Eliminating Our Master and Slave Mindset

Master slave relationship

By Cathy Eck


We’ve All Got a Master and Slave Mindset about Something

I recently watched a television program called “Slave Catchers, Slave Masters” on the history channel.  The show was about how slaves managed to escape in America.  It was all about the physical act of escaping.  And yet, as I watched the program, I could see behind the physical into the mental mindset of the masters and the slaves.

I realized how much the master and slave mindset still permeates the world today.  In some countries, like China, it’s still physically practiced.  But for most of us, it shows up in a more elusive way.  Some aspect of our life feels like slavery, but it doesn’t look like it.  For most people, it shows up in their work.  They’re stuck in dead-end jobs that they hate.  A recent study said that 70 percent of Americans still tolerate or hate their jobs.  Many don’t make enough money to live.  For others, it’s a dead relationship that keeps them enslaved.  Many adults are still slaves to their parents or their culture, and they will be until they die.  Much of the world is enslaved by false Gods that don’t even exist, which proves that the master and slave relationship is a mindset that produces a master and slave effect in the illusion.  If we eliminate this mindset from our own minds, we can do our part to end the effect in the world.

We see this more clearly if we take slavery out of the collective physical and historical memory for a moment.  We’re not doing that to deny that it happened.  We do that to see why it happens.  We can’t really forgive a memory of wrongdoing until we understand how we got into the situation and became either a perpetrator or victim.  Both are false roles that only exist within the illusion; thus both players are victims of the illusion.  But don’t get me wrong, the master role is much easier to play than the slave role.  Winners are rarely inclined to be the first to let the relationship go.

If physical slavery mirrors mental slavery then physical escape would mirror the mental escape.  And if we view our level of freedom at the mental level, none of us are free.  Yes, we have choices like where to live or what job we can choose to do.  We can choose between thousands of drinks at Starbucks.  But that’s not freedom.  We all have rules, shoulds, and authority figures that we think we must believe and obey.  That’s slavery.  Most of us have very little time or opportunity for creative expression.  That’s slavery.  We accept lives with only fleeting moments of joy.  That’s slavery.  Peace is almost nonexistent.  Yep, that’s slavery.  The reason that we remain stuck in the master and slave mindset is that we aren’t honest about slavery beginning at the mental level.  We pretend we’re free when we aren’t because we’ve been trained to accept a false definition of freedom.  We confuse freedom with choice.


History and Slavery

Our own Founding Fathers in America were hypocrites on the subject of slavery.  They wrote and talked about freedom, but many of them had slaves.  Talking about something isn’t the same as giving it to someone or helping them to get it themselves.  Shit, in the illusion, flows downhill.  The Founding Fathers wanted freedom from Great Britain.  They felt like slaves to the British because they had to obey them; and they didn’t like their rules or beliefs.  But they didn’t let go of their master and slave mindset; they just projected it on to someone else so they could move into the more attractive masculine role.  They became the false master; and found someone else to make into their slaves.  These new false masters were sensitive to the own slavery and victimhood.  However, they had no sensitivity to the plight of others — just like their false masters, the British, had no sensitivity to them.

The false masculine role tends to be very self centered.  They don’t feel emotions unless someone is taking their money, their possessions, or their freedom.  In other words, they see the masculine as intellect; and the feminine as emotional.  Emotions get in the way of what they want.  They split the cause (intellect) from the effect (emotions).  Let me tell you a secret.  When people have a lot of beliefs, they feel a lot of emotions.  So of course, they hate their emotions.  They are inundated with them.

The way they escape from drowning in their own emotional cesspool is to make their emotions useless and worthless — even evil.  Logic and reasoning is king in their mindset; so if it harms others, they deserved it.  They treat their emotions like appendix — something to eliminate if they become a bother.  They do that by finding a thought that feels good and holding on to it without doing the win-win test; and usually that thought is one that says they are great, all powerful, and you and I are scum.  This is why I detest the positive thinking movement; it contributes to this kind of behavior.  That’s how they project problems on to others.  They rise above the fray.  Therefore, they never look emotional on any subject.  They can speak of terrorism or war with a smile or calm demeanor.  We see this all the time in politicians.  But if someone does something to them, they will get angry or even cry.  Suddenly, they aren’t so cool, calm, and collected because they flipped into the feminine role.  They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.  Their projection just came back at them like a boomerang.  So they look for someone new to tramp on so they can rise back up into the false masculine role.  They don’t grow; they just swing the pendulum back to the false masculine extreme as soon as they get the chance to do so.

This is the key distortion in the illusion.  As the triangle process shows, if we have one side of a coin, we also have the other side.  And this is why we will ultimately play both roles unless we let go and get free.  If we don’t get free, we’ll try like hell to be in the desirable unemotional masculine role.  We’ll use force, punishment, reward, killing, and our will to get that coveted masculine role if need be.  In short, the false masculine hates the feminine because it associates the feminine with emotions.  Emotions, in the illusion, are a sign of weakness.  But if you can’t feel your emotions, you can’t feel at all.  You’ll never know real love or joy.  You’ll never experience a moment of real freedom.

