Democratic Philosophy and Organizing

Politics by Despair
Ah, sweet love for the American people. Get them to despair. Rub those raw sores of discontent.  Then they’ll do anything you suggest because they will have no power of their own.  Thank you Saul Alinsky for your contribution to the illusion.

Democratic Philosophy

In order to understand democratic philosophy, I decided to read the book that supposedly inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It’s called, “Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals,” by Saul D. Alinsky. It provides a perfect example of level confusion.  Here is quote by Mr. Alinsky:

It is painful to accept fully the simple fact that one begins from where one is, that one must break free of the web of illusions one spins about life. Most of us view the world not as it is but as we would like it to be. The preferred world can be seen any evening on television in the succession of programs where the good always wins—that is, until the late evening newscast, when suddenly we are plunged into the world as it is.

I could have written that same paragraph in one of my articles. But I would mean something very different. In their mind, the True world is the evening news–the suffering, despair, fighting, and disease. It’s not pretty. It’s win-lose at it’s best; it rests firmly on the foundation of good and evil.  I wouldn’t even call that the real world since it’s just the product of illusion.  It’s a projection of beliefs.  It’s definitely not true.  But if we look deep within our mind, we can find beliefs that resonate with Alinsky.

The Alinsky illusion is the True world of initiation.  But to him, a world without problems and suffering is pie in the sky. Life without problems, according to Alinsky, is only possible when Hollywood decides to create it in a television program.  He also talks about good and evil being just the way it is. Everything Alinsky considers real and true, I expose as illusion or false. We seem to be opposites in perspective.  But you can’t see that unless you really pay attention to what he is saying.  The words we use are the pretty much the same.

This is why I’m such a ridiculous perfectionist about language, and why I go into so much detail. This is also why people listen to any guru or spiritual teacher, and they believe that they are saying the same thing as I am.  But perhaps you can see from this example that what the gurus and spiritual teachers say has the right words used wrongly, just like Alinsky.  It’s level confusion.

Lucifer and Saul Alinsky

We can understand Alinsky’s mind better if we understand his Lucifer quote.  I don’t want to get into the real meaning of Lucifer.  I gave a little information on this topic on a No Labels No Lies article about Love.  I’ll say more another time.  But to see this quote from Alinsky’s point of view, we have to know who he considers the establishment.  Since he’s Liberal, we can presume he means the Conservatives.  Conservatives often fear the left-wing Liberals because Conservatives are generally religious so they project out Satan.  They fear their enemy.  Liberals are Satan to Conservatives; and Conservatives are establishment to Liberals (according to this Alinsky quote).

The Liberals do something that I’ve often seen in Hollywood.  They take the projection from the opposing group, and they turn it into power or who they are.  If you are going to be an evil character, then become the best evil one ever.  Be memorable.  In fact, make evil into good.  So Alinsky followers take the projection from the Conservative party, and redefine it.  Alinsky makes Lucifer the great power.  God is just a weak, old man.  This idea of using projection as a source of power is a strange abomination of projection.  It follows the idea that emotions are a source of power, something that is often associated with Satanism.  The Conservatives are projecting Satan, the part of their mind that they don’t want.  So it is as if the Liberals are making the shadow more powerful than the projector.  Think about that, and it makes no sense.  When you walk down the sidewalk on a sunny day, you don’t expect your shadow to jump up and kill you.  Your shadow is powerless.

So they are basing their entire ideal on the idea that the shadow can defeat the projector.  This is evident in my analogy of the news being their truth; the ideal of heaven on earth is imaginary.  If you think about this, you start to see that at the physical level, the Liberals and Conservatives are really deeply connected at the good-evil level.  They are really fighting over who is the evil one.  The Conservatives project Satan, but then the Liberals project back by redefining things like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.; so that they are the good ones and Conservatives are bad.  It’s like a never ending circle of shit.

Fortunately, Trump ignores the religion issue as much as possible.  He focuses on getting to that win-win.  But often when you hear modern liberals talk, you can sense the lies.  You wonder how they do that and don’t feel guilty.  They believe that they have to lie to you because you are insane, asleep.  They are lying to you for your own good.  My ex-husband had this perspective.  He was lying so you would not get emotional.  He was taught that emotions are bad, and he should not cause them in another.  You can see this belief in many liberals.  They are trying to stop the emotions of the victim.  But the victim has emotions to show them to let go.  Thus, the Liberal movement opposes letting go.  It makes one wrong who gains power by letting go.  We must see this if we want to live a free life.  Or else, we will become caught in the Alinsky trap.

