Occult Versus Initiation: A Brief History of the Mind

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Recently, I had dinner with a very religious Christian Evangelical. After talking, he said to me, “I just had a realization. I’ve always thought that other religions had corny stories, but a God in the clouds and a virgin mom is pretty corny too.”  We had a good laugh.

By Cathy Eck


This is a long post that introduces the notion of the occult.  Let me caution you that the term occult is a highly charged label.  People use labels to suit them.  What we’re doing is looking at concepts that often get shoved under the umbrella of occult.  Labels have false selves just like humans and groups. The label occult has a big false self.

The premise of everything I write rests on the notion that we’re all born knowing our perfect and unique perspective of the truth.  This is directly opposed to the illusory perspective, which portrays humans as fallen beings striving to achieve the highest level of perfection they can.  Sorry, but the illusory version of truth makes me want to jump off a high building.  Even if it were true, I wouldn’t want to believe it, which is a good indication that it’s false.

Then eastern teachings often say, “Everything is an illusion.”  That conflicts with the initiation teachings too, which say that only the false reality is an illusion; and we can eliminate the false reality.  Underneath the illusion is perfection; and it’s real. We just can’t see it because we’ve covered it with false beliefs.

So anyone who says you need to learn the truth is selling you a load of bullshit.  Initiation reveals our truth by stripping away the false.  Initiates are the enemy of the illusion — they expose the lies and rules of the game.  Because the occult illusion seems powerful, many people step on the road of initiation and then walk away.  They don’t like being viewed as bad — as heretics.  They don’t like not fitting in.  Can you blame them?  They find it too hard to be themselves in a world that values the false so highly.  But it’s time to expose the game because the game has gone too far.  Too many people are suffering needlessly.  True leaders are standing on the sidelines while mediocrity rules the world.

You might feel angry as you read this post because I’m writing about something that isn’t true but far too real.  Our emotions always indicate untruth.  Occultists have created a persistent, illusory reality that we believed.  I’m going to attempt to undo that confusion in this post so you can see what is false. When you see the false, just let it go.  Let go of what you think or believe about it.  Stop paying attention to it or talking about it.  Ignore it.  When we stop fighting the false and realize it has no power, it will dissolve on its own.


I’ll Tell You a Story

The difference between the occult in the ancient world and initiation was all about the way people in masculine roles (mostly men) used their beliefs and emotions.  In order to be clever, occultists often called themselves initiates. But occultists and initiates are going in opposing directions.

Initiation means literally to go back to where we were initially — in the beginning — as children.  Jesus spoke of this because he was an initiate.  Children have pure minds.  They aren’t born with competition on the brain.  They don’t hate or fear.  No one has knowledge or religion in their mind at birth.  You can’t make man-made knowledge into the truth.  However, occultists have tried for eons to do that impossible feat.  That’s where things got confusing for those who were watching the inner circle from the outside.

Things haven’t changed much.  Occultists (false selves) and initiates (True Selves) are really metaphors for two different states of mind that we all have.  Understanding their place helps us discriminate within our own mind.  The occultists who were highly accomplished false selves looked pretty much the same as those who lived from their True Self.  They even sounded like initiates because they memorized and spoke the truth like accomplished actors.  They learned the truth, but they hadn’t earned the truth.

Initiates spoke of the truth beyond the illusion.  The occultists spoke of reality as if it were true.  In each case, they were speaking their view of truth.  But our truth won’t ever harm or diminish another.  If it does, then it isn’t the truth — it’s a belief.

Jesus addressed this issue when he said, “You’ll know them by their fruits.”  But he didn’t explain what was “good or edible” fruit.  The occultists took his words and ran with them.  They made money, power, lots of toys, and success the desired fruit.  Welcome to America’s Republican Party, which is also the Christian party of choice because after all Jesus did drink fine wine out of a fancy cup. It’s just logic, right?  If only the Democrats could learn that fish-and-loaves trick, we’d be set. Charging more in taxes to feed the multitudes isn’t the same.  Joking aside, money buys the things that make us happy in the illusion.  The illusion doesn’t offer true joy, unconditional love, or freedom; but most don’t know how to get to out of the illusion.  So they’ll settle for money.

We’re told that the trip out of Eden was a one-way ticket.  Everyone born post-Eden was a fallen sinner. Purchasing happiness appears to be the highest state of life.  Money’s power has even gone beyond just happiness; it seems to buy worthiness, quality of life, health, and even a false sort of immortality. It appears that money and power can fix nearly anything.


