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Surfing In Bangladesh: A Film About Getting Beyond Our Limitations

This is Nashima surfing; look at that gorgeous smile!

About Nashima

Before you begin this article, here’s a little reminder. My writing is not like anyone else’s writing. I don’t write for your entertainment, nor do I write for you to learn from me. I have nothing to teach anyone. I write to expose beliefs as false so that you can let those beliefs go and get free of the illusion. Consequently, when you feel emotion while reading my articles, that means that you hold the belief that I’m exposing as false or the opposite of that belief in your mind. Don’t deny it, or push it away. Stop reading, and let it go. You only make progress toward freedom by letting go. Reading about freedom or talking about letting go doesn’t do a damn bit of good. 

I recommend that you use the triangle process or the Three Steps articles as a jumpstart if you don’t remember what to do when you feel emotion. Often when beliefs and emotions arise, people forget how to let go. Don’t be concerned if that happens to you. Our minds have been trained to hold on…not to let go. We’re breaking longstanding mental habits in initiation. 

At the Palm Springs film festival this year (2022), I saw an excellent documentary film called “Nashima.”  It was about surfing in Bangladesh.  Surfing started in Bangladesh about twenty years ago when a dude made something that looked like a surfboard and taught himself how to surf. For a while, a few women surfed in the proper, full-body bathing suits.  But the religion (Islam) and the culture said that surfing was just plain wrong for women.  So all but one woman, Nashima, quit.  This documentary was Nashima’s story.  

To make a long story short, Nashima’s passion for surfing kept her going for quite a while.  The religious and cultural critics couldn’t stop her. From my point of view, she was demonstrating the power of following one’s inspiration.  When Nashima would surf, her face had the biggest smile.  It was beautiful to watch her surf simply because she was so happy.  It wasn’t like her surfing ability was that great; it was her love for the sport that made her unique and interesting to watch. Today, joy is something we often overlook simply because we’re so obsessed with performance and talent. 

Nashima said that she didn’t need support from others.  She said that she didn’t care what others thought of her.  We’ve all been there. Nashima wasn’t lying; she didn’t needsupport. She knew in her heart that surfing was her joy and her life. Our True Self doesn’t ever NEED support. 

But there’s a HUGE difference between needing support and deserving support. When we come from our True Selves, we deserve support from everyone even though we don’t need it. But we rarely get such support because the collective illusion is filled with believers of all types; they want us to think, speak, and be like them. So often, we get the exact opposite of support. Consequently, we have to become very good at discrimination to live as our True Self; we have to let go of other people’s judgments and criticisms when they try to stop us. Eventually, all the naysayers will lose their steam if we don’t give in to them. But getting to that point can take time; and it requires patience and compassion for the naysayers. 

Believers of all kinds are at odds with their own True Selves; so they sure as hell won’t be supporting our True Selves. We have to understand that and not take it personally. That’s hard to do unless you KNOW the difference between a belief and the truth. 

Here’s the long and short of this dilemma. Believers will try to impose or project their beliefs on to anyone who shows up as a True Self. Most people face this challenge early in life. That’s because believers are envious of the True Self, and we are born into an illusion of believers. The part of our mind that holds beliefs is what I call the clone because often that mind aspect pretends to be our True Self; but it’s not our True Self. Our True Self will never be demanding, judging, critical, or punishing. Our True Self doesn’t have even one belief. Our True Self is quiet; it rarely uses words to inspire us. Clones want to defeat the True Self although they will never admit it. (I’ve written the whole story of how this came to be, and I work through countless examples of how to defeat clone voices in the Gold Circle.) 

The conflict between the True Self and clones shows up in every good-and-evil story ever written. It shows up in our lives too; our lives are a story, and we all want our story to end with “happily ever after.” Sadly, clones do a great job at pretending to be good; but they are actually the so-called “evil” in our stories. From birth, we are trained to support clones and ignore our own True Self. So most people in the world are supporting the illusion without realizing it. Every belief system is part of the illusion; there are no exceptions. 

