Your Knowledge is Killing You, and You Don’t Know It

Knowledge needs to support wisdom

By Cathy Eck


To Fall or Not to Fall; That is the Question

Even if you are very non-religious, as I am, you have to realize that we live in a culture and marinate in a soup of beliefs that stem from the story of Adam and Eve.  That single story created a belief system that spread like a cancer through human minds.  It caused us all to believe that mankind fell from some greater place, and we can’t go back home; we don’t like the story’s message, but we believe it.  The fall story actually supports the theory of spiritual devolution; however Christians say that’s bullshit as they cling to the notion that the world is only 6000 years old and there were two dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.  Just in case you’re curious, it’s the illusion that is 6000 years old; and they’re stuck in it like tar babies.

The spiritual devolution theory says that we came to earth as spiritual beings, creators just like the Creator God of Genesis I; and over time, we developed different sorts of bodies so that we could manifest our dreams and visions in a physical world.   Our dreams varied, so our body sizes and types also varied.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?  We created what we thought would be fun physical suits that had senses, brains that could remember stuff, and appendages.   Our bodies adapted easily back then to our changing minds, which also produced changing realities.  But eventually,  some humans wanted others to play submissive roles in their stories; and things got complex.

The false masculine and false feminine roles were invented by creating a story that gave birth to the concept of good and evil.  This concept was knowledge, not wisdom, as it didn’t exist in our True minds.  The story made the feminine mind synonymous with evil; it made the feminine role submissive to the masculine role.  Now, when we were playing feminine roles, we believed that we lost our wisdom and our creative power because the story said so.  We no longer trusted our emotional lie detection system.  The story of Adam and Eve was told to us by authority; and surely, our Lords and Priests wouldn’t lie to us.  We lost our discrimination, and reversed our emotional guidance.  We started to believe knowledge over our internal, God-given wisdom.  Our bodies, being connected to our True Self, continued to evolve to handle the mental fall.  The mind-body connection was forgotten by all but those in power, and it’s only now being rediscovered by the masses.  But we can’t successfully use the mind-body connection because we’ve come to believe so many lies.  We have to remove our beliefs before we can master our bodies without using projection.

The ancient initiates were very aware of the true mind-body connection and the fall of mankind; they sought to return to virgin minds so that their bodies would once again become the Temples for their Living God, their own True Selves.

The fall wasn’t really a one-time drop.  It’s something that every human experiences early in life as we become acclimated to a world of problems, suffering, and disease that already exists when we make our grand entry.  We connect with our parents and telepathically pick up their beliefs, and we think they’re our own thoughts.  Then we start to see and hear what they see and hear.  They’re so proud of us for falling into their illusion.  They want nothing more than to create us in their image and likeness; and we want nothing less.  We believe them because elders are supposed to be wiser than the newbies.  It only makes sense that we should look to those who are already here to make our life easier.  But they don’t make our life easier.  They make it much, much harder.


The Moment My Shit Hit the Fan

I think my journey back to my authentic self really began one day when I was in my early twenties.  I was visiting my in-laws, who you know pretty well by now if you read my blogs.  They were the poster children for collective delusion.

While listening to them talk, I thought about the concept of wise elders; and I realized I didn’t know any.  I knew really smart people; my own father was labeled a genius.  But they weren’t reliably wise.  Sometimes they said things that made sense, and sometimes they didn’t make any sense at all.  My mother often said that genius and idiot are separated by a very fine line.  Knowledge, it seemed, was fickled that way.

As I sat in my in-law’s living room listening to them talk, I realized that I’d found a species that could talk and talk and never once make any sense at all.  It was so rare that I almost wanted to hold on to it and put it in a museum.  It was so incredible and so weirdly magnificent, that it pushed me to even question the knowledge that I had once valued.  Knowledge clearly wasn’t wisdom.  Some knowledge was better than other knowledge, but maybe all of it was just a bit lacking.  And it seemed that believing elders who were not reliably wise was getting me into trouble.  I needed to stop.  But how?

