Letting Go is NOT a BELIEF SYSTEM!

No Belief Systems

By Cathy Eck


Letting Go is Not a Belief System

Letting go is NOT a belief system; it’s an exit program (made up of a couple beliefs) that we insert into our OWN false mind in order to escape all other man-made belief systems.  All beliefs systems are man made.  We aren’t born with beliefs; we learn them.

Imagine that you bought a computer, and then you bought a bunch of programs.  Once you installed the programs, you had no way to get them off.  You could not delete files or even viruses.  If it got into your computer’s hard drive, you were stuck with it.  You’d end up with a lot of conflicting programs, things you don’t use, and no space.  You’d be frustrated and upset all the time.  That’s the problem with our minds.  Lots of people teach ways to add new beliefs or change thoughts, but no one told us how to eliminate thoughts or beliefs that we don’t want.  So we end up holding on to beliefs that we don’t want or need.

Beliefs were once divided into two categories.  First-cause beliefs were dual, but they did not contain any judgment.  Black and white are dual and opposite; but there is no judgment that one color is better than the other color.  They are equal in power, and we need both to create.  You see these black words because they are on this white page.  Second-cause beliefs are dual, polarized concepts that contain an element of judgment.  We are told that they began with Adam and Eve eating the apple of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which took us out of the Garden of Eden or heaven on earth.

In the Story of Adam and Eve, God doesn’t tell the couple that they can go back home.  Thus, we must let go of the belief that we can’t return to Eden.  Second-cause beliefs were crafted to be held on to, fueled, and lived by until we died.  Such belief systems assure our death because death is the only escape.  Think about it.  You wouldn’t want to live forever within a belief system.  Illusions are boring and limited.  Life becomes dull when we accept belief systems.  Beliefs are the enemy of creativity.

We only want to live forever as the creative True Self, or what is known in the Bible as “the image and likeness of God.”  The God of Freedom is the creative principal, which we all have within.  As a True Self, we can reinvent ourselves over and over again…death loses its attraction.  I know that sounds odd, but death becomes attractive when we’re stuck in belief systems.  We want the pain, suffering, and boredom to end.  We’d choose death if we weren’t so afraid of it.  But initiation says that we don’t have to die to achieve that creative end, we can let go of our belief systems.  We can free ourselves from the suffering and bondage of the illusion.

I constantly get emails from people who ask, “Isn’t letting go just another belief system?” The answer is “NO.”  Letting go consists of a few carefully chosen beliefs that are designed to trick our mind into letting go of all of our other beliefs and belief systems.  It’s based on logic and nothing is hidden; and you do have total control.  You don’t have to let go of anything you don’t want to let go.  Letting go is a tool that we can use if we so desire.  I don’t impose letting go on anyone, and I suggest that you don’t impose it on anyone either.  When we impose letting go on others, we do treat it like a belief system; we dilute its power.  But I also don’t hide the fact that I let go and desire freedom.

The beliefs that I suggest you adopt for the purpose of letting go offer an option that most people don’t realize they have.  That’s all.  Letting go is the cure for the curse of belief systems.  It removes the serpent’s words (the S from the word curse) from our mind.  Once we remove the knowledge of good and evil, we are cured — we’re free.


Chosen People

Belief systems have chosen people.  They’re the people who follow the belief system to the letter.  If you don’t follow a belief that you hold in mind, you lose your status.  You might even believe that you deserve punishment.  And you must realize that you will give yourself what you think you deserve or what you have earned according to the rules of your belief system.

Many people are sick, suffering, or fighting problem after problem because they’ve accepted a belief system early in life and then rebelled against it.  They often wonder if God is punishing them.  It isn’t God that punishes.  We punish ourselves when we accept beliefs and don’t follow them.

Knowing what you believe is very important.  Following your beliefs is also very important if you want to live the best possible life within the illusion.  However, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you liked your beliefs and wanted to follow them.

We can’t fake letting go.  If you believe something, it will impact your life negatively if you don’t follow it or let it go.  If you believe that God punishes you if you don’t go to church, you’d better get your holy ass to church or let that belief go.  People get in big trouble when they try to walk in two worlds at one time.  I see it all the time.

It’s awkward while you are letting go.  Believers seem to get the things that you want or deserve.  That’s the way our false self tempts us.  It shows us what we could have if we followed the illusion’s beliefs.  This mostly happens when you’re rebelling against your OWN beliefs.  Once you let them go, you aren’t bothered by the illusion’s winners.  You realize that you don’t want the fruits of the illusion anymore.

Remember that temptation scene in Jesus’ story?  Jesus had decided to let it all go.  His True Self dropped out of the clouds and into his body in the Baptism scene — metaphorically the peace of a dove.  God moved from without to within.  Jesus then left the illusion for forty days (forty was a symbol for earth-related) and went to the desert to dry out emotionally and to let go of false desires.  Then Old Satan (the false God who rules the illusion) appears and tempts him.  “Are you sure Jesus?  Don’t you want to have all the rewards of the illusion?  You could take this knowledge and rule the world!  You could have it all as king of the illusion!”

When it comes to letting go, no one is chosen; you choose to do it or not do it.  Choosing to let go can feel odd, like you’re breaking a rule or pissing off God.   You must realize that the only thing you can be called or chosen for is a role within the illusion.  And you will get to the point where you won’t even want the best illusory roles.

Our false mind will try to make letting go into a belief system or the right way to live.  Letting go is a choice, a desire, and ultimately a decision.  It’s not a religion or a spiritual practice or a belief system because it has an ending.  In fact, it has an ending if life…not death.  Once you let go of all of your beliefs, there is nothing more to let go.  Life remains, and it is eternal.

For me, it’s the only way to go; I can’t be happy any other way.  I’m insanely bored in the illusion.  But I won’t ever say that living a religious or spiritual life within the illusion makes someone wrong or evil.  I write exclusively for people who want out.  I’m critical of the illusion so those who want out can more easily discriminate.  But I recognize that freedom is simply a desire to exit the illusion completely.  Other desires are completely valid; they just don’t get you out.

