Living Entirely From the Mental Perspective

Physical to Mental Perspective of Life

By Cathy Eck


The Gateway

This is probably the most important post that I’ve written.  However, it might not make complete sense at first if you’ve not been reading my blogs for a long time.  Remember blogs are displayed backwards, and so the more basic concepts are in older posts.  I’ve tried to provide relevant links to most of the concepts that are explained elsewhere.  Also, if you haven’t discovered my other blog, No Labels, No Lies, you might want to refer to that blog for more detailed or technical letting go information.

Making the switch to the mental perspective is why you were drawn to do this work.  In fact, your entire life will make sense when you achieve that shift.  So first, I want to do a little review of some important information about that shift; then I’ll give you an example of how we organically move from the physical to the mental perspective.  If you are a long-time reader, and don’t want the review, skip down to the section labeled: Body, Food, and Exercise…Our Example.

After you clear out all the little crap from your mind, and you get some level of comfort with letting go, you come to realize that the reason that you were drawn to freedom (or initiation) was that you want to live life purely and entirely from the mental perspective.   That’s where freedom lives.  It’s the home of the True Self.  It’s the place where roles no longer rule; and authority figures don’t have creative power over our life.  It beyond projection; and discrimination is easy.  Your True Self plus the beliefs and knowledge that you choose to hold in mind create your reality, and the only beliefs that you want in your mind are those that the initiates labeled first cause.  That’s heaven on earth.

We seem to intuitively know this; but often we don’t consciously understand it.  And often, I’ve found that I understand something mentally before I totally integrate it into my body and know it.  Because most modern teachers lack this mind-body integration, or they’ve integrated additional beliefs into their body-mind instead of letting go of their old beliefs, they usually teach people to fix their false mind.  They try to create a master mind when they already have an incredible Master Mind (The True Self) that they covered up with beliefs.  They will that fake master mind to think good or positive beliefs.  They demand that the master mind be quiet on command.  That’s not what we are really after.  That’s training our false self to be a nice clone of our True Self.  We have to let go of much of the false self to actually hear (or I should say feel) the wisdom of our True Self.  The false self is just so damn bossy and controlling when it’s filled with beliefs and knowledge that we forget that.

We work and work on ourselves; but often, we don’t make much progress.  That’s because most of the techniques that are out there today, don’t take us to freedom.  They simply calm our emotions or get us to a better role in the illusion…preferably a masculine role.  These techniques help us fix the physical perspective so it is more satisfactory or safe; but they don’t get us to the mental perspective.  The difficulty is due to the fact that we believe that many of our beliefs are true because they are normal and widely accepted.  Even the most enlightened people and best therapists don’t think to question commonly accepted beliefs and labels like mental and physical diseases, religious beliefs, or cultural beliefs.


The True Self is Entirely Mental

We can best understand the True Self by looking at a baby or a person who would be described as having locked-in syndrome.  We need our false self to connect our creative True Self with the material world.  We don’t want to get rid of it.  We can’t be physical creators without the false self.  And that’s why we created bodies and false self minds in the first place.  We also wanted the sensual experience of life.

If we wanted to sit around and think the truth all the time, we would not need a body.  Babies or people who are locked-in don’t have a working false self and so they can’t create on their own.  They become the projections of the people around them.  If the false self develops as it should, it simply helps us create the bridge from the mental world to the physical world.

A baby sees people walking, and it wants to walk.  So it copies the behavior.  It isn’t thinking about that activity or analyzing it.  It doesn’t read an instruction manual or ask how to walk.  In fact, if you try to help, the toddler often pushes you away.  It’s as if the child absorbs the idea of walking from the people who already know how to walk.  This is how the True Self learns.  When we learn in this way, we generally create only first-cause thinking in our mind or thinking without judgment.  If you think about walking right now, do you give yourself instructions or do you just walk?

But then we engage in a new kind of learning.  And we start labeling the child.  The child starts to form an identity, and he or she adds their own labels.  “I am smart. I am kind.”  “I’m Christian.”  “I’m Italian.  I’m white.”  We think this labeling and self identification is natural and required; but it shuts down our creativity a little bit with each additional “I am or I know.”  This is why the false God said, “I am that I am.”  The very words, “I am…,” create an illusion of limitation.  The false God was the leader of all the potential “I am’s,” the leader of limitation.  I know this flies in the face of many popular channeled messages, and that’s because channels are always channeling the truth from inside the illusion.  The True Self doesn’t talk that much.  I would have nothing to say if I was not describing the false self most of the time.  It’s not wrong to speak as a false self.  It gives us something to do.  It’s how stories are created.  It’s only confusing if we think it’s the True Self talking.

Self identification blocks out our True Self uniqueness because we now feel that we have to conform to the label even if we don’t like it or have outgrown it.  Once the label is believed, our mind puts us in situations that perpetuate it.  When situations or experiences show up in our reality consistently, our mind thinks they are true.  We don’t realize we are simply seeing the results of our beliefs.

The false mind isn’t being evil; it isn’t trying to put you in harm’s way.  It’s the nature of the way the mind works.  Our mind is a lot like artificial intelligence (AI).  If you create a robot that is properly wired, it’s helpful and even supportive of your life.  If you create it improperly, you can destroy yourself and everyone else around you with it.  It’s not the robot; it’s the intelligence within the robot.

Along with labels, we are given beliefs and rules about how we should behave in the world.  Our parents want their little robot to be like them.  Since they think they’re good; they make us in their likeness and image.  And this is why artificial intelligence could become very dangerous if we don’t start to understand our own minds and start to use our emotions intelligently to help us know what to let go.  Instead of the false self being used to bring the True Self’s desires and creative ideas to life, it’s used to get our body to obey other false selves.  It’s used to define and limit us.  It’s used to control others to fulfill our desires.

