The Top Ten Biggest Lies Ever Told

Vatican Circular Staircase taken by Gateway To Gold, Cathy Eck
When we live from beliefs, we are stuck in circular reasoning with no way out. When we let go, we see the big picture.

By Cathy Eck

The Biggest Lies Ever Told

Every single day, we are bombarded by all kinds of crazy beliefs that are presented as the truth.  Our discrimination is taxed to the max.  Our nerves are stretched to capacity.  When we have no discrimination, we will head for the bottle, the frig, or kick our cat to ease our stress.  To really live in this world, but not become a victim of it, requires discrimination that is as finely tuned as a classical piano.

The ultimate proof that it is time to let go of a belief is when it doesn’t feel good, and when it is not win-win for everyone.  When you learn to apply these two criteria honestly and fairly, you will find that there is not much real truth in your mind.  It is a humbling experience.  I’ve been there.

When we start letting go, we realize that we were told a lot of lies.  And often people get pretty angry about that.  But that doesn’t help to fix the cause.  These beliefs feed off emotion.  So we have to learn to recognize beliefs, and then let them go.  That way, we can slowly eliminate the biggest lies every told.

Labels are Beliefs Too

Beliefs are slippery because they pretend to be true.  The biggest lies ever told wouldn’t have remained around for thousands of years if people knew they were lies.  So we tend to accept lies in every area of our life.

One day a woman called me for mentoring and said, “I want some pizza; but I can’t have it.  I’m vegan.”  I replied, “You think you are vegan, but you aren’t vegan in your mind if you want pizza.”  She was proud of her vegan label and saw eating pizza as a failure.  She was not willing to let go for her own good, so I appealed to her love for others.

Having just returned from Alaska, I realized that Eskimos live on salmon strips for much of the year.  I said to her, “Imagine that you are God; you love all your children.  You want them all to thrive.  Would you make a law that said vegan is the only way and then stick some children in a place where it is impossible to grow vegetables?”  She got my point.   Then I said, “So your belief is not only making you miserable, but it would not be win-win for Eskimos.”  The fact that we have labels about what we eat shows just how insane we’ve become.

Here’s a good label:  I eat!

Feel free to borrow it.

Letting go of beliefs is about oneness.  Any person can choose vegan food, but only imposter vegans need a special label.  Labels divide us into competing groups.  The best labels are inclusive.  A long time ago, people in power realized that to divide meant to conquer.  We’re so well trained, that we do it without even realizing we do it.

Top Ten Beliefs You Can Let Go

So here is my top ten, at least for today, in no particular order.  None of these are win-win for everyone if you open your heart wide enough.  Some people will be relieved to find out that these are just beliefs.  Those who argue that they are true are standing in self-righteous shoes.  I suggest they get some new shoes.  Really!

The reason I know that these are all beliefs is that when you let them go, you don’t miss them at all.  In fact, letting any of these beliefs go will probably be remembered as one of the best days of your life.

1.  God causes problems to punish us.  

God in the ancient world was a metaphor for perfection.  Humans invented the punishing, old man on the sky throne and borrowed the label.  They created the cranky God after telling us we were bad and flawed, which was yet another belief.  So I just gave you a bonus belief.  If you don’t believe me, recognize that you would not do the mean, nasty things that this so-called God has done.  You would never behave so poorly to someone you loved or even liked a little.  So either you are far superior to God or someone put a belief in your mind.  On the other hand, God as the concept of perfection and unconditional love works for everyone.


2.  If it happened to them, it can happen to me. 

You clearly can see this as false once you realize that all problems are caused by beliefs.  If you share the same beliefs as another, you get the same problems.  Get rid of the shared belief in your mind, and you won’t see other people’s crap in your life.


3.    My love is not enough. 

When we let go of enough beliefs, we can dissolve problems with our unconditional love.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Unloving people with lots of power melt if we love them like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  So our love is enough.  But if we have beliefs that tell us that our solution is medicine, another belief, or an army, we forget that we have the most powerful cure or weapon inside our hearts.  We follow the belief in our mind instead of the love in our hearts because we were trained to do so.


4.    Emotions are worthless, and we need to suppress them.

Emotions are our greatest asset.  They were designed to keep us on our path.  When we think a thought that is false or win-lose, we get an emotional shock treatment.  Emotion is simply the cry of our inner goddess telling us to ignore the thought we are hearing or thinking.  But most people killed that goddess bitch along time ago so her warnings fall on deaf ears.  You want real power; resurrect the goddess and start listening to her.