Believers don’t want others to enjoy their lives when they’re holding themselves down with their own beliefs. Misery does love company. Now let me be clear; when I say “believers,” I’m not just talking about religious people of every faith. The New Age is a belief system. Positive thinkers are believers. Science is a belief system. Psychology and self-help are belief systems. Nutrition is a belief system. Politics is a belief system. I could go on and on. We are surrounded by believers of all kinds within the illusion, and that’s why it’s so damn hard to be ourselves. 

When believers hold themselves down, they become envious of any True Self. That’s where the games begin. I’ve heard many people say, “I can’t believe my mom was envious of me.” “I can’t believe my best friend was envious of me.” “I can’t believe my spouse was envious of me.” “I was just doing what I wanted to do.” In truth, the mom, friend, or spouse was resisting letting go and being their own True Self. For one reason or another, they felt the need to cling to their belief systems. Their beliefs, which formed a clone voice (or clone voices) in their mind, were holding them back from their own perfect life. So the clone felt the need to hold back their daughter/son, friend, or spouse, lest they would lose them. 

If the believers let go of the beliefs that caused them to envy another person, they’d be able to enjoy their lives too. But believers don’t know that they can let go of their beliefs…especially their long-standing beliefs. No peddler of beliefs ever teaches their followers to let go. When the believer feels envy, they generally blame the person who they think is causing the envy. That’s the person who is living and enjoying their life. Then they invent reasons for their envy; often, they think that the person they envy stole what rightfully belonged to them. But nothing an envious person thinks is EVER true; envy is an emotion, and all emotions mean the same thing…that our thinking is FALSE.

When people are coming from false, clone minds because they’re sure that their beliefs are true, they support others who are “like-minded.” They look for agreement. If we want freedom, and we find ourselves gravitating to, or pleased with, others who agree with us, we should look to see what clone in our mind wants that agreement. We should never support anyone’s beliefs (including our own) if we truly want freedom. If we all stopped that one big error, life on earth would gently return to Eden without anyone doing a damn thing to fix it. The illusion would disappear like fog lifting because the sun came out. 

Like-mindedness is NOT oneness; it’s nothing but false connections that keep the illusion intact. The New Age promoted the idea of oneness as shared beliefs; true oneness only exists between our True Selves. We should never have to think about oneness; our True Self connections never go away, even when we don’t notice them because we’ve become focused on the illusion. The New Age level confusion was just what the globalists needed to slip the idea of one global belief system into the collective mindset. They need one common belief system in order to rule over the entire world. So they cleverly poured very old wine into new bottles; and people bought that vinegar because it sounded like the truth. Now the globalists are doing the same thing with the ascension movement. They’re repeating the same, old trick that the Serpent played on Adam and Eve. Old clone tricks just keep recycling in the illusion; people start to get free, and then they get pulled into another trap. That’s why I expose them all. But my exposure doesn’t do any good unless people let go and start ignoring the next new and improved belief system. 

In addition, believers treat everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs as a foe, and that adds more fire to the illusion. I’m a foe to every believer. I don’t share anyone’s beliefs; but I come from a place of unconditional love. When we have no beliefs, we come from the True Self. I want people to have a life of freedom, joy, peace, and more. That’s why I do what I do. But most people have turned against their own True Selves by putting belief-filled clones into their minds. Since our True Selves have no beliefs and never will, the True Self appears to be a foe to every clone; and this was why no one was supporting Nashima’s surfing. 

Fortunately, when we have the support of our own True Self, we don’t give a damn about the support of others. But that perfect mental place is very hard to sustain when we’re living 24/7, 365 in a persistent illusion with believers surrounding us like sharks. That’s why initiation isn’t just a weekend workshop.

If we want freedom, it’s clear that we don’t want support for our beliefs. We don’t want to hang out in groups of like-minded believers. We just want people to leave us alone (mentally speaking), so we can live freely. Of course, we should all have natural support for each others’ True Selves. But natural support is not like the support that’s common within the illusion. It’s not about sappy praise or awards that take up space on our walls. It’s about sharing in each others’ joy and creativity. 

As I was watching the film, “Nashima,” I got to share her joy. I got to live vicariously through her life experience. That’s how we feel oneness with another. That’s when a film becomes memorable; you don’t want it to end. But as you’ll see in the second half of this article, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, to be clear, I wasn’t being positive or looking for the good in Nashima (Step 2.5 of the Three Steps). I simply wasn’t judging her or looking for problems that didn’t exist. 

