Ten Signs That Your True Self is Waking Up (Spiritual Awakening)

By Cathy • June 30th, 2012
People are waking up and are often confused by the signs and symptoms

Remember your spiritual True Self can be very disturbing and confusing if you don’t know the symptoms and signs!

By Cathy Eck

Spiritual Awakening?

Many people around the world are in the process of what’s often called spiritual awakening; or as I call it, remembering their True Self.  I say remembering, not awakening, because your spirit has always been awake.  It didn’t fall, die, or disappear.  You just covered it up with beliefs and false reasoning.  Now you’re questioning those lies.  The reason that I wrote this blog and http://nolablesnolies.com is to help people through this difficult phase of life.  Most techniques and explanations out there today produce fear, frustration, and suffering.  They don’t help one get to their true goal of mental and emotional freedom because they think the spirit is awakening, when really we’re being called to drop the false self.  No one has ever told us how to do that.

When this happens, we look at the civilized world, produced by the wealthy élite, and we just know that it’s all a bunch of lies.  We see holes in the logic of politics, religion, and education.  We listen to the news and recognize the bias with which it’s presented.  We’re tired of superficial conversations and people with socially proper masks.

We just want to be our SELVES!

People in the process of spiritual awakening hear a friendly, unconditionally loving voice that says, “Don’t listen to other people.  Follow me.  Do your own thing.  Listen to your heart.”  Call it their passion or call it their True Self, as I do; it’s a much more pleasant voice to honor.  People soon realize that this voice feels good; and that old, critical and punishing voice feels terrible.


The Big Psychological Reversal

Thousands of years ago, the Lords, Priests, and Kings reversed our psychological perspective for their own benefit.  Originally, we were spiritual beings that followed our heart, our joy, and our passion.  Staying on our own path and achieving our destiny was easy.

But then things changed.  Most myths and legends say that some people became power-hungry.  They wanted others to serve them and their needs.  Or perhaps they wanted to make life a bit more interesting and challenging.  The reason this psychological reversal occurred is unclear.  But there is no question that it actually occurred.

Humans were slowly conditioned through stories and laws to believe that thoughts which felt bad were true; and thoughts that felt good were imaginary or temptations to trick us.  This enabled the élite, who created this giant web of lies, to get rich, powerful, and have plenty of slaves to fulfill their needs.  They didn’t believe their own lies.  But masses of people believed their lies and lived small, unfulfilled lives.  Sadly, most of the population still believes these same lies and still accepts beliefs that don’t feel good without even a hint of discrimination.


People are Catching On

This is such a wonderful time.  The false matrix or illusion, which held everyone bound in slavery, is losing its power; and those who support it are being exposed.  People now question the leaders who sound great but feel terrible.  They question false authority and choose to ignore it.  As more and more people catch this wave of truth, unconditional love, and freedom, we can all move toward paradise on earth very quickly if people let go of the old beliefs.  And therein lies the problem.  People don’t know how to let go of their old beliefs.  Their minds are at war between the old and the True.   They aren’t sure what is True and what is false.  And too many channels and New Age teachers are offering reasons that aren’t correct or helpful.  Techniques that got us  to see the facade don’t get us out of it.

As I learned how to discriminate between the different voices in my mind, I’ve discovered many of the traps and tricks that the false mind uses to keep us enslaved.  Once we recognize these traps, we no longer fall for them.  You realize they are tricks when you let them know that you know they are not true, and they eventually yield.  The truth is always more powerful than beliefs or lies.


False Labels and Lies

Sadly, many of the signs of spiritual awakening have been labeled as problems or diseases; this causes us to get trapped in the false world again and again.  We think there is something wrong when there is actually something right.

So here are a few signs of spiritual awakening (or remembering our True Self) that are often mislabeled as flaws or problems.  You don’t need to have them all (or any for that matter), so don’t create those you don’t have.  If you have noticed any of these errors in your mind, simply let them go when they arise by noticing the thoughts don’t feel good and reminding yourself that they are not true.  If you need help letting go, see my other blog, No Labels, No Lies.

False notions always come with emotion, usually lots of it.  And we’ve often numbed ourselves to emotions in the past.  We did this because we felt trapped; and when in prison, it is more pleasant to numb yourself than to feel emotional pain.  Many of us created positive, happy personalities to mask our pain.  Others simply wallowed in the sadness and hoped for a little attention.  We must be willing to feel again to know true from false.  We must be willing to call our mind on its games and payoffs and stop giving them energy.


