All For An Insight…The Purpose of Language Precision

Photo of the filmmaker (left) and Wood (right) in China during a 1500-mile bike trek

Precision of Language

I decided to add this article to my free material because most people seem to have language confusion when they first enter my programs.  The problem is that they don’t realize they have language confusion.  So they bring that confusion into letting go, and they end up even more confused for a while.  It’s not their fault.  The Man (the elite in power) wants us to have language confusion because it makes us weak and powerless.  It sustains the illusion.

What I’m sharing on this blog (and No Labels No Lies) is different from anything else out there; that’s hard for people to grasp.  Even people who have been in my programs for a while will say that they still have to watch for this language-confusion trick, or they will fall into it.  So don’t be frustrated if you realize that you’ve been tricked by this popular occult trap.  It’s just another reason why initiation isn’t a weekend workshop.  It took us a long time to accept so many beliefs.  We have to be patient as we take those beliefs out of our mind.

When people first step on the initiation path, their mind will try to fit initiation into the same bucket as other religions, spiritual teachings, or philosophies…anything that they’ve done or studied prior to finding initiation.  For a long time this confused me.  People appeared to understand what I wrote until one day I realized that they were reading my articles from a false lens.  Their mind was interpreting what I wrote from a belief system that they had already deemed to be true before finding my websites.  Thus, they were adding what I said on to their old belief system.  They weren’t letting go; they were learning about letting go.  Of course, I was horrified to see that people were doing this.  Should I take everything down?  Eventually, I realized that this was a very old problem that I had to address.  I had to help people to see that their mind did this without them realizing it.  I couldn’t do that in the free material; it was simply too complex.  That’s why I created the Gold Circle.

When we declare a belief system to be permanently true, we store it in the masculine aspect (intellect) of our false mind. We psychologically reverse our mind so that our emotions don’t signal us when we think from that false belief system.  Consequently, these beliefs feel the same emotionally as that which comes from our True Self.  So we convince ourselves that such beliefs are true, and it never occurs to us to let them go.  But these beliefs aren’t true; they’re keeping our mind stuck within the illusion.  They’re limiting our mind and our life experience.

I repaired this problem in my mind with the win-win test.  Like everyone else, my emotions were psychologically reversed on a lot of topics; but applying the win-win test diligently to my own thinking, speaking, and actions worked very well.  If a thought wasn’t win-win for all, I simply deemed it to be untrue.  I let it go.  I learned that knowing, without doubt, that a belief was false was the key to letting go because our mind is based on true and false.  But that’s hard to do if we’ve relabeled a false belief to be true.  We’ve probably even seen evidence of our belief out in the physical world.  Doesn’t that mean it’s true?  No it means it’s real.  Once my mind became more clear, I could see that emotions had value and meaning; I just had to figure out how they worked and why we had them.  So I entered Phase II of my study of the mind.

The false self is like the general and the dark goddess in “The Legend.”  The false masculine general holds our beliefs on all topics; it isn’t the True Self.  When we relabel our beliefs as the truth, this false masculine becomes quite strong.  I call it a clone because it mimics the True Self.  It’s more than a persona.  Most people acknowledge that their persona is an act.  The clone doesn’t see itself as acting.  It really believes that it’s the True Self.  In fact, it blocks us from our real True Self.  In addition, the clone always ignores the dark goddess, our emotions.  Usually clones hate their emotions.

Because this is such a common block to freedom, I tell people in the Gold Circle to read what I write very slowly, not the way people normally read articles.  I write to expose false and to push people’s beliefs up to the surface so that they can let them go.  Often the beliefs that I expose have been previously relabeled as the truth.  The way I write involves precision of language; so people often feel emotion with my writing that they normally would not feel regarding such a relabeled belief.  Take advantage of that when it happens; stop and let go.  Don’t ignore your emotions; they will take you to freedom if you use them properly.

By taking a belief that the mind has labeled as true and recognizing that it’s actually a belief (a lie), we render that belief false.  Now it’s easier to let go.  Letting go isn’t accomplished by saying a magic mantra or tapping ourself on the head.  Energy work doesn’t cause letting go of beliefs; it causes emotional relief.  Eastern meditation doesn’t cause letting go; it causes us to float above our beliefs and project them out on to others.  “Cancel, cancel” doesn’t cause letting go; it causes us to sound like an idiot.  Positive thinking doesn’t cause letting go; it causes to us to cling to positive thoughts and avoid our reality.  Traditional prayer doesn’t cause letting go; it causes us to hope that God will rescue us because we can’t save ourselves.  These tricks only appear to work because we want them to work, or we believe that they work.  I tell people to never mix techniques.  I give you the most pure way to let go.  There could be other ways of achieving that end.  I’m sure letting go happens naturally at times; it’s something that we’re designed to do naturally.  But all of the other techniques that I’ve encountered, which are presented as letting go or releasing, are only fixing the effects; they aren’t removing the causal beliefs.

