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Gold Circle Membership

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First of all, let me share my simple vision for this program:  Freedom for ALL.  Later on, I’ll share my more detailed vision.  I don’t take that vision lightly.  I had been researching the mind and freedom for over twenty-five years when I decided to do the Gold Circle.  I’d gone where most people will not go.  Lots of people can give you reasons for why things are the way they are.  They do that from their intellect. They create techniques and practices to fix what they do not like in their mind.  They keep adding and adding to their mind; even eastern meditation doesn’t subtract from the mind.  People act like LETTING GO can’t be done, and nothing is further from the truth.

For me, letting go makes so much sense.  Adding bullshit to my mind makes no sense at all.  But I’ve always been in the minority; and I’ve always been aware of that.  My mind never improved by adding any belief to it.  And when I say beliefs, I don’t just mean critical voices or unwanted beliefs.  My mind didn’t improve if I added nice sounding beliefs, moral beliefs, spiritual beliefs, or even beliefs that sounded like the truth.  I didn’t know why that was so.  I just knew that my experience proved that to me in a way that so far beyond any shadow of a doubt.

It’s like this for me.  Someone has a fear of eating pasta.  They fear it will make them fat.  Which is easier?  To never eat pasta again or to let go of the fear that pasta is fattening and enjoy pasta for the rest of your life.  To me, the choice is so simple.  You let go of the fear, and you have fun with the pasta.  You do not modify your diet to never eat pasta, nor do you put ice cream on that manure by saying you didn’t like pasta anyway.  You sure as hell don’t tell others that pasta is bad for them.  I realize those ways of coping are all normal, but they are NOT NATURAL.

Nevertheless, I’m in the super minority.  When I’d say this to people, they wanted to come my way; my quiet, happy mind sounded wonderful to them, but they didn’t know how to let go.  Their mind even told them that they couldn’t let go.  I realized that didn’t make sense to them.  I didn’t know how to fix that.  Something in their mind kept them from understanding me.  It wasn’t that I was saying anything wrong or false.

Given I looked crazy to others in this shared reality we call life on earth, I realized that I needed to show people how to let go with real life examples by doing it myself.  Telling them was not enough.  I needed to become a living demonstration of letting go.  I needed to give them more details.  In order to do that, I needed to go into the illusion, get stuck, and get myself back out.  But I also needed to record whatever I was letting go, and how I was letting it go.  I called this creating a pathway out of the illusion.  That pathway would lead anyone who took it to the Gateway to Gold.

Part of me didn’t want to do that again.  I’d already escaped the illusion once.  I wanted to enjoy my life.  Bit I couldn’t stand to see people suffer needlessly.  I could see that every form of suffering from accidents, to disease, to wars, to addictions, to depression, etc. was caused by beliefs that people held in mind as true.  The problem is that when you get free of the illusion, it just looks false.  You can’t imagine why anyone would believe the illusion or get harmed by it.

So I was inspired to follow a plan.  I’d dive into the illusion by bringing together a group of people who all viewed themselves as stuck.  These people had been reading my free material and trying to let go, but they had endless questions.  They’d have to pay for this service because it was going to take everything I had.  But they would get far more value than they were paying for; I was still a successful businesswoman at heart.  Also I needed to pay my bills while I did this tour of duty in the illusion.  I was working ten to twelve hours a day seven days a week.  I didn’t have time to do any other work or even manage my investments.

I’d submit to the people in the program by listening to them, reading their emails to me, and even believing them; I’d take the feminine role in our relationship.  I knew that I’d get stuck in their illusion that way.  It’d done that before with my ex-husband.  I’d record exactly what I witnessed in their illusion, and how I felt.  I’d also record what I did to escape their illusion.  I called this creating mini full-circle stories:  I was free at the start of the story. I fell into their illusion, and I got back out and was free again.  The story was mentally and physically full circle.  I did this over and over again…hundreds of times.  Whatever was on the table at the time I was writing an article was basically the topic of conversation.  The way this program came together was completely designed by my True Self inspiration.  It was amazing how things would dovetail so that one article flowed into the next.  People often said that I wrote their questions before they asked them.  That was totally inspiration; I’m do not channel or use any form of psychic powers.  Those come from within the illusion.

What happened was very interesting because I had twenty plus years of research into the occult illusion prior to doing this experiment.  I have a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Esoteric Studies, which is basically the occult way of thinking.  I have never practiced either area of expertise because I saw them as nothing but false information.  But knowing how these people thought was useful in creating this program.  So I could not only explain why the person would think as they did and project what they did, but I could explain the history or mythology behind that way of thinking.  I could also relate what they did to current events.  I was doing this during the very controversial Trump presidency.  So I had real-life examples that were understandable by people all over the world.

I don’t know how many countries were represented in this original group.  My guess is that there were around fifty people who came from fifteen to twenty countries.  In addition, I had already accumulated some understanding from mentoring that I had been doing for three years prior to this program; the people I mentored were from even more countries all over the world.  Every continent except Antartica was represented.  To my surprise, our core programming is the same world over.  I didn’t expect to learn that.  We are far more alike than we are different.

Writing was the best way to do this program, and writing online was the very best.  First of all, you can take my programs everywhere you go.  Everyone has a cell phone.  Most people learned that you don’t read my material like a novel.  You read a little bit; then you let go a lot.  So having their cell phone on a long walk allowed them to stop and read a paragraph; then they could do their mental clean up.  Or they could read a little and then go do the dishes or the laundry.  If their job isn’t require concentration, they could read a paragraph during a break and let go while they earned their living.  Also reading is slower and more deliberate than video or audio.  To let go, you need to feel your emotions; and most people don’t do that when thought moves too quickly…at least not in the beginning of initiation.  So reading forces them to slow down and feel.  I also developed a membership site so that the articles would be presented in the order in which they were inspired.  My free material has no order simply because of the way blogs work; and often people don’t realize that the first, easiest articles are the oldest.  To do this, I only wanted to work with committed people.  A membership site demands a commitment.

