Have Opinions, Ideas, Not Beliefs

By Cathy • June 4th, 2012
Have Beliefs but Don't Believe them.

Have all the beliefs you want. Just don’t believe them!

By Cathy Eck


Every Problem is Caused by Beliefs

Our world is filled with avoidable problems.  Every problem can be solved by finding the beliefs that caused it and eliminating those beliefs.

I know that is a radical statement; but it is true.  I’ve applied that theory for years; and each day, I fix more and more of my own problems by simply finding my causal beliefs and eliminating them.

Each time I let go of my own opinions, beliefs, judgments, and prejudices, I gain insight into a beautiful, free, and loving world.  Over time, that free world has come to look much more real.  The world of beliefs is only a figment of the collective imagination.


Believers Are Their Own Worst Enemies

So many people are proud to call themselves believers.  They don’t realize the harm that they are doing to themselves.  I didn’t either.  You can’t see the truth of what you are doing to yourself or others until you let go of your beliefs.  Then you feel stupid for letting another convince you to obey something so incredibly false.

The Christian believers proudly hold on to prophecies of the end of the world, the punishing God’s rules, and the idea that some person who went to theology school can do some magical service and save them.

The believer’s thinking is much like putting tape over our gas gauge so we don’t know it is empty.  They are creating their own demise; and yet they think it is going to happen to someone else.  Oh how wrong they are.  Try as they might to project their beliefs on to others; they eventually will come back around to them.

Beliefs don’t make one evil; we all acquire them in early life.  But we make ourselves evil when we shove our beliefs, our lies, our selfish point of view into the minds of others.  We become evil when we’d rather be right that someone else is flawed or inferior than admit our own unworthiness.  We become evil when we enjoy watching another lose so we can win.

There is nothing more unholy than thinking one is special because they belong to a certain group that gets to live while those who don’t belong die in an agonizing apocalypse or get punished by a wrathful God.  This thinking requires the belief that God takes sides; and the thinker is on the right side.  

But how do they know that they are on the right side?  They don’t, they simply hold a belief that they do.  And beliefs are not true.  They are deceptive tricks of the mind.  And like a parasite who kills its host; beliefs eventually harm the believer.


Our Minds Are Creative

What we hold in our mind becomes what we see in the world.  That is a huge responsibility in a world where we lead others as parents, teachers, clergy, and politicians.  The world is a place of all possibilities; the notion of beliefs was born out of our capacity and love for creating.

Beliefs are ideas that start out as a creative possibility.  They work great when they are win-win.  The belief is often sold to masses of people until it creates a larger than life false reality.  Since we believe what we see, we now hold the belief as true.

A building starts out as a idea that is not yet formed in reality.  The idea turns into a belief when it starts to look possible or real.  The belief continues to gain power until it eventually becomes reality.  Once it becomes real, the idea is dropped and the belief fades away.  A mental vacuum is created where a new idea, belief, and eventual reality will be born.  That is the normal belief cycle.

But some people in the distant past started to create beliefs that made themselves special or chosen.  They created rules and laws that served their needs.  They created false problems that only they could solve.  Then they sold those beliefs to masses of people for a promise that they never intended to fulfill.

Once people hold a belief as true, no one investigates it anymore especially if you get punished for such an investigation.  I spend my life challenging beliefs.  I look for the truth that renders the belief false.  But people don’t like when I do that because their beliefs make up who they perceive themselves to be.  Often my exposure of a belief affects the flow of their monetary stream.  I sometimes take them down off their pedestal, and they lose their false power.

When we expose another’s belief, they think we hurt them.  But in truth, we just stopped them from hurting us or others.  We called their game!  We even stopped them from harming themselves.  But they rarely recognize that or appreciate what we did.


Beliefs Create Bonding or Bondage

Beliefs cause us to group together and bond.  We feel safe in a group of like-minded people.  But are we really safe?  The safety is only as strong as the bond around the beliefs.  If one of the group attempts to become an individual, to create outside of the box, or to think for themselves, they are a traitor, a heretic.

Great things come from individuals who follow their heart, their inspiration, not from beliefs.  New inventions, art, music, dance, theatre are often a collaboration in the end, but the original idea came from one mind that was free.  Creating is what brings us joy and purpose.  Beliefs shut down that flow.

So just for today, do yourself a huge favor.  Find one thing you believe and challenge it.  Ask yourself, is my belief really true?  Do some research.  Stand in the shoes of the opposing point of view, and see how you’d feel if your own belief was being projected on to you.

The truth is easy to spot.  It always feels good, calm, and peaceful; and it works for everyone.  The truth is always win-win.  God doesn’t take sides.  No one loses when we live from the truth.  But in beliefs, someone always loses.  And the one who loses the most is the believer.


Need some help letting go of beliefs.  Check out my mentoring services, download “Unlocking Heaven’s Gate” or visit some other pages in the Freedom from Beliefs (Lies) category such as “Letting Go of Beliefs.”   


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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.