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Depression Isn’t What You Think

I’ve always wondered why I didn’t like Coors beer.  It’s funny, it wasn’t the taste.  It was something else.  When I saw this movie, I finally knew why I could never drink it.  It’s infused with depression.  The clip above is a short piece of the documentary.  I believe the film is available online.

We learn a lot about Bill Coors in the actual feature film.  He had a very dominating, patriarchal father.  He came from a very conservative upbringing.  Such fathers are often modeled after the false God of the Old Testament…critical, judgmental, punishing, and never pleased.  As Bill said above, nothing he could do was ever right or ever enough for his dad.  That’s just how his dad was; he had a lot of baggage.  There are a lot of people who have had such dads; he’s not alone.  Many people try to compensate for such a dad by becoming too permissive with their children.  That is just the other side of the triangle bottom.  Since the niceness is fake, the child often reflects the shadow.  They become domineering, controlling children.  We see a lot of this today.  People flip back and forth from domineering to permissive; and the kids suffer on both sides of the triangle bottom.

Nevertheless, domineering dad obviously got to Bill, and it was the source of his depression.  But he never let those early thoughts go; they just turned into beliefs.  Then over time, the beliefs became his truth.  Then his truth became his story…a drama.  His truth was affecting his body because his truth was actually a whole lot of false.  Then like many, he put more beliefs into his mind, beliefs about exercise, diet, meditation, etc., to create a facade of wellness.  That’s what I refer to as creating a wellness clone.  You think that you are finding your True Self, but you are creating a clone of a True Self, built with beliefs.  You actually move further from your True Self, when you create a clone, not closer.  So if the clone cracks, you fall back into your past.  You feel all the emotions that you’ve been denying at once.  That is often described as depression or panic.  I find it is often the beginning of initiation if the person doesn’t fix the emotions.

When we create a clone (which is a false masculine aspect of our mind), the depression and sickness (any unwanted thoughts) go underground.  When people do this, they project out what they hide…their shadow.  They now see others who have such problems, and they believe that they have the fix for those problems.  They teach their own projection how to get a wellness clone too.

Clone parents project their shadow on their children.  When the child reflects them, they punish the child.  They are breaking their own mirror.  I’m sure this happened to Bill Coors.

Clones often become preachers, therapists, healers, and teachers.  Then they project on their students, patients, and disciples.  It’s a big trap that no one sees.  These clones are making emotional problems worse, not better.  People see this after they’ve let go for awhile.  They can’t believe what letting go reveals.  They falsely connected to the minds of all of these clone people.  They were feeling the emotions that these teachers, healers, and preachers denied.  As they break those connections, the emotions get less and less.  Their mind eventually goes back to how it was meant to be.  We were all meant to be free minded…every one of us.

We can sense Bill Coors’ depression, in the clip above, if we pay attention.  Look at his body language, and the way he holds his head.  He’s not a happy man at all.  As people age, their clone loses its sheen.  You can see that the thoughts that he once suppressed and projected are now returning and taking over.  But like he said in the title of the movie, he’s got a strong will to live.  Maybe too strong.  Life means nothing if you aren’t yourself…if you aren’t free.

As an audience member, if we don’t pay attention and discriminate, we’ll hear only his spoken words; and we’ll think he has fixed his problem.  He has not.  He has fixed the effects of his problem.  In initiation, we never fix the effects; we remove the cause.  Coors put new beliefs on top of his old beliefs.  He has only masked his problem with a clone.  The clone will extend his life, and it will cause him to think he’s not depressed so long as he can keep projecting.  But projecting just creates different problems.  This is evident in Bill’s story.


Depressed Film Makers

Every year, at every film festival, there are a few films on depression. It seems that film makers love that topic. Usually these films are flavored with the uncomfortably strong spice of suicide. The same themes repeat in each film that focuses on that topic. It has become quite predictable.  Depressed people often use film, writing, and art to project their sadness and despair outward.  They feel temporary relief when they do that.  They aren’t letting go.  So we aren’t helped by their creative projects.  They are misusing their creativity, which is often contributing to their depression.  Their True Self is telling them to stop doing that.

Everyone acts like depression runs in the family. Well dah! They all think alike. They share the same beliefs. Or you have an overall cheery family where one black sheep is the depressed one. Often people are shocked to find out that their happy friend was actually very depressed.  They only find out when it is too late.