The only thing that is painfully wrong within the illusion is that people often get too deep and too lost, and no one tells them how to let go because those who are winning in the illusion fear they will lose their power.  They fear that if you give people a taste of freedom, they will drop their loyalty and pride for the illusory organizations.

Even if we only let go of some beliefs, we’ll improve the overall quality of our life so long as we don’t go out and adopt another belief system.  Sadly, people often do that.  They want a quick fix; and belief systems often promise such a thing even though they rarely deliver.  The Biblical Satan has tempted them back into the illusion by promising the fruits of the illusion.  Sometimes they fear that they will go to hell after death — the old, false God loves to scare the shit out of us.  Or the pressure from friends and family is just too great; fear of loneliness keeps most people in the illusion.

The illusion is truly a high-security prison.  You have to be very clever to escape completely.  You have to keep your eye on freedom and ignore the false desires of wanting approval, looking good, or fitting in.  I give you the rock hammer, but you must chip away at your OWN prison cell walls.  And that can take persistence.  You’ve accepted a lot of beliefs.

Ultimately, in initiation, we’re training our mind to discriminate automatically so we don’t have to analyze every thought we think…is it true or is it false?  Our body-mind eventually starts to realize that thoughts that feel bad, i.e., are wrapped in emotion, are false; it rejects them automatically without our manual intervention.

I write a lot.  But its not to create a new belief system; most of my writing is just to help you see that the belief systems that you have accepted aren’t true.  I want you to know that you can let go.  The reason that beliefs have such staying power is that they pretend to be the truth.  Few people notice the word LIE in the word belief.  Therein lies the root of all problems.

Psychological reversals tell us that emotions mean our thoughts/beliefs are true; they can be powerful, and often catch even experienced initiates off guard.  We can struggle for hours with a common belief or the words of an authority or expert before realizing that thinking that thought/belief is generating tons of emotion.  Our default setting has been set to accept such belief/thoughts through training; that’s what we are switching as we let go.  But be patient.  It is like turning around a big ocean liner; you just don’t turn on a dime.


It’s an Oxymoron…or Just Plain Moronic

Here’s what’s so odd about my predicament in sharing this information.  You all engage in belief systems every day; and you never run up to the person leading that belief system and say, “Is this a belief system?”  “Why are you giving me these dumb fucking beliefs?  Why are you making me follow you?”  This is very, very important to realize.  It’s part of the trap.   We are taught challenge the people who expose our beliefs; but we don’t challenge the people who impose beliefs on us.  We fear them; and consequently, we believe we have to respect them.  You really should be challenging anyone who imposes a belief on you of any sort.

The biggest problem I face in mentoring is that people say to me (their True Self’s ally) what they should say to other false masculine authorities and experts in their life.  But they’re afraid of the authorities and experts; and they aren’t afraid of me.  They don’t do this on purpose; it’s part of the unconscious programming.  It used to really confuse me.

This is all part of the illusory trappings.  The leaders of the illusion have carefully programmed us to think that our True Self is evil.  And our false self is good, loving, and right.  We trust Satan/the false God who brings us sameness, routine, and boredom; and we hate the creative principal, the True God.  I once heard a talk given by Bob Monroe, the famous sound engineer and inventor who developed the New Age sound technology of the Monroe Institute.  Bob claimed that he got his ideas from aliens.  He also said that we don’t want to go to heaven because it’s boring, predictable, and routine.  Boy did he ever have it backwards.  It became clear to me that his work was just another trap of the illusion.


They’re Keeping Me Stuck

On the way out, we feel the emotion that we suppressed when we accepted beliefs.  Since we’re trained to fear emotion, we don’t want to face our beliefs and recognize they’re false.  We want to run the other way. We want to go to our happy space.

But here is the big kahuna of all beliefs — the thing that keeps the illusion humming along:  You believe that other people’s beliefs affect you, and so they do.  But you don’t accept that your True Self and it’s purity and unconditional love can have any affect on the world.  You’d rather give pretend love than the real thing because you’ve been trained that pretend love, i.e., attention, obedience, applause, approval, and doing shit, is what people want.

Why in the hell do we fear that other people’s beliefs will jump in our mind and limit us?  But, we can’t imagine in our wildest dreams that our lack of beliefs (freedom) will cause others to let go.  We can’t fathom that letting go and becoming truly loving and wise would have any impact on the world.  If you get nothing else, work on this until you get it.  We’ve been trained to project our True Self out on the sky God, Jesus, or our ancestors who have died.  We don’t really remember that we have a True Self within.  Some people think that if they drop their beliefs, they will die (good belief to let go if you are on this path to freedom).  Some people think that earth is school; and if we learn everything, we have no reason to be here.  Some people think that everything is an illusion, and so if you let go you disappear.  NO ONE realizes that if you let go, you become your SELF — wise, unconditionally loving, peaceful, helpful, creative, free, and joyous.  If they did, you would not be able to stop them from letting go.  They’d be begging you to show them how to let go.

So we first break through and see that things aren’t right in our own minds; but then we still feel imprisoned by the people around us who can’t see that they are stuck in prison.  The rest of the way out is achieved by staying in our mind, watching to see which thoughts feel bad, and letting those thoughts go.  We have to do this enough so that we no longer feel the magnetic pull of the sheep in the illusion.  They think it’s their job to keep you in the herd.

You probably did quite well defending your True Self when you were two or three.  Your parents said to pick up your toys, and you looked at them and said, “Why?  I’m just going to play with them later.”  You thoughts made sense back then.  You were going to pull the toys out later anyway.  But your parents probably told you that you were wrong; eventually, this happened enough that you stopped questioning authority.  When someone gave you a rule or belief, you just accepted it.  You no longer felt that you could be your True Self.  And face it, you liked getting approval and rewards for following the rules.