When anyone in the illusion acquires the powerful masculine role, they don’t seem to remember the times when they were in the feminine role.  They immediately accept the collective point of view, which includes hating the feminine.  This is what’s referred to as karma in the east.  It isn’t that you must swing to the other side because it’s a law, but since people don’t let go, they do get what they send out eventually.  Every battle on this planet, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom or the battlefield is about who gets to play the numero uno masculine role.  People stuck in feminine roles can’t wait to be in charge; and when they get the chance, they are just as lacking in compassion as the people who oppressed them.  The illusion makes sure of that.  It’s that old Fool’s Golden Rule:  We do to others what was done to us.  We do that because our false mind doesn’t think outside of the box.  It does what it learns and memorizes like a good tape recorder.

So you can see how very important it is that we know how to escape the feminine role.  The ones in the masculine role aren’t inclined to let go.  We can’t see the insanity of the illusion when we’re winning.  The master and slave relationship is simply a form superiority and inferiority, dominance and submission, win and lose, and good and evil.  Historical slavery was justified under the guise that white is automatically good.  There are some old white men (and probably a few young ones) that still believe that today.  They have no reason to think white is superior; they think they just know it.  That’s the problem with lacking discrimination.  We kind of remember ancient myths and symbols, and we make them true because we think everything we think is true and right.  We don’t apply the true-false discrimination test.  If we go way, way back in time, white was like the sun.  Black was like the new moon.  Black was treated within this master and slave mindset with the same disrespect and inferiority as any feminine role; and feminine was considered evil once myths told us that it was evil.  Eve ate the Apple and convinced Adam to do so as well.  Damn that bitch.  Our false mind is very primitive — it puts together ideas but can’t take them apart very well.  Once an idea has been inserted into our memory storage as true, our mind builds upon those very core beliefs without discriminating.  We continue to get further and further from the truth.

In the lunar cycle, the moon starts out new and has no reflection.  Then the sun comes along and the moon shines in the darkness.  Thank your lucky stars for that one.  A person in the feminine was perceived as nothing without the masculine sun shining upon them.  Thus a wife or slave was perceived as chattel.  The master thinks that the woman or slave should feel lucky to have a master so it can be something.  Excuse me while I vomit!

In America, many conservatives (who also happen to be our most religious people) have God complexes and are now arguing that corporations are people and need to be treated well.  These same people consider the American people to be inventory.  You see, if you come to consider an employee, a wife, a child, or a citizen a possession, you won’t feel bad when you harm it or make it suffer to serve your needs and desires.  You won’t feel bad when you make it do all the work without any reward like our minimum wage employees who work very, very hard.  A master, with this master and slave mentality, must twist his false self with judgments and beliefs in order to cover up his natural compassion.  After all, do you feel bad when you drop your stapler?  The only time you feel bad is if you break it, and it doesn’t work for you anymore.  That’s slavery.  And the false master holds a stapler in higher esteem than an employee or citizen.


Master and Slave

Slavery is a contained thought form in that each person sees themselves in relation to the other.  They’re in fact more aware of the other person’s thoughts than their own.  The master is not a master without slaves; the slave is not a slave without a master.  The false mind, which is memory based, works to keep each person in their role.  It’s the essence of all good and evil thought forms.  The masculine role’s mind justifies slavery.  They think things like:  They must have slaves. or they won’t be profitable.  Everyone does it.  The slaves are nothing without them.  These people have food and shelter; they should appreciate what I give them.  I deserve the rewards, and they don’t.  If the slave doesn’t obey, they deserve punishment.  You see, that doesn’t sound strange to the master; it sounds God-like.  If you honor the false Old Testament God as your God, then you will become like him and see nothing wrong with your behavior.  If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for me too.  Masters of the home, office, government, or plantation can all have God complexes.  And when they do, they project their emotions on to someone, not necessarily everyone, in the feminine role.

The slave is planted firmly in the feminine role, and we always feel powerless in the feminine role if the person in the masculine role is not a true masculine.  Remember, the sun is unconditionally giving; not unconditionally taking.  We would not mind being feminine to the sun; and we all are every day.  So any master that takes is automatically a false masculine.  But the slave has the same mind.  It’s justifying its position with thoughts by saying things like:  I can’t escape.  The master is too powerful.  What will I do if I get free.  I can’t leave my family.  At least I have food.  I have no clue how to escape.  I could get killed.

You can’t escape from any illusion unless you have a goal or desire that is outside of the illusion.  This is so important that I’ll say it again.  If you don’t have a desire that is bigger than the illusion you are stuck in, you will never escape.  This is why eastern religions are so dangerous.  They get people to drop their desires as if desires are evil.  They tell you that life is about suffering.  People live their entire lives in apathy.  More and more, I see New Agers stuck in apathy about everything; it’s the eastern influence.  Drop all things eastern, and your desires will slowly start to return.   Desires destroy illusions if followed, like the horrible caste system.