Now I don’t want you to think I was doing that as an act of sacrifice; it was never that. I never felt like a victim.  I did it as an act of unconditional love.  Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to end all suffering.  I just didn’t know how to do it.  This program does exactly that and more if you actually do the work.  The only thing that was painful for me during the time I did this program was the sad fact that when I exposed people false beliefs, they often felt attacked or that I did it to hurt them.  They had been trained that exposing false beliefs is mean; they couldn’t see that I was coming from love.  They forgot that they wanted freedom.  Often in that moment, they just wanted to be right.  That was their illusory voices talking.

This is very different than anything you’ve ever done because most people will not do what I did.  They don’t write about their experiences; they write about what they learned or what they observed.  They teach others from a masculine role where they are the authority figure and the other must parrot back what they say or do what they tell them.  I dropped into the other person’s world and saw through their eyes.  I did that from the feminine role.  So I couldn’t just flip out of that feminine role and go into teacher mode.  The first cut of the Gold Circle was mostly written from the feminine.  We don’t write as clearly from the feminine mindset.  But my goal in that first cut was to get the details down.  I wanted to expose the tricks and traps that I encountered as I encountered them.  After I was done, I wrote the first cut of the Golden Gateway program.  I did that as I cleaned up my mind from having done the Gold Circle.  I was working my way back to the True Self.  That took some time, and I kept discovering things along the way.  So in that program, I provided information on the deepest programming in our mind; and I decoded stories from the Bible and mythology to demonstrate how we were programmed.

I’m now able to describe and explain the whole collective illusion in a unique and comprehensive way.  It all makes sense to me like a puzzle that has been solved.  Eventually, my old software became obsolete, and that was perfect too.  I decided it was time to rewrote the Gold Circle.  This time, I was back in the true masculine.  So I was able to take what I wrote before (the details) and say those details more directly, more clearly, and more powerfully. This new project has become the Unschool of Initiation.  It is the culmination of thirty years of research and experimentation.  You will not find anything like it on the planet.  I assure you of that.


You Don’t Need the Truth

Our True Self is simple.  I can explain the True Self in ten words or less.  But you don’t need the truth.  You need to know how to escape the illusion.  That takes a lot of words.  The illusion is complex by design.  If we are overwhelmed by complexity, we can’t see the exits.  We can’t see our way out.  So we become slaves within a mental construct.  The illusion looks true because it is real; but I assure you that whatever is true is perfect.  There is no suffering or problems in the truth.

Anyone can get free if you let go as I suggest.  In the Gold Circle, I’ve exposed every trick and trap that has been used by false leaders to keep people from living as free beings.  I not only speak about current events, and my experiences, but I go back thousands of years and expose our mental history as human beings.  When you see the illusion for what it is, and you understand how it was created and why it was created, you start to see how to escape it.  You become a master of your mind and life.  In the language of the initiates, you become a living God.  Your mind is now the image and likeness of the Creator.

While writing this program, I saw and experienced aspects of people’s minds that I’d never imagined in my worst nightmare.  I watched my mind carefully to see how I was tricked into believing that their illusion was true.  How did the person convince me to believe them?  Was it something in them, was it something in me, or both?  I let go until I escaped that aspect of the illusion, and then I exposed whatever I had to let go.  I created lots and lots of exits within the illusion by doing that over and over again.  If something is false for me; it’s also false for you.  I have done this with normal people like you and I, and I’ve done it with famous spiritual teachers, gurus, politicians, philosophers, experts, scientists, you name it.  I never ask you to let go of something that I haven’t let go first.  And I tell you conclusively why that belief system is FALSE.  So you don’t have to walk in the dark; hopefully, you will see the traps that caused me to get stuck before you get stuck.

The Gold Circle is like a Master’s Degree in psychology, theology, health and healing, science, politics, spirituality, economics, and much more.  I decided long ago that this program must be comprehensive enough to help anyone go all the way to freedom.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that I expose every belief on the planet.  That would take me forever.  However, I expose every type of belief on a wide variety of topics.  I expose the core programming that all humans share.  Once you see the patterns that hold the mind within the illusion, you can fit your own beliefs into those patterns.  Initiation is an individual war that is fought entirely within our own mind.  It only looks like it’s taking place outside of us because our minds are designed like projectors.  Initiation takes us from being outer directed to being inner directed.  It takes us from being a reactor to life to being a creator of your life.  In the end, the director, writer, leader actor, and producer of your life movie is your True Self.  I can’t tell you exactly what that will look like because I’m not you; and you will never be my Mini Me.

Before I tell you about the Gold Circle, let me give you a little preface and a little warning.  Then if you are still interested, you can read all the details of the program.  This isn’t a learning program or a school.  I call it an unschool of initiation.  We are unlearning.  Therefore, I discourage memorization.  That might seem weird at first.  You are used to a world where memorization is required and encouraged.  You’ve probably spent a lot of years in school being rewarded for adding to your mind.  So subtracting from your mind is going to be a little uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, you can’t subtract from your mind by reading.  So I write to push your beliefs to the surface of your mind.  I write to cause discomfort so you can see what to let go.  That’s why you have to read slowly in small bites, and then you let go as you go about your day.

You will be learning how to discriminate moment to moment so that you can eventually discriminate all the time.  Freedom for all doesn’t mean that you will have an occasional peak experience or glimpse of freedom.  I won’t be teaching you how to channel advice from aliens or dead people.  This is about mental, emotional, and physical freedom 24/7 and 365.   The goal is that your mind no longer has any second-cause false beliefs in it.  You will only have what I call first-cause knowledge.  This was also referred to as the virgin state of mind in ancient times.

In this program, I push you to let go; but I also make it as safe and easy as I possibly can.  I can’t let go for you.  I can only tell you how to do it, and I can provide a lot of support with my examples, techniques, and tools.  That being said, I must be painfully clear.  This is not like anything you’ve done in the past.  So you must realize that everything you’ve done is worthless in this program.  Nothing in the illusion has helped you get free.  If you try to hold on to your past, you aren’t letting go.  So I will not be your guru or spiritual teacher in this program.  I don’t even view this program as spiritual; I consider this program to be practical advice for living the perfect life.  In addition, I will not be your healer or therapist.  I will not be your mother, advisor, or your best friend. And for those who are coming from the New Age, I will not your channel or psychic.

