CL: An Initiation Challenge for YOU (Part II) Laws 1 Through 8

By Cathy • October 30th, 2020

Day ONE, Law ONE:  “Never Outshine The Master.

“Always make those above you feel comfortably superior.  In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite–inspire fear and insecurity.  Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.”  

This is the idea of never punching up.  Allow those who have superior roles, or have physical authority, to feel superior.  Let them cut down the tall poppy and make you like everyone else.  The law says that you do that to attain power…false power.  This way of thinking is normal in many places around the world, but it is not natural.  When it has been done to us in the past, we eventually start doing it to ourselves.  We don’t need others to cut us down to size anymore.  We will even pretend to be flawed so as not to stand out.  We will minimize our talents or gifts.  We’ll develop a persona of false humility.  We will raise others up who are undeserving.

Do you have people in your life that you allow to be comfortably superior?  If so, who?  Why do you do that?  You can’t get free if you elevate the clones…those with false power.  You can’t get to that true masculine role.  Superior and inferior is a triangle bottom that screams false; and it must go if we are ever to have freedom for all.

For today, think about how you’d behave or speak if you were around someone you idolized or looked up to in the past.  Think about how you’d behave or speak if you were around someone with serious authority, like the Pope or a member of the royal family.  Would you show submission?  Would you speak honestly with them like people do with Donald Trump?  Let go and see if you can get to the place with that person where you’d just be yourself.  What would they think of you if you didn’t submit to them?  Do you care?  If so, keep letting go.


Day Two, My Response:

A long time ago, when I was first mentoring, I had someone in my program who was addicted to yoga.  They swore that they just did it for kicks and exercise, so I didn’t say anything for a while.  But I could tell by the projections that came my way that they were lying.  They didn’t just do it for kicks and exercise.  They did it to become flexible mentally and physically.  They thought their thinking was flexible because of the yoga practice.  People who do eastern practices think that their mind changes with their body.  But that is backwards.  This man’s thinking was very rigid.  He had a hard time letting go.  I could tell that his yoga clone was blocking him from his North Star of freedom.  When he tried to act mentally flexible, I could feel the rigidity being projected at me.  But he couldn’t see this; and I couldn’t yet explain what was going on in a way that he’d accept.  So we seemed to be going nowhere.

One day, he told me that he was going to a yoga retreat for a week.  Oh boy!  I was noticeably unsupportive.  I told him that he’d be setting himself back as far as freedom goes, but that was his choice.  He could keep paying me for sessions until he was ninety.  I suggested to him that he let go, and only do what he truly wanted to do at the retreat.  I suggested that he try to follow his own inspiration, not be the minion of the yoga master.  But he needed to be honest about that…he needed to examine his mind carefully…blind obedience can be a bit of a habit.

To his (and my) great surprise, he got there and didn’t want to do anything.  So he told the yoga “master” that he was going to sit on the mat and just stretch for a while.  The master totally lost it.  The master demanded blind obedience.  Now he felt what was actually going on.  He could now understand that he was mentally and physically submitting to that teacher.  He was making the teacher infinitely superior to his own True Self.  Yoga is just knowledge; it isn’t the truth.  But a yoga master will relabel it the truth.

He said that for the first time, he felt the overt superiority of the master and the covert projections that pushed him to submit.  As the week went on, things became more and more intense.  The master had his followers in the palm of his hand, and they didn’t realize it.  They thought they were choosing to do yoga with this master.  They thought it was just exercise.  It wasn’t.  It was mind control.  This “master” was a major clone in this man’s mind.  Getting this clone out of his mind was so important to his North Star because he was trying to be more of a leader, and the yoga teacher only wanted followers.  He was totally unconscious of wanting to please and impress the master.

First let’s look at the obvious triangle bottoms in this law:  superior and inferior, pleasing others versus pleasing our false self (or our True Self), and secure and insecure.  See if you have any emotional charge related those triangle bottoms.  Clearly, the person who uses this law is looking to claim the false masculine role by gaining the desirable side of the triangle bottom.  They think they deserve to be the one in power.  This is a Serpent move.  The person in the feminine physical role wants the masculine role, so they are kissing up to the master.  They are playing the master for a fool.

To explain his point of view, Greene told a story about Galileo.  It was very long so I’ll give you an abbreviated version.  When Galileo would invent things, he would gift the inventions to the royals. They’d do nice things for him in appreciation. But they didn’t give him money; and he needed money to live.  This became a huge financial problem for Galileo.  Galileo had to beg for money.  Those fancy-ass gifts didn’t put food on his table.

So Galileo came up with an idea.  His latest telescope allowed him to see Jupiter, and he discovered that Jupiter had four moons; so he associated those four moons with the ruling family, which was the Medici family. He made a big deal out of the fact that clearly the ruling family were related to Jupiter because there were four moons, and there were four Medicis.  Like we’ve discussed before, the royals loved to be associated with the stars.  By doing this act of trickery, Galileo was made the court philosopher and mathematician on full salary.  His begging days were over.

Can you see what Galileo did?  He pretended to be giving to them out of submission, but he was really stroking their ego so that he could get what he wanted.  He looked feminine but mentally he was masculine.  He made the ruling family look stupid, but clones don’t know when they are being played.  That’s why they always lose in the end.  Clones think in memorized information and sound bites.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Galileo was projecting his desire for that job on them as he presented the gift.  Let’s look at the specifics.  Galileo presented a clone of false humility with the royal family, which pushed the royals into false bravado.  False bravado had the emotional component…excitement.  In clone games, the person with the emotion loses.

Here is what Greene said about that story. “In one stroke, Galileo gained more with his new strategy than he had in years of begging. The reason is simple: All masters want to appear more brilliant than other people.  They do not care about science or empirical truth or the latest invention; they care about their name and their glory. Galileo gave the Medicis infinitely more glory by linking their name with cosmic forces then he had by making them the patrons of some new scientific gadget or discovery.”

Greene has studied clones; he knows what they desire…power, accolades, awards. Why do you think that they have so many clone award presentations…OSCARs, Grammies, Nobel Peace Prizes, Pulitzers, etc.  They don’t have plumber awards.  Awards make the clones very happy; awards makes them feel superior.  But we don’t want to be clones if we want freedom. Superiority is just as much of a trap as inferiority.  You always get both side of a coin.

Greene’s statement contains a big error.  He’s calling the royals “masters.” They’re not masters, they’re con artists…clones.  They might think of themselves as masters, like that yoga master in my story, but that doesn’t mean that they are truly masters.  What is a master?  This false label is something that we don’t think to let go; but we should.  I’d say that mastery is about being our True Self without any concern for what others think of us.  If we aren’t our True Self expressing in our body and life, then we are a clone or a nobody expressing in our body or life.  That’s the common triangle bottom.  People want to be clones because they don’t want to be nobodies.  The True Self is neither somebody or nobody.  It doesn’t need a label.

Galileo out conned the con artists.  Neither was coming from true mastery.  This relabeling is a common mistake, and it has elevated royal families and religious leaders for eons.  Some people call royals “divinely appointed;” that’s also false relabeling.  They are normal people just like us.  They only have a better label.  Can you see that?

We do tend to fall for that stupid relabeling trick, and it keeps us stuck in the illusion.  When we let go, we start to see people as they are, not how they want us to see them.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  This is so important.  When I started to see people as they were (pink and blue), I thought I was hurting them.  I was seeing below the clone and it’s shadow, and they didn’t want me to see that.  They didn’t want me to see the shadow.  I felt like I should just see the best of them and ignore the shadow.  But then I got trapped in their con game.

Fortunately, my North Star was on freedom; it was not on looking good.  Congruence is what we want and need to get free.  We want to see everyone as they are being, including ourselves; and we don’t want to judge that.  I became so confused because when people have divided minds (pink and blue), they see everyone through that divided incongruent lens.  So they see themselves as better than they really are; and they would see me as a match to their shadow.  It takes a lot of practice to ignore such projections.  We can’t imagine that people are seeing and talking to their own shadow.

This is a very collective issue; it allows clones to look better than the common man.  It’s a huge trap.  Greene’s law fuels this trap.  When people are congruent, you find them easy to love and easy to be with.  That’s because they don’t project; their imperfections affect them, not us.  They are willing to let go because they can see that letting go is win win.

The royals conned everyone like Moses conned the Children of Israel.  Generally the leaders of the illusion were created with astrology.  Some astrologer did what Galileo did in order to gain a special status over other astrologers.  An astrologer could make you or break you.  No person on this planet is superior to another, but astrology created the notion that we are born superior or inferior.  Of course, that’s the fallen version of astrology.  We are all born with a True Self.  What we do with our mind after birth does divide us. But that’s our own doing.  And that’s what we reverse in initiation.

We can see that Galileo was playing into the royal family’s desperate need for false power.  He was such a smart and talented man.  He probably had far less beliefs than the royals.  But he believed that they had the power and authority. He believed that he had to submit to them.  Perhaps his belief in physical roles was all he needed to let go.  He wasn’t seeing that he could have had the true masculine role over them and gotten whatever he wanted if he didn’t share their beliefs in power, authority, pedigree, and roles.  This story shows how strong that royal power used to be.  But today, people act the same way with any clone.  It’s just part of the collective mindset.  In initiation, we only want the true masculine role; and we can only get that when we’ve mentally EARNED it.

Greene gives us a key to power within the illusion. He says, “Everyone has insecurities. When you show yourself in the world and display your talents, you naturally stir up all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity. This is to be expected. You cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others. With those above you, however, you must take a different approach: when it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all.“   

He’s basically saying that you should never punch up, but you can punch down all you want.  Imagine that you are a royal family member.  Step into their shoes.  How would Galileo play you?  What is your insecurity.  I used to have trouble with the word “fraud.”  Years ago, I had two women who worked with me in order to free up their relationship, and we made great progress.  Then one day, one of them flipped into a really strong masculine clone character; and she said I was a fraud.  I was baffled by this.  What happened?  Five minutes earlier, she was sweet and appreciative of the progress that they had made.  In that instance, I was physically with them; the look on both of their faces was horrible.  At the time, I just responded politely.  I said, “If you feel that way, I can’t help you anymore.

But I had more to let go.  I did fear that I might be a fraud.  I hadn’t really cleaned up that word.  They found a belief hole…an insecurity in me.  So I let go for weeks on that topic.  I came to see that I had no desire or intention to deceive.  I sure as hell wasn’t getting rich off of my work.  I kept chipping away at everything I feared I might be until I realized that I had none of the characteristics of a fraud.  Then, I realized that a clone character had take over the woman’s mind, and that clone was a fraud.  That clone was trying to project fraud out on me.  The two women had done a lot of New Age stuff; and they had a lot of spiritual teachers in their past.  I’m certain that this was one of their teacher clone voices.  The voice wanted me to be a fraud, so that it could maintain power.  That clone was threatened because they had done a lot of great letting go in a short period of time.  The key was that I only saw what was going on once I got rid of all of my fear of being a fraud.  I had to eliminate that belief hole.  As long as I had that fear, they kept pouring it on.

Greene goes on to say, “This law involves two rules that you must realize. First, you can inadvertently outshine a master simply by being yourself. There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure; you may naturally outshine them by your charm and grace. Second, never imagine that because the master loves you, you can do anything you want. Entire books could be written about favorites who fell out of favor by taking their status for granted, for daring to outshine.” 

Greene is saying that charm and grace are the True Self; and clearly, that’s not true.  Generally, charm and grace are Step 2.5 qualities.  You can see why Step 2.5 was invented, and why we must let go of any clones that use such tactics if we truly want to get free.  Basically, he’s implying that it’s dangerous to be your True Self.  That’s also a lie.

It’s odd for me.  I want people to be their True Selves, especially in my programs.  But they keep showing me their clones.  That’s because their clones have gotten approval in the past; then they are upset when I don’t find their clones endearing.  But their clones won’t get them to freedom.  

Look at what’s below the surface of Greene’s comment; it’s important.  He’s attributing the danger of one clone tricking another clone to the True Self.  That’s level confusion.  Two clones are on opposite sides of the triangle bottom; they are equal in power.  They battle eternally for the masculine role.  This goes back to the Adam and Eve trick; the clones want us to think that a True Self can be tricked.  If we believe them, we can.  We will be holding that belief in our false mind…that’s a big belief hole.  

Greene ends his advice with some very clear directions about how to use this law of power. Read this slowly, and see if it reminds you of any incidences from your past.  If so, stop and let go.  As a warning, this is all lies.  “First, you must flatter and puff up your master.  Overt flattery can be effective but it has its limits; it is too direct and obvious and looks bad to other courtiers. Discrete flattery is much more powerful. If you are more intelligent than your master, for example, seem the opposite:  Make him appear more intelligent than you. Act naïve. Make it seem that you need his expertise. Commit harmless mistakes that will not hurt you in the long run but will give you the chance to ask for his help. Masters adore such requests. A master who cannot bestow on you the gifts of his experience may direct rancor and ill will at you instead. If your ideas are more creative than your master’s, ascribe them to him, in as public a manner as possible. Make it clear that your advice is merely an echo of his advice.  If you surpass your master in wit, it is OK to play the role of the court jester, but do not make him appear cold and surly by comparison. Tone down your humor if necessary, and find ways to make him seem the dispenser of amusement and good cheer. If you are naturally more sociable and generous than your master, be careful not to be the cloud that blocks his radiance from others. He must appear as the sun around which everyone revolves, radiating power and brilliance, the center of attention. If you were thrust into the position of entertaining him, a display of your limited means may win you his sympathy. Any attempt to impress him with your grace and generosity can prove fatal.“   

Greene is teaching us how to be clones that are liked by clones with authority.  You see these games being played by the globalists.  They think they are very clever for mastering such games.  But we don’t want to be liked by clones.  Nor do we want to be clones.  We want to be free of clones.  And yet, people are very bothered when clones disapprove of them.  We all want to be liked by others; it’s a natural desire.  We have to recognize that a clone is like a computer.  It only likes itself; it likes us if we submit to it, repeat its beliefs and rules verbatim, and give it what it wants.  So it’s disapproval doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Interestingly, Greene explains that there is a time when we should go directly against the advice that he just provided. In the case where the master is a “falling star,” we should do everything possible to outshine him in every way. In that way, we can potentially take his place.  Greene tends to see life as a giant competition or war.  Also notice all of the sun and star references.  Clones do like to be equated with the heavens.  

Greene believes that every master will fall at some point in time.  You see, if the clone was actually a master, he’d never fall.  The True Self never falls.  That’s a lie that we are taught…a lie that benefits clones.

Greene’s overall choice of words reveals his level confusion.  Greene says that we must be patient and outlast the master. When he starts to weaken, we will be ready to go in for the kill.  Our True Self has infinite patience.  It is immortal.  Greene’s way of life sounds like a whole lot of thinking and hard mental work.  Granted, some might enjoy the competition and challenge.  I don’t.  I find it so much easier to just be myself and take what I get.

At this point, you can probably understand why I was so horrified by this book when I first read it. Clearly Greene’s view of a master is very different from my view of a master. He clearly sees the clone as the highest potential in life. I read this after going through my win-win phase in business, and none of these ideas ever occurred to me. I was shocked that people thought this way.  I was shocked that others thought this much.  I realized that their minds must be thinking all the time.  My idea of a busy mind was not even close to what Greene was describing.

When I lived from win win, I wasn’t bowing to anybody’s clone, nor was I concerned with outshining them.  I certainly wasn’t blowing smoke up people’s asses.  I was totally in my lane.  I wasn’t trying to impress or harm anyone.  I felt that people deserved to have the very best that I could give them. And oddly, my competitors did not become envious of me at all. They wanted to learn from me so that they could do a better job too. When we are truly in win win for all, people who don’t have strong clones do want to join us.  Those who do have strong clones are naturally defeated.  So it all works out perfectly.  I personally have proof from my life that Greene is full of shit.  But his point of view is popular.  If we want freedom, we don’t use these tricks; and we don’t allow others to use them on us either.  We have to learn to call a snake “a snake.”  


Day Three, Law Two:  “Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends; Learn How to Use Enemies.”

Be wary of friends––they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy, and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends then from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.”

I’ve often talked about the fact that we have three basic layers of beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves that are personal. We have impersonal beliefs about others who are part of our life. And we have collective beliefs about people in general.  Greene is implying that there’s far more to a friendship than what’s on the surface.  And he’s right about that.  But we’re not going to go in his direction.

Here’s the definition of friend from Google: “A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.”  Do you see the problem in that definition?  What is a bond of mutual affection?  That would be magnetism…an emotional or false connection based on second-cause thinking.  We actually have a lot more frenemies then we do true friends; it’s built right into the definition.

For today, really look at this idea of friendship.  Take one person who you would call a friend.  Do you judge them?  Do you compare yourself to them?  Do you gossip about them?  Do you whine to them?  Do you sympathize or empathize with them?  Now flip those questions backwards…do they do those things to you?

Those are all typical ways of relating between friends.  I want you to tear this false, second-cause idea of friendship apart today.  If we are truly someone’s friend, our bond should be at the True Self level.  We’d let go from the feminine (Step One) when we felt inferior to them, and we’d let go from the masculine (Step Two) when we felt superior to them.  We’d get rid of all that fake niceness and soothing shit (Step 2.5).  We’d create something that is truly rare today (Step Three), if it even exists at all.  This clean-up work will prepare you for the horror show that Greene will unleash on us tomorrow when we examine his view of friendship.


