If you want to accomplish something that no one else is accomplishing, you have to use your mind in a way that’s different from everyone else.  You must think from a completely different perspective.

In the Gold Circle, I don’t just tell you how to let go (like I did in the free material), I SHOW you how to let go. I did the Gold Circle by taking the feminine role with a few dozen people from all over the world. I saw what was blocking them from freedom because they projected their unconscious beliefs on to me. Having freed my own mind before, I knew what to let go in order to free them. I exposed the beliefs that were projected on to me in my writing; the group followed my demonstration and let go too. We repeated this process on every topic you can think of for a few years. We went deeper and deeper into their core of the group’s mind, which turned out to be a microcosm of the collective macrocosm. By exposing the group’s false minds in the Gold Circle, we also exposed the entire collective belief system of plant earth. At that point, I had a group of people who could read my ancient story decodes and understand them; so I started the Golden Gateway.

Initiation was never about learning; true initiation was always about letting go.

What Do I Mean by Freedom?

This introduction to the Gold Circle is a little long, but read it carefully.  I want you to fully understand what the Gold Circle is all about before you join it.  Also, to get the big picture of modern initiation, you might want to read my personal story on the “About Cathy” page; there I explained in detail how I came to discover all of this. Everything I wrote came from direct experience and decoding ancient stories. Nothing on any of my websites was channeled or psychic information. There was no magic or extraordinary divine grace involved in my life or work. In other words, I’m like everyone else; I have no special powers. I had a true desire of freedom for all (and win win for all). I didn’t want anything if it harmed or held back another person. That desire, which I refer to as my North Star, led me to everything that I share today.

Initiation is nothing like you’ve ever done before.  It’s hard to understand what initiation entails because we’ve all been living within a very persistent, longstanding, and pervasive illusion.  Many people today recognize that fact, but they erroneously think that all of reality is an illusion or a simulation. The illusion is only that which is human made using false knowledge and beliefs. That’s good news; it means that we can escape the illusion, which is where we find suffering of all kinds. If humans made the illusion and suffering, then humans can eliminate the illusion and suffering.

Initiation is also confusing to many people because they erroneously think that some beliefs or belief systems are true. Initiation is the elimination of all beliefs and all belief systems; it’s complete mental freedom, which results in emotional and physical freedom. I know that sounds radical. People often can’t imagine what they’d think, say, or do without their beliefs. I can answer that. They’d be very clear minded and filled with original thoughts and ideas. They’d be very creative and joyful. They would have the answers to everything they wanted to know. Humans waste their lives trying to answer questions with outer knowledge when we already know the answers within.

Within the illusion, freedom is generally perceived as having choices, having enough money to live, and fulfilling desires. It’s viewed as the absence of a tyrannical government or demanding authority figures. That’s not the same as the true freedom of initiation. True freedom is found entirely within our individual mind; it’s not dependent on, or affected by, any other person, any situation, or any environment. The ancient initiates taught that our mind is the cause of everything in our life; our physical and emotional experiences are only the effects of OUR mind. In the illusion, we tend to live backwards. We react to other people’s words or physical effects; and then, we think about our emotions and our circumstances. So we are not creators; we are reactors. Those who want to control us know that; and they give us plenty to react to.

In short, a free mind is a mind without any judgment of ourselves, of others, or of people in general.  It’s a mind without beliefs or false knowledge.  It’s a quiet, inspired mind led by our True Self.  It’s what people say they desire.  People go seeking in order to find such a mind; they look for a guru or spiritual teacher. But we can’t find our own unique, True Self from someone else who gives us more beliefs, more knowledge, and more practices. That’s just common sense. In initiation, we eliminate whatever is blocking our perfect mind. We are unlearning. Eventually, we remember that we were meant to be the creator of our own life experience. Said another way, we were meant to be a physical vessel through which creations flow. Our job as humans was to create our little piece of Heaven on Earth. But we got really far off track when we became learners and memorizers.

A creator is different from someone who manifests with occult techniques like positive thinking or visualization. Those are willful techniques. Those techniques ultimately take us deeper into the illusion. In initiation, we turn our willpower inward; and we use it to let go of all false thinking so that our mind becomes pure again. It’s all very simple in theory.

In initiation, we exit the illusion; then we live entirely from our True Self. We create whatever is perfect for us and everyone else. Today many people talk about finding their purpose; but most of them are barking up the wrong tree. They’re looking for a purpose within the illusion. Everyone’s purpose is initiation. As we purify our mind, we come to KNOW OURSELVES; and then, we do whatever we were born to do as a free being.

Let me explain a little mental history in order to make sense of beliefs and belief systems. Then you’ll understand where initiation falls in the grand scheme of things. Thousands of years ago, initiation was common. There were great people all over the world who had free minds. They were great leaders. But there were others who wanted the power of the initiates without doing the inner work that was required. These power-hungry people wanted to control others for nefarious reasons, much like many of our leaders today. These false leaders were labeled occultists. The word occult basically means hidden; and these false leaders hid their selfish intentions. They wanted to achieve the same results as the initiates using beliefs, rules, projection, and mind control because they didn’t have access to their own True Self. These leaders had fallen minds. You’ve most likely heard about the fall from the Bible story of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve represented us. Humans didn’t fall physically; we fell mentally. Eden was a perspective, not a place. I decode that story in the Gold Circle. For now, you’ll have to take me on my word.

While initiates could easily create, or co-create with others, in order to get whatever they wanted, these power mongers had to enslave others in order to get what they wanted. People don’t volunteer to be slaves. They have to be tricked into it, and these false leaders were clever tricksters. They gained power by deceiving normal people into thinking that the occultists were the initiates; they used occult magick in order to demonstrate their false power. Often the occultists looked more powerful than the initiates when they did these stunts because initiates never used magick. People are suckers for slight of hand and slight of mind. Once the people submitted to these occult leaders, the leaders mentally projected their undesirable thinking on to them. They convinced the people that they were powerless; and they told themselves that they were all powerful. These false leaders took the masculine, authoritative role; and the slaves were stuck in the feminine, submissive role. Of course, they made this an issue about men and women in order to divide and conquer. But that was a lie. Men didn’t become corrupted; the masculine role became corrupted. When women get the false masculine role today, they are often even worse than the men.

To make matters worse, these power-hungry occultists convinced their followers that they were “good” by teaching the people false standards of goodness and morality; the initiates were deemed evil by default. In short, these false leaders defined goodness physically instead of mentally. When our minds are true, we’re naturally good; we’d never harm others. But such a person will not be blindly obedient to physical rules that don’t make sense.

The occult leaders said that the initiates were doing what the false leaders were actually doing. The globalists of today use this same trick all the time. It’s a very old trick. So normal people came to believe that the True Self was evil. Being your True Self got you labeled a bad person; physically obeying the false leaders made you a good person. Now no one could think freely. The leaders all had false, fallen minds. They didn’t want the followers to surpass them. So they made sure that the followers also had fallen minds. Earth became a giant, collective illusion. When someone did escape the illusion, they were labeled, mocked, or declared evil. So people stopped trying to escape. They adapted!

The clever idea of the false leaders worked, and it’s still working today. The occultists copied the initiates physically and mentally. They copied their stories, which they turned into stories that served their narrative; they copied their metaphors and turned them into symbols. They mimicked whatever the initiates did, and turned that mimicry into rituals and ceremonies. They promised people great things if they followed them blindly and accepted their beliefs as true. But they never intended to fulfill any of their promises; they couldn’t. They would have no power if they didn’t project on to the masses; for them to look like the initiates, they had to keep the people small and weak. It was all a mind game.

To accomplish their nefarious plan, these false leaders appointed themselves into positions of great power as royals and religious leaders. They invented false Gods who proclaimed the leaders’ greatness and chosen status. These false leaders convinced people to accept that their beliefs and belief systems were true because they came from their God (their false deity). That was a big lie. In order to free our minds, we must realize that we can’t get back to our all-powerful True Self on a ladder of false beliefs. Beliefs come from other humans…from outside of us; all belief systems have been passed down from these false leaders. There is no true belief system on this planet. I can assure you of that.

In ancient times, it was common for leaders to declare that they had a special deity who told them how to rule over the people. That was a trick that gave them false power. Their Gods were made in their image and likeness. Today, we call that intuition, channeling, or imagination. When thoughts are not win win for all, they are false. That’s the bottom line in initiation.

The illusion has many facets, but it’s all false. Our True Self is inside of us, and it always was. We find our True Self whenever we remove everything that we acquired from false leaders of all kinds and all time. There is no outer God in the clouds; and people are finally waking up to that fact. But we have to clear our minds of the beliefs that were imposed on to us in order to get completely free.

It appeared that the initiates went away. But we are the initiates; we just forgot who we were. The initiates were simply people who didn’t fall into line and obey the false leaders. They kept their minds free; and they lived a creative, inspired life regardless of what was going on around them. People would notice that some people seemed to create with ease, but they never asked them how they did it. Or if they did ask, they didn’t understand the answer they received. Once we have a fallen mindset, we can’t understand someone who is speaking from the True Self. We’ll even think that they are evil because of our false programming. The fallen mind is physically focused, outer directed, and literal. The free mind is inwardly focused and metaphorical. The initiates were living and thinking from a totally different level of perception than the occult leaders. But the occult leaders had control of the minds of the masses. So people came to believe that some people were born with special talents; and they were not so lucky. But that’s not true either. Everyone is unique and part of the Creator’s perfect plan for Heaven on Earth.

Often talented people were free minded in one aspect of their lives, like art, music, or science; but they were stuck in the illusion in other areas of life. Whatever they did from their True Self was easy and original. It came from outside of the illusion; and we all knew it was special. But the fact that these people weren’t completely free often got them into trouble with these false leaders. Or they couldn’t sell their products or talents without the blessing of the false authorities who controlled the economy; so they submitted to these con artists. We see this today with those who are labeled stars in any field. Once they submitted, they lost their way.

Anyone with even a glimpse of their True Self was a potential threat to those with false power. People came to believe that the false leaders had all the power; and obeying them was a matter of survival. But that was not true. That’s a belief that serves the power-hungry leaders. We defeat them by becoming our True Self on all topics; then they lose their fake power. They feel their own powerlessness and their own emotions. They reap what they have sown once they can’t project on to others. So no one follows them anymore. Then the people realize that the initiates were the truly good ones; and they want to return to their own pure-minded state. They want to be their True Selves again.

I saw a big need, and I decided to fill it. We needed a mental bridge that would take us from deep inside of the illusion, where our minds are filled with false knowledge, rules, and beliefs, to outside of the illusion where our minds are free on all topics. Discovering letting go allowed me to fulfill my desire to create that beautiful bridge. I wanted to give everyone the chance at freedom, and I wanted to prove that suffering is not real or true. But what I created was only a bridge. Whether people take that bridge or not is completely up to them. I honor everyone’s free will. We cannot behave like the people who enslaved us, or we become the new false leaders even if our intention is good.

Letting go becomes a way of life once you choose initiation. But it’s always YOUR choice. You can always go back to the way things were. The illusory pull makes it very easy to go back. At some point, however, you won’t want to go back. Nothing in the illusion will be attractive anymore. You’ll want freedom as much as you want air. We weren’t meant to get so mentally confused. We were all mentally designed to let go easily and quickly so that we could live in a shared world where some people are creating their true desires and others are manifesting false desires. We were born with the discrimination to know the difference between true and false. But we were tricked into following the occultists who turned every topic into a system of beliefs; then they labeled their belief systems “the truth.”

