Santa or Satan

All Santas Look the Same
All Santa’s Look the Same


It is All in the Words

I’m always looking at words.  I love when I find words within words or anagrams, and there are many in the English language.  I often find word correspondences that support the theory that many English words erupted out of the desire of the few to hide the truth from the masses during some of our darkest days in history.  The elite created hidden messages for their cronies; while the masses remained clueless.  They wanted to create an inner circle where the majority of people remained outside, unable to enter because they didn’t have the right ancestry or bank balance.  But it’s a strange thing.  Those who hide things from others eventually hide things from themselves.

I few years ago, I noticed that Santa and Satan were anagrams.  Then I realized that it’s not just the letters that match.  They both wear red.  Satan hangs out in fire, and Santa comes down the chimney.  One is lovingly called “Old Nick,” the other “Saint Nick.”

I decided to do some exploration.  Quite honestly, I didn’t find much other than the pretty much expected, “Santa takes people’s eyes off Jesus” advocates.  That might be true, but it wasn’t the issue.  I wanted to see if there was a hidden intention in the creation of the Santa character.  Then I noticed yet another coincidence.  When a pope dies, he’s dressed in a Santa-like costume.  Here are a couple of pictures:

Deceased Pope in Santa-like Costume

It seemed that right before our eyes, there may be a symbolic message of gigantic proportion that most people overlook.  Perhaps something bigger was being conveyed subliminally or passed off like the quick sleight-of-hand of magicians.  Was Santa really just the chubby man with lots of elves and flying reindeer?  We’re we celebrating a holy day?  Or was Christmas just another way to strengthen the power of the inner circle and remind the outer circle that they should happily postpone their joy until after death?


Is Santa in Heaven or Hell?

Santa lives above everyone else in the North Pole; Satan lives below everyone else. Both are old, but they never die.  Neither have a wife — maybe a maid or cook.  Santa doesn’t have horns like Satan, but he has reindeer who have horns (lots of them). Santa dresses rather flamboyantly in bright red with a hint of white — but no one calls him gay.  Satan sports the red look also, with a hint of black.  Santa judges us as good or bad, and he delivers rewards if we merit them.  Satan, of course, doles out the punishment so Santa (or God) can look nice all the time (except for an occasional lump of coal).  Santa doesn’t do any work; he has slaves, i.e., elves that work their fingers to the bone all year.  Satan pretty much works alone.  And finally, after all that work, the elves get one night off while Santa goes around delivering the gifts and getting all the credit.

It seemed that I’d heard this before.  As a child, I was presented with a view of God as an old man in the sky.  The God I saw in photos wore a white robe–not pants, coat, and tossle cap–a costume that distinguished him from the masses.  He was always old, but he never died.  God didn’t have a goddess counterpart–doesn’t seem to need one.  He deals out rewards and punishments based on his point of view of whatever he says is good and evil.  And basically you had to slave away through life to please him and to get those rewards.  It seemed that many throughout history felt that God loved sacrifices of all kinds — animals, food, virgins, hard work or even your very life.  And if anything good came to you, you’d better give him the credit.


Am I Stuck in an Infinite Loop?

But wait, I’ve heard this somewhere before.  In Genesis 2, we find that Adam and Eve fell when they ate from the tree of good and evil.  Before the consumption of the apple, everything was good.  That is Genesis 1.  But in genesis 2, God changes.  He becomes moody; and suddenly good and evil both exist.  It is all blamed quite gracefully on Eve and the serpent (who appears to represent god’s feminine aspect in ancient symbolism).

Again, we have another perspective of god who lives apart from us, as our unchallenged superior.  We don’t see him much.  He doesn’t do much of anything except grant our wishes if we are good.  He makes arbitrary decisions about what is good and what is evil.  If we fail or suffer, we get the blame since we deserved it; if we succeed; he gets the credit.  In short, one could present a good case that the old man in the sky is the moody God of Genesis 2.  And Santa is just some nice, annual reinforcement for a story about how life works.  That story would lose its power if we accidentally forgot about it.  As I said, God is presented as being immortal.  Santa is too.  But there is a strong message that we often overlook.  Their immortality ends when we quit believing their stupid story.  That’s how we end all illusions.  We quit believing the stories that keep them alive.


