Finding Your Abundance Mentality

We find lasting financial Freedom when we discover our Abundance Mentality
We all have many beliefs about how to get rich. We can succeed by following those beliefs. But real financial freedom isn’t about being rich or wealthy. It is found by living from our true Self, which knows only abundance.

By Cathy Eck 

In the ancient world, abundance was considered natural and normal.  The idea of rich and poor was a fallen state just like the state of good and evil.  The ancient masters manifested whatever they needed when they needed it.  That was living from the abundance mentality.  They didn’t feel the need to save for a rainy day because the idea of a rainy day didn’t exist in their mind.

We are all born with an abundance mentality.  But we are also born tiny and helpless.  We can’t get what we need without a parent or caregiver.  This causes us to begin to create beliefs or assumptions about the world.  We also borrow the beliefs of those around us as we witness the reality that they are creating.

Being born helpless causes us all to adopt some beliefs that veil our natural abundance mentality.  Most of us believe that our abundance comes through others just as our milk and love came from others as an infant.  We may feel that we can’t have what we want if our early caregivers never met our needs.  If our needs were not met, we probably developed beliefs about how to get those wants and needs met.

All of these beliefs formed our false self.  We express our false self through our persona.

An abundance mentality is not a persona we can wear; it is who we are.  We can’t create an abundance mentality.  We find our natural state of abundance by finding our true Self.  And we find our true Self by letting go of the false self that camouflages it.


What is Abundance?

The best way to understand natural abundance is to imagine having everything you want and need with a single, focused thought.  The ancient masters said that, “All is mind.”  The physical world that we see is the effect of our state of mind.  It is an illusion, made up of all of the beliefs that we project out into the world.  We can’t see the illusory world of beliefs and the true world of abundance at the same time.

When our mind is clear and true, our world demonstrates that mental state.  The Garden of Eden represented that natural abundant state of mind.  It was also called the virgin mind by the ancient masters.

It is that natural, pure state that we must return to if we are going to live an abundant life.  The quest for eternal life or paradise is a mental, not a physical, journey.  And all of us can achieve that state of mind once we know how.  No one is too far off their path to return to paradise.

There are plenty of stories and myths that describe people with this pure state of mind.  But over time, we labeled these people superhuman, magic, or genies.  We forgot that all humans have the same capacity if we are willing to let go of the false, ego mind.


Can Money Buy Happiness?

Most people don’t live abundant lives even if they have lots of money.  Abundance is the natural reward for following your heart or true Self.  It is a joyous state.  We say that “Money can’t buy happiness,”  because you can’t buy the true Self with money.  You don’t have to get rid of your money to get to the true Self.  But you have to give up rich and poor thinking.

Recent studies have shown that once people reach earnings of $75,000 per year, they have peaked out in the amount of happiness that money can buy.  More money after they reach that point, doesn’t bring much more happiness.

In truth, people don’t even want happiness; happiness and sadness are opposites just like rich and poor and good and evil.  People want joy with no opposite; and money clearly can’t buy that.

Joy and abundance are states of the unified true Self that knows its place in the world.  It follows inspiration, and its needs and wants are all handled easily.  Most people experience moments of this state; and we call it serendipity or synchronicity.  Some people are lucky enough to find an aspect of life where they can express their true Self; and they feel abundant even if they are not materially rich.

We love stories such as the lawyer who gave up his seven-figure practice to open a dog grooming business.  He exudes joy in his passion for working with animals that screams of abundance even though he now lives on a five-figure income.  Other people live on the streets and then start expressing their gifts and are richly rewarded.  The key is that both of these people are joyous, creative, and abundant.  That is the state of mind that we all truly want.  You see, abundance is a state of mind, not a dollar amount.


Wealthy, Rich, or Abundant

Most people are in a state of rich or poor.  The two opposing states of being are roles within the false mind.  The ancient masters taught that poor can’t exist without rich, and rich doesn’t exist without poor.  We must let go of our beliefs about both sides of any duality.

Abundance, however, has no opposite.  When we pick up the dual idea of rich and poor, we identify personally with either rich or poor.  We project the other side out into the world.  The more we identify with rich, the more poverty we notice in the world.  If we identify more with poor, then we see rich people flaunting their possessions and status everywhere.

