Incurable Means the Cure is Within

Obamacare is not the answer nor is anyone else's care. The answer is getting rid our our belief in disease.
No government program will fix disease. Disease will go away when we stop believing in it. But no one realizes that disease is just an illusion that we perpetuate with our minds.

 By Cathy Eck


Every day billions of dollars are spent on therapists, doctors, drugs, and insurance companies in order to heal mental and physical diseases.  What if all diseases are nothing more than an illusion?  What if they are simply a lack of ease as the word disease suggests?  What if we are all hypnotized to believe that diseases and problems exist when they really don’t?   What if healing our body with our mind is entirely possible, and we don’t realize it?  What if incurable simply means that the cure is within?


The word belief has the word lie within it.  A diagnosis is a belief that is often spoken with such conviction by an expert that we accept it as the unquestionable truth.  And yet, the diagnosis comes from knowledge, not wisdom; and no knowledge is the truth.  Knowledge is the intellectual understanding of the illusion.

According to the ancient initiates, the answers to my opening questions are all “yes.”  The initiates didn’t have the notion of incurable.  Diseases were the effect of thinking errors, which were later called sins.  High initiates were said to be young looking, vibrant, and completely healthy.  They didn’t watch what they ate or go to the gym.  In fact, they didn’t seem to think about their health at all.  They were just healthy because they knew it was their natural state of being.

Diseases were considered the effects of beliefs that had judgment in them — in other words, they had a right and wrong or good and evil context.  I have great faith in the guidance of the initiates.  But I’ll be honest, when I was challenged in my own life with applying their wisdom, I didn’t know where to begin.  When our false self comes on strong, and our inner and outer authorities are in our face, our True Self appears to be nowhere in sight.  My beliefs about disease were so strong, and my training that the doctor knew more than I was very powerful.  I was filled with fear if I even thought of a disease; the thought of an incurable disease was simply more than I could stand.

I’ve come a long way since my first encounter with the teachings of the initiates, and I’ve learned how to apply their wisdom.  While I’m pretty hard core in following their advice, I don’t expect that from others (unless I mentor them).  You don’t have to let go of every single belief in order to heal.  You just have to let go of enough beliefs to get rid of the notion that you can’t be healed.  At that point, your intuition starts working well enough to find a cure.  But let me warn you.  Once you get that far in letting go, you’ll probably be hooked on letting go.  You won’t be satisfied with just the appetizer.  You’ll want the entire meal.

I’ve had a lot of experience with letting go of physical problems.  My false self loves to use my body to scare the shit out of me.  But I’ve learned that when I finally get to the mental belief that is causing my disease or pain, it either goes away or I find an easy solution.


Finding the Inner Cure

The key is in the word incurable.  When medicine says we aren’t curable, we need to go “in for the cure.”  Incurable is the solution, not the diagnosis.  Healing our body with our mind is not only possible; when we do it right, it’s a guaranteed and permanent cure.  That is because healing within fixes the true cause.  Medicine, most therapies, and drugs only fix the effect.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that the initiates said that fixing the effects of our problems is just plain stupid because that doesn’t fix anything.

But don’t throw out traditional medicine too quickly.  It’s necessary in the illusion; and we want to keep it around until we’re completely free.  You aren’t bad if you utilize it as a resource.  Occasionally, I’d think I needed an herb, vitamin, or remedy.  I’d buy them while I still worked on my mind.  When I got clear, I would forget to take them until one day I noticed they were still around and realized I’d cleared up the problem.  In fact, I’d completely forgotten that I ever had the problem until I found the evidence.   I wasted a few bucks.  So what.  Taking the herb caused my mind to relax and think I was doing something productive.  It probably allowed me let go more easily.  Tricking our mind in order to get it to let go is a valid strategy.


The Curable Mind

Once I let go of a causal belief, it’s as if I have a different mind.  Like I said, I usually don’t even remember what was wrong with me until I think back.  The notion of the disease looks as ridiculous as elephants flying.  It becomes very clear that my false mind was holding on to a big, giant belief that wasn’t true (usually a whole complex of them).  Those thoughts were creating emotions or a lack of ease.  And that lack of ease was creating my symptoms.

But science and psychology blame the emotions.  The new buzz is that stress is the cause of disease.  “Get rid of your emotions,” they say.  It just sells more drugs.  It is another way of saying the feminine deserves the blame; it always comes back to the same old issue.  These false prophets are shooting the messenger.  Our emotions and our stress are saying, “You are believing (listening) to the wrong people.”  Stop it.

