The Illusion of the Fight or Flight Response and Stress

Fight or flight response

By Cathy Eck


Fight or Flight Response

Science tells us that the fight or flight response is real.  They say it’s a normal reaction to all the scary things out there…things that we can’t protect ourselves from.  We label the fight or flight condition stress.

Medicine admits that most diseases are the result of stress.  But it also treats stress as the cause.  Stress isn’t the cause; nor are the situations or people that come at us, which appear to cause stress.  Our beliefs are the cause.  Often outer events or people trip the switch on our beliefs; but if we didn’t have the belief, there would be no switch to trip.

Our beliefs create emotion or stress because our body is saying, “That thought or belief isn’t doing you any damn good.  Drop it.”  But we don’t drop the thought or belief because we’ve been told that it’s true, and our mind holds on to beliefs that it perceives to be true.  After we hold it as true, we see proof in our world that it is true.  We fall deeper and deeper into the illusion.  So how can we ever get rid of stress with this false self perspective?  We can’t.  Consequently, we have to understand and eliminate the belief construct that is responsible for the stress experience.

Recently, I got this email spam trying to get me to purchase a video or something that would tell me how to get rid of stress.  These are very popular today.  Letting go of the cause of stress as we do has the potential to put a lot of people out of business.  Notice how the ad manipulates our mind to think that no one has stress but ME, the reader of the ad!  By the time I’m done reading, they want me to be sure I need help for my very unusual ailment.  But I just got a good laugh.  And I wasn’t laughing with them.  They weren’t laughing.  I was laughing at their silly beliefs.


“Hey There,

See if this sounds familiar…

You long to feel normal, like everybody else.

But “normal” for you is feeling stressed… nervous… barely able to cope… and so consumed by worry that you fear it may be affecting your health.

Your anxiety is overwhelming. Terrible thoughts and images flash through your mind. They weaken you mentally and exhaust you emotionally.

– You’re tired, but unable to sleep.
– You need help, but don’t know who to turn to.
– You want reassurance, but nobody understands what you’re going though.

At a time like this when your life is a tangled mess, and it feels like you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, here’s a fast-acting technique to help you cope with the anxious feelings you’re dealing with…

Over 2,000 people have tried this technique already and claim it’s given them much needed relief.”


I didn’t watch the video because I’m certain it was spam; and I’d only get more spam from them for a very long time.  Also, I can assure you that the product will be like all the others; it will temporarily get rid of the stress or emotions (like EFT, biofeedback, or meditation); but it won’t get rid of the causal beliefs.  When we train ourselves to no longer feel our emotions (or stress) caused by our beliefs, we are asking for big trouble.  We can almost be sure that our emotions will one day turn into disease or chronic pain in our body.  Our feminine side is trying to wake up our masculine side by generating emotions; it’s trying to get us to let go.  But when the masculine kills off the feminine by ignoring her screams, we’re now driving around in a metaphorical car with a broken gas gauge; and one day, we won’t make it to the gas station in time.

I can tell you that whoever wrote that ad can’t cure stress, but letting go will.  In fact, letting go will take you to a place that science says we cannot go.  It can take you to a place beyond the fight or flight response.  You won’t feel fear anymore about things that used to terrify you.  You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time because you don’t hold the beliefs that cause bad things to happen.  You will realize that emotions are only created when we think something untrue, and anything that generates fear is NOT true.  Without those old shitty beliefs invading your mind, there’s nothing to fear.  But letting go isn’t a quick fix.  It takes time, practice, and courage.  So I don’t get many takers for letting go, but I’m sure that ad generated a lot of business.  After all, over 2000 people are already feeling relief!  And maybe we just need to be honest.  Do we want temporary relief?  Or do we want to be free.


Prey or Predator

The fight or flight response is considered a natural part of the animal kingdom.  When a predator comes up to a prey animal, the prey animal fights, flights, or plays dead/freezes.  Since we see this in nature, we assume it’s normal… a part of life.  But we have to recognize that what we see in nature is what we believe we will see in nature or a logical conclusion from what we already believe about nature.  Oddly, as we let go, nature seems to change.  We see it through different eyes than we did before.  Our attention is drawn to different aspects of the natural world.  We see the big picture, not the specific details.

