The Return of the Power of the Law of Cause and Effect

Electricity or magnetism--law of attraction or law of cause and effect
We live in a sea of energy and our minds are the captain of our ships!

Law of Attraction or Law of Cause and Effect?

The law of attraction has been in vogue for a long time.  People have been reciting their mantras and saying their affirmations hoping to attract money, fame, and love for centuries.  Even televangelists are now singing the praises of the law of attraction.  People adopted the law with evangelism because they wanted control over their lives.  And the truth is that people deserve control over their lives.

The whole new thought movement evolved from books written by members of esoteric organizations, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who revealed their secret weapon, the law of attraction.  For some, the law seemed to work like a charm.  But others found the law brought little or no success.  Many found it worked for small things but didn’t hold up for the big-ticket items.  Some felt that they had beginner’s luck that eventually spiraled in to old hand’s apathy.

Inspirational speakers then added more laws to the mix to explain the discrepancies.  But more laws aren’t the solution.  Those with strong will power forced the law to work.  The more male energy a person had, the better it worked for them.  I found the law of attraction highly effective as a business executive, a very male role.  I thought surely this would work for everyone.  And I offered it to others with evangelism.  This is how religions are born.  We want our beliefs to work so we try to recruit everyone else to believe them hoping that there is power in numbers.  But sadly, many just felt like law-of-attraction flunkies.  Usually those people possessed more feminine energy.

After I sold my business and moved into a more feminine role as wife and mom, I found the law of attraction lost much its luster.  I came to understand why others had so much trouble making it work.  I learned that our perception of authority plays a big part in the effectiveness of the law of attraction.  The power of the word is enhanced when we are the “one in charge” and others submit to our will.  This drives people to seek positions of authority for the wrong reasons.  That was not how the law was designed.  I wanted to find the truth behind the law.  Truth always works for everyone.  And submission to authority no longer works for anyone except the authorities.


We are all born to be creators

Some part of us remembers when our thoughts created our reality with ease.  We are all born to be creators.  Most people report feeling more alive when involved in creative activities.  Likewise, there is nothing more painful than having a creative idea that we can’t seem to bring to fruition.

This desire to create goes way, way back in time.  The law of attraction was originally designed in a world of unity consciousness.  It was also called the law of cause and effect.  In short, what you thought about (the cause) manifested in your life (the effect) with ease.  It didn’t matter what color, race, or position you were, it worked unconditionally.

But eventually the world became dual in nature.  In a world of duality, opposites attract like magnets seeking their opposing pole.  This is not bad if duality is used for a win-win purpose.  But sadly, win-lose became the norm over time.

Good and evil, win and lose, right and wrong became defined by human standards.  The law of cause and effect became lost as history (or his story) became the new law.  People’s minds focused on effects, and God or fate became the cause.  The new heroes were people who could fix effects.  And since the cause was never addressed, fixing effects became the path to great wealth.

People in power directed our focus to the wrong and evil that they largely invented.  Their words and actions put them on a pedestal above the common man not subject to the same rules.  This still continues today as people in political power hold themselves exempt from the rules of the common citizen.   Their words and actions keep us fixated on the problem or effect causing us to attract the opposite of what we want.  We protest war, and we get more of it.  The leader doesn’t care, they aren’t fighting the battle.  This is the law of attraction in a dual, win-lose oriented world.


The Law of Cause and Effect

The law of attraction and law of cause and effect are the same in essence.  What differs is the level of the playing field.  If you think about a blue car, you will see more blue cars.  That is the level of unity.  You think blue car (cause), you see blue car (effect).  In unity, there is no perception of an opposite.  You don’t fear yellow cars or judge them; you merely notice the blue cars that you are pondering.  So in a perfect world, our leader holds thoughts of peace, love and joy; and that is what our world looks like.

But that perfect world changed to an imperfect world where we think about peace, and we find that thoughts of war arise as well.  We think about health, and we might find fear of disease comes to mind.  We think about beauty, and we find ugliness arises simultaneously.   We have been trained to see a world of opposites, but that is not our normal state of mind.  Heaven or Eden was nothing more than a lack of perception of opposites.  It feels so bad to see people losing and suffering in the world because that is hell.  Same world, same place, but different perspectives.  To get rid of the unwanted side of the coin, we are trained that we must use will power to force it away.   Affirmations, visualization, prayer, war, and even drugs are all male, will-driven tools when used to change an effect.  You can’t get rid of one side of a coin.  Will power is not true power.  The battle never ends.  Just look around.  We get rid of one war and another erupts.  Eliminate one disease and a new one is born.