It doesn’t take many years on earth before we’re blindsided by something or someone who we didn’t even know existed.  We aren’t born with a concept of problems, suffering, and disease.  We aren’t born thinking about death.  We’re not born with one iota of knowledge.  We’re so convinced that knowledge is valuable that we look down on animals that have not lost their wisdom.  We project inferiority on them.  We get hooked into this illusion by believing the knowledge of the people around us; we slowly forget our own wisdom.  We become like pets of the system.  Domesticated animals die when they get lost and have to deal with the wild because they’ve lost their innate wisdom; it was replaced by our training and knowledge.  This happens to children pretty automatically as our focus moves outside of us toward others.  People say we aren’t social if we don’t shift our focus, and outer focus is necessary in order to play on earth.  But social norms take us outside of the habitable zone.  They put us on the fast train to hell.  Knowledge should never replace our inner focus and wisdom, but we’re told that it should.  And we’re told to obey what we’re told.

We come to realize that our wisdom didn’t protect us from whatever it was that blindsided us (blindsiding is being bonked by someone’s projection).  We start to see the fear-based world of our ancestors.  And we believe our elders because we always have.  Elders can be handy for learning how to hold a spoon or cook a chicken.  I still go gaga when I find a YouTube video that demonstrates a better way to peel an egg, but I don’t have to use that knowledge or swear allegiance to the videographer who created the egg video.  I can see it as useful knowledge.  We get into trouble when we make knowledge into truth.  We get into trouble when we are told how to be spiritual or how to be good.

Knowledge isn’t bad.  But it must submit to wisdom, or it causes us to fall.   A seasoned entrepreneur incubates a newby entrepreneur until they grow confident in expressing their gift to the world.   An up-and-coming artist apprentices with an expert where they learn tricks of the trade.  A chef mentors his cooks until they become skilled artists.  The mentor teaches the students the knowledge of the craft but doesn’t try to replace their wisdom.  If you’ve ever had such an experience, and I have, you never forget it.

After I decided that school was a complete waste of my children’s time, I told them choose their teachers carefully; only learn from those who are into mastery of their craft.  The rest have nothing to offer.  I didn’t mean that in an arrogant way.  I just realized that some people take a subject and dive into it to find the pure wisdom.  They will give you what you need as far as knowledge, and they will also support you and direct you in finding and expression your own wisdom.  They aren’t afraid of your True Self passing them up.  They delight in your success.  They’ve usually devoted their life to separating the wheat from the chaff so that they become one with the object of their attention.  They are always fun to learn from.  With them, we gain something far more than knowledge .  We get to see the world from another’s pure perspective.  It’s like we become more than the sum of our individual parts.  I suspect that used to be much more common in ancient times.  It was certainly how initiation worked.  It’s why I say, “You don’t need to learn the truth; you already know it.  You need to learn what is false and let it go.”

Today we have teachers who just memorize shit and teach it.  They don’t even question what they’ve memorized.  They might toss in a few stories to try and get our attention, or they try to make learning fun with a clever game.  But they don’t really know what they’re teaching.  They don’t love their subject; they’re doing a job that a robot could do.  They believe the knowledge because they were told to believe it.  So they really have nothing to offer but free babysitting.  If we listen to teachers, we won’t ever find our inner master.

There’s something very different about someone who knows versus someone who has knowledge and just believes.  Wise people want us to find our own inner artist, chef, or entrepreneur.  They nudge us and support us.  Teachers just want us to follow their lessons and vomit it back on a test.  As we marinate in knowledge, we lose our ability to hear our true wisdom or to know our True Self.  But we know it’s there; we long for it if we’re honest.


Now Reverse!

But have we really fallen?  Can we reverse this illusory fall?  Of course, we can.  Initiation was about reversing the fall and going back to what we were INITIALLY.  But like a good detective, we have to find the clues in the original fall story that tell us how to return to Eden.  It doesn’t mean we make the fall story true, although we already made that error. Thanks religion!  We have to decode exactly what caused us to fall.  And like everything in the illusion, most people look in the wrong places.  Thanks religion!