The God Complex

What about the corporate or political elite?  Would the Rockefeller’s, Morgan’s, or the Carnegie’s have made their fortune without their slave labor, i.e., elves?  How about all those big plantation owners?  They couldn’t have picked all that cotton alone.  Notice how Obama killed Bin Laden when he never even left his office.  We don’t even notice this program.  If people weren’t brainwashed with the God program, and the Santa program, they wouldn’t take an elf job.  Giant fortunes have been made by getting others to do their work for nothing.  It is a simple formula that works every time.  It’s an old, old formula that started with story.  Humans gave life to God (the false God), not the other way around.  And who got the credit?  We worship these people as great men.  We teach our children to look up to them.  Then they go off to be elves.

What about the Queen of England?  She flaunts her crown with enough jewels to feed a small country for a year while elves kiss her royal ass.  People should go crazy with emotion when they watch a Royal wedding; instead they think their tears are tears of joy or sweet love.

What about that Pope?  He, too, is always old.  He does die, but is replaced fairly quickly so the role stays filled most of the time.  He lives apart from the rest of the world in his special city.  He makes cross dressers look normal with his beautiful robes and red shoes.  He makes up rules that make no sense, and if you obey them, you are told that you will get rewarded–when you die.  If you disobey his rules, you must confess to one of his minions.  He pops out on his balcony once and awhile to adoring crowds and takes the credit. He reminds us that sacrifice makes us a better person; and if we can do it with a smile, he’ll label us a saint.  And he is the leader of a bunch of horny men who have been known to behave like animals far more aggressive than reindeer.


The Superhero Myth

Our most beloved, ancient stories are superhero myths.  For some reason, humans have always had an affinity for the battle of good and evil.  Hollywood thrives on it.  Every ancient culture has a superhero myth, and the main character is often referred to as a God.  At some point, the immortal, omnipotent superhero God became the goal of life.  This God is the earth-focused God of duality; he is not to be confused with the creator God who was resting on the 7th day in Genesis 1.  Sometimes it appears that God forgot to wake up from his nap.

Many philosophers refer to this earth God as the projection of humanity — the product of our minds creating God in man’s image.  All superhero stories have a good character and a villain.  Both wear costumes because their superhero or villain avatar is just a persona, implying that our persona is more powerful than our true nature.  People devote their lives to enhancing their persona.  They don’t want to drop their beliefs because they think that removes their persona’s power.  It’s all part of a big lie.  It makes letting go unattractive.

Ironically, take off the costume or persona, and the superheroes are normal, everyday people.  The good hero hates evil, but he has no purpose without it.  If evil goes away, the superhero is left with — dare I say it — normalcy.  Men and women with God complexes are simply God dressed in drag.  Man dressed in drag pretending to be God is no more of a God than Ru Paul is a female supermodel.

Over time, this earth God, hero character has become the archetype of the MAN — the leaders in a patriarchal world.  He is the blueprint of the elite — the greedy corporate CEO, the president, the monarch, the clergy of any church, the doctor, the judge, and in many cases even our own fathers and husbands.  Over time, the patriarchial uniform changed from the robe to the suit and tie (or a pantsuit) — the MAN (or woMAN) now wears the pants.

The MAN avatar became achievable to anyone who was willing to follow the rules of success such as get the right education, climb the corporate ladder, and kiss the boss’s cheeks instead of your spouse’s and children’s.  Once you start to win at the game, you start to recognize that you must keep the game alive.  You become a gamemaster.

The MAN doesn’t listen to people in the feminine role (which has been women for a very long time) or even need them except to cook, take dictation, assemble products, or clean up.  He makes the rules, which we must obey if we are to get rewards and avoid punishment.  He lives off the labors of his slaves/elves who get no credit.  If they suffer gracefully, he might take pity on them and give them early retirement or a Christmas bonus.  And need I say, he’s really horny.

Since I wrote this post a few years ago, we had the 2016 election.  Hillary Clinton might be in a woman’s body, but she is very much part of this elite.  So the MAN is a common term, but it no longer excludes women.  Such power-hungry women are just as much to blame for the suffering and division in the world as any man who misuses his power.  In fact, many men seem to be learning and changing.  The women may be the more dangerous sex right now.