War is an Individual Sport

Initiates didn’t fight with others.  They fought their own inner demons, their own inner mental opponents.  They got rid of their win-lose state of mind.  They knew that the real value of the law of cause and effect (or law of attraction) was to learn what they personally believed so they could clear their own minds of their beliefs.  They didn’t will away their thoughts or overpower them, they removed those beliefs that didn’t suit them.  Over time, the idea that beliefs or unwanted thoughts could be removed from the mind was lost or hidden.  That is why it is not common knowledge today.

In essence, the initiated ones used the laws in reverse.  If they attracted or caused a problem, they realized that they believed in that problem.  Once they revealed the cause within their own mind, they could eliminate it.  They were obsessive about taking responsibility for everything in their life so that they could learn the contents of their own mind.  This was expressed by the old maxim, “know thyself.”   Even if a germ was the cause, they still held themselves responsible for their illness because they believed the germ could cause the disease.  If another person was the cause, they knew that they believed that another could cause problems in their life.

The initiates who practiced the law of cause and effect didn’t fix the effect; they cleared their own mind (the cause).  Affirmations or visualization are like putting ice cream on top of manure.  It doesn’t make for a tasty treat.  Eventually, you eat all the ice cream and are left with only the manure.  The initiates, on the other hand, removed the manure; and then they made an ice cream sundae on a fresh plate.


Cause and effect is being reborn

In our modern world, it is a rare one who takes responsibility for their manure.  It is much more common to find someone or something to blame, even God doesn’t escape blame for our problems.  And women have been blamed routinely since the story of Adam and Eve was born.  We are a world of people who fix effects.  And that just makes the manure pile of beliefs bigger and bigger and bigger.

But this is changing.  The ancient wisdom is returning.  Holistic doctors are finding the mental cause of their patient’s problems.  Therapists are helping people to eliminate the cause of their anxiety.  The citizens of countries are not believing the political blame games anymore.  People are changing their mind and remembering the way of living from unity.  When we live life in this way, we are moving back to our true Self, the part of us that has no problems.  We are walking the path of the initiate within the world.  This was an ancient strategy for enlightenment.  And it works just as well today as it did 3000 years ago.


The free and empty mind

The ancient initiate spent years clearing his or her mind by observing what they attracted into their life and correcting the cause.  They learned how to let go of their beliefs, opinions, and labels.  They learned how to acquire a free and empty mind.  When their mind was empty, they had a mind that was unified.  It only took a thought to create what they wanted or needed.  When they thought bread, they got bread.  If they thought donkey, they got a donkey.  If they thought love toward another, the object of their attention felt the love.  Words were not even necessary because people felt first and communicated second.

The modern dual-based mind is far from empty.  In fact, it runs on the same binary principle that runs computers.  And like a computer, the mind accumulates data that must be removed when its usefulness has passed.  The very best mind eraser is unconditional love.  Truth is also an effective eraser.  Even ignoring a problem can eliminate it although the results are slower.  Our true nature does the clearing; and unconditional love, truth, appreciation, and joy are its weapons of mass destruction.


Love is not spiritual; it is practical

Of course, older fear-based religions turned unconditional love into a spiritual principle that only some masters possessed.  It redefined truth from win-win principles to win-lose principles.  It presumed we were flawed and had to learn love, truth, and joy.  But that is a lie.  The truth is that we are made of unconditional love.  We are hard wired for joy.  And we can all remember truth because we are born truth-ready.  Unconditional love is really a practical principle.  Unconditional love (or any aspect of the true Self) dissolves anything that is false.  Not judging problems causes them to lose power.  This is all very practical advice.  There is nothing religious about it.