Satan and false selves reward with material possessions and attention.  But don’t go flipping to the other extreme.  Being your True Self doesn’t mean being naked, lonely, and homeless.  You won’t need a begging bowl — that’s for people trying to pretend they are free of the illusion when they’re completely trapped in it.  Freedom means you’ll have what you need and truly want; not a lot of extra shit to cart around simply to impress your friends or support your false mask.

Having been trained so well to follow rules and obey, when someone says that we can let our beliefs and rules go, we automatically go into questioning mode.  The questioner is our false self.  After all, you accepted the illusion for a reason.  And now on the way out, you must face and release all the reasons that you accepted as valid.  You must face all the programmers that got into your mind and planted seeds that are now in full bloom.  You must release all the projections that you accepted from others.

Often, while letting go, we meet what I call protecting beliefs in our own mind.  These are beliefs like, “You can’t do this.”  “You’re not getting anywhere.”  “This isn’t working anyway.”  They attempt to stop you from letting go; and from experience, they usually show up when you are just about to break through to something good.

You also meet the beliefs that made you successful or desirable.  Imagine that you are Chris Kyle, the American Sniper.  You’ve been labeled a super hero.  Do you want to give that up and admit that you’re actually a follower of a false God?  That you are a killer?  Or you’re marrying Prince Charles, and you are about to have the wedding of a lifetime.  Do you want to admit that you’re following a false God’s fairy tale and will take from others like a giant parasite for the rest of your life?  Or you’ve just been labeled the new definition of sexy or beautiful.  You are paid just to show up and look good.  Do you accept that you are beautiful and others aren’t because of a definition made up by experts?  That belief is worth a lot of money.  It depends on how bad you want freedom.  Remember, letting go is a choice.  But once you decide that you want out, you will only torture yourself if you look back and crave the fruits of the illusion.  Looking back turns you to stone.


False Selves Lie

Let me give you a few common comments that I hear routinely in emails and from people I mentor:

“I feel dishonest when I let go.”  “People view me as arrogant when I’m my True Self.”  “I feel like I don’t belong in this world.”  “I feel lazy because I don’t work hard anymore.”  “People think I’m disobedient and irresponsible for focusing on letting go.”  

The false self is trained to hate the True Self.  There’s good reason for this.  The True Self is within.  When we listen to God or our own True Self, we’re listening to our unique inner voice.  We aren’t listening to others who are outside of us.  We aren’t obeying them.  We aren’t serving them or their cause.  We aren’t supporting their illusion.  Beliefs need supporters; otherwise, they stop working.

If we don’t do as we are told, the authorities will often use guilt or shame to push at us harder.  They tell us that we’re bad, lazy, arrogant, irresponsible and disobedient when we don’t honor their beliefs.  They treat us like we don’t belong when it’s the illusion that doesn’t belong in this world.  It’s incredibly important to catch these voices in our own mind and in the mind of others who try to impose their beliefs on us; we must recognize that they’re false selves pretending to know it all.  They think their beliefs are true and right because they see proof of them in the world.  But they are lazy, disobedient, and irresponsible.  It is they who are arrogant for not trusting their own True Self (the true God).  You must get this one thing straight:

Is it arrogant to blindly follow a false God with a win-lose agenda and proclaim him right, or is it arrogant to follow your win-win True Self?

Is it lazy to work on your mind and let go of your beliefs so that you no longer need to work hard, or is it lazy to ignore your mind and bitch and moan as you physically work hard?

Is it rude to tell someone (who doesn’t care to let go) that you aren’t interested in their problems; or is it rude to expect someone to listen to your problems?

Does one that lets go of beliefs belong on earth, or does one who lives and breathes the illusion belong on earth?  Hint:  The illusion didn’t exist in Eden.

Are you responsible if you work at a job you hate everyday but show up on time, or are you responsible if you follow inspiration and do a job that you love outside of a time clock?


We don’t have to fight the believers in the illusion because that just traps us in their world.  But we do have to realize that they are speaking false words.  We do have to let go and not give them power.  If we feel the need to speak our mind, we should stand up for our win-win True Self.  We should not hide what we know to be true.  We should own the power that comes with such a stance.


Beliefs That Pretend to Be True

Often we don’t realize that we have a belief until we have a BIG problem.  Let’s say that something goes wrong with our body; and we don’t know why.  The beliefs of the illusion will arise first around this problem.  And we should let them go.  They should feel bad, but often they feel normal.  We think we caught a germ.  We didn’t wear our coat outside.  We hung out with sick people.  We are being punished by God.

We can feel quite frustrated as we look for that causal belief.  The key is to not look — to listen.  When we have a problem, the causal belief is often right on the surface of our mind; and it’s often speaking loud and clear.  The problem is that we don’t recognize that what it’s saying is a belief.  We keep accepting the causal belief as true; and the problem perpetuates.  So I want to expose some broad categories of beliefs so that you don’t just let these beliefs pass for normal or true.

Most people have practiced some religion or some spiritual practice before coming to my blogs…these are obviously belief systems.  Even the words that sound true are part of the belief system.  You have to let those go too.  Religious and spiritual beliefs become pretty easy to see; and once we get the hang of it, they’re kind of easy to let go.  I say kind of, because people do well with letting go of the “I’m a sinner part” of religion once I explain why it isn’t true.  But they have trouble letting go of the “I’m an old soul or I’m a nice person.”  They have trouble letting go of heaven in the clouds, but hell they are willing to let go.  Letting go of their stubborn Taurus night be easy; letting go of their wise Saggitarian teacher isn’t so easy.  Letting go of demons is worth the work; but letting go of angels?  “Oh please, please Cathy just let me keep my sweet Archangel Michael.”