When beliefs from our past show up in our mind, and we feel emotion, that means our old beliefs are false.  Others in our life often do us the favor of triggering those beliefs to come to the surface.  That’s a good thing.  We can’t let go of a belief that we don’t know we hold in mind.  So don’t go ballistic when people trigger your beliefs.  Thank them; they’re helping you get free.  Other people (clones) will try to impose their beliefs on us; we learn from them where we’re vulnerable to believing others.  We get practice in discriminating with domineering people.  But let’s face it; we aren’t used to using our mind in this way.  It takes practice.

It’s also very important to know the difference between initiation and the occult.  Sadly, the occultists in the world copy the words of the initiates; they use those words in a dual way in order to manipulate us.  They even relabel their false teachings initiation.  Initiation means to go back to what you were as a True Self where nothing was hidden; everything was revealed.  The very word occult means hidden.  Occult is a broad term; I don’t just mean people in secret societies.  All religions (east and west) are occult as are the New Age, self-help/psychology, and progressive movements.  Anything built on good and evil, superior and inferior, or right and wrong is occult.  When we have such belief systems, we present the favorable aspect; and we hide the unfavorable aspect of the belief.

Oddly, people seldom confuse Christianity with initiation; and yet, Christianity is the closest religion to initiation.  Jesus’s story was an initiation story.  Granted it has been horribly misunderstood; but if you’re going to give a prize for the closest to the target, Christianity would get it hands down.

I’ve received a ton of emails over the years that say something like this, “I’ve been on a spiritual path for years, and I have done very well.  But my life is a mess.  I just want to let go of my problems.”  People told me that they were enlightened, but they couldn’t pay their bills or their body was very sick.  First of all, that makes no sense.  It’s screaming, “I’m incongruent.”  They wanted me to leave the enlightened or spiritual part of their mind alone and just help them take out the problems, poverty, or the sickness.  Many were in desperate situations, and they begged for my help.  But I had to say “No.

This was uncomfortable for me.  I want to alleviate suffering.  It’s always needless.  That’s why I write about initiation.  But these people were cherry-picking labels.  They had a right and wrong, good and evil, spiritual and unspiritual, or enlightened and unenlightened core to their mind; they only wanted to keep the good side of that deal.  They had gotten hog tied into something occult, and they were making it into the truth.  They were looking at the problem and ignoring the mental cause, which was their shiny spiritual or enlightened clone.  They had learned enlightenment or spiritual truth.  In initiation, you let go of the false; you don’t learn anything.  That’s a huge difference.  Until they could see this, and could let go of that shiny clone, letting go wasn’t going to work very well for them.  That isn’t the fault of letting go.  It’s the fault of what they were doing prior to finding letting go.

Occult teachings create a divided mind…spiritual and unspiritual, enlightened and unenlightened.  The two sides of the mind are like two sides of a coin; you can’t split them apart.  The person’s discomfort was the result of this split and trying to hide their unspiritual or unenlightened shadow underneath their clone.  They projected their shadow out on to others; then they blamed all their unspiritual or unenlightened friends and family for their emotional discomfort and problems.  They had a story that they held as the truth; it was all false.  They thought they were feminine to others, but they were very masculine minded.  We only judge and blame from the masculine, clone aspect of our false mind.  We discriminate from the feminine.  Their own judgment of others was the cause of their problems, sickness, and desperation.  Others might have believed their clone act, but their dark goddess wasn’t buying it.  She was saying, “This isn’t what you really, truly want.  You’re mentally going the wrong damn way.”  

When I started my research, which is now close to three decades ago, I realized very quickly that precision of language was incredibly important.  But I had no idea why it was so important.  It felt different than the typical precision of language that we associate with positive thinking, spiritual truth, or political correctness.  I was looking for a precision that exposed what was false.

As I researched, I realized that most writers were not precise in their language.  In fact, it seemed to me that they were purposely vague in order to appeal to a wider audience.  That wasn’t a problem for me.  I had my North Star locked on freedom.  At that time, I was only doing this for myself.

When I did my master’s degree thesis on the subject of Jesus as an initiate, I realized that two different levels of perception exist at the same time…the true level and the false illusion.  It was so obvious to me once I saw it.  I couldn’t believe that others didn’t see this.  But when I turned in my thesis, my professors all said that they had never seen anyone write about these two perspectives.  That helped me to see where I needed to go next.

I continued my research by enrolling in a Ph.D. program on esoteric studies.  In other words, I studied the occult way of thinking.  While every other student in that program was learning about the occult, I was exposing it.  In paper after paper, my mentor (this program had mentors who did the actual grading because it was all essay testing) said that I was on to something that no one else could see.  In fact, he couldn’t wait until I turned in my assignments.  He said that he thought he was awake, but he wasn’t.  Now he was starting to get real glimpses of his authentic True Self.  When I turned in my Ph.D. dissertation, the committee didn’t make me defend it.  They just told me stories of how much I’d helped them to see the truth behind the occult.  I found out a few years later that they dropped the program.  I suspect they realized that they didn’t know as much as they thought they did.