People who study science are nearly always within the illusion trying to fix it or make sense of it; therefore, science tells us how the world looks from within the illusory bubble.  It rarely shows us the truth; it’s simply the logical projection of the collective mind or what the scientist expects to see.  Occasionally, someone like Einstein breaks through the illusion much like someone who has had a near death experience or someone who has had a enlightening drug trip.  But that’s rare and not the subject of this post.  Most people in the illusion view the world through animal, or prey and predator, eyes; and they will chose to become either predator or prey themselves.  You must be able to entertain the thought that we see a prey and predator world because we have a prey and predator mind.  This is how we loosen up our false perception to get free of the fight or flight response.

Then we start to notice the exceptions.  What about the videos that we see on YouTube of a man or woman living with wolves, bears, or lions?  How does that happen?  The initiates said that complete safety with regard to nature and the animal kingdom was one of the rewards of initiation.  This is the meaning behind the story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den.  Initiates would not be eaten by lions.  They couldn’t be punished by authority figures.  In short, the initiate had gone beyond the fight or flight response.  They had no beliefs, no fears, so they had no stress.  If we don’t hold beliefs in mind, we are always more powerful than one with beliefs.  So the authority figures can’t harm us anymore.  Imagine living that way.  We can…in this lifetime!  But it takes a lot of letting go.

The Bible says that man was given dominion over the animals.  That doesn’t mean that we have the right to do with them as we wish — like sacrifice them to please God.  It means that animals are in a feminine role to humans; if we hold them in our hearts with love, they will reflect that.  If we hold them in fear, they will reflect that too.  They give us a clean mirror whereby we can see our own reflection; and most people routinely break that mirror.

Initiates saw the world with pure unified eyes.  Their mind was clear and their discrimination sharp so they could see the illusion as an observer.  Nothing could harm them.  Nothing would have power over them.  They would see nothing to fear.  They would shift and move with mother nature always at the right place at the right time.


What causes the stress?

I’d say the number one cause of stress is that we have come to believe that something or someone is out to harm us.  We don’t trust our own fellow human beings.   And most important, we fear emotions.  We surely are the only species on earth that doesn’t trust our own kind.  But we are also the only species that can create a cunning false self.  And then after accepting the belief that some people can’t be trusted, we trust the wrong human beings.  We trust the people who are selling the illusion…not the ones that are telling us the truth (the truth is always going to point you inward to your own Self).

There’s a game that I play with the people I mentor.  I ask them to visualize a person that they fear within their mind.  Oddly, they most often go back and pull up an image of their father when they were young.  Then I ask them to imagine what this person would say to them causing them to be afraid, and they know exactly what the authority figure would say.  But instead of believing this person as we replay the scene, I ask them to discriminate.  This is the hard part of the game because we perceive our past reality to be the truth.  I ask them to notice the emotion in their body when the person says whatever they said.  We turn the speed of their memory way down — to slow motion.  Then I help them remember that that emotion they felt after the authority spoke meant that what the person said was false.  He or she is lying.

Now something very strange happens.  When they don’t believe the person anymore, the emotion disappears from their body; and it usually appears to return to the authority figure.  Often the person they fear gets mad.  The authority doesn’t know how to let go; so they either suppress or express the emotions that they can no longer project on the person I’m mentoring.  This is where the emotion should always be.  It should always be in the body of the person who is thinking the belief.  And in a proper world, the person with the emotion would now adjust their own thinking.  But they don’t.

People don’t realize that emotion is a signal to let go.  That truth has been withheld from us.  Emotion does no good when it’s projected out on to the receiver of the message.  But the masculine role has become very good at doing that.  People who appear poker faced about war, crime, or sickness are always good projectors.  Real people show emotions when they believe such things.  Our emotions are desperately trying to pull us inward to examine our thoughts and beliefs; our emotions want us to let go. They are our friend, not our enemy.

This is why we fear our own species.  It’s why we don’t trust others.  People don’t understand how to use their own emotions; they don’t know how to discriminate.  They don’t let go of their own false thoughts.  They believe the false thoughts of others because they are in authoritarian roles.  They believe calm looking experts in knowledge and get blindsided when they one day project on them.