If you want to be free, you do have to let both sides of the bottom of the triangle go…one side always looks good or helpful.  If you are free, you won’t need those helpers because you won’t have problems anymore.  They are like intuition.  They’re part of the illusion.  They’re like getting a “Get out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly.  They just keep you in the game longer.  Belief systems need their devoted minions to thrive.

angles and angels

One of the very first word associations that I noticed as a clue to exiting the illusion was the similarity between the word angles and angels.  Angles are bends in the straight road.  Generally the number one is considered the number of the straight path (the photo above doesn’t show one as a straight line).  This path would not get you sidetracked.  You’d start out of the illusion and go right through it to the other side.  The mental state of this person would lack beliefs (except for first cause beliefs).  Angles are places we get off our true path and so they lead us to danger.  Mentally, angles represent numbers higher than one, greater divisions of thought, and therefore, greater potential for getting lost if we judge part of the division and become polarized/magnetic.

The angles function like Satan or demons pulling us into beliefs at various levels of the illusion.  Angels are the opposite of demons; they give us another chance at life — they lead us back to the straight path.  They bring us back to one but only within the illusion.  The photo above was done by some occult group.  Notice that they call zero an angel.  That isn’t correct.  Zero would be getting back to your True Self — your wholeness.  You’d no longer need an angel.  You’d have no beliefs.  You’d be free and creative.  You aren’t on a path anymore.

Then there is the close cousin to angels and demons or superstition.  We’ll gladly let go that stepping on cracks that will break our mother’s back, but can we please keep our four-leaf clover for good luck.  We have fifty of them — mounted on our bedroom wall.  Maybe you have a totem you carry into a gambling casino.  Or you rub your dog before you scratch the numbers on your lottery ticket.  Superstitions prove that we really do believe that beliefs have power.  And this is a key belief to let go.  We want beliefs to lack power…after all, disease, problems, and death are beliefs.  If we give them power in one part of our life, we give beliefs power in all parts of our life.  The illusion’s winners know this.  Beliefs would simply disappear from the world forever if enough of us completely ignored them.

You have all practiced cultural belief systems too…like wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day or eating certain food on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Cultural beliefs were the earliest beliefs, prior to religion. They were done because the living were trying to please their ancestors. The first Gods were ancestors.  When someone died, the living continued the dead ancestor’s traditions partly out of respect and partly because people thought you got smarter when you died.  You became an angel or guide.  You had a higher view; and you could keep those who were still living safe.  We think these beliefs do no harm.  We keep our traditions even though we have no clue why we do them.  But remember, when we do this, we are giving beliefs in general power.  We are making our exit more difficult.


More Belief Systems

Jesus said that we’d have to separate the wheat from the chaff and get rid of our false prophets.  But for most, that saying means to get rid of the people who believe a different religion.  That’s not even close to the what Jesus was saying.  Any expert is a false prophet because they are teaching knowledge — including religious experts.  They’re taking us away from following our own wisdom.

But experts come in many forms.  Do you have a personal trainer or follow a certain diet that was recommended by a nutritional expert?  The expert is your false God or prophet; they determine what will happen in your future — not you.  Do you do yoga or pilates?  That teacher is a false God; he or she is telling you to stretch the same way that others do so you become part of the religion of stretching.  The fact that we look to others for these incredibly normal behaviors proves how far we’ve drifted from our True Self.  When someone goes to exercise class, we should NOT think they’re disciplined or smart.  We’d should think, “Guess they have no clue how to manage their body.”  They have to pay someone to tell them what to do because they have no connection to their own True Self.  Saying it like it really is helps us get free!

Our True Self was originally one with our body; it knows what our body needs.  And no doubt many of these practices came from people who were connected to their True Self.  But if we follow them, we aren’t looking for or listening to our True Self.  We are moving away from freedom, not toward it.  What causes problems in our body is accepting beliefs from other people; even if the belief is true for them, it is false for us.  It came from outside of us.  Seeming good beliefs that fix the effects of our unwanted beliefs are just more beliefs.

Did you ever belong to a fraternity or sorority?  Do you belong to clubs like the Elks, Masons, or NRA?  Do you identify with your political party?  Those are all examples of belief systems.  Some of them are very polarized belief systems.  If you are against these groups, you are still part of the group.  The True Self simply realizes these groups have no power; it ignores them.

Do you have traditions, rituals, or routines? Do you wear a cross or Star of David?  Do you feel uplifted when you are part of a ceremony?  Do you check to see if Mercury is retrograde?  Religious Gods came after the cultural Gods in his story (history).  Religion’s Gods came mostly from astrology or star stories.  They cemented the masculine role as sun and feminine role as moon and earth.  So the ceremony and ritual of religion binds people into its fold.  It makes roles look like God’s work.  It promotes status, reward and punishment, and good and evil.

Eventually, people wanted their favorite God to be everyone’s God, and we got the One God concept.  However, in the beginning, one God was just the creative principal.  And that is still the one God that we could all agree on.  The new and improved religious One Gods have rules, beliefs, rituals, sacrifices, and traditions.  The One False Gods demand obedience to authority.  We all still contain remnants of all of these different sorts of Gods within our psyche.  We often encounter these different versions of God as we are letting go.  They pretend to be the truth; but they are lying.

Any group we identify with masks as a belief system.  If we identify with our country, city, or family, we identify with a belief system.  My ex-husband had a strong belief that blood family was first.  So that one belief kept him closely tied to all of his family of origin’s beliefs.  He couldn’t let go because he’d be breaking away from his family.  He was told by the nuns that he had to follow the commandment “Honor they father and mother.”  The nun said that following that commandment meant obeying his father and mother.  And that isn’t the meaning.  The true meaning of the commandment meant to follow our inner God and Goddess, our True Self.

And then their is good old science, which is mostly a belief system. Most science is observational. And we see what we believe so we are simply observing our beliefs and reporting that they work. Dah!  The joke is that most science is really supporting its biggest enemy, religion; what scientists are observing was primarily created by religion.

Most atheists are more religious than religious people because they worship science, which is all about proving that religious beliefs do produce a believable illusion.  Most scientists see through the religious lens of good and evil.  They also see problems everywhere; we believe the illusion’s problems so we have to fix them.  Occasionally, someone in science follows their True Self, they are the inventors who bring completely new ideas (that are win-win for all) to earth.