The story says Adam and Eve fell because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Religion focuses on the good and evil part and then tells us to be good according to its definition.  When we follow the false good of religion, we create evil automatically.  When we create from the perspective of duality, we always create both sides of the coin.  It’s just how it works.  We can’t stop that.  Our minds are designed to be whole; and when we divide thought, it still remains whole.  Ideally, we keep our dual creating in first-cause where both sides of the coin are win-win.  Then we live as free, creative beings.

Religion, however, taught us to create from the fallen second-cause perspective of good and evil.  We project the evil part out into our world, and we convince others that it really exists.

Religion also acts like we physically ate the apple when it was simply our “supposed” ancestors.  This provides a giant clue.  It tells us that believing our ancestors sustains the illusion, because our ancestors already fell.  If we believe those who came before us, we get the same life as they had — a fallen life.  And we call it normal or true.

The issue isn’t about being good or being evil; those are simply roles in the fallen illusion.  It’s the knowledge that such a concept exists that creates the fertile ground for the fall — the cause.  This means that not all knowledge is a problem, just any knowledge that makes something good and something else evil, or any variation of good and evil, like right and wrong, good and bad, or win and lose.  Any split thought that creates superiority of one person or group over others comes from such knowledge.  You have to laugh when you realize that the very people whose God made the tree of knowledge of good and evil labeled themselves chosen.  They were chosen to sustain and lead the illusion; and they are still doing a damn good job.  Now we’re all walking around mindlessly in the dessert trying to find the promised land.  Knowledge that creates or fixes a problem is the result of eating that apple from the tree of knowledge (of good and evil).  So much for an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Imagine if we got rid of medicine because it only fixes disease and instead got rid of the belief in disease?  What if we got rid of religion and just remembered our inner spirituality?  What if we got rid of repair services because nothing broke?  What if we got rid of formal education (the teaching of knowledge) and just sought support for our inner wisdom in the fields that we love.  What if we got rid of military because we had no war and policemen because we had no crime.  Oh, and I almost forgot to toss out all those fucking therapists and self-help gurus because there isn’t anything wrong with our minds after we let go of everything else.  Okay what’s left?  Sports, games, entertainment, inventing cool shit, adventure, fun stuff like travel, recreation, eating, drinking, and playing.  Art is left, as well as music.  You see where we end up, we remember that we are creators.  And if we’re honest, aren’t those the things that we always say we want to do?

In Eden, God was within Adam and Eve.  They could do no wrong.  But they weren’t creating yet.  We’re led to believe that God did it all for them.  Watching fruit grow probably got a bit boring.  They wanted more, and they got a bit more than they bargained for.  So we need to ratchet things back a little.  The illusion wants us to think that without it, we’d die, disappear, or be so fucking bored we’d chew our fingers off.  It is a very good liar.

Adam and Eve listened to someone outside of them.  People like to make the serpent evil, but is s/he?  Or is s/he just outside of them like knowledge?  The serpent says that eating that apple will make them think like the Gods; they’ll have knowledge of good and evil.  Hum says Adam and Eve, “We’ll get to think like the Lords, like Jehovah. That’s fucking awesome!”   Of course, they’re naive…they would think those royals were Gods just like little children think their parents are gods.  It’s been repeated over and over again.  People with stuff offer the stuff to native people, and the native people presume they’re gods.  If we’re honest, the definition of a god is a being that can do something we can’t do.

Well they’re doing pretty well,” Adam and Eve think to themselves.  “They have all the money, power, and fame.  We could have that too.  Let’s eat that apple.”  Is there not one of us who hasn’t had that thought?  Why do we try so hard in school?  Why do we practice things to perfect or try to win the competition?  We want the “American” Dream.  What’s the “American” Dream?  It’s the same damn thing that Adam and Eve wanted.  We want to create like God in a material, physical world.  We want to manifest our dreams.  But then the illusion kicks in, we think the way to accomplish that is to make our beliefs, the beliefs.  We try to get everyone to think like us and want our products and services, even if they don’t need them.


Education  is NOT the Answer

Education really pounds in the message that knowledge is king.  We have to memorize to get the grades.  And we work so hard to stuff worthless information into our brains so that we can have the privilege of getting more knowledge at another school for more money.  We gain all that knowledge and then we become an expert so we can shove our beliefs down other people’s throats.  But our knowledge can only take us so far.  Of course, I had to get a Ph.D. to see that.  LOL!  It was the biggest joke of my life.  It didn’t mean shit.