What I did to create this program was not magic, nor is it mystical.  Letting go doesn’t take a special talent.  It’s natural; you just forgot how to do it.  In time, you’ll do what I do too.  Consequently, the goal of this program is for you to answer all of your own questions.  And that’s why I won’t interact with you directly.  I won’t give advice; nor do I do personal mentoring anymore.  When you have a question, it doesn’t need an answer.  It is a signal that you need to let go.

You’ll notice that I interacted with people a lot when I originally did this program.  I did that until I felt like I’d seen it all.  I answered a lot of questions that are typical.  So you’ll probably find that I answered your questions along the way.  If someone was stuck, my goal was to find out why they were stuck.  I wanted to find every illusory trap on the planet.  You won’t hear everyone speak on the calls.  Many people were shy about speaking up.  But I got questions from them in emails or comments.  Everything I discovered during that time is recorded in this program.  Now, I only answer questions about the content of the articles in the comments.  So if you were doing this program in order to get access to me as a mentor, don’t bother doing the program.  That is no longer offered in the Gold Circle.  There is an opportunity to work with me to create a business or fulfill a project in the Golden Gateway program.  You’ll learn about that when the time is right.

It’s hard for people to understand why I’d make myself scarce.  Part of it is that I want to go back to living the life that I’ve earned.  I gave up a lot mentally, emotionally, relationship wise, economically to do that program.  I couldn’t create when I was stuck in other people’s illusions.  My life sucked just like their life sucked.  Occasionally, I’d get free for a day or two; and I’d have a little fun.  Then I had to dive back in.  But also, you are used to being reliant on others.  That’s part of the reason that you are stuck.  You’re used to seeking advice on everything.  The illusion teaches people to be codependent; I help you return to independence and freedom.  And to do that, you have to break the old habits.  You have to use the discomfort of not being able to get an answer outside of you to let go.  That’s the only way that you can get back to your own inner wisdom and inspiration.

My programs take some getting used to; everything is different than what you are used to. Even the way your read is different in this program; and I’ll provide instructions for that at the beginning of the program.  I don’t write to teach you or entertain you. I write to trigger your beliefs so you can let go.  So in my program, it’s good when you feel emotional while reading something.  You get to let go.  If you were reading a novel and it made you emotional, you might not finish it.  But here, we work through such things.  We want our beliefs to come up because we have to see what to let go to let go.

The Gold Circle is a lot like riding a bike.  You try and try, and then one day it all makes sense.  I am kind of like the training wheels on that bike.  As you go into new topics, I help you keep your balance so you don’t crash.  It’s a little scary when we take on a topic that once seemed true, and we totally destroy that topic by exposing it all as false.  But once you master a topic, you are off and riding as a free one.  Then we pick up another topic and another.  No topic was off limits in the creation of this program.  I don’t ignore topics or beliefs that are uncomfortable.  I didn’t do this to soothe people or make them comfortable within the illusion.    That’s what therapy is for.  I did this to take people all the way to freedom.  I don’t go halfway; I go all the way.

If you are wanting a politically correct leader, I’m not the one.  We live in an illusory sea of beliefs.  We’ve become normalized by swimming in that sea for decades.  The illusion wants us to continue to hold those beliefs in mind as true.  That way we can be slaves of the illusory system forever.  If I’m not bold and straight forward with you, and call a belief a lie without any doubt, you’ll continue to see the illusion created by that belief as real and true.  You’ll continue to trust the voices in your mind and the beliefs that you think are true.  So I have to be direct, but I’m not direct with regard to any person or group.  I’m not mean or rude.  I’m just discriminating between true and false one belief at a time.  Too often, people think they are their beliefs.  You get over that.  You weren’t born with even one belief.  Also, when people aren’t used to discriminating, it’s a little confusing and directness and surety can sound harsh at first.

We also don’t honor victimhood in this program.  Again, I have to do that to get you to freedom.  No story can be too big or too harsh to let go.  I give you what you need for total freedom.  I keep my promise to give you everything I’ve got.  But you will have to take responsibility for your past; and that is not popular today.  Being a victim is viewed as cool in this day and age.  Oppression is like a benefit to many.  They want safe spaces when they feel emotion.  All of that has to go in this program.  But I show you how to let it go, and I tell you why you would want to do so.  Like I said above, I never ask you to do anything that I haven’t done; and I never ask you to do anything without explaining why you’d want to do that if you want freedom.  If you aren’t clear on that, you can ask me for more clarification in the comments of the articles.  You will never feel like you are jumping off a cliff.  You’ll never be in danger even though your old mind might try to convince you that you are.

I created this space as support for letting go because no one supports letting go in the real world; most people don’t have friends and family who are letting go.  People hit roadblocks in letting go; without some support or validation, they hit walls that they can’t get over or around.  In time, they just end up right back in the illusion again.  That’s the main benefit of my program.  I go all the way to freedom.  So if you keep letting go, you can do that too.  In addition, I’m holding the vision for everyone’s freedom, and you’ll come to realize how much that actually means.  That’s why it is a program.  If you aren’t in the program, you aren’t part of my vision.

If you aren’t willing to invest the time, and stick with this for as long as it takes, then this isn’t for you.  If you just want to read what I write and not let go, this program isn’t for you.  People come to this program from different places with very different minds.  They come for different reasons.  For some, it isn’t that hard to let go; they catch on reasonably quickly.  Others are very stuck in the illusion because they had a difficult past, and it takes them much longer to understand letting go.  You are where you are.  No one is ever judged by me.  My only guarantee is that it is possible for anyone to get free in one lifetime.  And for most, it will take much less time than that.  Most people in my program will become totally free with time to spare so that they can enjoy living a fully creative life.

In the Gold Circle, I push you along at a quicker speed than you’d be able to do on your own because I’ve been in your shoes.  I expose beliefs that most people claim to be true.  Over and over again, people tell me that they never would have thought to let go of certain beliefs if I had not exposed them.  I also decode popular stories and movies to point out common tricks and traps in normal human interactions.  I expose popular teachers, gurus, and healers that I’m sure many of you have followed and thought were coming from the truth.  I answer lots and lots of personal questions on the recordings of past group calls.  Everything you need is on the website or in the previously recorded calls.  You just have to adapt it to your own situation.