1.  People who once sounded intelligent or spiritual now sound ridiculous.  

I was recently on a cruise ship where a Rabbi provided a daily, religious service.  He spoke about the story of Noah’s ark.  He never once offered a symbolic interpretation or even a lesson.  He told it as real proof and reason to fear the end times, God hates us, story.  I almost started to laugh.  He really took that story seriously.  He really thought that animals marched on the ark two by two.  He was an adult, a mature man, who never questioned the logic of the story.  He sounded like a child.  And people applauded his sermon. They didn’t question his words because he was an authority.

How do I know that story is not true?  I could say it is illogical to think that one man could get two of every species of animals on an ark.  I couldn’t even get my dog and my cat in the same room.  But logic can lie.  A better reason is that the notion that God would wipe out his own human children doesn’t feel good.  I’ve learned that when our emotions roar we are thinking or hewing a belief, not the truth.

When we find the perspective where logic and emotions agree, we’ve found the truth.  We’ve found the perspective of the God and Goddess who were united in the ancient alchemical marriage.

One of the tricks that the old patriarchal Lords used to subdue the masses was to tell a story with a hero that followed their rules.  The people focused on the hero consciously while their unconscious took in the true intention of the story, which was to program the people to think they were powerless mortals.  The story was designed to make people fear God’s wrath.  It sent an unconscious message that God was vengeful and powerful; and we had better obey like Noah.  Once we accepted a story as true, we begin to see proof of it.  Our world reflects what we believe to be true until we let our beliefs go.  So the story takes on a life of its own.  We no longer challenge its validity.

People point to the Bible as the word of God as proof for the stories.  The Bible was written by initiates, and they didn’t perceive the world like people do today (but we’ll leave that for another article).  The truth is that God fell, not humans.  S/he went from being a creator to a punishing judgmental male jerk (a projection of the leaders of the time).

Ancient writers held a different understanding of the word God.  It originally meant ancestors or leaders.  The word Lord was similar.  God became associated with punishing, jealous, angry dictators who were a far cry from the unconditional loving perfection of what the indigenous ancient people saw as the Great Spirit, Creator, or the initiates called the Grand Architect.


2. You feel constant emotion around other people.  

This is a very confusing symptom.  People often believe they are depressed, bipolar, or going insane.  They also often think the emotions are coming from others.  They usually aren’t.  The emotions are caused by believing what others are saying; and the others aren’t speaking truthfully.  We should just ignore them.  But we developed this habit as children.

The false self, wanting to stay alive, never tells the truth.  Our false self is personal; it was not meant to be connected to others.  However, we acquire it from others so we create false connections like cords that feel like relationship but are really just shared beliefs.  When we meet others with the same false beliefs, we feel related and safe.  But this is a false relationship.  Our True Self doesn’t connect with others around beliefs; in fact, you can’t break a true Self connection.  You can only mask it with false self relating.  Thus unconditional love never dies; but romance fades over time.

Let’s say that you shared a cultural belief or tradition with your family.  Now you start challenging your own mind and letting go of false beliefs.  You recognize that this tradition was only a belief.  You feel disconnected from your family.  You still have a True-Self connection, but the false-self connection is now broken.  That can feel like a loss although it is really a gain.


3.  The body demonstrates the symptoms of all the illnesses we once believed were real.  

This is a good one.  Most of us connected our mind to our body.  Our mind holds beliefs about diseases, and we are sure they are real.  If we meet the conditions for the diseases we hold in mind, we get them.  We were taught about diseases from authorities who had conviction that they were real.

We are naturally healthy; only a false self can get a disease.  To get free of the disease mindset, we have to face all of our beliefs and let them go.  So our body will show us what we believe.  Our job is to recognize the belief and let it go.

This is tricky.  If we are working as a healer, we might say we believe in health.  But then what are we treating?  In my work, I have to let go of the belief that people are not free or else I keep them stuck.  If they bring up a lie, I don’t go into a protocol.  I simply recognize the lie and let it go in my mind.  That gives them the freedom to do the same.

When disease symptoms first arose within my body, I thought I was being punished by the mean God in the sky.  I could not find the cause.  Sometimes my body was giving me a specific message; but more often I had just accepted a belief in the disease from another.   We have to remember that doctors and healers don’t have an income if we are well.  They have little motivation to see us as perfect.  Once we see this, we stop asking them to keep us healthy.  They can’t do it because they hold in mind a huge catalog of things that go wrong with bodies.  They can’t imagine a person who is perfectly healthy; so don’t ask them to do so.