I used to wonder about such things. I don’t like to see anyone suffer, and I’ve always felt that suffering is unnecessary.  Now that I’ve let go of what I see in others for so long, it’s all crystal clear.  I no longer see my own projections.  I just see, or hear, the causal beliefs; the related effect just makes sense. It’s not an instant thing; I’m not psychic.  I just hear the crack in the person’s words.  I hear what they project in my mind.  I notice where they become inauthentic or are just plain lying. That’s always in the direction of the cause.

Depression is where we think a false thought that generates emotion. We think the emotion is saying the thought is true, but it’s not true.  Of course, I call this psychological reversal.  So we don’t let the thought go because we think the emotions are saying that the thought it true. We hold on to the causal belief. We repeat the thought, and the emotion continues to scream at us to “let go.” We get stuck in a circle of thought, emotion, thought, emotion.

Letting go reverses this circle of horror. The person unwinds their mind when they let go, and the emotion is eventually gone.  Of course, it takes time; and one has to be willing to witness their mind and discriminate until they have undone the damage of years of false repetitive thinking.  Making that turn around is about like turning around an ocean liner.  You must take a really wide turn, or you’ll tip over the ship.  You can’t just flip around like one switches the engine from one end of a train to another.  Bad thought habits have been formed.  But you can catch those bad habits and let them go.

Often, the emotions that you must face feel completely overwhelming.  I’ve been there.  I know.  You think that you can’t let go because there is so much emotion.  That’s your mind fucking with you.  In truth, your emotions are saying, “This belief you are thinking right now is really false.  You’ve been fueling it for a very long time.”

When you get your mind straight, you witness the emotion until it is gone.  It can take awhile…even hours.  If you want freedom, you keep witnessing; and you keep reminding yourself that emotion means your thought is false.  Initiation isn’t easy, but it works.  You have to realize that emotions mean false all the time; they aren’t going to kill you to feel them.  Ending depression is a battle that no one enjoys. But when you win it, the causal thought is gone. It does not exist anymore. You literally can’t be depressed. You’ve won!


The Family Dynamic

After the person defeats their mind, they must face the family dynamic. Usually they were the sad projection of someone with a very masculine (or what I refer to as a clone) mind.  Often in families, and marriages/partnershps, one person plays the masculine role; and the other plays the feminine role.  If the person in the masculine role is a clone, the feminine will mentally receive everything that the masculine doesn’t want.  Such people are falsely connected.  We can’t see it, but we can feel it.  Often the clone will look too shiny; and the feminine looks a mess.  Often the clone seems positive; and the feminine person seems very negative.  These people aren’t actually opposites.  The clone person is projecting out their shadow, and the other person in the feminine role is accepting their projection.  In other words, the whole problem is in the clone.  Once the feminine can discriminate, that becomes very obvious.

When this happened to me, I felt like I had to accept the projection.  I suspect most everyone thinks that way.  But it is a lie.  We don’t have to accept any projections from anyone.  Roles are a big part of our societal training.  We are trained to think that authority is the truth; it’s just not.  The clone is simply the masculine aspect of our mind that acts like it’s our True Self.  A clone is a character that we build with positivity, confidence, and good thoughts. Wellness or practices also build a clone.  Even things like religious zealousness is clone material.  People often identify with this clone aspect of their mind.  Then they see the opposite in others.  They are seeing their projection, not the actual person.  The clone is society’s golden child. But it’s not a True Self.  As we move to freedom, we get so that we can clearly see and hear the difference between a clone and a True Self.  It’s not a small difference…it’s huge.

This is a pretty advanced article, but it’s a scary topic. So I put this in the free section to let people know there is help.  People often feel hopeless when they can’t afford therapy or medication. That’s why I wanted to post this. You can be the help you need if you use your emotions to let go.  That’s the key.  You have to save yourself.  If you are stuck in a clone relationship, or you are identifying as a clone, you’ll probably need to do the material in the Gold Circle.  I don’t offer that for free because it requires an extraordinary commitment; and people don’t often make a strong commitment unless they pay some price.  The Gold Circle is a lot cheaper than therapy; but it’s all on your own.  I answer questions, but I don’t mentor.  Also, I expose lots of popular people in the Gold Circle; and I don’t want to hurt those people or fight with them.  So I keep that exposure in the private membership area.  I don’t want those things posted all over the internet; people wouldn’t understand what I was saying if they weren’t letting go.