Day Four, My Response:

I once hired a friend.  He was a client who lost his job.  We’d become friends over the years.  At first, he’d ask me for special favors.  He wanted me to grant those favors because he was my friend.  So we had a chat…a sit down.  I explained to him that he was still my friend; but at work, he was my employee. I had to treat him like other employees in fairness to everyone else.  I couldn’t grant him special favors, but I’d also never be harder on him than others or ask him for special favors.  He needed to see that special favors was a triangle bottom; it came with me also being harder on him.  Once he realized that he didn’t want the side of the triangle bottom that he was ignoring, he was willing to give up the side of the triangle bottom that he wanted.  I opened his eyes, and that was the end of that problem.

People in the illusion often make too much of things simply because they find it so difficult to have an honest conversation.  They feel uncomfortable pointing out the whole triangle bottom because they’ve been trained to be that way.  This issue begs us to ask a probing question.  Who can’t you speak with in an honest way; and vice versa, who can’t speak to you with total honesty?  Why?  This is question that you should ask yourself every day.  Relationship problems reveal what we need to let go.

I find that people are very honest with me, and often they are shocked by that.  They say things they’d never say to others.  But often they’re telling me something that they should be telling someone else.  They should be punching up, but they’re accustomed to punching down.  Some just want to get something off their chest, but I don’t want their cooties on my chest.  Some people think that I’ll let go if they tell me their secret.  That’s true I will, but I can’t let go for them.  If they project on me, they’ll get it back.

Think about your past relationship with friends.  We do tend to talk about our problems with our friends; and that doesn’t resolve anything.  We are not punching up at the person who actually installed the belief in our mind.  This is what Greene is poking us to see.  He’s decided to compensate for this normal, not natural, problem.  Greene sees that we might actually be more honest with a foe, or enemy, because we aren’t concerned about our future relationship.

The obvious triangle bottom to let go with regard to this law is about friends and foes/enemies.  What defines someone as a friend and what defines another as our enemy?  Physically, it’s usually about supportive behaviors versus abusive behaviors…another triangle bottom.  Mentally, it’s whether or not they agree with us or support our false desires.  Think about that?  How do you feel about another when they don’t agree with you?  Do they become an enemy?  What about the opposite when you don’t agree with your friends or family? Do you become the enemy?

This becomes complex when we want freedom.  We no longer want our friends to support our false desires; and often they still do.  We think that we want them to support our true desires, and often they shoot those down as pie in the sky.  So old friendships can get challenging when we set our North Star on freedom.  People don’t understand our point of view anymore; we are moving outside of their illusion.  We get tired of explaining ourselves; we get tired of telling people that we’ve changed.  We feel like we want to become a recluse.  Relationships seem like too much work.  But they are the work that we need to engage in to get free.

Our old relationships remind us that we have to let go of our old beliefs to get our true desires.  We can’t just change our mind.  When we get to the place where we don’t need support for our true desires, no one will stand in our way.  Oddly, it is then that people will support us if they want to stay in our life.  They realize that we are now a force; they aren’t going to ever change our mind.

I have a great example of this.  I chose to unschool my children because I knew that was the right thing to do.  No one supported me.  People made fun of me, and told me my children would be ruined.  Some just judged me in silence.  I didn’t care.  I knew that I was following my inspiration.  And slowly these so-called friends and family came around.  Everyone loved my children and wanted to be around them.  They all worked in the resort where we lived, and they were great employees.  Customers wanted them to take care of their needs.  People saw that they were giving…wise…and fun.  So the issue just faded away.  No one has ever said they were sorry for the slings and arrows they sent my way…not one person.  But they all adore my children, and that’s what matters to me.  Now they have to admit that unschooling can work.  That has opened the door for other children to have a free upbringing.

This law of power is often expressed via the saying, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.“ People say that Donald Trump does this deliberately. But I don’t see it that way. I think Donald Trump keeps the globalists close so that he can understand how they think and see what they plan to do next. He’s not afraid to go feminine to them or to listen to them.  But I’m relatively certain that he doesn’t believe them.  If he was believing them, he’d never be accomplishing this much.

In addition, I sense that President Trump knows that they’re going to play these power games with him. Since he’s not inclined to lie or deceive, they end up looking like asses every time.  A liar doesn’t look bad when they are surrounded by other liars.  If they can get agreement for their lies, they’ve won.  But when a liar is next to someone who is truthful and exposes, the liar looks like a liar.  That’s just how life works.  This is why clones get so upset with us when we start exposing false.  That’s their problem.  False is false even if they don’t want it to be.

Greene told a story about Abraham Lincoln to support this law.  Once again, I’ll condense it for you.  In a speech, which Abraham Lincoln delivered at the height of the Civil War, he referred to the Southerners as fellow human beings who were in error.  Southerners in America were for slavery.  An elderly lady chastised him for not calling them “irreconcilable enemies who must be destroyed.”Why, Madam,” Lincoln replied, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”  That’s an excellent point.

Of course, Lincoln was talking from the masculine role; he was president of America. When we have the masculine role, we decide whether the relationship is between enemies or friends.  There is no power of influence in the feminine role within the illusion, so we have to take what we get in the feminine role.  When we have the false masculine role, however, we generally give friends power; and we attempt to give foes no power at all.  That’s what our false masculine mind is programmed to do in the illusion.  That’s what we are letting go.

In initiation, everything changes because we come from the true masculine role.  Now roles are not important; the person with the least beliefs rules the relationship.  I know that takes some getting used to.  But over time, we become that person with everyone in our lives.  We don’t believe their lies.  We don’t judge them. We don’t compare them to ourselves or others.  We become a soft place for them to fall.  And you might be pleasantly surprised at the results; even some of those rigid clones in your life will find that soft place relaxing and enjoyable from time to time.

I’ve often talked about the fact that people try to trick me, but I use them to let go.  I get more freedom by engaging with them.  So are they my friend or my enemy?   They are supporting my true desire of freedom for all even if they don’t realize it.  From my point of view, they’d be my friend.  From their point of view, I’m their enemy; that’s why they tried to trick me.  As long as I lead, we’ll be friends.  If they lead, I’ll feel like I’m their enemy.  I won’t like them very much or want to be around them.

Greene suggests that we might want to make enemies.  Why would we want to do that?  If we clean up the whole second-cause triangle bottom, no one is our enemy.  If we use this law, then we’re obviously on the triangle bottom.  Greene is always on the triangle bottom.  But he’s honest.  He tells us what others won’t tell us about the triangle bottom.  So he’s our friend so long as we don’t believe him.  We use his knowledge to understand life within the illusion.  But he will never use us.  We won’t let him.

Greene says this about Lincoln’s comment, “Without enemies around us, we grow lazy. An enemy at our heels sharpens our wits, keeping us focused and alert. It is sometimes better then, to use enemies as enemies rather than transforming them into friends or allies.”  

Letting go also makes us sharp, focused, and alert too.  So Greene’s statement is just plain false; but it has a place on the triangle bottom.  It tells us how competitive people think within the illusion.  You often hear such things from athletes.  They say that they need good competitors so they can perform better.  To me, that just says that they are outer, not inner, directed.

A clone is always thinking in second cause; and it does need the shoulders of opposition to stand on.  In fact, the enemy is the shadow projection of the clone.  So if the enemy disappeared, the clone would have to create a new enemy.  Otherwise, the clone would disappear; there would be no need for it.

Greene says that it’s natural for us to want to have our friends around and employ them. However he says, “The problem is that you often do not know your friends as well as you imagine. Friends often agree on things in order to avoid an argument. They cover up their unpleasant qualities so as to not offend each other. They laugh extra hard at each other‘s jokes. Since honesty rarely strengthens friendship, you may never know how a friend truly feels. Friends will say that they love your poetry, adore your music, envy your taste in clothes–maybe they mean it, often they do not.”  

I do know people like this.  We often refer to such fake behaviors as support.  In actuality, such people do not like disagreement.  They find it extremely difficult to engage in honest, authentic conversation.  But that’s because they view honesty as harsh.  Outside the illusion, the truth sets us free.  Inside of the illusion, the truth hurts.

Greene is speaking as if this fake way of being is the truth for friendship.  I’d say it’s often the reality, but it’s definitely not the truth.  When we are always being fake, we imagine that everyone else is equally fake.  We don’t want to expose others because we don’t want to be exposed ourselves.  It’s like the clone oath.

Greene continues, “When you decide to hire a friend, you gradually discover the qualities he or she has kept hidden. Strangely enough, it is your act of kindness that unbalances everything. People want to feel they deserve their good fortune. The receipt of a favor can become oppressive; it means you have been chosen because you were a friend, not necessarily because you are deserving. There’s almost a touch of condescension in the act of hiring friends that secretly afflicts them. The injury will come out slowly; a little more honesty, flashes of resentment and envy here and there, and before you know it your friendship fades. The more favors and gifts you supply to revive the friendship, the less gratitude you receive.”

Again, this can be fixed with a conversation.  With the friend that I hired, I told him that I was hiring him because he was perfect for the job that I had open.  This was a business deal, and it had nothing to do with our friendship.  He was also black; and I made it clear that his race had nothing to do with him getting the job.  I just don’t see what’s so hard about having an honest conversation.  So Greene’s perception sounds like something I’d see on television.  He expects drama, so he gets it.

What if we had friendships that were already honest and win win?  Then it would be great fun and beneficial to hire a friend. We’d know exactly what we were getting into.  My experience of hiring that friend was awesome.  We had a business relationship, and our friendship continued outside of work.  That was possible because of our honest communication.

Greene is basically saying that an act of kindness turns a friend into an enemy.  That would be a triangle bottom to let go….fake kindness versus fake unkindness.  I suspect that fake kindness might have an adverse effect on a friendship, but real kindness would come from the true masculine; that would not have an adverse effect.  If the recipient has trouble with the kindness, then it is probably because they have some issue with receiving.  They don’t trust kindness because they’ve been burned by clones in the past.

It seems that Greene is looking at close relationships as inauthentic in general.  He’s thinking that friends are secretly envious and competitive of each other; and that might be reality for many people.  I have noticed on reality television shows that friends, siblings, and spouses are often very competitive with each other.  That’s not something that’s been a part of my life.  

It’s always good to ask yourself,  “Who do I feel I’m competing with?”  Sometimes, people think they are competing with me.  But if they feel that way, they are really stuck in a clone competition with their own True Self.  I’m just a stand-in.  We all have True Selves.  So I’m not a competitor; I’m a companion.

When I first started doing this work, I realized that people saw me as competition.  I didn’t know what to do about that.  I had to do a lot of letting go from the feminine before I saw that I brought up an inciting incident…a time when they decided that they had to play a fake role within the illusion.  They could not be their True Self.  So they were being a New Ager, a Buddhist, an expert, a caretaker, etc.  When I was my True Self around them, they could feel that they were not being themselves.  That was an odd feeling for them; they were so used to everyone loving and honoring their fake role.  Their clone character interpreted that as competition with me because it came up around me.  It was really a message from their own dark goddess to let go of being a fake or playing a fake role.  Once I understood their thinking, the projection of competition didn’t bother me anymore.  I rejected it and ignored their fake identity.  I spoke to the true part of them.

Greene is presuming that honesty destroys a friendship, i.e., the truth hurts.  In initiation, we let go before we share how we feel about another.  I feel that honesty is necessary for any relationship if we want it to last.  However, if we can’t let go, honesty often comes across in a way that is overly critical or cruel.  It’s definitely not constructive.  Also, when we don’t let go before being honest, we tend to punch down when we should be punching up.  We are honest with the wrong people, and that just makes a big mess of relationships.  

We’ve all had inauthentic relationships; we know that there are some topics that you just can’t discuss because the other person has decided to be right about their beliefs.  In their mind, they hold the truth; and they’re not open for discussion.  They don’t want to be exposed as false.  So they project false on us; thus true and false is a triangle bottom for them.  If they didn’t fear being exposed, they’d be open for discussion.  They might even let go, and that would be the win win for all.

Werner Erhard often commented that being right is the great destroyer of relationships.  He was talking about the person that refuses to see their beliefs as beliefs.  I’d add that being wrong is just as destructive.  There were times in my marriage when I just accepted being wrong in order to avoid an argument.  I didn’t have the energy to defend myself.  But that acceptance of the wrong side of the triangle bottom became a block to an eventual win-win solution.  Eventually, I had to stand up for win win and my True Self.  Otherwise, I’d stay in submission on that topic forever.  To do this effectively, don’t make this about the person or even the role.  Make it about the beliefs.  Just let go on that one topic; and you can get to the win win.  Then the relationship dynamic will change.

In the common view of relationships, white lying or saying something that is nice or socially acceptable is viewed as superior to being honest.  So it’s common to value dishonesty over honesty.  We need to let this triangle bottom go.  Clones thrive on this belief.  In truth, honesty should be at the top of the triangle, and it should mean speaking truthfully. Dishonesty shouldn’t even exist. It’s the whole second-cause triangle bottom, which would be more like white lying and black lying.

Greene feels that friendships are by their very nature fake; so you should keep your friendships as friendships. I can see where he’s coming from. But that’s not win win.  Imagine that you’re the boss, and you hire a friend who does a terrible job. Greene is saying that it will ruin the friendship to be honest about the quality of the friend’s work. I say that is Greene’s baggage.  Again, I’m not afraid of a conversation.  But I don’t automatically see people as unwilling to change or unwilling to let go.  I see it as my responsibility to help them see what to let go.  I create the exit; then they walk through it or not.  I see that as the role of a true friend or employer.  In truth, all my employees became my friends.  I had the masculine role, mentally and physically; and I loved them all.  

Often, someone asks me about a relationship that they can’t seem to fix; and I can tell that they have a strong expectation about the other person.  They just KNOW that the other person won’t change.  They have some Step Two work to do in the character game.  That’s where Greene is stuck.  He believes that people don’t change.  So you have to outsmart their baggage.

Oprah once told a story of going to a business event, and she ended up with broccoli stuck in her front teeth.  None of her friends or coworkers had the guts to tell her that she had broccoli in her teeth, so she spent the whole evening walking around that way. Now that tells me something about Oprah. It tells me that nobody tells Oprah what to do. No one punches up at her even when it’s for her own good.  She’s a diva…a fragile ego.  It tells me that she’s a false masculine leader.  That’s not win win for all.

Greene ends this section with a reversal. He says that it’s useful at times to have a friend work for you because they’ll do the dirty work for you.  I guess he’s saying that friends can’t say “No.”  Again, that wasn’t my experience.  My feeling was always that I couldn’t ask an employee to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. If I ran my request through that test, they always said “Yes.”  I wasn’t being unreasonable.  That would be true with a friend as well.  Don’t ask any others to do things that you wouldn’t do yourself.

Here’s another quote from Greene that is interesting and something to think about. He calls this quote, “The jaws of ingratitude.”  “Knowing what would happen if you put a finger in the mouth of a lion, you would stay clear of it. With friends you will have no such caution; and if you hire them, they will eat you alive with ingratitude.“  That tells you how Greene views people in general.  That’s just something to let go. It’s a belief about others that doesn’t feel good. It’s pretty self explanatory.  The more we free our mind, the less we have to worry about the lions in our lives.  They become great pets.


Day Five, Law Three:  Conceal Your Intentions.”

“Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelop them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.”

This is a very timely law given that yesterday was the American presidential election (2020). So I’m going to go further with today’s challenge than I had originally planned.  At this point, the election is a big mess.  The globalists have played their hand to get Donald Trump out of office.  Now we have to see how the patriots will respond. As Q says, “It is all attacks and counter-attacks.”

As you all may have seen in the news, Trump enthusiasm has been through the roof.  The election should have been an easy landslide.  But we are fighting a strong force…we are fighting a force that lies, cheats, manipulates, and deceives (a Serpent).  We have to win without stooping to their level and being a Serpent ourselves.  We also have to win without becoming the Lord God…a tyrant dictator.  That is our challenge.  Can we trust in the power of the True Self over these clones in positions of authority?  This is a hard one for everyone.  But it’s the only path to victory unless we want to physically fight it out on the triangle bottom in win lose.

The globalists have their plan for America and the world; and they are proceeding with their plan.  They think they are winning.  That plan is the New World Order…the one world government, religion, culture, and economy.  The patriots have a counter plan; and their vision is to gain freedom from the illusion of the globalists worldwide.  The patriots want to bring the power back to the people–you and I!  So we have had attacks and counter-attacks since Donald Trump took office.  It’s exhausting to watch and live.  It looks like an outer war, but it’s not.  It’s a collective war for our minds.

Did Donald Trump cause that war?  No, before he came along we were just letting the globalists’ plan move along unobstructed.  We were allowing them to mind control the masses.  All the shit that is playing out (Corona Hoax, riots, looting, censorship, 5G, spying on us, lockdowns) are what our governments had planned for us.  Trump is just exposing their plan so that we can see what was being hidden below their pretty masks, concealed by their narrative and media propaganda.  Exposure is never pretty as you know.  If we believe what we see under the mask, the ugliness stays around.  We have to let go of whatever we expose.  It will be false, but it will seem to be true because it will have emotion attached to it, along with a psychological reversal that tells us that the emotion means true.

Look at Greene’s law.  He says that you win by keeping people in the dark and off balance.  He says to conceal your intentions.  Don’t reveal the purpose behind your actions…sound familiar?  It should.  You’ve been living inside of that law.  The globalists were taking us all down that path; and once it was too late, we’d see what was really going on.  We’d be lobsters in the pot of boiling water…too weak to get out.

If you look at this from the physical, you’ll feel demoralized.  You’ll feel powerless and hopeless.  That is the projection of the globalists…so start by letting go of their projections.  We fix this collective dystopian plan by cleaning up our OWN mind.  That way, we can give the patriots some powerful support so that they can do what is physically necessary to end this mental war.