4.  We feel like we don’t belong.  

We go to the doctor and feel like we don’t belong.  We don’t.  We go to church and feel like we don’t belong.  We don’t.   We take a class and find the information doesn’t feel good.  These were all places that we previously went to feel safe or included.  They are often hang outs for false selves.  The false self hates being alone.  It wants to be among like-minded people.

Oh we definitely DO belong in the world.  The world was designed for the True Self, not the false self.

It is the false self that doesn’t belong.  Often it is very hard to remember that when we see how well the world accommodates false selves.


5.  We can no longer work for the man.  

We finally quit that secure job, and our family and friends lose it.  They’re sure we’ll be homeless; and if we share our family and friend’s beliefs, we will be.

We’ve lost our ability to play the master-slave game.  That is a cause for celebration.  But it often doesn’t feel like a celebration if we are surrounded by people who remind us that our future home will be the sidewalk on Main Street.  Don’t worry.  They are just showing us some of our fears that we still unconsciously believe.  Notice that none of the things they say feel good so they are not true.  A belief will leave when you no longer believe it.  It needs your attention to thrive.

How do you know they are lying or speaking from the false self?  After all, they think they have your best interests in mind.  People only speak what they believe.  The truth is in everyone.  It needs no expression.  You know untrue statements because they don’t feel good.  Our emotions show us what is true and what is false.  And if we let go of all the false thoughts, eventually we are left with nothing but truth.  The truth was always there; it was just covered by a big pile of manure.

Our desires show up and pull us forward so that we can see our beliefs and let them go.  We are not meant to struggle to fulfill our dreams.  We are not meant to work to make another rich.  It is not virtuous to work hard in a job we hate.  Our work was meant to be a labor of love, and we cannot be happy until we achieve that.


6.  We lose our empathy.  

This sign of spiritual awakening upset me so much.  I thought I was becoming a bad person.  I thought I was turning into a robot without emotion.  I thought I had Asperger’s syndrome.  But when we awaken, we recognize that our emotions are pointing to our thoughts only.  To emote about another’s thoughts is like feeding your friend because you are hungry.  It’s stupid.  We learn to replace empathy with compassion.

Compassion means that when you are sitting before me flushing your shit all over me, I recognize that it is not true.  I don’t believe a word you say.  I may even remind you that you are believing lies and not being true to your authentic Self.  I don’t agree with you.  I don’t pick you up or sympathize.  I merely help you discriminate.  I help you to return to your own true Self where there are no problems.  The best example of this is Jesus.  He never believed another’s lies, and that is why he could heal anything.  He was not sympathetic, he was compassionate.

We live in a world where we feel sorry for others, and then we get approval for being sympathetic.  We fish for others, and they never learn to fish.  People learn to fish when we tell them how to fish and trust them to do it.  Sympathy never frees anyone; in fact, it keeps the person who gives it and the one who receives it in the prison of the false self.


7.  You feel like you have no purpose.  

All those fake purposes of serving others lose their luster.  You can’t imagine doing the things that you used to do.  You feel the need to do something but don’t know what to do.  Often, you have no motivation to do much except heal your own mind.

That is great news.  That is your purpose.  Jesus said it well.  “Find ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you.”

You’re bored with the old world of good and evil; you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You think hard work is stupid.  And you look like a complete ass to the rest of the world.  You look lazy as you find no motivation to work hard anymore.

Congratulations, you’re True Self is screaming.  Don’t worry about your purpose or try to explain yourself to anyone.  Just keep letting go of the beliefs that pollute your mind or tell you what you should do.  Don’t take on new beliefs.  That’s a big trap for many.  Freedom is not believing anything.  We just know.


8.  You can’t stand small talk anymore.  

Remember all those parties that were so fun where you played silly games and talked about your problems for hours.  Those don’t cut it anymore.  When someone says, “How are you?”  you know that they don’t care.  When they ask you what you do, you have no frickin’ idea how to explain it without being judged.

So here is how to handle this situation.  Take control of your conversations.  Talk about what you love or desire.  The person will either find you enjoyable or run for the hills.  Either way, you don’t have to waste time in small talk.