Depression seems to be epidemic these days. Letting go eliminates depression without drugs or therapy. But it’s not easy at all. It takes courage and persistence. You have to face your emotions; and you have to realize that the thoughts that you are thinking, the causal thoughts, are just not true.  We are trained to go in the other direction.  Look at Bill Coors.  Letting go wasn’t mentioned in the movie at all.  He added more wellness beliefs to his mind, and this is very, very common.  It is what nearly everyone is doing.  Putting new, more appealing, beliefs in our mind creates a clone; it is not letting go…not at all.

Some people identify completely with the clone mind. They tend to appear to be happy, politically correct, and calm. They project their shadow on to others. But let’s face it; you wouldn’t build a clone character unless you didn’t like your bad thoughts. This is why these clone-minded people sound very different than a True Self.  A True Self will tend to expose false, not give people practices or beliefs.  A True Self doesn’t see anything to fix unless you ask them for help.

A clone is always a cover up. There would not be a need for a fake character if the person loved their mind.  So these people move from fixing their mind to becoming right about their curative beliefs.  Then they make a career of fixing others; they tell themselves that they have found their true purpose.  They are helping/serving others.  That’s a lie.  Our purpose is never to fuel the illusion…never.  It is never to fix others…never.  But if we are our True Selves, we will help others.  We just can’t help it.

Initiation dissolves the illusion; that’s where we find our purpose.  Sadly, people do gather more beliefs when they follow people like Bill.  They might not see it right away; but in time, those depressing projected thoughts will arise.  They won’t think that they are Bill’s thoughts; they will think that they are their own thoughts.  Now they are stuck in Bill Coors’ illusion; that’s not a pleasant place to be.


Fake Love

In the trailer below, Bill Coors says to love yourself. But you can’t authentically do that unless you let go of what you hate about yourself. Then you effortlessly love yourself. Love is what remains when all the false is gone.  That’s a place of freedom, peace, and joy too.  If you put fake love on top of hate, you become a socially acceptable clone. You project the hate out on to others. That’s what Bill Coors did; it’s what all so called “inspiring” people do.  They fix their projections.  It’s a full-time job.  When we look up to them, and believe them, we take their projections without realizing it. So we come to feel worse than before.  Now we want to project that crap out; we become like those we idolize or worship.  We don’t blame the inspiring person who projected on us; they looked happy and healthy to us.  They can’t be the cause.  The clone always blames the wrong person…always.  This takes a long time to see.  As you let go, you get there.

Clones are everywhere these days. Lots of people try to be inspiring. Clones are built on beliefs, unlike a free person. Sadly we are living in a time where people sell their beliefs about everything, and virtually no one knows how to discriminate or let go.  Most of us do, however, let go naturally on some subjects.  When we do so, we find ourselves succeeding effortlessly in those areas.  We can’t explain why that area of our life is easy; it just is.

We actually don’t need beliefs about health, wellness, spiritual matters, or God.  We don’t need beliefs about the truth.  We know those things; and we realize that when we’ve let go for years, like I have.  Having a belief of “what is true” is very different from knowing the truth.  Having beliefs about health, or wellness, is very different than being purely healthy.  Being able to recite the American Constitution is very different than being free.

When I started sharing letting go. Clones came to me for help; they wanted to remove what they were hiding, their shadow. They were full of emotion, but they hid it under a clone facade.  So they always appeared to be calm in public.  The problem is that you can’t take only the shadow from the clone, just like you can’t remove the shadow on the sidewalk from the physical person.  The fake happy and sad are two sides of the same coin. This was why I created the Gold Circle. It’s designed to expose clones so people can get free of them. No clone is free.  But they think they are; they are so convincing that they fool themselves.

Back to the family issue. The problem is that clones have become sophisticated. The person with the happy clone projects their sadness on the sad person. Often the whole family does this. The roles become permanent, or so it seems. The people who claim to want the sad person to be happy are almost always the cause. They project their own hidden shadow of sadness on to the black sheep, while pretending to be happy.  Happy and sad are at the triangle bottom.  The black sheep believes the clone; they accept the projection. Now the two people (clone and black sheep) are falsely connected.  When the clone thinks something that generates emotion, the black sheep feels it.  The sad person eventually feels that there is no escape; they feel heavy and dense, so they take their life. Or they get very sick and die. Then the pattern repeats with someone else because no one exposed what was mentally happening.  No one ever holds the clone responsible.  This is why false leaders and teachers are usually big-ass clones.  We allow clones to literally get away with murder.