The media is telling us how Trump is losing.  Does that feel good?  Let it go.  Watch what your mind does.  It will probably tell you that reality is true, but is the news reality?  No it’s an illusion.  It’s propaganda.  These Serpents have learned that if they say what they want to happen with boldness, we’ll fold and give it to them.  That’s what our clones do too.  They come on strong and powerful like they know exactly what is right for us.  Our personal clones were made in the image and likeness of these globalist false leaders.

The path to the win-win victory is found in trusting our True Self.  If you are used to the voices of clones, and you never challenge them, the True Self and letting go sounds too good to be true.  If we can allow the True Self to lead, it will MENTALLY counter-attack the clones by letting go of whatever the clone throws our way.  Then their physical illusion cannot manifest.  The globalists are pushing an illusion; it isn’t real unless we allow it to become real.  And don’t fall trap for the power of numbers.  False is false.  Your vote only counts if you get to Step Three…the True Self.  In this way, you can vote for Trump in any country at any time.  The physical is just the effect of our minds.  When some of us get to the True Self, the collective illusion loses power.  It can’t manifest.

Clones have no power when a True Self steps in the room.  In my experience, the clones run out of ammunition and quit playing their games on any topic when we aren’t bothered by them anymore; it’s at that point that they look false and powerless to us.  Now they are feeling their OWN emotions of demoralization, powerlessness, and hopelessness.  This is the same for the macrocosm or the microcosm…the collective or the personal.

The Serpent clones tricked Adam and Eve, just like the globalists tricked the people alive today.  The globalists were starting to play false God; they were now giving us their rules and limitations.  This is an old, old playbook as you know.  You’ve been practicing for years with me to see this playbook as false.  The leader of these globalists is the same old, two-faced Jewish God (Serpent/Lord God)…he’s their false leader.  That fake-ass God has no power unless we give it power.  You’ve got to see that.

So we have a choice.  We can let that fake God win and live in its fallen, second-cause hellacious illusion for the rest of our lives.  Then we can whine and be a victim while the elite enjoy their utopian dream.  Or we can let go of everything they throw our way until we get to the win win for all.  We can stop believing their bullshit lies and rules, so that they can’t enforce them anymore.  We can take back our countries and our lives by taking back our minds.

That is the best assignment that I could offer you today.  Remember, fear, anger, despair, apathy, etc. are emotions.  They always mean FALSE.  Win lose means false.  Don’t submit to the clones’ psychological reversal trick…write a reminder on your hand if you need to.  If you give in, the globalist clones win.  If we give in to our personal clones, they win.  And we will lose.  Only letting go will get us to the win win for all.

So play hard today.  By letting go of our trust and faith in the two-faced false God, we are destroying the leader of the illusion (both collective and personal).  When we take down that fake leader, the pyramid of power falls apart.  The people who follow that clone on the throne are followers; they have no direction, no power, and no creative ability, without their fake leader.  This is a game we can win.


Day Six, My Response:

When I read this law, I immediately thought of the self-help movement. In many of the self-help books that I’ve read (which were written by wealthy industrialists from the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s), the author said to be very specific about your intention. They didn’t say that your intention had to be good or fair to others; the words win win were nowhere to be found.  They said that your intention had to be strong, bold, and clear.

There was an implication that we live in a competitive, winner-take-all world.  The winner, from their point of view, will always be the strongest, most powerful clone.  That clone believes that whatever it says is the truth.  Think about that.  It seems that this point of view created the Leviathan that we’re now trying to defeat.  They created a triangle bottom whereby whatever their clone speaks is deemed to be the truth and the real truth from the True Self (dark goddess) is deemed to be a lie or even hurtful.  Can you see the projection?  They project out hurtful on to the exposer.  This allows them to stay on the clone throne.

Often, these self-help gurus said to keep your intention to yourself so as not to invoke jealousy or envy in others.  Why would our intention invoke jealousy or envy?  An intention isn’t the same as a mansion or a yacht…it’s nonphysical.  An envious person wants to take what the other has acquired?  Would you take their intention?  No, this is a misuse of those words.  The person with the hidden intention is miscreating; and they don’t want anyone stopping them.  It’s like the globalists miscreating the New World Order.  They kept their intention secret so that we wouldn’t stop them, not because we’d take their idea.  The clone is pretending that this INTENTION is coming from their True Self, and hurtful people are trying to stop them.  But the intention hasn’t passed the win-win test…it’s a false desire.  This is a common form of level confusion that is very destructive.   

It takes a little different form among us normal folks.  One day, I was talking to a friend, who was a horse trainer.  I asked her what she wanted for her future, and she said “Oh I can’t tell you because you’ll take it.”  I said, “Why in hell would you say that?  Have you seen me just dying to ride your horses?”  She said, “Oh you might tell others.”  I responded, “You are very insecure in what you desire.  So okay don’t tell me.  Go fuck yourself.”  She said, “I’m sorry, that was rude.  You make sense.  That’s just what I believe; you have to keep your intentions secret or people take your dreams.”  Since she now felt like an ass, she stopped what she was doing and shared her most sincere dream with me.  She wanted to ride dressage on a fabulous horse, but she didn’t have the money to buy the horse.  I said, “How about if I buy it.  You train it, and compete on it for five years.  At the end of five years, you sell the horse; and we split the profits.  If you do well, you’ll have earned the money to invest in your next horse.”  We did that.  She bought the most gorgeous dressage horse named “Divine.”  She trained it, and she competed on it; five or six years later, we sold the horse for a profit.  I got a check for my investment plus my share of the profits.  She had the money for her next horse.  Do you see how her stupid FALSE belief was blocking her from her dream?  I was the person who could make her desire come true; and she didn’t want to share it with me. I asked my friend that question because I had a sense that I could help her in some way.  I don’t ask people questions for shits and giggles.  I don’t chit chat.  I’ve always got my North Star on win win for all.

Today this situation has evolved to the mental level.  Someone on an airplane or train is whining to me the whole trip.  They never ask me what I do.  They are just babbling about problems that they wish they could fix.  They have no idea that they are sitting next to the answer to all of those problems.  Clearly they’d rather whine than solve their problems.  They don’t realize that I could make their dreams come true if they just stopped being a dick for five minutes.  But they can’t do that because they believe their own false limiting beliefs.  They don’t trust in the truth…they can’t imagine that their problem is false and easy to fix.

It’s easy to see how these self-help gurus, who talk about intention, could sound like me in WORDS. But they’re not saying the same thing because they speak with a forked tongue.  Their intention is meant to accomplish something within the illusion…something false that is win lose for all.  They use their positive veneer to get the offensive position; they get the mental masculine role by shining up that clone.  People follow them and never expose them because they sell their offensive position as: “You too could think like me and get what you desire.”  Of course, they can only get false desires with that trick.  They can’t see that their intention will never take them outside of the illusion.  They have no concept of freedom; that isn’t their North Star.  You can destroy the whole self-help movement if you see that our North Star is freedom and win win; they have their North Star set on win lose.

You see, my friend could have said, “Hum, no one ever asked me about my dreams before, why do you ask?”  I’d have said, “I have a sense that I can help you get what you want, but I don’t know how because I don’t know what you want.”  That’s a better conversation.  She wouldn’t have been defending her beliefs and hiding her desires like they were a secret treasure map.  My experience with her is a good metaphor.  It demonstrates how clone thinking keeps us in the illusion.  We defend our beliefs and limitations, and we hide our true desires.  This is what Greene is telling people to do.  He thinks that is good advice.

What is the opposite of that?  We let go of our beliefs and we express our dreams…we put our desires out for the world to see.  Those two perspectives are opposites but not on the triangle bottom.  They are vertically opposite.  The latter takes you to the top of the triangle.  The former is the whole triangle bottom.  How do you feel about that?

This program is about freedom for all, win win for all, and being YOUR True Self.  I say that openly.  I don’t have a hidden agenda.  I want that for you as much as I want it for me.  Oh don’t get me wrong…people try to find hidden agendas in what I do, but they can’t find any because there isn’t one.  They just end up looking like an ass.  I know that everyone deserves freedom, and I know how to get people there.  That’s all.  I’m doing what I know how to do.  But the person can’t understand that unless they are willing to give up win lose and go for win win.

Recently, Dinesh D’Souza uploaded the image on the right.  He was talking about the globalists.  People who have jealousy or envy issues actually have this issue, “satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.”  It’s a different perspective on this very common problem.  These clones actually hope that others fail.  We get used to being around such people, and we think everyone is like that; or we think that schadenfreude is natural.  That isn’t true.  It might be normal in the illusion.  But I can assure you, that this way of thinking is not natural.

Clones in my programs often want me to be wrong about letting go.  They want to be right that they can’t let go…they just can’t.  They want me to admit that, and I won’t.  It isn’t true.  Now think about what they are doing.  The clone wants to destroy the only ally of their True Self.  That’s what’s really going on.  That clone would be out of business if the person got in their lane and let go to get their true desires.  Many of you have this issue.  So I want you to work on this today.  Get rid of the clones that tell you that letting go doesn’t work or isn’t working for you.  Tear those clones to shreds.

Let’s look at this logically.  If I am wrong and letting go doesn’t work, where does that leave you and your clones?  You don’t have any other tools that actually work to get you free.  The tools of the illusion only soothe you in the illusion.  I’ve proven that to you.  So if letting go is false, and I’m wrong, then how will you get free?  You won’t.  The clone will win.  These clones are stuck in competition with YOUR True Self.  They think like Greene, “Oh Cathy has let go more than me so if letting go works, she’ll get the clone throne.”  No I won’t.  I don’t want the fucking clone throne.  I wouldn’t take it if someone gave it to me and offered me the whole world and a zillion $$$.  Have you observed what I do with my earned freedom?  I make it easier for you to get free.  I even dive into the illusion to find exits for you.  Do you know any self-help gurus that do that?  No, they just tell you what they believe, and you used to suck that right up like it was fine wine.  I clear the path so that you can walk it.  But your clones are resisting that gentle walk because they have beliefs that make them competitive with every True Self including your own.

I’ve come to learn that jealousy and envy live in people’s minds who aren’t traveling in their own lane. They want what others have, and they can’t get what they want.  The Creator doesn’t make mistakes.  My true desires won’t overlap with your true desires.  If these clones got in their own lane and pursued their own true desires, the envy and jealousy would disappear.  Their competitive drive would disappear.  Poof gone!  That clone would have no purpose once their North Star was outside of the illusion.

We see huge envy in the globalists today.  If they can’t have America for themselves, then they don’t want any of us to have America.  Their biggest envy is for California.  They want to burn it down so that we can’t have it.  I think they want the whole west coast for their playground.  That’s why the west coast states all have such corrupt governors.  In California, our elections have been so corrupt; and the people had become apathetic about it.  On election night 2018, they showed the results of the governor’s race on the television.  The conservative was ahead as you can see in the image on the left.  But they called the race for the liberal governor with only seven percent of the votes in.  They decided the race in their favor, and we all felt powerless to do anything but complain.  Our legal system didn’t help either; it was all bought and paid for.  Since this deception worked so well in California in 2018, they used it all night long in the 2020 election for every state.  The globalists had an intention, and they kept it secret; and they slowly changed reality so that they would win.  But we are far less apathetic in 2020; and we have Donald Trump who has no concept of apathy or giving up.  This will be changing.

Here’s more of Greene’s advice:  If at any point in the deception you practice, people have the slightest suspicion as to your intentions, all is lost. Do not give them the chance to sense what you are up to; throw them off the scent by dragging red herrings across the path. Use false sincerity, send ambiguous signals, set up misleading objects of desire. Unable to distinguish the genuine from the false, they cannot pick out your real goal.”

Do you see that he’s describing deception as a good and useful tactic?  He’s saying that your clone has to look like a True Self; you don’t want them to distinguish “genuine from false.”  I’m sure this is how the globalists think; but Donald Trump doesn’t think that way because he’s moving toward a vision.  If you have a strong WIN-WIN vision, you don’t think about fooling others.  You don’t feel like you are competing.  If someone gets in your way, you handle them by letting go; and then you keep moving forward.

Now if you’ve believed someone in your past who practiced deception as a tactic, then you might have such a clone in your mind.  You might have felt that you needed that clone to deal with that person.  Such a clone doesn’t like this letting go crap.  It fears transparency and authenticity.  It has survived and thrived by never putting its cards on the table.

Imagine if Greene joined the Gold Circle.  He’d not want to admit that everything he believed was a lie.  He’d not want to drop his clone characters; he’d think that he needs them to win.  So his clones would try to deceive me.  They would try to prove to me that deception is better than letting go.  Therefore, letting go wouldn’t work so well for Greene.  Does that prove him right?  No, it proves his mind to be rigid, deceptive, and destructive.

Greene’s laws are based on a competitive environment. Sometimes we do engage in competition; but competition can still have a win-win outcome.  Let’s say that two people are competing for the same job. It’s a potential strategy to say, “Oh I don’t care about that job. I love the job that I’m doing.“ Now it seems that the other person will take their eyes off of us as a competitor. So we could sneak around their wall and get that job. But if we are thinking that way, we are comparing ourselves to this other person; and we don’t see ourselves as the clear winner.  So we should be letting go of our beliefs about them, and ourselves in relationships to them, in order to become the best candidate for the job.

We need to let go in initiation whenever we start to feel even the slightest thought of competition. Then we won’t have the sense that we are competing, even in a physical competition.  There is no such thing as competition at the level of the True Self.  One person’s desires would never affect another’s true desires.  I’m living proof of that.  I’ve been working on this project for thirty years.  I’ve never hid what I was doing from another, although many can’t understand what I’m doing.  Most people just don’t ask.  In those thirty years, no one has ever been able to do what I can do.  Few have even tried.  When they do try to copy me, they get their ass kicked big time.  But that doesn’t mean they lost and I won; no their ass kicking was the win win for all.  They were created to do something else…something that is perfect for them.  At the True Self level, there’s no overlap; there’s only harmony.

Let’s explore a little more of Greene’s beliefs.  If you feel emotion, stop and let go. He says nothing that is true, but his beliefs are quite common.  You’ve probably seen something like this quote in your false, illusory reality.

“Most people are open books. They say what they feel, blurt out their opinions at every opportunity, and constantly reveal their plans and intentions. They do this for several reasons. First, it is easy and natural to always want to talk about one’s feelings and plans for the future. It takes effort to control your tongue and monitor what you reveal. Second many believe that by being honest and open they are winning people’s hearts and showing their good nature. They are greatly deluded.  Honesty is actually a blunt instrument, which bloodies more than it cuts. Your honesty is likely to offend people; it is much more prudent to tailor your words, telling people what they want to hear rather than the coarse and ugly truth of what you feel or think. More important, by being unabashedly open you make yourself so predictable and familiar that it is almost impossible to respect or fear you, and power will not accrue to a person who cannot inspire such emotions.”

Many say that Donald Trump has been profiting off of the first and second line of that paragraph for his whole career.  “Most people are open books.  They say what they feel, blurt out their opinions at every opportunity, and constantly reveal their plans and intentions.”  Donald Trump is a good listener.  He also doesn’t drink or do drugs…never has.  When people drink and do drugs, they say things they should never have said.  They often lose their mask; they stop managing appearances.  Trump just lets them spill the beans; and then later on, he has everything he needs to know about them.  He defeats them at their own game.  You could say that he has been preparing for this job as the President who would destroy the globalists for his whole career.  He’s been in his own lane.

Here’s a little trick that Greene uses in order to deceive others. You can see that this is a trick that’s often used by progressive-minded people.  Don’t use it.  “Simply dangle an object you seem to desire, a goal you seem to aim for, in front of peoples’ eyes; and they will take the appearance for reality. Once their eyes focus on the decoy, they will fail to notice what you were really up to.”  It sounds like occult magick.

This is how you sell communism to liberals.  You tell them it’s all about equality, unity, and the sharing of financial rewards.  You tell them about the utopia that only the elite will get to enjoy.  You just forget to mention that they won’t be part of the elite.  But they don’t notice that seemingly small deception, so they blindly obey.  They fell for the decoy, and so they work hard for their beloved leaders in order to create that utopian dream.  When the day finally comes where the elite get their utopian dream, and the workers get the shaft, those useful idiots are livid.  Now they can’t get back out of that boiling pot of water.  So the elite destroy them…mentally, physically, or both.

Here’s another of Greene’s gems:  Hide your intentions not by closing up but by talking endlessly about your desires and goals–just not your real ones. You will kill three birds with one stone. You appear friendly, open, and trusting; you conceal your intentions; and you send your rivals on time consuming wild-goose chases.” 

You can see how Greene likes to flip between the two sides of the triangle bottom.  But he’s always playing the game.  I’ve seen Donald Trump use this with the Democrats.  It’s not like he doesn’t know these laws, and he’s used them for sure.  But as our leader, he’s using these laws for us.  He’s using them to free us, not for his own self gain.  It’s like he is being a trickster in order to free someone.  If you decide to use these games, make sure that you are punching up.  Make sure your intention is win win for all.  Otherwise, you will do harm.

Greene also explains how to use false sincerity. “People easily mistake sincerity for honesty. Remember–their first instinct is to trust appearances, and since they value honesty and want to believe in the honesty of those around them, they will rarely doubt you or see through your act. Seeming to believe what you say gives your words great weight.”

Greene is basically saying that it’s natural for us to be suckers.  No, that’s ridiculous.  We don’t expect to be deceived.  We are born naturally trusting.  We just can’t realize our power at birth because we’re so small and helpless physically.  After falling and being initiated, however, we know how to use our emotions and win win.  We don’t get deceived or stay trapped in another’s illusion anymore.  We lead with our True Selves, and we are not physically helpless anymore.  So we become savvy enough to remain our True Self in a big, collective illusion.