I often say that exposing just happens as we live life; we often don’t realize we’re exposing until something shifts years later.  I eventually realized that I didn’t do that program to learn about the occult; I did it to expose the occult as false and dangerous.  My True Self inspired me to do that program.  I don’t even use that degree because I didn’t learn anything.  But it wasn’t a waste of my time or money.  It was simply part of my path of initiation…a big ass test.  Had I failed the test, I would have become an occultist; and I’d probably be a modern progressive trying to turn the world into a communist utopia that benefits the elite.  But I didn’t fail the test.  That experience helped me to reveal my natural confidence.  I could now see the next step on my initiation path, and the contacts at that institution opened many doors for me to learn the truth about the illusion.

Most people don’t see the true level of perception, except in rare glimpses like visions, drug-induced states, dreams, or death; they only see the false level of perception, or what I call the illusion.  At first I wondered, “Which level was true and which one was false?”  It was bothersome to think that the true level wasn’t what everyone was seeing.  But that was the reality.  

When people get a glimpse of the true level of perception, such as what might happen in a near-death-experience or deep meditation, they bring that glimpse of the true level of perception back into their false level of perception; and they relabel it the truth.  In other words, this is imprecision of language; but they don’t realize it.  All religions were born by creating level confusion.  The followers of the person who had that experience memorize (or learn) whatever is presented to them as true; this creates a truth or spiritual clone in the follower’s mind.  Neither the leader, nor the followers, let go of what they previously believed; that was the block that kept them from seeing the true level of perception all the time, which is why they needed to meditate, take drugs, or have a near-death experience.  If they had let go of the original blockage, they wouldn’t have needed any religion, philosophy, or spiritual studies.  Seeking would seem ridiculous.  

This is what I could see coded within the story of Jesus.  I saw level confusion as cruel…mental torture even; and I wanted to end it.  The only way to end it was to expose it; and I was overwhelmed by how much there was to expose.  How could I even begin to expose every aspect of this very complex illusion?  Every single part of it had been corrupted.  To look at the whole thing made my task seem impossible.  So I didn’t look at the whole task.  I did what I was inspired to do when I was inspired to do it.  That’s it.  Now I look at my huge body of work in the free material, and the much bigger body of work in my programs, and I have exposed the entire illusion.  The impossible wasn’t impossible after all.  Now in the Creative Leadership program, I’m moving into exposing/decoding the stories that shaped the illusion in the Bible, spiritual texts from around the world, popular mythology, and even fairy tales.  Such exposure works at the personal and collective level at the same time.  It moves my work into the potential of freedom for all people.  

The unified perspective, which would be the normal perspective for the initiate, was viewed as abnormal.  The unified perspective is non-physical.  But it was not meant to be relegated to the clouds.  Unlike eastern gurus, the initiates were very involved in life.  They helped others all the time, much like you see Jesus doing in his story.  The initiates exposed the occultists of their day.  In Jesus story, he was exposing the Jews and Roman Pagans of his time as false and corrupt.  Our false self was designed to be our creative container.  Our True Self flows through our outer-directed false self; and that’s how we insert ourself perfectly into the shared reality called earth.

At that time in my life, I felt like I was looking at diamonds; I couldn’t yet tell a real one from a fake.  I had to be able to distinguish a clone from a True Self in real time.  In other words, I had to be able to see the difference between the occultist and the initiate in real modern life.  I could easily read occult philosophy, like I did in my advanced studies, and know the difference.  But people were so very tricky in real life.  I couldn’t tell if they were speaking the truth congruently or speaking a damn good lie as they carefully managed appearances.  They often used the exact same words.  I needed to gain even more power of discrimination; precision of language would help me to accomplish this new goal.  I had to see life from the lens of true and false…no more good and evil or right and wrong.

The word diamond is just a label.  It just so happens that we gave the label “diamond” to the naturally-made diamond; we call the man-made diamond a fake.  Such is the same with the mind.  The initiates spoke of the True Self; that was our naturally-made pure diamond mind.  We started with such a mind, but lost it after birth as we accepted the illusion and polluted our false self; we hope to reclaim our natural mind via initiation.  The clone is my term for the false man-made copy of our True Self.  Within the illusion, the highest state is the clone, which is the fake-diamond mind.  The clone manages perception so that the undesirable side of duality remains hidden.  Clones compete with our True Self for dominance over our false self and our body.  

Precision of language demands that we become intensely honest with ourself and others.  We can’t float above whatever is in our mind, like one does in meditation; we have to deal with our thinking.  What we hold in mind, we must either speak or let go.  That’s all the choices we get in initiation.  We don’t get that common third choice where we say what the other wants to hear.  Nope, we lost that option the day we decided we wanted a free mind.  That can be a very hard pill to swallow.

Let’s say that we’re talking to someone, and we think they’re too fat.  Of course fat is the opposite of thin; fat is considered the undesirable side of the triangle bottom.  If you aren’t familiar with the triangle process, you’ll want to read the linked article or what I’m saying won’t make sense.