Now I could become an expert, and teach people worthless knowledge.  We do love our experts.   If we aren’t making as much money as we want, we search the web for someone with knowledge of how to get rich.  When we are sick, we go to someone with knowledge of medicine.  We have a therapist, a spiritual guru, and a coach.  The richer we get, the bigger the staff of people necessary to keep us on our pedestal of expertise.  But those people are always afraid; that pedestal can fall if someone neglects to  hold up their part of it.

Our wisdom often comes out spontaneously when we are children or when we’re alone.  But if we’re embarrassed by or punished for  our wisdom, we might hide it forever.  Oprah has a show called “Where are They Now?”  It takes past guests from the old Oprah show and gives us an update on what has happened since they appeared on her show.  It’s always interesting.  She had an update on a priest who was caught by paparazzi making out with a woman on the beach.  He got in a lot of trouble with the Catholic church, which really bothered him since the priests who were molesting young boys didn’t get in nearly as much trouble.   That tells you something.  He realized that he couldn’t turn off the love he had for that woman, and so he married her.  In the update, they showed him as a married priest, so perhaps he switched churches.  They didn’t say.  But he said something cool.  He said, “The greatest pain that he ever felt was when he tried to suppress his love.”  I actually felt that in marriage; how could I just love one person?  It seemed so limiting (and I’m not talking about sex or polygamy, just love).  How could I honor the false tenants of love; they kept me from unconditional love.  Suppressing wisdom is the same.  We feel emotions when we accept beliefs or knowledge because that’s what we are doing.  We’re pushing down who we really are and hiding it in order to make others comfortable who prefer our knowledge over our wisdom.  I liked this priest’s words, but if he really got what he was saying, he wouldn’t have been wearing a collar during the interview.


Wisdom Has Become Knowledge

Wisdom comes from within; knowledge comes from without.  In recent times, people have ventured into tribal societies and indigenous people’s lives, and they found that these people had wisdom about healing and herbs.  If they got sick, they knew what to eat or what to do to heal themselves.  They were listening to their inner wisdom.  Over time, the wisdom wasn’t in everyone, it was in the Shaman.  Now it became knowledge for all but the Shaman.  But the people in the tribe all thought alike so that was often good enough.  It worked fine, and it gave others the ability to focus on their hut making or fishing.  But this was the beginning of the fall.  We started to make some people into experts.  Being an expert meant making more money or getting more fish.  People ask me why I put this all out there for free.  This is why.  I’m exposing the false value of expertise.  If you apply what I say and stop applying the expertise, you will not only save lots and lots of money, but you will find your Self.  You will never need an expert again.

We lost our natural ability to do whatever we needed to do once expertise was born.  In addition, doing one thing all the time became boring.  We generally like variety.  It’s hard for most to choose a career because it’s hard to think of what we love enough to eliminate all the others things we enjoy.  We’re told that’s what we have to do.  We’re told that a jack of all trades is the master of none.  That’s true in the illusion, not for the True Self.

But now the researchers gather this tribal healing wisdom, and they give it to us.  They are experts, and they create a new healing industry — a new economy.  That tribal information has gone from wisdom to knowledge.  They didn’t help us to find our own wisdom, they gave us powerless knowledge.  If we believe that their knowledge is wisdom, we can trick our mind into healing, perhaps.  But now we’ve given our power to the experts; and they will get rich while we will get nothing.  And one day, their knowledge won’t be enough to save us.  Knowledge always comes up short.


My Dilemma

My greatest frustration in putting what I’ve learned out into the world is how do I convince people that what they’re learning from others is false so they will go inside, let go of their beliefs, and seek their own perfect wisdom?  Humans are so addicted to paying experts.  We think the more we pay them, the more value they have.  I don’t want to become an expert to others or an authority, which is why the only paid work I do is mentorship.