Stress is a function of being stuck in a feminine role with a masculine authority who believes their own beliefs.  We feel the emotions that they project on us, but we imagine that we don’t have the causal belief because it appears to be in the authority figure’s mind.  Or if we know the causal belief, we feel that we don’t have the right to delete it from our mind because it was given to us by an authority figure.  We think we’ll need it in the future to stay safe from this authority.  We believe the emotion can’t be resolved.  So we feel stuck; and that feeling that we’re stuck generates constant emotion, which is called stress.

At the point in our little game, where the person I’m mentoring sees the emotion return to the projecting authority, they either feel relief or they fear the person will strike again.  Often the authority’s out-of-control emotions resulted in punishment in the past.  So they have to keep letting go.  They are Daniel in the Lions’ Den in this moment.  They can’t allow the belief that they could be eaten or beaten to stick.  They have to keep recognizing that their current thought doesn’t feel good, so it isn’t true.  They must stay present.

But just as often, they now feel sorry for the authority who is now an emotional puddle in their mind.  They realize the person looks small and weak.  They want to lift them up, and they do that by validating the authority’s false self.  Very bad mistake.  What the person needs is truth.  They need to be told that their thinking got them into this mess.   Their beliefs are causing their emotions.  Until we can do that 100 percent of the time, we aren’t free.  People often wonder how I know that all these New Age, self-help, and religious teachers are not able to get them to freedom.  This is how.  They aren’t exposing the illusion as false.  They are providing ways to fix the effects of the illusion.

The person I’m mentoring also has to let go of their judgments of this authority.  The authority is a victim of the illusion too.  He or she isn’t free.  If they can get their mind to purity regarding this person and situation, then they have the masculine role.  The moment we move into the masculine role in such a situation is extremely critical to our future freedom.  Do we shine our love on the other and help to free them?  Do we speak the truth to them; do we expose their beliefs?  We now have that power.  Or do we punish them?  If we choose to punish them, like we were punished, we punish ourselves.  We stay in the illusion.  Jesus said, “Forgive your enemies.”  He wasn’t teaching us how to be nice.  He was teaching us how to be free.  If we hold another on the hook, we hold ourself on the hook.  Consequently, our criminal justice system is a key element to sustaining the illusion.  But we also error if we sympathize with them or pick them up.  We need to allow them to see their error.  We have to give them the space to ask for our help to get to freedom or suffer the consequences of their own beliefs.  This has been the hardest thing for me to learn.  So I’m compassionate, but not sympathetic, on this subject.


Insanely Valuable Lesson

I’ve done this game with people who have been brutally beaten, and they come to realize the most valuable lesson of their life.  If they had not accepted as true the words or thoughts of their attacker at any point in time, they could not have been attacked.   The person who generated the beliefs (the authority/predator) would have felt and been disabled by their own emotions.  Talk about feeling powerful.  They are usually glowing at that realization.

The person with the emotions always loses in any situation because emotions drain our power until we let go of the false beliefs that are causing them.  Attackers project their emotion on us; and we take it.  This is why people must project in the illusion to stay in command.  If they told lies but felt their own emotions, they would lose all their power.  Can you see how perfect that is?  We are designed to disable ourselves when we believe false thoughts so we don’t manifest crap in our lives.  And some of us do that constantly until we kill ourselves.

False authorities can only have power if they get us to feel the emotions that they should be feeling.  When we believe authorities, we manifest the punishments that they deserve.  This is why people often wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?”  The answer is, “Nothing, you accepted a projection from an authority.  Give it back, and you’re problem will go away.”  But remember, don’t go into their world.  Don’t judge them or you will only win the battle — not the war.

If we understand that, we’ll just let people who say things that generate emotions stew in their own fucking emotional soup.  We’ll love them and let their True Self do it’s job because that’s how we stay free.  But we don’t have to fight with them or try to save them.  Once they ask for help, they will listen and will let go.  Before then, you probably won’t be heard.


Emotions Aren’t Power

Another problem is that we have been brainwashed to see emotions like anger or rage as power.  We fear emotional people when they should be viewed as harmless suffering wimps; they are only harming themselves by thinking something false.  Imagine what that would do to terrorists if people got that.  They would destroy themselves.  But we ask them to come at us.  We demand that they attack by believing they have power that they don’t even have.