Initiation says that we must deal with whatever we’re thinking in any moment.  We have to attempt to remain congruent.  We can’t override our thinking and make it pretty in order to avoid hurting the other’s feelings.  However, if we’re like most people, we don’t want to go full Tourette’s and destroy the other person.  So what do we do?  We have to let go.  

So here we are; we have this judgmental thought regarding our friend’s weight squatting in our mind.  We can let go that they’re fat, and we might even find that we’re projecting our judgment of fat on them.  People will say to me, “But Cathy, they are fat.  I’m just making a statement of reality.”  Why do we need to make statements of reality?  Why can’t we just be with the other person without sizing them up?  If most people said what they think, they would have no friends.  Most people are insanely judgmental.  

What is fat?  What is thin?  It’s a judgment based on some man-made rule; that rule comes from some so-called expert in fashion or in medicine.  Both fat and thin are at the triangle bottom; thus, we need to let go of both.  We don’t need such labels at all to live a perfect life.  Such thinking covers our ability to unconditionally love others.  Comparing and contrasting bodies keeps us physically focused, which is how we stay stuck in the illusion.  

Now, as a warning, don’t go all Rambo with this.  It’s hard to do this in the moment if you work as a bank teller or sales associate, and you talk to different people all day long.  Just make mental notes of people you judge.  Let go when you get home or have a break.  My point is that you start noticing what your mind is doing.  You start letting go of judgment.  Judgment is never win-win.

When you step on the initiation path, your True Self says, “I’m going to put you in ridiculous circumstances so that you’re forced to spill your beans or let go.”  Our True Self wants us to realize when we’re being false; it wants us to drop our mask.  The clone, however, will resist being exposed by lying to cover its ass; so the True Self keeps bringing it on.  Choosing initiation or freedom is like inviting your True Self back into your life.  It will now expose everything false in your mind.  You can fight it, or you can let go. But you can’t fake initiation until you make it.  If you are drawn to fake it, a clone is running your mind.

The True Self, at the top of the triangle is always positive, good, and joyous.  It’s always free.  But it doesn’t have to do anything to achieve that state.  A clone can also appear to be positive, good, and joyous.  There are a lot of talented actors in the world today.  They aren’t only found in Hollywood.  

If you truly want freedom, you must start calling everything exactly what it is.  The key is to use words honestly…precision of language.  People will often hear a pretty New Age or progressive word, and they start using it.  For example, someone talks about abundance while actually using some sort of get-rich quick or marketing beliefs to get what they want.  Abundance would be at the top of the triangle; it’s natural for the True Self.  It means that you effortlessly have whatever you need.  Your actions are authentic to who you are.  It doesn’t mean money grows on trees.  You don’t have to think about abundance; so you don’t need a belief system for abundance.  You need to let go of beliefs about wealth and poverty to get to True Self abundance.  The get-rich quick belief system isn’t an abundance program, so don’t call it that.  The word abundance in this instance is being used to conceal the word rich because people judge the word rich.  If we use words to conceal, or hide something, we’re damning ourself to the triangle bottom.  We’re stuck in the land of the occult.  

If you want to get to abundance, you have to call that get-rich quick program what it really is…a pyramid scheme, a con job to make the presenter rich at your expense, a win-lose game.  When you call the program what it is, you won’t desire it anymore.  In fact, you might be the one to expose it just like I did with my Ph.D. program.  Now you have to let go of the beliefs in your mind that have kept you from natural abundance. Precision of language saved you from chasing a false desire and missing out on living your perfect life.

For most people, misusing words is viewed as acceptable so long as they use a nice word or a positive word.  This is more occult thinking.  Take the hot topic of illegal immigration in America.  Progressives in America relabel illegal aliens by misusing the word immigrants.  They think this is kind because immigrant is a nicer word than illegal alien.  But it’s a false label.  It’s imprecise language.  An immigrant comes to America through legal channels.  An illegal alien comes to America through illegal channels; they have broken the law.  These are not interchangeable words.  An immigrant deserves stellar treatment; an illegal alien doesn’t deserve any better treatment than any other common criminal.  This is real simple; it should be painfully obvious to everyone.  We should ignore people who misuse words to deceive us.  But there are millions of people in America (and billions all over the world) who have been occultly brainwashed to listen to, and believe, the imprecise pretty words.  Such people fear reality if it sounds negative so they live in the clouds; they’re easily manipulated and used by the Man.  Sadly, the occultists refer to these people as useful idiots.  Let’s get precise in our language.  The occultist means that such people are too stupid to see that the pretty words are just pretty words.  They never look at what’s really going on…what’s hidden.  They’re not free thinkers.  Thus, they make great pawns for the clones.       

Most people throughout the world are so imprecise in their language that they don’t notice when they’re being duped with imprecise language.  This is behind most of the problems in the world.  Most people mistake  the clone mask for the person.  They fall for marketing tricks on a daily basis.  They even believe that they have diseases that they don’t have.  They are gullible, not innocent. Such people will fight for the right to misuse words themselves.  If you do this to others, it will be done to you.  