Let’s look at Alinsky’s Democratic Philosophy from the mental level.  Lucifer was a rebel against God.  He would not follow the false God of the Old Testament.  We are totally in agreement about that.  I won’t follow that asshole either.  However, I say, Lucifer became the brightest star, the light bearer, because he didn’t believe the false God.  Alinsky believes that he must have been more clever and more powerful than God or God’s believers (Conservatives).  He must win the battle of Armageddon.  But as I’ve let go, I’ve come to know that is a false perception.  The only way Lucifer could win against the powerful false God was to not believe God. God was the construction of beliefs…all false. In my Lucifer’s world (initiation), God became a powerless, false character.  Then without effort, Lucifer became the brightest one.  He moved from the bottom of the triangle…the battle between Conservative and Liberal…to the top, true leader.  In letting go, we are no longer accepting the projection of our false God.  Projection is the weapon at the bottom of the triangle where everyone’s mind is dual.  We aren’t using a fake power against an enemy.  We are just real power; then the false power goes away. We are too bright for it.  It knows it cannot win against us.  It must join us or go away.

So can you see?  Alinsky and I are not opposites, saying the same words.  What Alinsky is saying is 100 percent false because he is talking from the physical perspective as if it is the true perspective.  It is a common way of getting around projection in the illusion.  What I’m saying is 100 percent accurate.  False is not the opposite of true.  False isn’t real; it’s powerless.  It doesn’t really exist.  When you lose your belief in false, you are left with truth (without opposite).  So Alinsky’s Democratic Philosophy movement must be radical because it must convince people to abandon the True Self for an illusion of suffering.  It’s just the new version of the Old Testament God’s plan.

The Democratic Philosophy, according to Alinsky, is all about peace, justice, equality, tolerance, and quality of life for all. It sounds great; except it’s viewed as an impossible dream. They expect that we know that; so we don’t hold high expectations for our politicians.  In other words, when they go high, it’s pie-in-the-sky, it’s a lie.  But we listen to their words of hope, and we think they are actually going to take us there.  We can’t imagine they would be talking about something that they don’t even believe to be possible.  They can’t. They believe in a very troubled world. In fact, they believe in a world of constant revolution and suffering.  Thus, they refer to themselves as organizers.  Their chaotic world needs organizing, according to Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky can't see his own shadow.
Alinsky is doing exactly the same thing as the Christians and the Marxists. He does believe he has the absolute truth, which is just the opposite of religion. He has become a doctrinaire, humorless, and intellectually constipated…look at his students, HillaryClinton and Barack Obama.  It’s easy to read that quote and think we are bad if we let go because we will easily unveil the truth within.  But we won’t turn our truth into dogma.



Think about the concept of organizing.  It’s only necessary if you perceive something as chaotic.  Organizing is logical and useful in the physical illusion.  Why do we organize our desk?  We consider it messy.  We can’t find things we need.  We need more space to work.  Lots of paper makes sense, and can be dealt with, if our bills are in one pile and our current projects are in another.  If not, we are confused and inefficient.  We don’t get much done.  Organizing belongs in the physical world.  It’s a useful belief.  But it’s not true.  Our True Self is nonphysical; it doesn’t see organizing as necessary.

Think about a pure mind.  We’d only have in it what we need.  In truth, there is no required file structure to our mind.  We just think of what we desire or want, and the answer pops into our mind instantly.  When our mind is not cluttered and filled with crap, it is very efficient and powerful.  It is also creative; a computer is not creative.  It is just a memory machine with lots of files since it has no True Self.  This is what Alinsky had to say about creation.

The ego of the organizer is stronger and more monumental than the ego of the leader. The leader is driven by the desire for power, while the organizer is driven by the desire to create. The organizer is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach—to create, to be a “great creator,” to play God.

He says words in a very powerful way.  Yes, we do desire to become a creator, but not in the lives of others.  A desire for power is to create in the lives of others; that is what organizers do.  Again, he takes something that is true, and he uses it to support his game in the illusion.  Thus, it becomes false.  If we just listen to his words, we will be deceived into thinking he is a wonderful teacher.  Many have done that.  The Liberal party is filled with people who have level confusion.  When we take words that apply to the True Self perspective, and we put them into the illusion, we have deception.  We have the occult point of view.

