Ancient Mysteries

Misunderstood ancient mysteries negatively affect our daily life.  But we don’t realize it.  When we understand what the wise people of the past were trying to say, life suddenly makes more sense.

Most of the great stories and sacred texts of the past were written by people who were called initiates.  They were people who devoted their life to obtaining a free mind.  They were very powerful, but their power came from within.  It was a mental, not a physical, power.  As time went on, and the occult was born, the true meaning of the ancient mysteries (stories and sacred texts) was lost.  We started to see such writings from a more physical, literal perspective.  Thus, such writings lost their power and truth.  This caused people to believe certain ideas about life which are just not true.

In these articles, I decode various ancient mysteries by correcting the facts or providing a different perspective for the purpose of freeing humans from our past.  This helps us to discriminate between true and false in our daily life, enriching our life experience.

The Alchemical Marriage

The key to fixing our life is to undo the cause of our suffering. That cause is always a story that was sold to us while we were too young to discriminate. For most of us, it was the fall story of Adam and Eve. It veils the true male-female relationship creating the patriarchal view of life. We undo the patriarchy by undoing the story.

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