Then our creative True Self gets labeled our imagination — it’s ideas are too far out there to make sense to the limited false self.  The true purpose of the false self gets hijacked by others; and we create what they want us to create, not what we want to create.  Then misery, depression, and disease set in.  We aren’t living our life anymore.

We have a false self  or a false mind problem.  Letting go is the cure we all need.  As humans, all of our problems began when we started accepting beliefs that were not first cause in nature; they contained judgment (referred to the Bible of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil”).  And as counter-intuitive as it might seem, these second-cause judgmental beliefs mostly came from religion and spirituality.  Today we have second-cause beliefs about everything…sex, diet, exercise, political party, color of our skin, you name it.  And we don’t all agree on what is good and what’s bad or evil.  This leads to fighting and war.



At first when people realize this problem, they feel they have to rebel against the illusion or status quo.  They try to separate themselves from others…living in a cave or on an island looks very attractive at this stage.  But if that’s impossible, they use judgment to separate themselves from others.  They usually try to will their mind in some way so they can feel separate from the herd, and the self-help movement supports that effort with plenty of techniques to do it.  In other words, they fix the effects of their unwanted beliefs so that they look like they are better than their beliefs.  And this creates what often looks like a clone of the True Self.  Clone selves love to teach and spread their beliefs to unsuspecting seekers; then they project the unwanted effects of their beliefs outward on those seekers.  This is why seekers don’t find.  In fact, seeking generally causes people to feel less worthy.

This, by the way, is why I tell you how to let go to find your own answers; it’s why I don’t teach you the truth.  I don’t give you more beliefs.  No one gets addicted to my site for life. Once they get what they need, they live it…kind of bad for google ratings, but I’ve let go enough so I don’t care.

A really popular method of separation today is creating boundaries.  People create physical boundaries with others because they can feel the projection and judgment coming toward them, and they don’t know what to do about it.  The only way to eliminate projection from your life is to let go of your own false mind beliefs that say that you have to accept what others say as true.  When you no longer share beliefs in common with those who are projecting, they can’t do it to you anymore.  When you are free, you no longer see projection.

People most judge another when they fear them or when they are jealous/envious of them.  In order to keep themselves safe or restore their feeling of worthiness, they search their database of beliefs and try to find a belief that makes them good or right and the object of their attention becomes evil in their mind.  In this way, they believe they have calmed their agitated mind.  They will hold on to that belief that the other is evil or bad.  And one day, the object of their projection runs off and has an affair or never wants to see them again.  And they don’t know why.  Letting go provides the reason for everything; there are no victims.  There are only causes that we can’t see because our beliefs cover them.  Religion calls that God; God in that sense is actually other people who we call authority figures.

Then there are New Thought or positive thinking movements.  Putting good thoughts or new beliefs on top of their already existing false beliefs also causes projection.  The person who gets the new beliefs system, like positive thinking or New Age or another religion, no longer hears the beliefs they covered up.  The old beliefs seem to become unconscious.  We must realize that our mind is like a computer.  We don’t delete beliefs unless we are sure we no longer need them or we know they’re false.  I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “I’m no longer religious, but I hold on to the beliefs just in case.”  These people project their old beliefs religion out.  Then they wonder why religious people bother them so much.

The mind doesn’t let go unless we tell it that it can.  Often the New Thought  thinker believes they let their old beliefs go, but they didn’t.  So they see those beliefs in others and judge them for not following their new belief system.  They push their new beliefs on to others in order to fix them when they should be taking that mote out of their own eye.  They also try to acquire the masculine role in relationships so they can get everyone to believe like them.  Or they try to completely quiet their mind and not think at all.  What fun is that?  None of those things work in the end.  They don’t take us to freedom.  Knowledge always leads to a dead end — eventually and literally.

Such mental machinations might work for awhile, but they become hard work.  Now we’re doing hard mental work instead of hard physical work.  It’s still hard work.  We’re still living the curse of the fall.  The curse turned everything into hard work.  When we accept knowledge and beliefs, we are working in the illusion of limitation.  We don’t have the wisdom and creativity of the True Self readily available.

Freedom isn’t about separating ourself from others; it’s about being with others and remaining ourselves.  When we’re free, we don’t fear our fellow human beings anymore.  Our discrimination works, and we know that their beliefs can only affect them.  Remember, our false selves were meant to be individual containers where we keep only the beliefs that we need for our creations.  When a belief is no longer useful, we let it go.  But we really screwed that up when we started sharing beliefs systems; we created a real disaster when we believed we had to keep our belief systems for life.

As we let go of beliefs and belief systems on all topics, we naturally move into the mental point of view.  I see it all the time when I mentor others.  In the beginning, they kind of understand where they are going, and they let go; and then they start to get more and more glimpses of the mental point of view.  It’s like tapping into heaven.

They start to really understand freedom from the inside out.  It’s difficult because when we describe freedom, it sounds like the opposite of religion, and it is from the physical perspective.  That’s how the self-help and New Age came to be.  They simply moved to the opposite of the status quo.  But as you let go, you realize that freedom isn’t the opposite of anything.  The freedom perspective isn’t about knowledge or beliefs.  It’s a naturally peaceful state where the True Self leads the way.  It’s a quite and calm state.  And it doesn’t need to be recharged with mental gymnastics or physical practices.


True Self Manages the False Self

The True Self gets the false self lined up before it does anything.  That’s why we stop making mistakes when we get the True Self perspective.  We’re much more efficient.  Then normal people tell us that we’re lucky or cheating.  If we listen to them, we’ll think we’re doing something wrong.  That is the purpose of every belief system…to make the True Self into an enemy.  If it can’t succeed in turning humans us against their own True Self, it won’t last.  The false self is very afraid of death; and it’s even more afraid of being exposed.  No belief system improves our life or fulfills our true desires.  It can’t.  But it will lie and tell you that it does.