I wish I could let go for others, but I can’t.  I can only pave the way.  If you really participate with your whole heart in the game, you’re going to let go of beliefs that you thought for sure were true; and you’re going to come to KNOW YOURSELF in a way that you never dreamed possible.  You will come to enjoy your mind because you’ll be using it as it was designed by the Creator.  But you must be patient.  It took you decades to screw up your mind.  You aren’t going to get free in a weekend.

People come to my programs with horrible misconceptions.  They want freedom in a weekend because others have promised such things.  They’ve been seeking for so long; they’re so tired of the struggle.  I get that.  I felt that way too when I started letting go.  But it takes as long as it takes.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone, not even people in the program.  You will learn to take score of your own mental progress and ignore everyone else.  That’s huge.  Most people are comparing all the time.  It’s exhausting.

Finally, let me be completely transparent about money.  I charge for this membership site because I spent all of my time working on it, seven days a week for the last several years.  Prior to creating this website, and these programs, I spent years researching how to let go and the history of the mind.  I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project.  It is my passion, but also it’s my job.  I had to go back into the illusion to write this program.  I’m not a guru or clergy member who lives off of other people’s donations and pretends to be free.  I don’t have government funding.  I’m a real human being who is showing you how to escape the illusion in real life.

When people really apply what I suggest, they get their money’s worth so many times over.  Think of what you pay for a doctor’s visit or a session of therapy.  Think of what you pay for a self-help or New Age program or workshop.  Think of what you lose when you are stuck in an emotional state and can’t get out.  Think of what you spend in time and money to manage your baggage.  Practically speaking, I designed so that you’d go through about two books worth of information a month.  If you bought two nonfiction books, you’d pay about what you pay for this program.  If you want to three or four movies, you’d pay what you pay for this program.  You won’t get anything back for that money.  In fact, if you aren’t letting go, you’ll go deeper in to the illusion with every dollar you spend.

This program is an investment in your mind and life that pays dividends for the rest of your life.  We’ll address this more in the program.  If you do this, you should get a return on your investment that is better than you can even imagine.  But it will take time.  Because the illusion is so seductive and sleezy, I have to deal with people’s false notion that I should do this for free.  Yes the truth should be free because we all contain the truth within.  I totally agree with that statement.  I’m not giving you the truth. You don’t need anyone to do that.  No one should be giving you the truth; and I assure you that everyone who has claimed to give you the truth only gave you beliefs.  I’ll prove that to you many times over in this program.  So I’m being honest with, and I’m giving you what you actually need.  I’m telling you how to escape a very sticky and longstanding illusion so you can access the truth that you have within.  The truth does you no good at all if you can’t access it.  To learn it from another is like drinking mental poison.


You’ve always had the answers to everything you needed to know. You just didn’t realize it.  There is no need to learn the truth; and in actuality, when you learn the truth from someone else, you turn the truth into powerless beliefs.  


What Actually Happens To Your Mind In the Gold Circle?

Make sure you read that quote in blue carefully.  I say it all the time, but people rarely get what I’m saying.  You have the truth within, you really do.  You had it when you were born, and you covered it up with beliefs.  I won’t give you the truth because I have no desire to harm you or turn you into my minion.  You have to find the truth within, not without.  So I will hint at it; and I will push you toward your True Self in every word I write.  But it’s up to you to find it and trust it.  Of course, those who do sell beliefs and the fake truth don’t want you to know what I just said.  Anyone who is giving you more to add to your mind is coming from within the illusion.  We subtract from your mind and that’s why you find your own truth.  It’s real simply in theory.

Most people are shocked at what they find in our minds when they start to let go.  They didn’t realize how many beliefs they had in their mind because they weren’t watching their mind all the time.  They were so outer directed.  Also, they relabeled a lot of their beliefs “the truth.”  In fact, no beliefs are true.

As you let go, a lot happens to your mind, and it’s all good.  First of all, you’re getting rid of a lot of false beliefs and information.  So you simply have a lot more mental clarity.  Decisions go away; you start to become aware of your inspiration.  You know what to do when you feel emotions, so you don’t get stuck in depression or despair anymore.  You have tools that empower you so you don’t feel dependent on experts or authority figures anymore.  As you let go, the True Self comes in to replace the false that was taking up all the space in your mind.  You loosen your false ties with other people; so you connect only with their True Self.  In that way your relationships become more peaceful and calm.  You slowly and safely regain control over your mind, body, and life.  All of this allows you to become healthier, wiser, more creative, and TRUE.  Life becomes so much easier until it becomes effortless.

Now that being said, I want to manage your expectations.  This isn’t a joy ride.  If you are going to clean your room, you must see the dirt to wipe it away.  The same is true with the mind.  So the crap comes up so that you can let it go.  If you pay too much attention to the crap, and you don’t put enough attention to letting go, you’ll create unnecessary discomfort.  I’ll explain how to deal with that; it’s normal.  Letting go is a foreign idea for a while.

I can tell you how this looks in a vague and general way.  But I can’t tell you the exact details.  As a creator, you will create your life.  It will be what you truly desire.  I have nothing to do with that.  You have to realize that other groups that you’ve belonged to before wanted everyone to think the same.  They gave you beliefs for the whole group to share.  So of course, they could predict what would physically happen to you in the future; they were taking away your originality and spontaneity.  We are moving in the opposite direction.  So no one will be able to predict your future except you.  I can only assure you that by letting go of false, you will love your future.  Suffering only exists in the illusion.  I’m sure you won’t miss that.

Now that you’ve read the free material, and have done some letting go, you probably have lots of questions.  That’s common.  That’s not the fault of initiation or my programs.  Your questions are the result of everything you learned in the past; you learned a lot of bullshit that didn’t make sense.  You accepted a lot of beliefs blindly.  You were duped.  Don’t worry, it happens to everyone on planet earth.  People gave you reasons and half-assed answers for everything.  Even most science is just theory.  So most of what you hold in mind is garbage that is worthless.  We have to expose all of that as false so you can let it go.  The illusion is a whole lot of confusion.  Every topic is complex and false within the illusion; that’s just the way it is.  Every topic is simple after you let go.  So in the end, you won’t have any questions that you can’t easily answer yourself.

