I Understand You: What That Really Means

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First-Cause and Second-Cause View of Understanding

This is a power-packed article.  It’s written in the style that I write in the membership programs.  I wanted to write a few free articles in that style, so that people can get a feel for what it’s like to be in those programs. My writing is much more direct in the programs, and I expect everyone to let go.  So if you’re new to this work, or easily triggered, I suggest that you start with the articles on NoLabelsNoLies.com.

Before we begin, let me offer some tips on how to read my articles for those who are not in my programs.  I write to expose false, and I have to explain why the beliefs I’m exposing are false.  The illusion is quite complex; and people generally have trouble letting go if they don’t understand why a belief is false.  So you don’t want to take in those explanations; this isn’t school.  It’s unschooling.  You want to witness your body and mind as you read what I write.  If you share the false belief that I’ve exposed, you should feel emotion.  Stop and let go around that belief.  Notice if your mind tries to tell you that the belief is true because you feel emotion; that’s psychological reversal.  Once you see that belief as false, you can continue reading.  If you’re new to letting go, this article could take you days to get through.  I don’t write for pleasure reading; I write to help people get free.  Every sentence might bring up a belief or a charged memory.  That’s what you want.  You can’t let go of a belief if you don’t know you have it in your mind.

In my programs, I decode a lot of nonphysical words in order to get them back to their original, pure meaning.  Understanding is a nonphysical word.  Words that are nonphysical generally have a true first-cause aspect to them, which has been lost over time.  Most people’s minds live in second cause.  Second-cause thinking is where we view one side of a dual pair of words as good or desirable, and the other side is viewed as bad or undesirable, like spiritual and unspiritual or positive and negative.  In short, there’s judgment in the duality when we’re in second-cause thinking. So with the word understanding, we generally have the opposite, which is misunderstanding.  As you’ll see, no one uses this word in a first-cause way.

Physical words don’t have a true, first-cause component to them.  Ideally, physical words are just words that we use to create and communicate. However, physical words are often infused with second-cause judgment, like fat and thin or smart and stupid.  For example, the word “boat” is just a descriptive label; it means a physical object that floats in the water.  Ideally, nothing second-cause would be tied to such physical words.  But people do judge boats; they add adjectives, such as pretty or ugly, to the word boat to move it from first-cause thinking to second-cause thinking.  Second-cause thinking is everywhere; it’s not a big problem if we don’t make our opinions into the truth.  But sadly, most people treat their opinions as their truth.  This is a bad habit that we all have to break.  When we want others to agree with our second-cause thinking, we create discord in our relationships.

The true initiates wanted total freedom; therefore, they eradicated all second-cause thinking from their minds.  Clearly they didn’t talk very much.

Second-cause thinking is the same as occult thinking.  It’s everywhere…in religion, spirituality, psychology, politics, science, medicine, and even common social standards.  The word occult simply means hidden.  Half of any occult communication is overt; and half is covert.  If we say that someone is pretty; there’s an implication that someone else is ugly.  You can’t eliminate one side of a coin, nor can you eliminate one side of a second-cause pair of words.  People learn to talk as if there’s no opposite to their words, but both sides of any second-cause pair of opposites live in the same mind.  Generally, people identify with one side; and they see the opposite projected on to someone else…someone who meets certain belief criteria that they hold in mind.  Projection looks very real, but it isn’t true.  When we project on another, we’re not seeing them as they truly are; we’re seeing our expectation of them from our own beliefs.

We always meet up with our projections; and that’s our chance to let go.  But when people don’t know how to let go, they fight with their opposition, they try to dominate them, they try to change them, or they avoid them.  There’s no chance for peace and unconditional love in such a relationship without letting go.

This is where the idea of “opposites attract” comes in.  We have a love-hate relationship with our opposites.  On the one hand, we want the unwanted side of the triangle bottom to go away; on the other hand, we long for wholeness.  To get real mental wholeness, which is what we actually long for, we must let go of both sides of the triangle bottom on every topic we hold in mind.  The most important article I ever wrote is the triangle process.  Study it like your freedom depends on mastering it because it does.

Let me give you a quick example of two halves of a whole coming together.  Recently, on the reality television show, “Married at First Sight,” one of the women told her new husband that he needed to be more confident.  Lack of confidence was a deal breaker for her; so she said that she could never be attracted to him until he found his confidence.  Now think about that.  How do you find your confidence?  Where is it?  Did you misplace it?  Her mate said that he was a chubby kid who was bullied a lot; now he was thin, but he still feared being bullied.  He gave her a reason for his issue, which was a worthless reply…reasons are always worthless replies.  His new confident wife came across like a bully; and predictably she accused him of being a victim.  They were two halves of a whole, even Helen Keller could see that.

The woman clearly had the masculine role in the relationship; she was the extrovert.  She asserted most of the time.  She had a false confidence about her because she had mentally fixed her own lack of confidence with psychological tools, like affirmations and positive self talk.  She was bothered by this guy, even thought she found him to be really good looking, because he was literally her before she fixed her mind.  Now he was her shadow…her illusory projection.  In her OWN mind, unbeknownst to her, was confidence and the lack of confidence.  She simply identified with the favorable side of the triangle bottom.  And of course, the experts matched her with a guy who could play her shadow like he was going for an OSCAR.  If she had let go to find her true confidence, he would NOT have bothered her.  And his natural confidence may have come out because she could help him let go too.

Fixing our mind creates a false cover for our unwanted characteristics.  When we stand in that cover, which I often refer to as standing in a clone of our Self, we project out our shadow.  Projection creates the illusion of dividing cause and effect between people.  There’s no unity on the second-cause triangle bottom; it’s all divide and conquer.  The occultists with authority (or leadership roles) know this; they identify with the desirable side of the triangle bottom, and they project the opposite out on to those of us who don’t have authority.  That’s how cursing was done; today they’ve relabeled cursing as projection.  Projection sounds a lot nicer; but mentally, it’s exactly the same thing.

