then was love.  The punishing, jealous, fearful god was a later addition.  He was something that humans gave to me.  That god haunted my mind for decades until I realized that I accepted it as true, and I could take it out by realizing it was false.  Thought-by-thought I took that punishing god out of my mind, and I watched my world change.  I’m still here; he didn’t even punish me.  With each belief I removed, it became more and more clear that he was a facade.  But if you put yourself below that God, who is so vile and mean, you will allow yourself to do the same things without thinking there is something wrong.  You won’t even try to purify your mind.

The true creative life force that keeps the sun shining and the earth spinning can’t be deleted from my mind.  It is the source of joy, unconditional love, truth, and freedom.

Good and evil, right and wrong — those ideas can also be deleted from our mind; and as we let them go, we can’t imagine harming another person.  What used to be bad not becomes false.  False has no power.  It’s a great way to live.  We don’t need morals or religion because we are wise and truthful.  Oddly, as I’ve done this exercise every day for years, authority figures in the world have lost their semi-divine nature.  In most cases, they look painfully stupid.  I would not hire most of them to wash my car let alone run my country.  But we can’t see this if we don’t clear our mind.  So it does no good to tell someone who is brainwashed.  We just keep clearing our own mind.  That is our best contribution.

If you want to see how innocent we once were, watch this youtube video.  Much like these native people, who have never seen a white man, matches, or a mirror, our ancestors thought the skilled magicians of the past were gods.  They didn’t have to do much to look really amazing and magical.

Tribal People Meet White Man

 Of course, the explorer in this video had good intentions.  He wanted to meet and understand the natives.  But in the past, men saw the natives as good slaves.


The Old Testament

In “The Origin of Israelite Sacrifice,” from the November/December 2011 edition of Biblical Archaeology Review, William W. Hallo quotes Assyriologist W.G. Lambert, “The idea that man was created to relieve the gods of hard labor by supplying them with food and drink was standard among both Sumerians and Babylonians.”  This is how the rich got richer.  Leaders and countries thrive when they have slaves to do their work; it is still happening today.

The Old Testament came from the same stories that were told by the Babylonians and Sumerians.  Many believe the Old Testament was crafted while the Jews were in captivity.  The stories are fine, and many are probably historical.  But we cannot confuse the notion of perfection, our True Self, with people who were nothing but mortal humans who were hungry for power.

If you read statements in the Old Testament such as, “I am the Lord” as a ruler speaking, not a God, I promise you it will finally make sense to you.  The confusion and frustration most people feel when reading the Bible is that we were taught to think that God said hateful, punishing things when our true nature knows that could not possibly be true.  We think we must have badness hidden somewhere deep inside or that we need punishment every time we have a disagreement or don’t obey an authority.  You will feel your body relax and let go when you see this.  It all just makes sense.  And you won’t feel intimidated by the Evangelicals who are sure their were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.

When people see this they often get very angry.  That doesn’t do any good.  Just be thankful you don’t have to listen to Bible thumpers and wonder if they are right anymore.  You won’t have to be subject to their hatred.  You will have your natural, God-given discrimination back, and you can let it all go.  In that way, you keep moving forward to the real goal of life, to return to the place we started as the union of God or spirit and mortal body.  That’s initiation — semi-divine beings just waiting to be remembered, the Sons (and Daughters) of God.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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    Hell yeah Cathy! Thats badass. Fuck clones. Im onto all of there asses! I will be ready for the CLP. I will be. I let go everyday for hours. Your the best.



    Omg, this is the most fascinating article I have ever read. I’ve been mentally preparing to read the bible. I knew I had shit on my eyes and reading with shit on my eyes was like not reading the bible at all.

    Now that I am wiping the shit off my eyes, I can finally read this book. My mom was trying to get me to read it for years. I stood away because of this very thing. I didn’t want to get sucked in like her.

    This definitely ties in to all the comments I’ve been making. I can see how the white man appeared like Gods to the tribes men. This explains all the cave paintings that the history channel shows of men in “suits” that we know as space uniforms today.

    This means that there had to been a “God like” man in ancient history. Who where these God like men? These have to be the ET’s. I want them to be true. Why cant they? Other races exist on this planet. Why cant other races exist outside of it? Theres all these structures all over the Earth that have unexplainable architecture like the Kailasa Temple in Ellora, Maharashtra, India. I am just crawling in awe with all of this. WOW!

    1. Cathy

      I explain all of this later in the GC and CL programs. I personally do not believe in ETs or if they do exist, I see them as inferior to humans when humans are their True Selves. If they were superior, they’d be on their own fucking planet. They may have been here at some point and contributed to the fall. But it is irrelevant. It is our fault that our mind fell. We need to take responsibility for our errors to correct them. Like I said, I explain it all in my articles. The CL program is all about the Bible. But you have to be prepared first or you just take what I say as your new truth and you create a new clone. Then you block your own freedom, and that is not good for you. So that is why I focus on clearing all clones in the GC program. C

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