Spiritual Power Versus Physical Power (from a Private Session)

Seedling into a Truee
The seedling turns into a mature plant or tree using spiritual power (unseen life force). The physical growth we see is the effect.


Below is a wonderful account of a recent session, written by one of the people who I mentor.  This detailed description of her experience beautifully illustrates a belief pattern that causes most of the problems in our lives and in the world.

Most people have an entirely physical perspective of the world, where God or spirit lives only up in the illusory heaven. It was a very good trick to separate spirit and matter; it keeps us stuck quite nicely.  The physically dominant perspective represents the collective mindset; and most of us were raised by people with that point of view.

The physical point of view was sold to us, but it isn’t natural.  People used to look at nature, and they noticed the miracle of a tree popping out of a small nut or the birth of an animal or human.  They named that life force God.  As our life force diminishes, we get sick, age, and eventually die.  We have problems and don’t get along with our human brothers and sisters.  You’d think that we’d do everything possible to keep that life force; and yet, as this account proves, many adults do everything possible to restrict children’s life force.  After we’ve been broken, we continue to diminish our own life force as we add more and more limiting beliefs about life on planet earth.

As children, we learn to think that the strongest or biggest person is the one with all the power.  Other times, authority determines power.  We learn quickly to ignore the fact that spiritual power trumps all forms of physical power.  Spiritual power is the power of miracles, which would be normal if we didn’t believe they weren’t.  Spiritual power is in everyone, but we ignore it and obey our false authorities instead.

There is good reason that we’re taught to ignore our spiritual power.  Most of the people running our lives have muted their own spiritual power with their belief system.  They’re running completely on physical power, which involves the power of numbers.  The more believers, the greater the power of any belief. This is why believers get so angry when we challenge them.  They realize that if the numbers go down, another belief system might trump theirs.  While they’re considered good under their own belief system, they might be destined for hell in someone else’s belief system.  The only belief system that is not win-lose is no belief system.  That’s why you are on this site – and I know that you know that.

Spiritual power is not something we acquire.  It’s something we’re born with and lose over time.  As children, we’re usually the most spiritually powerful person in any situation involving an adult, especially an abusive one.  But the people who want power over us use physical or emotional power to dominate.  We fear their force.  That fear causes us to lose our own power.  We don’t realize that our spiritual power can keep us safe if we don’t believe what we see in them.  We forget that the person with the fewest beliefs is always the dominant force regardless of rank, authority, or pedigree when we remove our physically dominated perspective of life.

When we remember this simple truth, we can see how we lost our power to others.  In fact, we can see how we gave it to them by believing that they were the most powerful and accepting their physical perception of the world over our own spiritual perception.  We stepped into their illusion when we stopped realizing that our spiritual power was the only power that mattered.  And we don’t exit their illusion until we let go of the beliefs that hold us within it.

There is something else to be gained from this session.  Her dream showed her an evil entity, but there was no evil except in her mother’s mind.  Her mother’s emotions were pointing to her own false beliefs.  But like most people, the mother blamed the child instead of looking at her own flawed mind.  In my experience, and I’ve got lots of it, all of our beliefs and the related emotions come from others.  There isn’t any evil out there — it’s all just collections of illusory beliefs in other peoples’ minds.

I’m very thrilled that I was given permission to share this with you.  I’ve not included the author’s name so she can remain anonymous; she shares personal details so we can understand her experiences.  We can learn so much from others as they travel the initiate’s journey, letting go of their beliefs within their mind.  While she’s very sweet to thank me at the end, I’m clear that it was her courage to face the demons in her dream and past memories that made this transformation possible.  Her True Self did all the work.  I simply held up the light so she could see her way through the darkness.





Ever since I was a very small child, I’ve had a recurring nightmare. An evil entity holds me and jabs me in my solar plexus with something very sharp.  I can’t move and can’t scream. I’ve known that it was directly related to childhood abuse, but I’ve never been able to resolve it. I’ve spent decades in therapy and self-help; and yet, powerlessness has always remained my dominant feeling in life.

Since I just had the nightmare a few days before our session, Cathy suggested we go deeply into it; I agreed. Feeling the terror of the nightmare was extremely intense; I cried a lot because the dream was actually a link back to my mother abusing me at three years old.  I felt that my mother took my power and my right to decide what I wanted for my body and life.  The evil entity represented this loss of power.

Cathy reassured me that it was okay to go deep into the dream memory again if I stayed in my True Self and witnessed the situation; I could feel Cathy with me through the emotional pain. I kept going into the memory, noticing how much I wanted to push my mom away and scream for my dad to come help me.  I felt the devastating pain and hopelessness of not being able to move or make a sound.

Cathy asked me to try to get a little distance from the emotion; she told me to witness the emotions instead of being totally swallowed up by them.  I wished that I could feel enough anger and rage to push my mother away.  I was wanting to increase my physical power with more emotions because I perceived my mother’s emotions as power.  I was holding on to the emotions, even creating more, so Cathy encouraged me to allow myself to hate my mom full-out and ask her to tell me what in the hell she was thinking!