Early in life, we were raised and taught by people who were already card-carrying members of the illusion. They didn’t mean to hurt us; they loved us. But they already saw the illusion as real and true; so they trained us to do the same. The mental fall happened eons ago, but it has been passed down from generation to generation. The illusion physically changes over time; so often, people think that we are finally going to get free, or we’ll ascend to a new level of perception. But that’s just more lies coming from the same occult mindset. We can’t get free when we still have a mind filled with beliefs and false knowledge. Mentally, the beliefs of the occult leaders have not changed for thousands of years. They aren’t creative; they can’t change their minds. But we can; we can let go.

Initiation is practical; it’s simply our natural way of using our minds. Initiation is not spiritual; we were all born spiritual. We all have a True Self, even if we forgot that we had it. We don’t need to learn how to be something that we already are. This became confusing because we were told that we have evolved; we were told that we used to be cavemen or apes. That’s a lie. We used to be geniuses that could do anything. We fell mentally when we started living from beliefs and knowledge. It’s all recorded in the Bible in the Book of Genesis. Adam and Eve had the choice to live from the Tree of Life (the True Self) or the Tree of KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil. They chose knowledge; and they followed the deceptive leader (the Serpent) into the false God’s illusion.

When we live from knowledge, we develop judgment. Judgment divides us from our fellow humans. Our True Self doesn’t judge anything or anyone. When we live from our True Selves, we discriminate. We expose that which is false as false. Our emotions help us to do that. In the illusion, we live from a fallen perception where everything is divided into good and bad, right and wrong, superior and inferior, angels and demons, rich and poor, pretty and ugly, etc. We view that as normal, and it is normal in the illusion. It’s just not natural.

In initiation, we reveal our True Self by removing what has concealed it…beliefs and false knowledge. Jesus said that we must go back to being like a child. He didn’t mean that we need to go back to baby talk, or we need to move into our parents’ basement. He meant that we can all go back to the free-minded state that we had as a child. He was describing the fruits of initiation. Jesus’s story was an initiation story, but it must be decoded because western religion has turned it into another fall story where Jesus died in the end. The occult leaders want us to believe that they are so powerful that they can kill our True Selves. Unfortunately, most people hold that belief in mind.

Occult stories never come full circle, which means the main characters never get back to their True Selves. An example would be Jesus dying on the cross or Adam and Eve being told that they could never return to Eden. Such deception was done on purpose by the occultists. If we regain our true power; the occultists’ false rulership of the illusion will be over. The people who want power over us need us to believe that we will die if we become our True Self, or in the East they act like we will become nonphysical or have karma. These false leaders need us to believe in western levels of status or the eastern caste system. It’s the same all over the world. The false leaders have to be perceived as better than us. They need us to give them our power.

Explaining the Gold Circle is very difficult because I’m trying to explain the experience of letting go. Imagine trying to explain the experience of riding a bike or eating chocolate ice cream to a friend. You can point to what it’s like, and you can give them a general idea of what you experienced when you did it; but for them to actually KNOW what it’s like, they have to experience it for themselves. Once they eat the ice cream, or ride the bike, you can talk about such things from a common perspective. An understanding forms between you and your friend on those topics. The same thing must happen between you and I. We start out in two very different perspectives. But in my writing, I went into the illusion; and I created the bridge to freedom. I recorded everything that I did in order to build that bridge so that you can have the direct experience of letting go over and over again. Eventually, you come to understand whatever I speak or write because you’ve lived it; and it’s wonderful.

Until you realize that you can let go, and you have that direct experience of doing it for yourself, you will find it hard to trust me. I understand that, and I do my best to prove everything that I share with examples. But I’m going up against your longstanding occult programming. We all have it until we free our minds; that’s where we all begin our journey of initiation.

In the beginning of initiation, the illusion is still perceived as real and true when it’s actually real and false. Fortunately, the time for initiation is coming. More and more people are able to see that we’ve been lied to on every topic under the sun. But seeing the lies isn’t enough. That has happened many times before in our collective history. To free our minds from the illusion permanently, so that we can never be deceived again, we have to understand and let go of the beliefs, and the mental programming, that caused us to fall into the illusion.

In initiation, we put our mental perception before our physical results. But initiation is nothing like managing our minds with positive thoughts or repeating spiritual mantras. It’s not about praying or eastern meditation. Letting go is the recognition that the thought that we are thinking or hearing in any given moment is false. We don’t need to hold it in our individual mental container, which is how I describe our minds. As initiates, our quest is to become the master of our own mental container, which is supposed to hold our own unique perception of the world. Today people try to emulate that by customizing the beliefs that they hold in their “conscious” mind. But they don’t realize that the opposite of what they consciously believe is being stored in their “unconscious.” All beliefs are dual; they have an opposite side that is hidden and projected out. We go into projection in depth in the Gold Circle. Managing a mind filled with beliefs is hard work, which was the curse of the fall. The curse was mental hard work, not physical hard work. Managing and maintaining our mental container was meant to be very easy.

In initiation as I share it, we physically live on the same earth as everyone else; we aren’t hiding, or escaping from, the illusion or other people. In fact, we work toward loving everyone unconditionally. If our mind is free, the illusion doesn’t impact us, even when we are right in the thick of it. If someone else wants to harm us, and we don’t share their beliefs, they can’t harm us. But we can’t fake that until we make it. When we follow the occult point of view, and we load our mind with beliefs, we are not safe from others who want to harm us. Our only choices in the illusion are obedience or rebellion. Again, this is something I explain in depth in the Gold Circle, so don’t worry if it doesn’t quite make sense. I’m just giving you an overview…a preview of coming attractions.

Initiation doesn’t make us magical or supernatural. That’s a disappointment to some people at first; but when you understand what it’s like to live from your True Self, and you create your life as you desire it to be, you will no longer desire such ridiculous things. People want magical abilities because they feel inferior or powerless. But supernatural powers won’t bring them joy or freedom. They’ll just make them superior. Sadly, superiority is pretty much everyone’s goal within the illusion. Some want physical superiority, some want mental superiority, and others want false spiritual superiority. When beliefs are gone from our mind, we find that being our True Self is what we always wanted to be. We all have equal, but unique, True Selves. The easiest way to explain this common false desire for superiority or special powers is this: If you are standing in New York City, you don’t need to take a train to get there. If you are free, you don’t need magical or supernatural abilities to become someone.

The illusion is a giant pyramid of power. If you want a great life within the illusion, you have to make your way up that false pyramid using beliefs, false knowledge, managed appearances, roles of authority, etc. But no one on that pyramid is truly joyful, fully creative, or satisfied with their life. There is no peace of mind on the pyramid of power. People tend to ride a pendulum that swings between fighting or war and tolerance. Everyone stuck in the pyramid of power is just recycling old knowledge and beliefs. They keep pouring the same old wine into new bottles by relabeling false ideas that came and went in the past. Like I said, occultists are not creative.

Those at the top of the false pyramid of power, who have the masculine role, look good only because they manage appearances; and they project their unwanted beliefs and problems on to the people at the bottom of the pyramid (feminine roles). The people at the bottom take the projections. In addition, they project their power on to the people at the top of the pyramid. So people at the top look like creators who have it all; but they are actually con artists and thieves.

When we are free creators again, we leave the pyramid of power behind. We spend our lives creating our true desires; and we help others to free themselves from the illusion. There is room for everyone to be themselves and to be creators once we are no longer bound by the illusion. Life outside of the illusion is win win for all.

Our True Self was meant to be the creator of our perfect life experience. Many people today seem to remember that. It’s not selfish to be our True Selves if everyone else is a creator too. That’s the perspective that we want to have of each other. In addition, at the True Self level of perception, we all love each other. We all live in harmony. In the illusion, we think that we need to help others, or be helped by others, because we view people as defective, sinful, or lacking. We judge others, then we want to fix them so that they do what we want them to do.

In initiation, people regain their natural independence. Codependence is a big part of the illusion, but it is not natural. We were meant to work together in co-creation when we want to make something big like a building. A true leader would hold the vision for the project, and that vision would be win win for all; a true leader not tell everyone what to do and how to do it. Outside of the illusion, we have a natural trust for each other. Inside the illusion, we don’t know who we can trust and who we can’t trust.

In initiation, we no longer share beliefs with others. That takes some getting used to. People are used to mental entanglement. When we step outside of the illusory boxes of our families’ and friends’ mindset, they often grip on to us even tighter. They don’t like losing their false connection with us because they’re unaware that we always share a true connection with everyone. Our true connection with others cannot be broken.

It’s a weird thing. From our perspective as initiates, we come to love the people in our lives unconditionally. We know their beliefs are false, but we don’t care if they have them…that’s compassion. They don’t bother us no matter what they say or do. But they feel like we’ve pulled away from them. They feel like we don’t love them anymore. Or we don’t do or say what they falsely desire, and they get angry at us.

In the past, we often bonded with our friends and family over wounds, shared problems, and false desires. But as we let go, those old bonds fall away. In the illusion, we have beliefs that tell us how we should socialize with others; those beliefs define who’s our friend and who’s our foe. Now those old beliefs don’t look true anymore. We don’t divide people into friend and foe anymore. We don’t judge others who think different from us. Our relationships change in initiation; we have to learn how to navigate those new waters. For this reason, relationships tend to be a major focus in the Gold Circle.

At first, initiation appears to be the opposite of everything we’ve ever learned or done in life…it is essentially unschooling or deprogramming. Whether we hold an eastern or western philosophy, or we tried both, our desire was to get back to our True Self. In the East, they talk about having a quiet mind. But they say to meditate daily to achieve that state. In eastern meditation, they’re not letting go; they aren’t freeing their minds. They rise above their noisy mind, then they want to avoid people with noisy minds. Those noisy-minded people are the projections of the meditators. When we fix something with words or actions, we project out what we used to be. When we project out whatever we’ve suppressed, we don’t see others for who they are. We see an illusion of them. So how can we have a good relationship with them. The result of initiation is a free, clear, calm, and quiet mind all the time. When we let go, the noise is no longer there. We can’t project out noise if we have none. So we do see people for who they are. In the West, the main desire is to go to heaven after death. We are told that we can finally have it all in heaven. In initiation, we work toward Heaven on Earth. We don’t have to die to live the life that we were born to live.

Why Does Anyone Need the Gold Circle?

The short answer is that no one needs the Gold Circle. But when I was going through initiation, I wanted it. Many others have wanted it too. Initiation often feels like a lonely pursuit. It’s not a group activity. Being able to read information that supports our quest, or hear people talking about their challenges, makes it more enjoyable.

When I first created the free material, I thought initiation would make total sense to everyone who read it.  That material was all I planned to do. But the reaction that I got from others was not what I expected.  I could tell that people were not understanding what I was saying; and when they did think they understood what I said, they usually didn’t. Many people thought that initiation was like eastern religion or the New Age. They thought that I was providing some additional tools for their toolbox. But eastern religion and the New Age are both part of the illusion, just like western religion. In fact, eastern and western religion are just opposites. They are actually more alike than they are different. If you go back to the story of Adam and Eve, eastern religion was represented by the Serpent and western religion was represented by the cursing Old Testament God. Those archetypal characters are two sides of what was once referred to as the two-faced God. We discuss this in great detail in the Gold Circle.

People today are obsessed with learning; and learning covers up our pure wisdom and truth. People in the illusion think that a complex mind is a great mind. But that’s not true. The True Self is simple, creative, original, and very wise. So in short, no one should need the Gold Circle. But they can’t access their True Self until they let go of learning, memorizing, copying others, and believing. They need to see that knowledge always has a limitation; the wisdom of our True Self is unlimited.

But here is the catch; we can’t get wisdom or the truth from each other. We weren’t meant to think alike. This is where everyone gets confused. The way we naturally perceive life is personal. We don’t naturally perceive in words; we perceive in knowing or inspiration. If we share our knowing in words, it turns into beliefs. So others who copy our knowing are believers. Now their beliefs block their own knowing. In initiation, we reverse the process. We drop all beliefs and knowledge from our mental container because they are false, and we return to our true inner knowing. If we want to truly help others, we expose their beliefs as false. Then they can find their own True Self too.