Once people find Gateway To Gold, they realize that it’s possible for life to actually make sense.  They want the answers now so they can satisfy their painful hunger.  But giving you the answers won’t get you free.  I try to keep you from starving to death by giving you just what you need to know; if I just give you all the answers, I’ll satiate your hunger for you.  You’ll learn the answers to your questions, and learning is how you covered up your True Self in the first place.  We have to unlearn in our unschool.  So I must keep you hungry enough so that you’ll let go and continue to go for freedom.  But I also want you to fully understand where we are going so that you are never afraid to let go.  I walk a fine line as your leader in this program.  But I don’t do it alone.  I always have my inspiration to guide me.  My inspiration is always in communication with your True Self, so if you have a genuine question, you’ll get an urge to go somewhere on the website, and your answer will be there.  People write and tell me that happened to them all the time.  It’s not magic or a miracle.  It just proves that we are connected at the True Self level of perception; and that connection cannot ever be broken.

The goal of the Gold Circle and the Golden Gateway is for you to come to KNOW YOURSELF.  I can’t say that enough.  It’s a wonderful thing to know yourself.  So much of the focus of the Gold Circle is ridding our mind of what I call clone characters.  I call them clones because they are voices who pretend to be our True Self.  They are imposters.  They are characters (voices) that live in our mind; and they think their beliefs are the truth.  They think we should follow their rules and guidance; and most important, they think that you cannot let them go.  They talk all the time; they make decisions difficult.  They sing when you don’t feel like hearing music.  They provide advice and guidance that keeps you stuck in the illusion.  They can’t get you free.  So I help you to battle them so that you win.

It can be scary to challenge long-standing or popular beliefs…collective beliefs are considered normal.  We fear being different or not fitting in.  I’ve been there, and that’s much of the value that I provide.  I have a lot of experience with my own initiation as well as the experience decoding and working with others.  I can tell you what I’ve let go or what others have let go.  I can assure you that I’ve not missed any of the beliefs that I dropped; my life has only improved.  I’ve never been hurt by letting go, nor have I harmed another by letting go.  I’ve gotten calmer, healthier, and more creative, and I don’t depend on others for advice.  That saves me a lot of money and time.  I experience a natural inner calmness as my normal state of mind that’s beyond most people’s wildest expectations; it’s not a numb calmness or a contrived silence like one gets by practicing eastern meditation.  It’s not apathy.  It’s our natural state of being.  It’s wonderful.


A Few Very Important Cautions

You must be at least 18 years old to do this program.  If you are still living with your parents, then I’d wait until you move out.  When you live with your parents, you are under their rulership.  It’s hard to break free of their beliefs when you share a space with them.  You don’t want to make this harder than necessary.

I do not recommend that you do this program unless you are stable in your mind; and feel comfortable with your emotions.  If you are absolutely terrified of your emotions, then letting go is going to be very difficult.  This is not a program of releasing emotions like you find with the Release Technique or the Emotional Freedom Technique.  We do not use, or need, any form of muscle testing to know the cause of our beliefs.  Therapy, self-help programs like those promoted by Tony Robbins, or New Age programs like those promoted by Byron Katie are the opposite of letting go.  Consequently, I recommend that you stop following other people while doing this program.  You can’t follow others and your True Self at the same time.

Don’t worry; I’ll expose all of those popular teachers and many more people in the program.  They only offer soothing within the illusion.  Or they teach you how to be successful within the illusion.  This program is about freedom from the illusion they promote.  If you do their work while you do initiation, you’ll have one foot on the gas and one on the brake.  I also recommend that you stop doing all practices like yoga, eastern meditation, Tai Chi or martial arts while doing this program.  I don’t require you to stop, but they will hold you back.  Letting go will be harder if you continue to do them because people do those practices as a cover for their beliefs.  So it is hard to see what to let go when they keep fixing the effects of their beliefs.  You will learn that the east does not have the truth in this program.  You will be letting go of eastern beliefs and western beliefs.

Likewise, if you are on drugs, seriously ill, in a cult, following a teacher or guru, using anything to numb or relieve your emotions, have been programmed by something like MK-Ultra, or part of a radical political group, you need to be physically free of such groups before you join this program.  We will work on gaining mental freedom from such groups in the program.  Leaving only gave you physical freedom from them.

Other techniques have no place in this space; they will be exposed as false if they enter the comments. I will not support any belief system.  I don’t care how popular it is or how much proof you think you’ve gathered.  Freedom for all cannot be achieved if we accept beliefs as true.  I’m much tougher in the Gold Circle than I can be on social media or the free material because that wasn’t private.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not mean.  So don’t be afraid to ask a question in the comments.  I don’t punish anyone.  In fact, I never judge anyone; I let go instead.  But I’ll often be quite direct for your own benefit.  If I don’t expose all the phony techniques that serve the illusion, the exit to freedom closes; and my job as the visionary of this program is to keep that exit to freedom wide open.  In fact, it is my intent that this group open the exit even wider.

I don’t want you to consider yourself a student or disciple.  I want you to view yourself like an ancient initiate who is contributing to the ideal of freedom for all.  In my way of sharing and writing, the reader and the writer are equal.  The visionary and the people carrying out the vision are equal.  We honor true equality.  Your letting go is a powerful contribution to the world.  This is the most important thing you will ever do…I assure you of that.  You will be amazed at what you ultimately become; you’ll have a lot to give to the world.  But it will take us a while to get there.

Even if you are free of groups and practices, the Gold Circle will be uncomfortable at times.  It’s a rough and rugged adventure for sure.  But it’s not unbearable if you are willing to let go of whatever arises.  If you are not yet willing to let go of a belief system, I suggest that you follow that belief system to the letter for a few months.  Do that belief system as if your life depends on it.  That will expose the cracks.  You’ll see that it is more false than true; you’ll find that there were many things in that belief system that you didn’t want to do.  But you ignored that small detail, and you did the parts that you liked.  If one belief in a belief system is false, the whole thing is false.  You will come to realize this.  Once you see what I’m saying, you won’t be afraid of letting that belief system go.


What Is the Gold Circle Like?

We aren’t changing our minds or the illusion in this program, and that is what makes it different than everything else.  We are dissolving the dross from our minds and the physical illusion goes along with it.  What we are doing is more like alchemy than learning.