When I first realized that I was stuck in the feminine, I’d sit down and just witness, or follow, my emotions.  Often I’d do this for hours.  I just witnessed them and listened to what my mind said.  Since I was feeling a lot of emotion, everything my mind said was clearly false.  Eventually, I’d end up in my husband’s mind.  I was hearing his thoughts.  He was a clone.  I was his black sheep.  In fact, I was the black sheep for his whole family.  But I was the closest to the truth; I didn’t have a clone.  That’s why I had so much trouble deflecting his projections.  Clones help us to defect projections; so we feel vulnerable when we don’t have one.  Since we’ve lost our natural discrimination, we do accept projections.  But this changes as we let go.  Our natural discrimination returns.  It wasn’t lost; it was just covered up with beliefs.

When I first saw this, I just let go of the beliefs that I found in my husband; and slowly I broke free of his mental control over me.  That took a couple of years.  It wasn’t a weekend job.  But when I was free, I no longer felt his emotions.

After I break free of anything, I always see an easier way to do it.  So I share the easier way.  That’s when I invented the character game.  I introduce the character game in the free material on No Labels, No Lies.  But the real intense explanations are in the Gold Circle.

The sad person had a feminine role in the family or group. They felt the emotions for the happy people who weren’t feeling their own emotions. But it does no good to feel another person’s emotions. We were not designed that way.  This is a sick codependent pattern that is far too common. People should all be independent.  Our false minds were meant to be individual containers.  We are always connected at the True Self level; but we don’t have to think about that connection.  There are no beliefs at the True Self level.  So connecting on beliefs or emotions is always a false connection.  We should not be connecting falsely with others…not with anyone.  Often, we aren’t depressed; we are actually stuck in someone’s illusion. We are playing a role that sucks in their false drama.  That’s what I learned from my own experience.

In my experience, the seemingly depressed person is authentically the happiest of them all. They don’t have a fake facade. The depression is only a role. It’s not their sadness; that’s why it’s blindsiding or feels like a wave. The depression belongs to the fake happy ones. It’s the emotional aspect of their shadow.  As the previously depressed person lets go, they fall into their own True Self.  They find real lasting joy.

Oh this is complex too; and often creates another trap.  It took me a long time to figure this trap out.  When the sad person lets go, the happy people can’t project on them anymore. They often accuse the previously sad person of being fake happy once they are no longer depressed.  Clones can be like drug addicts. They can’t look good unless they project.  They are like heat seeking missiles; they feel resonance or chemistry when they find someone they can project on.  That isn’t love at all.  It’s a disaster.

I call this the Hillary clone named after Hillary Clinton. Her odd reactions or tics tend to happen when her projections backfire.  President Trump doesn’t take her projections; and it has really exposed her clone.  Her followers are all insanely emotional because she projects on them 24/7. They constantly lie to themselves because they believe her lies. They can’t see Hillary as cause of their emotions. They blame everyone else. If they stopped believing Hillary, or any other such professional liar (Obama, Bernie, etc.), they’d calm down.  They’d see that they got stuck in a utopian illusion that was totally false, and impossible to achieve.  In fact, it was all a lie to get votes.  Research this if you don’t believe me.  It’s all well documented.  Like I said above, all problems are in the mind of the clones.  If we stop believing clones, there is no problems that can’t be solved.

So this whole mess isn’t pretty. But to fix depression and suicide, we have to see what’s actually going on. We have to call out the cause or remove the depressed person from their fake role. Often while you are working on this, it is very good to get away from the clones who are projecting on you.  A little space is very helpful.  Then when you get some power back, you can go face the clones again.  We can’t keep giving clones a free pass to project on people simply because the clone manages appearances well.  Much of my work today is about exposing public clones and their popular beliefs as false.  That’s how we all get free.


Clones Who Look Inspiring

In this year’s film, they went above and beyond in their destruction. They made the depressed person, Bill Coors, into an inspiring character. It’s part of the false progressive “victims are good” thinking. It’s so destructive. It’s so far from freedom. It just causes more projection and depression. It causes depression to spread like a virus.

Labeling of any kind is horrible. It locks us into a problem, making it ten times harder to let go.  If you give a false condition a positive label, you’ve created a payoff. You’ve given someone approval for miscreating. You’ve not found, and let go of, the cause; you’ve made the problem okay, or desirable. This results in apathy that looks like acceptance.  It’s another big trap.

Why would the sad person ever let go if they have a payoff from their sadness? When I’ve tried to help such people, they never want to let go of the real issue. They tap dance around it because the issue brings rewards….approval, attention, and even love.  They often don’t want the false connection with the clone to end.  They think they need the clone; it’s actually the opposite.  The clone is telling them they need them; and they are believing that voice.  Often they think that voice is a guide, guardian angel, God, or their own True Self.  It’s just the clone’s voice.  The clone needs the feminine black sheep; it must project to stay alive.  Clones fear dying, not True Selves.