When we have a wholly mental perspective, we look at all that knowledge that people value so highly; and now none of it looks satisfying unless we need it for our creative pleasure.  When our mind is right, our false self is of service to our True Self.  We fix our problems easily if we even have problems at all.

The True Self has the ideas, the designs, the stories, the vision; the false self then gathers whatever knowledge it needs to know to bring the True Self’s vision into physical reality.  This is all done within these two aspects of our mind.  The True Self faces inward; the false self faces outward to manifest physically, but it shouldn’t ever dominate the True Self.  Thus no parent should ever dominate a child; and most of them do nearly all the time.  The illusion is the effect of our false selves dominating our collective True Selves.  That’s why you are reading this blog.

Look at a painter.  He has an idea in his mind; that idea comes from the creative True Self.  Then he takes knowledge (false self) of how to mix paint, where to buy the canvass, and how to hold the brush to bring that idea to life.  A computer has no True Self; therefore, without the operator, it can’t create.  Of course, AI people think you can create consciousness in a computer.  They think the True Self is a program; and that only proves that they’ve forgotten about their own True Self.

Most people, even the successful ones, are dominated most of the time by their false mind because our false minds are trained that they need to be good, right, win, dominate others, be positive or be spiritual.  We put rules and beliefs about what to do into our false self and that isn’t it’s purpose.   Even if the person is a thinker or philosopher, they’re run by the physical perspective.  They’re looking for reasons for the way things are.  If they let go, they’d no longer care about the reasons because they would understand how they created everything in their life.

The meditator floats above the physical perspective; it doesn’t let it go.  The seeker tries to escape the physical perspective, but keeps accepting new beliefs systems.  Letting go of the beliefs which cause the false self to be so powerful deflates it.  In time, it has no choice but to submit to the True Self.  And that is heaven on earth!

Our Reality equals our True Self plus our False Self (beliefs, opinions, memories, knowledge, etc.)

Putting It All Together

The false masculine is like a computer hard drive — a robot.  It memorizes knowledge and beliefs.  It forms logical conclusions from it’s knowledge and beliefs.  And it’s a hoarder; it doesn’t like to let go.  When the false masculine is running the show, we should be emotional.  We would be if we were not psychologically reversed to use our emotions other than designed.  For most, their false self is full of beliefs and knowledge that cause them to see a world of hard work and suffering.  If you take their beliefs out, and take out all the knowledge you don’t need, you regain a lot of mental bandwidth.  The ideas of your True Self come to fruition more easily.  Your feminine wisdom is easily accessible.  When we put thoughts in, rearrange our thoughts, or pick better thoughts, we aren’t creating more bandwidth…we’re creating a messy hard drive.

Once we accept false thoughts, we want others to think like us.  We’re lonely; loneliness is caused by the seeming loss of our True Self.  Our false masculine self is like a dictator (or supreme dick) that’s taken over our false mind.  He has lots of false rules and beliefs.  And he doesn’t allow the feminine to feel the normal emotions that those beliefs generate.  He hates the feminine because if she was understood, she will expose him as false.

If we obey the dictator’s beliefs, we feel good, safe, and calm.  If we disobey those rules or beliefs, we feel emotion.  We’ve been psychologically reversed to follow the dictator instead of our True Self because the dictator seems to be scary.  This is why this path to freedom is so hard.  Our false mind perceives following the True Self as disobedience because the false self tells it so.  Being creative or thinking outside the box means being a heretic, traitor, or being poverty-stricken.  We can’t figure out why we’re labeled in this way when we didn’t think we did anything wrong.   The dictator answers.  “You’ve pissed off God.”

In addition, when we try to escape the illusion and become ourselves, we scare the crap out of the people who love us.  They judge and discipline us because they think it’s their job.  They taught us to conform because they thought it would keep us safe.  They fear we’ll get punished by their God.

To get back to your True Self, you must defeat this dictator (often made up of many voices of authorities of our past) so you can pass through the Gateway to Heaven on Earth.  This is the game of life.  Einstein said that we can’t solve a problem at the same level of reality in which we created it.  He was talking about getting to the True Self or mental perspective — that’s the heavenly perspective.  That’s where his own creative and original ideas came from.


The false self tells us that it can deliver what only the True Self can provide.

People in the illusion chase after false self desires…fame, fortune, power.  They think they’re obeying their True Self because they start to win in the illusion.  The false self doesn’t care if we win or lose at the illusion; it just cares that we hold on to the illusion.

Our True Self doesn’t care if we are famous, wealthy, or powerful.  It doesn’t want power over others.  And it can easily get whatever it needs.

The false self says that war gives us freedom, and it never has.  The false self says that it can make us spiritual or positive, and we were born that way and don’t need to work for that state.  The false self says it can make us healthy, and it’s the beliefs that make up our false self that make us sick.  The false self only lies.  But the lies that it speaks are so normal and so widely accepted by most people that we don’t view them as lies.


Body, Food, and Exercise…Our Example

Let’s take one issue that really shows how the false self works and tear it apart.  The food and exercise industry is a giant economy.  If you feel bad about your body, fear illness from the food you eat, or judge other bodies, you are completely stuck in the physical perspective.  You might be winning, but you aren’t free.  You’ll feel good when you are thin and healthy; and you’ll judge yourself and anyone else who doesn’t follow your rules for how you got there.  If you are really stuck, you’ll act like the food police; and you’ll be like a Nazi at the gym.  Eating or doing physical activity is not for pleasure, although you will probably say it is to look like a True Self.  You are fixated on an end result; and your willpower is tuned in to that channel in your mind.  If this fits you, then you follow your beliefs, and you believe your beliefs are the right beliefs.