I break up the articles into short bites so you remember to take letting go breaks.  Every paragraph has some meat in it.  People often tell me that they’ve been on one paragraph for a day or two because it kept exposing and exposing and there was so much to let go.  It’s great when that happens.  I’d like every paragraph to do that.

This program is divided into seventeen units.  Each unit is the equivalent of a typical nonfiction book or two.  Then there is a group call for each unit.  Most people do a unit or two a month.  In addition, there are quick topics, there is a section with prompts for letting go, and there is a glossary of common initiation words that takes you to articles that focus on that word.  This isn’t a small program.  It’s is very extensive.

My writing is designed to be interactive and to be alive.  I call it living writing.  You can read an article ten times, and it will bring up new things each time you read it.  I don’t ever write to give you beliefs.  I don’t write to teach you.  I write to free you.  As you let go, it will seem that the articles have changed.  But they don’t change; your mind is changing.  It’s getting freer.   So the article moves from exposing beliefs to validation of your new state of mind.

In the ancient world, people went to temples of initiation for years, often decades.  For most people today, going off to a temple for ten years isn’t practical.  They couldn’t afford to do it; and they don’t want to leave the people they love behind.  But devoting some time each day to clearing the mind is very doable for nearly anyone.  After a while, people start to really enjoy their letting go time.  They can’t think of anything they’d rather do.  They incorporate letting go into everything they do in life.  Letting go isn’t like meditation.  You are very conscious.  You can let go while doing others things like walking, watching movies or television, having conversations, or drinking a nice glass of wine.  There are also no restrictions on what you can do, other than you don’t want to do things that reinforce your beliefs or add beliefs.

When you are free, you won’t need to do anything to maintain that state of mind anymore.  So you won’t be letting go for life.  Thus, this is not a change of life.  It’s like cleaning a closet.  It’s a lot of work to get rid of crap and organize the stuff you are keeping.  But then if you keep it neat and clean, you don’t have to do it again.  As long as you don’t run off and join a cult, you won’t have to clean up your mind again.  Many people have told me that they could never stick to anything in the past.  But they want to stick with letting go.  That’s great validation that it works and that it provides constant progress.

I’ve already provided the basics of letting go and vaguely explained how we got into this mess in the free information.  I also provided basic techniques so that anyone could follow in No Labels No Lies.  In the Gold Circle, I go into those same topics with much more detail and depth.  So, you must have already read the free information, or you won’t be familiar with what I’m talking about.  I don’t start at the beginning as if you know nothing of my work.  I wrote the free material so that people would know what they were getting into if they decided to go all the way to freedom.  So it is important that you read that material before signing on.  You don’t have to be an expert at letting go.  There isn’t a test.  You just have to be familiar with the basic concepts of initiation and letting go.

I say things in the Gold Circle that are not for general public consumption.  What I’m saying would make no sense to someone who is not at least vaguely familiar with letting go, roles, emotions, beliefs as lies, psychological reversal, discrimination, and initiation.  I had to create a new vocabulary to bring initiation back.  Some of the words that I use are new (my creation), but most are old words that were lost in time.  For that reason, you cannot allow people to read the Gold Circle articles who are not in the program.  They will learn what I say and put it into their mind.  That will make them less free, not more free.  You will do harm to them.  Likewise, you cannot take this information and add it to something you might be teaching that is part of the illusion.  Again, you will do harm to others if you do that.  When you do harm to others, you ultimately harm yourself too.

Others have free will.  Not everyone wants freedom right now.  We should never impose letting go on another.  We don’t want to whip people with letting go.  If others want freedom, they will join the program on their own volition.  They will do it simply because they see the changes in  you; and they’ll want that too.

We look at desires in the Gold Circle.  People get really stuck in the illusion when they desperately want a false desire.  They waste their life going after something that wasn’t even right for them.  Seeking the truth within the illusion is a false desire.  So you will have to let go of everything you learned about the body, mind, and spirit if you were a seeker in the past.  When you learned that information from another, you filled your false mind with beliefs (even if the information was technically true).  You created what I call level confusion.  We’ll discuss it extensively in the program.  We’ll clean it all up.

Even though you now know the big secret, that emotions mean the beliefs that you’re thinking is false, it can be hard to get your mind to work that way.  Our beliefs basically cover three levels:  personal, relationships with others, and the collective society.  In the Gold Circle, we dive into a variety of topics in each of those levels.  I demonstrate that you can take any situation apart; you can find the causal beliefs that created problems, diseases, and suffering of all types.  But you must be willing to do the digging, you must be completely honest with yourself that a belief is a belief, and you must be patient because the rewards of letting go on a topic don’t always come in a day.  You must also be willing to feel your emotions.  This program won’t work if you want to eliminate or project your emotions on to others.  In fact, we eliminate false projection from our mind and lives; and that greatly improves our relationships.

I give you tremendous amounts of information on how the mind works and how we function as creative instruments.  I explain how we mentally lost our way and started creating problems and suffering.  With each topic, I explain exactly how certain beliefs became popular and accepted as true.  I give you history lessons so that you can fully understand how beliefs and belief systems became popular and widely accepted as true.  I always explain why the beliefs are false before I push you to let go.  That being said, you have full control in my programs.  I don’t force you to do or let go of anything.  You decide what you let go and what you don’t let go.  Of course, the more you let go, the more results you’ll get.  The Gold Circle is preparation for the Golden Gateway.  You must be prepared with a solid foundation of letting go to dive into the decodes I provide in that program.

We get clear regarding God in the Gold Circle.  We get clear on the fall story and the idea of the soul.  Our True Self never fell.  That’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that when you let go, you find that God was always there (your True Self).  The bad news is that God isn’t coming to rescue you like they say in religion.  You have to go toward the Creator (True Self) by letting go, and I show you exactly how to do that.

We are going to look at many controversial collective topics:  projection, abortion, racism, transgender, guns, drugs, socialism/communism, pedophilia, slavery, Donald Trump, the progressive movement, social justice, political correctness, etc.  These topics often sit in our mind in a very one-sided way.  Everyone is talking about them; and everyone has their opinion.  We try to go beyond the typical right and wrong point of view; we look for the win win at the top of the triangle, and we let go of the rest.