My ex-husband was religious; my dad was a scientist.  I kept wondering which was right and which was wrong.  The answer was that neither of them were right; they were both believers of the same illusion.  But this was a big trap for me for a long time.

Medicine is part of the religion of science.  It’s a belief system of labels.  If we simply saw our symptoms as we do emotions, we’d eliminate sickness.  When we noticed a symptom, we’d pay attention to our mind and find the causal belief; the symptom would go away just like emotion goes away when we find the cause.  Medicine rests on the belief that our body problems are caused by things that are outside of us.  But things outside of us don’t harm us unless we believe they can.  Fortunately, people are starting to admit that emotions or stress affect our body; and when the stress is eliminated, the body often heals on its own.  But they usually think that the stress is coming from something outside of them.  The illusion is incredibly consistent.


Beware of the Trap that All Thoughts Matter

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the word started to get out that thoughts mattered. Before that time, it was occult (hidden knowledge); the idea that our thinking created our reality was pretty much known by members of secret societies and higher up clergy.  In this way, we minions didn’t get too concerned about what they told us to think.  We were told that God created our reality.  What we thought had no value.

Some say that the ideas of the elite were leaked. It’s believed that some of the people who were privy to this information started to feel guilty, and they should have. We see an example of this with Andrew Carnegie’s relationship with Napoleon Hill, which resulted in “Think and Grow Rich.”  Publishing his secrets probably eased his guilt so that he could continue to abuse his factory workers and fatten his bank account.  Now people remember Carnegie for his libraries and philanthropy, not his abusive leadership.  It’s part of the game of the ultra rich; we forget that they got their philanthropic money by overcharging and underpaying.

Other books were published after members of these secret societies died.  They didn’t publish while alive because there were serious penalties for spilling the beans.

At some point, I suspect the ultra rich had a new problem. Their secret was out.  So they had to change the game.  They had to invent a new way of trapping people in an illusion.  They invented a new religion that had the appearance of no religion.  They originally called it the New Thought movement.  One of the first religions that was born from this idea was Science of Mind.  Christian Science, Unity, and Scientology followed.  Then Werner Erhard (EST and The Forum) and others brought the self-help movement to life using similar principles.  You could become positive and spiritual without being part of a religion.  You could learn to control your mind and thus control your life.  The key to life was no longer obeying and fearing God; the secret to life was being positive and have a good vibration.

Once again, we were paying to learn how to be what we already were.  That strengthens the illusion within our mind.  These new leaders used the same strategy as every other religion.  It looked like they became benevolent and decided to give the secret away out of the goodness of their hearts or their superior genius. “Yes, your thoughts matter. You too can be rich and powerful.  Just say positive affirmations and visualize what you want and the nice God/universe will give it to you.” But they weren’t stupid, and they weren’t benevolent either.  When our mind is already dual — set on win-lose, good-evil, or right-wrong, positive words come with an opposite.  We generate negative with every positive affirmation; and that negative eventually rises up from our unconscious and gets us.

In addition, we are feeding the elite belief that our thoughts create our reality without getting rid of all the thoughts about reality that we don’t like.  If our mind was free, we would realize that true thoughts are omnipotent.  They create easily and quickly.  False thoughts have no power.  But these false leaders created serious level confusion.  They treated all thoughts as equal in power just like they treat God and Satan as equal opponents.  They used old and proven tricks.  You can’t teach old Gods new tricks.

We could think about cancer before because we thought we wouldn’t get it unless we were bad.  Now we could get it if we just think about it.  Holy shit!  Just try to never think about it.  This is why people in the New Age and self-help movement became so sensitive and afraid of others.  Their negative thoughts were now creating in their life; and they didn’t know how to let them go.

I totally got caught in this.  I had learned to let go of the thoughts I didn’t like, and I had cleaned up my mind a lot regarding my beliefs of origin.  But then I became feminine to my husband, and I feared his thoughts.  I didn’t know they were false; and he surely believed they were true.  And that was like inviting his entire belief system into my mind.  The New Thought movement set me up for that fall.  They didn’t understand the distinction of true and false.  What a mess this created.  My husband talked about horrible things all the time because he didn’t think his thoughts created; he thought it was rewarded for good deeds and being nice.  People walking the New Thought path become afraid of their OWN minds if they didn’t hold a coveted masculine role.  That’s was the plan.  They did a good job making the rich richer!

A whole new industry was born.  Now the world was supporting the occult belief systems; and without us knowing it, we created an bigger and better illusion that once again supports the elite of the world.  The old power of numbers was working like a well-oiled machine once again.  People would pay anything or buy any product or service that even hinted that it would clear your mind of negativity.  Energy medicine made a comeback because it was said to raise your vibration.  The rich kept getting even richer.  You see, when they shared their secrets, they already held the masculine roles.  Only a few people were able to flip into a masculine role with this new mindset — the teachers; the rest of us got stuck even deeper in the illusion.  Those people hoped to one day become the teachers and gurus.

This new thought stuff spread like a virus — it was a virus — a mental one. No doubt, people were sick of that hard work shit.  There were lots of books circulating that talked about managing your thoughts.  And then came the workshops and tools for change.  This notion has even gotten into the Christian Evangelical religion.  Follow their religion, and your God becomes your concierge.  Just ask Jesus for money, and it will magically drop in your wallet.

People adopted the belief system of being positive or spiritual who were sick of religion. They didn’t want to be a sinner anymore.  But it was too late for that.  They didn’t realize they were just adding another belief system on top of their already existing belief system — the old ice cream on manure trick.  They were expanding their mind; and that isn’t good.  Freedom requires us to dissolve our mind.  Our false mind loves when we add more beliefs and belief systems.  Some people chose to sample all the dishes on the spiritual buffet.  And this usually resulted in great confusion and eternal seeking.

