The Alchemical Marriage

Yin Yang Symbol
Yin Yang Symbol
Male Female Symbol
Male and Female Symbol

By Cathy Eck

We often picture the ancient alchemist slaving away alone in his chemistry lab mixing chemicals for years or even decades as he looks for the secret to turning lead into gold. But when you understand the true relationship between the masculine and the feminine, you come to understand that the alchemist used his ingredients in a very different and amazing manner.

Masculine-Feminine Relationship

To understand true alchemy, you must first understand some basic principles of the true masculine-feminine relationship.  The yin-yang symbol from the east (above) is a perfect image for studying this relationship.  The total image is framed by a circle, a symbol of wholeness or oneness.  That oneness is divided into two equal parts that are half black and half white.  Some illustrations of the yin-yang symbol stop there.  Others, like the one above, show the black within the white and vice versa.  This is called creation or division at the level of first cause.  The male-female division in Eden was a first-cause creation.  There is equality in the duality.  The male and female are companions and co-creators.  They are opposites but not competitors.  In short, their relationship is governed by a win-win philosophy of life.

Duality divided at the first-cause level results in pure creation.  You can read the black letters on this page because of the white background.  White letters on a white page would not be visible.  But notice that there is no judgment, right or wrong, or good and evil in this level of creation.  Likewise, positive and negative as two poles of a battery would be a first-cause creation.  Using the opposing poles in this equal manner creates power.

The concept of second-cause creation came from the fall story of Adam and Eve and involved a different god.  In the ancient world, multiple gods were the norm.  Even those with many gods in their mythology would say that they had one God because they had a main God.  The creator God in Genesis sees the world as all good.  A new lesser god often called Jehovah or Yahweh or Lord shows up after Adam and Eve were created and ate the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  And now the potential for judgment arises.



True and False

The good of the creator God was true; the good and evil of the new lesser god was false.  The first God created man in his image.  Then men created the second god in their image; and he is jealous, punishing, and fearful, which are all qualities of humans, not god.

All problems subsequently came from adding judgment to the two halves of any split.  We take something like peace and divide it into war and tolerance.  Peace is not the opposite of war because peace has no opposite.  It is true and a quality of the creator God.  In the false world, however, you either fight with someone or you put up with them.  Then the supporters of the false god add judgment by defining tolerance as good, unless you are fighting for your country or religion.  Sometimes the rules get a bit fuzzy.

The Punishing God

The punishing god gave us rules for good and rules for evil.  This division into unequal halves is known as second-cause creation.  In our body-mind, when we create a split based on second-cause creation, or good and evil, we experience emotion or nervous agitation.  Emotion is our pure feminine navigation system with the purpose of warning us if we are walking into the false world of good and evil.  In other words, our emotion says, “Hey, you just ate from the tree of good and evil.”  So obviously, the false world would have no participants if they didn’t make emotion wrong and useless.

The tree of life represents first-cause thoughts, words, and actions.  The tree of good and evil produces judgment because the thoughts cause us to move toward the good half of the pair only, making us all powerless.  Imagine how immobile you become if we took away one of your legs.  The fall story stripped humans of half of their mind.  No doubt women want men and men want women because we are all desperate to find our other half.

It’s Eve’s Fault

So those who wanted power and control blamed the feminine by making Eve the problem.  Now emotions and intuition were wrong and bad.  Adam was a big boy; he could have said no to Eve.

Oh what a good trick.  And no one sees it because we are trained not to see it.  We listen to people telling us that suffering and disease and poverty are normal, which clearly feels bad; and they say it is a fact of life because Eve ate the apple.  No, it is a fact of second-cause creation.  This is good news. It shows that the problem can be fixed.  It shows that if we move back to the Creator’s Tree of Life, evil will not exist.  It means that the evil we see is false.  In fact, the evil we see is only the evil that we believe to exist.  If we let it go, it is gone.

People will do anything to get rid of their emotions except the one thing that works, which is to listen to them.  When we start listening to and feeling our emotions (our own inner feminine) and exposing the lies within our mind and our world, we automatically start eating from the Tree of Life; and no one has power over us anymore.

The Illusion

First-cause creation is natural.  Second-cause creation must be learned.  We learned it from religion first, but then education followed.  The humans who invented the Adam and Eve story created two very important conditions, which cause people to live within an illusory perspective of life.  The first condition was that they pretended that the god of good and evil is the same being as the creation God.  However, writers don’t change names of their characters mid-stream.  You change the name of your character because you’ve changed the character.