This relabeling scheme is a very old trick that stretches all the way back to Babylon.  We see it clearly in the Old Testament story of the Tower of Babel.  In Babylon, they confused our emotional discrimination so that we couldn’t communicate, and we couldn’t unite against those who wanted to rule over us.  Letting go will resolve such confusion in time.  But you’ll probably kiss a lot of frogs before you get completely free.

The illusion is like living in a magic show. What we see is not what’s actually happening.  We get so trained to fall for the magician’s trick, however, that we don’t see that it’s just a trick.  We think that their magic is actually a miracle.  But if the magician slows down as they do their trick and shows us each step, we’ll see that it’s just a trick.  It’s actually not even that great of a trick.  Precision of action causes us to see what the magician is really doing.  Likewise, we see behind the Wizard’s curtain by using, and demanding, precision of language.


1500 Miles in 23 Days

Let’s look at a very simple example of how precision of language helps us discriminate by discussing a documentary that I saw at the 2019 Palm Springs Documentary Film Festival.  The photo at the top of this article was from that documentary.  The film was called, “1500 Miles in 23 Days.”  Here’s the information about the film from their website.  They don’t have a trailer posted.​

“Struggling with professional stagnation, a young Chinese artist embarked on a 1,500-mile bike ride across China to search for inspiration. Through the physical challenges, the sudden death of a friend, and the interactions with fellow travelers, he confessed another motivation behind this journey and confronted his deepest fear from childhood traumas, hoping to find reconciliations.”

I’ve seen many documentaries where people do something very difficult in order to create a change of mind…an insight.  The description of the documentary basically said that the main character started out looking for inspiration, and then he has an insight into another motivation for the bike trip.  Both inspiration and insight start with the word “IN.”  Keep that in mind.  Initiation also starts with “IN.”  Usually the action that the person on such a quest chooses is uncomfortable and physically grueling…like a very long hike, a mountain climb, or bike ride.  People often describe their motivation as attempting to get out of their comfort zone.  But they don’t really think about what that means.  They aren’t precise in their language.  Could it be that they’re looking for freedom from their illusion, i.e., initiation?  Their comfort zone, i.e., their illusion, has gotten too comfortable; and they kind of recognize that.

The person who’s drawn to such a quest seems to have the belief that completing such a physical challenge will create a mental breakthrough or transformation.  Well that would be an “OUTsight,” not an insight.  Our inner mind creates our outer world…not the other way around.  An insight for an initiate would occur because they let go of false beliefs.  So their mind would become more true and free.

The initiates said the physical reality is simply the effect of the mind.  We don’t all see the same world.  We see another’s view of the world when they tell us about it and we believe them.  When we believe what others see and experience, we put their effects in our mind as true.  That’s not taking us toward freedom.  That’s making our mind more limited even if their effects are desirable.

As we let go, we stop seeing what others see.  It’s a little odd at first, but you get used to it.  We come to see the reflection of our own mind out in the world.  As we clean up our mind, the world we see and experience becomes clearer as well.  Eventually, we don’t see the collective, limited illusion that others are living.  I generally learn what others see and experience by engaging in conversations or watching television, videos, or movies.  I’m looking at the same world; but as you’ve seen from my story and movie decodes, I don’t see what others see at all.  We live in a shared reality; so it’s very important that we all stay in our own lane.

Conversations and relationships can be tricky, and they can get us in trouble, until we figure out how to deal with this oddity of life.  It’s natural in conversation to share what we experience.  But we experience what we believe until we let our beliefs go.  So people share the horrors of their life, and we have to let go if we start to believe them.  People can be quite convincing when talking about their reality.

On the other hand, I often share what I see with others as part of a conversation, and they like my point of view.  So they put my perspective into their false mind, and then they see what I see too.  But they didn’t let go of what they previously believed and experienced.  They now project that out; so others bother them.  This very common mind trick creates another type of clone.  The same thing happens when people put Bible verses or inspirational quotes in their mind; they’re just loading up their false mind.  They aren’t letting go and moving toward their True Self.

If you hear or see something that you like from another, you should expose in your mind whatever is blocking that better point of view.  You want to let go and move closer to the more desirable point of view.  You don’t want to memorize or learn the truth.  Look at your typical positive thinker.  They fill their mind with nice, positive thoughts; but that positive clone covers up their very negative false self.  They just become insanely fake and incongruent, even if they get what they desire.  That’s occult thinking.  Precision of language with ourself is the key to unlocking our mental prison.

Since the 1500-mile bike trek is insanely grueling, the riders also tended to have the physical belief, “No pain, no gain.”  Most use this belief in relationship to something like physical training.  If you don’t push yourself, you won’t make progress or get a buff body.  Bear in mind that doing something by force of will and physical effort is going to be hard work.  That was the curse described in the story of Adam and Eve.  That story created a collective belief that physical hard work and willpower is how we achieve anything.  Often people move to false mental creating because they’re so damn sick of physical hard work.  But they just replace physical hard work with mental hard work.  They now view “No pain, no gain,” at the false mental level.  They have not exited the illusion.  They now have level confusion.