Does all of this sound too simple? That is why it has to be true.  No one can get rich off of you letting go.  You eventually put them out of a job.  You can finally heal yourself without anyone else getting a dime.  I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved over the years since I discovered this.  But I’ve also invested a lot of time — more than most people are willing to spend.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to find the causal belief; we have to do lots of digging and observing and questioning.  We have to feel our emotions and go into our pain — never fun.  Sometimes it takes some inner intimidation and hard work to convince our minds to let go of something it has been told is true by a living, breathing expert.  But if you want to be well, why not try?


What If I Screw Up?

In the beginning I was very afraid that I would screw something up and let go of something that I needed — like I might accidentally throw away a body part.  It is the same kind of belief that keeps you from throwing away that old broken lawn mower or dryer.  You think you might need it one day.

But I learned that you can’t screw up by letting go because you can’t let go of your True Self.  The body was created to be the temple of the living God, which is your True Self.  The false self took over and started to rule the body.  As you let go, you return to the body temple, which was the true meaning of the Temple of Solomon.  If only the powers that be would realize that and stop fighting over the Temple Mount.  It ain’t about the stupid land.  Don’t wait for them to wake up.

Just know that you can only let go of that which is false, and you don’t need any false beliefs.  You can’t make yourself sicker by letting go even though it might seem that way if your false self is trying really hard to hold on.  Resistance to letting go does make problems seem worse.  More about that in a moment.

You have nothing to lose.  You can even continue to pursue regular medicine while letting go because you’ll eventually let go of the need for the medicine.  Letting go can only help the situation.  I’m very sure of that.  I’m not inclined to give advice.  But here is a little.  Start with what you believe will help you and follow it to the letter.  Be completely honest.  Don’t pretend you don’t have beliefs.  If you have a disease, you’ve got a belief or two or ten million.  Get out of denial first, and things will start to make sense and change.  If you have beliefs, follow them.  If you think prayer will help, pray.  If you think you did something wrong, fix it.  If you think you need the right doctor, by all means find them.  If you don’t want to follow your current beliefs, then let them go until you find something you’re comfortable doing.


My Own Disease Experience

Several years ago I became very sick.  I’d never had much success with doctors, and I’d reached a place where I wasn’t afraid to die.  I’d tried positive thinking and that didn’t get me anywhere.  I’d used emotional release techniques without success.  I’d been meditating for years.  None of that made a difference so I knew I just didn’t believe in it enough to help me.

I’d studied the teachings of the initiates and when I understood them, they felt right.   I wanted to test what I’d learned.  Most people who catch a glimpse of the teachings of initiation hold them in their mind as knowledge.  They don’t apply them.  They just talk about them.  I suspected that this was mostly because no one had a clue how to apply them.  I realized that initiates spent much less time talking then they did applying.  But what in the hell were they saying?  What in hell were they doing?

Good questions are the bridge to truth.  So I asked myself, “What do I have control over in this very moment?”  I decided that I had control over only one thing, my current moment-to-moment thoughts.  I didn’t yet know what I believed, and I didn’t feel I had control over my beliefs anyway.  They seemed far to stuck in my mind to let go.  So I decided that I could watch each thought that entered my mind, and I could learn what was in my own big black box of thoughts.  With each thought, I could make a simple decision.  Does that thought contribute to my desire for health?  Or does it contribute to my lack of health?  I created the notion of a mental trash can.  If the thought didn’t contribute to my health, it went in the trash.  I’m not that visual so it wasn’t like an image of the trash can, but you get the idea.  I didn’t care where I got the thought or who said it; it was trash.  I decided to keep it that simple.  I did this for three hours, and I did feel better.  So I decided to continue the experiment.

I then decided to pay attention to my emotions while I watched my mind.  I quickly noticed that very few of my thoughts were directing me toward health, and they were all accompanied by strong emotion.  Since I was not putting thoughts into my mind, just watching what was there, I only had a very rare healthy thought.  Those thoughts did not have any emotion.  Things were making sense.  I was deconstructing my mind — or at least understanding how to do so.

With each thought that felt bad, I challenged my mind.  Sometimes my mind didn’t want to put the thought into the trash.  So I’d tell the thought, “You don’t feel good so you aren’t true.”  Bingo.  When I really got that the thought wasn’t true, it let go.  Now I was getting somewhere.  But I could see that honesty was key.  If I didn’t really know for sure that the thought wasn’t true, it hung around and appeared again later on to haunt my ass.  So I had to stay on top of the thought until it was gone.  I realized it was gone when the emotion was gone.  Often I couldn’t even remember the belief after I truly let it go.