Because we fear emotional people, we believe and admire projecting poker-faced people who say things that don’t feel good; we trust them with our children and our life.  We accept their projections without discriminating first.  If you reverse nothing else, reverse this one belief pattern.  Stay on it until it reverses.  Don’t give up, and your life will change dramatically.

We should never fear an emotional person; their emotions will bring them down if we don’t believe them or judge them.  Take any situation that involves fighting, and you will find this error in one or both parties.  The one who projects the best will win, but that doesn’t mean they are right or good.  It just means they project well.  They have strong false selves or strong wills.

Attackers, like molesters, groom their victims to accept their projections.  Often they first give something the victim wants.  Then they give them something they don’t want.  If we have not been groomed, we can’t be tricked.  Our True Self would be able to protect us.  But this ain’t easy in this world.  We’re groomed from the time we are born to fear each other and to fear emotions.  Freedom is about curing this mental error.  It’s a battle worth fighting.

We all make this error, and it takes work to escape making the error again and again.  We are all born into families where the false self rules.  We aren’t going to change that in the near future for most of the world.  But it doesn’t matter when you clean this up.  Once you clean it up within your mind, you are free of that past incident because you know it can’t happen again.  The reason the past sticks in our mind is because we believe that by holding on to the false memories of the past, we keep ourselves safe in the future.  But we erroneously perpetuate our false self and the collective illusion.

The only reason that we fear others who have beliefs is that we’ve been harmed by believers in the past.  When we realize that we had the power all along to stay safe, we stop fearing anyone with beliefs.  We have no problem allowing even the most dogmatic leaders and authority to stew in their own shit until they ask us for help.  We stop enabling them; and that is real love.  Then we help them to get free too, when and if they ask.  You really can love a perpetrator once you see they have no power.  Just like you can choose to remove a thorn from a lion’s paw when hurt, you actually will do the same for those who used and abused the illusion once they are stuck in the feminine role.  To quote Jesus again, “They know not what they do.”


You Can Change the Past

The person I’m mentoring can’t go back and change the past physically, but they can do it in their mind as I’ve described above.  When we change the mental, we change the physical.  In this way, the mind becomes rewired as if life had always been this perfect.  Fear goes away.  Beliefs go away.  Stress goes away.  Now there is no need for the fight or flight response.  So it disappears.  You don’t shake or jump all the time.  You sleep better; and you focus more easily.

I must warn you that most of us have to play this game a lot.  We have to master it.  There are so many things that we are told to fear.  But imagine if a small group of people with this kind of power took on the AMA or the government.  What if we approached Monsanto with this kind of power?  What if we started teaching every child that when someone says something that doesn’t feel good, they are lying.  Ignore them.  Don’t buy their product!  Don’t go to their church! Don’t even waste your time judging them!  Don’t do their stupid ice bucket challenge.  Just let them go.  In time, the right people would be the leaders.  We’d be living in a very different world.

The occult knew that if they could invoke fear in the collective, they could control us.  And if you look at television or newspapers today, that is still their plan.  Occult leaders need us to stay in fear so they can stay in power.  If we stop fearing, they will lose all of their false power.  Letting go is the magic that can heal everything.


Ice Bucket Challenge

As I finished this post, it came out on YouTube and Twitter that the very popular ice bucket challenge was not to raise money to cure ALS.  It was a satanic ritual.  This is pretty funny because all rituals are technically occult.  Only occultists do rituals; and only occultists believe in Satan.  Religions are all occult.  The original meaning of Satan was opponent.  He was God’s opponent. Satan is all about following orders, rules, and obeying.  Satan is about reward and punishment.  Satan is about disease, like ALS.  So to do something that you are challenged to do is completely feeding the illusion.  And the charity that people donated to is looking to fix an effect.  So this statement is metaphorically accurate.  This is all about Satan as one would metaphorically view Satan.  It is good that something honest has surfaced.  Because most people thought they were being good.  And this little correction shows that they were actually being bad or evil.

Lots of religious people did that challenge or supported it.  Now they will be afraid of going to hell.  They will shake in fear that they have sold their soul to satan with that ritual.  And while they sit around being afraid, those who know it is meaningless bullshit will crack up laughing or sell them expensive anti-Satan remedies.