The physical perspective has a zillion beliefs about food, exercise, and weight.  We all have to confront this aspect of our mind.  It’s gotten much worse in recent years.  Even our First Lady in America is shoving food beliefs into everyone’s mind.  She’s the last person we should listen to about food.  She doesn’t cook a meal or even shop for her own food.  She’s got plenty of time to exercise and relax; and she most certainly has the best trainer money can buy.  Of course her beliefs work for her.  They always do when we have the masculine role on any topic.

We’re all heavy with our beliefs; and some of us fix the effects of that heaviness and some of us don’t.  The false mind will tell us what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, how we should look, what we should wear as we exercise, and even what people will think of us if we do those things or don’t do those things.  The illusion will punish us if we don’t follow the rules.  It works the same way on every topic.

If we do what the false self believes, we will get the result it promises.  But our false self only stops nagging us for a little while.  It demands that we fix the effects again at timed increments.  The false self loves routines and practices.

When we fix effects, rather than let go of beliefs, we create more problems.  Often the problems surface in our relationships.  We now hold ourselves in a superior position to others who don’t follow our diet and fitness rules.  Ever been around a friend who just lost weight and is proud of it?  They are stuck in pride, and projecting the biggest false self belief of all,  “I did it, and so can you.”


No More Fixing the Effects

***I don’t recommend that people go cold turkey on not fixing the effects with regard to diseases.  If you think you need a medication take it.  If you believe you need a doctor, see one.  But even when you’ve done that, you can still let go after the fact.  You haven’t really cured a disease until you’ve found the mental cause.  When you find the cause, the problem won’t appear again.  You won’t think about that problem anymore.  Likewise, if you’ve dieted in the past to achieved a slim body, you don’t have to go out and eat a horse.  But you do need to let go of the judgments that arise in your mind about others who don’t hold your food or exercise beliefs.  Then you’ll see that your rules are foolish, and you’ll stop projecting them.  It’s amazing how easily our relationships work once we stop projecting.  When the people with beliefs no longer get support or money or attention for those beliefs, they’ll let go.  I promise.***


To return to our True Self perspective of our body, we have to be the source of our thoughts.  When another is the source of our thoughts, we don’t have control over what they put in our mind.  We’ve given them the power to write the script of our life.  Then we wonder who we are.

If our True Self was in command, we would not have to think about health.  Our True Self knows what we need and want to eat.  Our body would know how to process what we put into it.  It would know how to accept and hold on to whatever we need.  And it would know how to reject or eliminate what we don’t need.  But our body can’t do that until our mind knows that.  Our false self gets in the way and makes a mess of things.  So let’s look at an example of how that happens.


Jason is fifty pounds overweight, and he can’t get the girl of his dreams.  He constantly judges his body.  He loves food; in fact, he works as a chef.  But he’s heard all the beliefs about food making you fat; and they are stuck in his mind playing over and over like a broken record.  He believes he should be at the gym, but he works twelve hours a day.  Jason’s desire becomes so great that he goes on a diet.  He carefully chooses a book from that he believes he can follow.  It doesn’t feel great, but it’s the lesser of two evils.  It feels worse to think of getting fatter and watching the girl of his dreams date someone else.

He decides to follow the chosen diet book to the letter; and he goes to the gym five times a week and hires a personal trainer.  This is expensive.  The food costs a lot, and the supplements cost a fortune; the trainer and gym membership take a big chunk of his salary.  But he believes he has to do this.  He has a belief that he has to fix problems with money and more beliefs.  But he will let that belief go before our example is over.

Jason made someone else responsible for his mind on this issue.  He has chosen who will play the false masculine role on this subject.  If you’ve ever read a diet book, and I’ve read many, the first few chapters are sales pitches as to why this diet will work.  Marketing is always about getting you to choose a person or organization/business as your new false masculine leader on a particular topic.  Jason choose the trainer that he feels will motivate him the most since he thinks his problem is lack of motivation.  It’s not.  He has a fear of not sticking to things…a belief of course.  Instead of Jason nagging himself about his weight, his new trainer nags him to get him to workout and eat according to plan.

Jason had tons of beliefs about food and exercise that he accepted from others.  But he hated his beliefs so he found a new belief system that he thought would be more acceptable and fulfill his desire.  We don’t think about food and exercise programs as belief systems, but they are.  Jason put new false masculine leaders in place.  He starts to speak their language.  Their words get embedded in his mind.  Eventually, he nags himself in the same fashion as his diet author and trainer.  They tell him what to do all day long.  When he doesn’t do as they say, they punish him with weight gain.  If he does do what they say, they reward him with kind words.

Jason starts to look at others in the same way.  He wants them to conform to his new beliefs system.  He feels he won’t be able to stay with the belief system if he encounters opposition to it.  And he isn’t happy about this. In fact, it really gets to him.  He’s not a domineering person.  He was willing to do the diet for awhile, but when he went off it, he gained weight.  He’s so frustrated.  He realized that he’s bound to this new belief system forever.  And that sucks.

Then he discovers letting go.  He comes to me because he can’t stop these characters in his mind from nagging him.  In fact, they’re so relentless that he can’t sleep at night.  He can’t enjoy food anymore, which is not good for his business or his health; he can’t relax unless he’s been to the gym.  And he doesn’t want to go to the gym.