Once we have beliefs in our mind, now we have files of data.  We have to keep those damn files organized, or we’ll serve pork to our Jewish friends and serve a burger to our vegan friends.  If we take the idea of organizing and apply it to people, we all get along better in the illusion.  We’d put the Christians in one country and the Muslims in another.  Blacks would live on one continent and whites on another.  If we mix everyone up, we get confusion in the illusion.  It’s that way because of beliefs.  If we lived from our True Selves, we could all be mixed without incident.  But again, this is a place of extreme liberal-level confusion.  Open borders only work if you first eliminate beliefs.  Then you need no divisions.  If you honor beliefs, you need borders.  Or else, you will fight over who’s beliefs are the right beliefs.

So organizing is a way of dealing with differences…differences created by beliefs.  But to deal with differences, you have to make a big ass deal out of differences.  So Liberals follow Democratic Philosophy, and they whine about diversity all the time.  They pretend to be accepting, but accepting would really be not separating people into groups at all.  Even skin color is only a difference when the false self is running.  The True Self doesn’t see it as a difference, much like the way we treat hair or eye color.  It doesn’t mean anything.  If you don’t look closely, you miss the level confusion.  Let’s back up so we don’t get stuck in Alinsky’s physical world.

Hillary Saul Alinsky follower
When you follow another, you are feminine to them. If we follow you, we are really following your leader, guru, or teacher if you have one.  You are simply someone who is in a strong feminine role, pretending to be masculine.


Humans Are Not Paper

Organizing is about the physical.  We get differences in our lives because our beliefs create those differences.  Our beliefs are sorted into files:  race, religion, culture, political view, sex, sexual preference, etc.  The false mind now produces the physical reality we see and live.  If we apply this physical concept of organizing to our mind, and treat a human mind like a piece of paper on our desk, then we take a concept that only belongs in the physical into the mental.  We think that our mind has to be partitioned into ways of behaving…much like multiple personalities.  After all, we must be different with our Muslim, black friend than we are with our Christian, white friend.  Can you see what happens?  In Alinsky’s world, we are organizing our mind like we organize our messy desk.

In a way, our desk is more enlightened.  Our bills don’t get upset at our projects in process or calendar for being different.  They just exist in their space until we want to do something with them.  This is the proper way to treat something or someone who is unconsciously stuck in the illusion.  You let them sit their asses in their space until you see a reason to deal with them.  It’s sad, but practical.  It works.

Alinsky’s organizing is about separating people into groups, like paper.  The Democratic Philosophy of organizing treats people as they are labeled or after they reap the effects of their beliefs (such as one labeled homeless because his beliefs caused him to lose his home).  The True Self is completely ignored.  Letting go is completely ignored.

Barack Obama follower of Saul Alinsky
Barack Obama was also a follower of Alinsky. Thus he was not leading America; Alinsky, and his Democratic Philosophy, was leading America.


Given this flawed perception, the Alinsky organizers tell people how to behave and speak so that no separate group is offended.  They separate, and then they act as if they didn’t separate.  The fact that they have organized negates, in their warped mind, the separation.  They act like the organizing has cancelled out the separation, returning life back to perfection.  Metaphorically, they push all the papers into the center of the desk, but still keep them separate.  You can do that with paper and paperclips.  Try to paperclip people; it doesn’t go very well.  People move about.  They don’t stay where you put them.  But Alinsky isn’t concerned that the paper doesn’t stay where you put it.  He says that conflict is essential.  He almost makes it sound good or divinely orchestrated.  It would be if it pushed us to let go, but that is nowhere in his philosophy.

Conflict is the essential core of a free and open society. If one were to project the democratic way of life in the form of a musical score, its major theme would be the harmony of dissonance.

This tolerate differences (after completely focusing on the differences) mentality creates people pleasers who are constantly looking outward to see how they should behave.  Outward focus means we are defined by others.  We are using their discrimination, which is highly flawed, to determine what we say or do.  We become the effect of their projections.  It’s hard work to live this way.  If we don’t like what they are projecting on us (or desire for us), we will be miserable in the Alinsky world model.

Look at life after the 2016 Presidential Election for the Liberals.  They are completely focused outward.  They think the world is ending, and they can’t see that it isn’t.  They are scared of their own mental projection because they have separated and organized everyone. They can’t see that the Republicans aren’t feeling any separation at all.  In fact, I’m astounded as I watch my twitter feed.  Young, old, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, and straight people for Trump are all having one big party.  There is a real power behind the movement.  As the Liberals slammed another recount or fake story at the Trump train, it slowly lost it’s power.  It is exactly what the liberals say they want, but they can’t have it themselves.  They also can’t see that it is occurring in the Trump people, who have elected a leader, not an organizer.  We can’t say for sure if Trump has a mentor influencing him, but he doesn’t act that way.  He seems to say whatever comes to mind without any regard for people pleasing.

