Freedom From Beliefs

The goal of this blog and my other blog, is to provide freedom from beliefs and emotions.  This series of articles exposes beliefs (or lies) of all kinds–prejudices; beliefs about ourselves, others, and our world.  It exposes beliefs about health, wealth, and of course, religion.  Many beliefs are so common and so universal that our mind has labeled them as true.  Every time we think these beliefs, we feel bad.  We feel limited.  We wish it was not that way, but we are sure it is.

So in these articles, we look at many collective and popular beliefs.  We examine them more closely so we can see why they are false.  There is a reason that we want freedom from beliefs; they limit our life and make us miserable because they are false.  It is much easier to let something go when you realize it is false.  It is much easier to let go when you realize that doing so is not going to harm another or yourself.  It is much easier to let go when you realize that doing so will get you closer to your desire to live a free life.  That is the purpose of these articles.  I want to make it easier for you.

Often in my own initiation work on letting go, it would take me months to get rid of one beliefs.  I didn’t trust my emotions yet since I was conditioned not to.  After I did the research and saw the harm the belief was actually causing, I was more trusting in the process of letting go.  I could do it.  So I’m saving you time by doing that for you.  I’ve done the research and demonstrate why you want freedom from beliefs; now you just have to let them go.