Here’s our conversation:

Cathy:  First let’s start with the True Self’s perception of food.  It views food as fun and creative, much like you see it as a chef.  It has no rules.  It has no fear.  It judges nothing.  The True Self doesn’t see good and bad.  It just sees food.  It knows the body is an amazing instrument that can sort out what is needed from what isn’t needed.  Anything other than that sort of thinking comes from our false self.  Can you see that?

Jason:  Not really.  I guess my false self is like an ocean on this topic.  I haven’t had any thoughts about food like that since I was a small child.  I guess I think that was my imagination talking.  No one says what you are saying unless they are in a mental institution.

Cathy:  Yea, we hold our memories of our True Self as imaginary.  We’re taught to.  So let’s start with food.  Then you just repeat the same thing with exercise.  Give me one rule about food…one belief.  I don’t want the whole fucking diet.  Just one rule.

Jason:  You shouldn’t eat anything that’s white…no sugar, no white flour, no milk, etc.

Cathy:  How does it feel when you say it?  Do you feel emotion?

Jason:  Yep, a ton.  I love those things.

Cathy:  So that emotion means it isn’t true.  It’s a belief; and once you accepted that belief from your book, you had to follow it.  This belief is why people are getting so many food allergies today.  They’ve believed those foods are bad; and when they disobey the beliefs that other people made up, they get an allergic reaction.  It’s punishment for the disobedience.  We’ll all taught very young that disobedience means punishment.  That’s a belief too.

Jason:  But what about science?   The author quoted science for why you shouldn’t eat those things.

Cathy:  True science is inventive and creative.  False self science is observational.  They are simply making up reasons for what most people believe and create.  People have been making those foods bad for awhile.  Recently, they’ve started to take their bad food beliefs to a new level of power.

Jason:  Ok, I see that, but how do I let it go?  I mean, I hear what you’re saying, but that belief is strong.  That diet book I followed repeats the white rule in every chapter.  And I’ve been telling myself this rule for years now.

Cathy:  So we’ll do a couple of things to loosen it up.  Letting go is a bit like riding a bike.  I can point you in the direction and keep you from falling; but ultimately, you have to find the balance in yourself.  First, you already proved to yourself that it was false.  Your body gave you an emotional signal when you thought the belief so that you’d know you accepted a belief that wasn’t true.  You don’t have to take my word for it.

The problem is that you made this author an authority.  Do you see the relationship between those two words?  We’re trained to make authors into authorities by religion and education.  So the author has become a character in your mind…a character that doesn’t shut up.  You put him in your mind to command you constantly with his rules.  You haven’t seen him in a while, but he still yaks in your mind.  Your false self thinks it needs discipline and rules, and it did that by creating a character in your life story.

So imagine this author in your mind.  I don’t care if you don’t know what he looks like.  Then let him speak his rules.  As he does this, you’re going to discriminate.  So he says, “Chocolate is fattening.”  You recognize that rule generates emotion.  You are discriminating now in the way that you should have discriminated when you read the book.  Then you let each rule go as false.  Each rule you let go strips power from that character in your mind.  You aren’t affecting him at all.  He can still sell his books to others who need a dictator to manage their false selves.  But you are going to feel stupid for following him; and that’s a good thing.

You see our bodies are not run by our True Self.  They are run by all these authorities (dictators) we hold in our mind.  The sum total of these authorities is our own personal false masculine dictator.

Jason:  (20 minutes later) I did it.  I can see what you are saying.  I just accepted everything this author wrote.  None of it felt good.  I still have a lot to go, but I see completely what you are saying to do.  Why did I do that?  Why did I blindly accept what he said?

Cathy:  That’s what we need to find out.  What was the theme of his diet?  How did you feel when you were on it?

Jason:  The word that comes to mind is deprivation.  I felt that anything that was fun to eat was bad.

Cathy:  Good, what authority from your past taught you that same message?

Jason:  Easy, my mom.  When I got happy, she got nervous.  She  believed that fun or joy meant that the other shoe was going to drop.  To keep God from punishing you, you had to stay in a constant state of martyrdom or deprivation.

Cathy:  So can you see your mom sitting before you in your mind as a character?

Jason:  Yep.

Cathy:  Imagine her thinking that your happiness is going to cause something bad to happen.  Can you see her emotion?

Jason:  Yep.

Cathy:  So what does that emotion mean?

Jason:  That what she’s thinking is false.  Wow, that’s tricky.  I get it intellectually, but I’m not sure I believe it.  I can see that I believed that she wouldn’t lie to me, but she did.  Didn’t she?

Cathy:  That’s normal.  She didn’t lie to you on purpose.  She got her beliefs from some authority in her life.  Make sure you feel the emotion and allow the emotion to drain out of you by witnessing it while remembering that it means false.  We’re installing a belief in your mind that corrects the errors that you believed in the past.  It’s a temporary belief system.  It’s like a virus cleaner.  One day you won’t need it anymore.  But for now, you need a belief to take out the beliefs.  So can you see how you believed that you must believe her?  Can you let go that you must believe her beliefs?

Jason:  Yes, I can.  But if I’m happy, my mom will still feel bad.  I don’t want my mom to feel bad.  I don’t want to hurt her.

Cathy:  I get that.  But you’re saying that you’re willing to never enjoy life so that your mom’s belief doesn’t get triggered or exposed as untrue.  Is that true?  Really?  Let me tell you; you aren’t the first person to think that.  People give up their entire lives in order to make sure their parents don’t feel any emotions.  They’ve been trained that they are responsible for their parents emotions.  That isn’t true.  Every one of us generates our emotions by thinking thoughts that aren’t true.  You can’t change the original programming of your mind.

Jason:  Well when you say it like that.  No I don’t want to give up my life for her belief.  It sounds stupid to do that.