Given that Trump is not that religious, and would not be projecting Satan on the Liberals, it seems that their motive and return projection was exposed.  We can now see how divided the party really was under the Alinsky formula.  We can’t see the reality of a group of people when we are projecting on them. But when we stop, we see them for who they are.  Often we are shocked by what we see.

False has no power among truly united people.  It is a lot like I described in the story of the Tower of Babel in reverse.  Now the people are uniting again, and becoming more powerful than the elite.  They are building a tower…Trump Tower, perhaps?

But many people pleasers get their false sense of self esteem from their ability to please others.  So they feel good in the Alinsky world.  They don’t want to leave it or dissolve it because it works for them.


The Nature of People Pleasers

Liberals are plagued by the notion of people pleasing, looking politically and socially correct.  They say what makes them sound like a good person, not what they actually believe.  Thus, we feel the incongruence.  This is why you have so many conspiracy theorists focused on Hillary.  They are desperately looking for reasons that explain what they feel.

People pleasers feel superior in that illusion.  They are viewed as good, tolerant spiritual people by most others.  They aren’t looking at the big picture.  They are in win-lose, but they are so accepted in their world that anyone who challenges their world view has gone rogue.  They believe that if everyone thought like them, the world would be right.  But it wouldn’t be.  They are confused; so their way of perceiving the world, if widely adapted, would just lead to more confusion.  It would just lead to a more solid and impenetrable illusion.

I was once very confused by this.  I almost wished that I could be a people pleaser.  It seemed they had something I didn’t have.  It was only when I stepped into win-win that I could see their error.  They had no concept of win-win.  They were actually quite selfish.

People pleasers are always trying to look calm, and to keep others calm.  That’s why they say what is politically correct; don’t offend anyone is their plastic rule.  Staying calm to them means being kind, tolerant, and socially correct to people who are false.  Since most people are false, they feel like they are one with most people.  But false selves are not meant to be one; and that is what causes Socialism and Communism to be very ineffective.  People separate with beliefs; you can’t treat them all the same once they naturally divide.

This strange, but very common clone leader (or organizer), causes confusion to the outsiders of their illusion because they look kind of like a True Self; but when you listen to them, you realize they are not.  They are only calm when we obey their illusion…saying or doing what they consider right.  They want to hear their words repeated verbatim.  That way there is no conflict.

Thus, if we expose their illusion, they become very upset.  The truth is a threat to their illusion (or any illusion).  That’s too damn bad.  If people would let go, or if they would at least realize that beliefs are all a product of the false self, and they only affect the believer’s life, then no organizing would be necessary.  We’d all connect at the True Self level all the time.  We’d connect at the false self level only when it is mutually useful or fun to do so.  We would not force others with different beliefs to follow our beliefs.  We’d leave them alone.

This leaves the door open for people to be themselves.  The idea of open borders is also level confusion.  You would have personal open borders if you didn’t have beliefs.  Projection would not scare you.  It would not stick.  Beliefs by their nature create borders.

The real meaning of Saul Alinsky's Democratic Philosophy
Saul Alinsky says what his Democratic Philosophy, i.e., organizing, is really all about…power.


Impossible Dream

If the true life (as defined by initiation) is held as an impossible dream, as they believe in Democratic Philosophy; and it is used only in speeches to inspire, then when a leader doesn’t succeed in creating that or even encouraging that, they didn’t fail.  They were simply up against some big challenges that will never go away.  They manage the chaos, but they never fix anything.  Perfection is impossible.

We hear this in Obama as his reign comes to an end.  He says that he did great things.  He was just misunderstood.

You can see this in Hillary Clinton’s after-election behavior.  She never stops giving reasons for why she lost.  She blames everyone but herself.  Responsibility is not part of Alinsky’s Democratic Philosophy.

Alinsky also never uses the word leader in his Democratic Philosophy.  Leadership implies responsibility.  He doesn’t have a sense of responsibility in his teaching; he sees people like cattle that you push around and use to get what you believe is best for all.  There is no win-win in the Alinsky model.  He sees a win-lose world.  If we all are mushed together in one united world, then we are forced to tolerate even more beliefs.  When we become tolerant of beliefs, or false, we accept more rules.  When we accept more rules, we become more obedient to authority.  We stop thinking for ourselves; we are a complete pawn of the illusion.