Let’s look at Greene’s use of the word sincerity.  I don’t use that word very often.  But it should be a True Self word.  Google definitions says that sincerity means, “The quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.”  That’s basically the quality of being our True Self.  Greene says that people mistake sincerity for honesty.  But sincerity and honesty are not related unless we are speaking from the top of the triangle.  Greene is saying that we fall for the appearance of sincerity.  That’s a trap that we must learn to avoid.  Clones do love fake sincerity.

Greene says that appearing to believe what you say gives your words weight.  We call this conviction.  Google definitions says that conviction is, “A firmly held belief or opinion.”  When someone has conviction, they’re always speaking false.  The True Self doesn’t have or need conviction.  So there’s always projection from those with conviction.  Often we feel unsure of ourselves around people with conviction.  We’re feeling their emotions and their unsureness; it’s being projected our way.

Greene continues, “Remember, the best deceivers do everything they can to cloak their roguish qualities. They cultivate an air of honesty in one area to disguise their dishonesty in others. Honesty is merely another decoy in their arsenal of weapons.“

He goes right to the triangle bottom of false honesty and dishonesty.  Greene is talking about the need to manage appearances so as to appear to be honest, as if one could never just be totally honest.  He even says that honesty is a weapon in our arsenal.  It’s only a weapon if the honesty is a fake cover for dishonesty.

After talking endlessly about ways to deceive, Greene gets to his reversal for this law. He explains that often people start to catch on to our ways of deceiving because we’ve been doing the same tricks for such a long time.  We are seeing that with the globalists today.  They are so uncreative.  They have such a small playbook.  So they keep repeating the same plays over and over again.  Greene says that at some point you can’t deceive anymore, or you look like a hypocrite. He advises that it’s better to own up to your deception; and at that point, he claims that you’ll be admired for your frankness.  I’m not sure that will work with the globalists; I think their days are numbered.

He uses the example of P.T. Barnum, who had earned a reputation as a great deceiver. Eventually deception was causing Barnum more problems than the rewards he could get from it. So he started to tell the world about deception. He became a revealer of deception.  You often see this with worn-out magicians.  After a long career, they’re tired of that deception side of the triangle bottom, so they flip to the other side and teach people how to see through their illusions.

Most people will say that the magician found his or her True Self when they flip to the revealing side. But that’s not true.  They are showing how their old tricks were done; but they aren’t exposing false and letting go.   They aren’t rendering magic as a whole powerless.  That’s what a True Self would do.

In the end, we have to realize that Greene is telling us about people who have a certain view of life.  They view life as win lose and dog eat dog.  From their perspective, someone is going to win and someone is going to lose, and that’s just the way it is for them.  But I ask people every day, is that true?  Is life on earth all about the survival of the fittest?  Or is that just a fact of life within the limitations of the illusion?


Day Seven, Law Four:  Always Say Less Than Necessary.“

When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make it vague, open-ended, and sphinxlike. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.”

In my experience, that is completely backwards; but I’m not trying to control others or defeat them.  I have a different North Star.  I’ve found that if I’m talking about something true, I say very little.  We don’t need the truth; we all have it within.  Only a few words are needed to convey the truth…maybe only one word, like freedom, joy, or peace; that’s all that I need to say.  Usually, I don’t even need to say that.  I’m living it.  If I do say those words, people will add their meaning to them anyway.

But when I’m describing false, exposing the illusion, I need a lot of words.  I have to deal with all of the complexities and possibilities of that false point of view so that no one gets confused.  I can’t be vague or open-ended, or the clones will take what I say and make it their own.  I have to be direct; I have to say exactly what I mean, so that clones are exposed when they try to project that I was unclear.  Communication on the path of initiation is the exact opposite of what Greene is saying.

That being said, we have to learn how to communicate with people in the illusion.  People often tell me that they feel like they have to explain themselves to everyone.  They just don’t want to talk anymore.  Is that true?  Or is that what they believe?  Their problem is that they aren’t exposing false.  They are trying to teach or explain their point of view.  They are trying to convince the other to think like them.  That does not work.

For today, watch your thinking and your words.  Pay attention to the voices in your mind and the voices of the people you meet in any kind of communication.  Clone characters will do what Greene suggests or the opposite.  Notice that he is giving us a triangle bottom.  You are powerful, or you are common and powerless.  You impress and intimidate by saying little, so as to let people squirm.  Or you are a fool if you talk too much.  That’s his normal perspective; he’s telling us what clones believe.  Clones exist on either side of that triangle bottom.  You can be for Greene, against Greene, or you can realize that his whole way of thinking is false.  That’s always your choice because you know how to let go.

So let the clones talk.  See where they put you on that triangle.  Watch your emotions…listen to the dark goddess and let go.  See if you can discover how to escape Greene’s fucked-up world.  Remember, when we expose in our minds, or our conversations, we move to the top of the triangle.  The whole bottom becomes false.


Day Eight, My Response:

When I first started writing, decades ago, I was concerned that I didn’t have a big enough vocabulary. I had a lot of very intellectual friends who would pull big words out of their asses all the time in order to impress me or confuse me. That was very unfair in a conversation; I couldn’t stop and look up the word. I didn’t like being talked down to like that, and I didn’t want to do that to others.  Making yourself purposefully NOT UNDERSTANDABLE is manipulative.  It’s a way of gaining superiority when you don’t deserve it.

I’d studied writing from so-called experts from time to time.  I falsely concluded that writers had to develop a proper and intelligent voice.  I thought I should clean up my curse words.  I thought I needed to sound more elegant and maybe even a bit more spiritual or kind.  But in truth, I hated writing to meet someone else’s standards; it wasn’t fun.  I tried to do it, and I couldn’t.  So I falsely concluded that I didn’t like writing, or I was just no damn good at it.  I wrote as little as possible.  

After I got rid of my entire sales force, I thought that I had to do some marketing.  After all, that’s what businesses do to get business.  At first, I hired a consultant to help me; but I didn’t like the superficial tone of his marketing material (even though I liked him very much).  So I decided to handle this by myself.  I chose to write a heartfelt letter to my prospects and customers. I told them what was on my mind.  I shared that I no longer had a sales force.  I told them how I really felt about marketing and selling.  I asked them to refer me to other businesses who needed computer systems if they felt so inclined.  I shared a little bit about how I viewed systems design and why I held myself to such a high standard in my design work.  I did what I knew how to do.  I knew how to be honest.

People loved the letter. Years later, I would go to someone’s office who called me for an appointment; and they would pull out one of my letters.  They had filed it in a drawer or put it under the mat on their desk.  They said that it was the first business letter that made them feel like they had a trusted friend.  I exposed the bullshit sales and marketing industry that everyone hates but no one ever challenges.  But I didn’t just whine about sales and marketing, I walked my talk by including no sales talk in that letter.  I just asked them to consider referring me to others if they wanted to.  When I did that, I didn’t know if I was walking off a giant cliff or walking into paradise.  To be honest, I didn’t care.  I felt calm inside.

I realized that marketing should be nothing more than expressing ourselves.  We are giving someone a glimpse of who we are in our marketing.  They get to decide if they want to do business with us, or they don’t.  I wrote many more of those heartfelt letters; and I eventually started inviting my readers to come spend the day with me and learn more about what I do.  In those seminars, I exposed the hardware companies and the software companies.  I showed people where they were being played.  I exposed, exposed, exposed.  People loved it.  Everyone else was telling them the positive benefits of their system and convincing them to buy.  No one was telling them the pitfalls or exposing what was false.  So they all had tragic stories of being blindsided in the past.  They were sick of that.  It was like I’d discovered a bunch of starving children; and I had a whole wheelbarrow of ham sandwiches.  I realized that people were starving for HONESTY.  Knowing the truth didn’t scare them from purchasing a system…not at all.  It made them savvy and informed consumers.  I doubled my business in the next year with no sales force and no old-school marketing.

I didn’t call it exposing at that time in my life.  I called it being truthful.  It was then that I realized that sales and marketing was all about being a great liar.  People started looking forward to my letters.  I had transcended that triangle bottom.  I knew that I had found my voice, and it wasn’t something that I had learned.  No one else could help me find MY VOICE.  My voice wasn’t a style. I didn’t need a big vocabulary.  I just talked like I always did…curse words and all.  I was being myself.

Then it hit me.  Why would someone write different than they talk?  Here I was, thinking I couldn’t write because I couldn’t create a clone voice.  In truth, it was all of those writers who had a fake-ass clone voice that couldn’t write.  Like so many other things in the illusion, we make false into the truth, and we turn true into false.  I was enlightened; and it felt so good.  Marketing and sales is clearly occultist controlled…it has the same backwards thinking as religion or politics.  That’s why I hated it so much.  But there was a true aspect to marketing. There was a top of the triangle on that topic, as there is on every topic.

When we’re talking from the clone, people don’t want to stand under us.  They listen to our words, but they don’t take in what we say.  They get too emotional because we’re projecting on them.  But everyone has a True Self; and many will understand us if we speak from our True Self.  If they don’t come our way, they are a clone that doesn’t want to do business or hang out with someone who will treat them well.  They love their drama; and that is their prerogative.  Maybe they have a victim clone to fuel.  I never had to deal with the clones in my business after I got rid of my fake marketing and sales team.  The clones didn’t even read my letters.  They only wanted a slick marketing piece that lied to them in sound bites.

When I wrote those letters, I wasn’t thinking about how long they should be or what words I used.  They didn’t take me long to write at all.  Most marketing pieces are supposed to be brightly colored and fairly short.   They say that people have short attention spans.  Is that true?  Or do we have short attention spans for lies.  I’d say it is the latter.

Marketing people spend all of their time choosing type faces and making the marketing piece into art.  That tells you right there that they have nothing worthwhile to offer.  I just formatted my letter like any ordinary letter with a normal font, like Times Roman.  It wasn’t about the look; it was about my connection with the reader.  Generally, these letters were about four pages long.  And person after person told me that they read the whole thing…every word of it.

At one point, I ran into my old marketing guy, Stephen; and I told him about the letters.  He wanted to read them.  So I sent him a sample. He said, “Cathy, it’s clear that you don’t need me.  Maybe I need to learn from you. I’ve been thinking too much…following the experts.  I’ve wished that I could find my voice, but I’ve been looking in all the wrong places.  How did you learn to do that?”  I answered, “I didn’t learn, Stephen. I just wrote from my heart.”  I still write the same way.

Today my writing is a bit more difficult than my marketing letters.  I’m not just exposing the computer industry and designing systems.  I’m exposing belief systems.  Certain aspects of the illusion are highly complex.  But I still strive to make my writing as easy to understand as I can.  And I still expose, expose, expose.  Exposing the illusion requires us to start in the false complexity. As we get closer and closer to the True Self, the complexity dissolves.  Simple is a True Self word.

In my advanced degrees, I read a lot of books written by occultists; they were so complex.  It was really hard to understand what the person was saying.  Many psychology books were also like that.  Any normal reader would be exhausted after a few pages.  People often asked me how I read that shit.  I was reading to decode not to learn.  Over time I realized that these occultists were making things overly complex so that no one would ever figure them out.  That way they could say that they revealed their secrets but others were just too fucking stupid to understand them.  They were doing that as a tactic to claim superiority over their readers.  That’s what Greene was suggesting we should all do if we want to appear powerful and superior.

As I let go, I could see that these so-called experts didn’t make any sense at all.  They were stupid and false trying to sound smart and true.  Their arguments were weak and didn’t hold up at all.  They had endless cracks that I was not going to plug.  I now understood that the average person reads such things, thinks they are stupid (because that was projected on them by the writer), and plugs the cracks; people like Greene know that most people will do exactly that.  A wise person realizes that the author is lying.  The author is a clone trying to gain the superior masculine role over us.

I can assure you that I never judge someone on this path as stupid.  So if you feel stupid or confused when you read what I write, that’s a clone trying to keep you stuck in its world.  You need to punch up at said clone.  What have you read in the past that was filled with cracks?  Why did you plug that cognitive dissonance?  Find the causal beliefs that caused you to deem that expert or teacher to be superior to you.  Why did you accept information from others that was false?  This will probably take you back to school or seeking days.  You need to free yourself from expert and teacher clones.  Then what I write will make a lot more sense.  The clones won’t be blocking your understanding.  When we’re all letting go together in this space, there is no stupid and smart. There is no superior and inferior.  We connect authentically.

All occultists are clones.  They memorized all of the knowledge they share.  Their teachings didn’t come from their True Self so they’re not original.  They’re not exposing false, and they don’t have a win-win point of view.  They read a whole lot of books or studied with other teachers; and they put a belief system together in their own custom way.  They call that original thought.  But none of their information came from their True Self.  Our True Self doesn’t have any beliefs.

I had to learn this the hard way.  I used to try to teach people what I knew.  I still had school stuck in my mind.  Those people did memorize my words.  I’d hear them say my words, and my false mind told me they understood me.  But my dark goddess went insane.  Then I thought I had the opposite in my mind because I heard the opposite in my mind.  I thought I was the one that was divided.  I didn’t yet understand projection.  So I’d let go of that triangle bottom, and it would happen again with that same person or someone else.  After a while, I caught on.  That’s when I finally understood the difference between the false mind leading with memorized information in second cause and the True Self leading and using information in first cause.  In essence, the person had taken something that I spoke (or exposed) from my True Self and turned it into their belief.  They took the truth and turned it into a LIE.  They didn’t realize what they did.  We are taught to use our minds in that false way.  That’s why I switched to unschooling.

Greene tells us to manage appearances and purposefully be incongruent. “Power is in many ways a game of appearances, and when you say less than necessary, you inevitably appear greater and more powerful than you are. Your silence will make other people uncomfortable.”  Just stop right there.  He’s saying that it is good to make others uncomfortable.  This is exactly what someone thinks if they want to be superior to you.  They make you uncomfortable when they projected their unwanted side of the triangle bottom (with emotions attached) on you.

Greene continues by telling us the goal of this sort of communication. “Humans are machines of interpretation and explanation; they have to know what you are thinking. When you carefully control what you reveal, they cannot pierce your intentions or your meaning.  Your short answers and silences will put them on the defensive, and they will jump in, nervously filling the silence with all kinds of comments that will reveal valuable information about them and their weaknesses.“

Most people are very uncomfortable with silence.  But again, that is because the other person is projecting.  They are not mentally silent when they are physically silent.  This is good to catch.  Are you ever thinking silently about the person you are with…judging them?  Do you think they don’t know you are doing that?  If they are in my program, they know that you are doing that.  If not, you can fool them.  But do you want to fool them?  Do you want to judge them?

Greene also says that people want to know what others are thinking?  I don’t.  I listen to what people say when they talk to me.  I have a separate mental container.  We should not be mind reading.  We should not be invading another’s mental space.  That’s why we are letting go of projection.  It’s good to look at this.  Do you want to know what is in another person’s mind?  Do you have people in your life that want to get into your mind?  You can’t let go if you are on either end of that false connection.

Greene continues, “Saying less than necessary is not for kings and statesman only. In most areas of life the less you say, the more profound and mysterious you appear.”  His desire to be mysterious is giving away his act.

One day, my son, Matt, and I were talking about his old website.  He said that he hired someone to do it, and they said “Less is more.”  That’s one of those bullshit sayings that is used to purposefully confuse.  You feel the confusion, and you think they must be right.  I told him that I wouldn’t know him by reading his website.  Less wasn’t more; it was not enough.  His marketing person had put her spell on him.  That’s what happens when people talk in this obsure, vague way.  We go into a trance and just believe them when they are talking utter bullshit.  We get sucked into their web of illusion; and that’s their intention.  In truth, his marketing person did a shitty job in my opinion; but she convinced him that she was doing what was in vogue.  She was trying to make him mysterious, and that is the last thing that Matt wanted to be.

This is something I want you to think about for today.  Take something in your life…anything…it can be a piece of clothing that you like, a food that you like to eat, a piece of furniture that you keep around but don’t really need, or what you will watch on television tonight.  Then ask yourself why you chose as you did.  Keep asking yourself that question, and keep letting go of each answer until you see clearly if you (True Self) made that choice or if the collective chose for you.

So often people tell me that they LOVE something, and it is their passion.  They are certain of that.  But as they describe it, I just hear a whole lot of collective bullshit reasons for their choice.  Their True Self did not make that choice.  And that choice is a clone block to their freedom. That choice will have a boomerang effect in the future.

Greene tells us a little story to make his point.  “As a young man, the artist Andy Warhol had the revelation that it was generally impossible to get people to do what you wanted them to do by talking to them. They would turn against you, subvert your wishes, disobey you out of sheer perversity. He once told a friend, ‘I learned that you actually have more power when you shut up.’” 

Can you see that this was Andy’s perception of life from the way he was raised?  That’s not the truth.  He has a triangle bottom…talking too much or saying nothing.  Both sides are false.  I find talking to people to be very effective.  Donald Trump is extremely effective in talking to people. If you can’t talk to people, you’re going to do subversive and manipulative things to get your way. You’re going to end up in battles and wars.  You’re going to have drama in your relationships.  Authentic conversation brings us to the win win for all.  Authentic conversation means exposing what is false.

Greene continues, “In his later life, Warhol employed this strategy with great success.  His interviews were exercises in oracular speech: He would say something vague and ambiguous, and the interviewer would twist in circles trying to figure it out, imagining there was something profound behind his often meaningless phrases. Warhol rarely talked about his work; he let others do the interpreting.