5.     Diseases are true.  

If you believe in any disease, you will make it real.  But they are not true.  One of my greatest challenges was to let go of diseases because I had so much fear.  Diseases are beliefs that make pharmaceutical companies and doctors rich and the masses poor.  Thus they are win-lose, which means they are beliefs.  Sounds simple, but I recognize it isn’t easy.  When our body is producing scary symptoms, it is hard to see the disease as a belief.  But it is possible.  My advice is to take your medicine while you let go of the belief.


6.    We need to fight our enemies.

When Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” he wasn’t being spiritual; he was being practical.  The truth is that unconditional love is infinitely more powerful than hate.  So if you can find some unconditional love inside your heart and direct it to your enemy, you win every time.  And the enemy wins too because being an enemy is really not much fun.  Now I’ll be the first to admit, this ain’t easy.  But then neither is playing the piano.  You have to practice until you become a master.  Really, what have you got to lose.


7.    It takes lifetimes to become enlightened. 

Children are born enlightened, and then adults screw them up.  It didn’t take a lifetime to get screwed up; it took a few years. So it shouldn’t take a lifetime to get back to your Self.  Anyone can do it once they want freedom more than money, power, approval, or false love.  In truth, most gurus and religious leaders aren’t free.  If they were, they’d get some damn pants and stop making everyone give them money.


8.    You can’t get your rewards until you die.

Ahhhhh, that would be, “Those who want other people’s rewards for themselves for $200, Alex.”  Have you ever seen a starving priest or guru?  Any starving politicians in Washington?  To create slavery, you have to convince people that there is a greater reward.  And no one can prove you wrong if you say the reward comes after you die (or in the next life if you are from the east).  It was a good trick, but now your are on to them.


9.    If you find your true Self, you die.

What good does that do?  That would be like studying to become an architect for years and dying on graduation day.  Power-hungry false selves lose all their power to a real true Self.  So they want us all to stay clueless; and if we do happen to get free, they put that little gem in our minds so we’ll commit mental suicide on the spot.  It doesn’t feel good so it’s not true.  Let it go before you find your true Self, and you’ll be fine.


10. You need someone else to save you.

Okay, I saved the best for last.  Every time I speak publically some cute little cabbage patch type man or woman wants to save me.  The truth is that someone stuck in beliefs can’t save anything or anyone, and I have yet to find a member of any clergy that didn’t have some real rock-solid beliefs.  We all are infested with beliefs, but usually the people who are fixing others are far worse off than us.  Asking someone to save us who has more beliefs than us, is like asking asking a rapist to teach your children about safe sex.  We can barely save ourselves, but we certainly don’t need others holding us underwater.

We let clergy save us for the same reasons that we buy cars on impulse, we’re afraid of the future.   Or we got a whole lot of guilt that we think gets wiped off the slate if we do the saving thing.  If you’ve got that going on,  I refer you back to #1 above.


How Did We Get These Biggest Lies Ever Told?

These beliefs all serve the rich and powerful inner circle because they have the balls to take advantage of these beliefs in others.  These are collective beliefs that some people will fight to death to defend.  Actually that isn’t really true.  They are beliefs they send their minions to defend to death while they sit in their comfortable office or bullet-proof car.

We don’t have to force another to let go, but it doesn’t hurt to suggest it.  And the beliefs won’t work when enough people no longer believe them.  Even those who benefit from these beliefs will enjoy life more when they are free from them.


Final Advice on Beliefs vs. Truth

Now if you still aren’t sure how to decode a belief, I’ll give you two more pieces of solid advice.  If you want to find the cause of any belief, just follow the money.  The biggest lies ever told created a giant rainbow that lands right in someone else’s pot of gold.  Find out who is buying a mansion or private jet from your loss of health, money, or freedom.  Once you find that source, ask yourself what they believe that gets you to empty your wallet in their direction.  You’ve found the shared beliefs.  Let them go in your mind then go buy your own mansion.

The second piece of advice is don’t think too much.  Just let go of any thought that feels bad.  You can’t let go of the truth; so you can’t screw up.  Isn’t that cool.  I’ve given you something to do that you can’t mess up.  Now that has to be truth if I ever heard it.  Don’t tell anyone but that perfection, unconditionally loving God told me to tell you that.  And most important, never forget that the word belief has the word LIE within it because that is exactly what it is.

Cathy Eck, Ph.D. writes about ancient mysteries, the true meaning of ancient stories, and letting go of beliefs on  She also mentors people who want freedom and have a sense of humor.


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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