The people who wanted power told the people they were doing something good; they got them to play their game.  They groomed them.  Then they told them  “Opps, it’s really something bad.”  If you stand outside of this; it’s great movie to watch.  You can see how the illusion works; and you’re glad that you’re no longer part of it.  Some victims might see through the stupidity.  Some might see that we really should be our own master.  We shouldn’t just do something because someone we idolize or have been told to obey tells us to do it.  That’s the lesson that these people will get if they follow their emotions to the causal belief.

Since most people believe every thought they hear that is laced with fear, people live in constant fear of disease, war, terrorists, food and water shortage, dangerous animals, accidents, etc.  It’s the belief that these things can happen that allows them to happen.  As we let go, the hazards move away from us; eventually, they disappear all together.  So our letting go helps to keep ourself and others safe.  It is the most compassionate thing we can do.

But remember these are collective (shared) beliefs; they don’t go down without a fight.  You can’t just cancel them out of your mind or say, “I let that go” casually.  You have to really feel and honor the cry of your emotions.  You have to realize your emotions are telling you that the belief isn’t true.  You have to face that giant psychological reversal that made you afraid of your emotions and trusting of poker-faced people.  You must realize that the belief you see is completely false, not just for yourself but for everyone.  That’s what allows your true power to return.  And that is what corrects the past within your mind; it changes your perspective forever.  And when your past holds no more beliefs of bad things that could happen, the fight or flight response is completely gone.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Belle Cullen

    I thought more about this and realised that my issue when it comes to letting go of some beliefs are that I cannot find “proof” within myself that they are not true.

    I feel I have experienced a true state of non-belief, that is I have had an experience that caused me such fear that I eventually had to let go of all fear. And for a short time, I was free of all beliefs. The freedom I felt in this state was phenonemal. I have since had more of these experiences, though they were much more brief in duration.

    Returning to the “fear” state after experiencing that, is jolting. I now have this intellectual understanding that belief is something that I choose, yet I don’t have that acompanying “peace” and “calm” that comes with purely “knowing” it. I realise this is because I have a heap of subconscious beliefs that need clearing and I do this often; in fact I have always done this since I was a child; where I’d visualise talking to the person I had bought the belief from and resolve it with them. This is always effective, so long as I can resolve it with them.

    However, there are some beliefs, such as “chemicals are everywhere and are harming us” that I can’t seem to resolve, because I can’t seem to find “proof” that it’s not true.

    Its easy enough to dispell beliefs that I’ve bought from people when it’s clear that that person is reacting to their own feelings/ideas or whatever. I mean, I can even talk to myself about how the chemical idea is another “control measure” used to keep us afraid, but then I wonder if I’m just paranoid about that. The uncertainty is what keeps me from letting that one go and probably some others like it.

    1. Cathy

      You don’t want to reason or talk to yourself. That often just flips you to the other side of the triangle bottom. You get rid of the problem with one person, but it shows up somewhere else. You have to bring up the thought and see that you feel emotion. The emotion is saying that it is false, even if you have seen it in reality. That is the short answer. That being said, everyone has trouble with this. It talks awhile to trust that emotion means false every time. Also, you have to let go of positive beliefs. Often the positive beliefs are holding in the negative beliefs. But I go through this in detail and very gently a little a time in the GC. Being safe in doing this is a high priority. There is no safe shortcut that I’ve found. It took us a long time to get programmed. So it takes time to get out. Usually not as long as it took to get stuck. That’s a good thing. Cathy

  2. Belle Cullen

    I don’t expect a resonse to my reply.

    I will continue reading through your material and clearing out the “junk” that I’ve taken on.

  3. Belle Cullen


    Thank you for responding. I feel as if I understand what you are saying.

    Sometimes I live that state of letting go, but it feels like I get pulled back into the illusion. I feel as if I am living 2 lives a lot of the time. Switching between “truth” and the illusion. Being pulled between the two is painful in itself. When I feel I am in the illusion, but I am aware that I am, I feel pain and fear that I am no longer living in my truth. People say this is “resistance”. The only way I can describe what truth feels like for me is; neutrality. When I am there, I can see everything for what it is. I notice everything around me. I do not feel anything, but it’s not the apathy I feel when my feelings switch off, it’s a calm state of just being. In this state, I feel able to “choose” how to feel when I am interacting with someone and thoughts feel as if they are skimming over my head instead of taking over it. Inspiration fills my mind, instead of problems; and I enjoy problem solving instead of feeling anxious about finding a solution.