This is supreme level confusion, whereby the physical is made to appear one by tossing everyone together and accepting all beliefs as true.  The more beliefs we accept as true, the more we are confused.  The less power we have, the more easily we blindly accept their organizing.  It’s nearly impossible to escape from that web of lies.  Then when we all eventually lose it and kill each other over our beliefs, the remaining elite can create the belief system they want as the only beliefs.  They aren’t going to die in the war because they perceive themselves as separate and above the commotion.  They have special places to go; they’ll go to Mars if they need to.  They are the special ones, the enlightened ones…the illuminated ones.  But if we know they are the false ones, who has the power?

Alinsky’s Democratic Philosophy standards are incredibly low. That’s why Trump finds the Democrats so inauthentic. To him, Alinsky’s minions are fake and dishonest. To the minions, it’s life in the real world; and we should know that “Hope and Change,” or “Stronger Together,” are just words that we aspire to if we get our act together.  But don’t expect such promises; they aren’t promises that they plan to deliver.  Michelle Obama recently said that she no longer has hope.  That’s because Trump blew right past hope; he went straight to change.

Words confuse; the same words in a different context completely alter our perspective. Thus to understand another, we must understand what the other considers real and what they consider illusion.  When we don’t understand another’s illusion, and we follow them, we get their level confusion.

When we follow others, we get their psychological reversals.  We shut off our true desires, if they fall outside of their world view.  We’d get punished if we held on to those true desires and manifested them while we are within the confines of their illusion.  We become afraid of our desires.  Instead we start to want their grand desire for ourselves…fitting in, money, health, or enlightenment all produce a different set of choices in a seemingly different world.  We feel emotional when we disobey the organizer.  Liberals are extremely emotional since Trump was elected President.  That’s because everything he says lives outside the limits of Alinsky’s world.  It seems to them that his words and behavior deserve punishment.  Thus anyone that likes his ideas is deplorable.

It is actually impossible to be desireless.  Most people let others define their North Star.  Even a guru has desires to eat or wear their purposely unfashionable orange robe.  We feel dull and worthless if we don’t move toward our desires; so it is essential that we get our direction right.  So many people are in physical pain because they are tearing themselves apart with desire.  They have a heart’s desire that won’t go away, but they also want to please others.  That’s the mental equivalent of sawing yourself in half.

So we have to keep the physical in the physical.  You don’t have to stop organizing your socks or your desktop.  But if you let go of fear of confusion, or fear of things being a mess, or fear of not being able to find your stuff, you’ll find that you naturally organize things without being OCD.  You don’t naturally pile all your stuff in a corner.  You don’t need your socks to be color coded.  The extremes are always ridiculous.

People are much more than stuff.  Their status and suffering in life is the result of their beliefs.  If they want to hold on to their beliefs and false desires, that is their choice.  They are choosing to separate from you and I.  When people separate by accepting beliefs, let them.  That is the natural order.  It’s effortless to do that.  But if you put pretend clones on everyone in order to make them alike again, which is what Liberals try to do with their politically and socially correct words and behaviors, you’ve messed with that natural order.

As you let go, you realize that you connect with everyone at the True Self level, and you always did.  But clones have covered their True Selves up, so you might not feel connected to them unless you see their clone as false.  Strangely, they may see themselves as connected to you and try to find that false place of agreement.  If you realize that isn’t necessary, their connection attempts will fail.  You will find things that you can do and share in common.  But don’t try to connect on beliefs.  Let them believe as they do.  You don’t have to honor their beliefs.  Two people can share an experience physically while each has a completely different reason for engaging in the experience.  As long as you don’t feel you have to share beliefs, you will have fun together; after the experience is complete, you will part without remaining falsely connected.

Also don’t feel bad for them when their beliefs produce problems.  This one was always hard for me.  I didn’t want them to suffer.  They didn’t want to hear that they caused their own suffering.  But I came to realize that if someone is sure their beliefs are true, they probably have to live them out to see that they are false.  That is their choice.

Take your attention off of others.  Remember, the perfect mind is not organized.  It moves from topic to topic with ease.  It is creative and alive.  It can find whatever it needs when it needs it.  If there is a natural connection with another, you’ll find it.  If not, use them as practice in being yourself around others who are stuck in the illusion.  Your job is to witness your mind and to keep cleaning it up.