Warhol became manipulative to get what he wanted.  He clearly looked down on others, so he felt that he had the right to talk in circles.  That’s lacking in compassion for others.  That’s not win win.  He said things that were purposely vague and difficult to understand. Then he let the other person feel that they were stupid or confused. In his mind, that was a winning technique.  I find that cruel.

These are the kinds of communication tactics that people teach in sales and business courses. They act like they’re teaching people about life. But they’re teaching people how to win in an win-lose illusion. The question is really,  “Would people choose to win in a win-lose illusion if they realized that they could live in win win?”  That’s a good question to ask yourself.  Where do you want to live?  In my experience, winning over another only felt good for a few moments. Then I had to sleep with myself at night until I cleaned up what I did to them.  That was far too much work for me.

Finally, Greene gets to the point of this whole discussion. He says that the reason you want to say less is because you run less of a chance of saying something foolish.  Can you see what he’s hiding…he’s a fool and he knows it.  If we fix our mind to sound like we are not foolish by false standards, then we project out on our listener that they are foolish. He’s teaching us not to be a fool in the same way that he learned not to be a fool.  He created a mysterious clone.  But we can just let go that we are a fool.  Then we can ditch the mysterious clone too.

Greene gives us a little more advice regarding law four. He says, “Once the words are out, you cannot take them back. Keep them under control. Be particularly careful with sarcasm; the momentary satisfaction you gain with your biting words will be outweighed by the price you pay.“  If you let go before speaking, you never have to worry about this.  Your mind doesn’t have meanness or sarcasm in it after letting go.  Of course, Greene would say that we were mean if we exposed him and his laws.  He’s made his laws into the truth.

Now this is something that you might find interesting.  Greene also quotes someone who wrote about the Oracle at Delphi. Of course, I always describe her as a bad version of the dark goddess.  He said,  “When visitors consulted the Oracle, the priestess would utter a few enigmatic words that seemed full of meaning and import.  No one disobeyed the words of the oracle–they held power over life and death.“

So first of all he called the oracle a Priestess; but she was not a Priestess.  She was probably the reflection of Apollo’s false masculine…since it was his Temple.  Apollo was a false God who didn’t want to be exposed, so the feminine couldn’t be his dark goddess; instead, he wanted advice from his feminine.  You see, the false masculine is so confused.  If Apollo just listened to his own feminine and let go when she emoted, he wouldn’t have need for a fucking oracle. But he didn’t do that.  Instead, he repurposed the feminine; and then he believed what she said.  This is typical matriarchal thinking.  It’s the source of all problems in life and the world.  It’s often relabeled as women’s intuition.

Greene does give us a reversal for this law.  He says, “There are times when it is unwise to be silent. Silence can arouse suspicion and even insecurity, especially in your superiors; a vague or ambiguous comment can open you up to interpretation you had not bargained for.  Silence and saying less than necessary must be practiced with caution, then, and in the right situations. It is occasionally wiser to imitate the court jester, who plays the fool but knows he is smarter than the king. He talks and talks and entertains, and no one suspects that he is more than just a fool.”

People say that President Trump plays the jester with the globalists.  I don’t see it that way.  I see him as an exposer.  He wants all the cards on the table; and so he calls out those who deceive (sometimes he adds some humor to take the bite out of the exposure).  I think he does that for us, so we can laugh along with him.  He wants us to know that he has our backs.  Exposing clones should be fun; it is the win win for all.  Throughout this challenge, you’ll see that Greene is turning words into weapons, and that will never lead to a win-win relationship.  But wars are not meant to be win-win relationships.  And Greene is teaching us war talk.


Day Nine, Law Five:  So Much Depends on Reputation–Guard It With Your Life.”

“Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once it slips, however, you are vulnerable; and will be attacked on all sides. Make your reputation unassailable. Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen. Meanwhile, learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations. Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them.”

The word reputation, according to Google definitions, means, “The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.”  That makes sense on the surface, but let’s go deeper and really examine this word.  A reputation is something that’s technically defined by others.  Others judge us, like they are a false God; and they give us our reputation.  Then we erroneously believe that we must live with their judgment.  In fact, we feel like we can’t get their judgment off of us.  It feels so sticky.  But what are the standards that they used to judge us?  Do you think THEIR standards honor our True Self?  If you do, you must be living on Mars.

People in the illusion want to have a good reputation.  It affects their career, their income, their relationships, their status, and more.  So they create a persona, a clone, so that they can be whatever gives them that “good” reputation.  They want to be judged favorably by the false Gods of the world.  Can you see that every clone is deeply religious?  If you are pleasing the false God, you are deeply religious.  Don’t fucking deny it anymore.  Don’t tell me your “spiritual.”  I’m laughing by the way.  People tell that shit all the time.  They don’t realize how ridiculous they sound.

Now, let’s quickly review the process that got us to the point of creating a clone that’s acceptable to the false Gods of the illusion.  As children, the already existing, ass-kissing clones project all of the shit in their false mind on us.  We feel ashamed of whatever we said or did when we reflected their shadow.  We feel like we must be bad or evil.  Not wanting to be bad, we create a persona/clone to cover up all the shit that was projected on us.  People call that building character.  I call it building A character.

We cover up that shadow, and now we project it on anyone we can find who will take it.  The clone puts our mind in the MENTAL masculine role, even if we don’t have a physical masculine role.  So when we think, speak, or act from the clone, we’re projecting our shadow somewhere.  It might be going on to the person we’re talking to, or it might be going on to someone else.  But it’s going somewhere on somebody.

Creating a clone character to cover our shadow is what I call putting ice cream on manure.  The manure is still in our mind, but the clone can’t see it.  It only sees the ice cream and the cherry on top.  The clone only sees their manure in others…those bad or evil people…what they used to be before they fixed themselves.  Now where is their inciting incident?  It’s in their manure, right?  Where is their manure?  It’s in their mind, but they think it’s in the mind of the person their projecting on.  This is illusion confusion; it makes initiation so difficult.

Can you see why you can’t get to the True Self until you get rid of the clones?  The True Self is below the manure.  Until you get rid of the manure, you can’t find your True Self.  If you don’t get rid of the clones, you don’t realize that you have manure in your mind.  You think others have manure.

It seems that all of you got to a point where you couldn’t take the fakeness anymore; so you found Crazy Cathy, and you entered into initiation.  I tell you that you look and sound totally fake and silly with your spiritual, expert, moral, positive clones.  But I sound kind of crazy because no one has ever been honest with you before.  The others in your life took the clone oath, which is “Don’t expose my clone, or I might expose yours.”  Or, “I won’t call you a fake if you don’t call me a fake.”  The clone oath supports a world of liars; it got us to the point of nearly destroying ourselves.

Should we be trusting clones, who have no life force, over our True Self?  Remember I’m the stand-in for your True Self until you can hear it.  You want to do what I suggest, but you realize that I don’t give a flying fuck about your precious reputation.  “Oh shit!  What have you gotten yourself into?”  (That’s your clone talking by the way.)  So you try to remove the shadow while keeping that clone.  That doesn’t work.  Your mind is like a coin; it’s got two sides that you can’t divide.

But, but, but you want to be your True Self, so you reluctantly take off that damn mask (the one with the black empty eyes), and now you see the manure that’s below it.  Oh it’s horrible; it stinks.  Oh God, if people see this what will they think of me?  See, you still care about what others think of you.  So you put that clone back on.  Then you tell me that you let go, and I laugh.  The clone is talking, and it always lies.

So here is the $50 question.  Did you have a reputation, or did your clone have a reputation?  So who was it that went to work, interacted with your friends, cooked your meals, and drove your car?  The clone with the FAKE-ASS REPUTATION…not YOU!  You were hiding in the closet.  You’ve been hiding since you reflected the clones as a child and had that inciting incident.

When you really work on this topic, you find beliefs like this:  You need to pay attention to what others think about you.  Others can make you or break you.  You need to respect authority figures.  Listen to your wise elders.  Others can see what you can’t see.  Those are level-confused statements. Let them ALL go.  They would be good advice if we were getting feedback from a True Self, but we aren’t getting such good feedback 99.99999 percent of the time.  So that advice ONLY serves the clones.

Now flip to the opposite side of this horrific triangle bottom.  If you are respecting and listening to clones, what do you do when you find a True Self?  You do what was done to you.  You project your shadow on them.  You don’t listen to them.  You don’t respect them.  You don’t pay attention to them.  Your clones don’t want to be exposed, or it will hurt your reputation.

Clones see what they project out into the world.  They don’t project on other clones for the most part.  They see them as like-minded…allies who agree with them.  Clones are driven to get rid of their inciting incidents…their shadow.  They want their emotions GONE.  They are like heat-seeking missiles for people who are feminine to them.  That’s why they like to fuck with the children and animals.  They need people to mentally go feminine to them, just like they did with their parents, preachers, and teachers.  I’ve given you plenty of examples of what happens when I go feminine to clones in this program.  They always project.  They never hear what I say because they stay in their masculine mind.  You can hear from the masculine mind, but you can’t listen.  The masculine is assertive, not receptive.

No True Self will give another a reputation…neither good nor bad.  I assure you of that.  The True Self doesn’t label or define others because that would cause them to be stuck in manure.  True Selves don’t shit all over other people.  But your friends and family did or still do.

Ask yourself, “What is my reputation currently?  Who gave me that reputation?”  Pay attention to your emotions and your answers.  Then let everything that others judge about you go.  Ask yourself, “What constitutes a good reputation?  A bad reputation?”  Let go of those answers.  What kind of reputation do you want to have?  What kind of reputation do you TRULY want to have?  Look at the words that you picked in previous articles.  Look at your Heaven on Earth.

The joke is that if you get to your True Self, you also please everyone else’s True Self.  You’re in harmony with them.  But don’t expect the clones to give you an award for that.  They hate their True Self; they hid it under their manure, and they’re sure that we don’t see it.  LOL!  We do.


Day Ten, My Response:

I think people make way too much of their reputation.  But that’s because they are bound in the illusion; they can’t see outside of the illusion.  They are outer directed; and they give their power away to others who are happy to define them.

Reputation depends on labeling. We give far too much power to labels.  Labels bind us.  They keep us stuck in either the manure or the ice cream. When we feel the urge to label someone, we should always let go.  When we feel the urge to label ourselves, we should always let that label go.  If others label us, we should let their label of us go.  If we let all labels go, what happens to our reputation?  A reputation requires labels.

Focusing on reputation is a sinister trap, but people fall right into that trap.  Our reputation keeps us locked in the illusion.  We all want a good reputation inside the illusion; so we cling to the labels that are good or desirable.  Then, we try to hide the bad labels.  However, good and bad are two sides of a coin.  You can’t get rid of bad without letting go of both good and bad.  So people end up building and building their clones in order to enhance their “good” reputation, which means that they hide and project the bad side of the triangle bottom.  This is why no one wants to be feminine.  The feminine roles have to fight off the bad projections, or they say and do “bad” things.  Then the fake good people try to fix the fake bad people.  Fake bad doesn’t need fixing.  If the fake good clone would just let go, there would be no fake bad to fix.

A great example of this is found in liberal politicians and their longstanding focus on inner-city black people.  They hate when black people escape from their city plantations.  The liberal leaders need to project on the inner-city blacks; they need to be their master in order to retain their false power.  If these leaders let go, those city plantations would clean themselves up.

Be careful:  Don’t confuse a label with a descriptive term that might expose a clone.  If I say, “You are being fake right now.”  That doesn’t mean that you ARE fake.  I haven’t defined you.  Do you see the difference?  A label is like a symbol; it’s permanent.  A descriptive is like a metaphor; it helps with communication.  Or it can expose what is false.

Now let’s look at Greene’s interpretation of reputation.  We’re going to hang out on the bottom of the triangle with him so that we can understand him.  Greene explains that P.T. Barnum was infamous for using this law and ruining a competitor’s reputation in order to gain a strategic advantage. He used two different tactics to ruin reputations according to Greene.  His first tactic was to “sew seeds of doubt” about his competitor’s stability and solvency.  He created “rumors” about his competitors.

We see this tactic being used all the time by the Democrats/globalists against Donald Trump. They completely fabricate rumors from anonymous sources. But they speak those rumors with conviction.  They want to ruin the president’s reputation.  Over time, if average people hear something frequently enough, they tend to believe it.  So clones use this tactic to their advantage.  They repeat what they want to be true…just like affirmations.  This reminds us that a chip in our reputation or a star in our reputation generally starts with one person’s desire to make us or break us.  Rumors spread via gossip; and a rumor is gossip even if it’s positive.

Here’s the Google definition of gossip, “Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.  Gossip is the same whether it’s positive or negative, good or evil.  In initiation, we view truth at a different level of perception.  Reality that was created with beliefs is not true.  So that nice Step 2.5 talk, which is so common with progressives and New Agers, is gossip.  Avoid it if you want freedom.

You might remember when Trump supporters were calling Trump a “stable genius.”  That label was devised in order to counteract the fact that the Democrats were saying that Trump was “unstable and stupid.”  I don’t recommend counteracting labels; that creates clones.  However, I doubt that Trump believed either side of this triangle bottom.  He kind of joked about it for a while.  When we use counteracting to take the sting out of an unwanted label, we feel like we are balancing the situation.  But balance doesn’t get rid of either label.  One label doesn’t cancel out the other label.  We now have two contradicting labels for that person.  We choose the label that we identify with that person based on whether we like them or not.

Instead of counteracting unstable and stupid, I just said, “That’s not true.”  I can’t imagine why I’d want to put ice cream on the Democrat’s manure.  I’d give them power if I did that.  If you have been inclined to do this counteracting in the past, stop and take a good look at that tendency.  It’s a common way of thinking.  But it keeps us on the triangle bottom.

Let’s look at what happens if someone creates a rumor about us.  On the one hand, we can ignore the rumor.  But some people will think that we’re ignoring the rumor because we’re guilty.  On the other hand, we can defend ourselves; but other people will think that we’re defending ourselves because we’re guilty.  We end up being caught between a rock and a hard place…ye old triangle bottom.  Our competitor succeeds in destroying us either way.  We find ourselves in a situation where we’re guilty no matter what.

So how would we handle this problem using letting go?  First, we’d clean up both sides of the “guilty no matter what” triangle bottom.  We’d let go of the need to defend ourselves, and we’d let go of saying nothing.  Then we’d also let go of the false rumor; and we should let go of the opposite of that rumor, which would be found in the mind of the projector of that rumor.  Both sides of that triangle bottom are false.  Now that we’ve cleaned everything up regarding that rumor (in our own mind), if someone mentions it, we’ll calmly say, “That was a false rumor.”  Our words will have power because our True Self is behind them.  

When we lie, our True Self is not supporting our words.  When we fight on the triangle bottom, our True Self isn’t supporting our words or our actions.  When we are clear minded, our True Self has our back.  Our words and actions have raw power.  Now the person who spread the rumor will look like an idiot; and they will be feeling their own emotions for having judged us falsely.  They won’t be bringing up that subject again.

The second tactic that Barnum used was to ridicule his rival’s reputation. This gets people to think that the rival is weak, and the bully is strong.  So first, let go of weak and strong.  Those words should be first cause.  

Most people would say that Donald Trump used this ridicule tactic while campaigning in 2016 when he gave everyone a funny name, like Crooked Hillary or Sleepy Joe Biden.  Then there was Pocahontas.  But lets look at why he did that.  He was dealing with clones who hide their weaknesses from public view.  After he exposed the hidden quality, people started to notice that the name fit.  Hillary was crocked.  Joe Biden was low energy.  Pocahontas wasn’t actually a Native American.  People had been feeling that those candidates were a little too perfect; but now their cover was blown to smithereens.  If they tried to prove the names to be false, it backfired.  Think of Pocahontas Warren getting her DNA tested; she was 1024th Native American.  She was Fauxcahontas.  

You might have noticed that no labels stuck to Donald Trump.  He was not pretending to be someone that he was not.  Many people were upset by this labeling; and of course, I do tell you not to label.  However, Donald Trump was using the names to free us.  He was exposing what these clones were hiding.  This disempowered the clones so that they could not project on Americans as easily.  Donald Trump was taking the power away from the clones; he was going for the win win for all.  He was punching up at these clones.  If you have a problem with Trump’s name game, you probably have judgment or fear regarding punching up at clones.  Or you are confusing clones with True Selves.  Remember, you can’t harm a clone.  They aren’t real or true.  They are empty.  So if a clone gets upset when we expose what it’s hiding, that’s because it feels the loss of power.

Ridicule is also used by progressives with conservatives or anyone that leaves their party.  They call us racists, sexists, and much more.  Ridicule is used by moral religious people and spiritual New Agers.  It’s used by vegans.  These clones, however, are punching down to increase their false power.  That’s lose lose for all.  That’s the labeling that is off limits, but oddly most people are not bothered by that type of labeling.  They are psychologically reversed so as to be kind to clones and mean to false selves/True Selves.  Who wins with that strategy?

Our goal in initiation is to let go of our clones and just be ourselves.  We also have to become very good at defending ourselves from clones who need or want to project on others in order to maintain their appearances…their reputation.  Managing our reputation would be impossible without a clone.  You can’t manage your false self unless you can let it go.  The True Self doesn’t need reputation management; it’s not part of the illusion, so it has no reputation.

Nevertheless, this idea of no longer managing our reputation brings up fear among clones. It’s widely established in the social and business world that your reputation is everything. People often say that your “reputation precedes you.” People work very hard on their reputations.

Look at the quote on the left.  We hear a lot about branding today.  But creating a brand is creating a clone.  That’s more relabeling; it’s more slick marketing.  So you might want to let go of anything you believe about branding.  Think about the real meaning of branding, like they do with farm animals.  Mental branding has the same effect as physical branding; it’s creating something false that will probably be with us for life.