We see many bold, unmistakeable examples of projection today in progressive politics.  The power-hungry leaders of that movement use projection very well, and they create a lot of confusion and division.  Projection makes them look innocent as they blame others for what they’re actually doing or have already done.  Unless you do some research, you’ll think they are kind, innocent people who have been falsely accused.  They play gullible people’s minds like a conductor leading a symphony.  This allows them to literally get away with murder.

These false leaders have created modern psychology and the self-help movement.  They’ve created the New Age.  They’ve created education curriculums that focus on memorization instead of understanding and free thinking.  They’ve put their beliefs into movies and television.  They’ve hijacked science in order to create fear of things like global warming and beliefs in many mental and physical disease labels.  They know that we create what we believe; and so they never stop giving us beliefs.  They also created political correctness and the social justice warrior movement.  I could go on and on, and I do in my programs.  We break free of every hook these false leaders have used on us throughout the ages; then, they look like con artists instead of teacher, gurus, and leaders.

These false leaders play mind games, and create illusions, to get what they want.  They make promises that they never intend to fulfill.  When we discriminate, we come to understand them; by letting go ourselves, we become immune from their projections.  We don’t have to change them to get free of them.  And when we aren’t afraid to expose them, we diminish their power until one day they have no power left at all.

Occultists love the verbal trick of relabeling.  The occultist will give something a pretty label, but they’re hiding the real meaning, which is the opposite of what they share overtly.  For example, George Soros’s Open Society sounds like a wonderful group.  Who doesn’t love openness?  But its purpose is to destroy America, to close it down, just like Soros destroyed so many other countries in the past.  That’s not win win.  People hear the name, and they trust the group.  They send it money when they should be ignoring it or exposing it as false.  They’re supporting the loss of freedom without realizing it.  They were tricked.

Progressivism sounds so great; who doesn’t want to progress?  But the progressive political party is really communism in disguise…it’s regressive.  Look at political correctness.  It sounds like something good to do.  But it’s actually incorrect use of language to restrain free speech and free thought.  Look at the comments after a funny meme on social media, and you’ll see people who comment, “I’m dead.”  No they aren’t dead; they’re alive with laughter.  This opposite game is being played everywhere.  I could give you hundreds of examples of this relabeling that are in plain sight.  People do it without even realizing they’re doing it; it’s become so normal.  The words they speak are like the lid on a pot.  The pot contains the meal, not the lid.  If we only look at the lid, we’re surprised when we start eating.  We had no idea what was in that pot.

This backwards way of speaking is not natural.  It’s an occult tactic that’s used to win power and control over others; that’s all.  If we use relabeling to control others, we won’t catch when others do it to us.  A lid treats everyone else like a lid.  Lids all like to pretend that there’s nothing in each other’s pots.  This only serves the elite people at the top of the power pyramid who want to control us ALL; they need our minds to work backwards and upside down so that we’ll follow them blindly.

But there’s good news if you’re hanging out with me.  When our minds are free, we can’t be tricked or controlled anymore.  Their tricks have no power over us when we see them as tricks.  They can’t generate emotions in us; and that’s the way they get power.  Most people can’t discriminate when they’re flooded with emotions.  The elite occultists know that, and boy do they ever use that to their advantage.  They never expected that anyone would let go, especially from the feminine role.  That’s our secret weapon.

Talking backwards causes our minds to work backwards.  In my articles and programs, I often take a word, symbol, ceremony, ritual, nursery rhyme, myth, sacred text, or story and bring it back to the original pure meaning by exposing the FALSE occult perspective.  In this article, I’ll provide a sample of how I do that by using the word, UNDERSTANDING.  The key for you is that you must let go of the normal occult perspective that I’m exposing.  You must see the normal point of view as false.  Don’t just put my decode into your mind as new data.  If you do that, you limit your freedom even more.  If you let go until you can know and live from the clarity of the first-cause point of view, then you’ve freed a piece of your mind.

In these decodes, I’m removing the word from the triangle bottom of good and bad/evil.  We let go of whatever holds the word on the triangle bottom; then we naturally and effortlessly move to the top of the triangle.  Now we will see the original, pure meaning of the word.  This is not an intellectual process.  On the surface, you can get the same final answer by flipping the common usage of the word 180 degrees.  That’s occult programming.  You want to catch if your mind does that; stop and do as I’m suggesting.  Let go.  You don’t need more knowledge in your already overstuffed mind.  It won’t give you real wisdom, mental freedom, or understanding; and understanding is what we strive for in initiation.

Lately, it has seemed that the word “understanding” has been screaming at me to be freed from the illusion.  It’s a word that’s rarely used in a pure first-cause manner.  People connect the word with knowledge and expertise, which is acquired by memorization.  Understanding is a word that I love very much. It’s beautiful and so meaningful once you come to adore the feminine role and the feminine mind aspect, which I describe as the Priestess and dark goddess in my story, “The Legend.”  But most people in the world don’t adore the feminine role or mindset because that’s where we find our emotions; and most people want to get rid of their emotions.

“The Legend” is the core of everything I’ve come to know and share, but it took me fifteen years to decode that story. That’s why I have no sympathy for people who let go for a couple of years and whine to me that they haven’t fulfilled every desire.  Initiation is a long process; it was a long process in the ancient times too.  I still find things to let go.  Initiation isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; it’s a way of life.  It’s the art of going back to the way our mind worked initially.

Quite honestly, I’m still getting insights about the mind from “The Legend” today.   That story was like a Rosetta stone for the mind.  It’s been the gift that keeps on giving, but only because I chose to fully “understand” it.  The more I “stood under” the characters in that story, the more I came to know about the mind, the illusion, and true creation.  Understanding is where you find ORIGINAL insights.  Knowledge is where everyone thinks the same old, stale crap.

