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Next Call Announcement

July 1, 2017 @ 1:00 pm PDT

First of all, ignore the date and time.  That is part of the event calendar.  There is no event.  This is just an announcement.  Saturday, July 1st is my planned day to post what I will discuss below.

I did put up a new article the other day, it was labeled GC-1B.  It was about reading.  That is a new article, but I wanted new people to get that article earlier so that is why the numbering is out of order.  It explains in detail how to read what I write for maximum benefit.  I’ve really been watching this carefully, and talking to others, to see what brings the best results.  So do read that article even if you have been with the Gold Circle for awhile.  It will probably help to improve your progress.

With this unit of information, I’m switching things around.  First of all, this weekend would be when we’d normally be ready for a call; but it is a big US holiday, Fourth of July.  So it probably isn’t a great time to have a call.  Attendance probably wouldn’t be that good.  Therefore, I’m going to do something different.

I’m currently working on a project that will be part of the same unit of information, GC-12.  There is a two-hour plus recording that I just did with Kelly and Phil on eliminating the clone.  I did it privately with them so we could process together.  It is too hard to process with people when there are lots of others coming and going on the call.

I’ll be editing it and adding commentary.  I was so pleased with what they did.  It is such an amazing demonstration of programs that we all have to let go, but they are very hard to see.  It took me years to decode these programs in me and then more time to figure out how to explain it to someone who has the program in their mind.  This can provide a huge shortcut to freedom.  I’m certain of it.  That being said, I’d still take the articles in order.  If you skip to this recording without the earlier information and mental clean up, you probably won’t have enough clarity to access the programming.

It is a perfect time to do this because Kelly and Phil have been at this for awhile, and they have skimmed much of the whipped cream off the manure.  When you do that, you can more easily see the programs, not just the beliefs.  Once you take out programs, you move much faster.  I’ve been trying to explain how to do this in words, but it just doesn’t convey well in words.  Quite honestly, I was even having trouble getting people to see it in the Creative Leadership program with mentoring, so I was letting go and perfecting my wording and understanding.  This week it just clicked for everyone.  So I asked Kelly and Phil to do this, and they were very quick to say “YES.”

So I post this with a huge thank you for them.  That recording and commentary will be up by this weekend and this recording will take the place of the group call.  There will be commentary, and then one or two more articles for this GC-12 unit, all working on breaking up the clone.  Then we will have a group call after you’ve had time to work through that.  Probably in about ten days to two weeks.

At that point, you will probably have tried to do some of what you read about or heard with Kelly and Phil.  So you will see what is in the way, and we can discuss that in our typical question and answer format.  Enjoy this and really take it slow.  Within that two hour recording, you will see all the tricks that I use to get someone to see where their mind is trapping them.  Hopefully, you can then do those same tricks on yourself.  I think you’ll find that the situations that Phil and Kelly chose were very practical…you may see that you have very similar parents and characters in your life.  I suspect there will be a lot of ah ha moments where you finally get what I’m trying to do.


July 1, 2017
1:00 pm PDT
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