Part of me was watching and part of me was building up enough anger to tell my mother to get the fuck away from me and not touch me!  Cathy showed me there was nothing wrong with telling her that. I couldn’t do it when I was three because I was completely inside my mom’s crazy, insane, perverted world.  I could see that now.  I felt plenty of emotions in her world, but I thought the emotions were telling me that my mother was right, that I was powerless.  I perceived emotions as power, but they weren’t.  My emotions were telling me not to believe my mother – to remember that I was the one with spiritual power.  Her emotions were pointing to her own beliefs.  But she didn’t know that.  Decades later, I’d continue to get lost in my mom’s crazy emotional world, and I’d feel powerless to do anything!  I’d long forgotten I had any spiritual power.

I was powerless at three, because I could see that I was much smaller and weaker than my mother.  Now I was bigger, but I still felt small.  I didn’t need to beat my mother up or even the score, I needed to stop my True Self from falling into my mom’s world as an adult. Cathy asked me to see if the reason I felt powerless was that I fell so easily in to her world.  I gave her my power as if trained to do so.  That was it; I was not in MY world where I was powerful. Cathy asked me to let go of the belief that my mom determines my life, that she is more powerful than I am; we could both see now where my lifelong problems of feeling someone else was always controlling my life came from. We had found Ground Zero!  My mother’s disturbed view of life had redesigned my mind; I could no longer see my personal vision.

Real power has nothing to do with physical size. At three, I had no physical size or power. My whole life I’ve felt like others were bigger than me, and I lived in their world.

Energetically speaking, in that situation my mom wasn’t bigger than me; when I went back into the abuse situation while remaining in my true power, I told her to get the fuck off me!!!  My mom backed off, and I snapped my fingers and said ”Hey, wake up!” She looked startled and snapped out of her emotional hypnosis. I told my mom that this is my world; and if she is not capable of acting like a real mom, I don’t want to be in her world at all.  I was in MY power.  I was safe.

Cathy told me to realize that spiritually I was the strongest person in the room; I was the most capable person at that time in that situation. It didn’t matter that I was only a small child. Energetically I was the one who should be in charge!  My mother was not capable of behaving as a proper authority.  She had no spiritual power.  Therefore, accepting her perspective was what generated the emotions within me.

It took me a little while to let the emotions shake out. Cathy told me to go back to another related issue from an earlier session: the archetype of the prince/princess.  This archetype represents adults who feel entitled to everything.  They get whatever they want, everybody loves them, and their life is so easy. I’ve run into people like this in every job I’ve ever had, and they’ve always gotten what I wanted while I got nothing.  I felt powerless around these people too.  This event didn’t seem related, but it was.

So, Cathy guided me back into a situation with a guy that I used to work with. I did it from the perspective of MY world.  Then I heard in my mind (speaking to me), “You will make money and be successful if what you do comes from your heart.”  In MY world, this guy would not make any money at all because he didn’t come from his heart. I had given him permission to decide how I made money.  I couldn’t follow his set of rules because I’m not like him. I don’t want to take money from others.  In his world, I couldn’t do what was required to get rewarded; but I could in MY world.

Cathy pointed out that I had a spiritual vision of my life, my Heaven on Earth … but I enter other people’s worlds ruled by their beliefs.  Then I let everyone else step all over my vision of heaven on earth and call it wrong or not real.  It all started when I was three and interpreted my situation to mean that physical power was stronger and more important that spiritual power. I also didn’t realize that my own emotions were warning me that I had entered another person’s view of the world.  I simply needed to let go of their perspective and reconnect to my own.

As long as I believed physical worldly power is more important, I wouldn’t be able to help all the animals that suffer at the hands of cruel people, which is my big cause in life. This issue is coming up in so many forms because I don’t want to follow other peoples’ rules. But MY way would work for everybody!  It’s win-win – now I can see that clearly.

We finished the session by going back to the original scene with me as the three-year old.  Now MY spiritual vision ruled the event, and I felt like myself again. I felt strong and calm.  I knew I couldn’t be abused.

I know that now my work is to remember to stay in my spiritual power and in MY world. I need to keep eliminating the beliefs that I accepted because of events that occurred in my life.  I need to keep living my way because it is win-win.  That will take some practice and some time, but I can’t think of anything that would be more worthwhile. This session was a HUGE breakthrough!!! Thank you so much, Cathy!



The key to understanding this session is to recognize that this child lost her power when she believed that the physical strength and emotional power of her mother was much more powerful than her spiritual strength.  We all make this mistake.  It is part of being born small in a big world.  Emotions do look powerful; but they are actually a sign of weakness.  They are a sign that beliefs are running the mind of the emotional authority; and if we can stay in our True Self, we have all the power in the situation.  If we join their emotional state, then we fall into their world.  But we can get out by recognizing the beliefs that keep us in their world and letting them go.

Outside of the illusion, there is no time.  So we can correct these events within our minds by letting go of our false conclusions; then we take back our power.