The feminist movement created a scenario whereby everyone wanted to have a masculine role in the illusion.  I’m not talking about men and women or equality of the sexes…I’m talking about roles.  Roles exist at the mental level and the physical level.  I address both.  Understanding at the mental level is when we step into the feminine mindset, and we examine our own masculine mind; or in a physical relationship, we examine the mind of the person with the masculine role from the feminine role so that we can discern if what they’re saying is true or false.

Our inner feminine was meant to be feminine to our OWN inner masculine.  We shouldn’t be submitting to others mentally.  If we didn’t submit to others mentally, we’d never get harmed by submitting to others physically.  This is why the elite occultists work so hard to control our minds.  When they control our minds, they control our lives and bodies.

Initiation brings us back to the mindset that we had initially.  Notice that initiates didn’t relabel their process; they use a word that describes exactly what it is.  Once our mind works as designed, our inner true masculine leads with a win-win ideal or vision; and our inner feminine follows the masculine and contributes the earthly wisdom to the creation.  Or the feminine discriminates so that the masculine lets go.  In initiation, the masculine and feminine roles and mindsets are congruent with the male and female bodies.  The masculine leads, or asserts, and the feminine follows…it’s like a dance.  But if you look at much of what is popular today, the feminine is leading; this is why everyone is so damn emotional.  They’re living and thinking backwards.

Today, the illusion is a soup of incredible level confusion.  People are trying to have both sexes in their body (or no sex in their body).  People try to fix the mind by fixing their body.  That’s also backwards.  Our mind was meant to be the cause; the physical was just the effect.  As we free our mind in initiation, we become fine with our body AS IT IS.  False thinking around roles and physical bodies has created all kinds of mental delusion, as well as people who are emotional disasters.  It has created seekers who are completely illogical and believe anyone who tells them what they want to hear…they trust those lids without looking to see what is actually cooking in the speakers’ pots.  It has created minds that are reactive instead of creative.

This is a complex topic; you’ll see elements of such confusion in this little story that I’m about to share.  But I can only touch on the surface in this article.  I’m limited as to what I can share in the free material.  I have to be considerate of people who might come across my articles by accident.  If you’ve not read a lot of my other material, this article might be a lot to handle.  Take it slow, let go as best you can; and follow the links for additional explanations.

Level confusion, i.e., mixing up the true and false selves, is the main reason that becoming feminine to another person feels hazardous; people have so many beliefs in their mind that just aren’t true.  They impose or project their beliefs on others without even realizing that they’re doing it.  Unless we know how to let go from the feminine role, we will probably resist becoming totally feminine to another human being.  And I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for making that choice.  But if we won’t become feminine to another, we don’t understand them.  So we shouldn’t pretend that we do.  I write about freedom; so we aren’t going to have a pity party about life in the illusion.  We’re going to work on eliminating this common problem from our minds and eventually from the earth.

When people don’t let go, who have masculine roles of authority, we’re forced to let go from the feminine roles.  We have to work extra hard to discriminate when they speak to us.  If our own mind isn’t clear, discriminating with others is very hard.  We can’t tell if our emotions are saying that we’re judging the speaker, or if the speaker is actually lying, projecting, or imposing their beliefs on us.  When our mind isn’t clear, it’s very easy to get tricked by people who are shiny lids but have pots full of manure.  We live in a time, when we really need to become masters of discrimination, especially from the feminine role.  Accomplishing that involves this beautiful word, understanding.

My view of understanding is different from most people. But I tend to forget that until someone reminds me. Often, I explain something to someone who asks me a question. I’ll instinctively say, “Do you understand? Does that make sense?” They’ll usually say that it does. But then, I’ll see evidence that they didn’t understand me at all. When they said they understood, they meant that they were able to find a way to fit what I said into their already existing knowledge and belief system.  That’s not understanding. That’s adding more words to their already false mind.  They weren’t actually standing under me; they weren’t actually listening to what I said and receiving the full message.  And that’s because they’ve been burned by doing that in the past; so now, they’re afraid to stand under anyone, even when it’s safe.

Understanding someone literally means that you stand under them, i.e., you become feminine to them; you listen to them with your all of your senses.  You don’t think a word while you’re listening to them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t discriminating.  You don’t have to believe a word they say.  And this is where people have to challenge their programming.  So often, we were taught that being feminine to another means believing their every word; and that just isn’t true.  It was never true.  It never will be true.  It’s pure stupidity.

The feminine wisdom is mostly about discriminating.  It’s the job of the feminine mind and role to let the masculine know when it’s speaking from second cause.  That’s how we were mentally designed so that we would stay on our path in life.  This should happen within our own minds; but if we err, then it should happen in our relationships.  We should be helping each other in this way.  But it doesn’t happen because people were taught that exposing the masculine as false is very bad.  The illusion was designed to stick around.

That being said, you won’t ever understand another if you’re in the masculine mind thinking about what you want to say while they’re talking.  This is very common today; it comes from a misunderstanding of the feminine role and feminine mind aspect.  Letting go corrects this problem, but it takes time and persistence.

Before We Get to the Real Story, Here’s A Little Backstory

Recently someone who appears to be popular in the New Age spiritual communities on YouTube connected themselves with the Qanon researchers.  I’m sure many of you don’t know what Qanon is; so let me explain.  Some of you will be saying, “Oh I’m not political.”  Well, I don’t believe people when they say that anymore.  Everything is political these days because we live in a time of identity politics.  Too many people talk like they know what’s going on, but they actually believe what others told them; and others sold them a pack of lies.  Qanon is a bold step in reversing this trend.