I noticed that the source of the thoughts had a lot to do with the ease of letting go.  I let my mind know in no uncertain terms that the thought wasn’t true if it didn’t feel good and was not taking me toward health.  I realized that to get the belief to go, I had to be stronger and wiser than the belief.  If the belief was put in by a doctor, I felt I didn’t have the right to let it go.  I wasn’t an expert.  If it was put in by a clergy member, I felt it was true; and I had to keep it.  I also noticed that if the belief came from my father or husband, I struggled to let it go.  I saw men as more powerful than women.  I saw teachers as more powerful than me.  I saw pretty much the whole world as more powerful than me.  I was seeing how my mind was built; and I was learning what was required to tear it down.

I obviously got stuck in some areas, but I found myself really enjoying the process.  I continued to practice this each day and to expand on my understanding.   I noticed that I was feeling better.  Eventually, I felt that my natural ability to heal had kicked in.  I’d primed the pump.  Now I needed to make sure the healing waters continued to flow.  I was going to have to figure out how to get rid of those men, teacher, doctor, and clergy thoughts.  I had to get my power back to completely heal.  Of course, I describe that part of the process in every other article in this blog and No Labels, No Lies.


Hooked on a Feeling

That was the beginning of something great.  I was hooked on the feeling of letting go.  Not only did I feel better when I let go, but my mind was clear and calm for a little while after each session.  I had ideas that I didn’t have before my self therapy healing sessions.  Most important, I now had real hope — not false hope given to me by another.  This hope came from deep within me.

Now let me tell you.  I had accepted beliefs about all kinds of diseases and physical problems.  So I had a lot of mental work to do.  And I found that my mind was filled with trap doors and clever techniques to convince me not to let go.  I’ll write more about those in future posts.  But I had a foundation now.

I still find beliefs every day related to my body.  Often beliefs about life or the world affect my body.  Sometimes I follow the belief and feel as if I end up in another person’s mind (which is another good trick of the mind).  Sometimes I kind of want to avoid the emotion that comes along with the false thoughts — bad idea.  But I love deconstructing my mind and trust it will lead me back to the body temple.  According to the ancient initiates, it will in time.


Why Do We Believe in Disease?

When we work on a problem and follow our mind to the cause, we learn how we’ve been creating our life.  We learn that we aren’t victims of a nasty God or even of  other people.  We are only victims of our own really screwed up false mind.  It is easy to get very angry at the people who have sold or perpetuated the false ideas. But it is better to just let them go.  Stripping them of their power is much more effective than revenge.

I came to understand how this lack of ease occurs within our minds.  You see we are all born trusting.  And we first trust our parents.  Then they teach us to respect authority, and we become obedient.  It’s all downhill after that.  When we believe authority’s false words, we feel emotion.  The emotion is saying to us, “What they’re saying isn’t true.”  But we believe the authority over our own True Self because we are taught to do so.  Our True Self is much wiser than any authority; it knows exactly how to get our desires.  Now that it isn’t running the show, our desires start to slip away.  We start to accept that life is hard work, suffering, and problems.

Over time, we become very good at ignoring our emotions.  If an authority says it, we believe it.  At some point, if a belief becomes really strong, we start to think it’s true because it feels bad.  We even sell the belief to others.  We become an evangelist for the false world; and the false world rewards us for it.  This is called psychological reversal.  It means that our false self is now leading the way.  We now feel good when we obey the false self, and bad if we don’t.  We forget our True Self ever existed, and we hate anyone that is operating from the True Self.  Often we start to make good money when people buy our false product or listen to our false sermon.  We are operating the way people in the illusion are wired.  It can look as if we’ve figured out the secret to life.

But our True Self is still hiding within; and if it finds a way, it will poke through.  This is why we often see a false self (that appeared to be really good and successful) crash hard.  Their True Self found an opening.  Sometimes incurable diseases are that opening; other times, it is a giant fall from grace.  If the person lets go of the false self and finds the true cure, a different person emerges.  One that is confident, loving, peaceful, and truly authentic.

Once we’re psychologically reversed, we stop discriminating.  We believe that our emotions are some dreaded problem to numb or eliminate.  Most medications actually cause us to suppress emotions.  When emotions are suppressed, we can’t feel and can’t let go.  The false thoughts (beliefs) continue to arise, often obsessively, we suppress that dreaded emotion, and we continue to believe the beliefs (lies) are true. Since the false mind thinks that thoughts that feel bad are the truth, it believes disease, war, pain, suffering, and even the apocalypse.  It fears other people and God.  It sees the desires of the True Self as temptation.