For most of my readers, it’s hard to live in this world that’s ruled by others with very limiting, even selfish, belief systems.  That’s the beauty of initiation.  You slowly take back your power, and you start to live by your rules. You don’t make others follow your rules.  You just own them in yourself, and they no longer can affect you.  Life starts to become truly free and joyous again.


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Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Kelly

    Wow! Beautiful post. It really resonated with me today.

  2. Ben

    Wow, yeah that helped a lot. It was definitely a psychological reversal. So this is what delusion is huh? Convincing yourself that you are something you know isn’t true then holding the belief despite not really believing it, hmm just typing that sentence is a bit confusing!

    1. Cathy

      Yes Ben, You typed it exactly right. I know the feeling. It is how I feel when I write blog posts often. It is like, why would we ever do this to ourselves? And people write to me all the time and think they know what they believe, but it is hidden under the psychological reversal. Crazy! Sometimes, I almost have to admire the people that invented this because they were insanely clever although wickedly selfish. Good work. Cathy

  3. Ben

    I’m having a bit of trouble this one, it keeps going round in circles! I just sit there thinking, “I am powerless, why am I powerless? Because they’re bigger than me” and can’t seem to find any answers beyond that, it doesn’t feel good but it doesn’t seem to want to budge.

    1. Cathy

      Hi Ben,
      I’ve been there. Your mind is probably stuck in circular reasoning. It also might be that you so believe that you are powerless that you no longer feel awful when you say that. It sucks, but that is the essence of a psychological reversal. We start to think that it’s just the way it is.

      So go back to the place where the powerlessness arose, and even find it in the post where it was triggered. And first remember that when I speak of the illusion I’m declaring it false so it shouldn’t generate emotion unless your mind really wants you powerless. Watch your mind as you focus on the words, but pay more attention to your body; see if you can feel the emotions arise. If you can’t, that indicates a psychological reversal. So here is what to do. Go to the opposite. Say to yourself, “I am powerful.” Often you’ll feel the emotion there. The emotion says that isn’t the truth — i.e., you are powerful is false. Good trick huh! So let go of the belief that you are powerful and then the other side should go. You aren’t losing your power; you are just losing the false voice that was keeping you from finding your real hidden power. You can’t let that go — it’s just true. Hope that helps. It is tricky to explain in words.

  4. Thea

    I really needed to read this post today. I’ve been struggling with my sense of power and control over my life. This post is like looking in a mirror, except it’s my father. Fortunately he’s not physically abusive but he has, in my opinion, been verbally abusive. Calling your own daughter “lazy” isn’t exactly the most loving thing to say to a child. But I digress.

    I’ve felt so small around my father for so long, that I can’t remember a time when I felt powerful. It seems like he held the physical(spankings) and emotional(yelling and anger) power over me and it seemed to quickly erode my self esteem.

    Eventually being around him made me feel timid. I became that way around everyone, especially men(gee, I wonder why). It got to the point where I became quiet. I didn’t speak my mind for fear of ridicule, and I didn’t stand up to him for fear of physical or verbal punishment.

    He’s the one that I let fill my head with beliefs about school and my future. He associates his failings at life as a result of him doing badly in school. But now I know that he only failed at life because he accepted that belief from other authorities.

    I gave my power over to someone who seemed stronger, but was actually weak. When I look at him from a spiritual point of veiw, he becomes small and less intimidating.

    What I can’t seem to get past is the illusion of physical superiority. What if you were in a dangerous situation where a person or people were going to hurt you? How would spiritual power stop that from happening? It just seems too good to be true that people with malicious intent would just magically leave me alone just because I don’t believe in their physical power anymore. They still believe in it. How does my personal change effect them to stop what their doing?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Thea,
      It is hard to see when you are in the midst of the situation, and when you feel powerless, it would not go well. But as you let go, the physical power loses its advantage, verbal abuse doesn’t affect you as much. They can’t physically abuse you, which is what the woman who wrote that post saw as she let go. As that occurs, more power is building inside of you. No one really notices, you look the same on the outside to them, but they can’t affect you anymore.

      I had someone in my life that was very verbally abusive. I’d let him do his stuff, and then I’d go off alone and let go. I worked really hard on letting go and loving him as much as I could. Then one day, he could no longer do it. I’d see his mouth open and no words would come out. At that point, he tried to play victim. I’d won. Not because I fought or battled but because I no longer believed him anymore. So it is sort of the reward of letting go, eventually you become the powerful one.

      So the key is to keep letting go of whatever feels bad and allowing the emotions to leave by witnessing them until you find the belief that allowed them in. If you’ve seen shows of child abusers, there is always a grooming period where they are nice. Like a molester that gives the victim candy first. They build your trust and then blindside you. Or often it is a belief that they are a good person or they have our best interest at heart. But they don’t. Sometimes, it is a belief that they have the ultimate authority and whatever they say must be true. There is always a belief in us that allows people in. When we let that go, we recognize that the situation could never happen again, and then we are free. The bad feelings exist because we fear for our future. What if it happened again. That is what keeps the problem alive. When you find that cause and let it go, you know you will never experience it again. Hope that makes sense. Love, Cathy

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