I once met a nurse that wanted to hear more about what I did.  So I asked her if she ever saw someone die.  At first she felt uncomfortable, but she engaged with me.  We had an amazing conversation.  She actually enjoyed it.  And I found her perceptions fascinating.


9.  You run like hell from religious people.  

Once you wake up, you can see religion correctly.  Religion must serve the spirit, not the other way around.  Once awake, you see the true meaning of the Holy books.  I can assure you that the masses are not even close.

As long as others are trying to save you, convert you, or fix you, you still believe what they are saying unconsciously.  I know that is hard to hear if you are recovering from some religion that you believe you left.  But old religious beliefs tend to get suppressed.  So we project them on the outside world.  If we are still afraid of our zealous friends, we need to dissect our own mind.

When you are in the midst of spiritual awakening, you’ve at least questioned the punishing, angry, jealous God story.  But do you completely know it is not true?  This is the key.  You can’t be free until you absolutely know that story is a lie.  And you don’t know it is a lie until you have completely reclaimed your sense of discrimination.

You know that it is a lie, when you have remembered that any idea that feels bad is a lie, a mere belief.  Until you have completely removed that belief, you will attract people who will give you one more rendition of the “saved by Jesus” dance.

I had this one big time.  I used to hide from the religious zealots of the world.  Then I got clear, and now I am direct and honest with them.  I used to feel that I had to prove my spirituality to them.  Now I ask them to prove their religion to me.

I knew that the punishing God story was a lie when one day I realized that I would never, ever do or think the things that Jehovah did; therefore, he was less than me, not more.  He was a false God, a god of the illusion (a projection of Moses’ false self).  He is no more real than Santa Claus.


10.  People see their own reflection in you.

This is the sign of spiritual awakening that sends people right back into the illusion because it is how we got programmed in the beginning from our parents and other authority figures.  People in the illusion, who live from the false self, can’t see the truth.  They can only see their own filter of the world.  So they look at you and can’t see the changes you’ve made, they see their old judgments of you even though you know they are lies, and they treat you like other people from their past.

This created so much pain for me.  When I was letting go at a rapid speed, I was married to a man who could only see his mother in me.  I knew that I was not his mother, but he didn’t.  We had conversations that made no sense.  He’d even see physical issues in me that did not exist but had existed in his mother.  When I believed him, I felt crazy.  When I didn’t believe him, he’d say I was crazy.  It was simply time to get out.  My belief that we were married (marriage is a false self ceremony created by man) allowed this false relationship to continue.

Our parents often play this same role when they don’t see our new heart-centered ways.  We are labeled lazy or crazy.  This is the hardest part of the journey because we are facing our handlers from the past, the people who installed our false self into our minds.  They created us in their preferred image and likeness, and they don’t like when we reject their creation.  But without this step, we cannot be free.


See the Signs of Spiritual Awakening

The true world is 180 degrees from the false illusion.  So things that are problems in the illusion are really signs of spiritual awakening when we are on the fast train to paradise.  We have to pay attention because often the old signs that we followed were directing us down the path of hell, not leading us to the promised land.

The mind can trick us into thinking the illusion of pain and suffering is real.  Each time it gets us to believe the old lies, it temporarily pulls us back into its false world.  But once we get a glimpse of truth, that old illusion feels really bad.  Allow that bad feeling to push you harder toward freedom.  Use it as a reminder to let go.  Trust that your emotions are exposing the lies and beliefs in your mind, and let them go quickly.

Stay with it.  Often when the world seems the most dark and things look hopeless, if we just let go of one more lie, a level of clarity appears; and we see a sign that reminds us that we are headed in the right direction.  We gas up the car and keep driving.  We’ll be there soon.


Another post related to this one is:  Thirteen Signs You’re Freedom Bound!

Cathy Eck has a Ph.D. in esoteric studies.  She has discovered that diseases, problems, and stress can be traced to false religious or medical beliefs.  If you’d like to completely recover from religion or disease, check out any of the articles on Freedom from Beliefs (Lies) category on this site or No Labels, No Lies.



I keep coming back to this article to remind me that I’m completely off my rockers : ))

Excellent article. Helps to be reminded … today I needed to be reminded that it is okay to no longer have a sense of purpose. I used to feel so driven until a major crisis 18 months ago and I’ve never been able to feel that motivation again. I thought I had lost something precious and had given up. But maybe it really is okay to just work on clearing my beliefs and see what happens next.