Q is a group of insiders (mostly military intelligence working with the President to remove the false power from these elite occultists who do not want us to have freedom). Q drops clues about what’s going on in American and foreign politics because even the obvious events are not being reported on the news.  For example, most people don’t realize that our President signed an executive order that all of the assets of human traffickers, which includes most of the elite of the world, can be seized.  These people are very wealthy…far beyond what is reported.  Many of them became so wealthy from trafficking.  It’s very lucrative. This was a critical executive order for the purpose of ending human trafficking; it wasn’t on the news, nor was it in the newspapers.  But Q gave us the link to the executive order so that we knew what it said and the ramifications of its signing.  Since that order was signed, many super rich people have been selling homes, art, and jewelry.  That’s because their funds are being confiscated; they need money to live like us normal people.  This was a huge movement toward freedom for all; that’s why it wasn’t reported on the news.  The news isn’t about freedom.

Our news has a strong progressive bias; this is true in many countries today.  The mainstream media is nothing but a well-managed narrative that’s designed to get everyone to ignore criminal activities, to focus on political theater that’s completely unimportant and untrue, and to get us to think backwards and react emotionally.  That way we can be easily controlled.

Qanon is working behind the scenes and exposing facts that are backed up by trusted sources.  The President can’t give the power back to the people if the people won’t take it back.  He and Q want us to stop being blind followers…to think for ourselves…to question when things don’t make sense.  That’s true in my programs too.  People have been believing lids for too long; they never look in the pot to see that it’s filled with hypocrisy.  So I expose everything…no topic is off limits.

The term, Qanon, is simply the combination of Q, who does the drops; and the anons who read, research, and interpret the drops.  Some of the anons are people like me who read and report in our own circles, but there are also excellent citizen investigative journalists who are slowly replacing the compromised and often mind-controlled journalists in the mainstream media.  These people could not stand to work for the big media companies and lie to the people.  I can’t blame them.  That decision says a lot about their character.

Qanon has become far more popular than the mainstream media; so the fake journalists are envious, and they write some pretty mean hit pieces about the Qanon group (like calling it a cult when it’s not).  A cult gives you beliefs; it doesn’t expose beliefs as false.  That’s also true for my work.

By following Qanon, ordinary people, without political science, law, or economics degrees, learn what’s really going on in governments around the world, not just America.  Once people realize the sinister motives of the false leaders, who have a globalist agenda of one communist world government, one religion, and one economy (called the New World Order), they stop supporting them.  In communism, only the top elite thrive, or even survive.  That’s common knowledge.  I don’t know how so many people don’t seem to know that.  There are people in America today who are fighting so that we can become like North Korea.  They are fascists calling themselves anti-fascists.  How can you possibly join a group without knowing what the name of the group means?  They fell for the old relabeling trick.

Progressivism is like choosing to be boiled alive slowly in a pot of boiling water.  By the time you see evidence that it isn’t about equality, love, and unity, you can’t get out of the pot.  It’s too late.  There have always been communists in America, but they never had much power; in the last decade, however, people started to think they wanted communism because of the relabeling trick.  They were accepting beliefs as true that weren’t true; that’s no different than religion.  This is why I came out and started writing about beliefs and letting go.  I could see that people had to start speaking up, and challenging their beliefs; or freedom would become a fairy tale.  But often people didn’t think to let go of these progressive beliefs.  Like religious or spiritual beliefs, they thought these beliefs were true.  It was a bigger trap than I imagined.

False leaders with false power don’t like losing their minions.  So it sounds easier to take these elite globalists down than it really is.  The globalists who want to destroy our freedom have a lot of money, and many have seemingly valuable pedigrees; therefore, they’ve wielded a lot of power for a very long time, mostly from the shadows.  This isn’t new; it goes back to ancient Babylon in the west and the ideas of Babylon came from eastern religion.  People think that history repeats itself; that isn’t true.  We’ve been following the same kind of leaders for eons.  They just keep recycling the same unoriginal ideas.

They also tend to abuse children in many ways, which makes sense.  Occultists hate the feminine, i.e., emotions.  Children and animals are the most feminine among us…physically speaking.  So the occultists want them aborted, trafficked, and used as sex objects.

By the way, besides the term globalists or elite, these false leaders are also called the deep state, shadow government, cabal, Zionists, Jesuits, illuminati, and extreme leftists.  Their hate for Qanon is logical but not legitimate.

Q is an extension of the giant Wikileaks dump that actually made the mainstream news in October of 2016.  You might remember when the media said that the Podesta/Hillary Clinton emails were false; it was exactly the opposite.  They were real emails; and they were loaded with horrific information about pedophilia, rituals, and child trafficking.  That was an important moment for many Americans.  Before then, we weren’t really sure who we could trust.  Those emails made everything clear.  Hillary Clinton was a nice-sounding lid; her pot was full of crimes against humanity and pay-to-play schemes.  You can’t blame people for believing her great acting job.  She said what people wanted to hear; and she knew that most people would not check to see if she was lying.  The media told us not to read those emails, but many of us didn’t listen.  That created the beginning of this exposure movement.  And Q gave us more data and trusted sources to fuel our research.

This is not a Republican or Democrat (right or left) issue, but the Democrat party has the spotlight right now.  At other times, like the Bush reign of terror, the globalists used the Republicans.  We should all be unified because our unity is about the potential for peace on earth and freedom for all, versus no freedom at all.  If we lose freedom in America, everyone else will go down with us.  We are the last stand.  Q’s favorite saying is “Where We Go One, We Go All.”  Q is saying that no country will be left behind.  If America wins, the globalists will be out of power everywhere, so everyone will win more freedom and peace.  Countries will be given back their wealth and so much suffering will disappear.  Freedom will not just be found in America anymore.  This is why I work on this every free moment I get.  My intention behind everything I write is FREEDOM FOR ALL.  Letting go and exposing beliefs is the best thing that we can offer to ourselves and everyone else; the good news is we can do that without changing out of our pajamas.

Most of the original Qanon researchers were religious…Christian. That turned some people off, because many people have baggage with Christianity from their childhood.  If they let that baggage go, however, they would just notice the political part of the Q message.  Religion and politics are meant to be separate anyway. In earlier times, the classical liberal was almost indistinguishable from the middle-of-the-road conservative.  Identity politics, which was another globalist fabrication, infiltrated the liberal party in America pushing it to the progressive left.  Many people say, “I didn’t leave liberalism, it left me.”  That’s an accurate statement.  Today John F. Kennedy, our most beloved American liberal President, would be a conservative…no doubt about it.