Cathy:  In time, you’ll get confident in letting go.  Then you’ll be able to explain to your mother why her beliefs are just beliefs.  We really don’t care if others have beliefs once our mind is purified.  They don’t bother us.  We know they aren’t true…we know beliefs have no power of their own.  We also know that believers have less power than our True Self, even if there are a whole lot of believers.

Jason:  Boy do I look forward to that day.  I’m impatient.

Cathy:  Yea, just drop that impatience thing…it slows down your progress.  In every family, some brave person has to stop the madness.  They have to start using their mind correctly and allow the other people in the family to feel the emotions that they’re causing with their stupid false beliefs.  This is what makes people want to let go.  It means you trust their True Self to help them.  It means you trust that they can let go when the time is right for them.

Jason:  Wow, I can feel so much emotion right now.

Cathy:  That is probably some fear coming up.  The false self wants us to think that it keeps us safe.  It lies.  Just witness it for a few minutes.  Let it drain out of you.  You’ve hit on a very big belief that was held in your mind with tons of emotion.  That’s enough for now.  That wasn’t the only belief that caused you to look for a diet.  But now you know how to find those beliefs.  I suggest that you do some western meditation with a light focus on that topic every day.  Let go of whatever beliefs arise until you start to see food more purely.


Jason worked on this topic for months.  Each week, we’d find more and more beliefs.  He worked on the characters in his mind when they started to speak.  He’d have to address lots of rules about food, and he eventually started to notice that he began enjoying food again.  He got happier in his work, and he felt good about providing meals for others that were cooked with love and creativity.  But he got stuck on the word “healthy.”  He told me that during this time of dieting, he changed the way he cooked.  He adopted healthy cooking habits, and his clientele changed.  Now he sees that he doesn’t need to do that, but he’s afraid of losing business if he goes back to his old way of cooking.  He’s become known as the “healthy chef.”  He’s got a label that seems to be helping him win in the restaurant business.  He’s afraid of dropping that label because he thinks it’s necessary for him to make money.  Our beliefs in one area of our life do bleed over into other areas of our life.  Somehow it seems that all roads lead to economics.


Cathy:  Your fear is coming from your false masculine mind, Jason.  How do you feel about your competitors who don’t cook healthy?

Jason:  I judge them.  I feel superior to them.

Cathy:  So do you see that you’re keeping yourself in prison in order to remain superior to your competition?  And can you see that competition is of the false self?

Jason:  I do now.  How do I stop?

Cathy:  Tell me a judgmental thought about your competitors.

Jason:  They use cheap oils that aren’t healthy.  Science proves that.

Cathy:  Have you heard of the observer effect…the idea that scientists tend to see what they believe?  The True Self is beyond science and religion.  It recognizes that a mind with no fear could eat poop…but I don’t recommend you try that.

Our minds are so confused.  We’ve gotten so damn far from being creators.  We label and judge everything.  And it’s the judgment that makes something unhealthy.  Our false mind has been corrupted with the ability to make something or someone evil, bad, poison, ugly, unhealthy, etc.  Once it does that, we can’t enjoy that person or thing without consequences.  We limit our life with each belief we put in it until our life becomes incredibly small.

If you let go of the belief that their oils are unhealthy because they are cheap, you still might use the more expensive oils.  But it won’t be out of judgment.  It will be because you find them more sensually satisfying.  Price has nothing to do with quality.  There are quality things that are cheap and crap that is expensive.  Price has everything to do with the integrity of the person who priced it.  So can you let go that your oils are superior?

Jason:  I think I see what you are saying.  Yes, I’m willing to let that go.  I see that the True Self goes toward the greater joy.  The false self runs from judgment and then projects the judgment on to others.

Cathy:  Can you see that judging the oils generates emotion as does any judgment?

Jason:  Yes I can now.  It’s so easy.

Cathy:  So your assignment is to look at your competitors and let go of every judgment you think about them.


Jason does this and again, he notices that his joy increases with each judgment that he lets go.  His cooking has gotten more creative.  He’s dropped the word healthy from his marketing.  His business has really increased.  People love his food.  But now a new facet of this problem has arisen.


Cathy:  Today we’re going to look at those who you think still judge you.  I can tell they still have a hold on you.  We’re going back to the feminine side.

Jason:  Do we have to?  I like being in my masculine mind.

Cathy:  We have to.  You want to dump yourself into the feminine on your own terms…not have someone else do it to you.  So I want you to look at someone who you think still judges you on this topic of food.

Jason:  That’s my dad.  He thinks that I was a better person when I focused on healthy.  I was doing good for the people.  Now I’m like McDonald’s in his mind.  He sees me as contributing to unhealthy.  He’s a doctor.  He takes pride in his own healthy habits.

Cathy:  Okay, so imagine your dad as a character in your mind.  Can you see that if he has to do things to be healthy, he’s holding a belief underneath his healthy thinking that that he’s actually unhealthy?  When you are free on a subject, you don’t think about it.  You just act from inspiration.  Said another way, if you stripped away all the things that your dad does to be healthy (all the fixing of the effects), what would be left?

Jason:  Without all the stuff he does, he’d view himself as unhealthy.  He’d judge himself profusely.

Cathy:  That’s his dominant belief.  He fixes the effects of that belief all day long.  He projects unhealthy out on to everyone around him who doesn’t follow his healthy rules; and they don’t know it because we’re all trained that this is an okay way to behave.  It’s disgusting.  We act like we are loving others when we are actually hating them and judging them all day long.  People would feel it if they were more in their body and not just in their mind.

Your dad fixes his projection in his patients all day long; then he gets paid for it.  His life has been hijacked by that belief system…his rule book for health is the law for him  And you’re an enemy to his false masculine.  If you’re right, then his whole illusion including his income will crumble.  That’s what his false self fears; and that’s why he wants to keep you stuck in his illusion.  Can you see that?