: ) Helle

I am new to this site and am reading each and every article. I read this as I feel I am at a spiritual point in my life. I am soul searching for a purpose, then I read #7 above “you feel like you have no purpose”. I know that motivation, and drive feeling, somewhere I lost it. I loved to walk miles a day, now I can go with it or without it. I got laid off of work about a month ago and living in snowy Maine, there isn’t much to do outside. Except shovel! I did lots of that. I find it being ok for me to “Just Be” I have no guilt, fear, shame, and on and on because I can sit and look out the window. I feel at complete peace with myself. Yet, I know this is just the tip of what I want to feel. I don’t even know if this is making sense. I just know I have never been at a place in myself where I feel calm and no stress. I know things are churning inside, I work at stepping aside and let it be. I do have great faith in God and know he is going to have me be exactly where I need to be. I am in no hurry to find a job (at least in this moment) I think what I am feeling is my job for this time. I am learning lots from the articles I have read and so look forward to seeing what else my true self has in store for me.

Peace to you,

By gatewaytogold on February 28th, 2013 at 5:59 pm

You are heading the right way, Annemarie, and the signs are telling you that. Just keep going. You might also like my other site which has shorter articles on different topics. It is http://nolabelsnolies.com. My goal is to provide the support and community for people like you to keep moving toward your True Self and not feel pulled to turn back. That is how we change the world. Thank you for writing. Cathy

Great article. Im having a hard time with my partner. He says im negative and I dont get excited for anything. I know he doesnt understand and I dont judge him even if it seems like we are growing apart. Events happened that have impacted my view of everything. Its a lonely road. Im glad I found this article. Thank you.

By gatewaytogold on March 9th, 2013 at 7:57 pm

It isn’t uncommon for people to grow apart when one steps on the path of apiritual awakening. Just know there is nothing wrong with you and what you are experiencing is good even if it makes him uncomfortable. Thank you for your comment. Cathy

Thanks for this helpful article. I going through must of the situations you wrote about, specially the second one. Sometimes I think I am going crazy or I’m bipolar and it gives me a little headache and anxious because I’m not sure. It’s hard to keep in mind this new beliefs when all the people that surrounds you keep telling you that you live in a different reality. I’m doing the steps to became an independent person, but It’s very hard to me accept that I have to do some jobs that don’t make any senses, like waitress. I also feel a lot of emotions and have a lot of stupid thoughts when I’m with others, like a stream of old beliefs that I can’t handled because they are to many and very strong. So this article gave me the hope that there is an end to all this big confusion I’m passing through. Thanks again.

By Craig Spencer on June 12th, 2013 at 10:00 pm

I cant tell thank you enough for this article. I experienced much of what you stated. Every now and again I need a reminder that I am not crazy!! I believe in my heart it was pain that brought me this wondrous gift of awakening. I spent the better part of thirty years not believing in anything due to the simple fact that we do live in a matrix of lies!! I couldn’t accept what I was being taught, therefore I chose not to believe in a God. When going through a divorce in 2008 I started seeking for the pain was overbearing. I read the Bible (King James) instead of listening to teachers. I read the Noble Quran, I studied Buddhism, and read several Dead Sea Scrolls. Then one day I was showering, praying to take away this pain when a burst of light entered my mind and in an instant this flash of knowledge so profound went through my head. In that flash I was able to connect everything I had been reading and I now attribute the Gnostics (combined with other teachings) to this awakening. It felt as though a breath of fresh air had entered my body and lifted me up, however it was so strong I dropped to my knees and started crying with JOY!!! I know this may sound crazy and I know its different for everyone but mine was so powerful I nearly lost it. I lived in darkness most my life and this new spiritual feeling inside me was the most uplifting thing I have ever felt and I knew there was a Creator. I quit my engineering job at Boeing and my family thought I was nuts but I could no longer work for the man. There was a problem though, the old beliefs kept trying to creep back in and my family made sure to convince me that Jesus was going to save me for Satan had me in his grip. My mom then diagnosed me bipolar (LOL) and sought to have me committed. It wasn’t until I started shutting my mouth about these new ideas I was having that she subsided. The truth of the matter I found is we are all Sons of God…not just Jesus and he cant save me although focusing on just a few of his teachings can. He is a loving God and I no longer fear His wrath. For the first time in my life I am an individual and I refuse to join the masses ever again!!! There are just a few things I focus on now. The Sadducees, Pharisees, and Scribes are liars! Put Him first in all you do! Don’t lie, cheat, steal and when you do make amends fast!!! Love everyone as you do yourself! Screw their lies and quit feeling guilty!!! The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. God is LOVE and LOVE=TRUTH!!! That’s all folks. I love being crazy!!!