People who have gotten involved with Q all say the same thing. “I just knew I wasn’t crazy when I didn’t believe the media regarding 9/11, the Las Vegas shooting, or the JFK murder.”  The people drawn to Q initially were people who were political skeptics; they saw big cracks in the narrative that we were presented on the mainstream news. They were the people who had been seeking answers for decades.  Most were labeled conspiracy theorists.  But Q has proven that most conspiracy theory is actually conspiracy fact.  Conspiracy theory was a term invented by the CIA to call someone a liar if they got too close to revealing their secrets.  We should view it as a title of honor.  But it still has a sting to it.

The first day that Q came on to 4chan, October 28, 2017, there were maybe a few thousand of us who read that first post. Now there are millions and millions of people who get much of their news from Qanons worldwide. Unlike the mainstream media, we do receive loads of evidence that what Q says is not a conspiracy or a psyop.  Q passes the win-win test with flying colors because they’re exposing.  But there’s always a chance that they won’t succeed in what they want to accomplish.  That’s why our letting go is important.  If you’re reading this article, you’re probably not going to be praying for freedom.  Religious people don’t tend to read my blogs.  But you can contribute to freedom by not believing the power-hungry globalists, not believing the fake media, and letting go when you’re afraid of whatever appears to be happening.  The globalists are the creators and maintainers of the collective illusion; and they like horror shows.

The anons spend lots of time thrashing through websites, Congressional records, laws, books, etc. They report what they find, with sources noted, unlike the mainstream media; then we readers all make our own conclusions.  We add our own research to the mix.  The serious investigators find pictures, legal records, and articles that I’d never find.  I think some of them must have a little hacker in them.

I’ve found it very interesting to observe anons from different belief systems and educational backgrounds. Q has to be cryptic for many reasons.  One, they can’t reveal exactly what they’re going to do because the globalist elite, who want our power, read the board too (now the board is 8kun).  By the way, there are many ways to read the Q posts.  I have an app on my phone that beeps when Q posts; you can also access the posts at Qanon.pub.  Like reading a blog, the information builds.  You have to start at the oldest information and read toward the newest information to totally understand everything.  The second reason that Q is cryptic is that they can’t reveal classified information directly; that’s not legal.  But they can hint at what’s going on by providing clues.  Third, they want us to learn how to research, and they want us to learn how to tell someone who’s lying from someone who’s telling the truth.

Here’s a simple example of how it works.  Q might post an image of a clock with a specific time, a phrase that says, “No name was lying,” and another phrase that says, “We have it all.” Over time, we’ve learned that “No Name” is code for Senator John McCain, who was a serious criminal. So that part is clear; no interpretation is necessary. But what was the lying about? Now we have to look at the clock picture more closely. It could be that the time on the clock is pointing us to another Q post; the posts are all numbered and time stamped. It could be that the clock has a slight reflection on it or an occult symbol. It could be that the time on the clock is a date when the truth will come out. It could be that the name of the image file is a clue to No Name’s lie. So different anons will naturally come to completely different conclusions using the exact same data. That’s because their beliefs, knowledge, and talents, i.e., their perspectives, are different.  The anons post their theories, generally on their preferred social media platform; and we all examine their theories and poke holes in them or add to them.  Most of the time its harmonious, but not always.

Ultimately, the theorizing is fun and games.  We have to wait to see what actually happens. Q says, “Future proves past.”  No one takes the guessing too seriously.  Anons never report their theories as the truth; and if someone does that, they get called out.  So this YouTuber, who was new to Qanon, has been taking what anons reported as theory and made it into the absolute truth…prophecy in fact.  That’s a red flag for those of us who’ve been reading Q since the early days.  But it’s also a good life lesson.

In initiation, we work inner mind to outer physical effects, not outer to inner.  As we let go, our physical life improves.  It has to.  The same would be true with Q.  As we all work to expose fake news stories, people let go of fueling these false leaders and their beliefs; then we see progress in the physical.  We see peace treaties and great economic deals, resignations and deaths of these false leaders, and the slow return to justice.  We see children being rescued all over the world, and people who used to be idolized start looking like shiny lids covering a pot of shit that we don’t want.  This progress continues as long as exposure is happening.  When exposure stops and people start believing false again, i.e., making beliefs into the truth, the progress comes to a halt.

Like anything that pops up in the illusion, there is always another side.  Q itself is pretty clean.  They just post these short, simple drops, resources, and images.  Q doesn’t add opinion or beliefs to the drops.  It’s all about exposure of what actually happened in the past.  People who have followed Q, however, bring their past with them. Many become right about Q after awhile.  Many anons are obsessed with gaining tons of followers.  They see this as their moment of fame.  It’s like anything else.

So if the anon is Christian, they often do a video on Q research; then at the end, they read a few Bible quotes or do a little ministry.  People who are into holistic health, sell their herbs and supplements on the channel.  The New Agers report the news, and then they channel spiritual messages.  Of course, the Jews tell us a holocaust story.  You really notice that people just can’t keep their beliefs to themselves when you observe the Q community.  They think their beliefs are the truth, and they are going to use Q to spread their message far and wide.  They call this expressing themselves.  But really they’re expressing their beliefs as the truth.  So people form bubbles of like-mindedness.  The Christians listen to the Christian presenters, the Jews listen to the Jewish presenters, etc.  They still have the same rigid beliefs, and now they’ve all decided that Q supports their point of view.  People do the same thing with what I write.  They take anything new and add it to their mind; they never subtract.  To get free, we must subtract from our mind.