My best advice is to ignore anyone who claims to have the truth for YOU; trust those who are exposing false. Even when I speak of the True Self, I only point to it in words like unlimited, authentic, joyful, free, etc. I constantly remind people to use my writing to let go; do not copy or memorize anything I say. That is hard for some people. I’ll be honest, that doesn’t make sense to me. I can use any book or movie to let go, so I can’t imagine why anyone would try to memorize my writing or copy my words. But some do; and their initiation journey takes much longer. Like I said in the previous section. False leaders who wanted us to submit to them told us to copy their words and whatever they did. They wanted us to share their beliefs so we’d be easy to control. True leaders do not want you to copy them; they want you to be yourself and be free. It’s really that simple.

The easiest way to understand this quagmire is to look at rules, which are a form of beliefs.  As a child, we memorized the rules that others gave us so that we wouldn’t break them.  To do that, we put our authority figures’ voices into our minds as recordings; then we knew all the rules.  We knew what we needed to do or say in order to labeled good. Those rules carried two possibilities. If we obeyed, we were labeled good. But if we didn’t obey, we were viewed as bad. This caused us to believe in the notion of reward and punishment. In the end, it was like we manifested a miniature clone of the voice of the authority figure in our mental container. That clone voice causes us to think, speak, and act in the way that pleased that human authority figure. When we do what that voice says as adults, we reward ourselves. When we disobey said voice, we punish ourselves. People think that others are rewarding and punishing them; but actually, they are doing it all themselves. In initiation, we remove these false voices form our minds, which removes reward and punishment. Reward and punishment doesn’t exist outside of the illusion.

People who came to my websites often had many of these clone voices in their minds; and they thought that at least some of them were true or even their True Self. While doing the Gold Circle, I met political, medical, healer, therapy, self-help, New Age, religious, science, guru, expert, legal, parent, advisor clones and more. It was like each person had a whole choir of people fighting for dominance within their mental container. Every clone voice had its opinion of what the person should think, say, or do. Some of their minds reminded me of the popular movie, “The Hunger Games.” There was a lot of competition in such minds among the clones, who all wanted to be “The One.” Meanwhile, their True Self was locked away in a closet. They couldn’t receive their inspiration because inspiration will never fight for power. Our mind has to be quiet to receive our inspiration, and our True Self will not interfere with our free will. We have to choose to ditch the clone voices and honor our True Self. Once we honor our True Self, our clone voices are no longer attractive. They no longer sound true. We no longer want to be a fake. So we stop believing them.

While interacting with people regarding my free material, I got hundreds of emails from people who wanted me to tell them which belief to let go in order to heal their money, relationship, or health problems. People were so convinced that all of the beliefs in their crowded minds were true that they couldn’t imagine they had even one belief in their mind to let go. They didn’t have one belief to let go, they had thousands of beliefs to let go. I was answering this same type of question over and over again, and I couldn’t do it justice in an email. So I was wasting my time. It seemed that people were too programmed to understand letting go. I thought about taking my websites down. Maybe my desire to help others get free was impossible. But I’d spent decades finding this information, and everyone deserved to have it. They were being lied to by nearly every authority figure on the planet. Besides, I didn’t want to live in a world where people couldn’t get free.

Ultimately, I realized that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t expose all of these different types of clone voices as false. Then people could choose to let the voices go or not. I didn’t care what they chose, I just didn’t want to feel like they didn’t have a choice. So I decided that I would explain how the mind works in one place (a Gateway to Gold website devoted completely to initiation), and I would call it the Gold Circle. A circle is a metaphor for completion; and a gold circle is metaphorically the completion of our own full-circle story in a way that takes us back to our True Self.

I put aside my freedom in order to do the Gold Circle. I decided that I needed to discover what was causing people to get stuck in the illusion. I’d find out what was causing their problems, illnesses, and suffering. There were about forty people in the initial group; they all had different perspectives because they came from all over the world. So I got a real mental workout. My discrimination was tested in ways that I never imagined. I never knew most of these belief systems existed before the Gold Circle. Doing the Gold Circle was much harder than I ever anticipated. I thought it would take me a year; but it actually took me six years. At times, I wondered if I’d even survive, but I did. No one gave me anything that I couldn’t let go; but often their projections took me days or even weeks to let go. People were not just projecting beliefs; they were projecting complexes of beliefs.

Generally, when we have clones in our mind, we project out our false self (what psychology calls the unconscious mind). I basically let the participants in the original Gold Circle project on to me. Then I could tell them what was hidden in their “unconscious” mind. Using various techniques, I helped them to let go of the clone voice that projected and the projection. I’m giving you the short answer; I explain my process in detail in the Gold Circle. I did this over and over again. Whatever I exposed and did to get free was documented in the Gold Circle articles. I was creating exits out of every aspect of the illusion so that anyone could find their way to freedom. No topic was off limits. Often I ended up exposing some very popular leaders and spiritual teachers. They had become clone characters in many people’s minds. Those clone voices were keeping them enslaved, and they didn’t realize it. Very often, they thought those teachers, healers, or leaders had given them the truth.

While doing the Gold Circle, I put myself in the feminine role, over and over again…like I was the person’s child. They took the masculine role of the clone voice. I experienced the memories and beliefs that they held in mind as true; I call those projections their inciting incidents. Those are the moments that stay with us; inciting incident are memories of where we got stuck in the illusion. When we think about those memories, we feel the emotion all over again. To get free, we have to clean up those inciting incidents. That’s a big part of the Gold Circle.

I got out of their illusion simply because I knew the beliefs that they projected on to me were not true. I had to pay close to attention to what I did with my mind as I let go because usually I let go automatically without thinking. Letting go is natural. But I had to help people let go manually until they freed their minds enough, and automatic letting go could return. I proved that we can let go from the feminine role, which means that we can get free of abusers, oppressors, and tyrants. We can heal traumatic memories from our minds without years of therapy. We just have to remove the causal beliefs that got us into such situations. Then the memories lose their emotional charge. As you’ve probably noticed, abusive people tend to do to others whatever was done to them. Abuse isn’t only physical; today so many people are mentally abusive because they are projecting their inciting incidents on to others. That’s how the illusion became so strong. It’s basically a matrix of false connections between people.

No one has more power than us when our mind is free not even the most aggressive abuser. The articles in the Gold Circle are filled with what you need to let go, but they can also be pretty entertaining. Our human interactions become funny, or at least interesting, once we let go. We humans do the darnedest things. Whatever I experienced in the Gold Circle was pretty much a microcosm of what we all experience in every day life. In nearly every article, I remind people that what people projected on to me was what was projected on to them earlier in life. I don’t see any bad people. I see people who were entrapped without realizing it; they deserve my compassion and unconditional love, not my judgment.

Now that task is done. Everything I learned from that deep dive into the illusion has been very well documented. Like I said, there’s nothing like the Gold Circle because I’ve never known anyone to get free, then go back into the illusion to free others by letting them project on to them. What I demonstrated in the Gold Circle is the essence of initiation; and it has been hidden from us for at least a couple thousand years. That’s why it sounds odd; but truthfully, initiation just makes sense. It’s the most natural thing you will ever do once you get the hang of it.

Spiritual leaders today want to teach people the truth, and they all avoid exposing false.  They don’t want to upset or offend anyone who identifies with their false beliefs or clone voices. In fact, they cater to people’s clone voices. These false teachers and leaders are cowards who fear their own clone voices and treat their beliefs as the truth. They are all fueling the illusion. They make my job very challenging. The popular clone leaders don’t realize that they are fueling the illusion because people flock to them. They pay them lots of money for private sessions and workshops, and they kiss their dirty feet. These false leaders say things like, “All belief systems lead to God;” in fact, no belief systems lead to God the Creator. All belief systems lead to the false God’s illusion of limitation and suffering. But you have to see that for yourself to understand it.

Most of the people who present information on the topic of mental freedom are doing it in a way that appeals to the masses; so they water it down significantly.  They usually focus on getting rid of emotions instead of letting go of the beliefs that caused the emotions.  That’s appealing to the masses since most people hate their emotions. The reduction of emotions that comes from their techniques might feel good, but it’s not a permanent gain of real and true power. It’s like covering up the gas gauge on the dashboard of our car. That doesn’t lead to freedom; it leads to running out of gas. Our emotions are like our gas guage; when we know how to use them as they were designed to be used, they make our life easy. When we don’t remove the causal belief from a memory or situation, it will come back. History repeats itself until we eliminate the mental cause. That’s true for the microcosm (personal) and the macrocosm (collective).

In initiation, we get free by eliminating these false clone voices from our minds so that we can return to being our True Selves all the time with no apologies. When we expose and let go of everything false within our mind, we are left with what is true. We can’t let go of the truth. Therefore, initiation is the one thing in life that we cannot mess up. Isn’t that great news? Initiation is the essence of perfection; the only way that we can mess up in initiation is to refuse to let go, which is actually pretty common.

There’s no such thing as a true clone voice; this also confuses people. Our True Self is not a voice in our mind. It’s our inspiration, which is beyond words. Often clone voices pretend to be our True Self. Some of your clone voices might not like me for exposing them. However, I don’t care if they like me or not. I’m not interested in getting the approval of the false voices in your minds. I know that freeing people’s minds is the ultimate act of unconditional love.  I trust my True Self ONLY.

I do tbis work because I love people, and I want everyone to have the freedom they deserve. But I have to be honest with you, and you have to be rational; we can’t reverse thousands of years of mental programming in a weekend workshop. Before I figured out how to free my mind, my mind was such a mess; I had so much crap in it just like everyone else. What made me a little different from most was knowing that what was in my mind was useless crap. I didn’t see any of it as true; I didn’t identify with the voices in my mind. I just didn’t know how to get rid of those beliefs and voices permanently. So I decided to find out how to do that, and that took a long time. I met a lot of charlatans along the way who said that they were teaching letting go when they were not. That’s life in a place with free will. If it was easy to exit the illusion, everyone would be doing it.

The Gold Circle made freedom for all possible.  But I can’t do initiation for anyone else; it’s an individual experience.  I share everything that I discovered while cleaning up my own mind and supporting others in cleaning up their minds; but everyone in the Gold Circle has to follow my demonstrations and unravel their own mind.  The Gold Circle is a hands-on course; it’s not about reading and learning. It is organized in a way that builds over time. As you’re ready to go deeper, I take you deeper. Then when you think you’ve gone as deep as you can possibly go, we decode popular, collective stories in the Golden Gateway. We bring dead characters back to life. We work to finish your full-cycle story, and as you do that, you free yourself from the entire collective. We support you in becoming a creative leader.

I often tell people in the Gold Circle that letting go is simple and easy.  But those damn clone voices in their minds don’t want them to know that.  Very often they think they let go all day long, but they actually tried to let go for twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes. Those old habits of holding on are often tough to defeat. So they basically let go for one minute of that entire day. So is letting go hard if they only did it for a minute? No it’s easy; but we live in a time when victimhood is like a currency. In addition, people want to make initiation harder than it needs to be because they still believe in the curse of hard work.

Initiation was never easy or quick.  In ancient times, when true initiation was last readily available, people spent over a decade in temples of initiation.  We don’t have such temples today; we do initiation while living our normal life.  That’s a good thing. We don’t have to invent fake tests to prove our state of mind; our life tests us appropriately in ways that are perfect for us. Also, it’s easy to get spoiled when you hide from the world for a long time in a temple with a bunch of people who are all freeing their minds. The goal of initiation is to live in the thick of the illusion without being dominated by it. Also, in modern initiation as I share it, we don’t have to drop our possessions or leave our family. So initiation is more practical and less expensive than it was in the past.