If any slave can catch a glimpse of true freedom from inside of themselves, they will find a way to get free.  But the slave usually can’t see outside the illusion once they get trapped in the feminine role because they focus on the external escape instead of the internal escape.  This makes sense, since the master of the illusion is externally focused.  He doesn’t want their creative mind; he wants their body’s physical work.

Any culture that has the notion of authority and blind obedience, even if they live out in the jungle, has a master and slave mentality.  The television program I watched explained how slaves attempted to find physical freedom.  They tried to be like the masters.  Masters were educated, so they wanted education.  But education has nothing to do with freedom.  Education only gives us knowledge; and knowledge is still within the illusion.  But the masters didn’t realize that either.  They banned education because they didn’t want the slaves to know about the freedom that they believed they possessed.  Do you see how insane this is?  We are born with a freedom mindset; and then we all start obeying authority and eventually we don’t remember that we’re free.  We so forget that we simply try to take the better position.  When the slaves started to learn to read and teach each other, the masters made rules that made that illegal.  When slaves banned together in groups, the masters invented slave patrols. This is exactly like the Tower of Babel.   We were made bad or wrong for cooperating.  The master was always one up on the slaves because we tend to believe what authority figures say without discriminating.  We’re trained to do that from birth.

Things changed for the slaves when a few white people in power started to develop compassion.  They started to see slaves as people.  That’s when change happens.  When we value others, and want the best for everyone, our True Self comes out to play. Compassion happens when the masculine role realizes that whatever he sees in his feminine is a reflection of his own mind.  His emotions aren’t garbage; they are his ticket to freedom.


How to let the master and slave mindset go

We must realize that the master and slave roles go together with each representing one side of our own false mind.  We’re just more aware of the label that matches the role that we play.  We have to also recognize that we’re all victims of the illusion; some people just get stuck in shit parts.  In all honesty, the slave is more likely to let go because their part is so unsatisfying.  People who perceive themselves as winning or superior often feel that letting go means losing or becoming inferior.  They don’t see that letting go always leads to win-win and freedom.

Ironically, our True Mind is ordered in a very empowering master and slave relationship.  The master is our True Self; and the slave is our false self.  The master True Self has the vision, creativity, and wisdom; and the slave false self holds the knowledge and beliefs that bridge the vision with the material manifestation.  The True and false self both have masculine and feminine aspects.  But those roles help with the creative process.  They are equal in power.  Our false self is constantly changing and letting go.  It holds on to beliefs until a creation is complete; then it returns to the virgin state.

Just like the True Self is a visionary, unconditionally loving, and a compassionate leader to our false self, so is the true master to his feminine.  The problem with the master and slave relationship in the illusion is that the master is a selfish visionary.  They aren’t driven by creativity, they’re driven by profit and self gain.  The master pretends to be the True Self with their strong God complex, but they aren’t.  They are simply the opposite of the slave living at the bottom of the triangle.  You might recognize this as level confusion.  What’s true outside of the illusion has been applied within the illusion.  Thus, we think it’s true because it is true, but not at the illusory level.  Truth at the wrong level becomes evil.

The key to getting to freedom is to ignore others while we build strength within.  We treat the false masculine’s thoughts as part of our own mind.  If we are in the feminine role, we listen to our mind and hear what our own false masculine says.  Then we let go of anything that generates emotions; it’s false even if it appears to be very real.  When we no longer have a false masculine in our own mind, we can’t attach ourselves to a false masculine leader.  We no longer believe that they exist.  They will have no power over us.  We’ll have the same mind that we had in the beginning of life when we were innocent, but we won’t be innocent anymore; we’ll be wise.  We won’t fall again because we’ll understand how we fell and how we get free.

In the ancient world, the process that took us to freedom was called remembering.  And it was the feminine that had to remember the masculine because the masculine didn’t know he fell apart.  He was like Charlie Sheen on drugs; he was winning!  Likewise, within ourselves, it’s our feminine that must remember our True masculine Self.  We have to be compassionate when we find the false beliefs; we didn’t know what we were doing.  If we want to keep the old false master on the hook, or punish him for his previous behavior, we lose too.  We give up the chance at our own freedom.  Everyone loses.

The feminine is the key to freedom.  Only the feminine knows that the masculine is thinking false thoughts because the feminine feels the emotional signal.  As we let go of the false master within, we reveal the True Master within; and the feminine within us becomes calm.  She’s no longer a slave; she’s now our creativity and wisdom.  We now know how to get free and fulfill our desires.  She’s no longer the moon that only reflects the sun; she’s the living, breathing earth where life grows and thrives.  Oddly, our biggest false dick masters want to get to the moon and destroy the earth.  Do you see why?  They are stuck in the old mythology because they are religious; and they worship the wrong God.

We’re all slaves in some aspect of our life.  And understanding the master and slave relationship allows us to free our minds completely.  We come to learn that freeing our body isn’t what we really desire.  It provides comfort but not true satisfaction.  Once our mind is free, we can never be slaves to anyone again.  Our body, as the effect of our mind, must become free as well.  We recognize that the master is just a little impotent man, and the notion that he had power was all an illusion that we made very, very real.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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