Jason:  Yes, I don’t want him to not make money.  I don’t want to hurt him.

Cathy:  You aren’t hurting him.  You aren’t telling him to remove his belief system.  You are forbidding him from judging you for not believing his belief system.  His belief system is his business.  He holds ridiculous beliefs, and he fixes the effects of them it all day.  That’s hard work.  That’s his choice, his prerogative.  He’s chasing the illusion.  You aren’t his opposite even though he sees you that way.  Can you see that?

Jason:  Yes, I can.  I finally see him as distinct from me.  I’m not hurting him.  I know that.  I don’t have to listen to him or accept his judgment.  I can see myself free of his projection.  And I don’t feel superior to him either.  That’s strange, remember how I felt superior to my competition?

Cathy:  That’s because you’re now in the mental perspective where superior/inferior don’t exist.  You’re now in your True Self loving food and giving that love to others.  You’re not fixing anyone, you’re giving the creative expression of who you are in your work.  That’s why the customers come; that’s why they buy your food. It’s not about the marketing anymore; it’s about who you are.  That won’t change if you drop healthy and unhealthy.  They are opposites within the mind of the false self.  The True Self doesn’t think about either.  Standing up for your True Self is very, very different from fighting with another person’s false self.  The first gets us free; the second puts us in their prison.

Jason:  Oh now I see what you are saying.  He doesn’t think about the fact that he judges foods as unhealthy because he constantly chooses what is healthy.  He only looks at one side of his illusion; he projects the other unwanted side of his beliefs out.  He looks at the food that I served as healthy because I was following his rules, he rewarded me with approval.  Then when I switched my cooking, he offered disapproval.  He didn’t need to even say much, I felt it.  But that’s his own rules.  It has nothing to do with me.  I did feel his judgment; and I erroneously thought the emotion meant that what he said was true.  DAMN!

Cathy:  You got it.  Awesome!


Next Jason works on exercise.  Eventually, he realizes that he’s on his feet all day in the restaurant.  He walks miles around that kitchen.  He wasn’t counting that exercise before because his trainer didn’t honor anything except what happened under his watch.  He’s the perfect weight now.  He eats what he wants.  And he relaxes when he’s not working.  His inner work took longer than a diet.  But he’ll never have to diet again.

Now I’ve obviously condensed this into the most important parts.  Sometimes we have to work on the beliefs of one of our mental false masculine characters for quite a while.  Some of them talked a lot.  They have a lot of opinions and beliefs.  They really thought they were right.  Often they have a big rulebook.  We’ve been giving them authority for a long time.  But in time, they lose their power.  Our True Self starts to rule our life.  But it doesn’t rule with rules or authority.  It just gives us emotions when we think something that’s false…it reminds us if we’re moving away from freedom.


The Trick

The reason this was so damn tricky for Jason was that the skinny person who gets their shape by following the illusion’s experts, his dad in this story, feels good for their obedience.  They believe they are a True Self even though they aren’t.  They focus on the act of fixing the effects of their belief, not the belief that causes them to have to fix the effects.

If we become what society labels good, then we feel calm when we are good.  Seeking the approval of others causes us to lose the connection to our own True Self.  But we focus on others and don’t really notice what we’re missing.

The winner often thinks thoughts to sooth themselves like “I did it, so can they.”  Or they think, “They just have to work hard like I did.”  The beliefs are physically focused; for some reason they had the willpower to follow their own beliefs.  They probably believed that if they just worked hard for a short time, they could get the upper hand (or the masculine role) in the situation.  Then life would be good.  But everyone can’t have the masculine role.  The competition for those spots is crazy.

When we exit the illusion, there are no roles.  Everyone is of equal status.  We’re all unique and creative in our own way.  We don’t have to rule others; we’re too busy enjoying our life.

In time, we notice that those positive people aren’t so positive.  They’re covering up their negative with nice words.  The gym rat isn’t so beautiful or handsome.  They’re covering up a crappy mind with weight lifting.  The billionaire isn’t so successful.  We can see the con man below the mask.  We realize that we don’t like their beliefs; so we wouldn’t choose their life.  We don’t want to follow them.  We let those who want the illusion play in the illusion.  Those who want out, we help.  It’s then that we’re getting very close to freedom.  We can taste it.

Even if the whole world believes that sugar is bad for you, if you view sugar without judgment, it won’t harm you.  Even if the whole world thinks that hard work is the only way to success, if you know that following your inspiration is going to get you everything you want, they won’t have any power over you.  Even if everyone in the world joins a cult, if you don’t believe them or see their beliefs as powerful, you won’t have to join.  You will be able to remain your Self.  That’s the mysterious key to your escape.

In time, you’ll see that the crowd of characters in your mind never had any real power.  They only had the power that you gave them by accepting their beliefs as real or true.  And when you know they’re false, they do become powerless.  Their illusion is their dream, their reality.  You no longer believe a word of it.  You’re free.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. kel

    Hey Cathy

    So these thoughts that we all have , what do they mean , where do they come from , and why do we have them , i keep thinking there going to lead me to my way out of this mess,
    mess meaning i keep thinking im going to get some where good . but i never do. it seems worse .

    but who is in charge of these thoughts , ?
    just wondering what yoir thoughts are on that 🙂
    cause some times i feel i got the raw deal on my
    thoughts .

    1. Cathy

      Hi Kel,
      The most surprising thing that people realize when they start to do this is how many beliefs they have. And also they realize how much they listen to others and believe them. Those two things have to shift before you start getting much calmness.