When you are following your true desires, you know that no one can stop you. You can’t quit doing what you’re doing no matter what others say. At the same time, it doesn’t feel right that others are opposing you. You love those people. You don’t want to fight with them. Why are they opposing the very best part of you if they love you? Why are they opposing something that fills you with joy? You don’t care what they believe, and you aren’t asking them to change; so why do they care so much about what you don’t believe? If we don’t understand the dynamics of the illusion, and the minds of clones, we get pulled in. Clones are persistent because they think they hold the truth in their minds; they will do whatever it takes to get us to accept their beliefs as the truth. 

The religious and cultural believers in Bangladesh were clearly imposing their beliefs on Nashima, and it was getting to her as time went on. You could see it. They were wearing her down. Nashima was losing her joy; problems were getting in her way. That’s what happens when we start to fall into someone’s illusion. It feels horrible. 

As time goes on, most people give the clones power over them. I call that giving the clones the throne. Others say, “If you can’t beat them, you must join them.” It’s not easy to change the programming of a believer. So we have to keep our focus on our true desires, i.e., follow our inspiration (which comes from within, not from others). 

I’ve studied this for a very long time so that I could fully understand and share the way to freedom. We can only defeat a clone by getting to our True Self; we must know that the clone’s beliefs are false, powerless, and impotent. We must get that clone’s voice out of our mind completely. We can’t defeat a clone with better beliefs; in facts, the clones in power use divide and conquer so that we’ll fall into the trap of fighting over whose beliefs are best or right. A clone might defeat another clone, but the win won’t last. All clones have a win-lose, not win-win, mindset. We win in initiation by letting go and freeing our minds of all beliefs. When we win, others win too. No one is ever harmed by letting go; it’s holding on that is harmful.

If we pay attention to our emotions and notice that the believers’ words don’t ever feel good, we can get to the place where the clones have to feel their own emotions. They will not be able to project or impose their beliefs or emotions on to us if we remain in our True Self (Step Three). That’s why unconditional love is the best remedy for every problem. It fuels the truth while dissolving what’s false. But we can’t fake unconditional love until we make it, and this is where so many have gotten confused and stuck. 

Once we’re solid in unconditional love, even longstanding believers have the incentive to let go around us. Cause and effect is reunited in the same mind, and clones don’t like being stuck with their own emotions. So the clone is forced to see that its beliefs are false. That’s when we have the best chance of helping the people we love to let go. We are wasting our time telling others about letting go if they don’t want to let go. 

But we can always expose beliefs as false. Never worry about humiliating clones. A clone is nothing but a persona; it’s not the person’s true identity. So you can never hurt a clone, even if it said that you did. Clones lie to keep their false power. Everyone would be better off without clones. In initiation, instead of making others change to our belief systems, which only creates an illusion of oneness, we expose the beliefs in our minds as false, as well as the con artists who gave us those false beliefs in the past. 

As you probably know, that is easier said than done. Most people have been trained to never punch up at people in authority; people don’t even like when I do it for them. They associate exposure with punishment, like we’re all still living in the Inquisition. But I know that I can’t help people get free without exposing false beliefs as false. So I expose even when it’s uncomfortable. I know that the outcome of exposure is always win win and freedom for all.

As the film progressed, the false beliefs in Nashima’s mind grew in power.  Nashima’s life also got in the way of her surfing. She married young (as a teen), which is common in her culture; and a couple of years later, she had kids.  Now Nashima’s family and her husband were even more unsupportive of her surfing.  Moms don’t surf, wives don’t surf, and Muslim moms and wives definitely don’t surf. Their opposition to Nashima’s surfing became even stronger; so it was harder for Nashima to ignore them. 

The stress of becoming a mom also complicated Nashima’s life. She was very busy, and she was responsible for her children now. Her True Self appeared to be losing power to the clones’ (believers’) voices all around her. This is common in adulthood. Responsibilities cause us to accept the beliefs that we often ignored as a child. But we must realize that our True Self never goes away or dies; we just cover it up with beliefs. Our True Self wants to LIVE fully, and it will keep trying to do so. 