Another example of ruining someone’s reputation can be found in the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Edison developed direct current and Tesla developed alternating current. In order to win the contest for who would light up the world, Edison came up with a scheme. He gathered all kinds of household pets, and then he electrocuted them with alternating current.  He wanted to convince everyone that Tesla’s system of power was irresponsible. He even got the New York State prison to organize the world’s first electrocution using alternating current.  Unfortunately for Edison, the charge was too weak; and the man was only half killed.  Edison’s trickery did come back to haunt him, as trickery usually does.  In the long run, however, it was Edison whose invention was used, and we still use his invention today.  I’ve heard, however, that this might be changing soon. People have seen some Tesla towers in Texas. Many report that free energy maybe on the horizon. But for now that’s all rumor.

Think about what happened in that situation.  The person who was most extroverted and most willing to put on a show, or even lie, got the reward.  This is what clones teach us; it’s everywhere today.  The bigger the clone, the more successful they seem to be.  But is that true?  Or is that just the illusion?  The illusion is real, but it’s never true.  So this is important to let go.  The triangle bottom is clones are successful; True Selves are failures.

The introverted Tesla, who had the better technology, didn’t get rewarded.  So we could also let go of the triangle bottom of introverts being forgotten and extroverts being rewarded.  You want to let go of whatever jumps out at you with Greene’s stories.  Always look for both sides of the triangle bottom.

Look at my websites compared to the big players in the self-help and New Age genre.  People still compare what I do to what Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, or Byron Katie does.  I let that be their problem.  I just keep doing what I love to do…what I’m inspired to do.  I expose those clones as false, and people get it when they get it.  I know that I’ll win in the end because I’m coming from win win.  Win win always wins in the end.  The truth always wins in the end.  Those clones were going for short-term gain; and they got it.  The boomerang, however, will be coming back, probably sooner than they think.  No illusion can defeat the True Self.  The two aren’t even competing.  They exist in completely different perspectives.

Greene says that there’s no option besides managing your reputation; he says that you can’t just say, “I don’t care what others think of me.  That’s asking for trouble in his opinion.  Basically he’s giving us the triangle bottom…how normal people would think.  But we let go of both sides of that triangle bottom (managing our reputation and not giving a damn), then reputation becomes something we don’t even think about.  Reputation doesn’t exist for us.  We live from our True Self; and if people judge that, it affect them.

Look at the quote on the left.  It was from Socrates…a smart guy…a famous Greek philosopher.  Clearly he was a clone; he gives it away in that quote.  

What do I “desire to appear” to be?  I don’t fucking know.  I don’t have a definition for myself.  In this program, have I ever once told you to define yourself?  No! I’ve talked about discriminating regarding desires, labels, and beliefs.  I’ve talked about having a vision or a North Star.  That’s it.  Once I clean up my mind, I am what my True Self decides that I am going to be.  I do whatever takes me toward my North Star.  I don’t have to think about any of that. It’s all inspired.  Defining ourselves would be creating a clone that society, or some other person, loves; then becoming that clone would become our very flawed North Star.  That’s a train that can only end up in illusory hell.

People don’t know what to do with me.  They want me in their box, and I don’t fit in their box.  Tough shit.  They need to get a bigger box.  They need to let go and come my way.  People write to me with their suggestions.  Or they tell me what they like and don’t like with the push to get me to do more of what they like.  They are using a subtle form of false God reward and punishment.  But they are missing the message of my programs.  I don’t follow other people.  I follow my inspiration.  That’s true on every topic.  I show people how to live life as a free person.  I’m demonstrating that it’s safe to swim in the shark-infested waters of the illusion if you don’t share the rules and beliefs of society.  Too often people are afraid to let go, and that is the very belief that is keeping them in danger.  

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ll listen to people tell me physical facts; that’s how I learn what is going on in the illusion.  But I won’t let them tell me what to do about their illusion.  For example, I know President Trump won the 2020 election.  I can’t think anything else.  That’s what is true.  I hear facts that people speak from within the illusion that they hold as evidence to the contrary.  They don’t see the truth yet.  My job is to stay in my lane.  And they need to stay in their lane.  People are stuck in two main levels of illusion confusion on this issue.  Some are stuck in Biden won and Trump lost.  They are rolling in the manure; they believe the collective propaganda.  They might even think that it would be good if Joe Biden was President.  Everything they say is a lie; so we just have to make sure that we don’t believe a word they say.  But a bigger group is stuck in “the liars won again.”  They’re on the good side of the triangle bottom.  They don’t lie because they have an honest clone.  If they let go of their honest clone, they’d take the power out of the fucking liars.  These people think that they have to prove that they are good or right.  They are trying to get the false God to declare Trump to be President and punish evil.  They are so programmed that they can’t see that their false God has a new label, Satan; and that fake deity has been punishing them and rewarding the liars.  Isn’t it time to let that fake-ass deity go?  Isn’t it time to admit that we’ve been lied to for thousands of years?  That would end this whole farce.

Everything unwanted is part of the illusion; the True Self/Creator only made GOOD.  So I take the temperature of the illusion, and then I let go of the beliefs that would cause those facts to manifest (I basically unconditionally love those beliefs…they are already false from my point of view.)  I try to make the illusion a little lighter.  That’s all I can do.  Then I watch to see who catches on and sees through the clouds.  Those people will start sharing facts that are going toward the win win for all North Star.

Look at Donald Trump as he does his job as President during yet another Democrat/globalist fear-mongering attack.  This picture was taking since the election; I think the Saturday after the election.  Does Trump look like someone who cares about his reputation?  Is he fighting the Democrats?  Is he worried that he might have lost the election?  Oh I do love this man!

If I believe someone’s projected or imposed label, I get stuck in their illusion.  Then my reputation does matter because reputation is important in the illusion…it seems like a real thing.  This will be important for all of you too in whatever field you choose as your focus. People don’t yet understand letting go. They don’t realize that they are stuck in a fake perception…an illusion.  They will try to impose society’s standards on you.  And you have to keep following your inspiration.  You have to get that they only see false.  They only project.  You love them anyway.  So look at this topic carefully today.  If you want even a hint of a reputation, you will fold on your vision when the clones come banging at your door.

If a clone judges us, that’s in their individual mental container; and they will feel emotion about their judgment of us if they can’t project it out.  We must reject their projection because it’s not our thought.  It’s their thought.  We must break all false-self connections with clones.  Cause and effect were always meant to be in the same individual mental container.  That’s just common sense.  

Look at the quote on the left.  This is why people fight exposure.  This is why they defend their clones.  What’s the worst thing that they can imagine?  Losing their reputation that took so long to build.  It says that it takes lots of good actions to build that reputation.  Why?  Because they had to do a bunch of “good” shit to convince others that they were good.  What a waste of a life.

Now the reputation whore stops doing those good deeds because they are letting go; they imagine that they will lose everything, and often they do.  They will be humiliated, and often they are.  They got exactly what they believed.  They didn’t let go of their reputation beliefs before they stopped doing what they believe one must do in order to have and keep a good reputation.

At some point, you just know your mind. You know what’s true and what’s false. You know who you are.  The rest doesn’t matter because you can’t control another person’s perception of you anyway.  Only they can do that.  Imagine not being mentally connected to any other. Imagine not knowing what is in other people’s minds.  See what that brings up.  Do you feel afraid?  Do you fear being tricked?  Do you feel lonely?  Do you feel light and free?  Take what you get and let go.  That’s how you get to freedom.

Greene ends this section by saying that there is no reversal to this law.  There is no exception to managing our reputation.  Of course, a clone would feel that way.  A clone only sees a world of triangle bottoms.  Everything is second cause for a clone.

Greene claims that if we don’t care what others think of us, then we’ll gain a reputation for being insolent and arrogance.  Interesting!  Here’s the meaning of insolent; it is “Showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect. (Google)”  So if someone judges us as arrogant, and we are coming from our True Self, that’s their projection.  That is their shadow.  So what is the projector’s clone like?  Probably something like false humility or fake caring.  It’s some sort of managing appearances so as to NOT look arrogant or insolent.

Greene says that to be the master of our fate, we must be the master of our reputation.  Yawn, yawn!  Clones make a whole lot out of nothing.  We have no fate, Robert Greene.  We are creators of our lives, not minions of the false God.  Greene says he’s not religious; yea, they all do.

The more we come from the True Self, the more we care about others.  We have compassion for them, but we don’t believe them.  We see their illusion as an illusion; we know they’re speaking false beliefs that have no power.  Unconditional love, not conditional fake love, dissolves what is false and exposes what’s true.  That’s the greatest gift that we can give to anyone, but we can’t give that to anyone (including ourselves) if we’re not in Step Three.  It’s in Step One or Two, or even 2.5, that we’d be caring about our reputation.  Once again, Greene is suffering from a bad case of level confusion.  Don’t expect that to go away.


Day Eleven, Law Six:  “Court Attention at All Cost.“

“Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost.  Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.”

This law has gotten so many people in trouble when they were in a feminine role.  They only look at appearances in other people.  Or they only listen to their words.  They can’t tell a clone from a True Self.  This law is related to the idea that “what you see is what you get.”  Such people don’t look under the masks of people like Greene, and they get burned…badly burned.  They’re stuck…having to fix the effects of some unwanted problem in their life.  And usually the person who burned them with their projection (curse) is right there to sell the cure for a lot of $$$.  The projector doesn’t get caught because, according to Greene, “What is unseen counts for nothing.”  So you need to examine that belief…it’s not true.  The unseen (mind) is the cause; the physical is only the effect.  So the opposite is true…what is seen counts for nothing.  If we don’t like what we see, it’s an illusion.

In the masculine role, this law relates to the idea that others “make you or break you.”  So you must stand out and be noticed.  You want that great reputation.  You want to be someone IN THE EYES OF OTHER PEOPLE.  What is this person really trying to do?  They want to dominate other people’s perception of them so that people will see them as they want to be seen.  They want others to see their illusion of themselves…their clone.  They want others to believe that their clone mask is their True Self.  Why would someone have this type of clone?  What are they trying to cover up?  Look for the opposite in their false self.

Can you see that this person has been in the feminine before and been burned.  Someone else saw them in an unfavorable way, and it stuck.  So now, they decide that they are going to control other people’s perceptions of them.  That way they can get what they want from others.  But they also project out the belief and fear that you get burned if you don’t control other people’s perceptions of you.  This is not how we eliminate projection.  One True Self will destroy this clone’s false power with exposure.  They just don’t realize it yet.

So look at both sides of this triangle bottom today.  Have you ever felt like you needed to be larger than life to get what you wanted?  Have you ever longed to be more extroverted?  Have you ever wanted to be mysterious to others?  Have you ever wanted to be seen and heard?  Have you ever wanted to fool others?  Have you ever tried to craft a better personality?  Do you judge introverts as boring or bland?  Let go of the answers that you hear.  Most of us got stuck in this programming at some point in our lives.  It’s really common.  We become like the people we follow, and most famous people think like Greene.

There is another side to this belief that wasn’t spoken by Greene.  But it’s important for us.  Look at what happens to the True Self if you think you need to be seen and heard to be someone in the world.  The True Self will never be seen or heard by others.  It’s within us.  No one can see or hear our True Self but us.  Of course, we express that part of our mind in the outer world for everyone to see.  But we won’t be over the top if we come from our True Self.  We won’t be trying to deceive or control anyone else’s perception.  They have an individual mental container; they get to think whatever they want to think about us or anything else.  As long as we put clones on the throne in our mind, we won’t be noticed when we come from the True Self.  How do you feel about that?  Do you think that could ever change? I’m pointing to a triangle bottom. Play with that for today.


Day Twelve, My Response (Part I):

Greene divided his commentary for this law into two parts.  So I’m going to do the same.  It’s also a really big topic.  I think it deserves two days of focused letting go.  There is a lot of opportunity for Step Two work in this response.

In the illusion, everything is about appearances.  And we have to get beyond that if we want freedom.  We have to catch ourselves when we’re managing appearances.  Managing appearances is done to manage other people’s perceptions of us.  Think about a time from your past when you wanted to say one thing, but you actually said something else.  That was managing appearances.  You did that so that the other person wouldn’t think badly of you.

We manage appearances for a reason.  So look at that memory, and ask yourself:  What was the reason that I didn’t say what I was thinking?  Why did I edit my words?  Why didn’t I let go of whatever I was thinking?  What did I think would happen if I said what I was thinking?  Let the answers come up, and let them all go.

Now before we go on, let’s compare this to something I often say when talking about my writing.  I say that I create a bridge between the True Self’s and the false self’s perceptions.  But notice that I’m not doing that for me; I’m doing that for the person in the feminine.  I’m creating a bridge that they can walk across if they are stuck in the illusion on that topic.  If they aren’t stuck on that topic, they don’t need the bridge.  Either way, they are fine, and nothing was hidden in our communication.  So I’m not managing appearances.

When we come from the True Self, we punch up at the clones (I declare them false), and we reach down and lend a hand to the false selves (by exposing what to let go). Managing perceptions, on the other hand, is done for our OWN benefit; and it harms the other person because we deceive and project on them.  We want to look good; if we said what was actually on our mind, we’d look bad.

If we can let go, we should never have to manage appearances.  If we think something that we can’t say to the other, we need to let it go.  Or we need to let go of our expectations regarding their reception of our words (which is a form of judgment).  It’s impossible to communicate authentically if either person is managing appearances.  It would be tricky to have a conversation with Robert Greene.  He’d always be in his mind…planning his next move.  He wouldn’t ever go into the feminine role and listen to us.

There’s another side to Greene’s quote that we must examine.  Greene says that we want to “stand out.” But generally, standing out brings up fear.  Clearly, he has psychologically reversed his mind so that standing out feels good and calm; that means that he projects out the normal related emotion on to people who fit in.  He judges fitting in.

Let me explain what I mean.  If we are in a dire situation, we don’t want to stand out.  We want to hide in the crowd.  We want to fit in.  We feel safe if we don’t stand out when life gets dicey. This is why people lived in tribes…fitting in is a very primal conditioning.  Modern tribes are like-minded groups.  We have to let go of both sides of that triangle bottom…standing out in a crowd and hiding (or fitting in) within a crowd.  We often think that we want to stand out, but we hold fitting in (or hiding) in our false self.  It’s good to ask yourself:  Why do I want to stand out?  Why do I want to fit in?  Pull the weed out by the roots.

If we live totally from our True Self, the crowd doesn’t matter at all.  The situation doesn’t matter at all.  Any perceived danger would be false.  We aren’t trying to stand out or to fit in.  Everyone has an individual mental container, and the contents of that container actually determine whether the person is magnetically attracting danger or not.  A crowed is not even a factor in determining our safety.  The belief that fitting in protects us is just a belief.

Greene shared a story to illustrate his point.  “P.T. Barnum, America’s premier nineteenth-century showman, started his career as an assistant to the owner of a circus, Aaron Turner. In 1836, the circus stopped in Annapolis, Maryland, for a series of performances.  On the morning of opening day, Barnum took a stroll through town, wearing a new black suit. People started to follow him. Someone in the gathering crowd shouted out that he was the Reverend Ephraim K. Avery, infamous as a man acquitted of the charge of murder but still believed guilty by most Americans.  The angry mob tore off Barnum’s suit and was ready to lynch him. After desperate appeals, Barnum finally convinced them to follow him to the circus, where he could verify his identity.

Once there, Aaron Turner confirmed that this was all a practical joke–he himself had spread the rumor that Barnum was Avery. The crowd dispersed, but Barnum was not amused. He wanted to know what could have induced his boss to play such a trick. ‘My dear Mr. Barnum,’ Turner replied, ‘it was all for our good.  Remember, all we need to ensure success is notoriety.’  And indeed everyone in town was talking about the joke, and the circus was packed that night and every night it stayed in Annapolis. Barnum had learned a lesson he would never forget.”

We often make conclusions like Barnum.  We think that we’ve discovered a great truth of life.  However, we’ve only discovered something normal within the illusion.  That wasn’t a great belief to hold in mind if Barnum ever wanted freedom.  He decided that notoriety was good and necessary for success.

Let’s look at the word “notoriety.” According to Google, it means:  “The state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.”  Right away we can see that notoriety puts us on the triangle bottom in good and evil.  It’s right in the definition.  Many people want fame today…or they think they do.  Of course, most want to be famous for a good deed or quality.  If they get that side of the triangle bottom, they think that they’ve won the lottery.

Here is the meaning of famous from Google, “Known about by many people.”  Fame doesn’t distinguish between good and bad; however, Greene does.  He’s saying that success doesn’t just come from fame.  It comes from notoriety.  Greene is telling us his belief…not the truth.

Our True Self is already famous.  All other True Selves know our True Self, and we know their True Self.  The concept of fame doesn’t make sense at that level of perception.  If we’re living life from our True Self, and people don’t know about us, that means that they’re in the illusory perspective.  They lose out on that deal.  Not us.  So my point is that it’s not a good thing to put fame or notoriety as our North Star…not if we want freedom.

Now that being said, it’s not like we couldn’t be famous in the illusion as our True Self.  Actually, it would make more sense if True Selves were famous and clones were not.  As a True Self, however, we wouldn’t be trying to manifest fame.  The fame wouldn’t mean anything.  It wouldn’t define us as a success.  It is good to ask yourself what fame means to you?  We tend to hold famous people above us…as superior.  That’s not a good thing to do.  It keeps us stuck in inferior unless we become famous; and that might not be our true desire.