      Your thoughts don’t mean anything. Your false self is a recording mechanism. If you put a thought in and think it is true, it sticks. If you erase the thought by realizing it is false, it goes. You are in charge of this, but you weren’t as a child. You didn’t know how to discriminate. As far as how we got into this, that is the purpose of the writings on Gatewaytogold, mostly earlier ones and those on God and false Gods.

      Everyone feels they got a bad deal. We all got tons of beliefs. But the real abuse is not telling us that we could let go. That’s why I say it again and again. I want people to realize that is possible. But I figured out how to let go about 6-7 years ago, and I still do it all the time. I still find beliefs to let go, although it is quick now and the beliefs look stupid much quicker. It took me awhile to get good at it, at least a couple of years.

      It definitely seems worse before it seems better. That’s especially true for people who did New Age or Self help. They were building up tons of negative beliefs by taking on all that positive stuff. That all got true thoughts stuffed into their false self, making it grow exponentially. So it’s just the price we have to pay for believing the wrong people. Also don’t look for true or good thoughts. If you hear them, let them go. Those are memorized. The True Self is mostly feeling–calmness, love, joy. It doesn’t talk much. The false self never stops talking until you let it go. Then it won’t talk anymore unless you tell it to. Hope that is helpful, Cathy

  2. Wendi


    The fact you can’t quite recall what you felt when you believed in suffering now suggests to me that you are now in simply a different state of mind. Meditation doessimpt for me but you, through letting go, seem to have managed to make it a permanent state. Is this a correct assessement?


    1. Cathy

      Hi Wendi,
      Yes that is correct. Meditation can get you to the enlightened state but you have to do it daily as a practice. I meditated for ten years. I got calm but not more creative. I was still always fixing problems. I also projected more which I found appalling. So I quit, then I found letting go after years of trial and lots of error. But letting go is permanent. Old things that bothered me don’t even come up. Love Cathy

  3. Wendi


    Thank you for the beautifully detailed and prompt reply. I enjoy your blogs and I am trying to find my way through this new idea of letting go. I do keep getting hung up here and there, stuck on a belief or two which grounds me.

    Would you consider a post detailing the idea of suffering and it’s illusion? What is your opinion on murder, killing, and death? Also hurting others is especially concerning to me, in any and all degrees of that concept. I’m Buddhist. Do you believe this causes me to project more and therefore see more suffering than before I subscribed to that belief?


    1. Cathy

      Hi Wendi,
      All people of religion project because they put beliefs of how to be good or spiritual in their false mind. Then they see the opposite projected out. As you let go, you see less suffering because you project less. It’s simple in theory. Religions don’t lead to God. They create suffering…all of them. After we let go for awhile, things get kind of weird. People will tell you what they see and insist it is true. They see what they focus on when they look out. But you will often see or hear the causal beliefs when you look at what they are seeing. You see that humans cause suffering by holding on to religious, cultural, and societal beliefs, and by making rules.

      Probably the best posts that I wrote on this subject was the series of posts on victimhood on nolabelsnolies.

      I know it feels like there is victimhood. I used to see it too. I had to keep letting go of whatever I could to break through. You see how easily every problem could be fixed if only we could end projection. I was engulfed in the projections of others, which is why I teach about roles. That was my saving grace.

      It’s hard to write about suffering now. If I had not written the things I wrote when they were fresh, I’d not have written at all. You kinda forget. Hope that helps a little. Love Cathy

  4. Wendi

    I have a question about veganism brought up because of this post. Obvously it remains a belief, that hurting animals, killing, or suffering them poor living conditions, is bad. How does letting this belief go serve me? I like being vegan. I don’t like the thought of the horrific things that happens to my food and/or consuming the product of that. Yes it is belief but i don’t want to let that go because i feel hurting animals is wrong. Can you please address this concern?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Wendi,
      Your question is a tough question to answer, and it’s impossible for anyone to see until they let go for awhile. As you let go, you see less illusion. That’s just what happens. The reality we see is the product of the truth plus beliefs we hold in mind. All suffering is a product of the false self, and you have to believe in something false to see it. Thinking of suffering animals doesn’t help you or them. It certainly generates emotion. So your True Self is screaming at you to let go.

      If something bothers you, you believe in it. Generally you need to let go of the beliefs you have about others. That they are cruel or abusive. Seeing something like that in animals often has to do with our own feelings of being helpless and feminine. Lots of people project on to animals. That won’t change by diet changes; that’s fixing effects. It will change by people letting go of fear of abuse or cruelty. You’ll probably realize that you are projecting someone from your past outside of your mind and are part of the cause. Animals and children are the most feminine to people. So anytime we clean up feminine issues, we help them. If you clean it up in your mind, you don’t project it. So you don’t see it. If you end up involved in a particular situation, then you will know what to do to change it because you don’t share the beliefs. You’ll have power. But again, this sounds ridiculous to people until they let go and see for themselves.

      Eating shouldn’t have a label. People who do certain diets often use the label like a weapon. They take all joy and nutrition out of eating. They turn good food into poison with their judgment. As we let go of all food beliefs, and there are many, we find our True Self chooses what we eat based on what we individually need in that moment. The True Self considers all factors…your body, your energy needs, your desires and tastes. It handles it perfectly. No more projection. What others eat is their choice. We stop being evangelists.

      Hope that helps. Love, Cathy

  5. Mary

    Hi Cathy, one of the best things, for me, about your work is that it has allowed me to seriously consider ideas that I formerly couldn’t tolerate–because I associated them 100% with New Age. Plus, I have been judged for thinking Eastern religion could not be more bland. It’s a relief to give myself permission to not be a fan of meditation! Etc. Etc. This post contains amazing information and insight. Thanks again.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for writing. Lol I can’t see you and Luigi in lotus pose for long. More on the creative side. Love Cathy

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