Occult Teachings

If you Google initiation, you’ll most likely find information about men who were focused, appeared invincible, and were successful and wealthy.  You’ll read accounts of the grueling tests of endurance and strength they took.  These men became Priests, Lords, Pharaohs, Emperors, and Kings.  They easily rose to power, and they appeared as gods to the untrained masses.  Their stories were my first encounters with initiation, and I immediately knew something was wrong.  But what?

While most people were highly impressed with these men, I found them very unappealing.  They lacked congruence in their speaking.  They appeared to be robot-like and unoriginal in their desires and perspective of life.  But few people noticed this because they looked successful, and they had big audiences that rewarded their role with lots of money.

Around that same time, I collected self-help books from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.  These books were mostly written by Freemasons and Rosicrucians.  They all spoke about having positive, focused thinking and the fulfillment of desires without any consideration as to whether their desires were reasonable, win-win, or true.  They were all about success and power.  If you’ve read “Think and Grow Rich,”  they conveyed a similar message.  Most of the books completely ignored emotions; in fact, the goal of these men was to appear to be in control and unemotional.  They treated emotions like appendix — unnecessary. I didn’t realize at that time, that I was reading about those who were once considered occultists.

The dictionary defines the word occult as, “supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.”  The etymology of occult means hidden or secret.  In other words, the uninitiated don’t know how the occultists do what they do — it’s secret.  The occultists were also called magicians.  Magic isn’t a new invention.  It was common in the ancient Middle East.

Practically speaking, I don’t know how my television works, but it isn’t occult.  It isn’t secret information.  Occultists used secrecy to deceive.  I came to understand that manipulation of our minds and our emotions was part of the occult manifestation process in a way that was very contrived.  It was no different than the mental tricks that magicians use to get us to look in the wrong place.  They divert our attention away from seeing the truth.  If we knew their secrets, we wouldn’t really be that impressed.  We only find them amazing because we fall for their tricks.  Without the power of deception, occultists would have no power at all.

Occultists have secret handshakes, secret symbols, and secret words and codes.  They have traditions, ceremonies, and costumes that fuel their belief systems.  They once had grave penalties for breaking their codes or exposing their secrets to the uninitiated until they realized that revealing the secrets was an even better trick, especially if you called the occult tricks the truth or spirituality.  In this way, you created an outer circle of supports for your belief system.  It’s like free energy.  People today doing New Age or other sorts of ceremonies or speaking their affirmations support the occult false belief system giving it outrageous power, while thinking they are finding their spiritual self.  They are being used by a secret system that they actually fear — they fear the hand that feeds them.

Luckily, beliefs need fuel to thrive.  If we stop the fuel, they’ll lose power.  If we’re not in the inner circle, we blindly trust these successful men who we think are so kind to reveal their secrets. Occultists all had the same goal — to rule the world — to be King of the Hill.  To do that, they must deceive others, grow numbers of followers, and defeat their competition.  And their numbers are amazing right now because so many people contribute to their illusion without knowing it.



True initiates didn’t use symbols, so their words could actually be taken literally.  You don’t have to massage Jesus’ words.  They work just fine as they came out of his mouth as long as you hear them from his pure perspective.  Fundamentalists do take sacred texts literally, but at the wrong level of thinking.  Let me explain.

Initiates shared physical events in stories as metaphors to explain aspects of the the false or True minds.  They were always talking about the mind.  The story or parable characters as a whole made up a complete mind.  I talk about this in my three-part post, “The Power of Story.”   Initiates often used phrases like “Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.”  This meant, those who understood the original perspective of life versus the illusion. Initiates weren’t hiding anything.  But they realized that people in the illusion didn’t understand them. They also didn’t want to put innocent people at risk.  Truth lacks power if memorized; it must be lived and known, with no doubt, to have real power.  We earn the right to speak the truth by living it and embodying it.  This is why you don’t want to learn the truth.  You want to let go and know it.  That is at the core of initiation — living the truth because you know the truth.

The core of the initiate’s perspective was, “All is mind.”  The True mind later became known as spirit.  The false mind was labeled mind or ego.  The label ego also was manipulated. While the occult leaders were arrogant and selfish and constantly spoke with false bravado.  The innocent follower was told they had an ego if they spoke of anything they accomplished or enjoyed.  Occultists were the inventors of the double standard.