Once we decide that we can’t escape the illusion, we often join it. We put our true desires on the back burner; eventually, we take them off the stove altogether and stuff them in the back of the pantry. We think that we’ll get back to those desires one day, but our polluted false mind won’t allow that. Initiation, i.e., letting go, is the only way to get back to those true desires.

It was clear to me that this film was not really about surfing in Bangladesh.  It was about belief systems and how they stop us from living our true desires. Nashima’s surfing was a metaphor for her life; everything is a metaphor when we come from the True Self. Her inspiration was like catching a perfect wave. Her religious and cultural beliefs acted like an anchor that pulled her underwater, especially when those beliefs began to look real and true.  Those beliefs were causing Nashima to drown in the sea of consciousness. If she could let go of that anchor, however, she could float back to the top of the triangle, i.e., the surface of the water. Then every wave would be perfect. Once we see a story from the perspective of metaphor, which happens as we let go, the story makes sense for everyone. This is what people try to achieve within the illusion by sharing beliefs and writing stories about common illusory situations. But it doesn’t work. Beliefs, even good-sounding beliefs, will never work for everyone. We don’t want the same minds or the same lives as others. We are all meant to be unique.

We all have a True Self; and our True Selves are all in perfect harmony. This film was about keeping our True Self’s inspiration alive no matter how hard life became.  That’s the purpose of life for all of us. When we can find inspiration in the midst of suffering, the suffering disappears. Our purpose is not a special role within the illusion, and that’s the biggest mistake that most people make. They strive for success, security, or specialness within the illusion instead of freedom from the illusion. 

Nashima’s story highlighted the necessity for discrimination. We all live with clones who think their beliefs are absolutely true. This was a great film for our time. We will never be truly satisfied or joyful if we give up our true desires. That’s why most people “can’t get no satisfaction.” In fact, many people end up in regret as they grow older. On their death beds, they feel the regret for all of their unlived dreams. But we can change that with true initiation…not occult initiation. I have to be clear because occultists have hijacked all of the initiates’ words.

I loved this film because it showed someone who fought off the status quo for a lot longer than most people do.  I wanted Nashima to keep going and live from true freedom. But she didn’t know how to let go. Nevertheless, my support for her didn’t stop even when she nearly stopped surfing. I’ve found that when we support someone’s True Self, and don’t accept their beliefs as true, they often work their way out of their illusion in time. That’s my definition of having compassion for someone.

In times where the illusion seems to have more power than we do, we forget that unconditional love is much more powerful than any belief system.  We forget that unconditional love exists when we get stuck in the illusion; we can only access conditional love in the illusion, and it’s powerless. In the end, Nashima did get back to surfing; but her ease and freedom had diminished somewhat. You could see more force of will in her. So the film didn’t have what I call a full-circle ending. But Nashima’s life isn’t over; she’s a young woman living in an interesting time. There will be much more to her story.

The Disastrous After-Film Q&A

The director and producer of this film were at the film festival. They were both women.  I’m often reminded in the after-film Q&A that films (especially documentaries) are usually an expression of someone’s baggage; the filmmakers want others to accept their point of view (beliefs) as true. They’re trying to manifest like-mindedness. The filmmaker’s baggage triggers similar baggage in anyone who is like-minded in the audience during the after-film Q&A.  At film festivals, we learn about the hidden intention of the filmmakers by watching their shadows come to life in the audience members. 

This Q&A went south very quickly when a female audience member, who was a declared feminist, said that the world is screwed because of “toxic masculinity.”  She said that the film just pissed her off.  She loved Nashima, but it exposed the biggest problem in the world today.  She was loud and overbearing as she screamed: “Men are screwing up the world.” Her progressive, i.e., regressive, sound bites triggered others; and soon, the room was filled with hatred for ALL men.  Lots of hateful women were whining in unison about ALL men.  I guess feminists travel in groups. I watched as the men in the audience sunk down into their seats; they clearly wanted to disappear. It was ridiculous. 

That feminist was a perfect example of a clone; she thought that her beliefs were the truth. But she was spewing false beliefs on everyone in the theater. Sadly, the director and producer agreed with the feminist; so the conversation transformed into a giant man-hating festival. I walked out. The joy of Nashima’s smile had devolved into the darkest sewage of the illusion in minutes. 