At one point, I tried altering my thoughts to be more positive, but I didn’t like the results I got.  I’d already been watching my mind for most of my life. I noticed that I was putting that ONE very strong belief in my mind that was radically altering the course of my life.  That belief was that “my thoughts matter.”   AND I did realize that I didn’t know how to get rid of the horrible thoughts that often popped into my mind — beliefs I’d already accepted as true or real. I didn’t know how to get rid of thoughts of disease, suffering, and poverty.  I didn’t know how to stop believing in war.  Positive thinking just enhanced the power of those thoughts.

It finally dawned on me that most of our thoughts are dual (bottom of the triangle).  And most people are only paying attention to their conscious mind.  I wasn’t. I was seeing my unconscious thoughts in my mind growing with each affirmation, and I was seeing myself trying to project the unwanted half of each thought out on to others by maintaining that I was positive.  I was trying to create separation from the negative portion of my thinking.  That is the purpose of spiritual groups, religions, and spiritual symbols.  They work to hold us on the wanted side of our dual thoughts.  Well now that just seemed wicked.  That’s when I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore.

When I held the masculine role, I saw that I could let go of what psychologists labeled the unconscious.  It wasn’t unconscious; I just saw my unwanted beliefs in other people.  And when I let go of my projection, they changed.  It was beautiful.

This was a serious, “What the fuck?” moment.  “Why didn’t everyone do this?” I thought.  It was so easy.  My sight got clear again; now I could see the big picture. People were being positive and good while projecting out negative and bad.  Then they billed you to fix their own projection.  Well that was the answer as to why no one did what I was doing.  It’s not economically sound to let go…at least not within the confines of the illusion.

I now understood how the winners of the illusion looked so calm as they spoke of horrible things.  This can best be seen by watching the news.  The news reporter speaks of all the false events of the day while remaining poker faced; and we the listeners feel the emotions that they should feel.  If they felt their emotions, they couldn’t talk about those things.  They’d realize that they were spreading false thoughts. It’s a very old trick; and people tune in night after night to reinforce their beliefs that the world is a fucked up place.  Maybe, their life isn’t so bad after all.


The Evil Plan

One day it hit me. If I wanted to take over the world, I’d do it exactly the way it’s being done. I’d let people destroy themselves with their own stupidity. For thousands of years, the illusion has been telling people to go to the lily-white light; and they obey.  Now I’d tell them that they can get to an even brighter light even faster.  It’s still the wrong direction, but they won’t know.  They’re already brainwashed to accept suffering as normal.  They already think heaven is in the light.  They will think they are light workers with no shadow; and they will project on all the people who follow them.  It’s the old bait and switch.  Tell them they are going to the light while loading them on a train bound for darkness and confusion.  If you can’t admit that you are confused; you have no chance of exiting.  If you think your nonsense makes sense, then you can’t hear the voice of reason.

The clever ones who invented this new-and-improved illusion thought, “We’ll teach people how to manage their mind by thinking positive, good and spiritual thoughts. They’ll think they are going to the light.” And the numbers of believers in this new illusion grew and grew.  The power of numbers was working.

I suspect that when it reached a tipping point, around 9/11, they started to introduce bigger and more horrible thoughts that we can’t seem to get out of our mind (unless you know how to let go) on a regular basis with lots of repetitive visual images.  Emotions were generated that people could not escape; and labels were created to define such conditions and make them real.  The false masculine leaders repeated certain words over and over again…terrorists, racism, war, evil doers.  They told us that the airwaves are killing us. They told us the food has been modified and is poison. They told us that there are terrorists about to attack us.  They introduced new diseases and told us to watch for symptoms knowing that once we believed those symptoms the most gullible would see the disease.  They trained the doctors to see those symptoms when they don’t even exist.  The illusion is based on survival of the fittest, and the elite are sure they are the fittest.

You don’t have to do much to keep the illusion running like a greased wheel if lots of people hold a very strong belief that their thoughts create their reality.  You just introduce what you want them to create; and what you want them to create are thoughts that cause them to die of fear.  The false leader appears to do his or her best to fix these fears.  “But the world is just too evil,” he says from the golf course.  He can’t help it if the evil people are scaring us.  The beliefs don’t harm the elite; they know that thoughts only hurt us if we believe them.  And they are very good at projecting their unwanted beliefs on to their followers.

Spiritual people, as defined by the illusion, are really people who have minds that believe everything they hear; and they can only put whip cream on that pile of shit for so long before they realize it’s too late. Their mind is filled with shit. And they will die of something in that pile of shit.  So you see, letting go is life saving.  And it’s a wonderful way to live…I can assure you of that.  Here’s what you need to know to save yourself from this scheme, which appears to be happening now pretty much all over the world:

1)  Letting go is absolutely not a belief system. Don’t allow people to think you have a belief system when you actually have no beliefs.  If you’ve let go, you won’t see them as your opponent.  They will just be powerless and false.  You will feel compassion for them.  If your mind seems stuck on this,  you were probably trained to view religion as the truth.  So letting go seems false.  The result of this work is that your True Self, not me and not any other, will rule your life.  But don’t cheat on this; you are only cheating yourself if you do.

2)  When you let go, you’ll find all the answers to every problem you have.  Don’t put your life at risk.  If you have a strong belief that you need medical attention, get it.  But then get back to letting go.  Challenge the experts in your mind.  Recognize that their labels don’t feel good so they aren’t true.  Commit to finding the cause so that you’ll never have that particular problem again.

3)  If you hear my voice in your mind because I do have a particular way of using words (and obscenities), let those thoughts go.  You can keep “Shut the fuck up” and “If it feels bad, it isn’t true.”  Such purity of speech can’t be improved on — I’m joking!  What I don’t want you to do is memorize the things I write about.  I want you to use the things I write to prod you to let go.  Our minds are taught to memorize things and hold them as belief systems. You don’t want letting go to become your new belief system, or it will do you no good.  There aren’t great numbers of people letting go.  The power is in the truth and the intention behind letting go…the intention to be yourself connects to your True Self (or creative principal).  The Truth carries the power of God; the false only has power of numbers of believers.