People love to talk about unity, equality, and open mindedness.  But we can only achieve such a wonderful life experience if we let go of our beliefs.  There will never be a time when everyone on earth will share the same beliefs.  It has been tried many times by communist leaders and dictators who forced everyone to think the same way.  The globalists have pulled out that same old playbook.  They wanted to take another run at the same old shit.  It can’t work.  People all have a True Self within.  Our True Self will eventually reject any imposed belief system.  Everyone wants freedom at the very core of who they are.  But sometimes, people play in the illusion for a long time before they realize that freedom is what they actually want.  We all have free will; no one has to let go.  But those who chose to hold on should be suffering the discomfort and adverse effects that go along with their second-cause beliefs. Too often, the false leaders don’t suffer the effects of their own beliefs.  They project the effects on the people in the feminine roles.

In addition, people with belief systems realize that their beliefs have no power unless they have numbers of believers.  So they stick together, and they constantly try to get more followers.  The globalists think that all fighting would end if there was one global belief system, the belief system that serves them, because they have no concept of the True Self.  The occultists were originally people who failed at initiation; for thousands of years, they’ve been trying to get that which only initiation (letting go) can provide.  They’ve been trying to build a ladder of beliefs to get to heaven.  That doesn’t work.  It never will.  All I can say is that letting go exposes their thinking as false.  I don’t care about numbers of believers.  If no one read what I write, I’d do something else and probably make far more money.  Letting go was actually easier before I began to share it; now I have to deal with people trying to convince me that their beliefs are the truth.  In a world where we’ve been brainwashed to relabel beliefs as the truth, it’s very hard for people to see life without them.  This is also why nobody wants to stand under another.  They feel like they will be ambushed by the other’s belief system.  And this is why people would rather stare at their phones than talk to others today.  No one wants to be feminine to another.  I understand that because I’ve done it; and it’s rarely easy.

It’s Time For Our Story About Understanding

This YouTuber identified himself with Qanon; and he did a very positive, uplifting video that went viral.  Since he already had a big New Age audience, he brought many new readers, mostly liberal, to Qanon.  That’s great because we want everyone to unite.  The key to this shift, where we the people reclaim our power, is mass public awakening so that people stop believing false political narratives.  This video, however, turned Q drops and interpretation into truth or prophecy. That’s going the wrong way.

The anons traced the new readers, who had some very weird ideas about Q, back to this video.  This guy is a clear speaker, and he has a great memory; so he could lay out a lot of facts in logical order very easily.  But once I heard his presentation, I knew that he wasn’t the source of that material.  I’d read it before.  The core facts that he shared in the video had been published on Twitter by a really great anon researcher months earlier.  This guy is a super decoder.  He uses a handle, so I don’t know his background; many think that he has connections in the government, and that might be the case.

To be clear, there’s not a legal copyright problem with the YouTuber using the material because Twitter threads are not copyrighted.  But most everyone is respectful of each other’s work.  If an anon gets an idea from another, they always give them credit.

The original researcher was a little hurt by the video as he didn’t get any credit. And his research took him months. He was also bothered because this new anon spun his information in a New Age/progressive way.  That was the big red flag for me.  Typical of so many spiritual teachers, cult leaders, and gurus, he started out with indisputable facts that were consistent with Q drops and known events; then he started to add beliefs to his presentation which had nothing to do with Q.  A lot of what he said was stuff that we all long to hear, which is common with false leaders.  That’s where we need to become skeptical and discriminate.  Too often, the listener doesn’t catch the transition from facts to beliefs.  So the listener takes in the beliefs as true because they turned off their discrimination in the factual part of the presentation.  In truth, most facts aren’t true either; they are illusion created by beliefs.  But that’s not the point of this article.

The original researcher is Christian, but he put no Christian Bible thumping in his research; he kept it 100 percent purely political. That’s what this new anon should have done too.  But he didn’t.  So people who followed this YouTuber assumed that Q supported these New Age and progressive beliefs.  That’s why things got a bit crazy.  Division erupted.  Anons, who are usually as calm as a lake on a day without wind, were really frustrated by the comments and questions they were getting from new followers.  They wanted to know about things that were not part of Q.

The man who did the video hijacked the message of Q and fit it into his already existing belief system.  In other words, he didn’t understand Q’s message.  He didn’t stand under Q or the original writer of this theoretical material.  I had to research to see who presented that material first; the way the video was presented, it sounded like the presenter was the originator of the research.  It sounded like the researcher got his material from the presenter.  I went to the researcher’s thread and found out that it was dated much earlier than I originally remembered.  At that point everything made sense.

I could tell that the researcher was upset and hurt. So I had a little Twitter chat with him. I told him that I looked up his original thread. I knew who did the original work, and I suspected that lots of us knew who did the research. We know his style of writing.  Many of us tweeted to defend the researcher.  I noticed that in a later video, the YouTuber said that this particular anon on Twitter was a decoding genius, and he did follow his work. So it kind of worked out in the end.

This situation is popular in the illusion. It’s kind of a Santa and the elves problem. Santa (which has the same letters as Satan…the false masculine leader) gets all the credit; while the elves (feminine role), do all the work.  This is another reason why no one wants to be feminine.  Santa never stands under the elves.  And when the elves who stand under Santa complain, Santa covers his ears and tells them to get back to work.  Santa is a bad leader who has been labeled a good leader…more relabeling.

This YouTuber wasn’t necessarily a bad guy; I could see that he was trying to spread a message of hope.  I get that.  But hope is hype until it becomes reality.  Some of the anons joked that he was selling hopium; and they weren’t wrong.  He was too positive; and some of the things that he predicted would not lead to freedom.  They sounded good on the surface, but they weren’t actually win win for all if you looked closely and discriminated.

Recently, I saw that an old whistleblower who’s been reporting for more than ten years did a video about this new YouTuber.  He confessed to starting the hopium label, which was funny.  I wouldn’t have guessed it was him.  But he said that the reason he called it hopium was that false hope is like a drug.  People buy into the positive message because they’re desperate for hope.  The whistleblower said it perfectly.  He’s been around the block a few times.  That’s exactly what this guy was doing.