In ancient times, the word lord was commonly used to mean the leader of the tribe or nation.  So it is highly likely that the lord god was a human who appeared god-like to the common man.  This is not an uncommon event in history (excuse me, I mean his story).  When Columbus showed up in the Caribbean, the natives thought he was god because of his trinkets and nice clothing.  He had things that they did not have so they were sure that he must be god.  Now we know better.  We don’t think that Oprah is god (well maybe some do) because she has lots of money.

The second condition that was highly important to plant people firmly in the false world, where only the few thrive while the rest merely survive, was they said you can’t return to the world of the Tree of Life.  They made the fallen world different than Eden.  They locked the gate to heaven with their words and stories.  They moved heaven from earth into the clouds.  Everyone believed them, and no one challenged them because they were authorities; and we assume that authorities must know the truth.  Once we believe these two conditions, we now have the mind-set to accept second-cause creation as normal.

Once second cause creation was accepted as normal, those in power began defining everything as good and evil to fulfill their needs.  Man was good; and those damn women were nothing but trouble.  Intellect was godly; intuition or emotion was of the devil.  Hard work was a virtue; non-action was lazy and sloth-like (this by the way was a useful division so that the slaves would be extremely productive).  Straight was good; gay was evil (only because they tended to be feminine, emotional, and intuitive men — in other words they could see through the lies easier than straight men).  White people were good; black people were bad (they needed them as slaves because they were physically strong).  Royalty were good; common people were not (keeping the elite group small in number).  Then you have things like sex, which was good if you made babies; it was bad if you didn’t.  Eating was good if you ate things that tasted bad; but chocolate and ice cream and potato chips were labeled bad.  Everything moved out of first cause into second cause.

All of those judgments were lies created by those who perpetuated the myth of the false god who punishes those who are not good.  They had to make themselves good; and someone else had to be bad for them to stay in power.  Once the good and evil definitions were firmly in place, then they created avenues for you to attempt to remain on the good side of life (at least as long as they didn’t change the rules — I mean you are really screwed if you ate meat the Friday before they dropped the meat rule).

Rewarded for Obedience

If you are good, you get rewarded or so they say.  Yet, have you noticed that the ones who live above the norm, the elite of the world, can break all the rules and still get all the rewards?  Ever wonder why they aren’t afraid of going to hell?  Because they know the secret, which is that there is no hell to go to.  I honestly don’t blame the people alive right now.  We are all victims of his story.  But the elite could put an end to it if they weren’t having such a good time with all our money.  This myth was started thousands of years ago; and like a snowball rolling down a mountain, it just gained more and more volume and power over time.

When I speak on these subjects, I point out to people that when they hear that Athena sprouted out of Zeus’ head, they say,  “That is a myth.  It cannot be true.”  If I implied it could be true; they would fight me.  But tell them Eve didn’t come from Adam’s rib, and they go insane.  The difference is that they were conditioned to believe the story of Adam and Eve from birth.  Conditioning is everything.  Once you train your dog to walk at your side with a leash, you can remove the leash; and they won’t try to run away.

Patriarchal View of Life

The patriarchal view of life made masculine good in every respect.  Returning to the yin-yang symbol.  The masculine is not just a body with a phallus.  And yet, the function of the phallus in intercourse actually shows us the true nature of the yang condition since yang is male.  It is outward moving, outer directed, and giving.  The feminine or yin is more womb-like and is inner directed.  It is receiving oriented.  So if you want to control people, you take the masculine role; and you rule over those who are feminine.  The masculine gives out false beliefs; and the feminine accepts them willingly.

You become the leader and frighten those who don’t follow you.  Since the feminine is afraid of the masculine and can’t help but receive, they feel powerless.  At best, they may try to fight or conquer the masculine person, but their anger and fear will render them impotent.  Or some become quite good at manipulating the masculine to get back their power, but they must continue manipulating forever.  Those are second-cause reactions, not first-cause creation.