    I find that I have so many “triggers” that flick a switch in me, most of which are when I interact with people. I feel both avoidant of people and needing them for human contact/love. I feel conflicted. The switch seems to cause me to disconnect from my feelings in order to avoid the panic that usually arises; this state of panic makes me feel very vulnerable and that vulnerability has been exploited, condemned and used against me by people I naively put me trust in.

    I have felt what it’s like to not believe anything and how free this felt and when I switch out of this state, what is left is an intellectual understanding of this. So I “know” that everything works on belief, but I no longer “feel” it, because I’m supposing my subconscious is now feeding my experience and it’s still full of crap, which means that I can’t delude myself with things that used to “help” me.

    So I suppose “letting go” is a clearing of the subconscious and in the process, we need to be mindful of what we fill it up with. When we are conscious and aware and “present”, we can decide in the moment what we choose to absorb. I recognise what you say about being conditioned to follow the lead of an authority. I see this in myself when I feel unsure of myself; I immediately seek out someone “wiser” than me for guidance because I no longer trust myself; and funnily enough it’s usually due being undermined by someone wishing to have authority over me. The fear that I feel in that state of feeling unsure becomes so intense sometimes, I feel desperate for “escape”. At these times, I am so overwhelmed by it, I can’t seem to find the causal belief whilst my mind is racing, my chest tightens and my breathing becomes restricted. 

Is what you refer to as “complex” mind? 
I wonder if I’m a lost cause sometimes. One of those stuck in limbo.

  4. Belle Cullen

    Hi there,

    I’ve been doing some research on what’s referred to as “oxidative stress”. I wrote a piece on it, detailing my theory on cannibis, heavy metals and oxidative stress.

    I agree that psyhcological stress is all “in the mind”, or due to false beliefs as you say. I do wonder though, if there is an environmental component that is having a physiological effects on our bodies and in turn, our minds.

    I also wrote another piece that transends that. I wondered if you had any thoughts on what I have written. They are just theories, I wouldn’t say I believe them, more that I wonder if they are possible.

    My first theory on Cannibis and oxidative stress:

    I’ve been suffering symptoms of malnutrition which i have discovered may be caused by Oxidative stress.

    Oxidative stress is apparently caused by; lifestyle stress, heavy metal toxicity and exacerbated by sugars.

Sugar may act as fuel for oxidative stress.

    I also discovered that Cannabis contains high levels of heavy metals; this is due to the fact that the plant acts as a vacuum for toxins, sucking them up through the soil and possibly from the air. Cannabis, however also contains high levels of anti-oxidants, which act as combators for heavy metals. Whilst it combats them, I’m not sure that it actually gets rid of them, but instead store it and the metals remain neutralised. If, however you stop using the cannabis, you will be left with high levels of heavy metals, which may be why we end up so sick when we stop. The key to this is to detox whilst using it and also detox when/ if we need to stop.

    Heavy metals seem to be everywhere and are seemingly unavoidable, They are apparently in the air we breathe, our carpet, almost all commercial products, in the soil, our water, clothing, food. It seems that unless you live in pristine conditions, you will have heavy metals in your body.

    I have a theory that Cannabis interacts with us differently, because there are so many variables. Every single plant is unique, just as every human is unique. What makes it and us unique is; chemistry. Every person’s chemical make-up is different; depending on environment, personality, body chemistry etc and when you mix each plant with each person, there will be a completely new chemistry created. The key to creating the “perfect” chemistry is balance.

    Other ways that we can possibly improve our health, without cannabis are; increase anti-oxidants, detox regularly and consume only the healthiest food and cleanest water available. Sometimes this is not possible due to financial and living circumstances.

    The second theory is:

    If universal consciousness exists, and every organism could tune into this, then perhaps, can we communicate with those organisms even to the extent of curing our own diseases, purely via that communication?

    Does this then mean that every disease or illness we have was invited into our systems via that communication?