Many times, I’ve worked with clone parents who would not let go of the projections they imposed on their OWN child. That’s why I switched gears. I now teach the person who feels their emotions, the person in the feminine role, how to let go from the feminine.

Today, this false-self relationship between clone and feminine-minded people is worse than ever. Projection is epidemic in progressive thinking and social justice warriors.  Most New Age (and self-help) teachers and gurus are clones, but people don’t see it.  Most therapists and scientists are clones, but people don’t see it.  Projection solves nothing, because clones never solve anything. They just deceive. They manage appearances. They blame others for what is in their mind. They fix their own projections in others.  They prevent letting go, which is appalling.  Letting go should be natural and easy for everyone.

No one should ever be stuck in emotions…no one. We were not designed that way. Our emotions were designed to be our very best friend…our own feminine Goddess.  She’s keeping us on track, not making us miserable.  She’s our Priestess, not a bitch or whore.  When people in general stop honoring clones, we will be well on our way to collective freedom. Until then, I do what I can. I expose what’s going on so people can escape these complex traps.


A Depressed Man

As I watched this film, I saw a man, Bill Coors, who was beyond sad. His body language was painful, but he had created an amazing motivational clone.  Clones are always hypocrites, and their body language is incongruent with their words because they fix the effects of their thinking. Bill meditates, exercises, and eats right like so many good clones do. He even brought up the famous gratitude exercise…a popular clone tool to fix the mind…thanks to Oprah (another big ass clone). But there was no letting go; he couldn’t let go of the grief of the loss of his brother, infant son, and daughter.  In the clip above, you saw him rowing.  He did crew in college, and that made him proud and happy.  It took his mind off of his sadness.  So he just keeps doing that rowing action to bring back that good feeling.  But he’s projecting; and others have been taking his projections.  His brother was kidnapped, his baby son chocked, and his daughter committed suicide. His big question was why? But he kept looking outside of his mind for answers.  He kept putting in more beliefs.  He kept projecting his shadow.  That’s what clones do.  They look too shiny.

If you just disconnected from all clones, you would eliminate any thoughts that caused sadness or depression in minutes.  The false connection is the problem; and you can’t see this until you let go for awhile.  So you have to trust me on this until you see it for yourself.

Bill Coors’ rowing (from his crew days) created the pattern of fixing effects with physical effort. Once he lettered in the sport, he finally felt good about himself.  But he never let go of feeling bad about himself.  The clone pattern was set! Then it grew and grew. He continues, to this day, to fix his sadness with some sort of physical training. Then he projects that sadness out.  Bad things happen to others that he loves, then he has even more sadness.  But he fixes that new sadness, and he projects tbat out.

Sadly the film festival had filled the theater with high school students, so they could learn about depression.  Kids are so vulnerable to projection; they rarely have clones unless they are very precocious.  We do see that a lot more today.

The filmmakers were asking for funding to take the film to every school in the country. They think they are doing good, but that film won’t save anyone. It will kill. It will cause kids to have a bad day and label it depression. Then they’ll be stuck in Bill Coors’ false illusion confusion.  They will run from that inspirational film to another and another like an addict running to a drug dealer.  They will think that they can’t let the emotion go; and they will go into fixing mode, just like Bill did.  It’s kind of a weird coincidence that Bill makes beer, a substance that people often use to get some relief from their emotions.

This film is really good for letting go. But if catch yourself feeling inspired, let that go. It’s a trick that comes with an acceptance of Bill Coors’ sadness!  Then you have more to let go. But we have to catch our mind shutting down our discrimination, and practicing is how we catch such things.  So don’t be afraid of others or anything.  Just be awake as you practice.  Life is a practice until we get it right.

Here’s the link to the official trailer:




Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Dewet van den Berg

    I’ve been letting go on the topic with some success lately. Some of the same themes and beliefs came up that you wrote about above. I appreciate the validation so much! It’s been really tough to go into the emotion. It has taken me two years to just get to the point where I am able to do that consistently. But the reward is so worth it! Thank you so much for your work Cathy.

    1. Cathy

      Yea it’s typical such tough topics take a lot of time. That often causes people to fear they aren’t making progress. But they are. You can see it when you look back at how crappy your mind used to be. Then you know, you are succeeding, and it is amazing what you’ve done completely on your own. C

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