In the free material, I said that I’ve given you everything that you need in order to get free; and that’s an accurate statement. I didn’t skip over anything that was necessary for one to let go of every belief in their mind. In fact, I gave people far more than they needed. But I didn’t expose clone voices in the free material. I didn’t expose popular false leaders. Those clone voices and clone leaders tend to be like a brick wall; it takes determination and persistence to knock them down. In the free material, my main focus was to introduce letting go. That way people could begin the process of cleaning up their minds. How far they went was up to them.

Bear in mind that whatever I shared in the free material had to be appropriate for someone who might just pop on to my website and read one article on one topic.  I couldn’t go too deep or be too direct because people tend to read blogs quickly for learning, research, or pleasure.  Initiation isn’t about learning; it requires effort. So I had to establish a structure whereby I could expose false beliefs on any topic without having to limit what I said. I also had to develop a sort of language so that I didn’t have to describe complex occult ideas in detail over and over again. Our normal vocabulary lacks certain concepts and the precision that’s necessary to expose the illusion. Finally, I wanted to be able to trust that the readers could and would let go once I exposed their beliefs as false.

In addition, I couldn’t be too controversial in the free material.  If I was too controversial in an article, I ended up wasting a lot of my time answering emails from people who felt threatened when their beliefs or spiritual teachers were proven false.  I don’t have any desire to debate with such people. I don’t make anyone let go; but people with strong beliefs will fight me to the death in order to get me to accept their beliefs as true or their spiritual teachers and gurus as True Selves. They don’t know what they don’t know. If they let go, they would come to the same conclusions as I did. But if they don’t know how to let go, I look like the enemy of their clone voices. I made the choice to help people who are letting go and want total freedom. I’m fine with people who like their beliefs; they can keep their beliefs. But I will never believe them because I’ve seen what is outside of their illusion, and I don’t want to go back. That’s very bothersome to people with strong belief systems; they share the globalist’s viewpoint that we should all think the same way.

The free material is like any do-it-yourself project. People stumble a lot along the way; in fact, they might get stuck in a detour that takes a decade or more to resolve, just like I did.  Their belief systems are going to look true, and no one in their life will tell them any different. Their inner clone voices are going to lie to them and tell them that they have the truth.  Those clone voices will tell them that they need them; they might even tell them that they will die or harm others without them. Those voices don’t want to lose their false power.

Nevertheless, if someone keeps letting go like I did, they will work all of that out over time. It took me thirty plus years to do all of that. I shorten that for others with the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway. Someone once commented that they didn’t understand why discovering initiation took me so long; I found their comment odd since they didn’t have a clue how to let go. They thought that you just put a positive thought into your already-crowded mind, and you’re free. That’s not initiation. That’s illusion delusion.

My writing is designed to bring your beliefs and programming up to the surface of your conscious mind. My writing helps you to uncover your true desires and eliminate your false desires.  My writing helps you to make sense of the illusion so that you realize that you aren’t losing anything of value as you let go.  My writing helps you to find the motivation to let go when it gets hard. My writing reminds you that no one ever got hurt by letting go; in fact, all suffering is the result of holding on. But others won’t tell you any of that. They can’t see the potential for life outside of the illusion; and misery does love company.

I’m always going to be transparent with you in my speaking and writing, but my transparency will sound odd at times.  You aren’t used to the level of transparency that you’ll experience with me and my writing.  I’m going to say things that you’ve never heard from anyone else before.  I hold nothing back.  If you’ve been hanging out in the world of the politically correct, or have been a people pleaser in the past, I’ll probably shock you in nearly every article.  We currently live in a world where most people aren’t fully transparent because they don’t want to rock other people’s worlds.  They’re afraid of causing emotions in another.  But we never cause emotions in others. That is a lie that permeates the entire illusion.

Emotion is always a signal that we’ve found something false to let go.  We are either believing a voice in our mind or a voice coming from another; and that voice is speaking false. We welcome emotions in initiation; we use them as they were designed to be used.  Initiation is a whole different way of being and living, and it takes some getting used to.  But that’s not the fault of initiation; it’s the result of the complexity of the modern illusion.

In the Gold Circle, I support your initiation experience.  But I don’t do anything for you. Initiation is about you finding you. You do it all yourself. I just make sure that you stay on the path. I can assure you that you aren’t going to become a minion of me. I don’t ask anyone to submit to me. But if by chance they do submit to me, I love them unconditionally, which makes it easier for them to let go. In the end, I want you to be able to say, “I did this myself, and it was awesome.” Then no one will ever damage or rock your self-esteem again. No one will never enslave you again. I want you to know how you fell and how you returned to the perspective of Eden.  That understanding is what will keep you free for as long as you want to remain free.

Initiation was once called the attainment of the virgin mind, where all that remains in our mind is first-cause knowledge (no judgment); first-cause knowledge is what our True Self uses to create.  It’s mostly physical, or practical, knowledge like how to do things or how things work. In initiation, we end up with a quiet, peaceful mind; that state is permanent whether you’re in living an ashram or attending a rock concert, whether you are with a negative Nancy or a whining Wayne.  A virgin mind is a mind that creates with ease; when one creation is complete, it returns to the virgin state in order to create anew.  

What is Initiation Like?  What Will I Learn?

The short answer to that second question is: Nothing!  You won’t learn anything in initiation.  You will gain understanding and wisdom.  You’ll remember your True Self.  Sometimes people tell me, “But Cathy, I love learning.”  Well then you need to make a choice.  You can’t learn your way to freedom.  So do you truly want freedom, or do you want to learn more false beliefs and knowledge?  

For the most part, people want to learn in order to avoid or eliminate problems. Once you free your mind, you don’t create problems or unwanted experiences in your life anymore.  Why would a creator manifest something that they don’t want to live? They wouldn’t. When you have a reasonably free mind, you can see if something unwanted is coming at you from another person, i.e., a projection. Let’s say that I was going to manifest a horrible problem in my life; but I didn’t realize it.  As I watched my mind or my dreams, I’d start to notice that my thinking was false on that topic.  I’d start to hear beliefs that were not my thoughts; those beliefs don’t belong in my mental container. So I would let them go.  Therefore, I would not manifest that problem. What did I prove by doing that?  I know what I did to avoid the problem because I was watching my mind and letting go.  I saw my mind shift from fear of the problem to no thoughts about that problem at all. But you can’t see what happened in my mind. So I got validation that letting go worked, but you didn’t. You have to follow my directions until you have the same sort of direct experience. When we let go, we get validation of our own success. Another’s success or failure has nothing to do with us.

People would often say to me, “Ah Cathy, you’re just lucky,” whenever I shared my experience of letting go.  Some part of their mind, didn’t want letting go to be possible. Religious people would say that God treated me well or kindly; I must be an old soul.  New Agers would say that the universe took care of me.  Those were false statements; they felt horrible to me.  I knew how I avoided that trap or got that desire; I let go of the causal beliefs that were about to manifest in my life.  I got back to my True Self on that topic. Denying what happened was the equivalent of denying my True Self. That’s why their comments felt so bad to me. Denying our True Self is what keeps us stuck in the illusion. If I believed them, then I ended up back in their illusion. In short, they were reasoning from their false knowledge in order to make sense of my life experience, but they had no clue what I was doing inside of my mind.  So their reasoning didn’t apply to my life. They were mentally spinning their wheels. This was also true with psychics and intuitives, they couldn’t read me anymore because I was no longer in their illusion. Such people are totally in the illusion. That was a wonderful relief for me; I didn’t enjoy when people tried to read my mind. False connections do not feel good to me anymore.

This was hard for me to understand; I’d always found that people loved to copy successful people. But they copied their words and their beliefs; they added to their mind. I was subtracting from my mind; and that was not received as favorably. In fact, most people deemed what I was doing to be impossible; so they assumed that I was lying. Sadly, letting go is not even a conversation for most people. I hope to change that.

Most people can’t imagine that they could become the creators of their life experience. Today most people think that the end of suffering will come via a hero, the return of Jesus or alien helpers, a Messiah, a solar flash, ascension to the nonphysical state, going to heaven at death, or just plain luck. Everyone is waiting for something outside of them to happen in order to begin living their perfect life. Meanwhile, their own beliefs inside of their own mental container are causing their imperfect life in the present. They have the ability to rescue themselves from the inside out. But they don’t realize it.

If you do manifest something that you don’t want while doing the Gold Circle, it’s just feedback.  You didn’t realize that you had a causal belief in your mind regarding that topic or potential problem.  You didn’t take the belief out of your mind before the effect manifested in your life.  Fortunately, any unwanted effect is just an illusion. An illusion isn’t true even when it appears to be real. So you can let go of the causal belief, and the manifestation will no longer bother you or be a problem for you. Basically, I’ve just described the essence of true healing. What bothers people about bad things happening is actually the fear that something unwanted will happen again. They know that fixing the effects doesn’t remove the mental cause even if they don’t know it consciously. When we fully let go, and we know that our past is truly in the past, our past doesn’t bother us anymore. Our past is only a problem when we have the constant nagging fear that it’s going to affect our future.

Some Details about Life in the Gold Circle

My combined websites contain the equivalent of over eighty normal-sized nonfiction books the last time I did the math.  The Gold Circle alone is the equivalent of forty books. That’s a lot of written material.  You will be getting the equivalent of a Ph.D. in life and the mind in the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway.  That won’t get you a career within the illusion; but it will reveal your natural genius…your natural talents. So in time, you will very likely get a new career out of initiation…a career that you love and truly want to do…a career where you give your true gifts, not something that you learned from others.

Since you aren’t learning more knowledge in the Gold Circle, you will become truly wise. You’ll think, speak, and act from the True Self all the time. Most people don’t realize that a True Self will never tell you the truth because you already have the truth within your own mind. You have your own True Self. All of our True Selves combined are the Creator; individually, each True Self is like a hologram of the Creator. My True Self knows that you already have the truth within; so I’m not going to try to enlighten you. You don’t need to hear my version of the truth. If you are still stuck in the illusion, you need my help exposing false thoughts so that you can unblock your own True Self. That’s all you need from me. Once you get back to your True Self, I will be a nice memory or a great friend.

You can still learn physical things while engaging in initiation.  You can learn some form of art.  You can learn things like rock climbing or cooking.  You can learn computer programs or engineering.  Those are the kinds of PHYSICAL tasks that we were all meant to learn.  It will be very easy to learn those things when it’s only about the physical task at hand. Adding beliefs and meaning to everything is what makes everything so damn hard. We were never designed to do that.

I guarantee you that you’ll have spent a lot less money in the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway than you would have spent for a four-year college degree, which would have most likely given you expertise in some worthless topic within the illusion.  In fact, a year in the Gold Circle (under $500) is less than most weekend workshops. You pay for it monthly, so it’s very affordable for anyone. You will get that money back in so many ways. You’ll become more efficient and clear minded. You won’t need special foods, supplements, or medical treatments. You’ll find your natural health. You won’t be pushed around by style changes or the feeling of missing out. You won’t feel the need to impress others. You’ll find that you enjoy simpler things in life, which cost less. You’ll find that money or whatever you need comes to you more easily. You’ll also find that your money goes further because you won’t have as many problems and your timing will be perfect. You won’t make bad decisions; in fact, you won’t have difficult choices anymore. I could go on and on. The return on your investment will continue for as long as you live, which might be much longer than you had originally planned. But that won’t happen in a year. That’s why I devised the Golden Gateway. You learn how to let go in the Gold Circle; then you stay in this space where letting go and freedom are honored in the less-expensive Golden Gateway. There we continue to decode old stories from religion and mythology. I challenge you to go even deeper and let go of more than you ever imagined. I also help you to finish your own full-cycle story so you can emerge from initiation as a creator or a creative leader. The things we discuss in the Golden Gateway cannot be found anywhere else on this earth.