Some people read what I write and do exactly what I suggest.  They work on letting go, and they find that I’m not lying.  They step paying experts and start trusting themselves.  Others just memorize what I say and go off and talk about letting go.  They become experts.  The last thing I want is to put more knowledge in the world.  But I can’t help what people do with the words once they hit the blog other than continue to let go of my fear of misuse.  I hope that my experience and brutal honesty comes through so that at least some people will start to discriminate, let go, and trust their True Self again.

I, like many others, was drawn back in time to find the early wisdom before it became tainted and spoiled.  But I didn’t just take the wisdom and make it my knowledge.  I dropped what I believed and thought I knew so that I could accept the ancient words and live them in my life.  I did this because I really wanted to know these people from the inside out.  And as I did that, I realized that I loved them.  They were so easy to love.  I understood them, and I felt that they would understand me.  I’d never heard of using my mind in this way; it felt so right — so calm, so free.  I realized that to get to the Tree of Life, I had to stop eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  I couldn’t eat from two trees!  Everyone else was trying to fix the fall with a ladder or some duct tape.  They were trying to find a way back to Eden through the story of Adam and Eve, but they weren’t succeeding.  The story didn’t offer an exit from the fallen world.  It only offered a perpetual curse with no probation.

Religion, focuses on the good and evil part of the tree’s name without realizing that good and evil as a concept is knowledge.  When we eat from the bottom of the triangle on any subject, we’re eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  But there is an exit.  We can let go of the entire story, the beliefs that the story created, and all the beliefs that we accepted since then because we thought/believed that we fell.  Then we never fell in our mind, so we no longer need an exit.  This’s what I got from embracing the ancient mindset.  It was pre-fall, and it was heavenly.  And it wasn’t some place in the clouds; it was very earthy, very natural.


An Example from Real Life

Let’s say that we have a physical problem.  We’re allergic to flowers.  If we’ve been alive for awhile, we know a lot about this subject.  We’ve been looking for a cure.  But the only real cure is to let go of the belief that we’re allergic to flowers.  If we pay attention, that doesn’t feel good.  The thought generates emotion.  But no one has even hinted that we could let go.  We’re convinced the cause of said flower allergy is outside of us.   We’re sure we aren’t the cause of the allergy because we’re physically focused.  We don’t realize that all causes are mental.  We’ve been told that the belief that people can be allergic to flowers is true.

We’ve been to doctors and specialists.  We’ve taken lots of remedies.  We’ve gotten shots.  We’ve changed our diet because we think we’re also allergic to other shit.  We wear a gas mask when flowers are in bloom.  We tell our friends not to wear flower perfumes.   We lose it when someone gives us a bouquet; we think they’re trying to harm us.  Look at where our mind has gone all because of some posies that made us sneeze when we were six.  The truth is, if we think back, we happened to sneeze near the flowers, and our mother said, “Oh you must have my flower allergy, it runs in our family.”  And those words got cemented in our mind; and we could not get them out.  We fell from the Garden of Eden where flowers are constantly in bloom; now that which is beautiful to others is our personal poison.  We want to get rid of the uncomfortable sensations created by our beliefs, and we do by controlling ever minute of our life and the lives of those people who come near us.

What I want you to notice is that each thing that we’ve done to try and fix the problem has made our world smaller or more complex.  It has created more and more things that we have to do to deal with outer conditions that we can’t control.  We can’t get flowers not to bloom.  We have no power over that.  That’s how the illusion keeps us chained; it causes us to think the cause is outside of us; and we have no power to change that cause.  We can only fix the effect, maybe!  Actually, we can’t fix the effect, but someone who charges lots and lots of money can.  We just have to get three jobs, and then we can pay the allergy fixer.  But the allergy fixer is an expert with knowledge.  So s/he just gives us a drug that causes us to have to work two more jobs to pay for it.  We can work the two jobs, or we can sneeze our fucking head off.

The only thing that was ever wrong was that our mom (representing our elders or ancestors) was well indoctrinated into the illusion.  She believed the fall of Adam and Eve, which says once you fall you can’t go back.  In other words, you can’t let go of the belief that she projected on you.  She couldn’t let go of that belief because it was projected on her.  It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.  He was allergic to fig leafs.

