You must do the Gold Circle completely before signing up for the Golden Gateway program.  The Golden Gateway material is written for people who know how to let go and have been working on dissolving their belief systems for a while.  It is advanced material.  I call it Cathy unleashed.  Beliefs come up for you at a more rapid pace, and I don’t remind you to let go as much.  

What is a Creative Leader?

The Golden Gateway used to be called the Creative Leadership program, and that is still a big part it. Helping people become creative leaders has always been something that I love to do.  I learned about being a creative leader in my business days and in parenting.  We don’t have to be President of a country or the CEO of a major corporation to be a creative leader.  Everyone has the ability to lead others in some way.  When we lead in any capacity, we want to do it from our True Self, not our false self.  That sounds like it should be so easy…why wouldn’t everyone just do that?

First of all, most people don’t have access to their True Self YET, and most people don’t know how to let go.  Second, we don’t have good examples of great leaders.  Third, and probably most important, people are afraid of the backlash that they see in the illusion; they’ve been taught to never expose false.  We’ve all been taught not to rock the boat. But great leaders always rock the boat. In the illusion life is backwards. Fueling the illusion is rewarded and exposing the illusion is punished. But a creative leader moves outside the illusion where there’s no such thing as reward and punishment. Only a creative leader can expose the illusion safely. Only a creative leader can bring out the best in people by freeing their minds.

Being a creative leader shouldn’t be filled with conflict.  As a creative leader, we win without fighting. That is an art that is not practiced by many anymore. The occultists who created and maintain the illusion want us to be afraid of being our True Selves because we’ll be more powerful than they are.  Being a creative leader means never being stopped by the threats, rules, or judgment of others.  It’s about breaking through the final walls that keep us small and meek.  Creative leaders fully engage in life without fear.  That’s where you are headed.  I can’t wave a magic wand and make that happen.  It will only happen if you are balls to the wall about letting go.  In the Golden Gateway program, I support you in breaking down what remains of your clones and your belief systems. But you must be willing to do that.

For about a year, I had a private one-on-one Creative Leadership Program.  The idea was to work one-on-one with people who wanted to be free and wanted to impact the illusion in some powerful way.  During that year, I learned a lot.  I saw all the beliefs that stop people from going for their true desires.  The illusion is false, but it looks very powerful.  It stops people who have excellent ideas and intentions.  Some of what I saw, I’ve written about in the Gold Circle.  That is why you must do the Gold Circle first; it’s a prerequisite to the Golden Gateway.  In the Gold Circle, I reach into the illusion.  I remind you to let go a lot.  I don’t do that as much in the Golden Gateway.  I expose the beliefs as false, but you have to listen to your dark goddess and let go.

The Power of Desire

When I was in the business world, I felt like I was in the best possible hall of initiation for modern times. I had to let go of beliefs in order to succeed. I didn’t have time to ponder a belief or look for reasons for why I should let go or not let go; things moved too fast. I could see how win-win choices (which came from my True Self) lifted me up and gave me power, where win-lose choices pushed me down. I would watch my mind and emotions and see the effects of trusting and obeying my emotional navigation system in real time. I was up against powerful people in the corporate illusion, yet I could win every time if I stayed true to myself. Their false power was worthless; and my true power was everything.

What I share with you can’t be taught in a classroom. It’s not something that you learn. We are in unschooling now. Creative leadership must be unveiled by letting go. As you let go, you witness the shift in your own mind, body, and life experience. When you experience life through the lens of a creative leader, you gain something that is indescribable…something that no one can take away from you ever again. You also contribute something magnificent to the world…your own expression of your creative True Self.

Often in my life, I’ve had a desire that seemed ridiculous or risky to others. But it wasn’t risky for me. I just knew that it was right. I knew that I could do it. Often people feel that confidence when they first get an idea. Then they share the idea with others, and they start hearing reasons for why they will fail or why that is a stupid idea. Sadly, they believe those who could not create the desire themselves.  Their own false self and its limiting beliefs join in to the party. Then they drop the idea completely because it seems so much harder now. They wanted to do it because it seemed like fun; now it sounds like hard work.

So in the Golden Gateway, we will deal with this issue. We let the false selves/clones of the world come at us. We discriminate, and they lose their power.  We learn to follow our inspiration regardless of what others around us say and do. We let others object to what we are doing; we discriminate and let go. Then they lose their power.  We become an expert at staying in our lane and fulfilling our desires. Most people are limited by other people, and most of those other people will die with a long list of regrets and unfulfilled desires.  We keep walking toward our true desires (our North Star), but not with hard work, willpower, and endless wasted effort.  We walk with inspired action.

Using the Mind to Lead our Creativity

The work we do in letting go clears out the false mind. The normal person uses their false mind to hold their beliefs and second-cause knowledge. Their mind is so full of useless information. There is no room for creativity to flow through. The purpose of the false mind is to bring the ideas of the True Self into the material world. The True Self is inner directed so it is full of ideas, but it needs the outer-directed false self to bring those ideas to life.

Our false self is dual in nature; but ideally we hold only win-win, first-cause beliefs in mind for our creating. We let go of second-cause beliefs and judgments about ourselves, others, and people in general.  We take down the clones.  We stop competing and comparing ourselves to others.  As you do this, you realize that most leaders are simply clones; they get their power by projecting their unwanted beliefs on the people below them.  Thus, working for others isn’t fun in the illusion.  You feel like a slave even if you are well compensated. We end the master-slave triangle bottom in the Golden Gateway.