Now we need to define the masculine and feminine roles that are common in society.  A teacher is masculine; the student is feminine.  The guru is masculine; the disciple is feminine.  The doctor is masculine; the patient is feminine.  The mother or father is masculine; the child is feminine (we are all feminine as children, which is how we get conditioned).  The general is masculine, and the cadet is feminine.  The priest is masculine; the congregation is feminine.  But on a higher level, the Pope is masculine; and the priests are feminine.  It is just a giant pyramid with all the high-powered people fighting over who is on top.  To win, they must have the most people following their rules.  In the illusion, there is power in numbers.

What would happen if we all just stopped following them?  They would lose their power immediately.  And that is what will happen as the common people stop worshipping false fame and power and start behaving completely from first cause.  The pyramid will crumble, and those who have been abusing power will fall.  The power will return to the common people.

Returning to Eden

We can move back to Eden easily.  First we have to stop believing the lie that heaven is someplace else and the lie that we have no access to the Tree of Life.  We have to accept that God is unconditional love (not punishment and fear) and is not a physical he or a she.  God lives inside of everyone when they are unconditionally loving and create only from first cause.  The ancients said, God is the true first cause; the original pure mind.  We all started out as Gods.

When you create from first cause, you don’t need an intermediary to talk to God for you.  That is another secret that the elite have withheld from the masses.  Evil is creating from second cause regardless of what side you are on.  Evil is not bad; it is false.  You don’t go to hell for creating from second cause because those who create from second cause are living in hell even if they appear to be winning; they have to live with themselves.

The whole game was created so that those who were powerless because they had chosen to operate from second cause would appear to have the power.  Misery loves company.  When we cease to play the game, it ends.  This has been a really long and very boring game of Monopoly, and it is time to stop hoping that you might get Boardwalk and Park Place and just fold the damn board.  Our true life is far better than any game; and we will have it when we stop trying to succeed in the false world.

Once we see the game and how it created all the problems in the world, we often become quite angry.  But the false world runs off of emotion.  It loves when you get angry because anger at the false prophets means you still believe them.  The real route back to Eden is to ignore the ones who play the win-lose game.  Pretend they don’t exist, and just promise yourself to clean up your own act.  They are trying to win at your expense.  Just know that if you don’t play their game, you won’t experience their problems.  It is time for the problems to fall back in the laps of those who create them.

But the Terrorists are Coming

When they tell you the terrorists are coming, ignore them.  Let them play their game, and the people in charge of the lies will deal with their own terrorists.  Terrorists don’t want us little people; they want the elite.  Let them have them.  They tell you your stocks are going to hell, ignore them.  If the stock exchange falls apart, I guarantee you that the good companies will honor their shareholders.  Don’t invest in the win-lose players; they will be history because his story is about to end.

You see, the idea behind the punishing god was so that power-hungry men could operate above the laws of the creator God.  They could rule from less than unconditional love and make you suffer their rightful punishment.  If you raped someone, you’d go to jail.  How many Catholic priests have gone to jail?  If you stole money, you’d go to jail.  Are the bailout bozos in jail?  Of course not.  They are the false gods making the rules.

We have to use our true logic and our emotional radar to see their flawed male logic.  But, and this is a big but, if we fight them or hate them or battle with them or believe them, we just give them power.  It is only when we ignore them or love them unconditionally that they disappear.  And when you can do that just watch how happy and healthy you get.  You really won’t need any of them.

The Rabid Dog

I once had a dream that I didn’t understand until I understood this silly game.  In the dream a rabid dog was trying to attack me.  I was terrified; and yet, I knew I could not outrun the dog.  Then I heard a voice that said, “Laugh at him.”  I laughed and laughed at the dog.  I treated its fierce, white fangs as a funny face; I saw its piercing eyes as a stupid bully trying to pretend it wasn’t afraid.  And it ran away with its tail between its legs.  All of the male-dominated, corrupt government, medical, financial, and education systems of the world are rabid dogs. We just need to laugh at them because they are so stupid to think that we would continue to fall for a story that makes half the world wrong permanently, especially since these rabid dogs all happen to be members of the half that they deemed right and good.

Remember the creator God said all was good.  That didn’t mean that poverty or rape is good as long as it doesn’t happen to you.  It means that whatever is not good for everyone doesn’t exist at all when we stop believing in it.  The win-lose elite are living on borrowed time feeding off the energy and emotions of the believers.