Now we’re forty years old, and we are so damn sick of sneezing when we see flowers.  We can’t stand to take one more drug or get one more shot.  We’ve got credit card bills full of charges for prescriptions and allergy experts.  We want to retire but we can’t because we’ve got to buy meds.  We’ve been nicknamed Rudolf due to our permanently red nose.  But what can we do?  Move to a cave in the desert.  Ah, great idea.  People with allergies have been moving to Arizona for centuries.  No wait.  Stop the madness!

We start letting go of one belief at a time.  We tear our life apart regarding this issue.  We recognize that all of those fixes were ideas that we got from others including the idea that we had a flower allergy.  But first we have to let go of the belief that we can’t let go.  We have to realize that our emotions tell us when something we’re thinking is false.  We have to get our discrimination machine back on-line and running.  Then we can let go of all the things that we think we have fixed; because if we hold on to the fix, we will hold on to the problem.  We have to let go of all those experts and authorities; they didn’t really do anything for us if we actually think about it.  We have to stop being an expert on allergies ourselves, and give up our internet addiction.  Oh we’ve used that a lot for attention and power.  Our friends even call us with their allergy problems.  Shit, we’ve got to come clean.  We knew all the doctors, the meds, the herbs, the places to tap on our body, the prayers to say, the angels to call in, the past life karma that causes allergies, the books to read, the incense to burn, and the healers who have healed such things.  If we give up the belief in allergies, we’ll be worthless, or so we think.  In accounting, we call this writing off our sunk costs.  We do that when we finally admit that we spent a lot of money and time on something worthless.

So if you are this person, you need to know that everyone wants to punch you.  And if you aren’t, let go of feeling bad or evil because you so want to deck these people, and you know it.  You see, we can’t stand to be around them because the person is spewing false at everyone in order to prove that they’re a victim of allergies.  They’re trying to convince us that we need to honor their little world and submit to their demands.  We need to accept their knowledge over our wisdom.  Everything they say feels bad, but we’re supposed to ignore that around them.  That’s what friends and family do.  We suffer together right?  Wrong!

Yea, it all feels wrong, but we were told that we must never make them jealous by talking about the beautiful flowers we picked last week.  We must never wear perfume in their presence.  We must never think we deserve to enjoy flowers or love to smell them.  That’s a privilege that we should be grateful for — not everyone can smell flowers, you KNOW!   We should sacrifice flowers from our life forever; that would make us good in their eyes.  And the most important rule of all.  We must never suggest that their problem might be MENTAL.  We must never give them advice that actually works — they are the expert.  They know it ALL on the subject of flower allergies except for the one thing that might get rid of the problem.  Oh that doesn’t exist, or they’d know it.   Just KNOW-TICE how often I used the word know in that paragraph.  Most people don’t even realize that know and believe aren’t the same word.  They think they know, when they’re just believers.  And believers are people who holds lies in mind as the truth.  If we see that our beliefs are just beliefs, it makes them a lot easier to let go.  Knowledge isn’t real power; it’s false power.  Actually, it is no power except for what we give it with our attention.  Thus, Attention Deficit Disorder is a label that we give to people who know bullshit when they see it.   And they can’t seem to give it attention.  When I was told my kids had ADD, I said, “Thank you God.”  Then I took their little asses out of the system.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have enormous compassion for how stuck we can be when our physical problems have shut down our lives.  I know we are all victims of the illusion.  I know that seeing this is like finding a needle in a weed-covered mountain.  But unless we get real about it, we haven’t a chance.  Unless we admit that we’ve believed a giant crock of shit, we will never get out.  Unless we expose the liars and let them deal with the consequences of their lies, we’ll keep ourselves in prison in their world.

Reversing the fall is a decision — a big one that I don’t take lightly.  But don’t go thinking you’re good if you stay in the fallen world, because good people are the ones who project the most in the illusion.  They harm people all the time without knowing they’re doing it.  False good (or obedience to the system) contains evil or bad; it can’t be any other way.  The only way to never harm another again is to let go of the illusion and remember who you are; then live as that being even if everyone else doesn’t get it.  Yes, it comes down to a choice.  Do you want to know you’re not harming others, or do you want other people to believe you aren’t harming others based on their programmed delusion?  When you can answer that, you won’t leave the path of initiation, no matter how hard it gets.  And it can get pretty damn hard at times.

