Truth Will Set You Free

Learn the lost secrets of the ancient mystery schools, where men and women entered as mortals and emerged as gods and goddesses. The stories of the ancient mystery schools still exist as cultural myths and legends, religious parables and stories, and universal signs and symbols. But the true meaning has been lost. Literal interpretation creates disempowering beliefs that are 180 degrees from the truth. Gateway To Gold is a modern mystery school that cracks the ancient code, gives you the eyes to see and ears to hear, and sets you free.

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About Cathy Eck

Cathy Eck, Gateway To Gold

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In 1997, I woke up in the middle of the night with a story on my mind that would not leave. I wrote it down and started to decode it. But the decoding process took years. It was like a secret code that helped me to crack the code to ancient popular and religious stories and myths. Along the way, I learned that all of our problems in life occur because secrets of the mind have been withheld from us for thousands of years. We've been fed a steady diet of false beliefs creating an illusory perspective that most people believe is true and unchangeable. I vowed to return the secret code to the world in order to set others free. Eventually, I found the secret to removing false beliefs from our minds, and how to use our emotions as they were designed, which unveils the pure truth within everyone.

Gateway To Gold is symbolic of the alchemical transformation that occurs when people let go of their beliefs. The ancient alchemical myths describe the material transformation from lead into gold. But the most important transformation occurred in the mind and heart of the alchemist. Like the ancient alchemist, we transform as we let go of the beliefs within our mind. We make the magical journey from the head to the heart, and we excavate our true gold.

On this blog, I share how to let go, how to discriminate between true and false, and how we will know if we've found real gold or just fool's gold. Every article on this site is written by me. Each article is packed with secrets and tricks to get your mind to give up its beliefs and illusions and allow your true authentic Self to shine through. Read them again and again, and each time you will see something new.



Esoteric Wisdom of Finding Heaven on Earth | Cathy Eck

Heaven on Earth becomes your reality once you know how to access it. While most people search the world for a physical location, Heaven on Earth is actually a perspective that is available to everyone. But to attain that perspective, we have to let go of the false illusory point of view that veils it.

The ancient initiates saw Heaven on Earth as normal. Anything less than paradise was an error to be corrected. But that information was lost. This little book summarizes the entire philosophy of Gateway to Gold in a very simple way.


How to Download the Free Book

To get started on your journey back to the truth, click this link and get your completely free copy of Unlocking Heaven's Gate.  You won't even have to give me your email address.  You can share this link with anyone you feel might want this information.

You can access an audio course by going to: and putting in code 321888. That will get you access. It will ask for personal information to establish your account. Please know that I do not use that information for any purpose. You will not get solicitations. It is completely private and is only for your unique access to the site.

Bear in mind that this course was created about six or seven years ago.  I've discovered much more since.  Much of my new discoveries or clarifications I post to my blogs. Some will be coming out in future books that I'll announce on my blogs.