David Icke, the controversial conspiracy theorist, coined the brilliant term opposames.  It refers to things that appear to be opposite but are really the same.  Opposites are used for creating on planet earth.  Good and evil devolved as a major perspective shift from the original duality of male and female or yin and yang.  It is said that good and evil came about after we chose its tree over the tree of life.  But you and I didn’t make that choice; the elite did.  Then the elite blamed the choice on us.  It’s another part of the pattern.  The elite create the problem, then they tell the masses that the problem is just part of life and it sucks.  Or they blame the problem on the masses.  Or they call it punishment from an angry God.  Then they step in as the God-like hero, and fix the problem.

Male and female in Eden were co-creators and partners.  Good and evil, on the other hand, are opponents.  When we killed off the goddess by blaming her for eating the apple, we moved from partnership to opposition.  The patriarchy devalues emotions.  It isn’t just women that lose in the deal; men too lose their creativity and the perfect inner guidance that only emotions can provide.  They lose the ability to love unconditionally because they feel pressured to be heroes, who must spend their life battling evil.

Over time, power-hungry people came to recognize that if they told a story enough, it would become gospel (which comes from the word God Spell).  Our robotic minds would take the message, store it in our unconscious hard drive, and then project it into our world making it appear to be the truth. People would fight to keep the story alive, especially if they became one of the blessed who benefitted from its concepts.  The masses would come to believe that they had to follow the rules of the MAN obediently.  The masses would work for others making them rich while forgoing their own dreams.  They would slave away day-after-day and prove that the rich do get richer and the poor do get poorer.


The Psychology of Santa and Children

This archetypal story  keeps being reborn in different people, different costumes, and different rule systems.  But it is the same story at the core.  And since it is only a story, it needs constant reinforcement to stay alive.  If it starts to die, its beneficiaries resurrect it in a new superhero character.

We can change things back to the way they were in Eden if we understand why these stories appear to have so much power.  Little children believe in Santa until about seven years old.  Seven is the approximate time when our discrimination starts to kick in. Before that time, children live in what is called the alpha state of mind — it is like hypnosis.  Whatever they hear, they believe.  We are told all of these stories prior to seven — so they become our reality.  Our mind, now brainwashed, creates our experience in the world.  It creates a seeming fate — a fate that the creators of the story knew would make them the winners.

We can’t fight this perspective; because fighting the story gives it power.  That was how the patriarch became our leaders and gods; and why it appears that Satan just won’t die.  Satan lives off of attention and emotion.  As long as we fear him or hate him or adore him, he’s flying high.  But, when we start to ignore him or stop believing the story that includes him, he starts to fade away.  He starves from lack of emotional food.


Returning to Eden

Prior to the patriarchal god, everyone had power.  No one was superior to another. People listened to their hearts, their inner voices, and their inner goddess; everything was win-win; nothing took effort or hard work.  Superheroes were nonexistent and unnecessary.  Men started wanting power so they made women wrong, which also made the feminine qualities of emotions and wisdom wrong.  Stories and myths reinforced the notion that earth was the home of good and evil.  Those in power cast the messages in stone (in churches, pyramids, or circles) to reinforce what they wanted.

Now that emotions were taboo (and could get you labeled a heretic or witch and killed), they could lie to the masses without being detected, because it is our feminine side that reveals dishonesty.  It is the feminine that exposes the masculine.  But exposure isn’t easy.  The masculine believes that it’s lies are true and good for the masses.  The people in the illusion at all levels have been known to label, imprison, torture, and kill the exposers.  That’s why exposing brings up so much fear.  But they can’t do those things if we get free of their stories first.  That’s why letting go creates a power greater than the current elite.  It is a power that is not dependent on a story.

Now let me show you how easy it is to disempower the story and bring the earth back to Eden.  We just have to change the story back to its original form.  You first recognize that a story has no power except for that which we give it with our attention.  You stop believing in evil; and you stop looking for a superhero to save your sorry ass.  You start listening to your inner feminine, which means trusting your emotions; and the old man in the sky stops being so damn moody and punishing.