This film had absolutely nothing to do with sexism. These women all saw their own baggage projected on to Nashima. Is that fair to her? You can’t fix a problem unless you see the real mental cause. Nashima was bound by religious and cultural beliefs.  That was so clear. I saw the real movie; so I saw the natural union of mental cause and physical effects. I would have mentored Nashima to let go of her religious and cultural beliefs so that she could break her false connections with her family and friends. Then she’d go back to the free Nashima that she used to be. She’d still have a true connection with everyone. When we’re in unconditional love (the True Self), we don’t tell others what to think, what to say, or who to be. This feminist was nowhere near unconditional love. She was sure that she was right!

The feminist saw her own illusion projected on to Nashima; but what she saw on the big screen was coming entirely from her OWN false mind. If she had known what she was doing, she would have been embarrassed. Nothing she said was true, and it wasn’t even on the screen. That’s what projection does; it takes something wonderful, and it turns it into a fucking mess. The problem is that believers (clones) don’t realize when they’re projecting. It happens when they are locked into the false masculine mindset, and they hold their own beliefs in mind as true. It’s quite funny that all feminists are actually stuck in their masculine minds; I’ll explain more about that in a minute. 

It is clones who project. From the clone’s illusory point of view, they see evidence of their undesirable beliefs in the outer world. They are seeing their own shadow; then, they want to fix their shadow outside of themselves. This is very common. In fact, most people are doing that for their profession…doctors, therapists, activists, scientists, etc. We can’t fix our shadow outside of us; the cause of the problem that we see in the other is in our OWN mind. If we can let go of the flaw that we see in the other, the object of our attention appears to change. The problem we see in the other goes away. But clones don’t know how to let go. So they keep repeating the same error every day of their life. They create constant drama. They make everyone around them miserable. 

The feminist woman who started this mess was sure that what she saw was on that screen. Now she was demanding support for her illusory point of view from everyone in the theater. Sadly, she got that support. The illusion is all about supporting beliefs and clones, not True Selves. When we are looking at the illusion from the false mind, it looks real and true. It’s actually real and false.

People tend to get very loud and very emotional when they hold their beliefs in mind as true; that’s why it’s so hard to ignore them. But their emotions are proof that what they’re thinking is false. That’s the basic test for letting go…emotions mean false. People like this feminist are severely psychologically reversed. If something outside of our mind bothers us, we are always projecting that out. This is what people do not realize. They spend their lives fixing others, or complaining about others, when they only need to fix their own mental containers.

Let me give you some more FACTS about this film. Nashima’s biggest supporters were the male surfers. The other female surfers took a hike when things got rough. The male surfers were always fighting for Nashima’s right to surf, and they even wanted her to compete with them in tournaments. How did the feminists miss the obvious?  It was loud and clear throughout the entire movie.  We become blinded by our beliefs once we relabel them as true. 

The male surfers support of Nashima was so endearing. It was one of the things that I liked most about the movie; and these feminists didn’t see that at all. This is what happens when we have baggage on any topic; it blinds us from seeing anything beautiful, perfect, or true. It keeps us from a free life. Then we can’t see that there is life beyond the illusion. Our world is a mess today because we have elected clones to power. Clones spend every day trying to fix their projected illusion. They never address real problems because they can’t see them. 

Did the feminist women in this theater deserve support for their point of view? Noooooooo! But the audience gave them support. Nashima became the victim of sexism with their false projection. How was that going to help her? Instead of supporting her True Self and her love of surfing, many feminist clones in the audience, as well as the producer and director, were now selfishly supporting their own FALSE cause. It made me wonder if the worst thing to have ever happened to Nashima was this film. Did these feminist filmmakers cause Nashima to lose her edge? Fortunately, I saw the film; and now, I’m exposing all of their asses as FALSE. This is the flaw in every social justice warrior and activist alive today. They harm the very people they claim to want to help. They demand our support and our money to fix their OWN false beliefs and illusions. We don’t need to fix illusions; when we let go, they disappear.

I saw Nashima as a true feminist and leader. She was going against the religious and cultural beliefs of her family, friends, and country. That’s huge. She was proving that she could do what she enjoyed regardless of her sex; and because she was so pure in her love of surfing, the men surfers supported her too. Do you realize how big that is in a Muslim culture? Nashima was the demo for these feminist women; but they were too busy fighting their own demons to see that Nashima gave them the answer to their faux problem just by living her life. 