Rich and poor exist in the win-lose world.  The projected aspect of any pair of dualistic ideas becomes our opponent.  This creates the idea of competition or opposition or even evil.  The people we want to fix or help are also our projections.  The ancient ones taught that we are always fighting or fixing ourselves.  As Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”  Wealth is the same as rich with a greater dosage of persistence.

Our mind wants to return to wholeness so we unconsciously keep pulling our opposite back toward us until we let go of the belief that it is true.  Eventually, we break through the persistence of the false reality.  And we find that our true Self has been waiting for our return.

This is often hard to see because some groups of people have very strong thought forms, which perpetuate their wealth.  They make wealth look easy.

One who comes from a royal family or is born to a billionaire is mentally wired to perpetuate wealth.  They identify with rich thoughts easily; and their life reflects those thoughts.  These people project their equally strong thoughts of poverty into the world.  They feel superior to their own projection.  This is sometimes called the superego.  It is an ego or false self that feels superior to its own ego projection.  Sadly society often worships these people.  A good example is the English royalty or the way we place our political or religious leaders on a pedestal.  We often think that these people have it all, but they are just as lacking in abundance as a homeless person.

This is a time of great shifts.  At this time in history, these superego rich leaders all have countries with economic crises.  They can’t fix the problems of their countries because they are seeing their own poverty projection reflected back to them.  They are in a pickle since the masses have now started to demand that problems be fixed.  We are no longer blindly obedient, submissive slaves.  We are no longer willing to take the blame for what we did not cause.

Business executives who pay poverty wages to their employees also fit this bill.  Their mental state is a product of the ancient master-slave relationship, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Society at large holds many beliefs about wealth.  We might believe we need to get the right education or be the best at a sport.  Some people feel wealth is about luck, and their belief in their own personal luck either supports them or harms them.  These widely accepted ideas look true and real, but they are simply beliefs with a lot of support.  The true Self doesn’t need the right degree or pedigree.  Abundance manifests uniquely for everyone because everyone’s true Self has value.


What About Poor People?

Poor people are not victims although they often feel that they are.  They often sense that they are living in the shadow of the wealthy.  But they can’t be in poverty without beliefs to support their state.  Both sides of any dualistic pair hold beliefs that cause them to be where they are.  No one is really stuck although it often feels that way.

Because of their upbringing or religious beliefs, they might feel that poverty is virtuous.  They may see money as evil.  They might believe that rich people are greedy or prideful.  Often they long for the lives of the rich and famous but won’t allow themselves to have them. They feel jealous of the rich; and even get a sense of excitement when a rich person has a problem or falls from grace.  This pull of opposites is always a sign of the realm of the false self.  These people often have false humility, which can keep them stuck.



Dismantling Rich and Poor

Jesus said that the rich have a very difficult time getting into heaven, and many interpreted this the wrong way.  They saw wealth as a sin.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Jesus was pointing out a fact that was taught by many of the ancient masters.  You are much more likely to give up your false beliefs when they don’t work for you.  The poor person is more likely to examine their rich and poor mentality than a wealthy person.  The wealthy or rich person thinks they have found the answer.  They hold on to their wealth mentality and never get the joy and freedom of living from the true abundant Self.

When we let all our beliefs go around money and finances, we fall into our natural abundance.  We get exactly what is necessary for us to fulfill our dreams.  You can’t put a dollar amount on abundance.  More or less doesn’t mean you are a better or worse person.

Someone who is a nomad does not need much money, their abundance comes in the form of animals crossing their path to eat or pools of clear water to drink when they need them.  On the other hand, one who was born to create movies needs money for production costs, and they also get whatever they need.

One of the signs that we have arrived at this state is that we don’t think about money anymore.  We just have trust that everything is perfect.


What About Others

As we move into an abundance mentality, we don’t see lack in the world.  If someone asks for our help, we can help them to see the error in their thinking.  We can remind them to let go of the lies their false self is repeating in their mind so that they can join us in abundance.  But we can’t give them abundance; they have to find it for themselves.

The best support we can give another is to remember and support their true nature, which is powerful, creative, and resourceful.  The ancient masters said that when all was said and done, the students of the very best teachers felt that they did it themselves.  People can sell us fancy programs and help us to get rich.  But abundance is different; we have to find it in ourselves.