Our desire is to lead with the mental perception of the True Self, which is win win for all; we allow our physical actions to come totally from inspiration.  Remember, the physical is the effect…not the cause. When we are in win win for all, we are aligned with the Creator; so we have the same power. We are beyond the illusion of hard work.

The Essence of the Golden Gateway

The Golden Gateway is about creating something effortlessly and expressing your True Self.  So it is helpful if you already know what you want to create.  But that isn’t a prerequisite.  Often it takes time for our true desires to become clear. In the beginning, I’ll decode stories, provide some concepts regarding leadership, and we’ll keep exposing and letting go of beliefs.  We’ll review some of the topics that we explored in the Gold Circle but from a deeper perspective.  I’m completely unleashed in this program.  I don’t hold anything back.  In the Gold Circle, I had to hold back a little.  I had to bridge the physical and the mental realms for people because they could not yet get to the true mental themselves.  

We are really diving deep into the core of the illusion in this program.  We are going to look at the people and the stories that shaped our minds.  We’ll look at story through metaphor and take stories, mythology, even history, from the physical to the mental level much more quickly.

I suggest that you redo your Heaven on Earth as you begin this program.  It has probably changed since you first entered the Gold Circle.  Look at the things on your list.  Let go of anything on that list that isn’t win-win.  You now realize that a win-lose desire isn’t a true desire.  A true desire must have a win-win outcome.  I will not support a project that is win-lose; neither should you.

Now don’t get me wrong. Win win doesn’t mean that everyone gets their way. For example, I’ve worked with gamers. Obviously in gaming, somebody wins and somebody loses. But it’s win win if the winner is the one with no judgment, no fear, and no beliefs. The winner has the pure skill.  The winner is not the most conniving or best cheater.  Both the winner and the loser will somehow benefit from that game.  The outcome won’t support the illusion, it will support freedom for all who participated.  

In the Golden Gateway, I’m your trusted supporter.  But I’m also going to be really honest with you.  If your thinking is false, it will be exposed.  If you try to hide your false thinking and hold on, you will get really uncomfortable.  I have a very high standard set for this program.  The vision is to go all the way to freedom.  I want you to succeed, but you are making all the decisions. You are responsible for the outcome. You get all the credit for your success.  If you don’t succeed, then you can only blame yourself.

Our overall theme is obviously creative leadership, but the secondary thread that will run through every article is story.  Creating a business or project is creating a story.  Ideally, your project is part of your life story and moves you forward in Act III.  Your work on the microcosmic story of your creative project will affect the collective macrocosm, the world story.  We all live a story. We are born, fall, then we try to get free again.  Like a good novel or movie, we hit some dead ends.  Then if your True Self can find a crack, you eventually find the answers you seek or create whatever you desire.  In the Golden Gateway, we aren’t just finding cracks; we are making Grand Canyon like openings.

In mentoring, I often suggested that people do something creative.  I wanted to get them to stop thinking and ruminating.  I wanted them to stop looking for reasons outside of themselves.  The project often allowed them to see what I meant by the creative mindset.  It didn’t cause their beliefs to disappear.  But when they later quit working creatively and went back to normal life, the beliefs glowed a little more.  They could see what they had to let go. They now wanted those beliefs GONE.

The project is really just the desire that pulls you forward.  The real goal of this program is that you emerge a creative leader of your own life.  In the halls of initiation, it was said that the men went in as men (probably clones) and they emerged as Gods.  They didn’t mean the false God; they meant that they emerged as creators (in the image and likeness of the Creator).  In order to lead creatively, you have to live from your True Self.  You have to discriminate quickly and easily.  You have to catch when you project on others and let go quickly.  You have to understand the illusion, but not get caught in it.  You must be able to expose the illusion without battling others.  You must live as a fearless, all-knowing master of life.

The Golden Gateway is about creating entirely from the inside out. It’s about being authentic in your expression. It’s about being a leader and example for others. It carries responsibility because you will grow in power. I want you to use that power in a way that is win-win and supportive of freedom for all.

Everyone will work on the body as a project in this program.  Our body is supposed to be the reflection of our mind…it should be a temple if our mind is clear.  Our own body is a story that has been abused by medicine and beliefs. Every part of the body, and every condition that impacts it is a metaphor.  But for most, the body is their greatest source of fear and anxiety.  If we can understand the language of metaphor, and let go when we feel pain, emotions, or symptoms, we can heal our body and always be well.

Our body is supposed to be a reflection of our mind. But if most people lived from this true way of being, they’d die quickly; their minds are horror shows. We will look at true and false healing in depth, and we’ll explore the initiate’s idea of taking back the power over our body temple.  That being said, if you are in danger, get medical treatment.  You can’t let go if your fear is too great and your beliefs are too strong.  You can’t heal your body mentally if your clone is determined that you need an expert to give you drugs or surgery.  You must know yourself and deal with where you are in each moment.  I can’t do that for you.

The Investment

The investment for this program is $25 per month. There is no time commitment. You can quit at any time. Your fee will automatically renew on your renewal date, just like the Gold Circle.  Like the Gold Circle, I don’t refund partial months.  So pay attention to your renewal date and cancel just before your renewal date.  If you are creating a business, you can most certainly deduct your investment as a business expense in America.  You’ll have to check your own tax laws in other countries.

My only other expectation is that you continue to let go of those clone characters in your mind as your do the Golden Gateway program.  I will be very direct in exposing any clone characters that peak through.  As always my directness isn’t personal, and I’m never mad at you.  But I have to keep the space pristine; that’s the win win for all.

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