Greene says that “Once people’s eyes are on you, you have a special legitimacy.”  Now if you’ve seen the movie “The Greatest Showman,” about P.T. Barnum’s life, it’s easy to think that Barnum was being his True Self.  That’s how they presented him in the movie much of the time.  But clearly the writers of the movie took some creative liberties, or Barnum wouldn’t be used as an example so often in Greene’s book.  Here’s the trailer from “The Greatest Showman,” which is a phenomenal movie by the way.


The movie presented Barnum as being inspired with an idea.  However, if we have eyes to see, we realize that  Barnum’s clone took over.  He became clever.  In the movie, it seemed that he helped others with imperfect bodies to find expression for their True Selves.  The movie presented him as a man of heart; but Greene is more honest about Barnum.  It was much more likely that he used people with imperfect bodies because he got a glimpse of how most people’s minds actually work (in the illusion).  I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

Barnum was a self-proclaimed showman.  Was he interesting?  Yes, he sure was.  People are still talking about him.  His career is still used as a case study in business schools today. But he wasn’t coming from his True Self.  We have to be clear about that.

There is a belief that we have to be a clone to be interesting.  We have to be famous, wealthy, powerful, extroverted, charming, or magnetic.  We have to be “A Force.”  Is that true?  Such a belief will block our True Self expression.  If we think that way, the True Self appears to be worthless and dull; and our showman clone becomes oh so valuable.  That’s clearly a triangle bottom to let go.

From my point of view, the True Self is original; clones are just recycled material trying to appear to be original.  Recently, Dave on the “X22 Report” said that people are so entranced by propaganda because it is so shiny and bright.  They ignore the truth (or facts) because it seems dull in comparison.  Of course, if we expose that propaganda as false, it loses its shine.  The same is true for clones versus the True Self.  Thus we have to choose who is going to lead our life…our own True Self or a clone.  That’s totally up to us.  If we are very outer directed, the pull to let the clone lead will be strong.

Greene continues with more about Barnum.  “Barnum’s first big venture of his own was the American Museum–a collection of curiosities, located in New York.  One day a beggar approached Barnum in the street. Instead of giving him money, Barnum decided to employ him. Taking him back to the museum, he gave the man five bricks and told him to make a slow circuit of several blocks. At certain points, he was to lay down a brick on the sidewalk always keeping one brick. On the return journey, he was to replace each brick on the street with the one he held. Meanwhile he was to remain serious of countenance and to answer no questions. Once back at the museum, he was to enter, walk around inside, then leave through the back door and make the same bricklaying circuit again.

On the man’s first walk through the streets, several hundred people watched his movements. By the fourth circuit, onlookers swarmed around him, debating what he was doing. Every time he entered the museum he was followed by people who bought tickets to keep watching him. Many of them were distracted by the museum’s collections, and stayed inside. By the end of the first day, the brick man had drawn over 1000 people into the museum. A few days later, the police ordered him to cease and desist from his walks—the crowds were blocking traffic. The bricklaying stopped, but thousands of New Yorkers had entered the museum, and many of those had become P. T. Barnum converts.”

Now I won’t say that Greene’s idea wasn’t clever.  It was. But it was marketing because there was a manipulative quality about what he did even though it wasn’t harmful to anyone.  People didn’t lose their homes over buying a museum ticket.  But they were placed under a sort of spell of curiosity.

All marketing has a magnetic “spell” quality to it.  In normal marketing, they generally instill fear in the buyer or promise them something that they presume the buyer desires.  Barnum did something else.  He used curiosity, which is actually a false desire combined with fear.  According to Google, curiosity means, “A strong desire to know or learn something.”  The desire to know or learn is combined with a subtle fear of the unknown when we are curious.  That is why they say that “Curiosity killed the cat.”  That desire to know WHY is something that I address all the time.  It takes us on those reason-hunting adventures in the illusion.  The True Self is never curious.  If the illusion always looks false, we don’t need to know why it’s false.  Curiosity is a good word to examine.  Often people become too curious while letting go.  They are enamored with reasons that pop into their mind; and they forget to let those reasons go.

We all find people who are different to be interesting.  But wouldn’t someone coming from the True Self be the most unique, interesting, and different of all?  So we aren’t really looking for different in the illusion.  That’s a lie.  As clones, we are looking for someone who we can project on.  Barnum delivered bigly with his collection of curiosities, and later with his misfits.  People became Barnum converts because they could relieve their feelings of insecurity and unworthiness by projecting on his museum exhibits and circus acts.  That’s what was happening at the mental level.  That caused customers to keep going back to the museum and the circus.

Greene says that, “Crowds are magnetically attracted by the unusual and inexplicable.”  Clones are magnetic (divided in second-cause thinking); and they are always looking for their opposite on the triangle bottom.  If you have a physical issue that others can see, it’s very hard to stop taking the projections from clones.  I’ve worked through this many times because my flaws always show up on the surface of my body, and it’s not easy to reject the projections. They come with a lot of emotion.

A clone sees our false reality (defect), and they realize that we can be useful for projection.  They view their clone as true; therefore, our matching defect must be true also.  If one side of a triangle bottom is deemed true, the other side goes along for the ride.  So if we’re in the feminine role with the defect, we have to reject that projection over and over again until the projection can no longer stick.  That happens when we know that the reality we are experiencing came from beliefs; it’s not true. And, we’ve let go of all of the causal beliefs that created that problem. Once the projection stops, the physical healing happens without any effort at all.

To make this even more complex and confusing, we have the progressive clone that was clearly in the background of this movie.  When people project, they do feel guilty, which is an emotion.  But they don’t feel guilty if they make the object of their projection oppressed or special.  Projection is the conjoined twin of judgment.  Some part of us knows that we shouldn’t be judging other people.  But people don’t know how to do Step Two; they don’t think they can let go of their judgment.  So they create a workaround in their mind to alleviate the guilt.  They fix the judgment with pretty words; they use Step 2.5.  Now they have the judgment and projection on the other person; that would be manure.  And they have the judgment and the pretty words in their mind as ice cream.  They make a complete mess of their mind, and they project with every fake 2.5 enhancement to the situation.

Here’s another incredible performance from the greatest showman.  Pay attention to what you notice.  See if you judge anyone in this scene.  Why?  See if you try to put ice cream on that judgment.  Why?  Clean up any triangle bottoms.


I could write a book on this one scene.  When these outcasts come out into the party, we can see the judgment on the faces of the guests.  But the outcasts keep singing.  It appears that they don’t take the projection in.  That is largely because they took the false masculine role; singing put them in the masculine assertive mindset.  Now the guests were forced into the feminine role, so it appeared that they felt their own judgment.  Without letting go, however, this is just a battle of wills.  The feeling of power would not last long for the outcasts.

So many people identified with this song because they believe that they have this issue in some aspect of this life.  But many of them think they are victims like the misfits; but mentally, they’re actually more like the judgmental elite.  They are confusing mental and physical roles.  In this scene, the elite fit in on one side of the triangle bottom; the outcasts stand out on the other side.  This is the opposite of the triangle bottom that we discussed earlier in the article.  In this scene, fitting in is considered to be good.

There is an interesting metaphor in this part of the movie.  The director put the bearded lady in the lead role.  Think about a bearded lady…feminine that appears to be masculine on the surface.  That’s a perfect description of a matriarchal clone.  The director may have seen her as a powerful feminist.  Notice also that the men are all passive followers.  Only the little man speaks up.  That’s a progressive wet dream. It also looks like the powerful, bearded woman is wearing a mask.  Are they subtly projecting out that wearing a mask is power?  People can’t help but give their mindset away in their art.

I don’t think that those things were planned to be metaphors.  But I do see the scene as a window into the director’s mindset; it demonstrates how he views the world.  He views Barnum as the top of the pyramid…a showman clone that pretends to be a True Self.  And the misfits are oppressed people who are strong when they are led by the feminine.  My son Matt saw them filming this scene on the street.  He said it was amazing.  It’s hard not to be spellbound by the showmanship…the very thing that P.T. Barnum supposedly invented…or at least labeled.

If we know how to let go, we would feel the power of our own True Self in such a situation; we wouldn’t care what others thought about us.  We’d punch up, but we’d do it by exposing false.  We wouldn’t be battling the other clones with aggression.  The judgmental people would get their projections back for good.  They wouldn’t know what hit them.

Ideally, our body and our mind would be congruent.  We would come into life with the perfect body for whatever we wanted to express and give to others.  And that might be best accomplished with a defective body.  But that would mean that we view our life’s work as completely within the illusion.  The True Self has no concept of defects.  It can’t create a defect.  It could be that an outcast believes in karma, and this life is their payoff.  Maybe this body is a perfect metaphor for the thoughts of their ancestors.  Perhaps they wanted to free their ancestors, so they decided to show them what their minds looked like.  There is a cause for every effect; it can’t be any other way.  Ask yourself why someone would be born defective.  Let go of the answers you get.

This is a good breaking point.  This response will be continued tomorrow…


Day Twelve, My Response (Part II):

Before we begin Part II, let me remind you that Greene is like so many others in the self-help movement.  They really believe that they are helping people.  It’s not like their intention isn’t good.  This deep dive into Greene’s work proves that having a good intention doesn’t help us do the right thing by others.  Greene wants the right people to win and lose.  He wants good to triumph over evil.  He’s like most people.  They cannot see that it doesn’t matter what they want or intend…their desire can’t happen.  The bottom of the triangle has two sides; and like a coin, it will always have two sides.  False good is not good; it’s not evil either…it’s just false.  Keep that in mind as we continue with this law.  You don’t want to allow your mind to make Greene evil or bad.  You want to stay away from right and wrong.  He has no clue that he is spewing false, occult teachings.  He believes with all of his fake, little heart that he’s telling us the facts of life.  And we all do that in any belief system that we hold in mind as true.  So use Robert Greene’s point of view to push up your own beliefs…let him expose your clones…let him push your ass to the top of the triangle.  In that way, he will be doing real good for all.

Greene says, “At the beginning of your rise to the top, then, spend all your energy on attracting attention. Most important: The quality of the attention is irrelevant. No matter how badly his shows were reviewed, or how slanderously personal were the attacks on his hoaxes, Barnum would never complain. If a newspaper critic reviled him particularly badly, in fact, he made sure to invite the man to an opening and to give him the best seat in the house. He would even write anonymous attacks on his own work, just to keep his name in the papers. From Barnum’s vantage, attention–whether negative or positive–was the main ingredient of his success.  The worst fate in the world for a man who yearns fame, glory, and of course, power is to be ignored.”  

At first glance, Barnum’s reaction to those who hated him sounds tolerant or powerful.  Some might even view it as magnanimous.  He’s doing a version of the crap that we fix with Step 2.5.  I was very confused by Step 2.5 goodness in others until I discovered win win.  People who have minds filled with Step 2.5 sound bites do sound tolerant, kind, and better than the rest of us.  Greene is giving us a different version of Step 2.5 with Barnum’s story. Barnum’s way of handling his opposition has the same effect as those New Age or religious soothing remarks.  Barnum was basically fixing an effect, a vile attack, with another, more positive sounding, belief…”No press is bad press.”  He was putting a better thought in his mind…turning a negative into a positive.  He was making his clone’s custom belief system into the truth. Barnum would not be an oddball anymore.  Today so many people do this…it’s what created all of those spiritual teachers for the New Age.  Fixing this issue requires us to expose the judgment and the related soothing lie as false; and most people only want to ditch the judgment.

Let’s look at this closely.  Let’s say that the reviling remark was a total lie and Barnum knew that.  Let’s say that he could let it go; then he wouldn’t have to soothe it.  He’d just state it was false.  He’d have power in his true words, and the person who judged him would look like a lying ass.  But Barnum wasn’t concerned with true and false.  He was concerned with his reputation with illusion dwellers, i.e., clones.  And that’s why he put ice cream on that manure.  By doing that, however, the problem didn’t go away.  In fact, the problem was guaranteed to get worse.  Barnum reinforced the problem by putting the ice cream on top.  No exposing or letting go happened.

I did hear Donald Trump say that no press is bad press in his business days.  But I don’t hear that from him anymore.  Clearly, President Trump does have awareness of true and false.  President Trump does expose.  He’s always looking for the win win for all.  President Trump isn’t worried about his reputation.  His North Star is on freedom for all.  The bad press about President Trump is always lies.  If he didn’t refute the press, then it would harm Americans.  We would be deceived.  So he does defend himself; and slowly but surely, people are seeing with their own eyes that the press only lies about President Trump.  So the press is losing power organically.  The truth always destroys false in time.

You see, most people just want the lies to go away.  “Please President Trump, can’t we just lock up the liars in the media and stop this horror show?”  I’ve heard that thought in my own mind, and I had to let it go.  Would that action get rid of lying?  We have to go beyond politics.  Would locking up Hillary stop your mother from lying to you?  Would taking down the media stop your boyfriend from cheating on you?  Nope.  Everything starts in our own personal mind and life.  If our mind is clean on this topic, we won’t be affected or bothered by those in our personal life or the collective who are lying.  We’ll just ignore them or expose them.  We need to get honest about this.  If we have any belief system, on any topic, we have liars in our mind and life.  If we hold that belief system as more powerful than the truth, then we will hold the lying media as more powerful than our True Selves.

Right now, I have family and friends who desperately want to know what will happen if Joe Biden is elected President.  It’s tempting to answer their questions and explain the horror show that he would probably create.  However, that would be giving credibility to their question; and their question is false.  So I respond, “That won’t happen.  Trump won.”  But they can’t deal with that answer.  They hear me, but they don’t listen to me because of their programming.  Reality is true for them; and they believe the illusion that they see and hear.  So they ask me again and again.  They wait a few hours, and they send me another text.  They read something in the Washington Post that said that Biden is already picking his cabinet.  I say, “But that is fake news.”  They say, “But it said that.”  They aren’t letting go.  And they have been brainwashed to treat the fake news as the truth.  I tell them to go read my Twitter thread.  It’s all exposure and confirmation that Trump won.  But they will say, “But Cathy, you aren’t addressing the issue with Biden.”  There’s no fucking issue with Biden.  I have to keep letting go to be patient with them.  This situation is breaking up their programming.  They would all say that they are very positive people.  They are absolutely committed to the truth.  No they aren’t.  They are showing me what they actually believe…what they were hiding under their good, moral, positive, enlightened clones.  They go right to the horror show like a projectile missile.  Then they want me to do some magical Step 2.5.  What’s bothering them the most is that I expose their beliefs as false.  I don’t give them the Step 2.5 that they want.  It’s driving them all crazy.  And their emotions are their problem.  This will help them to see that they do need to let go.  They aren’t as enlightened or good as they thought; they were just doing a whole lot of Step 2.5.

We have to clean up the triangle bottom that causes lying to happen in our own life experience.  If we can’t ignore or expose the people in our own life, we won’t be able to ignore or expose the collective.  Most of the liars are like Greene.  They have good intentions.  They don’t realize that they are following occult beliefs.  They think those beliefs are the truth.  And that is the biggest problem in the world today.  All suffering comes from that core.  That’s why we expose, expose, and expose the occult in all forms.  That’s the only way to pull this weed out so that we remove all of the roots, and it never grows back again.

Greene continues, “It is a common mistake to imagine that this peculiar appearance of yours should not be controversial, that to be attacked is somehow bad.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To avoid being a flash in the pan, and having your notoriety eclipsed by another, you must not discriminate between different types of attention; in the end, every kind will work in your favor.  Barnum, we have seen, welcomed personal attacks and felt no need to defend himself.  He deliberately courted the image of being a humbug.”

Greene is telling us that his North Star is set on getting attention.  That’s not our North Star.  If we aren’t being ourselves, and we are attacked, so what?  We’ve found a clone to let go if the attacker appears to be our opposition.  Or the attacker is seeing their shadow in us, and that’s their problem.

We often see something like Greene is describing with people who expose physically with facts that they deem to be true, like a whistleblower.  Those facts are not actually true; the facts tell us what was falsely created within the illusion.  Those facts were created with beliefs.  These whistleblowers don’t have “getting attention” as their North Star like Greene; their North Star is set on being honest, good, or right.  They talk about freedom, but they don’t have a North Star of freedom.  So they say something like, “I must be right (or on the side of good) because the enemy is attacking me.”  Their comment exposes that they are holding on to the good or right side of the triangle bottom.  So these people are being attacked more and more.  Most of them are having a hard time finding anywhere to post their research or videos these days.  They are having to set up private sites, and no one wants to go read their reports or watch their videos on a private site.  It’s too much work for the small amount of information we get from them.  Remember, their information is time sensitive.  It’s not anything like what we are doing.

They need to drop the good-and-evil triangle bottom to fix their situation.  But most won’t do that…they are Christian.  They have an honest clone; and they project the liar (stored in their false self) out.  Then they have to fight their own shadow.  They can’t see the mental error that they are making.  Their clone is not their True Self.  Clones are very bothered by attacks, but they are the cause of the attacks.  Because these digital warriors identify with their honest clone; they do think that their True Self (or the truth) is being attacked.  But in reality, only the facts that they are presenting are under attack.  The liar is trying to cover their own ass.

This is Greene’s advice for someone starting a career or a business.  It’s common thinking, I’m sure.  “Burning more brightly than those around you is a skill. You have to learn to attract attention, ‘as surely as the lodestone attracts iron.’  At the start of your career, you must attach your name and reputation to a quality, an image, that sets you apart from other people. This image can be something like a characteristic style of dress, or a personality quirk that amuses people and gets talked about.  Once the image is established, you have an appearance, a place in the sky for your star.”

Today they call this branding.  Greene is admitting that branding makes you magnetic.  Is that what you want to be?  When we are magnetic, we are on the triangle bottom.  For most of us, it’s only fun to be magnetic if we’re on the positive side of the magnet.  But then, we are bothered by our opposition like I just described.