4)  Recognize that the True Self is omnipotent. When you no longer have a false self (belief systems) blocking your way, you won’t be the least bit bothered by all the shit that you hear from others.  You’ll easily ignore it.  You’ll realize you do have power; and you’ll use it wisely and compassionately.  You’ll be truly calm all the time without projecting your unwanted beliefs on to others.

5)  When you get clear, you’ll naturally help me share this message because you’ll be living it.  You don’t have to recruit followers to let go.  Remember it’s a choice.  You’ll come to a place where you naturally and calmly tell others to drop their beliefs because they just aren’t true. And we can fuck the elite with their own positive thinking game because when True Selves enter the stage, their beliefs systems, their symbols, their stories, and all their manufactured positive thoughts will be worthless currency.

You see, no one can get hurt with letting go, even though your false mind will constantly try to tell you that they can.  When you let go, you take away the power from the illusion and it’s beliefs including war, disease, struggle, and pain.  But you aren’t limiting the lives of people who want to continue to live as they do within the illusion.  Our false minds are separate by design.  We don’t have the right to put shit in or take shit out of other people’s false minds.  That’s their job.  But people in the illusion do it routinely.   So they live the effects of their beliefs.  When they get tired of it, they will find you or I.

No one gets punished or hurt as the illusion dissolves because there is nothing to punish or hurt them.  The process of dissolution is organic.  The only thing we lose are the things that didn’t belong to us anyway.  And what we gain was ours all along.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Jerome JP

    Hello again Cathy.

    Through these three months of letting go, there are periods where i’ve often felt like I have ‘Lost’ something. Does this often happen during the letting go process?


    1. Cathy

      Hi Jerome,
      I’ve not personally felt much loss in letting go although I did lose things and people from my immediate life. I just didn’t miss what I lost. You might be holding on to what some people call good emotions–excitement, hope, romance. Those emotions are no different than anger and fear. We just interpret the emotions differently. So when people feel romance for example, they hold on to it extra hard. If they felt emotion and labeled it anger, they’d be more anxious to let it go. The processing is no different. Just allow the emotion that accompanies the loss to arise and then see what you are thinking. Pay close attention and notice that the thought and the emotion are arising together. So the emotion is telling you that this thought is false. Many people have false desires that just aren’t right for them. But in my experience that is because the false desire is far less than the True desire. I guess that is why I’ve never missed what I let go. Also realize you can’t let go of something true. It won’t leave. So you can’t mess up. Hope that is helpful, Love, Cathy

  2. Mary

    Thanks Cathy. It’s the strangest feeling–it’s not an itch but my feet want to be vigorously rubbed or something to shake the sensation away. The feeling arrives around 9pm when I’m laying on the couch watching TV: it just slides into my feet and I feel rattled. Now I know it’s trapped fear that I’m not safe.

    1. Cathy

      Hey Mary,
      There is a couple of things about the foot issue. First of all the timing might be significant. There might be a trapped memory and it happened around 9:00 pm. So just be aware of that. Don’t have to ponder it or anything. Second, I’d put your attention lightly on the sensation in your feet. Then go inside of your mind and just watch. Don’t think, just see what arises. Let go of whatever arises no matter how much your mind says it’s true. And let go of any emotion that arises. Do that every time you feel it and then ignore it otherwise. Eventually, it will disappear as you will find the cause and let it go. Love, cathy

  3. Mary

    Hi Cathy,
    The ancestor said things that all boiled down to “we aren’t safe”. I think that’s what the fearful emotion that shows up in my feet is about.

    Can letting go be like taking out a few bags of crap at a time and you have to keep at it to get it all removed?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,
      That’s a good question. For me, I can’t always tease it up. It kind of comes up when it does. If you are aware that when it does show up, it is false because you catch the emotions and know they mean false, you are fine. If you don’t catch that psych reversal and think the emotion means that the beliefs are true, it can get nasty. So I just watch for opportunities to take out what I can. Love, Cathy

  4. Mary

    Hi Cathy. Thanks for answering so many questions. I had already read the pdf but what I wasn’t getting until this post that one of my beliefs (that I won’t make any money) was part of my belief system (I wasn’t thinking system, just singular belief) and that if I didn’t act congruently with my belief then problems would start to appear.

    Lets see if I’m understanding more now. For example:

    If I follow my belief that I will never have any money then I may succeed in the illusion by getting on welfare as a disabled person (for deafness) and getting a roommate so that I can afford the rent on my one bedroom apartment. This includes me sleeping on the couch just like my poverty stricken Russian Mennonite ancestors.

    This is also congruent with my belief that I am doomed to do clerical work even though I’m smarter than the bosses. I’d rather be on welfare with a roommate than do clerical work anymore. When I rebelled against these 2 beliefs– attempting a yes I can make money and yes I can deliver myself from the cubicle (HELL on earth) with my greeting cards bizarre obstacles appeared that nobody could even believe.

    I do realize that I have to be patient and persistent in this journey. Thanks again Cathy!

    1. Cathy

      Yes, yes, yes Mary. That is exactly right. And that example is what everyone does. It’s why everyone is visualizing and positive thinking themselves into a coma. They are trying to overcome the Russian Mennonite ancestors that they think has nothing at all to do with their current life, when it has everything to do with their life.

      So the key now that you see this golden gem is to realize that their beliefs got them there. Here is what I recommend. Imagine one of those ancestors standing before you in your mind. And get them to talk and say why they think that is the right way to live. What do they believe?Your job is to listen. When they say something that generates emotion, probably every word, stop the scene, and notice the emotion in your body and that it means their words are false, a belief. Let it go and then continue. As you do this, you are cleaning up their mind within your mind. You can also put a parent on the spotlight. In this way, you are cleaning up the cause because the effects makes no sense, as you said. It looks like chaos or bad luck when it is your ancestors creating your life.