These women will never find their inspiration if they don’t stop fueling their false beliefs. The feminist women tried to turn Nashima into a victim, when she never once saw herself as a victim. She saw herself as a leader. She said that several times in the film; and many other young women are now starting to surf again in Bangladesh because of Nashima’s leadership and persistence. 

I was shocked by this Q&A.  The clones who were projecting said something that was totally false; but normal people are so used to projection from clones that they don’t notice that whatever the projector said felt horrible. Clones are very psychologically reversed. Clones have zero discrimination. Clones also speak with conviction; so most people tend to doubt themselves when clones speak. Instead of ignoring the clone who was projecting, the normal person thinks that they missed something important. They go looking for whatever the projector saw; and then, they think they saw it too. Now these gullible people start supporting the clone who was lying. This is how the mainstream news or social activism works. It’s clever, but it’s nefarious. It’s why we have so many problems in the world today. 

When true leaders do come along, they are labeled racists, sexists, conspiracy theorists, etc. The clones in power want to keep their thrones. So they have to turn everyone against the people who can actually eliminate the problems. A true leader might appear to solve problems; but if you look closely, they are actually eliminating them. The problem was a false manifestation from a clone on a fake throne. In Idyllwild, California, the people elected a dog as mayor after suffering from decades of clone leadership. The dog has done a wonderful job because it doesn’t project out problems; and it’s very cute. 

People believe liars and deceivers, i.e., clones; then they spread their disinformation for them. This is what you see with groups like ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter. When someone tries to expose the liars and deceivers as false, the clones all come together to defend their illusion. They are operating from like-mindedness, which is fake oneness. They claim that the exposer is the one with the disinformation. 

Why on earth would people support an illusion instead of the truth? It’s crazy, but it’s not their fault; they are all victims of false education, social brainwashing, and minds that were filled with beliefs that have been mislabeled as true. Clones teach others to be like-minded clones. The illusion has gotten too big and too strong; and that’s why I expose it every day in every way that I can. I so appreciate those of you who help me by letting go of whatever you can and supporting my websites. That’s how we’ll rein in this collective illusion; and we’ll bring joy, peace, and freedom back to earth. We do it by exposing one belief at a time. It takes time, persistence, and patience.

With regard to sexism, it simply doesn’t exist. It’s always an illusion. So is racism, bigotry, homophobia, anti-semitism, and all of the other such labels. All labels are lies. When we believe a label to be true, we start to see ILLUSORY evidence of it. That’s just how our minds work. If we let the label go, we will no longer see evidence of that label in our life or in others. That’s why this site is called “No Labels No Lies.” The lies part refers to all beliefs; the word lie is right in the word belief so that we don’t forget. 

I worked in the corporate world when women were scarce in such places; and I was never mistreated, never paid less, and never abused. So I don’t see sexism; I never have. Feminists need to let go of their false beliefs; they are seeing an illusion and making that illusion into the truth. They are spreading lies. That’s harmful to themselves as well as others who believe them. I will never believe feminists, and neither should you. They don’t deserve to have anyone’s support for their faux beliefs. But I will always support someone like Nashima, even when Nashima can’t support herself. 

Did I see the same movie as these self-proclaimed “woke” women?  Yes I did; but we saw it from two very different points of view.  I was entertained and felt enormous love for all of the characters in the film…men and women.  Even the believers were simply doing what was done to them. They weren’t bad people. They didn’t want Nashima to be punished by their false God. Their intention was good even if their implementation was horrible. Besides, the believers weren’t the star of the show. The star was Nashima and her inspiration. I watched the movie from my True Self, and I got to share in Nashima’s joy when she was surfing. Meanwhile, the feminists spent two hours hating men for no reason at all.  Men aren’t toxic.  Belief systems and labels are toxic!  

There is more to this topic, so let’s dive in a little deeper.  I often talk about roles on my websites.  It’s the masculine role, not men that became toxic.  Then the feminine role followed the fall of the masculine role. This is a very old problem.  I explain the history of this problem in great detail in the Gold Circle and Golden Gateway. In short, the most widely-known masculine leader that stained the masculine role was Moses in the Old Testament of the Bible.  He was just like the globalists today. He’s been gone for a long time, but his legacy of false leaders lives on.  