In truth, letting go is most effective when it’s done in a calm and gentle manner.  What if calm and gentle is even the best way to be in the gym or on the sports field?  People never think to try it.  They push themselves physically to some arbitrary limit.  Likewise, positive thinkers and deliberate creators think that going hard mentally will eventually result in a calm mind.  That makes no sense at all.  In my experience, a calm and gentle mind means we’re in the flow, so everything works out with minimal effort.

If you bring mental hard work into letting go, you’ll make letting go hard.  You’ll think that letting go must be physically or mentally painful, or there will be NO GAIN.  Letting go is not hard work at all.  The reason people find letting go to be difficult is simply because they’re so practiced at holding on.  They’ve relabeled so many beliefs as the truth.  They have one or more clones in their mind telling them what to think, speak, and do.

This idea of a quest is a very common movie theme.  Often people who go on these challenging adventures, say that they want to know who they are, or they want their connection with God back.  In other words, they want to live at the top of the triangle.  They know they’re stuck in some ridiculous hell…often an emotional hell.  Some of you may have seen the movie or read the autobiographical tale, “Wild,“ about Cheryl Strayed who hiked the Pacific Coast trail.  Shirley MacLaine had a popular book about hiking The Camino in Spain.  Numerous stories have been told about people who hiked the Appalachian Trail or climbed Mount Everest.  Then there are people like Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the bestseller, and Oprah favorite, “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I also wrote an article about the film, “Manry at Sea.  These people do a whole lot of work for an insight.  They don’t know how to let go.  The physical quest seems to be the only way for them to get some mental clarity.  But that’s just a belief that’s not true.

In this documentary, nearly everyone on the bike trek wanted some sort of inner change.  They weren’t just doing this for fun and adventure.  They’d heard stories of others who had a mental transformation by pushing themselves to this ridiculous extreme.  Personally, I can’t imagine doing all of that hard work for an insight.  I wouldn’t trust the insight if I got it that way.  

Let’s talk about insights.  People act like they’re rare…like miracles.  When I started writing, I often compared myself to the New Age and spiritual writers.  I didn’t have anyone else to compare myself too.  Now I realize that I was comparing apples and oranges.  Nevertheless, I read a lot of their books.  Most of those books had only one or two great insights for the whole book.  Sadly, that great insight was turned into a truthful belief.  So the book was worthless.  It didn’t push the person to let go of their old beliefs.  They just put ice cream on top of the giant manure pile in their mind.

I remember thinking, “I want to create the potential of an insight a chapter, or an insight for the reader on every page in my writing.”  I wanted to push people to see something to let go with every sentence.  Today many people in the Gold Circle read one or two sentences at a time and let go.  You can do the same thing with the free material.  When they adopt that way of reading, and letting go, they’re no longer taking a tooth pick to their false mind; they’re taking a .357 Magnum.  They get a lot more insights that way, and they don’t have to do anything like a bike trek to get that reward.

I can’t say that people don’t let go on something like this bike ride.  But I think that’s the exception rather than the rule.  Since most people don’t think that they have the right to let go without a damn good reason, the quest is no different than getting a facelift or a boob job.  The bike ride has turned into a way to fix effects so that others will see them differently.  That means that the perception of others is very important to them.  They should probably let that go.  They aren’t in their own lane.  They’re in another’s lane trying to take back their power.

I don’t need a reason to let go, and neither do you.  If we think we need a reason to let go, we should let that belief go.  I let go while taking a shower or driving to the theater.  I let go while cooking dinner or eating dinner.  When I do go on an adventure, I’m letting go anytime a belief arises, which isn’t very often anymore.  Now my prime reason for the adventure is to have fun on the adventure, or to find collective beliefs to expose in my writing.  Letting go is simply my normal way of life.  

The documentary featured a young Chinese artist named Wood.  Wood was a successful free-lance artist, but he wasn’t doing his OWN art.  He was doing what others commissioned him to do.  He also said that he was completely anti-social.  He said that he often went two months without talking to anyone.  The documentarian said that he wanted to do this bike trek to find inspiration so that he might do some of his own art in the future.  He planned to take photos and make sketches along the way.  So let’s be clear; he didn’t originally have a desire for freedom or even for a change of mind.  So he wasn’t going for inspiration or initiation.  We’re being precise with our words.  He simply wanted ideas for art so that he could create his own magnificent art portfolio.  That’s a great desire; it’s also a very physical desire.  It shows that he knows that he’s an artist; he just wants to take his art up a notch.  Ideally, he’d be able to one day stop doing his commission work.  But that was not expressed by him; the documentarian used a pretty word, inspiration, in an incorrect way.  I’m not making Wood less or wrong.  In fact, initiates generally do things for physical reasons.  They aren’t level confused.  Needing inspiration means that we aren’t connected to our inspiring True Self.  We’re looking for inspiration in our outer world…outspiration.  A free initiate would never look for inspiration or an insight outside of them.  Do you see what I’m saying?  This is an important distinction, which comes from precision of language.