Initiates didn’t talk of the soul because the notion of soul combines the true and false selves into one handy-dandy unit.  It was a concept designed to deceive the masses since it makes discrimination very difficult — if not impossible.   Thus the occultists loved the notion of the soul.  Our souls fell, they had karma, they carried memories of bad things we did that can’t be forgiven, and they had shitty destinies that no one in their right mind would want to live. You name it, if it can disempower you, the occultist attributed it to our soul and then used it to fuck us over with it.  But here’s the rub. The only thing worse than having a shitty soul was having no soul.  That was a block to the exit door in case anyone got wise and let go of the notion of the soul.  This keeps people in a fallen state trying to fix their soul instead of eliminating the false aspect of their soul or just dropping the whole damn thing. You can’t let go of the truth — really I’ve tried and tried.  Oh the occultists were clever. They still are! You gotta love that about them.

Initiates, on the other hand, saw the mind as our greatest gift and our biggest challenge.  Our job, as a human, was to be reborn and return our mind to its virgin, true state.  We empty it of beliefs, not put more in.  God to the initiates was perfection (like our True Self) — the God within us held the vision for our Heaven on Earth and directed our own personal story (a destiny that we love).  God was the aspect of our mind that cannot fall and cannot be destroyed.  Even the clever occultists could only cover it up with manure.  The initiates knew that we all had God within.  Jesus spoke the words of initiation.  He always talked to his Father within — his own True Self.  Initiates realized that whether we lived in heaven or hell was determined completely by our state of mind.

You’re hopefully realizing by now, that Christians are not Christ-like.  They don’t even understand Jesus.  They follow the occult teachings about Jesus, which are focused on what he did as a “special” being. He was born special, and they weren’t.  That’s all folks!  Christians use Jesus as their concierge.  They don’t try to achieve his mindset.  The goal of initiation was to think exactly like Jesus by purifying the mind.

Occultists changed their mind (not purified it) deliberately to cover their unattractive aspects with a very attractive mask. Religion, positive thinking, and spiritual teachers all teach this occult trick of changing one’s mind.  Rarely does someone discourage us from accepting more beliefs.  Rarely are we taught or encouraged to let go.  Power in the occult illusion is about followers and believers.  No believers; no illusion.

There were tests for initiation in the ancient world; they look grueling to the uninitiated.  But think back to your favorite subject in school.  You probably weren’t afraid of exams for that subject because they proved your ability.  On exam day, you expected to do very well.  This was how initiates viewed their tests.  They were a chance to prove the purity of their minds — a chance for recognition that was completely earned and deserved.

This is what Jesus meant by “You will know them by their fruits.”  Can the initiate stay present in the face of a false adversary with strong beliefs?  Can the initiate unconditionally love, not judge, everyone and anyone?  Does the initiate use their emotions correctly to discriminate between true and false?  Does the initiate always act from wisdom rather than knowledge?  The initiate’s pure inner produced a pure outer.  The high initiates could walk in the illusion but not be of it.  They were safe.  Today initiation tests are part of our daily lives, and they’re more like pop quizzes, we don’t know when they’ll come.  But if our mind is pure, they’re easy to pass.


The Occultist’s Mind

Occultists, on the other hand, were clever men who desperately wanted the power of the initiates, but they weren’t willing to let go of their false minds.  They had no memory of their True Self/Mind.  They’d tossed God high up into the sky to disempower others.  In time they believed their own lies.  Fucking assholes — I really do get a kick out them.  If we lie to others, those lies eventually appear to be the truth to us too.

Occultists invented a clone self that looked like the True Self; psychology might call it the super ego.  I lovingly and so respectfully call it putting ice cream on manure.  Today the clone of the True Self is quite common. In fact, people think that their positive or nice mask is a virtue or sign of character. Follow stupidity and you become stupid too.  That’s the way life works.  Normal people identify with their contrived character.  They’ve perfected the art of the white lie.  They expect that we’ll accept their mask as who they are.  Exposing another’s mask is actually considered socially unacceptable and rude (BTW:  I’ve got a Ph.D in rude).  In other words, doing that which frees others from the illusion is unacceptable according to social protocol.  Think about that!  Social protocol was just another way to keep us stuck in the illusion.