      Good job, Love, Cathy

  5. Mary

    Thanks Cathy. My pet bird, Luigi, seems to think he holds the masculine role LOL. He’s always trying to sit on everyone’s head (which is lovebird for dominance). But I do realize that he is a monster that I created.

    Earlier in this awesome piece you wrote, “Letting go consists of a few carefully chosen beliefs that are designed to trick our mind into letting go of all of our other beliefs and belief systems…” Could you point me to another post so that I can remind myself about these carefully chosen beliefs? Or just comment on it here? I don’t remember but maybe I just need my memory refreshed (is it “if it feels bad it’s not true” and “shut the fuck up?”

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,

      Well most of what I write about is so that people can see how the illusion is constructed…roles/belief in authority as superior, win-lose, good-evil, right-wrong, positive-negative, superior-infersior, false Gods which were people, etc. I’m also trying to convince them that they can let go and they will be better off if they do let go. The rest of the world is trying to convince them to get more and more beliefs and practices.

      But the beliefs that we insert to let go would be:

      We can let go of any belief because we weren’t born with any beliefs. All beliefs are false (lies). What we come to understand from doing that is that we can’t let go of the truth, so we won’t disappear (but that isn’t a belief; that’s just true). Therefore, we can’t fuck this up.

      The natural order of our mind (which is also just true) is True and False with false being powerless. They are not equal players like good and evil or God and Satan. The way the false self sustains itself is it pretends that its thoughts are TRUE. The mind has been crafted to hold on to true (i.e., the true self is named that for a reason). If you hold on to false, you add that to your True Self and then create what religion called a soul (which is an expanded true self that includes lies to make it an obedient slave of the religious and political systems). Because this is how it was designed and worked, if we tell our mind to let go of a belief because it is false, it does. But this can see tricky because we have often held these beliefs for a long time, and if they were put in by authority, we feel like we don’t have the right to pull them out.

      Each time you let go of false, you True Self assumes more power to rule your life. Life gets better. Again that is just the truth, but since no one remembers it, I introduce it as knowledge which you will one day know to be true. It is a belief until you KNOW it.

      Emotions are a sign from our nervous system that what we are thinking right now (or sometimes what we are hearing right now from another) is false. But really if we hear something and don’t make it true, we won’t feel emotion. So we feel the emotion when we make another’s false words true, which means we hold those words in mind. If we don’t remove those false words, the emotion grows as we use those words which creates sickness, problems, etc.

      The little PDF book on this site, is basically a rulebook for letting go. It has what you need to know. All the games and tricks I offer just make it interesting. But this is really all you need to know to completely get free. Then you just have to add some persistance to it. Love, Cathy

      Our mind creates our reality (again this is just the way it is; it’s true). But we kind of have to remember it as knowledge to get to see that.

  6. Mary

    Thanks Cathy, that is very helpful towards understanding what the principal is. Is this a strictly human ability, the mental perspective?

    How does the mystery school view animals, do they have any capacity for the mental perspective? It’s hard to imagine a prey animal not believing he will be eaten by a predator (and being left alone to enjoy his lunch in peace) but that would so ROCK if it was possible!

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,
      You thinking of the mental perspective as thinking. The mental perspective in it’s purest True Self form becomes mostly feeling. We follow what feels or tastes good, and we don’t go where it feels bad or where it tastes bad. It becomes more sensual and less language oriented. That’s why animals are often safe in earthquakes or tsunamis. They are pure in that. And they can learn language; and then they become like humans. They start to get a false self too. They are just like us. They don’t let go of their memories and can develop fear. But I think we see that in them because they are mirroring us. Humans hold the masculine role. In my experience, they are like children when we are around. If we let go, they do too. Sadly people make a fucking mess of their pets. And our human influence has affected the animal kingdom in so many horrible ways. It was said that initiates had nothing to fear; and all animals were friendly and safe around them. I think that was meant to be the meaning of Noah’s Ark, but that story was badly botched by religion. Love, cathy

  7. Mary

    You mean if you are tortured or get hit by a car and break both your legs or whatever there is no physical suffering of pain if you don’t believe in it?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,
      Your a little late at that point. If you don’t believe you can get hit by a car, you won’t. So you won’t suffer. You have to get back to the cause to eliminate something. You can’t start at something that is already an effect of a belief and apply this principal. Although 99.9999% of the population don’t get that. So your question will probably help others understand this. Love, Cathy

  8. Mary

    I’m curious now about the mystery school take on physical suffering?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,
      What physical suffering? There is none if you don’t believe in it. Suffering is all man made by beliefs. The initiate let go of all thought of suffering, then there was nothing to experience anymore. Religion invented suffering as an excuse for the effects of believing it so it’s full of suffering talk, but that is simply their beliefs. Love, Cathy

  9. Mary

    Hey, my first comment didn’t go through and makes my “oops” comment look very random! I actually like the monastics–the only religious people I ever liked hanging around with!

    But the leadership was bat shit crazy LOL.

    My first comment was that because I spent a year as a long term guest I also learned Gregorian Chant and a surprising amount of Latin! When the word “passion” is used about Jesus being crucified it is the Latin meaning–great suffering.

    1. Cathy

      Yes that makes more sense. It is funny that today, people connect doing their passion with doing something fun and joyful without recognizing the latin connection. Although prior to the latin, which was introduced by the Catholic Romans, he would have been truly joyful about his freedom and initiation…one could say it would have been a passion much like people use the word today. But I do find that often people find something that they love to do, much like you and your cards, and suddenly suffering and problems arise. I suspect it is from what you have brought up…that middle period where it was about suffering. We must let go of the connection of passion and suffering so it can just be about joy. Love, Cathy

  10. Mary

    ooops, I forgot to add in that the reason for me doing do much manual labour at a monastery is that I did it in exchange for room and board–because I was interested in monasteries and the year allowed me to learn all about it first hand!

    1. Cathy

      LOL MARY,
      I GUESS THAT IS WHY YOU ARE NOW LETTING GO and not in a monastery? Love, Cathy

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