In addition, Moses had a matriarchal, or feminine, point of view. The feminine role is naturally about receiving. When leaders in the masculine role want to receive rather than give, they lead from a false point of view. That was the problem with Moses, and it is the problem with many leaders today. A leader’s job is to empower the people, not line their pockets. 

Many people today, men and women, become tyrants and/or criminals just like Moses as soon as they get a little false power.  We all saw evidence of this during the Corona virus fiasco. The clones on thrones (men and women with roles of authority) had a inner toxic masculine that wanted to receive power from its followers without giving anything of value.  Giving others beliefs, rules, or judging and punishing them is giving nothing of value. They all did such horrible acts in order to get the approval of some clone who had power over them. Sadly, we become like the people we follow; and people still think Moses was a good leader…someone to follow. Oy vey! 

I’ve helped a lot of people in my work who were so sweet when they were in the feminine role or mindset.  But when they got the masculine role, they became a beast.  I can assure you that there’s no difference between men and women regarding the issues that we have with the false masculine role. So let’s correct these screaming feminists. 

Men are not toxic; the feminists’ own inner masculine mind was toxic. So when they watched this movie, they saw a man that triggered their own inner toxicity. Instead of letting go, they reinforced their false belief, “men are toxic.” I suspect that these women saw their own belief in the false God of the Old Testament, the one who judges and punishes, in the father and husband in the film. These women probably left religion behind and became “spiritual.” They just put ice cream on their manure. They didn’t let go of their old religious beliefs. That is very common today.

These woman need to go within their own minds and let go of their beliefs about the masculine role, which includes authority figures of all types; and then, they won’t see toxic men anymore. In fact, they will encounter men who will treat them the way that they want to be treated. There are lots of those men in the world. They don’t like to be called toxic when they’re not. Can you blame them?

We all have a masculine and feminine aspect to our minds.  What we have within is exactly what we see outside in the world.  Our minds were designed to work inner to outer. But most people today have minds that work outer to inner…that’s backwards. They have learned how to behave from others; and they’ve stored all of their memorized knowledge, rules, and beliefs (i.e., crap) in their false masculine minds. So their false masculine mind is toxic. But that can be cleaned up by letting go. 

Likewise, those who see bitchy women everywhere must look within and let go of their own bitchy feminine.  Their feminine is weak; they are not using their emotions to discriminate. If they clean up their own inner feminine, and they use their emotions as designed, they won’t fear or even notice bitchy women anymore. Today, many men see bitchy women everywhere, and many women see toxic men everywhere. They have an inner, not an outer, problem. 

If everyone in that theater had let go when they felt emotion during the film, they would have seen the same film that I saw.  Our true support for Nashima would have been a huge gift to her…a gift that she deserves in my opinion. It’s a shame that they missed such a beautiful story about such a sweet, young woman. But sadly, letting go has been hidden, and discrimination has been confused, for thousands of years. So it’s not really anyone’s fault that we are sharing this illusory predicament today. We all do better once we know how to do better.

The feminists were doing to Nashima what they were programmed to do. I’m doing my best to change that programming by exposing it as false. But I tend to run into clones just like Nashima. The support for letting go might be deserved, but it’s not always there. I’m forever wiping the sweat off the people who choose initiation and sending them right back into the ring for another round. Initiation is not an easy path to take. Likewise, I have to keep following my own inspiration in spite of others who think that their belief systems are true; they would prefer that I don’t help people to let go. They fear losing their clone thrones. 

The support for the con artists that promote beliefs is still pretty damn strong. People still think they need to be with others of like minds, and they don’t realize that they’re keeping the matrix of false connections alive by doing that. So the problems, diseases, and suffering of the illusion continue. As we let go and become true leaders, like Nashima demonstrated in the film; we prove that life outside of the illusion of beliefs does exist, and that becomes our gift to others. It’s an unconditional gift that they can accept whenever they are ready. Initiation is the key that unlocks the Gateway to Gold, i.e., the entrance to Eden. It’s a perspective, not a place. That’s why there’s room for everyone.