Sound familiar?  Sound a little like the American Christian Conservatives?  They are the poster children for psychological reversal.  Don’t even try to understand them, it will drive you crazy.


What’s Going On In My Body?

What you must understand is that the rules for living from the True Self are 180 degrees from the rules for the illusion.  What is disease for the false self and labeled incurable in the illusion is merely a wake up call for the one who wants to be themselves (initiation).  All that being said, things can start to go crazy in our bodies when we no longer obey the false God’s voice, or when we rebel against it, or start to challenge it.

The U-turn back to the True Self is often triggered by some critical thought or event.  Something or someone in our life shows us that what we were sold as true is a belief (a lie).  We decide we want something more from life than what our beliefs say we deserve or can have.  The True Self somehow finds a crack.  But the false self doesn’t want to go down without a fight.

If we could just let the whole false self all go and follow our True Self, we’d be fine in no time.  Remember the True Self doesn’t even know what disease is.  But if we don’t know how to let go, and the false self is strong, so an inner battle emerges.  Pain or physical symptoms in our body are just emotions ramped up to a higher level.  The inner turmoil is pointing to false beliefs that we are accepting as true.  Then we see the proof of the false belief, and so we believe it even more.  We are stuck in circular reasoning.  That is where the illusion wants us.  This creates resistance within and more pain and more emotion.  It is actually the Battle of Armageddon.  The false self is trying to hold on to its power, but the True Self is pushing to let go.  Often level confusion is running full throttle.  One belief leads to even more beliefs.  All this is what makes healing difficult or impossible.


The Initiate’s Mind

If initiation is calling you, and you want freedom more than air, then you must let go of that false God within.  You have to realize that you’re creating this mess by believing your mind.  You have to find the strength of the True Self, your inner healer.  You get real healing when you do that.  But you have to go through a phase of confusion where you seem to be standing between two worlds.  In my experience, death happens when we are stuck in between the True and false world.  Some part of us sees death as the way out of a world we hate (the illusion), especially if we’ve been taught that our desires will be fulfilled after death and/or we can’t let the illusion go.  Realizing that you can let it all go is much like a near death experience.  It gives you a reason to live because you know you can create a new life that you will love.  But you still have to do the hard work and battle the false self until you win.

Fortunately, I wasn’t very psychologically reversed on religion or doctors.  So I was able to use my emotions to guide me from the beginning.  I started to notice that when a new problem arose in my body, the dominant thought was often something I was thinking about a lot.  It was a problem or belief that clearly felt bad to think, but I had seen so much proof of the belief that I didn’t notice that my emotions and body were telling me that my believe was a lie.

As children, it took us awhile to learn to ignore our emotions and believe authority.  Now it takes some time and practice to follow our emotions and let go of the voice of authority within our own mind. But that is where healing happens.

The word cure is the word curse without the S.  The S refers to the serpent and curse of Adam and Eve.  The curse they suffered was due to eating from the Tree of Good and Evil — not the tree of Evil mind you.  It was the Tree of Good and Evil, the tree of life from a split mind.  Trying to be good in a world of good and evil is probably the real killer of life.  You see, when you ate from the Tree of Life, you knew you were good.  You didn’t need to follow rules or be a certain way to prove it.  The Tree of Good and Evil created a judgment-based dual system of thinking that serves the authorities in our life.  You can read more about this in my articles on the Triangle Process.


The Key

The bottom line is that we accepted beliefs as children before we could discriminate.  Then thinking those beliefs became habitual.  It’s never too late.  When we let go, we deconstruct the false reality that has veiled our sight.  What remains is the truth, the paradise that we never lost except in our own minds.

This is an individual sport.  We each have to let go of our own false beliefs.  While we got beliefs from many others; we are the ones holding on to them.  So we can let them go without their permission.  We don’t have to convince them to let go so we can.  We can, however, support each other in letting go.  It really is fun to let go once you become competent at it.

When you let go of beliefs around any subject, no matter how traumatic the memory may have seemed when you experienced it, the memory becomes like a dream that never really existed.  The truth of life, your perfect life, becomes dominant in your mind.  You see the false life didn’t really exist; it was an illusion created only by beliefs.  Life IS but a dream.  According to the initiates, when you let go of every last belief about your body, you can’t be sick, you can’t age, and you can’t die unless you choose to.  I’ve not proven it yet.  But I’m not stopping until I do.


If you want to learn more on letting go of beliefs, check out Unlocking Heaven’s Gate on this site.  Or you might like this article on beliefs:  What Beliefs Do I Keep and What Do I Let Go?  


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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    This is a fantastic article, Cathy. There is so much information here!

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