We’ll cover many other topics including:  initiation and the occult, creating our life, writing for freedom, reading for freedom, eliminating labels, our rule book, projection, relationships, working with the characters (voices) in our mind, scary voices, career, lifestyle, money, health and healing, food and diet, the eastern trap, roles, sharing letting go, leadership, and coming full circle with our own story.  I provide mental games to play, guided sessions, and tools.  We also do a little story decoding in the Gold Circle…mostly with movies and documentaries.

Likewise, we’ll look at countless real life examples so that you can see how any word or topic shifts as we move from the physical, literal perspective through the false mental perspective to the true mental perspective.  Until we make that shift, we are not yet done on that topic.  Once you’ve made that shift to the true mental realm, whatever you say or do will be just fine.  You’ll no longer be acting or creating from the false self.  The false self will now be supporting your True Self.

This site is designed to be very dynamic.  You will never outgrow the Gold Circle.  But after you’ve completed it, you will want to move on.  People generally stay in the Gold Circle for about one year, depending on how much time they have to devote to letting go.  Then they move on to the Golden Gateway program.  That program has much more information, but it also serves as a sort of support network while you are going through the process of initiation.  I keep pushing you to let go, and I keep bringing up new topics and reviewing old ones in new ways.  I also keep holding the vision for your freedom.  I never run out of things to write about.  I don’t think I ever will.

The Vision

The vision for this private section of Gateway to Gold, Gold Circle, and the Golden Gateway is as follows:

Gold Circle is a real, virtual space carved out of the illusory world, where it is possible and probable that everything can be let go if one is willing to challenge their beliefs by facing them head on, knowing the beliefs are false, and letting them go.  Gold Circle is an exit from the illusion.  But you must take that exit.  In this space, freedom is the ultimate desire. Freedom includes living a creative, joyful, healthy life, whereby you create whatever you desire (so long as it is win-win for everyone else).  It means that you work toward becoming the author, director, and lead actor of your own full-circle life story.  Freedom includes mastering your body and living in perfect health, and having relationships that work. Freedom means that you have achieved the Greek ultimate state, which was to “Know Thyself.”  Freedom means feeling safe and secure in life regardless of the state of the illusion.  It means that your True Self leads the way so that you are one with the Creator again.  And you are one with everyone else in the world at the True Self level of perception.  It means that you have compassion and caring for others; you no longer judge or want to change others. Freedom is always win-win for all. Freedom is having the vision for you life; and that vision fits perfectly into this greater vision. 

Now let me be clear.  As the creator of this site, that is my definition.  It is very expansive.  It offers unlimited potential, but it’s not a guarantee. I offer information, just like you’d read in any book.  I offer techniques that have worked for myself or others.  But they do nothing if you don’t use them.  They also do nothing if you modify them to become like other techniques that you’ve learned in the illusion.  You are going to have to catch any tendency to want to mix initiation into your old life.  You can’t dissolve the illusion if you are enhancing it.

What you get out of this site is up to you. That’s important; and I do it that way for your benefit.  You’re going to be bringing the story of your life full circle.  You are going to be making sense of everything that has happened to you in this life or another life.  You want the credit for your achievement, and you completely deserve it all.  But that means that you also must assume the blame if you do nothing or diminish the power of a technique by doing it in a way that serves your false self.  If along the way, you decide that you don’t want freedom, don’t feel bad.  That’s fine.  I won’t think any less of you.  I will not even try to convince you to stick around.  You have total free will in my world.

My role as the creator of the Gold Circle is to make sure that whatever goes into the Gold Circle is consistently moving everyone in the direction that I’ve described in the paragraph above.  You may find that at some point, you want to detour into the illusion and live in good and evil, right and wrong, or win-lose. You might find that you don’t want to stop judging something or someone.  Or you could hit a belief system that you don’t want to let go.  I call that a wall. If that happens, you will probably feel uncomfortable in the Gold Circle space.  You would be resisting moving closer to freedom in a space that focuses entirely on letting go and freedom.  That’s fine.  Now you must choose.  Do I let go of more illusion; or do I let go of letting go and exit the Gold Circle?  You can’t do both; and if you try, you’ll make yourself very uncomfortable, confused, or even feel like you are going crazy.

You can take breaks anytime you want to.  You will always be free to come and go.  Everyone is very welcome to join the Gold Circle, even if you left my life earlier in an angry rage because you hated what I told you to let go.  I assure you that I let go of any falseness that I see in others.  I don’t hang on to problems of the past with anyone.  I don’t hold on to anything from the past.  I also never hold an attack toward me against the person.  I know they simply weren’t being themselves.  That being said, I still stand by whatever I told you to let go.  I won’t accept your beliefs as true.  If I told you to let something go in the past, and you chose to leave instead, recognize that you will now have to let that belief, or those beliefs, go.  Freedom will never include beliefs, not even the ones you love.

In the Gold Circle, I’m showing you how to get all the way to freedom, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.  Thus, I cannot, and will not, even consider including the work of anyone else in this site except to expose the limitations of that work.  Quite frankly, most teachers and leaders do dilute their work because they look down on the people they claim to serve.  I don’t look down on anyone.  I don’t spoon feed or make the letting go pill easier to swallow.  You all have a True Self; so I’m not going to baby you.  Your beliefs, and belief systems of all kinds, will be challenged; and that might be uncomfortable.  It gets down to that an important question, “What do you not want to let go?”  If you hit something you can’t or won’t let go, you’re stuck until you do decide to let go.  That’s just how the mind works.

You must also understand that you are entering the Gold Circle, at your own risk and responsibility.  In truth, there is no risk.  Beliefs are what create risk; letting go removes all risk from life.  But that is often hard for people to understand.  I’m not giving you any beliefs.  I’m not programming you.  I’m doing the opposite.  But because of the crazy way we’ve been trained to use our minds, programming often feels quite comfortable.  People enter into cults all the time without feeling any discomfort.  It’s deprogramming that’s perceived as very uncomfortable.  That’s a lie that you will expose in time.  You will most likely feel lots of emotion in this program because we are going to push your beliefs to the surface. You will also get in touch with your real desires; and that brings up old beliefs and emotions that are in the way.  Your body might start to act up.  But, pain or symptoms are just another version of emotions.  I’ll help you to see that clearly as we move through the program.