Veronica Wangshen was the documentary filmmaker.  She was a Chinese student who was enrolled in the NYU Film Studies program; she was doing her graduation film project.  She had actually done the same 1500-mile, 23-day bike ride several years earlier.  She wanted to do her final film project about someone else who did this arduous journey.  She found Wood (real name was Kun Lin), and she decided that he would be a perfect subject for her film.  But it soon became clear that Veronica saw Wood through her own false lens.

Veronica said that she had a big insight when she did this very grueling and extremely dangerous bike trek.  Clearly the journey pushes one’s limits.  Three times they have to go over mountain passes that are 4000-5000 meters high.  Often they’re riding on highways with fast-moving traffic and no bike lanes.  The trip did have beautiful scenery, but often the ride was so intense that they couldn’t actually enjoy it. 

However, I could see why Wood wanted to do it.  He stopped frequently to take photos or do sketches.  He looked very relaxed in those moments.  It made me wonder why he didn’t just drive the route and stop along the way to draw.  He would have had more time to do what he loved and less time doing what he didn’t love.  No one on that bike ride could ever convince me that they were having fun.  They looked miserable except when they stopped for breaks.  They all seemed to very much look forward to the end of the trip when they could begin talking about it.  

Drawing for Wood was clearly a fairly easy connection to relaxation and maybe even to his True Self.  Natural talents are often that way.  They came to us without much effort.  So it can be logically deduced that they come from our True Self.  Wood realized that he had this gift for creating art; he could also draw for others on commission.  But he didn’t do his best art for others.  It was like he was saving his best art for a time when he was free of the system.  So we can deduce a hint of what Wood actually desired…freedom from the system…freedom to do what he wanted.  Often our true desires are so obvious that we don’t even put them into words.  They’re the reason we choose to do what we do.  But Wood was like me enrolling in a Ph.D. program to expose the occult.  It wasn’t obvious why I did that until long after I completed the program.

Veronica’s “insight” from her bike ride was simple.  She’d been sickly as a child.  She wanted to prove to her very protective mother that she was healthy and independent.  The trip achieved that end.  However, that wasn’t an insight.  An insight takes you to the True Self perspective at the top of the triangle.  It takes you outside of the illusion.  Veronica changed the perception of her parents; again, we’re being precise with our words.  

Here’s what Veronica actually did.  She was at the bottom of the triangle on the sickly side because her parents projected that on her from their fake healthy side of the triangle bottom.  Sickness and fake health is a common bottom of the triangle.  The top of the triangle is health without any opposite; there’s no such thing as disease at the top of the triangle.  We must let go of fake health, as well as beliefs in disease, to get to true health.  That’s really hard for people to do.  So they’d rather do a life-threatening, 1500-mile bike trek.  Are you seeing the joke yet?

Veronica realized, probably intuitively (which means within the confines of our beliefs) that she needed to get her parents to stop projecting on her if she was going to ever be healthy.  Doing this bike trek flipped her parents’ perception of her.  She went from sickly to healthy on the triangle bottom in her parents’ minds.  That felt good for Veronica.  However, she didn’t get free of her parents’ perception.  She simply improved their perception.  She could now be fake healthy like her parents.  Fake healthy means that she can be symptom free, but she didn’t let go of any beliefs in disease.  So she’s incongruent.  Her mind still believes in disease, but she is symptom free.  Thus, she will see sickness projected out on others.  

In talking to Veronica before the trek, Wood explained his rather simple, obvious desire to get ideas for his art.  But remember, Veronica was looking for him to have some big insight or internal transformation.  She she may have instigated what happened to Wood.  Along the way, a new desire spontaneously erupted.  

Wood realized that he always felt odd, and he didn’t think that would ever change.  But he didn’t want others to change either.  This was why he was so anti-social.  He just didn’t fit in, and he felt that people didn’t like him.  So he really downplayed this desire to enjoy people and even become a social person.  He acted like it didn’t matter.  But his True Self had another plan.  It put him in situations during the bike ride where he’d have to see that his beliefs about communication and relationship were false and limiting.  In fact, I’d say that this was the reason he actually felt inspired to do this trip as a bike ride, not a car ride.

I did find Wood to be quite endearing, and I started to understand why he felt like he didn’t fit in.  He didn’t share other people’s beliefs and limitations.  He didn’t have a proper clone or persona. Here was one great example.  After climbing a 5000-meter mountain on his bike, Wood felt sick; the altitude had really gotten to him.  He could barely breath.  So he sat down and lit up a cigarette.  I thought it was brilliant.  He was saying, “I just need to relax; so I’ll use this cigarette break to help me breath and relax.”  His behavior was not well received by all those liberal-minded people on the trek.  They had beliefs that said he was doing something stupid and wrong.  He didn’t argue with them; he wasn’t standing near them and subjecting them to his second-hand smoke.  He simply ignored them and enjoyed his cigarette.  In a few minutes, he was breathing deeply again.  