You make the stone structures work for everyone — they become temples of humanitarian values — win-win for everyone.  You question anyone in authority that says their group is better than another group.  The real God doesn’t choose sides — remember in Genesis 1, ALL is good.  The MAN falls off the pedestal without any fighting or war.  And earth is now Eden once again.


Accept that There is No Santa

I remember when my mother told me there was no Santa.  I cried and cried — she says for several days.  To me it was the greatest cruelty to tell me that there was this amazing man and then to take him away — I lost my only hope of getting the things that I wanted so much.  But I got over my grieving, and I started looking for something better than Santa.

Later as a mother, I just couldn’t pass on this story to my children, which was so painful to me.  So I just followed my heart and did what felt right (e.g. I followed my inner feminine).  I decided to stay as neutral as possible, explaining that Santa was a legend; and he shows up in everyone when they give and receive.  I told them that Santa was in the heart of everyone who gives, and the man in the red suit was symbolic of that.  It wasn’t perfect.  I was still caught in a family that loved Santa.  My dad even dressed up like Santa (at my mom’s insistence).  In short, I took out the good and bad, the judgment.

Drop the reward and punishment and good and evil from Santa’s story, and you are left with giving and receiving, yin and yang, male and female.  Take Santa out of the White House, North Pole, clouds, or Vatican, and he becomes a normal man that understands the masculine giving role.  Take out the extremes of the icy cold north pole or the fiery hot flames of hell, and you are just warm and caring.  Stop giving Santa the credit and honor the elves, and suddenly we don’t even need him anymore.  Strip off the costume, the persona, the mask, and you’ve got a biker dude dressed up like Santa with such a big heart that he sits around all day in a hot, uncomfortable costume to give a smile to a cute kid (for minimum wage).  Once we shift our perspective, we knock the MAN off his self-appointed pedestal, and we start honoring the greatness in everyone.

As I look back, my mother never told me that Santa would not come if I was bad.  She was different than other mothers who used him like a whip to make sure her children behaved.  She presented Santa as true generosity — someone who gives because he loves to give.  That part is true, and I like to think we love Santa because we love to give.  The illusion of Santa was gone by my 8th birthday, but my mother still crammed our tree with presents each year because she so loved to see us smile with delight as we opened them.  Santa didn’t disappear; he stopped being one man in a red suit and became my mom and dad.  And Satan…well, he just dropped away because without Santa needing to be a superhero, Satan was out of a job.

The sad part for me was that I actually saw my mom putting the presents under the tree when I was still a believer.  But I ignored it.  I didn’t know what to do with the information.  It still makes me sad that for all those years I thanked Santa for something my mom did because she wanted to see me smile.  Why is it considered normal to give the credit for our goodness to someone else who doesn’t even exist?  That’s what people do with God every day.  A doctor saves their life, and they thank God.  A person writes them a check, and they thank fucking God.  People buy their product, and they thank God.  It’s training, not truth.

We may not have the biggest gifts to give some years, but what if each person dropped one judgment about another?  If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone who dropped their judgment of you, you know how wonderful it feels.  It’s the best gift possible, and it costs nothing.  What if for just the one day of Christmas, we looked for things to let go instead of things to hate in everyone?  What if we stopped trying to change each other or tell others what to do just for a day? What if instead of giving to the charities of the stars or the institutions that don’t solve the problems, we gave our thanks to a person who made a real difference in our life this year?  What if that is actually the person who consistently pushed our buttons so we could get freer.  This perspective takes the magic out of Santa and the false God, and it puts the power back into human beings.  It’s a game changer.  Our real Santa isn’t the Pope or president, but much more like mom or a friend or a boss.  As we let go, we find the big, red Santa in our hearts (hearts are viewed as red too); and poor-old Satan just might lose his job for good.  HO HO HO!


Cathy Eck is the founder of Gateway To Gold and her blog  She has studied the ancient mystery school teachings for decades. She is passionate about cracking the code of life’s greatest mysteries and translating the ancient wisdom in a way that is practical, simple, and empowering so that everyone can remember their true Self and live a perfect life. 


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Wendi

    I find it intresting this take on Santa. And Satan I suppose.

