Election 2016: Everything You always Wanted To Know About American Politics And Farting

Presidential Election 2016
The presidential election 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exposed some popular belief patterns. By understanding what lies below the surface of their personas, we can understand why we like them or hate them.

By Cathy Eck


Presidential Election 2016

I’ve never paid much attention to politics until Election 2016. I learned the meaning of liberal and conservative by watching Jon Stewart. My friends would say, “That’s sad.” I would say, “It’s sane.” I’ve always pretty much accepted whoever got elected. I’d pay my taxes; and I’d focus on living my life. The rules and policies never really affected me much.

But the Presidential election 2016 got me interested. At first, I was just curious. But then, I felt inspired to really pay attention, kinda like normal people do. I thought maybe my True Self wanted me to walk my talk. I tell others to engage in life. I tell them not to fear or avoid the illusion. I needed to do the same. That was my early theory. Inspiration never gives you reasons. You only realize the reason after following inspiration and letting go.

I watched the debates, followed a variety of opinionated characters from both parties on Twitter, and even watched some of those dull news programs on a variety of channels. I read a few interesting books, and I watched a few movies/videos on each candidate. Each day, I explored what my friends put up on Facebook since I have friends at both extremes. Both sides seemed terrified–I mean really terrified–that the other side would get elected.  The extreme emotion told me that they were both thinking a lot of false crap.

I can honestly say that I did the American Presidential election 2016 full-out. I should get some sort of award. 😂 Like any of my investigations, I took a lot of notes.  But the insights weren’t yet fully cooked. So I didn’t post anything.  I often like to let my insights marinate a little.  I want to see if they stay true, or if something arises that crushes them and turns my ideas back into just more false beliefs.

As I let go on this seemingly ridiculous topic, I noticed that I was suddenly able to explain things to the people I mentor that I could not easily have explained before. By understanding how people perceived the candidates, I started to understand some of the confusion around how people have perceived me. I also saw some big traps in the liberal party perspective that create confusion between the clone and True Self. I came to realize that most of my readers were probably thinking that they were closely aligned with the liberal party.  Oddly, as I let go, I sounded more and more conservative.  But I wasn’t really a conservative either.  They interpret physically and literally what I saw from the mental realm.  But we came to basically the same conclusions.

The greatest benefit was that I now had a reason to let go of false characteristics in leaders. I can now feel myself flipping back to the true masculine point of view more often. Years ago, I made a pact with myself that I would never will myself into the masculine role. I presumed that at some point, I’d no longer fear the feminine. Then it would be as if I had earned, without cheating, the masculine role again.  But I’d seen so many bad false masculine examples.  I was overly cautious.  I didn’t want to make the same mistake.  I can now see the light at the end of that tunnel. Ah it feels like coming home. I can do so much more for others in the masculine role; and as a natural visionary, I love it.


Below the Surface of the Election 2016 Candidates

But first…here’s a way to get you below the surface details on this topic. This story is based on real characters and probably real events. I’m joking, of course. 😺  But read carefully, and watch as your mind projects what you already believe on what I’m saying.  When I first posted this on Facebook, most people completely missed the point of the article.  They were so sure they already knew who was good and who was evil.  This is a very important lesson for those who want freedom; what we already know is like poison.  It keeps us from really seeing what is before us.  It keeps us from really hearing what another is saying or seeing what they are actually doing.

The Donald

Donald Trump is holding an election committee meeting when he cuts loose a big fart. Most of the committee says, “Donald really? Holy shit! That fart stinks.” Donald says, “I didn’t fart. One of you farted.” But the group has power, so they make him admit that he was guilty of farting.

Donald then does damage control. “Okay so I farted. Everyone farts; even Hillary Clinton farts. She farted at my wedding. Bill Clinton farts every time we play golf.”

They give him a scolding look, “For God’s sake Donald, just admit that you farted; take responsibility.”

“Okay, okay, I farted. But it was a great fart. People who fart like that make great Presidential material. I’m gonna make America great again; and women love famous men who fart.” The staff all roll their eyes and get back to business. Donald will be Donald.

Six months later, The Donald is POTUS. He has figured out how to bottle fart power and sell it to China. It’s called, “Trump Power.” Mexican immigrants can stay because they make great bean dishes, which contribute to his energy plan. Since we no longer need a wall, Trump builds a bridge to Russia (since you can see it from Sarah Palin’s house). He and Putin play golf regularly. Trump wears a shirt; Putin doesn’t. Trump says America is great again. We aren’t sure, but the White House is no longer boring.

The Hillary

Hillary Clinton is holding an election committee meeting. Hillary rips a stanky one. No one says a thing. They painfully hold back their laughter. So she lets out a few aftershock toots. The room is quiet.

One very brave person can’t stand the silence. She dares to say, “Hillary, you farted.”

Hillary replies, “I didn’t fart. I can’t believe that you are so disloyal as to insinuate that I fart. I never fart. I’m above farting. Millenials fart in their parent’s basements. Republicans fart. You can take that back or leave this room and never come back. (Now months later, we realize you can be killed for accusing her of farting.)  We are stronger together…together meaning you agree with me.”

“Okay Hillary, I’m sorry. I should not have accused you of such a thing. I was wrong.”

Breaking news! Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange has just released tapes of Bill and Hillary having a farting contest in Abe Lincoln’s bedroom during Bill’s Presidency. People are in shock. For decades, everyone has been told that Clintons don’t fart. It’s scary. It definitely seems to disqualify her for President.