And I love that you are crazy too. Keep up the good work. Today’s nuts are tomorrow’s oak trees.

Love what you wrote Cathy. It’s really great to hear other people sharing their spiritual experiences. There’s a truth in all of us. It’s so simple, yet so complicated when we look the wrong way. I would love to hear from all of you some day! a bunch of wackos! lol. Please feel free to visit my blog (spiritualwellbeing.ca) and share your thoughts, i would love to get feedback. Hope it will contribute to the awakening process,


What a amazing read, i am going through this myself, would love to connect with other people going through this, was wondering if anyone knew any good forums in which to do that?

great article


Sorry I don’t know of any forums. Thank you for your comment. Cathy

Really, really powerful stuff. The reason I’m reading this is because currently I’m experience many of the symptoms you describe above. Even though I’ve been into spirituallity since I was young, I’m pretty sure I awoke 2 years ago and since then my drive for something more has been nuts. It feels like I’m walking around in a world that does not understand my point of view. I’m having doubts about finishing my studies, working a job, etc. simply because it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. I don’t enjoy it. The whole world is screaming that I have to do, something however. I’m only focussed on becoming more of my Self. I have a strong feeling that I want to flee this broken record of people repeating the same mantra’s in real life saying I should do this and that. If they would have told me the same things 10 years ago I would’ve believed them. Now it doesn’t make sense what they are saying anymore and the difficult part is that they can’t seem to put themselves in my perspective. It is as if I have a whole different look on things than most people around me. Even though I believe in my heart that what I’m doing is right… my world feels like its upside down at the moment and I’m not sure what I’m suppost to do besides look for peace and positivity and take time to purify myself.

Thank you for writing to me. I completely understand your perspective and have been there.
But there is more that you can do. What you are seeking is completely freedom from the
status quo so you can be yourself in the world regardless of what everyone else thinks or does.

I provide free support for that on my other website. I have over 100 articles on letting go
and breaking free on that site. The address is http://nolabelsnolies.com. I created that site
to make life easier and to provide support for people just like you. You aren’t alone.

I hope that is helpful to you.

How fantastic it is to read all of this! You have no idea how alone I have felt. I probably have every symptom listed! The only query I have is how do you let things go. I’m really strugglng with this. A few things happened to me during childhood and they keep resurfacing. I don’t understand how to tell myself the things are not true when they really did happen? I have truely forgiven all concerned but still they return to my mind again and again – they are causing so much sadness and I’m finding it hard to move forward. Any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you Dee…glad it was helpful. You can learn how to let go at my other website http://nolabelsnolies.com. Start with the earliest posts and the posts build as time goes on. Cathy

Thank you for this article. Over the last two years, I have meditated daily. I reached a low point in my life, previously, to where I began to experience basically all of these symptoms. I actually am currently in my second year of law school, and although I plan to press on and finish (for my family’s sake), I find myself looking out the window of the library thinking thoughts such as “the prisons of the world take many forms”. A great deal of the time when I find that I am in what I consider to be a mindful state, I feel as if maybe there is something wrong with me because I have an almost complete lack of inner dialogue. I have read articles claiming that these are signs of Electromagnetic Field Sickness, psychosis, etc. It is nice to hear a like minded standpoint. I believe my spirituality to be “correct” with all of me, but the skepticism I have gained since recognizing the problem of ego and my changed perception on the world leads me to think “you can never be 100% sure of anything, almost no one can”, basically the core fundamental of quantum mechanics. Naysayers will say what they want, you can almost “see” the egos of others manifest when you speak of “oneness” or “death of the ego” or “treating others kindly” or being honest, not because you lack the ability to lie, because you feel it is toxic for the soul. I believe this is a beautiful time in human history, those who are waking up (which I believe to be, at least partially, contributed to the free flowing knowledge of the internet having an impact on the “collective consciousness”) need to be supportive of each other. I am not alone, and neither are you. Love and Light are what drive this universe, all perceptions of “evil” can be traced back to the disease known as ego. Namaste.

Thank you for your comment. I felt exactly as you did. But you see enlightenment isn’t the end of the road.
It is a misconception that creates a false endpoint to the journey to freedom and pure joyous creativity.