Occult gods and their illusions were created through story.  The stories, crafted mostly by astrologers who were probably just entertaining themselves before television and the internet, formed the basis of religions and secret societies.  These are reinforced today by reusing the archetypes of old stories (putting old wine in new bottles).

Hollywood reinforces the original stories of the Holy World, the throne of the illusion.  If we have a pure mind, the stories are entertainment.  We don’t believe them.  On the other hand, if our minds have been programmed to believe the illusion as the truth, the stories will hypnotically fuel our false mind. They’ll reinforce our beliefs without us realizing it.  Television and movies become so much fun as you let go — you can be voyeurs into other people’s illusions without fear of picking up their cooties.  It’s my favorite thing to do.


Belief Systems

Belief systems have to be continuously believed to survive.  Dah!  If we ignore them, they’ll disappear. The truth, on the other hand, can’t be killed or even diminished in power.  The very word belief contains the word “lie” within it.  When people who are stuck in the illusion use the word belief, they use it as if it means “true.”  That’s a sign to excuse yourself; nothing interesting is going to come out of listening to them.

Stories got us to accept false ideas; they pulled us into the illusion eons ago.   The illusion made us dizzy.   The creators of the illusion (men who thought they were gods) took the truth, created an evil opposite, flipped it upside down making the truth evil and the false good, and they turned it into a grand story.  Comic books often reveal this most clearly.  The authority figures (Lords, Kings, Priests, Superman, Batman, etc.) spoke only of the story; and in time, we forgot the truth.  Superhero leaders loved the illusion since they usually won, and they too forgot it was an illusion.  The fact that others weren’t so happy or safe in the illusion meant nothing to them.  Occult leaders did everything for their own benefit.  They could look compassionate, but they weren’t.  Much of the early illusory story is found in the Old Testament — which we’re told was written by God.  But only a God on a throne can write.  Sadly, our brainwashing causes us to miss the obvious.

As small children, we love stories.  We want to hear them again and again.  The easiest way to pass down the illusion to the next generation is to tell toddlers the stories that reinforced the preferred point of view.  The children grow up thinking that our point of view is the right point of view.  They’ll see the same world that we see.  They’ll feel good when others agree with their false perspective and bad when others disagree because they’ve been psychologically reversed just like their adult authority figures.

School allows nations to tell stories to children and insert beliefs into their malleable minds while they’re young.  Having children say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is a constant reinforcement of a story.  While history (his story) was real, it wasn’t True.  Truth looks like Heaven on Earth.  History looks like hell, which was also made up by men.  People think women are illogical, but the truth is that all of the illogical religious and social bullshit was made up by men.  We really only believe it because we’re taught to be afraid of authority, and men have been considered superior to women for a long time.

Conveying uniformly one-sided history to children makes everyone hold on to the national belief system so they move like a marching Army in unison.  National pride makes sure that people will fight for their country.  Wars are always about point of view; terrorists are people who don’t share our false belief system.  They’re the reflection of the false mind of the leader of the nation.  We should kick the asses of our leaders, but instead we believe them and fear the terrorists.  We blame the mirror instead of the person looking in it.

It’s all about drama in the illusion.  If we don’t believe another’s perspective because we’ve let it go, it can’t hurt us.  In the illusion, we fear other’s with different beliefs and fight them.  We try to win and be right, when both sides are actually false.  The person most likely to let go is the one in the feminine role; the person who can most easily let go is the one in the masculine role.  That’s why the illusion persists.


Emotions as Occult Tools

Let review emotions.  When we feel emotion, we’re being signaled by our True Self that we’ve just thought something or heard something untrue.  The emotion is the effect (not the cause) of the belief or thought.  The True Self views the emotion as a valuable signal.  If we don’t let go, we’ll enter someone else’s illusion; and we could get lost. We’ll veered off of our perfect path of destiny.  Thus emotions serve a navigational capacity in a strange world.  Sounds easy, but remember we come into the world helpless, and we’re immediately cast into feminine roles in other people’s illusions before we can say “NO!” or read a map.

Occultists, on the other hand, used emotions to creatively manipulate the masses and to create stuff that they don’t need or deserve.  Think marketing!  They believed that emotions are the cause rather than the effect.  An occultist would use words to generate emotions in the collective population — usually fear or anger that’s directed away from themselves.  Then, when bad things happened to the people who listened to them, they said the emotion was the cause rather than the pearls of bullshit that spewed out of their golden mouths.  Those clever bastards!

