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    Hi Cathy – I can still be logged out in, open up the website then forums and read all the comments in there. I can’t reply but I can read them all. I presume anyone else who isn’t logged in can do the same also?

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    I kinda wondered about this before and if the group call announcements were public. gtk,thx

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    Several people have asked me about the forum being accessible to non-members. The forum is set up to be restricted, but each topic must also be restricted individually. It’s just a weird programming thing. When I set them up, I restrict them. But other people set up topics, and I have to go in and change the restriction. So if you set up or respond to a new topic that I didn’t set up, it won’t be restricted until I review the system. I check on it now and then, but I’m not interested in making it a full-time job. So if you want to be sure your comment is not seen by those outside of the Gold Circle, only reply to older topics or topics that I set up.  No one outside of the Forum should be able to comment, and I’ve never noticed any non-members on the Forum.  Each forum is blocked.  As of this date 8/25/17 all currently existing topics are restricted.

    Also note that I put the forum up for you guys.  I go on rarely, and I comment on what I happen to notice.  But if I don’t comment, I just didn’t see what you wrote.  I share everything I know in the articles .  Usually, I end up writing something that I’ve already written somewhere else.  Most of the time, you just have to stop thinking and start watching your mind.  I can’t tell you what is in your mind unless I let you project on me; that isn’t happening anymore.  I’ve retired from that profession.  So just slow down and watch your mind.  Don’t accept normal thoughts as true.  Most of what you think is false.  I guarantee it.

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