Health and Healing

Health and healing is an essential topic.  We can’t let go if we are dead.  It is hard to let go when we don’t have our health and healing isn’t always about the physical.  In fact, fixing the physical in the ancient world was the last step that one would take to improve the body.  They encouraged fixing our body from the inside out.  Modern medicine fixes the body from the outside in.  So we are talking about a big switch in thinking.

This is a complex topic, but it is much like letting go on any other topic.  You simply use your symptoms, pain, or fear to take you to the causal beliefs.  You let go of any labels that you have been given (they are all man-made words that lock our problem in place).  As you let go, your True Self can come in and do the healing.  In the end, the only complete and permanent healing happens when the True Self clears out the false and brings in the True.  In fact, as you let go, you reach a place where disease becomes impossible.  You see it is entirely a product of the false self; and you have cleared out the disease beliefs from your false self.

In these posts, we explore the body and healing in detail.  This is a topic that I’ve had a lot of personal success with.  However, I’m constantly learning more.  There will be more posts on health and healing in the Gold Circle.  But there is enough free information to help you to heal from any disease–physical or mental.

The Illusion of the Fight or Flight Response and Stress

By Cathy Eck   Fight or Flight Response Science tells us that the fight or flight response is real.  They say it's a normal reaction to all the scary things out there...things that we can't protect ourselves from.  We label the fight or flight condition stress. Medicine admits that most…

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Near Death Experience or Letting Go of Everything at Once

By Cathy Eck   Near Death Experience About every six months, I get an email with the story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s near death experience.  In case you have missed this frequently circulated email, here is the link to his website:  I've always enjoyed his story.  I read it nearly…

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Addictions, Habits, and Obsessions: Breaking the Circle

Help! I'm addicted to food, drugs, porn, sex, washing my hands, television, cleaning, pleasing people, watching CNN, Facebook, Toddlers and Tiaras, gambling, wearing my wife's bra...   Addictions, Habits and Obsessions I often get questions on the topic of obsessions, habits, and addictions and decided it was time to write…

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