At times, you’ll think that I wrote an article just for you.  People tell me that all the time.  I don’t generally know who I’m writing for.  But I’m connected with everyone’s True Self who did this program in the past, present, or future.  Letting go takes us beyond the normal perception of time and space. So their True Self told me what to write so an exit would be waiting for them when they were ready to take it.  Our inner initiates are working together to get us all free even when we don’t realize it. Gateway to Gold is like the Grand Central Station for initiation.

Members of the Gold Circle also tell me that the articles I wrote changed over time when I didn’t change them.  Their mind simply got more free.  They got validation of their own progress by going back to review an old article.  I think that’s so cool.  What they couldn’t understand before is now crystal clear.  That’s proof that they were letting go. You’ll get a little more freedom every time you engage with the articles or recordings.  But you aren’t just freeing yourself.  You’re breaking false connections with family, friends, and the collective.  So you are always helping to free others too…especially your own ancestry.  You’re also helping me to achieve freedom for all; so you are in service to the whole world along with me.

There are many initiation stories on this planet; those stories became my earliest validation.  Once decoded, an Egyptian story was no different from a Bible story.  When stories are decoded, we find the part of the East and the West that is true and identical. A fairy tale can often be more valuable for explaining false beliefs, programming, and letting go than a nonfiction book.  The problem stems from the fact that people were taught to view stories literally, physically, or symbolically.  They were taught to learn information not to decode or understand it.  So people could not see that ancient stories were written mentally and metaphorically.  Stories have been dumbed down to fit into the occult illusion.  When the stories fell, we fell with them. That’s another reason why initiation became a lost art.

To understand and really enjoy my story decodes, you have to be at least moving in the direction of initiation.  You have to know how to let go, and you have to want to let go and get free of the illusion.  Otherwise, you’ll just memorize the new version of the story and turn that into a new belief system or religion.  You’ll probably have the urge to start teaching that new belief system to others, which will annoy the living crap out of them.  You’d be making the illusion even harder to escape. The initiates said that those who used the teachings of the initiates for their own false gain would fall harder and faster they they could ever imagine. Sadly, most of the spiritual teachers, healers, and preachers today fit that bill. They are what I call level confused. They are sharing words and stories of the initiates as the truth from a fallen mindset; so they keep falling, and they keeping taking everyone who follows them down too.

For some reason, I realized that such errors were common; I knew that I could only share my decodes after I prepared people to use them properly. I’m thankful for that foresight today. You will get some decodes in the Gold Circle because I use the story of Adam and Eve and the story I wrote, “The Legend” to explain the mechanics of the mind and letting go. I also do some contemporary movie decodes, and I decode a few other cool stories in the Gold Circle. Story decodes are what make initiation fun.

If you want a simple example of a decode, read the decode of  The Lion King on this site in the free material.  I have a short decode of the Tower of Babel on No Labels No Lies.  I also did some decoding of the movie, “The Shawshank Redemption.”  These are very simple decodes that are pretty harmless; I only did those decodes to demonstrate why people need to let go of beliefs that they acquired from stories.  I go into much more detail in the decodes that I do in the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway. In a decode, the story moves from win lose to win win for all.  The characters all come back to life again. The story comes full circle. That same shift happens in our personal stories as we decode our memories and let go.  

You may have read of people like Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla creating concepts and inventions that were used by people who didn’t have a win-win point of view.  That devastated these men.  They did what they did for the good of all, and someone used what they invented for their own self-gain.  That would have happened to my story decodes if I didn’t realize that I needed to help people let go first.  We don’t need more teachers and preachers in the world, who are giving people false beliefs; I can assure you of that.  

I will never give anyone permission to teach this material or use my words in other books or articles because I don’t teach anything myself. I don’t write for people to learn what I know; I write as a catalyst for letting go. Everything I share on my websites was acquired by letting go. No one else can claim that. That being said, I have done research on a variety of topics in the past; but I used that research to demonstrate why certain beliefs were false and why history repeats itself. When I use someone else’s work, it will be quoted.

In this work, I’m either in the feminine role exposing and decoding some aspect of the illusion, or I’m in the true masculine role unconditionally loving everyone and holding the vision of freedom (and win win) for all in order to support their efforts in letting go.  People have my permission to do what I do 24/7, 365. You can unconditionally love others, or you can let go and expose false.  If we all lived that way, we wouldn’t need teachers, preachers, or healers anymore. We’d all be living in Heaven on Earth.

In my experience, most people come to love letting go in time.  They start to enjoy the insights; they love the great feeling of having their emotions disappear along with their false beliefs.  They start to find that their mind is a very interesting place to hang out.  Also, their whole life starts to make sense and being in their body becomes more enjoyable.  

That being said, my work isn’t for everyone.  I’m the first to admit that.  It’s for those people who have had enough of the illusion.  If you still have desires within the illusion, I suggest that you fulfill those false desires first.  I don’t like to have to rain on people’s parades and tell them that they have to give up a false desire in order to get free. I also don’t like people wasting their time or money on the Gold Circle if they aren’t really ready to let go and get free.  

In initiation, we slowly and gently drop our false desires; in the end, we only focus on attaining true desires.  False desires do keep us stuck.  That’s their purpose. Eventually, we come to realize that we only want true desires. We never miss anything after we’ve let it go. I can assure you of that. That’s because we can’t let go of anything that is true and right for us.

As you already know from the free material, we don’t get rid of our emotions in initiation.  We use our emotions to discriminate, which takes us to freedom.  So you must be willing to feel your emotions to get free.  Again, that’s something that you will come to enjoy. After a while, people want their emotions to arise; they want a free mind, and they realize that their emotions are supporting that true desire.

I will not be your guru or spiritual teacher in the Gold Circle.  Like I said, I don’t even view the Gold Circle as spiritual; I consider initiation and letting go to be practical.  We aren’t trying to become light bodies or nonphysical in the Gold Circle.  In addition, I will not be your healer or therapist; I won’t be giving you physical or mental remedies.  I will not be your mother, advisor, or your best friend.  I won’t be giving you advice at all.  But in time, you won’t need or want any of those fake roles or false leaders in your life.  You’ll realize that people in false roles have nothing to offer you anymore.  They aren’t bad people; they are just stuck in the illusion.  Until we are free, we truly have nothing to give another; so it’s best that we work on our mind until we have something real and true to give to others.  Then we’ll give by the very life that we live. Jesus said it like this (paraphrasing): Find ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, then all else will be added unto you.

The ultimate goal of initiation is for you to answer all of your own questions.  That’s why I don’t interact with you directly.  It’s hard for people to understand why I’d make myself scarce.  Quite honestly, I did what I set out to do. Now I want to go back to living the life that I’ve earned.  I gave up a lot mentally, emotionally, relationship wise, health wise, and economically to do the Gold Circle.  I couldn’t create or even relate to people as my True Self when I was stuck in other people’s illusions helping them to get free and exposing the collective illusion.  After I let go of someone’s illusion, I’d get free for a day or two as I wrote about that experience; and I’d have a little fun.  Then I had to dive back into the illusion in order to do the next article.  So it was quite an adventure that lasted for several years.  That chapter of my story is now complete.  I know how to get anyone to freedom now, and that is documented in my extensive collection of articles.  

If you are wanting a politically correct leader, I’m not the one.  I’m not a people pleaser.  I’m a True Self pleaser.  I know who I work for.  You are not your beliefs, even if you like them.  So I’m never mad at you when I expose a belief as false.  My exposure is never personal.  Too often, people think that they are their beliefs.  You’ll get over that in time.  You weren’t born with even one belief in your mind.  You were born with everything that you needed for your True Self desires; you just didn’t realize that.  

We also don’t honor victimhood in the Gold Circle.  No story can be too big or too harsh to let go.  I am not willing to leave anyone behind because I gave up on them.  So I’ve found an exit for everyone.  It’s up to you to take the exit or not. I keep my promise to give you everything I’ve come to know.  But you will have to take responsibility for your past; and that’s not a popular thing to do today.  Being a victim is viewed as cool in this day and age.  It can even offer some social and economic advantages.  Oppression is often treated like a badge of honor within the illusion.  What works in the illusion won’t work outside of the illusion.

People today want safe spaces when they feel emotion.  They want to blame others for their emotions.  They like to justify their false effects.  All of that has to disappear in initiation.  But don’t worry; I show you how to let the past go no matter what happened to you in reality, and I tell you why you would want to let it go.  When you do as I suggest, it’s like your past is rewritten.  What happened in the past can’t ever happen again.  

If you aren’t willing to invest the time, and stick with initiation for as long as it takes, then it probably isn’t for you at this time.  If you just want to read what I write and not let go, then the Gold Circle DEFINITELY isn’t for you.  People come to the Gateway To Gold website from different places with very different mindsets.  They come for different reasons.  For some, it isn’t that hard to let go; they catch on pretty quickly.  Others are very stuck in the illusion because they’ve had a difficult past, and it takes them much longer to understand letting go.  You are where you are.  No one is superior or inferior in my world.  

My only guarantee is that it’s possible for anyone to get free in one lifetime if they make letting go a regular part of their life.  For most, it will take much, much less time than their whole life.  Most people will become totally free with plenty of time to spare; they will be able to enjoy living a fully creative life. But initiation only works if you do it. Your old clone voices will try to distract you from letting go. You’ll have to motivate yourself because your inner clones, and your outer friends and family, will try to get you to quit.

Every fad in the illusion fades in value over time.  But initiation never goes out of style.  Initiation never has to be redone unless you choose to dive back into the illusion to help others like I did.  Once you are free, you’re free for as long as you choose to be free.   

Now let’s address the elephant in the room…why do I charge for the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway? Many people say, “But Cathy, the truth should be free.”  Yes the truth should be free because we all contain the truth within.  I totally agree with that statement.  However, I’m not giving you the truth in the Gold Circle or the Golden Gateway.  If you knew how to access the truth within you already, you would already be free.  In the header of No Labels No Lies, I explain how I feel about people who teach the truth.  Most of them do charge money; others ask you to donate to their organization, or you have to work for free in order to learn their belief system that has been relabeled the truth.

While I was doing the Gold Circle, I had to devote full time, seven days a week to this project. I couldn’t make money any other way because it took all of the time and energy that I had. So I decided to charge a nominal fee. But also, it’s a common belief in the illusion that you get what you pay for. People associate free with worthless. If people don’t give something of value for initiation, they don’t tend to take it seriously. So they don’t make any progress. I hope that one day people will value what I’ve done without running it through an illusory lens; then I will happily give it away for free. At this time, however, the illusion has a lot of power; it takes someone who is serious about freedom to stick with initiation.

Actually, you will come to realize that the saying about not charging for the truth is backwards. People who live from the True Self will never tell you the truth. People who teach or preach beliefs should do that for free because what they offer is worthless. I assure you that everyone who has claimed to give you the truth only gave you beliefs.  I’m giving you what you actually need, which is the ability to free your own mind.  I’m giving you the keys to the Gateway To Gold.  

My small monthly fee is repulsive to those who aren’t really serious about initiation, and that’s a good thing. Often people think that they want freedom, but they just want to fix a problem. Or they want access to me for some reason. That’s not where I want to spend my time. I only want people who truly want total freedom to join the Gold Circle. They fit into my vision; my vision along with my unconditional love (and nonjudgmental) is much of what I give to everyone who walks this path with me. It’s worth more than you might realize. You will find that I’m giving you something that money can’t buy.

The goal of the Gold Circle and the Golden Gateway is for you to come to KNOW YOURSELF.  I can’t say that enough.  Once we reconnect with our True Self, we’re never alone again.  We’re never afraid again.  In fact, our fight-or-flight response is replaced with our natural instinct to let go.  At that point, everything I’m telling you will make perfect sense.  You will begin to follow YOUR own, perfect inspiration.  You see, the collective has a full-circle story too; and part of what you will do after you’re free will somehow assist in the completion of our collective Heaven on Earth story. We’ll talk about that much more in the Gold Circle.

