When I discovered his incredible WISDOM many years ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would find a way to share it as free information.  Luckily the internet was in the process of being born at that time.  My blogs are the manifestation of my promise to provide this wisdom freely, which means it is available to anyone with an internet connection.  I know in my heart that everyone deserves this free information.  Not everyone can afford it, at least not until they apply what I share for awhile.

I can’t do it for you.  But I can present this powerful knowledge, which has been kept secret so long that it was basically forgotten, in a way that the modern mind can understand it.  If you apply what I suggest, you will continue to gain more mental and emotional freedom.

This invaluable free information is something that anyone can do. There are over nine books worth of free information on this blog and on the sister site  No Labels No Lies is more practical.  It has the techniques for letting go and dealing with emotions.  This blog (Gateway to Gold) explains how we got into this mess; and why we remain stuck.  The information is all focused toward understanding the mind, the collective mind (or the illusion), the role of emotions, and the techniques that will free you from the normal lost and confused mental and emotional state. It is literally worth it’s weight in Gold.

While I do have a paid section to this site, it is not essential information.  If and when you are ready to join the Gold Circle, you can find what you need to know about it in the Membership Section of the Tool Bar.  Everything essential is free information.  The membership section is simply there to provide additional support on your freedom journey and to keep you motivated.  It also provides some additional tips and tricks that I’ve discovered after completing the free section of the blog.  It explains current events.  It gives tips and asks questions that push you to let go more deeply.  It also dives more deeply into some of the more advanced issues that people often encounter as they make their way to freedom.  So it can help you to move faster.  But if finances are tight, you can still let go; eventually, the money will appear.

All For An Insight…The Purpose of Language Precision

Precision of Language I decided to add this article to my free material because most people seem to have language confusion when they first enter my programs.  The problem is that they don't realize they have language confusion.  So they bring that confusion into letting go, and they end up…

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Manry At Sea

The above newscast shows one recount of the final moments of the Tinkerbelle voyage.  They are saying that their were 12,000 people greeting Manry.  The film (or the Q&A after) said that there were 50,000 greeters because there were people gathered in other nearby towns, hoping to catch a glimpse…

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Election 2016: Everything You always Wanted To Know About American Politics And Farting

By Cathy Eck   Presidential Election 2016 I've never paid much attention to politics until Election 2016. I learned the meaning of liberal and conservative by watching Jon Stewart. My friends would say, "That's sad." I would say, "It's sane." I've always pretty much accepted whoever got elected. I'd pay…

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Democratic Philosophy and Organizing

Democratic Philosophy In order to understand democratic philosophy, I decided to read the book that supposedly inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's called, "Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals," by Saul D. Alinsky. It provides a perfect example of level confusion.  Here is quote by Mr.…

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