So now for the important part of the story.  In the video, the YouTuber said (paraphrasing), “Don’t say the word understanding ever again.  Say interstanding or overstanding.”  What? Are you kidding me?  He said this with such conviction; conviction has an emotional component to it.  It’s taking something false and making it sound true.  People who can’t discriminate don’t realize they’re being played.

In this guy’s mind, interstanding was the top of the pyramid of power (shown left), which is not the same as the top of the triangle.  He was trying to point to equality. But there’s no equality in the illusion. To have equal false minds, we’d all have to hold the same beliefs as the truth. Then we’d be so bored with each other. Can you imagine a world where everyone thinks the same?  I can’t.  It’s definitely not freedom.

There’s only true equality at the level of the True Self.  We all have a True Self, and we’re all born MENTALLY equal.  What we do after birth is part of our story.  When we get back to our True Self via initiation, we find that universal equality again.  So we can’t get equality by adding beliefs to our mind; we get it by subtracting beliefs from our mind.

The pyramid of power appears to be solid, but it’s not.  It lives completely inside of the illusion.  We need beliefs to appear solid in the illusion because beliefs are actually quite fragile and powerless.  They come from the triangle bottom, the divided mind.  Interstanding is totally inside of the illusion, but this guy thought his clever relabeling got him outside of the illusion.  Interstanding would imply that we all had a false, rather than a true, connection with each other.  The man was deceived by his own cleverness. That’s what happens.  When we deceive others, we deceive ourselves too.

In his flawed logic, the second-cause bottom of the pyramid would now be either over or understanding.  He was trying to find the middle point between two opposites; this is another common trap.  We aren’t looking for a middle point (or path) on the triangle bottom in initiation; we’re letting go and rising to the true top of the triangle.  He was actually avoiding the understanding side.  He was okay with the over side as you’ll soon see.

He explained that he hated understanding because he saw it as submission or slavery, which is part of the PHYSICAL illusion. We see what we believe in the illusion.  He had level confusion.  This man didn’t want to be under someone else mentally or physically. He wanted to be the top dog.  Many people think that way; but that’s the thinking of a false leader.  It usually comes from past experiences that are still emotionally charged.  If the person doesn’t know how to let go, they can’t do the required clean up.  So they just avoid the feminine role at all cost.

As I see it, true understanding is at the top of the triangle.  It’s a beautiful place to be, where we remember that we’re connected to everyone at the level of the True Self.  I call it a place of compassion.  However, we can’t fake compassion until we make it.  We get there by cleaning up the whole triangle bottom.

To get to the True Self, which would be the real top of the triangle, we must let go of both sides of the triangle bottom; in this example that would mean letting go of right and wrong. This is the part that people seem to miss from my triangle-process article.  People cling to rightness; and they do everything possible to avoid being labeled wrong.  But there’s no freedom on either side of that triangle bottom.  We’re stuck in second-cause thinking at the triangle bottom.  This is hard for people to UNDERSTAND until they experience letting go.

If we fear another, we’ll feel like we want to dominate them; or we’ll want to change them. Understanding is exactly what we need.  But when we’re afraid of another, we don’t want to become feminine to them; so we’ll cling to rightness.  That’s normal life in the illusion, but it’s not pleasant.

I never fear someone once I understand them.  And I don’t need to dominate them either.  The power struggle dissipates when we let go of the whole triangle bottom.  That’s because we move to the top of the triangle; and that’s a place of real power.  It’s a place of empowerment.  We are NOT overpowering others nor are we being overpowered by them.  Other people’s beliefs don’t affect us anymore when we get to true understanding.

Here’s the irony of this story. The YouTuber never took the time to understand the guy who did all that research.  The YouTuber didn’t want to stand under him, so he stood over him. Using his own words, he “overstood” him.  But let me tell you, the more enlightened guy for this topic was the researcher.  He was just more introverted.

If the YouTuber had understood the researcher, he would have collaborated with him in a win-win way. There are so many collaborative arrangements among the anons. Very often an extrovert and introvert join forces. The introvert writes amazing copy. The extrovert shares it on YouTube.  It’s a match made in heaven, but neither is submissive to the other.  They have a first-cause relationship that is win win for both of them.  Each person does what they love to do and do best.

What I’ve found most cool about the whole Qanon thing is how many people have found a practical use for their natural gifts and passions since October, 2017.  It was like they were waiting on the sidelines, hanging out in 4chan, for some reason to contribute.  I get that.  I had to create a use for my talents.  Some of us do not have anything great to offer within the illusion.  But our talents are perfect for exposing or dissolving the illusion.  That’s what this time in history is all about.  I’m sure many of you are just like those anons; when you start using your power to destroy or expose the illusion instead of fueling the belief systems of false leaders, you’ll start to feel like you belong here and matter.

Understanding means to literally stand under someone mentally, not physically. It’s not really about slavery or domination.  That was a level-confused point of view on the part of the YouTuber.  In initiation, we always focus on the mental. The physical changes as the mental changes. When you stand under someone mentally, you DO have to discriminate. You have to know how to let go. In fact, today you must be damn good at letting go from the feminine role in order to avoid getting projected on.

We aren’t truly free until we can be feminine to anyone; and we start with ourselves.  When we can stand under our own thinking, we see what to let go in our own false masculine mind.  Ultimately, that allows us to become a true, unconditionally loving visionary and leader.  Only then, do we have something to say that is harmless to others.

I would NOT hesitate to stand under the guy who did the research.  He doesn’t project. He doesn’t play games. He just presents what he finds; he never presents it as the truth, even though he’s often spot on. The YouTuber would be a challenge to stand under.  That’s because he didn’t want to present only Qanon facts, he wanted to become a Q guru; and that’s not the purpose of Q.