A Few Important Precautions for Your Safety and Comfort

In initiation, we don’t have goals, rules, or directives.  I don’t give Gold Circle members new beliefs.  I help everyone to let go so that they can find what they KNOW…their True Self.  That sounds odd to people at first.  In most normal group activities, the leader holds the false masculine role; that leader tells everyone what to think, say, and do.  Then everyone follows the leader. We reverse that in the Gold Circle. I gave the members of the original group the masculine role. I let them lead; and then, I told them what they projected on to me from the feminine role. That’s what they needed to let go. I basically flipped the power pyramid upside down when I did the Gold Circle. That mirrors what needs to be done collectively. Our leaders should be serving the people, not the other way around. So I demonstrated true leadership.

In initiation, there are no practices or routines; in fact, we let go of all practices and routines.  A free person is a spontaneous person.  Following our inspiration becomes natural as we let go.  You can let go any place and any time.  You can do it while you work and while you play.  After a while, you’ll even find yourself letting go in your night dreams.  In the illusion, there are all kinds of practices that one must supposedly do in order to have a good life, like prayer, meditation, affirmations, yoga, weight lifting or other exercise routines, taking supplements, going to retreats, following diets, being grateful, being polite, etc.  There is nothing like that in initiation.  You let go when you want to let go in any position or place. The only thing you can’t do is customize letting go. When people do that, they end up deceiving themselves. Their clone voices pretend to let go, and they waste a lot of time and energy. Then they end up feeling defeated because they’ve gone deeper into the illusion.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Gold Circle.  If you are still living with your parents, then I’d wait until you move out.  When you live with your parents, you are under their rulership.  It’s hard to break free of their beliefs when you share a space with them or need them for any sort of financial support.  You don’t want to make initiation harder than necessary.  Also, sometimes beliefs leave our mind naturally when we leave our parents’ homes and care.  That’s how life should happen naturally.  So you can waste a lot of time trying to let go of something that will naturally fade away once you leave home.

I do not recommend that you do the Gold Circle if you are seeing a therapist. You need to complete that relationship before beginning the Gold Circle. Ideally, you should feel reasonably comfortable with your emotions.  If you are absolutely terrified of your emotions, then letting go is going to be very difficult.  I’d suggest working with the free material (especially No Labels No Lies) until you start to realize that your emotions are your friend, not your foe.  This is not a program for releasing emotions like you find with the Release Technique or the Emotional Freedom Technique.  In addition, if you think you are supersensitive, you are not. There is no such thing. Being very sensitive around others means that you are projecting out what you need to let go. You have a lot of suppressed memories or beliefs in your “unconscious.” That sensitivity goes away once you see what your mind is doing.

Many people today think that their emotions tell them about others.  That is just not true. We are not meant to be outer directed. Other people have their own mental containers. We don’t have to know what’s in their minds. Also, no one is causing us to be emotional. Our emotions are our OWN personal discrimination system.  If we don’t share a belief with another, they won’t bother us.  This is confusing to so many people when they first come to the Gold Circle.  The illusion is all about delusion and confusion. We work through these things slowly and gently. In addition, you will never be judged for falling into the illusion. We’ve all been there.

In initiation, our emotions go away naturally once we let go of the causal belief.  The same is true for unwanted effects. But such mastery of our mind takes time. So you must be patient and be willing to take what you get along the way. Emotions actually become pretty scarce once we let go automatically again.  But we need them to get free. So we don’t want to make them go away.

We do not use, or need, any form of muscle testing, divination, or machinery to know the cause of our beliefs.  Therapy, self-help programs like those promoted by people like Tony Robbins, or New Age programs like those promoted by Byron Katie are the opposite of letting go.  Unfortunately for me, these false teachers make exposing false confusing and difficult.  That’s why I had to dive into people’s illusions to understand what in the hell they were doing with their minds.  They had followed people who presented soothing or success techniques within the illusion as true.  They had strong clones in their minds; they had conviction regarding their teacher’s belief systems.  Consequently, I recommend that you stop following other people while doing the Gold Circle.  Then you will see that the techniques of all the people you followed in the past were false.  If you don’t want to continue letting go at some point, you can go back to following others.  But you need to step into letting go with both feet in order to see if it’s right for you.  

Likewise, if you are on drugs or in rehab, seriously ill, in a cult, following a spiritual teacher or guru, part of a religion, using anything to numb or relieve your emotions, have been programmed by something like MKUltra, or part of a radical political group like ANTIFA, you need to be physically free of such groups or any physicians or therapists who are deprogramming you before you join the Gold Circle.  Again, that’s because you’d be worshiping two masters.  Those people expect you to follow them blindly.  They view me as the enemy.

I recommend that you stop doing all practices like yoga, eastern meditation, Tai Chi, or martial arts while doing this program.  I don’t require you to stop, but they will hold you back because they all come with beliefs.  Letting go will be much harder if you continue to do such practices because people do those practices as a cover for their beliefs.  Therefore, the beliefs that they need to let go remain suppressed and projected out. People who do such practices will tell me that they don’t know what to let go; but that’s because their practices are causing them to project.

You can’t treat the false self as true and honor your True Self at the same time.  Clones who teach beliefs, practices, and techniques as the truth don’t like to lose their minions.  They have no power without followers to project on. I don’t need followers. In fact, I didn’t want to do this work because I get projected on from the people I try to help.  Leaving any group gives you physical freedom from the group.  You will need that physical space in order to gain mental freedom in the Gold Circle.  However, leaving a group physically doesn’t clean out your mind or those old false connections with the leaders and others in the group. You will still need to let go of the beliefs that you got from that group.

Freedom for all cannot be achieved if we accept any second-cause beliefs as true.  I’m much tougher in the Gold Circle than I can be on social media or in the free material because those platforms weren’t private.  But I’m not mean.  So don’t be afraid to ask a question in the comments.  You are certainly allowed to ask why something is false if you are having trouble getting to the top of the triangle on a topic.  I don’t punish or judge anyone for asking a question.  But the answer you get will never support your beliefs.  If I don’t expose all the phony techniques and beliefs that serve the illusion, an exit to freedom might close; and my job as the visionary of this program is to keep all exits to freedom wide open.  In fact, it’s my intent that the people who are letting go in the Gold Circle will open those exits even wider.

I don’t want you to ever consider yourself a student or disciple.  I’m also not your teacher or guru. I want you to view yourself like an ancient initiate who is contributing to the ideal of freedom for all.  In my way of sharing and writing, the reader and the writer are equal participants in initiation.  There is no superior and inferior in the Gold Circle.  I’m letting go of beliefs, and so are you.  I’m only the leader because I’ve been doing it longer and have more practice, so I don’t get stuck (or I don’t get stuck for long).  I’m also holding the vision of freedom for all.  We honor true equality in the Gold Circle.  We also honor natural roles like speaking and listening.  We don’t honor false roles like doctor, lawyer, guru, etc.  We don’t give our power away to people playing false roles of authority.  Your letting go is a powerful contribution to the world.  This is the most important thing you will ever do…I can assure you of that.  You will be amazed at what you ultimately become; you’ll have a lot to give to the world.  But again, it will take time to get there.

The Gold Circle will be uncomfortable at times.  It’s a rough and rugged adventure for sure.  But it’s not unbearable if you are willing to let go of whatever arises.  If you are not yet willing to let go of a particular belief system, I suggest that you follow that belief system to the letter for a few months.  Do that belief system as if your life depended on it.  That will expose the cracks in the belief system.  You’ll see that it’s more false than true; you’ll find that there were many things in that belief system that you didn’t want to do.  But you ignored that part of the belief system, and you only did the parts that you liked.  So you really just need to drop the whole belief system.

If one belief in any belief system is false, or you can’t bring yourself to abide by any aspect of a belief system, then the whole belief system is false.  You will come to realize this.  I’ve been doing this for thirty plus years. Letting go has always worked, and it has never caused harm. People who tried to claim that it didn’t work or caused harm were lying. It was actually their old belief system that caused the harm. They didn’t want to admit that; but I called out the lie. It’s win win for all for letting go to work. It’s lose lose for all for it not to work. There is no rush to finish initiation.  In fact, initiation is the best part of our full-circle story.  It’s the happily-ever-after ending part of our story where we become creators again.

What Is In the Gold Circle?

Most of the Gold Circle is broken up into articles and group calls. The calls generally last about two hours.  The articles are fairly long to very long.  Most are about the size of this article or longer.  I break up the articles into shorter bites so that you remember to take letting go breaks.  Nearly every paragraph has some serious meat in it.  But what brings up beliefs for one person, might do nothing for another; you will have your own unique experience.  Your inner initiator will be customizing this program without you ever having to think about it.  Whatever needs to come to the surface of your mind will arise at exactly the right time.  Your job is to witness your mind so that you notice when those beliefs arise. My writing and speaking act as the catalysts that cause initiation to progress.

This program is divided into seventeen units.  I highly recommend that you do those units in the order that they are presented; they build on each other.  We start off really easy and gently warm up to the more difficult aspects of letting go.  If things get too intense, slow down.  You’re not in a race with anyone else.  Besides, if you feel emotion, there are beliefs right on the surface to let go.  That’s exactly what you want.  Too often people have learned to view their emotions as a bad thing; so when they feel emotions, they think they’re doing something wrong.  Or they are very practiced in suppressing their emotions, so they do that automatically. That’s programming that you have to catch and let go.

Each unit is the equivalent of one or more typical nonfiction books.  In addition, there is a group call and call narrative for each unit.  Most people do about a unit a month or every six weeks.  If someone isn’t working, they might move more quickly.  If they work a lot, they might move more slowly.  At any rate, you determine the pace that’s comfortable for you.  In addition, there are quick topics that you can do at any time; there’s also a section with prompts for letting go, and there’s a glossary of common initiation words that take you to articles that focus on that particular word.  The Gold Circle is very extensive and comprehensive.

My writing is designed to be interactive and to be alive.  I call it living writing.  You can read an article ten times, and it will bring up new beliefs and memories each time you read it.  I don’t ever write to give you beliefs.  I don’t write to teach you anything.  I write to free you.  Sometimes my writing includes answers to common questions about our mental history or the illusion. We have to know where we came from and how we fell in order to get back to our perfection.  But in the end, our illusory history was all FALSE.  All of my writing is original material.  Occasionally, I quote other writers when I’m decoding a story, or I use a quote to demonstrate how others typically see the topic at hand.  Otherwise, what I share with you can be found nowhere else.

The Gold Circle is not a normal reading experience.  You will be reading, feeling, discriminating, and letting go as you read.  So you can’t use this material in a normal way.  You’ll get used to the way of the Gold Circle in time; and you’ll be able to bring that way of reading, feeling, discriminating, and letting go to everything else you do.  Ultimately, the way you are in the Gold Circle will start to bleed through your whole life; that’s validation that you are becoming more true and free.  People in the illusion move too fast, and they think too much.  They give too much weight to knowledge, and they ignore their natural emotional discrimination.  We are reversing those bad habits.  In time, you’ll start to see the whole world from a different point of view.  You won’t be accepting beliefs from anyone anymore.  You’ll discriminate all the time.