For example, the president creates and projects an enemy in his mind.  This is his enemy, and he feels emotion if he thinks about his enemy because his emotions are saying, “You, Mr. President, are making up an illusion.  You have no enemy dumb shit.”  Most people think their emotions are pretty rough on them — they don’t like when emotions speak.  Mr. President has forgotten about discrimination.  He thinks the emotions mean that his thought is true.  There is an enemy, and he’s a terrorist ready to attack.  Occultists always think their mind is genius.  They’re wrong.  Mr. President, in an attempt to relieve himself, projects (which comes from a root word which means to spread thine shit widely) the notion of his illusory enemy out on to the masses.  He says, “We all have an enemy, and it is going to hurt us.”  Now all the people fear the illusory enemy, and the occult leader can rise up as the hero when he defeats his own shadow because his emotions aren’t weighing him down anymore.  Are you smelling the manure yet?

The shadow was the poster child of the occultist.  Their words, rules, and actions were designed to associate whatever was good with them.  The shadow or bad side of their goodness was blamed on the followers, congregation, or citizens.  The initiate was associated with the sun at high noon (labeled Sons of God), which casts no shadow.  The occult leader was the rising sun, and the citizens or enemy were the setting sun (the darkness).  It all makes sense when you know the code.

Creating emotions in others was and is a power tool.  When we originally looked inward, we generated emotions based on our thoughts or what we heard in another.  We didn’t get off course.  The emotions helped us find our way and fulfill our desires.  The occultists got us to look outward and up to them as our beloved authorities.  Now our emotions should tell us if the occult leader is telling the truth or leading us in the way we want to go.  Of course, they’re not.  So the purpose of our emotions was changed.  Emotions no longer served to navigate.  Instead they create for the so-called greater good (i.e., the good of the leader).  Today, some people are starting to see the little fucking wizard behind the big curtain.  The games are being exposed.  But exposure doesn’t help if we don’t realize this wizard is powerless.  Too many people, like Conspiracy Theorists, expose reality and create even more fear.  Exposure in theory would destroy the occult. But we trained ourself not to see reality because we were so terrified of it.  Now when we see it, the terror returns.  We think what we just saw or heard is true, which generates more fear.  So we see more of it….on and on.  Ah, the immortal power of circular reasoning.

Occultists told the people that emotions validated the truth of what they said — God whispered it in their cute little ears last night while they were smoking weed.  Have faith, my dear children.  God always has a reason.  It becomes comedy when you see through it — I promise you.  Oh Lordy, sometimes it’s so hard to not just take this information and become the richest person on earth.  People are so easy to manipulate.  And, quite frankly, this job doesn’t pay very well.

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  If the fearless leader wanted to create something magnificent like a giant statue of his beloved penis, which he could not do alone because it’s soooooo big, he would need to generate lots of emotion.  The occultists had changed the rules from emotions expose (the truth) to emotions create (the big fat lie). They’d forgotten the original True Self creative power.  In addition, when you change the purpose of your emotions in this way, you give up your discrimination system.  Thus, all people who create with emotions lose their own ability to tell the truth from a lie. That’s why their life sucks.  They tend to follow excitement, which is just another emotion with a good label.  Excitement also exposes lies.  It takes us exactly where we don’t want to go.  You might have to trust me on that one for now.

Consequently, most people today believe their own lies as well as everyone else’s.  Forget what religion or political system you think you belong to.  Everyone worldwide is an apprentice occultist.  That’s the big secret that they don’t want you to know.  It’s divide and conquer at its very best.  Move anywhere you like in the illusion — they’re all lateral moves.  You can exit the Hotel California any time you like; but you can never leave!  They were smoking the same weed when they wrote that.

So the occultists invented good emotions.  They’d rev up good emotions in people by generating excitement, pride, and hope.  People now felt relief because these cool, new emotions weren’t bad.  They still kind of felt like shit but at least they had a good label.  The leader was a like a conductor directing his orchestra where everyone’s instrument was their emotions.  It was an awful trick — all emotions mean the same thing — what we’re hearing or thinking isn’t true.  But when you have no way of discriminating with your emotions, you’ll settle for a nice label.

The idea of positive emotions was an invention that had the same effect on earth life as the wheel or fire.  It changed the course of the entire illusion.  If you generate a positive emotion, you are still disempowering the people, but they think you are empowering them.  Clever huh!