Another big red flag was that the YouTuber said that Q was confirming that his videos were spot on.  Q rarely does that; and when it happens, it happens on the board.  I listened to a couple more of this guy’s videos and by the third video, he was talking much less about Q; he was telling people how to live their life, how to breath, and what to eat.  He was giving them lessons on their chakras and ascension.  He was teaching symbolism as true and making up all kinds of shit about mythology and stories that I knew was untrue. He was just a typical New Ager wanting to be a guru.  Q was a place to get a lot of followers; but I think it backfired on him or it will.  That’s a good thing.  It showed that many of the anons did discriminate even when someone played one of the biggest occult tricks on them.  That’s progress.  That’s discrimination and free thinking.

In my programs, I stand under many popular teachers of all things spiritual.  They look like powerful people who have the truth until you stand under them. Then you know that they aren’t speaking from win win, so they aren’t speaking truth. They are clinging to the good side of the pyramid of power.  I call them clones; they imitate the True Self really well.  So you don’t want to follow them, or your mind will end up divided like their mind.  I’m always helping people to untangle projections from their seeking days before initiation.  We become like those we follow; and those who want to be followed are usually the ones we should never follow.

In my programs, I remind people to follow no one except their own True Self.  But often they can’t find their True Self for a while.  There are lots of voices in their mind…characters from their past who want to be heard and obeyed. Letting go requires persistence and patience.  That’s why I keep reminding people to let go until it becomes natural and normal again.

Mastery of understanding ultimately gives us the ability to listen but not believe another person. We have to realize that each person’s FALSE mind is an individual container. It takes some serious letting go before we totally KNOW that.  We were designed naturally so that whatever is in our mind affects us; and whatever is in another’s mind affects them. But we all got too enamored with sharing beliefs and creating like minds.  And that was our downfall.

When I can really understand someone, I always end up feeling unconditional love for them, even if they treated me like crap. That’s actually a wonderful feeling. You can’t fake or buy such intimacy. That’s also our place of real power.

But it’s a funny thing. People will ask me to stand under them and tell them what to let go when they are confused. And when they ask me to do that, I feel immediate repulsion. They won’t stand under their own mind. So why should I? If you go feminine to your own masculine mind, you’ll see what to let go. If you won’t go feminine to your own masculine mind, then don’t expect any other to so either.

If the guy who did that YouTube video had stood under his own masculine mind, he’d have found his own beliefs to let go.  He’d have seen where he went into the New Age/progressive weeds. Ironically, he also said that he hates the intellect, but he was speaking from the intellect.  This is another common trap.  He spoke of something that he memorized (the research) plus his beliefs. He thought that his beliefs were true…doesn’t everyone?

Quotes On Understanding

I noticed a couple of Vernon Howard quotes in recent days about this same word. That’s why I decided to write about understanding. The word seemed to be calling me to bring it back to life.

Quoting a truth is far from the same as understanding and living it.” Vernon Howard

Ah I confess…this is a pet peeve of mine. People often read and memorize what I write, like they’re in school. Memorizing beliefs blocks their True Self, which is the place of understanding.  Memorized information is stored in the false masculine aspect of our mind.  So I’m always reminding people to use my writing to trigger beliefs to let go.  But it takes a while to get rid of our old habits of taking in information and memorizing it.

We want understanding of a subject, not memorized knowledge or beliefs. That way the subject never gets dull. Schools make a mess of this. When we learn something, we become a Mini Me of the teacher. Then, we feel like we have to work hard to find our uniqueness within their limited illusion.  If we take a subject and go feminine to it, letting go of everything false, we’ll come to fully understand it; we will find a unique and win-win perspective on that topic that’s useful and beneficial to others.

Understand yourself and you understand the universe, for you are a representative of the universe.” Vernon Howard

Said another way, the macrocosm is the same as the microcosm.  We can let go of something personally, and we also notice that the world looks cleaner and gentler.  We can also let go of the macrocosm, and we find our own personal mind and life takes a step toward freedom.  This is why I can write about a personal experience or a current event to expose beliefs.  The beliefs are the same at both levels.  Usually when we let go, we see changes at both levels of perception if we look closely.

So my point is that no word is good or bad. Don’t fall for the relabeling trap.  If a word bothers you, there is a belief or judgment attached to it.  Let go until the word has no emotional charge anymore.  Avoid using words to dominate others with overstanding.  Words should never be used as a weapon.  If someone tells you to use them that way, run the other way.  They’re not a good leader; they have nothing to offer you.

When you find someone who you think you might be able to trust, try standing under them.  You just might like it.  Really listen to them; stop thinking and judging them.  Being feminine to a true leader does bring up our crap to let go.  But that’s what you want if you are reading my blogs.

With a true leader, we know they are on our side; we know that they want us to be free.  We can feel that they aren’t trying to possess or dominate us.  Being feminine to such a leader is so wonderful; they don’t project or impose their beliefs on us.  Often, they just share what they are thinking with no need for our agreement.  Unlike Santa, they listen to the elves.

I look forward to the day when people’s minds are more free; and we can all enjoy being feminine to each other again.  In a natural conversation, the masculine role should be the speaker; and the feminine role would be the listener.  The roles would move back and forth…giving and receiving.  That’s how we create truly intimate relationships.

Play with understanding your own false mind. That’s the best place to start.  Go into the feminine by relaxing; witness yourself thinking and feeling.  Discriminate and let go of what you hear.  You can’t let go of the True Self, so you can’t screw up by letting go.  You only screw up by holding on.  Eventually, you just might come to love and understand your own mind!  Then, if you’re at all like me, you’ll want to understand everyone.  You become addicted to understanding, compassion, and unconditional love.  That’s a good addiction to have because it pushes you to keep letting go of more and more.  Then when someone tells you to interstand or overstand, you’ll know that they have smoked too much hopium.  Just say “NO!”  You won’t need any drugs to be happy, and you won’t need hope anymore.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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