Kahuna Healing and Lack of Doubt

Letting Go of Doubt is Key to Healing
Letting go of Doubt is the Key to Healing

Kahuna Mental Healing

I’ve always been passionate about the Kahuna healers of Hawaii.  They are living proof that clearing the mind heals the body.  They have been successfully practicing mental healing for thousands of years.  In recent times, they have retreated from public scrutiny for their work was considered taboo.

I recently watched an interview with a practicing Kahuna.  When asked why they were so successful in their mental form of healing, the Kahuna simply replied that they had no doubt.  And for me, that said it all.

Living beyond doubt is a very strange notion for most of us.  Many people come to me for mentoring because they have so much doubt that they cannot even make a simple decision.  The problem is that we are taught to believe lies and to accept them as true.  So our natural decision making system becomes confused very early in life.  People have the voices of teachers, parents, preachers, and other authorities in their head all speaking in unison.  Which voice do they believe?  Who do they please?

Beliefs vs. Truth

There is an answer to this dilemma.  It is simple but not easy.  All beliefs are lies.  You know that by now if you’ve been following my blog.  The question we must ask about any belief is not if it is truthful because none of them are truthful.  We must ask if they are useful in a way that benefits everyone involved.  A belief can support us to accomplish a task or goal.  But if we start to believe that the belief is the absolute truth, we have changed the very foundation on which we stand.  We are not standing on rock; we are standing on sand.  The mind treats the truth as nonnegotiable.  It does not let go of whatever we have labeled as true.

So whatever we label as true becomes a part of our mind.  And our body reflects our mind.  The more beliefs we hold in mind, the further our body moves from its natural healthy self.  The more beliefs we hold, the more we contribute to a win-lose, divided world often without even knowing we are doing so.  In short, holding on to win-lose or good-evil beliefs is a ticket to suffering and death.

You often hear people say “I am a believer.”  They are really saying that the foundation on which they stand is a lie.  Usually, the people who say they are believers hold firmly to the idea that nonbelievers are bad.  They will fight hard if challenged.  That is a very important clue that they are not expressing the truth.  Truth is always win-win.  A belief that makes us inferior or superior is clearly a lie.  The false mind loves comparisons and competition.

In my lifetime of the study of beliefs, the one thing I have learned is that accepting the notion that truth is that which works for everyone is the best possible place to stand.  If our truth doesn’t work for another or holds them in a compromised place, then we are confusing a belief with the truth.

I learned this lesson very young.  My father was excommunicated from his church for inviting black people into the service.  I asked him how he felt about the event.  He said this:  “Any God that doesn’t love everyone equally is not God, and any church that doesn’t welcome everyone equally is not God’s house.”  When I heard those words, I just knew they were right.  I just knew that they would keep me straight.

But like most people, I lost that clarity later in life.  I started to believe that people were unequal; I started to honor the win-lose world.  And in the midst of my confusion, I one day remembered my dad’s words.  I started to apply that logic to each thought that arose in my mind; and within a short time, my clarity was back.

Eliminating Doubt

The more beliefs that we accept as true, the more doubt plagues us.  And since lack of doubt is key for healing according to the Kahunas, we lose our ability to self heal.  If we don’t know where to go or what to do, we’ve got some serious beliefs in the way.  But all we have to do is recognize the thoughts that are not win-win for everyone and drop them for no other reason than it is the compassionate and unconditionally loving thing to do.

If we were all to delete all of our beliefs tomorrow via some magical erasing program, we would all instantly agree.  We’d still have unique points of view; but they would work harmoniously with all other pure perspectives.  There would be no war, no hatred, and no crime.  And I suspect that most disease would also disappear very quickly.

Today, the healing ability of the Kahuna is no longer reserved for just a few.  Anyone can clear their mind of beliefs, let go of doubt, and return to a healthy, happy life.  All that is required is the desire to live from a place of win-win and the willingness to let go of win-lose thinking.  In time, we move back to our true Self, and the true Self has no doubt.  



Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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  1. Jaide

    Thanks Cathy for validating, it is what I felt. When I went to see my sick relative, I felt so much more stronger from the last time, which was prior to me going through this process. I made it as clear as possible to let them know by feeling that I could see their true self, which at the start made them a little startled, like they was a bit shocked that I could see them. Then there was a feeling of relieve from them while we looked at each other and I spoke.

    1. Cathy

      That’s great Jaide. I know when I’ve been stuck there is no greater feeling than others knowing its gonna be ok. Sometimes people don’t get that. They think they want sympathy. But that’s not helpful. Good job! Cathy

  2. Jaide

    Hi Cathy, when we have a sick relative who in the physical appear that they can’t heal themselves and we are letting go of their illness, are we helping them with their healing as well?

    1. Cathy

      Hi Jaide,
      Absolutely. It’s like you are taking weight off of them. Also as you let go, your True Self connection becomes more noticeable, which supports their True Self. It’s the True Self that heals, not the doctors or healers. So if you let go of what you see in them, and what they believe, you will remember them perfect. Then they often remember too. It’s not possible to cause harm by letting go. It can only help. Love Cathy

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