The Alinsky Democratic Philosophy is about as far away from freedom as you can get.  It makes a person’s beliefs into their identity; and then it even tells people to accept the beliefs of all the other groups.  It creates an unnatural organizing, which is why his system requires organizers.  But then, they get nothing done.

Think about that desk.  If you don’t naturally organize as you work, then you end up with a big mess.  Instead of moving forward, you end up taking a lot of time to clean up.  That’s also true with the false mind.  That’s also the government…they convince us that moving shit around is leadership or even progress.  They convince us that they are going somewhere when they just wander endlessly in the desert.  They convince us that hope is change when hope is just hype.

It seems that this is a very old point of view that goes back to the very beginnings of the illusion and the first crappy ass leader, Moses.  But if we understand it, and let go of any tendency to believe the Alinsky Democratic Philosophy, our life becomes a lot easier.  It isn’t true.  We don’t follow others who are lost.  It doesn’t mean we don’t love them or care about them.  We set our desire with confidence; and we let go and follow inspiration.  Unlike Alinsky’s model, our destination is assured.  Perfection is absolutely possible.


Some Things To Ponder

After I wrote about this topic, many people saw the light.  They flipped over to the Trump side of life and suddenly felt much freer.  But I didn’t just make that 180 degree flip, and you shouldn’t either.  As I was observing the candidates of the Presidential Election 2016, I was letting go.  That is how I came to finally see the truth of the situation at the mental level.  It took me about three months to see it clearly.  So don’t just take my word for it, let go.  Here are some questions to help you clean out the false liberal mind.

Examine the typical Liberal Democratic Philosophy.  What groups of people do you view as separate?  Why are they separate from others?  If a group is particularly charged with emotion, what beliefs cause them to separate from the whole? Let those go.  If we are clear with regard to a group of people, we will see that their beliefs separate them from us or others, but we hold no beliefs in common.  So we can feel and honor the True Self connection even if we are not sharing our lives at this time.

Take someone like Alinsky, Hillary, Obama, or Trump, and let go of the beliefs you see in them.  I play a game that I call getting others to freedom.  I pretend it is my job to free them…that they are entirely my creation.  What do I have to let go so I can imagine them free?  This is very powerful.  I see things that I’d never see watching my own very simple life.

Step in to the liberal mind, and look at the Conservatives.  See if you can understand why they see them as threatening.  I would guess that most liberals were Christian or Jewish earlier in life, and they now consider themselves spiritual.  So they fear that their Christian or Jewish beliefs could come back and jump in their mind.  They don’t think about Satan, or they pretend to be above Satan.  But they believe in Satan.  They did not let those Christian beliefs go, they just put other beliefs on top.  Liberals often have big clones.

Other Liberals are just people who are being conned with false promises.  That is how blacks, gays, and Latinos ended up in that group.  They were used for their voting power.  Examine any false leader that tried to manipulate you into following them by making false promises.  See if you still hold those desires in mind.  If so, let them go.  They might be in the way of finding your True desires.

Examine the tendency to people please or tell someone what they want to hear.  Let go of any way that you think they will punish you for saying or doing the wrong thing.  Examples are:  banishment or the silent treatment, physical torture, nagging, manipulation, guilt, shame, false labeling, blame.  People teach us that they will issue such punishments, and we fall into line to avoid them.  But if we let go that others can punish us in this way, and we don’t accept their projection, they start to feel bad when they do it.  Then they eventually stop.  Their plan doesn’t work anymore.

Take a look at the word “hope.”  See if you have desires that you hope will come true.  We think the hope is helping, but it actually keeps our desire away.  Let go of the hope.  See what fear or frustration that brings up.

Take a look at the idea of organizing.  How do you feel about physical organizing?  Are you OCD, or do you avoid it completely?  Why?  Who are you trying to please?  What beliefs do you hold about organizing?  Often people feel that an organized home produces an organized mind.  That is backwards.  Our mind causes us to be organized or not.  If we let go of organizing altogether, things will be just right.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Kelly Riddell

    I slowly reread this article, found so much more to let go. Thank you! The exercises at the end were helpful. Got much more from them this time around.

    1. Cathy

      Gosh I forgot that one even existed. People often just want to avoid the political stuff, but it is so important. I try to make it a bit more interesting than the news. It is like the clone of the collective. So people want to avoid the clone of the collective just like they want to avoid their own inner clones. The macrocosm and the microcosm are always aligned. But it’s hard to see at times. C

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