To support the return of the true world, we must choose win-win in everything we do.  One person operating purely from win-win is far more powerful than thousands, maybe millions, of people operating from win-lose.  When we are in the male position, we must take is seriously and make sure those who are feminine in our world feel equal and worthy.  There are tons of men and women in the world right now who are win-win oriented, honoring the feminine, and gaining in power.  This is a great time in our story.

The good news is that as you do this yourself, your own world returns to Eden regardless of whether anyone else comes along for the ride.  And once you get yourself back to heaven on earth, you will find it is not that difficult to reach out and pull the rest of the people up with you.  Maybe Michaelangelo was trying to show us the truth.  The real God has been trying to pull Adam back to heaven, but Adam isn’t grabbing on to his finger because he is too comfortable in the false world.  Even God can’t force someone to give up the illusory world unless they want to do so.

The Alchemical Marriage

The true alchemist knew that the magic ingredients for converting lead into gold were unconditional love, truth, pure joy and what I call the seventh sense or the sense of humor.  Those are undivided qualities that have no opposite.  Human love does have an opposite called hate; honesty has an opposite called dishonesty or lying, and happiness and sadness coexist in hell while joy lives in heaven.  But when you get to the real world where the undivided rules, everything is pure gold.  Male and female are equal, co-creative partners that turn white paper in to a holy text.  This was the gold moment for the alchemist — the alchemical marriage.

The alchemist used his chemistry work as his focus.  It was feedback to show him the clarity of his mind.  As his mind became more pure, the result of his lab work was also becoming more pure.  Finally one day, his mind was so clear and free that he could produce nothing but gold.  He had arrived.  His male logic and his feminine emotions agreed.  He was no longer divided; and he had the power to create like God.  The alchemical marriage was complete; and the alchemist had finally returned to Eden.

PS:  If you would like to learn more about mental alchemy, check out my free on-line class on (see the e-book tab).  Also, if you have a group that would enjoy having a live presentation of these ideas, contact me about bringing No Labels, No Lies to your city.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Ayanda

    Oh-my-God Cathy! u touch my essence in ways that it has never been touched before…Ive been searching for a long time for a teacher that i could resonate with. I would love to interact with u on a more personal level. Where do i reach u? I’ve been awakened, now im “freedom bound”. Need to change careers to make a decent living with something that im passionate about, which would be becoming more like u… a life coach, bringing enlightenment and changing the world into a better place.. The way the “first cause” intended! xoxo

    1. Cathy

      Hi Ayanda,
      I’m very glad that you’ve resonated with my writing. I’m not sure if you are aware that I also have another site: That site tackles the mechanics of how to let go. This site is more about the why to let go. Unfortunately, at this time, I’ve stopped writing on the sites and mentoring so I can focus on the people that are already in the mentorship program and finish a book that I’ve been working on for a long time. However, if you have specific questions or wish to have advice on a personal issue, you can write to me by clicking on contact Cathy. I try to get to all questions within a day or two. So feel free to write anytime. I designed the two sites to give anyone all they need to get free. It takes awhile to read it all as there is about nine books worth of information. In concept it’s easy, but in application in this crazy world, it’s tricky and takes time. So you just have to be patient with your mind. Love, Cathy

  2. Jerome

    Hello Cathy,

    I’m curious about what you think about marriage. I agree that it is a false ceremony created by us, but what exactly is the false belief here? Is it the belief regarding the protection of women, or that a relationship is the ultimate truth to pursue?

    Looking forward to your insights. =)


    1. Cathy

      Hi Jerome,
      Thank you for your question. Several years ago I read several books on the history of marriage. For the most part, it was political in the beginning to preserve the lineage. At other times, men wanted marriage to know which kids were there’s, and at other times it was about keeping the religion or culture supported. I was surprised that the reasons were many depending on the location, but love and God were never the reason. It’s a very interesting topic. Cathy

  3. Olta Canka

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am going through a tough process in my life, and just recently I found out that the cause of my sufferings was denying my female side, and having this two parts divided.
    I’ve always been aware that I need to find my GOLDEN equilibrium and never thought about this.
    This information was very helpful to me. So many thanks! 😀


    1. gatewaytogold

      Thank you Olta. I’m glad you found it helpful. I have much more material of this type on my other website about the goddess and beliefs. It is There is a free on-line class that helps you let go of the beliefs that keep you from finding that gold (it is on the free ebook page). I try to offer as much info as I can for free. Many people are feeling the desire to get back to their true Self. Best wishes, Cathy

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