Warning:  The Gold Circle is never a substitute for medical advice. If you need such care, you are encouraged to seek it out immediately. You can always let go later on.  You can’t let go if you are dead.  Also if this program ever feels like it is getting too intense, cancel or pause your membership, and take a break.  You won’t hurt my feelings.  I completely understand the discomforts of this process.  I’ve been there myself.  

There will absolutely be times when you want to quit.  There will be times that you hate me.  Tough shit.  You have to decide moment to moment if you want to continue toward freedom or stop and live within the illusion.  Your commitment is only one month at a time.  If you stop your mind in those emotionally frantic moments, discriminate, and let go, you’ll see that it is just false voices trying to keep control over your mind and life.  It might tell you that I’m trying to control you; but if you look closely at what it is saying, I’m not.  The voices are trying to control you.  I’m trying to free you.  Often, you’ll encounter such confusion; it’s just part of initiation…it’s normal.

Your job is to be responsible for your own well being, but also to be hard on your mind and challenge it. Most of the time, we are not in a life threatening situation.  So before you take action, or fix the effects, you usually have the time and space to try to let go.  If letting go doesn’t work, follow your beliefs; get help.  But vow to let go after the fact so that the same situation doesn’t happen again.  That results in progress; and any progress is great progress.  Remember, the rest of the world is adding beliefs to their mind; taking anything out of your mind is going to save you from some unwanted effects in the future.

You can’t screw up by letting go.  You can’t let go of your True Self.  That is impossible.  If you don’t let go, you’ll just get what you were going to get anyway.  So you’ll see what your beliefs were creating, and now you’ll work on that topic.  But letting go never causes problems.  It can’t.  Over time, letting go causes problems to disappear or never happen.  If you get problems in initiation, it’s because you are resisting letting go; that’s normal.  Don’t be hard on yourself when you get problems.

You don’t really know what your life would have been like if you hadn’t started letting go.  You’ll avoid lots of problems, diseases, and suffering; but you probably won’t realize it.  You’ll just notice that your life appears to be easier than other people’s lives.  Don’t take such progress lightly.  Your future will be better than it would have been if you had not let go.  If you remember that, it quiets your “need to get it done right now” clone.


How Do I Join?

The investment for Gold Circle is $40 per month.  I lowered the price from $50 after I stopped doing the group calls.  Once you sign up, the billing will happen automatically until you cancel your membership.  Buying a membership assumes that you have read this page, and you agree to what I’ve written.  There are no refunds.  I’m not looking to create an accounting or technical support job for myself.  If this work isn’t fun, I’ll just go do something else.  This has been a thirty-year experiential journey that was very expensive in time and money for me, but it was all very worth it.  As I earn money from this site, it supports my expenses so that I can expand the site; it allows me to spread the letting go message to others.  I do what I’m inspired to do; new ideas come daily.  So far the growth has been organic and solid; I expect that to continue.

If money is very tight for you at this time, I suggest you keep working on the free material with a focus on money.  Many people found the money to join my mentoring program, which was much more expensive, by doing exactly that.  This is not a charity because charities are fixated on problems.  Consequently, the Gold Circle fees are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.  However, they could be deductible as a business expense if you are an entrepreneur.  I highly encourage entrepreneurship, and we work toward that end in the Golden Gateway program.

Since I started my first business, I’ve always had the intention that people would make or save more money from working with me than they paid me.  Unlike technology, the payback for initiation isn’t always obvious, but you will notice that you don’t need a lot of health and wellness things that you used to need.  You won’t be buying lots of self-help or New Age books or going to expensive workshops.  You will find that ordinary expenses go down; you won’t end up paying for mistakes and problems.  You won’t need advisors or experts as much.  You’ll stop chasing false desires.  You won’t buy things you don’t really need or want.  In fact, you can now sell a lot of that old stuff that you don’t need anymore.  I did.  If you want to do this program, you’ll find the money to do it.  I don’t offer scholarships because when we pay for something, we are admitting that it has value.  Too often people don’t take free things seriously.  That’s a belief that will disappear as letting go becomes more common, but most of the people who come my way still have the belief that free is worth what you paid for it.

I hope you love the Gold Circle, and it helps you to feel part of something that is moving toward freedom.  Most important, make it a fun journey.  It’s not always going to be easy as we go into some dark places in the Gold Circle.  But you’ll start to know yourself, and that is really wonderful.  Take delight in each insight or accomplishment.  Realize that this quest for freedom, and completion of your story, is your life purpose.  If you succeed in freedom, you will have done something that virtually no one else does or has done.  Fuck the 1%.  You will be part of .00001% or less. So don’t be hard on yourself when it gets tough.  Know that freedom is possible; and the greatest joy will be knowing that you did it yourself.  That is mastery.

Now after all of that, if you still want to go on this journey with me, here is the link:

When you get on the home page, scroll down to the three masks and choose the one that says “Join Gold Circle.”  Before you do that, however, you should scroll down below the masks and explore the letting go prompts and the glossary of terms.  That way, you’ll know where those are and you can come back to them when you need a break from reading or listening to group calls.  You are about to take a huge step to a life that you probably never imagined.  Enjoy the journey.

Much love, Cathy


I don’t generally ask for testimonials.  I get a lot of thank you notes, but don’t post them publicly.  But here is a nice one that also provides some sound advice on doing the work as you participate in the Gold Circle.

I have known Cathy for almost 10 years. I have seen her writing and life change as she moves to freedom. Cathy uses her writing and practices. Not only is she showing you how you can do this yourself, but she uses letting go, western mediation, the truth, win/win and many other techniques to live from the mental prospective.

Initially, I took Cathy’s words in to my mind and knew they were true but did not do the work. Yes, there is work that only you can do. Her writing helps you to achieve life from the mental level, with unconditional love and the truth. By reading what Cathy wrote, I let go of roles. Mother, daughter, wife, teacher, whatever. I have a 20 year old daughter. I let go of the mother role with her years ago. We don’t always agree. She is a creative adult with her own life. I don’t try to control that or give her advice. She reflects and I let go what I feel (emotion). Good or bad. My physical relationship is closer with her than ever. No, we don’t live together but have unconditional love that all parents want with their children.

Give the Gold Circle a try. You will connect with your wisdom if you do the mental work. Thank you, Cathy.

Karen C., South Carolina

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