    My mother never told us Santa was real. She said he was fun to pretend in but he didn’t really exist. Santa went against her Christian beliefs. Funny enough she never said that about Satan, that he was pretend. I remember feeling a bit upset with her, like I was disallowed from believing in Santa because of what she said we believed. And all the other kids did believe in Santa, they weren’t Christian and got to do fun stiff like that and Halloween, so I decided God could have made Santa and therefore he could be real and it was okay to believe in him. Mostly I made this up so I could believe in Santa like I wanted to and my mother couldn’t object. Even though deep down I knew he wasn’t really real. I really do think I resented her a bit, even then, for not letting me believe what I wanted to.

    This was all decided when I was a child, younger than 8. It was actually my choice to pretend he was real which led to me realizing I didn’t really believe in God, some 11 years later. That I’d actually been pretending because I wanted to so bad… But in sudden epiphany I realized I just didn’t. And as for Satan, I never believed in him on the surface but my mother’s influence must have made some impression because I feel intense fear at the mention of the name. I avoid the idea of him because of that emotion. Amusing I find intense fear comes up now at the mention of God, in a Christian sense. It’s only when I remind myself of a new definition of God, perhaps a New Age one, I relax. But there is still some delay in translation.

    I really don’t know where I’m going with all this reminiscing but I thank you for the trip down memory lane and the unique perspective which I suddenly got to see again.


    1. Cathy

      Hi Wendi,
      That makes sense to me. Kids really do try to make sense of this, but their parents don’t validate those attempts. How can they? They, themselves, believe the lies.

      The God issue has confused many. People do like the New Age God. But that God is a bit too much like a concierge or Santa, making our dreams come true for us if we are positive or do yoga. They put this God in mind as a definition. When we let go of the false God, and his sidekick Satan, we find Creativity and Unconditional Love. We see no opposites, no evil. It’s what the spiritual teachers describe, but it’s really our own True Self connecting to all other True Selves. It’s not the God of any religion because it’s beyond intellect and rules. Love, Cathy

  2. Sherry April Bailey

    Magnificent, outstanding, profound, and extremely easy to digest!!! Award winning!!! I vote you for November 2012!!! What I truly loved about this, is truth, love and life is simple to accept, live and understand but has been turned into ancient research, mind boggling questions, complexity, perplexity, chaos, disorder, confusion, delusion, deception, lies, etc… Life on Earth, simply put is a craze of a maze, so to speak. The matrix system. In a maze, there are many roads all leading to dead ends, and one tends to travel all of them, dazed and confused. Few and far between see the one narrow road that leads them out of the craze of the maze. Your article was a joy to behold and so clear that how can this now open ones eyes to see and ears to hear. This world is cloaked with deception with people acting as robots in their mind controlled, subliminal teachings. The dump down of society is enhanced by the struggle to survive and leaving no time to think clearly. It grieves my heart!!! A good old fashioned, most enjoyed picnic is a thing of the past. The enjoyment of the splendor, beauty and glory of the this magnificent world has been trashed for material, slave driven world. Transhumanism ??? Enough is Enough!!! Wake up sheeple, the alarm keeps going off, stop hitting the snooze button!!! It does not take a genius to live from your heart and not your feeble minded ways…. My heartfelt thanks for a so hard to find, worthwhile read!!! Kudos!!

    1. gatewaytogold

      Thank you so much Sherry. Nothing makes me happier than when some like-minded person reads my blog and can add to it with a profound comment. Our awareness is starting to break up this craziness, one thought, word and deed at a time.

  3. aromatherapy

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  4. Laurie McCammon

    What beautiful insights and crystal clear wisdom! I think all of us, particularly parents, can relate to the Santa issue. As a mom of a boy, I have noticed and been very disappointed by the pervasiveness of the Disney formula of entertainment in all types of childrens’ programming which perpetuates a skewed world view of everything as us and them, good and evil. In particular, I found very enlightening your observation that good and evil is a male/male interaction and that the male/female equivalent would be collaboration (giving and receiving). Thank you for this enlightening piece! It strengthens my resolve as a parent and as a soul who longs for a more peaceful planet for all to enjoy. The more of us who realize good and evil are just mental concepts and not real, the sooner we all have heaven on earth! Thanks so much for your contribution as a catalyst and way shower!

    1. gatewaytogold

      Thanks Laurie. I had fun writing it. I think when parents get this straight they really empower their children. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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