Leaders got people excited about building that giant penis for the king or taking care of the king and queen while ignoring their own needs.  WTF?  Why would I, the lowly peasant, get excited about building you, said King, a big penis so you and your undeserving royal buddies can live out their dreams while I give up mine?  Ah, when you can answer that question, you’ve seen through the rabbit hole of the illusion, young grasshopper.


Positive Emotions

The key to returning to the True Self is to begin to use our emotions the way they were designed.  But that’s a tricky reversal once we’ve been brainwashed. We have to think like an initiate.  Truth feels good and calm; emotions indicate we’re thinking or hearing beliefs that are not win-win for everyone.  Emotions indicate we’re thinking beliefs, like an occultist.  We have to retrain ourselves to think with a compassionate mind; if our thoughts hurt ourselves or anyone else, or make them less than they are, they aren’t true.  We let them go.  Suddenly, we see that the emperor has no clothes because we’ve taken the mote out of our own eye.   Do you see how Jesus’ words make perfect sense when they aren’t taken out of context.  You can’t help but use them because they’re the perfect metaphor for the situation.  The emperor’s uniform was a symbol of illusory authority and power.  No clothes was a metaphor for no false power.  Today more than ever, our clothes make a statement.  We still give our power to uniforms.

The occult invented so-called positive emotions for their own benefit — not ours.  We fall prey to endless con men (the word con comes from confidence men) until we completely understand this and don’t abuse it ourselves.  Most people today know how to use words to generate or alleviate emotion in others.  It isn’t a secret anymore.  Even little children learn how to generate positive emotions in mommy and daddy to get approval.  This is why switching our emotional system back can be challenging.  And we don’t want to do it.  But, I promise you that it’s soooo much more worth it than having a giant statue of your penis.  While both appear to provide immortality, the penis statue is seriously lacking compared to getting your discrimination back. I’d ask you to have faith, but those words have been overused.  Just fucking do it.

Imagine that I’m your Pope, and you don’t know any of this.  I, the beloved Pontiff (BTW:  Wikipedia says Pontiff means bridge builder but folklore says it had to do with magical rites around bridges — there’s that magic again)… anyway, I, beloved Pope, insert the right belief in your mind by my authority to assure my superiority over you forever.  I tell you that God told me last night while I smoking weed that all people are born with original sin.  You can’t get rid of it, but you can sacrifice and serve for the rest of your life so you’ll get your stain removed when you die and go to heaven.  I love when they call it stain — it just begs for some genius inventor to make a stain remover.  You accept that original sin belief as true even though I made it up because I’m the Pope; and I’ve got the coolest uniform of them all.  I deceived you — like a magician.  Since you consider the belief true, you’ll now see evidence of the belief in your world.  You’ll believe that evidence is proof that the belief is true because that’s how the mind works.  It’s all really just evidence that you believed my lie.  We see what we believe.

Now I (Pope) just have to apply an occasional reinforcement.  I can be really nice to you and look like a good guy because I don’t have to focus on the causal belief anymore.  It’s running perfectly all the time behind the scenes.  Entering the church reminds you that you need to save your soul.  But you don’t associate that concern with me.  You think it’s God’s voice in your mind.  We blame God a lot in the illusion.  You belong to me, but you don’t know it.  When I’m kind to you and supportive of your fears (which I created), you think I love you and care about you.  You’ll drop money in the plate each week and think I deserve it.  You’ll buy cheap-ass crosses and fake replicas of “The Last Supper” at the church fundraiser.  Oh Lord, you’ll entertain me in the confession box.  “That’s my favorite time of day; I love the sex confessions the best.”

You’ll keep looking for the sin inside of you until you die without realizing it was a hypnotic suggestion that I placed into your mind when you were too young to discriminate.  You don’t realize that if you got rid of my lie in your mind, you’d get rid of the feeling that you’re a sinner.  You see how clever this is.  You see why innocent, good people remain stuck for their entire lives.

Create a problem that followers can’t solve, hypnotically insert it into innocent people’s minds preferably as children, and they’ll follow you forever unconsciously trying to get the belief removed. But they won’t know that.  They’ll think you’re pure love.  They will follow you like sheep follow the sheep dog.


Jesus and Initiation — the Pathway Out

Initiation creates real power, which is far greater than false power.  Initiates use their emotions the correct way.  Initiates don’t deceive others; they help to free them.  They expose the illusion.  They love unconditionally, and the power of their love frees others.  They know that truth isn’t magnetic — it has no opposite.  So there’s no evil except for one’s shadow and that’s an illusion.  That which is false doesn’t even exist — that’s why it is called an illusion. Dah!

