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A Summary of Gateway To Gold

  By Cathy Eck   Blogs Aren’t Perfect I recently posted my last post on No Labels No Lies (at least for a while), and this is the last free post on Gateway To Gold.  Blogs are a funny thing.  They run backwards.  What you see first is what I’ve written last.  And that can sometimes be […]

Letting Go is NOT a BELIEF SYSTEM!

By Cathy Eck   Letting Go is Not a Belief System Letting go is NOT a belief system; it’s an exit program (made up of a couple beliefs) that we insert into our OWN false mind in order to escape all other man-made belief systems.  All beliefs systems are man made.  We aren’t born with beliefs; […]

Love, Sex, and Fifty Shades of Confusion

By Cathy Eck   Sexual Confusion I get a lot of requests to write about sex, and I have here and there.  But readers keep requesting more because it’s a very confusing and loaded topic.  Some spiritual teachers are high on love and down on sex.  Others are high on sex and claim it’s essential to love.  We all […]

The Rope Trick, Magic, and Illusion

By Cathy Eck   The Rope Illusion Last week, my improv class was given an assignment.  Half of the people lined up, one behind the other, on one side of the room; the other half lined up facing the first group on the other side of the room.  We were told that we were going to have […]

Twelve Tricks for Making It Through the Holidays

By Cathy Eck   Since holiday time is here, most people spend time with family and friends.  If you don’t celebrate holidays then you’ll be going to see “Big Eyes” and “Unbroken” at the theater with all the Jews like me. But if you’re obligated to do family visits, it’s likely they’ll bring up lots of […]

Projection…Going Harder and Deeper To Find the Truth

By Cathy Eck   Going Harder and Deeper Yes, I chose that title on purpose.  I imagined some poor guy looking for porn; and he types in “harder and deeper,” and up comes my blog article. Instead of going harder and deeper outside of him, he just might turn around and go harder and deeper […]

Eliminating our Rulebook: The Good Persona and the Positive Persona

By Cathy Eck   The return trip to our True Self is crazy.  We move forward toward freedom; and then, we hit blockages, caused by the false self, that usually feel like we’ve gone backwards.  That’s normal.  We’re meeting every belief that we accepted as true in the past.  Stopping to clean the blockages can […]

Winning the Masculine Role By Cheating

By Cathy Eck   Warning:  This is a long one.  I just didn’t want to break it up into pieces.  So put on your pajamas and get your popcorn.   Roles and Power I was just watching a program on television that exposed methods used by sales people to trick customers into buying from them.  It was […]

The Illusion of the Fight or Flight Response and Stress

By Cathy Eck   Fight or Flight Response Science tells us that the fight or flight response is real.  They say it’s a normal reaction to all the scary things out there…things that we can’t protect ourselves from.  We label the fight or flight condition stress. Medicine admits that most diseases are the result of […]

Eliminating Competition and Comparison From Our Lives

By Cathy Eck   Competition and Comparison Competition is insanely normal in our life.  Or perhaps, I should say insane and normal.  We compete for jobs.  Teams compete in all kinds of sports.  Wanna be artists compete on reality television shows for record deals, modeling jobs, and the right to have their clothing lines in […]

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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.