We see how the world works, and then we must let it go and return to our True Self. Meditation doesn’t get us there.
It takes us above our body, but ultimately we want to be in the body and feel as if we are meditating. That path has
been called the path of initiation in ancient times. And that is what I share. We travel that path by
letting go of beliefs and labels that we have been defined by in the past. Then we are reborn and create as pure
creators. And we can’t be alone since we have a true connection with everyone.

I write about that on this site as well as my other site: http://Gatewaytogold.com. Have a wonderful journey to freedom.

I can relate to everything in this article. I had what felt like jumper cables used to wake me up and I haven’t been the same ever since. What I saw / experienced can’t be put in words and my family thought I was nuts when I tried. I have a strong desire to not be in this life anymore because I had a glimpse of something else and I long to be there instead. Its gotten to the point of feeling severely detached and depressed about still being in this life. At times I have clarity and other times my mind is a mass of confusion. I almost can’t deal with it…

Thanks for writing Lisa. You aren’t alone on that feeling. The strange thing is that when our emotions start to work as they were designed, we’re often considered nuts. We start to see through the facades, and people don’t want to be exposed. But it does get better with time if you let go. I promise. Cathy

By anushreeagarwal on May 19th, 2014 at 12:00 am

Hi Cathy, Read your article and makes a lot of sense. Its just that I realised I was an empath only last year and before that I was just a girl with weird moodiness, love, telepathic tendencies, etc to the world. I mostly felt out of place and was trying hard to fit in. Sometimes, I could feel pain of people sitting across miles without even they telling me.

Before this realisation, I used to excel at my job and did really well everywhere. But now there has been such a sudden shift in me. I don’t feel like going to work anymore, all I want is to sit in Natures lap and keep gazing and absorbing the nectar of nature. I don’t align with corporate goals anymore.

The only hitch is I don’t have financial backup to Dp all of this. I don’t even know where to start from. All I do is just feel lost, because the world and the dictums don’t make sense to me.

Maybe if u have some thoughts that ‘ll be great.

Love and joy

Hello Anu,
I had much of the same problem. First of all I want to recommend an article on my other website: http://nolabelsnolies.com/sympathy-empathy-compassion/.
Many people have found this helpful. You see empathy is a stage and a label. It isn’t the destination. So you want to be able to use those valuable emotions to show you
what is false in the person or in your mind and let it go (also explained more on No Labels No Lies). Then you move up to compassion, which most people don’t understand.
Compassion is when we recognize that what another is doing or saying or believing doesn’t feel good, and it isn’t true so we let go of that belief as being who they are
and allow them freedom from it. It is exactly how Jesus healed. He didn’t have empathy or sympathy; he had compassion. And that is where real power lies.

As you do that, you find your place within the world where you can make the biggest difference and that takes care of your financial problems. Hope that helps some
if not write to me and I’ll guide you to other articles or offer more information that I hope will make a difference. Most of what is out there gets us to the place of empathy,
but what I write about will take you to true compassion. Love, Cathy

I needed to hear #7 as I have struggled with it so much lately, even though I know the only thing I have to do is just be! The world tries to tell me I need to do something in order to be successful. I will focus on my inner self and my family. Thanks, I can relax once again.

Thank you for your comment Cassandra. That one gets a lot of us. The world loves to tell us what to do and how to do it when we already know everything we need. Glad you are now relaxing into that. Cathy

By Holly Hamilton on July 28th, 2014 at 6:42 am

I enjoyed this article a lot and looked it up because I got really scared suddenly and didn’t know why. I couldn’t understand the feeling and I felt like I’d left my body, but then I realized while reading this it wasn’t bad. I was just feeling afraid for punishment from an attacking entity for helping my friends yesterday by helping to suddenly cleanse and open up their chakras. When I did so they said they felt better which made me happy and hopefully they continue to do so. What I really noticed about this article too though is that I’ve felt many ways similar to this article and it’s only a matter of time before I awaken according to my spiritual teachers/ friends. To be honest though I was trying to figure out what pressure on the forehead and feeling whole while it happened meant. Thank you for the article though it was very interesting to read.

Hi Holly,
The fear was the belief that an entity was attacking you. That’s false. There are no entities. That’s New Age lies that scare people when religion is wearing off. Awakening is about remembering who you are and that you are safe, free, and calm all the time. Sadly many have this confused. You have nothing to fear. Thank you for your comment. Love, Cathy


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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.