Evil was a man-made invention.  So if we love evil, it dissolves just like the wicked witch of the west when she was doused in water.  As we love our enemies, they lose power.  Unconditional love builds true power within us.  We start to find the world delivering what we want because we move from the dualistic law of attraction of opposites into the unified law of cause and effect.  People tried to redesign the law of attraction to be about attracting what we want.  But attraction has within it an implication of lacking what we want.  It has an implied acceptance of duality.  That is why it requires much pump-priming effort and will to get it working.  The law of cause and effect was merely think and it shall be.  It saw duality as the flaw to be eliminated.

Abundance just is.  You don’t have to create abundance, you just have to direct it into the form you wish to have it.  Abundance can only occur when the concept of rich and poor have been deleted from memory.  Joy arises naturally when we eliminate happy and sad from our mental construct.  Peace is natural when war and tolerance have been seen as false beliefs.  As we clear our mind, we slowly move back into our destiny where there are no desires because every thought is fulfilled.  (See my other articles in the Freedom from Beliefs category for more specifics of how to do this.)  When we are truly in a place of unconditional love, creation only takes a single thought.  And we can’t harm another because our true, unconditionally loving Selves only want what works for everyone.

Eventually, we just can’t help getting what we think about.  But we don’t want this power until our mind is clear.  Imagine getting every disease we see on television or having every accident we see on the news.  That is why we settle for the rather ineffective law of attraction.  It requires enough hard work and focus to keep us from accidentally causing our own demise.    Yes, hard work is a saving grace when your mind is filled with fear-based thoughts and beliefs.  I suspect that is why we got it as a gift when we left the Garden of Eden.

But there is good news.  As we let go of our perspective of duality and our unconditional love increases, we can clean up our mind more easily.  We can empty our mind of the false beliefs that have been creating our problems.  We can create without having to say that affirmation thousands of times.  Often, when we reach this level of clarity, we don’t even care what we get because we know it will be something we love.  Our false desires disappear, and our true Self designs our perfect life.


Is a life of perfection boring?

Many feel that creating with such ease would be boring.  But, I quite frankly, could use a little boredom for a while.  I’m tired of watching people suffer and die; and I’m even more tired of people calling that normal.  I want people to live from their true power like we did in ancient times.

Let me say once again that there is nothing spiritual about unconditional love.  It is the most practical tool ever invented.  We think it is spiritual because it is such a rare occurrence. Recently, during a presentation, a very sweet and honest woman looked at me and said, “I’m not even sure what unconditional love is.  I don’t think I’ve ever received it.”  She’s not alone.  People receive tons of conditional love, but unconditional love is something we all need to remember.  In short, unconditional love is giving without wanting or expecting anything in return.  We never lost it because we are made of unconditional love; it is the most natural thing in the universe.  Likewise, we are naturally positive, naturally joyful, and naturally peaceful.  If we have to create a persona to appear positive, happy, or calm, we are deceiving ourselves.


Becoming a cause and effect master

How do we make the shift and live from cause and effect all the time?  Well it takes practice.  But here is a little guidance that will get you started.  If you want more help, here is another article that goes into much more detail:

Find something in your life that you don’t want.  Perhaps you have a person that drives you nuts or maybe you have a problem or bodily condition you’d like to eliminate.  Bring that problem into your mind and notice how you feel about it.  If you pay attention to your body, you will notice that the thought of the problem brings up some emotion, some nervous agitation in your body.  That nervous agitation is telling you that you are stuck in duality, a man-created illusion.   The condition is not true, although it may appear very real.  Emotions and pain only exist in the illusory world of duality.  Thus moving back into unity dissolves them.

So do your best to love the problem or condition like you love a baby.  (In the ancient stories, they would say love the problem like a wife, but that advice doesn’t work so well anymore.)  At first, it can take a lot of effort because our unconditional love is so diluted by our beliefs.  And people who wanted power did a great job of causing us to think that if we hate something, we can punish it or make it grow away.  That was a very big lie, and it served those who wanted our power very well.  While we spend our days hating, they are taking our power and using it to get richer and even more powerful.

Each time you do this, you strengthen your true nature and dissolve some of your false, dual self.  Unconditional love is the greatest power in the universe.  Once it is revealed; you become the designer of your life.  In time, anyone can become a master and live from the law of cause and effect.  This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Find ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you.”  The law of cause and effect is the law of heaven.  It was the first law — the only law we need to follow in order to have our perfect life.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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