I’ve always had a resistance to sharing what I do because in order for you get free of the curse of the fall, I have to give you knowledge.  I have to tell you that the stuff that you learned is beliefs, lies, and knowledge.  I have to look bad and harmful to those who love the illusion and win from it.  But I know that we can’t let go of something we can’t see.  If I don’t expose the illusion then people won’t know what to let go.  So, I reluctantly give you more knowledge by reminding you that you can let go and pointing to where you might want to start letting go.

Knowledge is like a parasite that keeps sucking the life out of us until we’re dead.  But like any parasite, when we remove it, it dies.  We can live quite well without the parasite.  The parasite can’t live without us.  Thus, as we let go, we remove the food for the parasite, the illusion of the knowledge of good and evil.  And when no one feeds the parasite, it’s dead.  The serpent wasn’t lying.  Who we truly are can never die — remember s/he was talking to two people standing in Eden who had no concept of death.  And eventually when we do let go of knowledge, we realize that we didn’t want to be like the Gods, or Lords a Leaping, after all.  They are selfish, greedy, and lonely.  Their knowledge got them money and power, and that put them in hell.  If we ignore their knowledge, we’re doing all of us a favor.

Oh, the Christians are right.  The Bible is the word of God.  It’s handbook for life in the illusion ruled by the false Gods — the rich, the powerful, the experts.  The Bible gives us all the beliefs we need to make sure we stay in hell eternally and kill off every last chance of truth that comes out way.  And when we get that, and let all that history (his story) go, we return to our story.  Suddenly, we see that what the religious call evil, temptation, and wrong is our own True Self.  Yep the evil of religion is the True Self.  That’s why we are afraid to show it, to be it.  Unity or unconditional love is what keeps us alive; turn it upside down you get evil.  Live backwards is evil.  We got tricked because people already in the illusion didn’t like who we were.  Fuck them.  Let it all go, and return to Eden.  Become the creator that you are meant to be.


PS:  I’m sure Eve was so curious because watching flowers grow is truly boring.  Eating the same fruit every day is dull.  Eve wanted to have some fun, and so did Adam if he’s honest.  Too many people think that we must give up everything to get to Eden, and they are also wrong.  We can play in the illusion.  That’s what it was designed for.  We can use duality to create with first cause, win-win thoughts.  When we let go of the illusion’s power and knowledge, we don’t get bothered by the good and evil, right and wrong, or even win and lose perspective because it’s a game that some people still choose to play.  And they have the right to do that.  We were given free will.  If we let go of their knowledge in our mind, it loses power.  I promise.  Things become fair; they can’t harm us or our planet once a few of us stop believing they can.

Some knowledge is fun.  It isn’t a harmful thing unless it replaces our wisdom.  Sharing what we know or discover is part of the joy of our creative planet.  Our planet is so versatile that we can use knowledge and beliefs in a first-cause, win-win, way to create endlessly — multiplying our joy, love, and peace.  When knowledge submits to our hearts, it’s a creative power tool.  When we get this right, we cease to be like the fallen Gods, but we do become a lot like the God in Genesis I, the Creator.  Our words have power, and we use them to create; and all that we create is GOOD.

When things get too uncomfortable in the illusion, and the players have believed too much, I figure they just might find this site.  I jokingly refer to my work as Earth Rehab.  I hope to one day have one of those fancy Hollywood rehab places where you want to become a drug addict just for pleasure of going to rehab.  But even Hollywood rehab is only necessary when you’ve partied too hard for too long.  You let go of your addiction, then you can go back and PARTEEEY again!  But in my rehab, people don’t let go of substances or stuff; they let go of knowledge and beliefs.  They return to their virgin-minded Self again.  And hopefully, they won’t need rehab anymore.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Will A

    Very good thinking!
    Can definitely relate.

    1. Cathy

      Thanks for writing Will. Big trap for everyone. Cathy

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