In the cigarette moment, I saw that Wood wasn’t a judgmental person; he stayed away from others who judged him.  He just did his own thing.  I used to do the same thing.  Precision of language helped me realize that they weren’t actually liberal minded; they were rigid, judgmental believers who wanted to be right.  

A truly liberal-minded person would come sit by Wood and ask him how he got so free that he could enjoy smoking on the top of a mountain where there’s very little oxygen.  People needed to go toward Wood, but they had always demanded that Wood go toward them.  They wanted Wood to adopt their beliefs; and he decided that he’d rather spend his time alone doing art.  He’d come to expect people to be this way.  So they were.

Near the end of the trip, however, Wood started to talk to others; he realized that he enjoyed socializing.  I think he had time to recognize that the judgmental people were judging everyone, not just him.  Their judgment wasn’t even about him; they were judging what he did or didn’t do.  He actually didn’t care.  Besides, he was the most interesting person on the journey.  He was taking beautiful photos and making art.

Something else happened to Wood.  Friends and family called him along the way to make sure he was okay and to wish him well.  He was deeply touched by that.  He realized that others did care about him.  He started to realize that he was actually social and likable.  He’d been telling himself that he didn’t fit in, or he couldn’t socialize; and now, he realized that just wasn’t true.  Ah, that’s natural, gentle letting go.  That’s real transformation and insight.  You recognize that what you’ve been thinking is just plain false.  So you drop the false belief from your mind.  I even suspect that he saw that his so-called differences made him interesting, not defective.  I could see the change in his posture and his energy; Wood had changed from the inside out.  He wasn’t trying to get others to see him differently, like Veronica; he let go of his beliefs about himself, and stayed in his own lane doing what he wanted to do.  Now he caused the others to drop their judgments and projections.  That’s what happens when we move from the triangle bottom to the top.   

An insight is a shift from reason and logic (the false mind) to knowing (the True Self).  It’s hard to describe in words.  Wood didn’t have to describe his insight and transformation.  You could just see it.    

Veronica and Wood both got what they wanted from the bike trip.  Veronica didn’t get a true insight but she didn’t desire one.  She got relief from her parents’ projection.  She was happy with that.  Precision of language doesn’t make her wrong.  It helps us to understand her desire and her point of view.  When we understand others in this way, we get along with them much better.

Wood also got what he wanted.  He had the physical desire to see some beautiful scenery and to capture it in photography and sketches.  He achieved that with ease.  But he also removed his anti-social behavior by letting go of some false causal beliefs.  We could now see that he wanted freedom in social situations, but he didn’t realize that until he went on this bike trip.  He was genuinely inspired and had a genuine insight.  His desires were fulfilled, even the desire he didn’t know he had. 

Did Veronica and Wood really need to do all of that for an insight?  Hell no.  Veronica could have let go of that health and sickness triangle bottom and got true freedom while living in her parents’ basement.  By making the bike trek responsible for her shift, she’s now made that a false conclusion about life.  If she wants to change other people’s perspectives of her in the future, she will believe that she has to do something really dangerous and dramatic.  She won’t be able to do that so easily as her life gets busier and her body ages.  Illusory fixes are always short-sighted.  They don’t work forever.  On the other hand, if she let go, she would have gotten free of her parents’ delusion without any physical effort.  They would no longer be able to project sickness on her.  That would have given her true inspiration and true insight.

Wood could have engaged with people in his normal life and achieved the same insight.  The trek didn’t cause his insight or letting go; talking to people caused him to see that his beliefs about himself were false.  He was accepting judgments of others when the judgments were really much more about the person judging him.

We don’t need to do something extravagant to get an insight unless we have beliefs that say we must do something extravagant to get insights.  Wood is probably on the path of initiation without even realizing it.  He seemed to be a natural at letting go, and he’s already very creative.  


This article provides an example of the kind of common beliefs that we work on in the Gold Circle.  We expose, expose, and expose some more.  The difference is that in the Gold Circle, I’m able to provide much more detail, which supports precision of language even more.  This article would have been three or four times longer in the Gold Circle.  I’d have reminders throughout to stop and look at your mind or to let go.  I’m also able to provide more history of the illusion and be much more direct in a site that has limited access.  In addition, I provide warnings of potential boogie traps and occult tricks.  I lead you down the path of initiation safely.  It’s like hiring a tour guide and putting a motor on your bike for your 1500-mile adventure.  Hopefully, that allows you to enjoy the scenery.  


Cathy Eck is a true pioneer always pushing the boundaries of thought and beliefs. Cathy is courageous about exposing the status quo. While her ideas might not be popular, they are effective, practical, and true. They create unity where division once existed. They create love where hate had reigned. They create joy where pain and sorrow were once normal. They are ideas worth considering and hopefully embracing.

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