But it’s so far outside the Democratic established opinion of her that the liberal voters just ignore it. “It can’t be true,” they think. They have to deny Assange’s perfect record and reasonableness to keep their fairy tale Clinton view alive.

Next committee meeting. “Hillary, what should we do about this leak from Assange?”

Hillary is not worried. “No one believes Assange because if they do, they’ll look bad. Assange is a low-life hacker, a traitor; and no one believes a traitor…or at least they don’t admit to believing a traitor. American liberals are predictable. I know how to control them. They want to look good and kind. They’ll ignore Assange.”

Hillary continues, “But it would be nice to get people’s attention off of that stupid Assange leak. Find a video of Trump farting. There has to be one somewhere. Then I’ll declare him a fartist. Liberals will spend the rest of the election trying to prove that they aren’t fartists, and neither am I. They’ll handle this for me.”

Six months later: Hillary Clinton is elected Madam President with first man, Bill. Huma Abedin is her top aide. Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner can’t stop farting. The White House is turning gray, but we don’t know why. We’re told it’s probably Isis, or maybe Russia is sending farts to America.

Hillary never farts, or so we are told. But America now has a farting epidemic, which we are told can ultimately lead to uncontrolled, loud laughter and strange head rolling. Pharmaceutical companies have a new drug, Phartysia. It has a few side effects…fainting at ceremonies, breaking your phones and computers, and losing your emails. It’s an expensive condition. Wall Street is smiling because they all got a hot tip to buy Phartysia stock as a free gift for booking Bill as the speaker for the Insiders’ Club luncheon. Thankfully for the average American’s, there’s still Obamacare. Farting is covered even if it was a preexisting condition BH (Before Hillary).

That’s Merika!


Silly or Serious?

What does that silly story mean? I wasn’t being totally silly. I wrote that story without specifics to show the patterns of thought in each candidate in election 2016. When people talk specifics, they lose sight of the underlying, repetitive programs. If we want to disconnect from the illusion, we have to see the mental programs that cause leaders to behave as they do…the roles, the beliefs, the physical versus mental perspective changes, and the psychological reversals. So I wanted to help you to see the patterns.

These aren’t unique patterns. Both are very common in the illusion. They won’t bother you unless you’ve been trapped by someone with that pattern in your past. Then you will fear that candidate. But as you let go of thoughts that arise about that bothersome candidate, they will lose their false power in your mind. You will get your real power back.  You’ll see who is the better candidate; and it might surprise you.

See what arises for you as you read my little story again slowly. Then let that all go. Remember, letting go is not finding the reason for why people are doing whatever they’re doing. It seems that I can’t say that enough. Ye old reasoning clone mind feels so satisfied with reasons, but that just fuels them. The clone mind doesn’t want to let go. It wants to stay alive and strong. So when your mind is reasoning, or trying to figure out if you should or can let go, you aren’t doing any letting go. Let go of reasoning and get back to witnessing thoughts and emotions.

There are a lot of explanations and conspiracy theories on both sides. Conspiracy theorists present physical reasons for why we feel emotions about people or situations. They often elevate our emotions…especially fear and anger. Hackers expose what has been kept secret. They give us data…reasons. But you must go below the information to the patterns and beliefs that are at cause or the information will keep you stuck.

Trump is more inclined to say whatever he thinks with no filter. Hillary whitewashed her words just like her server. But there are some really important differences between the two. One of the candidates will make freedom a lot easier for the masses.  One of the candidates has far less of a clone.  Can you see which one that is now?

Most people can’t smell their own farts, nor can they smell their chosen candidate’s farts. When we hide something from others, we will not see when that trick is used on us.  Oddly, it’s exactly the same pattern I find with people who follow spiritual teachers or gurus. They become nose blind. Beliefs do that. They firmly plant us on one side of the bottom of the triangle.  We get used to our side; we think it is right.  But it isn’t right; it is just one side at the bottom of the dual triangle.

As we drop the beliefs we share with the false leaders, we gain true power. Instead of fueling their illusion, we help to dissolve it or at least we live outside of it. We keep moving toward freedom; we don’t have to fart or hold back our farting. We’ll be fart free no matter who gets elected.


Election 2016…Food For Thought?

Here are a few questions to get you thinking and letting go.

Which farting candidate did you like most or feel most comfortable with?  Which did you dislike?  Why?  Did that change from what you thought before you read the article?

If you read it a second time, did you see it different the second time?

What are your perceptions of Hillary?  Donald?  What do you judge about each of them?  What do you admire, if anything?  Let all that go.

Imagine each of them as your leader?  What fears arise?  What hopes arise?  Let those go.

Take a critical look at the collective followers of each person?  What do they like?  Is that even a little true?  What do they dislike?  Is that true?

You are looking for beliefs that you share with the followers, the candidates, and Americans in general.  All of those hold you in the illusion.  You can let them all go.

Now you might look at a video or article on the 2016 debates.  The first or second one was probably the best for Clinton.  Here are the links:




The last debate of Election 2016 was better for Trump. Here is the link:


Even the moderators can bring up beliefs to let go.  You can see how they drove the debate toward their favored candidates while pretending to have the viewers’ best interests at heart.

See what arises as you watch them now.  Keep in mind, this is not about the election; these are common characters.  In fact, many people have admitted to me that Donald is their mother or father; Hillary is the other parent.  If you clean up what you think about these two leaders, you might notice changes in your relationship with your parents.  You might find that your boss is a lot easier to get along with.  Or you might find that you are Hillary or Donald, and you don’t like that very much.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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