    Perhaps then, every illness/disease is a point of growth for that individual (in that this person needs to work out why they attracted that disease, what do they believe that caused them to attract it)

    How then, do we cure these?

    By examining our intentions behind every communication we send out?

    I do use cannibis in very small amounts, only with a clear mind and when I am emotionally clear. I find that the plant works via intention; that is, your experience will be determined entirely by how you believe it will effect you. If I believe it will enhance my overall experience, that is what it does. I’m not sure if using it is “healthy” overally, though I suspect there’s a reason why people seem to be drawn to it. I realise most people use it to zone out or suppress their emotions and I must admit, I have done this before, however I did not like how I felt when this happened. My emotions are like my antennas and without them, I feel blind.

    1. Cathy

      I’m not going to go through all of your article. It isn’t relevant to what I write about. We are talking about apples and oranges. I can tell you that the initiates said that emotion is the effect of our thinking, and everything in our life has a mental cause. I prove that over and over again in my writing, so I can’t summarize it in a sentence or two. If you want complete freedom (like the initiates), you can’t fix the effects with anything. That was the way of the initiates. Of course, that is for someone who has been at this for awhile; I don’t recommend it for people until they really feel confident with letting go. That is something that we work toward. I never want someone to put themselves in harms way. So I state the words of the initiates with caution.

      People do use cures of different types until they let go of the belief in disease. That takes a long time. But I always encourage them to look for and let go of the cause. Eventually, you learn that when you let go of the cause, you don’t need any aide, the problem goes away. You get to the place where all the research, including medicine and science is real, but false. When we believe in a cure, it works. And that is just how the illusion works.

      You see this all as you let go, but it takes years of letting go to see it. So I don’t want to get ahead of where you are. That doesn’t serve you. We are such believers in the normal medical system of problem, diagnosis, cure. When you fix the effects, you must keep the belief in the problem in your mind. So you can’t ever get completely free. So you are talking about something that is effective in the illusion because people believe in it. But it is not part of initiation.

      I have to also say that even an outer cause would only cause disease if we believe that outer cause is harmful. This is why people are exposed to a toxin and some get sick and some don’t. Disease, viewed from the mental level, involves uncovering the real core of the illusion which is related to religious beliefs that everyone has, even the nonreligious. It involves clearing out the clone (which is the main topic of the Gold Circle). It involves ending projection. It involves letting go of lots and lots of common beliefs. It is very complex. Letting go is simple. The illusion was purposefully designed to be confusing and difficult to exit. So that is why I don’t discuss healing without aid until people have been letting go a long time. But that is the end goal of this work. Hope that helps. Cathy

  5. Joe

    it does i started reading it and i felt the same way!

  6. Joe

    Hello Cathy

    i just wanted to know what did you think of the studies of torah?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Joe,
      I’m a huge student of the entire Bible. It was my main source of study for everything I write about. In a forthcoming book, I address many stories of the Torah; however, most students and teachers of the Torah are guilty of viewing it from the physical perspective rather than the mental perspective. A good example is Moses. Most would call him a true masculine; but he has all the characteristics of a pure false masculine. His God is not the Creator; it is the God of the illusion.

      All ancient texts are written from the mental perspective; characters are archetypes, not symbolic or literal. When interpreted rightly, the stories are great initiation stories with powerful messages that help us to become authentic human beings. The stories transcend roles and clearly demonstrate how we move in and out of the illusion. But I’ve never found anyone who taught taught from that perspective. Thus the Torah tends to create guilt, shame, and struggle. Thank you for writing, Cathy

  7. Joe

    Dear Cathy,

    You completely Changed my outlook on life thank you!

    1. Cathy

      You are most welcome Joe but the credit goes to you. People who get what I say already have it inside. Cathy

  8. Philip

    Awesome article Cathy 🙂 I’m glad you brought up the ALS bucket challenge because the whole thing itself made no sense…why not just get rid of the belief that one can get ALS? But yea, I’m working on coming from the place of compassion rather than judging people for believing in disease. Great points 😀

    1. Cathy

      I doubt your judging them Phil…probably just discriminating.

  9. Annemarie

    Hi Cathy,
    What a great article. I get it completely!!
    Thank you!

  10. Annemarie

    Hi Cathy,
    What a great article. I get it completely!!
    Thank you!

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