As we move through the deprogramming process, I demonstrate how topics which are clearly part of the illusion, can be used by the True Self.  For example, I used to work as a hypnotherapist.  I never did hypnotherapy like other people.  I did it to set people free.  I got amazing results.  My work formed the basis for what I do today.  I also show you how to use astrology for freedom; astrology is a part of the illusion.  It’s totally an occult tool.  However, in my leadership groups, the participants use their astrology charts to find collective beliefs to let go.  I share psychological and physical healing from the True Self’s point of view.  It’s totally different from medicine or even alternative healing.  We look at the metaphorical truth in religions from the East and the West that you won’t hear from others because they aren’t viewing those stories from the True Self, so they can’t see the metaphors.  We discuss politics from the True Self’s point of view, and we look at leadership from the win-win point of view.  We even expose pseudo-science, which is most of science today. No topic is off limits.  We’ll even discuss how you might use a self-help tool like visualization, meditation, or positive thinking in a way that helps you to get free. The normal way of using those techniques binds you into the illusion.

In this program, we don’t run and hide from the illusory world.  We don’t deny the illusion; we face it head on.  If something or someone bothers us, that thing or person is doing us a favor as initiates.  They are showing us beliefs to let go.  The world becomes our creative canvass because we come to see everything from the big picture perspective.  In the end, we use the illusion; it no longer uses us.

Unlike other techniques and programs, there will never be certified letting go instructors.  That’s not appropriate.  Initiation cannot be taught. If you choose to help someone let go, you must do it from the feminine role just like I do.  However, initiation isn’t about making you a copy of me; it’s about finding out who you truly are. You will most likely become an exposer of some part of the illusion…some part that interests you.  You will go much deeper into that topic of interest than I did in my writing.  Or you will become an example of one who lives a free life so that others come to realize what is possible.  Being the free one in your family or community will become natural; you will lead simply because you see clearly, and you’re not bothered by the challenges or problems that others are believing and manifesting.  

You will become someone that motivates others to want to let go.  You’re full-circle story will be very interesting.  It might become a book or movie.  You will create the life that you want to live. You might find that you really love relaxing on the beach, drinking wine, and watching the sunset.  A hobby might become a career or major form of expression in your life.  The sky is the limit regarding what you might become; but you won’t be like anyone who lives within the borders of the illusion.  So until you let go for a while, you might not see your perfect expression.  You might feel like you have no true desires. That’s okay; be patient.  I had no idea that I’d be doing this until I was actually doing it.  We don’t need to plan when we are free minded.  We have our inspiration.

When you are free, you won’t need to do anything to maintain that state of mind anymore.  So you won’t be letting go for life.  It’s like cleaning a closet.  It’s a lot of work to get rid of the crap that you don’t need and to organize the stuff that you have been keeping in that closet.  But after you’re done, if you keep your closet neat and clean, you don’t have to clean it ever again.  As long as you don’t run off and join a cult, you won’t have to clean up your mind again.

Many people have told me that they could never stick to anything in the past.  But they want to stick with letting go.  They do enjoy that clean closet feeling.  That’s great validation that letting go works, and it provides constant progress and benefits.  Others have told me that they hated politics or religion, or even history, before the Gold Circle.  Now they love those topics because life becomes interesting when you see any part of it from the True Self’s perspective.  Every topic is really about people; and people are very interesting.

I’ve already provided the basics of letting go and vaguely explained how we got into this mess in the free information.  I also provided basic techniques that anyone could follow in No Labels No Lies.  In the Gold Circle, I go into those same topics with much more detail, precision, and depth.  So, you should have already read the free information.  I wrote the free material so that people would know what they were getting into if they decided to go all the way to freedom with my support.  The free material is invaluable.  In the Gold Circle, I’m providing a lot more detailed explanations, more techniques and tools, and many more examples.  I cover far more topics, and I use terminology that becomes familiar after a while.  You don’t have to be an expert at letting go to join the Gold Circle, just familiar with what you are choosing.  There aren’t any tests in the Gold Circle, so don’t worry about that.  Life does the testing for you; and you’ll have plenty of challenges supplied by life along the way.

I say things in the Gold Circle that are not appropriate for general public consumption.  What I’m saying would make no sense to someone who is not at least vaguely familiar with letting go, roles, emotions, beliefs being lies, psychological reversal, discrimination, the occult, and initiation.  I had to create a new vocabulary to bring initiation back.  Some of the words that I use are new (my creation), but most are old words that were lost or hijacked by the occultists over time. For that reason, you cannot allow people to read the Gold Circle articles who are not in the program.  Nor can they listen to the calls.  They would just learn what I say and put my words into their mind as the truth.  That will make them less free, not more free.  You will do harm to them if you do that.  If you want to help others, you must expose false; you must follow my example.  Don’t fall into the guru, spiritual teacher, or advisor trap.  You’ll actually be busy with your own mind and life.  So you’ll probably want to remain in your own lane.

Likewise, you cannot take this information and add it to something you might be teaching or have done in the past that’s part of the illusion.  Again, you will do harm to others if you do that.  If people want to learn about letting go, and you can’t expose their beliefs as false because they are too stuck, send them to the free material.  Help them find a good starting article.  I always recommend that they start with the oldest articles and work toward the newest ones in No Labels No Lies.  We never want to coax someone into initiation. They need to choose it for themselves just like we did. Let others decide if they want to let go or not.  We must always honor the free will of others in initiation.  If you start imposing letting go on to others, you’ve turned letting go into an illusory technique. It will lose its power for you.

Even though you know the big secret, that emotions mean that the beliefs you’re thinking are false, it can be hard to get your mind to work that way.  We’ve been holding on to beliefs and suppressing emotions for a long time.  Our beliefs basically cover three levels:  personal, relationships with others, and the collective society.  In the Gold Circle, we dive into a variety of topics for each of those levels.  We work on all three levels at the same time because that’s the quickest way to freedom.

We are going to look at many controversial collective topics in a mature way:  projection, abortion, racism, transgenderism, guns, drugs, debt, socialism/communism, pedophilia, slavery, Donald Trump, the progressive movement, social justice, political correctness, politics, borders, globalism, climate change, conspiracy theories, aliens, parenting, fake science, terrorism, etc.  These topics often sit in our mind in a very one-sided way.  Everyone is talking about these collective concepts; and everyone has their opinions about these topics.  We go beyond the typical right-and-wrong point of view; we look for the win win at the top of the triangle, and we let go of both sides of the normal point of view.  Of course, the collective illusion isn’t always going to come our way; so we will often need to temporarily support the most productive and freeing points of view within the illusion as we simultaneously work to expose and dissolve all of our beliefs on that topic.  We can’t just leap to the top of the triangle in a single bound; I strive to demonstrate that with practical examples so that you can enjoy the journey during initiation.  

We’ll also cover many other topics including:  initiation and the occult, creating our life, God in many forms, writing for freedom, reading for freedom, eliminating labels, our own personal rule book, finding a great career, relationships, divination, astrology, working with the characters (voices) in our mind, scary voices, mythology and stories, lifestyle, money and abundance, the soul, the mind, psychology, health and healing, food and diet, exercise and fitness, the eastern trap, roles, sharing letting go, leadership, birth and death, coming full circle with our own story, and much more.  I provide mental games to play, guided sessions, questions, challenges, and tools all along the way.  

We’ll look at countless real-life examples so that you can see how any word or topic shifts as we move from the physical, literal perspective through the false-mental perspective to the true-mental perspective.  Until we make the shift to the true-mental perspective, we’re not done with a topic.  Once we’ve made that shift to the true-mental realm, whatever we say or do will be just fine.  We’ll no longer be acting, projecting, or manifesting from the false clone voices.  Our OWN false self will now be supporting our True Self.  Our false self will become our first-cause creative instrument again.  That’s how our minds were naturally designed.

The Vision

Given that initiation is like nothing else you’ve done before, it’s essential that you come to the Gold Circle with a pioneering, freedom-loving spirit, a truly open mind, and a willingness to move to a whole new perspective of life.  Only join me on this journey to freedom if you feel aligned with my vision.  The vision for the Gold Circle, and the Golden Gateway, is as follows:

The Gold Circle is a real, virtual space carved out of the illusory world, where it is possible and probable that everyone can get free if they are willing to challenge their old beliefs by facing them head on, to expose those beliefs until they know they are false, and to let them all go.  The Gold Circle is an exit from the illusion.  In this space, freedom is the ultimate desire. Freedom includes creating whatever you desire (so long as it is win win for everyone else).  That means that you will be working toward becoming the author, director, editor, producer, and lead actor of your own full-circle life story.  Freedom includes mastering your body and living in perfect health; it also means having extraordinary relationships that work. Freedom means that you have achieved the Greek ultimate state, which was to “Know Thyself.”  Freedom means that you have abundance, and you feel safe and secure in the world regardless of the state of the illusion.  It means that your True Self leads the way so that you are one with the Creator again.  Freedom means that you have compassion and caring for others; you no longer judge or want to change others.  Other people just don’t bother or affect you anymore. Freedom includes the ability to expose the illusion as false with courage and authenticity; that’s the initiate’s gift to others. That’s a gift of unconditional love.  Freedom is having a true vision for your life; and that vision fits perfectly into the greater collective, Heaven on Earth vision. 

Now let me be clear.  The vision of the Gold Circle and the Golden Gateway is meant to be very expansive.  It offers unlimited potential, but it’s not a guarantee. I offer information that centers around initiation and letting go just like you’d read in any book.  I offer techniques that have worked for myself or others.  But they’ll do nothing for you if you don’t use them to let go.  They’ll also do nothing for you if you modify them to become like other techniques that you’ve learned within the illusion.  You are going to have to catch any tendency to want to force initiation into your old mindset.  Sadly, this is trickier than it seems because the teachings of the initiates were hijacked by the occult; and much of what I say could sound familiar.  

What you get out of the Gold Circle is largely up to you. That’s important; and I designed the Gold Circle that way for your benefit.  You’re going to be bringing the story of your life full circle.  You’re going to be making sense of everything that has happened to you in this life or any past life.  You want the credit for your achievement, and you completely deserve it all.  But that means that you also must assume the responsibility if you do nothing or if you diminish the power of a technique by doing it in a way that serves the clone voices in your mind.  You also have to assume responsibility for your past; you can’t blame others or play the victim card anymore.

If along the way, you decide that you don’t want freedom, don’t feel bad.  That’s fine.  I won’t think any less of you.  I will not even try to convince you to stick around.  If you are one who likes to play games like threatening leaving, don’t bother.  I don’t play games.  You have total freedom in my world.  This is not a cult; no one is going to entrap you.  In fact, the Gold Circle is just the opposite.  Cults are created with beliefs; and we are letting go of all beliefs.

My role as the creator of the Gold Circle is to make sure that whatever goes into the Gold Circle is consistently moving everyone in the direction that I’ve described in the vision statement above.  You may find that at some point, you want to detour into the illusion and live in good and evil, right and wrong, or win and lose again. You might find that you don’t want to stop judging something or someone.  Or you could hit a belief system that you don’t want to let go.  I call that hitting a wall. If that happens, you will probably feel uncomfortable in the Gold Circle.  You would be resisting moving closer to freedom in a space that focuses entirely on letting go and freedom.  That’s fine.  Now you must choose.  Do I challenge this wall and let go of more beliefs and more illusion; or do I let go of letting go and exit the Gold Circle?  You can’t do both; and if you try, you’ll make yourself very uncomfortable, confused, or even feel like you are going crazy.  You can’t hold on and let go at the same time.

Everyone is welcome to join the Gold Circle as long as they meet the above recommendations.  You can join even if you left my life, or mentoring program, earlier in an angry rage because you hated what I told you to let go.  I don’t hang on to the past.  I also never hold on to any judgment toward me from another.  I welcome people back into my life; in fact, I’m always happy when they come back.  I know that people who judged me unfairly in the past simply weren’t being themselves.  They were stuck in the illusion; and they couldn’t understand what I was saying.  That being said, I still stand by whatever I told you to let go.  I still won’t accept your beliefs or practices as true.  Freedom will never include beliefs, not even the beliefs that you think you love.  It will also never include practices that are designed by another. It’s about trusting your own True Self.