Cathy Eck has studied the wisdom of the ancient initiates for over two decades.  She shares their wisdom freely with the sincere desire that it will make life easier for others.  



Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Brian Marshall

    Hi Cathy,

    I was just looking at your comments to Tia and you really do get this abundance mentality belief idea at its core. You are very focused and most truthful .

    I have struggled with these beliefs most of my life, but for the first time I am really beginning to see how beliefs and emotions can trap us by being mentally reversed.
    As we say in electrical terms 180 degrees out of Phase.
    I love your truths.

  2. Thea

    Growing up in a not so abundant household, proof of the existence of the rich and poor seemed irrefutable. My parents (mostly my father) would always tell me that excelling in school was the only way out; it was the only way I was going to be allowed to survive in this world.

    Eventually, I realized that we were on the side of the “poor” and my goal, according to my parents, was to strive to be on the other side. My father would go on and on about how his lack of success in school is why he’s stuck with a job he hates and why we’re stuck being a low income family. That only made me afraid of growing up all together. I thought that if I failed at school, I would end up as miserable as him. My future seemed doomed to a lifetime of struggle.

    I recognize that my true self is telling me that these beliefs are false because every time I think about them, I get extremely upset all over again. I’m tired of going in circles with this, but I can’t seem to shake the voices in my head that are nagging me about how there will be bills to pay and how there aren’t many good job opportunities without AT LEAST a high school diploma.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this stumped. It’s a lie, but it seems so real. I don’t see a way out yet.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Tia,
      Your issue is pretty common. Most people in America see the world as rich and poor and education is the difference between the two. It is completely false. Education is all about knowledge; not true thinking or creativity. It is valuable to learn physical things like how to type or how to sew using a sewing machine. But it can’t teach you how to write a great story or how to design a dress. You see. The creative part comes from you. So make sure you put education in its place. It needs to be lower than your creativity, and that is tricky to do in school. But you don’t have to tell anyone what your doing.

      Many of the richest people didn’t graduate or go to college. Knowledge is far too valued in the illusion. So you actually see this as false and that is the first step. Now how do you get out? Let me give you the steps and if you get stuck, write to me. First notice that everything they are telling you feels bad and you do recognize that means it is false. But it is hard to let go because they are your authority figures. You see when we play the masculine role, we make the rules. When we are in the feminine it feel impossible to get out from under the authorities.

      There are several things that really help you to get out of their illusion so you aren’t living in their small vision. That is what you want because 1) their vision is smaller than yours, it has more beliefs and 2) to get your vision, you can’t believe any authority because they won’t agree with you. That’s life on planet earth. Most people that get into the masculine role manipulate or fight for it, but that isn’t what you want. You want it to be a pleasant journey.

      1) Create a vision that is bigger than the illusion. Obviously, this vision will be bigger than most people can even imagine and that is fine. It doesn’t matter if they support you. So for example, your vision could be to create a career as an artist that allows you to lead an abundant life and bring joy to others. The purpose of the vision isn’t to achieve it, it is to give you direction and pull you out of the illusion where there are no roles and you make your own rules.

      2) It will seem impossible to do the vision and that is fine. Just allow that to be your north star. That tells you what is right for you. Then allow the rich and poor thoughts to come up. Think of being rich by getting an education as they suggest and doing what they want you to do. That won’t feel good. Think of being a starving artist; that won’t feel good. Both are bottom of the triangle. As you know that means those thoughts are false. So let your mind know those thoughts are false. Anytime those thoughts arise, notice they feel bad and aren’t true. When thoughts of being an artists that is well paid arise, it should feel calm and good. So you don’t have to focus on the vision. You let go of what is in the way of your vision. As you let go of more and more opposing thoughts, the vision will slowly look more reasonable and the false will sound more stupid. You won’t be as bothered by the opinions of others because you’re mind won’t believe them anymore.

      That is all you need to know. Now granted, some of the opposing thoughts are really strong, but the emotion you feel means they are just widely believed. If you witness the emotion and keep reminding yourself the emotion means they are false, they will go. Your mind is hardwired to hold on to truth. So by declaring something false, it loses power. And when you get aligned with your true view of your life (which harms no one and utilizes your talents and gifts), you’ve got the support of the universe on your side. Let me know how it goes. Love, cAthy

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