When a desire comes from our True Self (or heart as we say), it doesn’t steal from another.  It really belongs to us.  No one loses when we follow our heart.  Everyone loses when we follow or create with our emotions.  People who were true initiates were said to have the power of the Word.  A True Self only needed to speak its request or need, knowing it would be fulfilled, and it was.  They didn’t need faith; they knew.  “Ask and you shall receive,” says the True Self.

The story of Jesus was the story of an initiate — born a man and through initiation during his missing years became like a God — a Son of God in human form — a perfected pure-minded human being who could tell the difference between the truth and the illusion.  Common people loved Jesus and wanted to follow him, even thought they didn’t understand a damn word he said.  He protected these people who were stuck in feminine roles within the false illusion because they didn’t understand why they were losing when they thought they were doing everything right by God.  They didn’t know the God they obeyed wasn’t real. Jesus never said, “Be my bitch” like the occultists.  He said, “Everyone can do this.”  But no one believed him, and churches don’t teach that because that wisdom renders churches meaningless. Churches want powerless followers for life.  To the occultists, numbers mean money and power.


The End

The key to life is in how we utilize our emotions. Initiation isn’t easy and it takes time, but it’s why we came to earth.  You can’t have initiation without a fall.  It’s a game that we love to play — Hide and Go Seek.  Hide your True Self, get really lost, and then find your way back out.  We get that as children.  But even as children, sometimes games go too far and people get hurt.  That’s what happened with the human game.  Initiation brings us back to true joy, true love, and true freedom.  As we clear our minds, we widen the pathway out for others — we weaken the illusion.   We make freedom possible again for everyone.  We bring Heaven back to Earth.  Initiation isn’t a self-serving choice; it helps the entire world return to the truth.  Then we can do it all over again because it’s so much fun.

The occultists think they know the end to their piece-of-shit story.  They think they’ve got it in the bag.  They think the story will end in the battle of Armageddon.  And they’ll survive while we sinners all go to hell forever.  If you can’t see that’s a win-lose selfish ending, then you’re not going to see freedom for a very long time.  You can’t go to hell because you’re already in it.  Warning us of that hellish illusion isn’t love or prophecy — it’s believing the false occult mind which always leads to no good.

In true freedom, everybody wins.  Freedom is the ultimate happily ever after.  We all deserve it; and if I get my way, we’ll all get it.  Fortunately, we don’t have to change the world to have it.  We only have to change our OWN minds.  When we take the veneer covering off of the Truth, it shines perfectly just like the sun after the dark clouds move away.  It wasn’t lost; we just couldn’t see it.  Suddenly, navigation is a piece of cake.  And likewise, when we take the veil off our own eyes that told us our emotions were worthless or annoying, we can see the path back to Heaven on Earth; and we don’t have to fight a battle to get there.  We just have to tramp over the occultists as they suddenly learn what life is like when you no longer have a golden pedestal.  And once they see their error, they’ll join us.  And we’ll applaud and give them a standing ovation.  They gave us an OSCAR-worthy performance.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. danny

    Hi Cathy, nice long post I almost fall asleep 🙂
    I am posting now from my tablet, I tried from the smart phone it does not work. Just so you know.

    OK, from my experience following heart sometimes also feels excitement or other emotions not just calm. From me I think it is more the feeling of insecure into the unknown associated from following the heart.

    I could also see this in my kids when I asked them if they want to do something … like play outside or play trampoline … Sometimes they would shout ‘yes’ in excitement.

    So I think the desires of true self could be ‘hijacked’ by the false self. In this moment ….I would get confused .. because it seems the true self and the falseself I
    is talking at the same time to me.

    1. gatewaytogold

      Absolutely, the key is that the true Self desire gets hijacked. And when it does there will be emotion.
      You don’t want the false self fulfilling your desires, that creates addiction. We want to let go to get
      our desires, then they are real. That is why excitement is indicative of a place where we need to let to.
      It is not to be taken as a good sign. But most people confuse that.

      The true Self desires get hijacked because people don’t know how to let go. It is an honest mistake
      if you don’t know you can let go of what is in the way.

      I figure my writing can have many benefits one of which is it’s good for insomnia. Cathy

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