You must also understand that you are entering the Gold Circle at your own risk and responsibility.  In truth, there is no risk.  Beliefs are what create risk; letting go removes all the risk from our lives.  But that is often hard for people to understand or grasp.  I’m not giving you any beliefs.  I’m not programming you.  I’m doing the opposite.  But because of the crazy way we’ve been trained to use our minds, programming often feels comfortable.  People join cults all the time without feeling any discomfort.  It’s deprogramming and exposing the beliefs that they got in those cults that’s perceived as uncomfortable.  That’s a lie that you will expose in time.

Warning:  The Gold Circle is never a substitute for medical advice. If you need such care, you are encouraged to seek it out immediately. You can always let go later on.  You can’t let go if you are dead.  Also if the Gold Circle ever feels like it is getting too intense, cancel or pause your membership, and take a break.  You won’t hurt my feelings.  I completely understand the normal discomforts of this process.  I’ve been there myself.

Most of the time, we are not in a life threatening situation.  So before you take action, or fix the effects, you usually have the time to try to let go.  If letting go doesn’t work for some reason, follow your beliefs to the letter; or get the help you need from someone with authority or expertise in the illusion.  But vow to let go after the fact so that the same situation doesn’t happen to you again.  That results in progress; and any progress is great progress.  Remember, the rest of the world is adding beliefs to their mind every single day; taking anything out of our mind is going to save us from some unwanted effects in the future.  

Your job is to be responsible for your own well being, but also to challenge yourself as much as you can.  In many ways, initiation is an internal war. It’s a war between your True Self and your old programmed mind…those damn clone voices.  The True Self has no weapons; all it can do is expose the false mind as false.  Initiation is not easy because the false mind, which includes those clone voices, has lots of tricks and traps to support its false point of view.  Many of those tricks and traps will be ways of scaring you or upsetting you.  The main weapons of the clone characters are deception, manipulation, distraction, redirection, demands, threats, guilt, shame, blame, fear, and temptation.  We tend to become like those we follow; occult-minded leaders became the voices in most of our minds whether we realized it or not.

There will absolutely be times when you want to quit.  There will be times when you hate me.  You have to decide moment to moment if you want to continue toward freedom or stop and live within the illusion.  Your commitment is only one month at a time.  If you stop your mind in those emotionally frantic moments, discriminate, and let go, you’ll see that it was just false voices trying to keep control over your mind, body, and life.  The voices might tell you that I’m trying to control you; but if you look closely at what the voices are saying, I’m not.  Those voices are actually trying to control you.  I’m trying to free you.

Let me say this one more time:  You can’t screw up by letting go.  You can’t let go of your True Self.  That is impossible.  If you don’t let go, you’ll just get what you were going to get anyway.  So you’ll see what your beliefs were creating, and now you’ll have the feedback to work on letting go of that topic. Always remember that letting go never causes problems.  It can’t.  It can only take problems away.  Problems and suffering are all part of the illusion.  If you get problems in initiation, it’s because you are resisting letting go and holding on; that’s normal.  Don’t be hard on yourself when you get problems.  Just get back to letting go.

This is what I know for sure.  Your future will be better than it would have been if you had not let go, even if you don’t go all the way.  If you remember that, it quiets your “need to get it done right now” voices.  Also, I’ll help you to keep score mentally and to notice validation.  That way, you will see your progress more easily.

I Do Want Initiation. So How Do I Join?

If after all of that, you still have a question about the program, you can email me by using the contact page on the new site.  Here is the link: httpss://initiation.gatewaytogold.com/contact-cathy/.  You will notice that it says that questions are for members only, but this is the one exception to that restriction.  That being said, I do not answer personal questions or give advice.  Do not tell me your story and ask me what one thing you need to let go.  Letting go doesn’t work like that.  There are no canned answers to problems; I don’t care what others have told you.  One person can have a money problem because of a current relationship with someone who is projecting on to them, another might have a bad memory of their parents fighting over money as a child, and another might have signed an oath of poverty in the Catholic church in a past life.  I’m not a mind reader, and I don’t want to be.  The Gold Circle is designed so that you can find your own causal beliefs.  Your independence and freedom is the win win for both of us.

The investment for the Gold Circle is $40 per month.  I lowered the price from $50 after I stopped doing the group calls.  On occasion, I may surprise everyone and do a group call in order to get to know the people in the program.  But I don’t promise them anymore.  It mostly depends on my schedule.

Once you sign up, the billing will happen automatically until you cancel your membership.  Buying a membership assumes that you have read this page, and you agree to what I’ve written.  There are no refunds.  I’m not looking to create an accounting or technical support job for myself.  If this work isn’t fun, I’ll just go do something else.  I don’t need to do this for me; I already know how to get free.  

If money is tight for you at this time, I suggest that you keep working on the free material with a focus on money.  Many people found the money to join my private mentoring program, which was much more expensive than the Gold Circle, by doing exactly that.  This is not a charity because charities are fixated on problems.  Consequently, the Gold Circle fees are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.  However, they could be deductible as a business expense if you are an entrepreneur.  I highly encourage entrepreneurship, and we work toward that end in the Golden Gateway.

I hope you love the Gold Circle, and I hope that it helps you to feel part of something that is moving toward freedom for all.  Most important, make this a fun journey.  Take delight in each insight or accomplishment.  Realize that this quest for freedom, and completion of your story, is your life purpose.  If you succeed in freedom, you will have done something that virtually no one else does or has done.  Fuck the 1%.  You will be part of .00001% or less.  So don’t be hard on yourself when the going gets tough.  Know that freedom is possible; and the greatest joy will be knowing that you did this yourself.  No one will ever take your initiation experience away from you.  No one will ever be able to put you down again.

Now after all of that, if you still want to go on this adventure with me, here is the link: httpss://initiation.gatewaytogold.com

When you get on to the home page, scroll down to the three masks and choose the one that says “Join Gold Circle.”  Before you do that, however, you should scroll down below the masks and explore the letting go prompts and the glossary of terms.  That way, you’ll know where those are, and you can come back to them when you need a break from reading or listening to group calls.  Also, you’ll want to bookmark that website.  It is separate from the normal Gateway To Gold website.  So if you don’t bookmark it, you’ll have to come back to this article to access it.  I don’t display the link to the new site in obvious places because I want to keep the traffic to members only.  In addition, after you login, you will return to the home page.  Now you must select the Gold Circle archives from the top menu bar.  You won’t automatically go to the articles.  That is because you may want to play with the glossary or the letting go prompts. Also, the Golden Gateway members login the same way; they just make a different choice to access the articles.

You are about to take a huge step to a life that you probably never imagined.  Enjoy the journey.  I’m happy to have you with me.  Life is great outside of the illusion.

Much love, Cathy

I don’t ask people for testimonials.  I get a lot of thank you notes, and I get a fair number of apologies when people blame letting go for something that someone in their past actually caused; but I don’t usually think to post them publicly.  They often have private information in them.  Nevertheless, they are always sweet to receive.  Most people just want to tell me how letting go has helped them.  They thank me for giving them their life back.  People get different things out of letting go.  But the notes always share the same sentiment that they’ve come back home or found something rare like a diamond or a piece of gold.  Most acknowledge that they aren’t totally “there” yet, but they now realize that they are traveling in the direction that they always wanted to go.

There is something I call a point of no return.  People often write to me when they hit that point.  It’s when they are so clear about initiation that they know they can’t ever go back to their old way of thinking or living. There is nothing that they want from the illusion anymore.  I thought I’d share a few testimonial emails that I’ve received. I’ve removed the names from each of them; they were all actually fine with me publishing their names, but I just feel better keeping people who write to me anonymous.

This was unique email from someone that I mentored for a while, and then a few years past.  Eventually, they joined the Gold Circle.  It provides some sound advice for someone participating in the Gold Circle. Most of these were responses to a question that I asked the original group: What would you say to others who are about to join the Gold Circle?

Initially, I took Cathy’s words into my mind and knew they were true but did not do the work. Yes, there is work that only you can do. Her writing helps you to achieve life from the mental level, with unconditional love and the truth. By reading what Cathy wrote, I let go of roles: mother, daughter, wife, teacher, whatever. I have a 20 year old daughter. I let go of the mother role with her years ago. We don’t always agree. She is a creative adult with her own life. I don’t try to control that or give her advice. She reflects, and I let go of what I feel (emotion)…good or bad. My physical relationship is closer with her than ever. No, we don’t live together, but we have unconditional love that all parents want with their children.

I’m glad I gave the Gold Circle a try. We do connect with our wisdom if we do the mental work. Thank you, Cathy.

Here’s another comment that is interesting because it focuses on judgment.  People don’t realize that judgment is very unproductive and even unhealthy for us.  It causes problems in all areas of our life.  But our false minds won’t tell us that.  By letting go of judgment, you come to realize the price you pay for engaging in such thinking.

Joining Cathy’s programs was the best decision I ever made.  It’s hard to describe how much it helped me.  One example of something it helped me with was judgment.   It was a topic that looked like it should be easy to resolve, but it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the labels I had given others and the ones others had given me.

Enter Cathy; she discusses the topic in many different ways. By the end of the Gold Circle, judgment didn’t rule my life the same way anymore. I realized that some things I labeled judgment weren’t even judgment and thoughts I didn’t originally see as judgment actually were.  It was shocking at times, but that’s what made the Gold Circle so great; its material I’ve never read anywhere else.  It gives you a pure perspective on so many topics and the comfort to explore them in your own life at your own pace.

This was a comment from someone who uses letting go in her work as an artist.  It gives you an idea of what might be a preview of coming attractions for you.  I’ve watched her work improve greatly, and I’ve watched as her art has come to support her financially.

I let go every morning before I go to the easel. I have to let go of the words and thoughts before painting. I don’t want to put emotions or concepts or anything like that on to the canvas. It’s quite difficult to explain to people because for most people art is conceptual. Modern art seems to be more about talking about it, conveying ideas or concepts, or marketing. I don’t have words to explain my painting, other than it’s beyond or behind words.  If there are words or beliefs swirling around in my mind that I haven’t yet let go of, I don’t paint. I’ve just realized that those beliefs or thoughts would be the last thing I want to put on the canvas, nor do I want to strengthen that reality. It’s quite lovely being free of beliefs and then seeing what I come up with from within.

This one was from a gamer who has a unique point of view.  A lot of gamers are attracted to my work; they often game as children, because they innately view life as a game.  Gamers often love my decodes of movies, especially “The Matrix.”  Most people don’t notice that Neo never got rid of his neck portal, but Mr. Smith did.  So who actually got free?  Nevertheless, it was a fun movie to decode; and it really helped people to see how easily they have fallen into other people’s false illusory traps.

I’ve been letting go for more than 7 years and it’s the greatest thing ever…this is what I was always looking for in my life that was missing and has answered EVERY question that I had been seeking to resolve in my life.

By using Cathy’s material to let go, I’ve sorted out areas in every aspect of my life that I can think of that used to be a mess or confusing to me. I haven’t gone to a doctor in many years because letting go has shown me how to use my emotions properly; I’m actually able to find the real causes which are the beliefs that made me sick in the first place. Cathy’s material (through her articles, group calls, and mentoring) has all helped me to become healthier, happier, and so much more honest. I have much more freedom in my life and my relationships feel way more meaningful and authentic.

One of my favorite articles that Cathy wrote was her decode of the popular movie, “The Matrix.” To be honest, all of her articles are amazing; but this particular article jumped out at me because when I originally saw that movie, I really identified with the main character, Neo. But by the time I finished reading her article, I could see how there were so many beliefs that I had accepted that prevented me from seeing a totally different perspective. By the end of the movie, I was wishing I had identified more with Mr. Smith.

This is short and simple. It shows that the person has had a radical change of view and has saved a lot of money.