Greene is telling us to define ourselves, and most people would agree with him.  But I don’t.  Shouldn’t our style just be our style…congruent with who we truly are.  Stand in Greene’s shoes for a minute.  Think about who you’d be if you were creating a quality reputation, a image that sets you apart.  I’ve asked a few people to do this in the past.  It does expose their collective beliefs.  But it appears to me that they often try to come close to the person they’d actually be if they were being their True Self.  Of course, that might be because they are doing it with me…I don’t know.  Sadly, they usually think that they need willpower or beliefs to fulfill that vision.  That’s their big error.  They don’t trust letting go to take them to the place that they truly want to be.  Think about that.  Do you trust letting go to take you to your North Star?  Be honest, and let go of your answers.

Greene’s point of view is how we view life when we have no concept of the True Self.  We believe that we were born a nobody.  So we’re taught that we have to Build-A-Character to become somebody.  The triangle bottom to let go is being somebody versus being nobody.  Both are false; the True Self would never have such thoughts.

Greene provided more insight into his point of view. “In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar, what seems enigmatic instantly draws attention. Never make it too clear what you are doing or about to do. Do not show all your cards. An air of mystery heightens your presence; it also creates anticipation––everyone will be watching you to see what happens next. Use mystery to beguile, seduce, even frighten.”  

Let’s look at this word mystery.  Greene really likes that word.  Google defines mystery as:  “Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.”  Clearly, that’s not a True Self word.  Only a clone wants to be mysterious because it wants to deceive others.  That being said, a True Self will appear to be a mystery to any clone.  But the True Self isn’t trying to be mysterious.

Greene tells his followers to beguile, which Google defines as “Charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive way.”  He tells them to seduce or even frighten others.  What he’s trying to do is create emotion in the other.  In that way, he will appear to have all the power.  A mysterious, beguiling, seductive clone will project; and the other will feel that emotion.  The other’s psychological reversal will then declare the emotion to be true, and the clone will have their false-self connection with them.  Now the clone will be in control; the clone is the calm one in the equation.

I’m constantly telling people to put all of their cards on the table. But that’s because we’re trying to get to the point of having loving and compassionate relationships with others.  We want out of the illusion.  Greene’s North Star is clearly about winning and others losing within the illusion.  You can’t have good relationships with others when you want them to lose.  Too much winning when you are in win lose makes for a lonely life.  But losing is not fun.  Losing to keep a relationship will breed resentment.  If you want an extraordinary relationship, you have to move to win win with the other person.

You can see how confused people would be if they don’t understand that they have a True Self, and they don’t realize that we decide whether we go into the illusion or out of the illusion with the placement of our North Star.  People would hear someone like Greene; and they’d think that he made a lot of sense.  It would sound like he explained life to them.  They would go to work on their reputation; they would craft a clone that’s a little more mysterious and seductive.  They may have some success within the illusion if they believe Greene; but they won’t get free.

Greene goes on to explain his obsession with being mysterious in this quote. “In the past, the world was filled with the terrifying and unknowable–diseases, disasters, capricious despots, the mystery of death itself. What we could not understand we reimagined as myth and spirits. Over the centuries, though, we have managed, through science and reason, to illuminate the darkness; what was mysterious and forbidding has grown familiar and comfortable. Yet this light has a price; in a world that is ever more banal, that has had its mystery and myth squeezed out of it, we secretly crave enigmas, people or things that cannot be instantly interpreted, seized, and consumed.”  

Notice that Greene views science as removing our emotions…our fears of the unknown.  This is quite common.  Most people think that knowledge fixes emotions; that’s backwards.  That’s matriarchal thinking.  We eliminate that false programming by examining topics that we’ve viewed as explained or resolved by science.  We often find big fears about death, disease, or suffering underneath those faux science beliefs.  Science is a belief system, but many people hold science as the truth.

For example, what if you didn’t understand a solar eclipse.  How would you feel when it happened?  What would you think?  You might believe that you were going to die.  You might believe that the sun was never going to come back.  Putting the ice cream knowledge of how a solar eclipse works on top of the manure of the unknown didn’t take away the fear of the sun running out of power or disappearing one day.  That could also be a metaphor for a fear of losing God or your True Self.  In ancient times, the people with the knowledge looked like magicians.  They’d predict that the sun would return if the people prayed to their deity or sacrificed their first born.  That’s how they got followers for their cults.  Their knowledge caused their predictions to appear to come true.

We were once afraid when we didn’t understand Mother Earth.  We decided that she was dangerous and unpredictable.  We created stories and myths to explain her.  But that didn’t take away our fears.  It only covered them up.  This is yet another form of Step 2.5.

Imagine that we are living in a desert and have run out of water.  It hasn’t rained in months.  Imagine the fear.  In that moment, we aren’t inclined to think, “Hum, that thought didn’t feel good.  So it isn’t true.”  Since we forgot the purpose of emotions, we decided to hate our emotions too.  What would happen if we just let go of anything we feared.  I’ve done that for decades.  The problem goes away, or it is resolved easily.  But you probably won’t find anyone else telling you that.  So I tend to sound crazy and the people with stupid science beliefs sound credible.

What if Mother Earth isn’t unpredictable and dangerous at all.  What if she is reflecting the collective thinking at any given moment in time?  What if the problems we see in Mother Earth are just more projection?  It is said that the Middle East used to be the Garden of Eden.  Researchers tell us that it used to be like a rain forest.  The damage on the Sphinx was caused by extreme water damage from a time when it used to rain a lot in Egypt.  The change in climate came after the MENTAL fall.  We have been so programmed to think that reality equals the truth…to think that we can’t change something that has manifested.  That is a big lie.

Today science tells us how we think or how our bodies work.  It gives us reasons for effects.  It provides ways to fix those effects.  But it is telling us how a fallen mind thinks and how a fallen body reacts to that thinking. Science tries to eliminate emotions.  It’s largely matriarchal.  Religion was invented for the same reason.  Both are collective clones.  Both are into foretelling the future…prophecy.  They want to avoid future emotions.  But they don’t know how to let go.  So the scientists fix one problem, and a new effect comes out of the shadows.  Science doesn’t fix shit.

Greene is saying something very interesting.  He’s saying that science causes us to miss the mystery; so we try to add the mystery back into life, like adding spice to a hunk of beef.  He’s assuming that science is at the top of the triangle.  That’s not true; science is just as false as religion.  People like science because it utilizes their belief that reality is true.  They don’t trust faith.  That’s a good triangle bottom to let go…faith versus trust in reality.  So now Greene says that science has created boredom.  We miss the mystery so we have to create some mystery with fake clones.  Does that make any sense at all?

Greene continues, “That is the power of the mysterious: It invites layers of interpretation, excites our imagination, seduces us into believing that it conceals something marvelous. The world has become so familiar and its inhabitants so predictable that what wraps itself in mystery will almost always draw the limelight to it and make us watch it.”  

I think this is why people like magic.  I don’t.  I think it’s stupid.  I also think people who try too hard to be unique or mysterious are silly because they are so obviously false.  But they don’t know they look silly.  And they don’t look silly to other clones, so they rarely get valuable feedback. That being said, I can see what Greene is thinking.  He sees mysterious on one side of the triangle bottom and boring or banal (meaning lacking originality) on the other side of the triangle bottom.  If you agree with him, just let his triangle bottom go.  Don’t create a mysterious clone.

Here’s a quote from Greene about mystery. “Mysterious people put others in a kind of inferior position—that of trying to figure them out. To degrees that they can control, they also elicit the fear surrounding anything uncertain or unknown.  Great leaders know that an aura of mystery draws attention to them and creates an intimidating presence. Mao Tse-tung, for example, cleverly cultivated an enigmatic image; he had no worries about seeming inconsistent or contradicting himself—the very contradictoriness of his actions and words meant that he always had the upper hand.”

Now Greene makes sense because he’s being honest that he’s talking about using mystery as a weapon. He’s suggesting that we play with the fact that uncertainty bothers people.  This goes back to ancient mind control; power-hungry clones have long known that the unknown bothers people too. Greene is suggesting that we purposely contradict ourselves so as to confuse and to appear elusive. These are games that clones play; and often we don’t recognize the effect that playing these games has on us and our relationships.  Greene admits that we’d do this in order to get the upper hand with another person, which means we’d do this to gain the false masculine role.  But what if we already have the true masculine role?  Then all games get flushed down the toilet.

Greene goes on to say, “If your social position prevents you from completely wrapping your actions in mystery, you must at least learn to make yourself less obvious. Every now and then, act in a way that does not mesh with other people’s perception of you. This way, you keep those around you on the defensive, eliciting the kind of attention that makes you powerful.  Done right, the creation of enigma can also draw the kind of attention that strikes terror into your enemy.”

These are war strategies. Greene doesn’t realize that being our True Self in his illusion is an enigma. It does throw people a little bit off guard, and they might feel confused or unable to understand our way of seeing life or behaving. But that’s actually the win win, because throwing a clone off guard puts them off balance; it causes them to lose the false masculine role, and then they’re forced to examine their own mind.  They just might realize that their false mind could use an overhaul.

Finally Greene gives us a reversal of this law. “In the beginning of your rise to the top, you must attract attention at all cost, but as you rise higher you must constantly adapt. Never wear the public out with the same tactic. An air of mystery works wonders for those who need to develop an aura of power and get themselves noticed, but it must seem measured and under control.”  

Can you see why most people are thinking all the time?  Can you see why people never listen to others?  Managing perceptions is a lot of mental and physical work.  I get exhausted just thinking about living this way.  I never have to think about what I’m going to say or do.  In fact, if my mind starts thinking, which usually means I took a projection, I just let go of pretty much everything it says.  None of that thinking is beneficial to me or to another (except for when I write about what I’m exposing).  So I don’t stop letting go until I hear something like, “Damn, I need to do my laundry.

Greene adds a little more confusion. “Never appear overly greedy for attention, then, for it signals insecurity, and insecurity drives power away.  Understand that there are times when it is not in your interest to be the center of attention. When in the presence of a king or queen, for instance, or the equivalent thereof, bow and retreat to the shadows; never compete.”  

Greene’s advice contradicts his own Law One.  So he had to qualify this law so that it doesn’t mitigate Law One.  If we were talking about a true King or Priestess, these games would NOT be required.  In fact, they wouldn’t even be valued.  If we had proper leaders, no one would need to play such games.  Like we saw in the ending of “The Legend,” we’d all be busy creating and enjoying life.


Day Thirteen, Law Seven: “Get Others To Do the Work for You, But Always Take the Credit.”

“Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own costs. Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a god-like aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your helpers will be forgotten, and you will be remembered. Never do yourself what others can do for you.“

Remember:  The occultists are always trying to accomplish with beliefs and manipulation what the initiates could do effortlessly without beliefs.  This law screams of false desires and managing appearances.  It screams of the feminine role being forgotten and the masculine role remembered for posterity.  This is why everyone wants a masculine role.  They don’t want to be forgotten.  That’s a good triangle bottom to let go.

Think of this mentally.  People give the clones in their mind the masculine role; they put the True Self in the feminine role.  They ignore the True Self’s desires, emotional feedback, and ideas; they just want its life force to fuel their false desires.  Take a look at this in your own mind.  Who gets all the attention, applause, credit…your clones or your True Self?  Who do you listen to?  Is that a smart thing to do?  Will that benefit you in the long run?  Will that way of thinking help you to get your true desires?  This is good stuff to let go.

Clones are selfish by design.  But they usually project out selfishness on to those who won’t give them what THEY want.  Take a hard look at this issue in your own mind.  Notice how you feel about the clones that have inhabited your mind; notice how they feel about your True Self.  Ask them what they think about your True Self.  Let go of any answers, even those nice 2.5 answers.  It’s the clones that tell you that you can’t trust your True Self.  But it’s also the clones that tell you that you can trust your True Self…remember they think they are the True Self.  It’s more level confusion.  If you don’t have clones in your mind, you just find yourself trusting life.  You don’t have to think about trust.

In the free article on understanding, I talked about the Santa-and-the-elves complex.  Santa does nothing all year long.  The elves make all the toys.  But on Christmas night, Santa gets all the glory.  The promotors of the story use drama to make Santa’s story into a spectacle.  There’s no drama in the toy shop, so we discount that part of the story.  So notice that…drama gets attention.  What is the other side of the triangle bottom for drama in your mind?  Too many people put drama at the top of the pyramid.  They have drama clones on their throne.

The elves get one night off, maybe; the next day it’s back to work.  Santa is the master; the elves are his slaves.  So the Santa story is actually condoning the master-slave relationship.  But no one notices that because Santa is giving to them.  The story sounds so progressive; Santa gives to all.  Where do you think progressives get their fucking ideas?  People don’t notice that progressivism is about slavery because the progressive leaders offer “free” stuff, which is not really free.  It’s all the same damn programming using the same damn beliefs.  The occultists are truly one-trick ponies.  They consistently use level confusion.  Their programming hides the truth:  We mentally earn what we receive in life.  The mental is the cause; the physical is the effect.  The programming causes us to think that others will fulfill our desires.  So we don’t think to look in our own minds for causal beliefs.  That strips us of our real power.

We make clone characters like Santa into false Gods because we want the rewards they offer.  We forget that Santa decides who gets toys based on whether the children are naughty or nice.  What is naughty, and what is nice?  We better know those rules, or we might be naughty.  It’s exactly the same as the false God programming.  Do some work on Santa today…I’ve written a couple of articles about Santa in the free material if you need something to push up your beliefs.

Santa couldn’t do all of that work by himself; and it’s so odd that our mind gives him all the glory.  We know that he never set foot in that toy shop.  We are trained to discount the contribution of the elves.  The higher the false masculine, the lower we must push the false feminine.  The triangle bottom must stay in balance mentally.

When a leader comes from the True Self, however, they honor the fact that they had a lot of help.  In fact, it feels like a team effort.  In what we’re doing, everyone’s letting go is an equal contribution to our shared vision.  I assert and let go when I write.  But when you are reading and letting go, you are the contributors.  There is no difference in my mind.  Is their a difference in your mind?  Check and see.  We want to move toward first-cause thinking where giving and receiving are the same…masculine and feminine are the same.  That’s life on the top of the triangle.

Often I tell people that their biggest block to freedom is wanting to receive…they are focusing on the desire not the letting go.  Remember: The true desire is only used to bring up our beliefs so that we can see what to let go.  We shouldn’t be thinking about how to get the desire.  Such thinking puts us into the physical illusion.

Just last night, I had a discussion with a Twitter friend.  It wasn’t nasty; she loves Trump too.  But she loves the new site Parler; and she was trying to convince everyone to leave Twitter.  Her convincing argument was that they would get more followers faster on Parler.  My point was that all the people on Parler are the same.  They all agree…it’s an echo chamber.  I don’t see things the way she does because I don’t care about follower numbers.  I care about exposing false.  I know Twitter’s flaws, and I work around them as best I can.  But she could not understand what I was saying, and I was okay with that.  She’s not letting go.  She wants the Santa version of freedom where President Trump gives us freedom…not real freedom.  On the other hand, I know that my biggest contribution is seeing beliefs that block us collectively from freedom and letting go around those beliefs.  What I write is really just confirmation that I worked on that topic.  My comment is only meant to move the topic a little closer to freedom; or if the topic is stuck, I write something to get the pendulum moving.

I do have a Parler account, and I don’t like it there.  I scan it quickly each night and look for any original information.  I might bring over one or two original posts.  I get bored after about five minutes and leave.  Everyone on Parler is like her; they’re wanting likes, retweets, and followers. They all want to receive.  The people who are left on Twitter are on the front lines; they’re just doing what they can for freedom.  The feeling on the two sites is totally different.  Twitter is focused on giving; Parler is focused on receiving.

When we want assurance that we will receive, we are in matriarchal thinking.  Matriarchal thinking is backwards.  Think about royalty.  Royals just want to receive, but they also hide in a castle behind a big, stone wall.  They only want to receive the good stuff.  They don’t want any opposition coming near them.  Is that fair?  They’re creating the opposition, but they want us to deal with it.

That’s the meat of the issue.  People go to Parler because the liberals aren’t there.  No one tries to take them down.  No one calls them a racist or a chump.  They get to live in a bubble protected from their opposition.   They think life is good.  But why should they be protected from their opposition.  They are projecting out that opposition; they are expecting that opposition.  That’s why they are running away.  They’re saying, “You guys all stay on Twitter and handle OUR opposition.  We’re going off to party.”  They don’t realize that they are asking us to fight off their shadow projections.  Then when we get to the win win, they will come back and tell us how much they helped.

What does Robert Greene really want?  He tells us that he wants a god-like aura.  Does he deserve it…given that he didn’t do any of the work?  A truly God-like aura would be like the sun at high noon.  It casts NO shadow.  We see Greene’s thinking everywhere the globalists have power.  Look at Hollywood.  We glorify the lead actors.  Do you know even one screenwriter’s name?  Do you know even one makeup artist’s name or choreographer’s name?  Do you even read those credits at the end of the film?  Of course not, nobody does.

Oddly, these matriarchal leaders tell themselves that they are for equality while falsely projecting out inequality.  Then we feel unequal in comparison to them.  We can’t figure out why we feel so inferior.  We’re taking their shadow projection.  That’s another good triangle bottom to let go.

We’re trained as little children to make Santa into a good leader.  Santa looks giving, but he was invented by the globalists.  Santa was invented to get people to spend a lot of money in the winter…a typically dull time for retail businesses.  They tied Santa to the Christmas holiday, and suddenly Santa became synonymous with Jesus.  But Jesus was giving at the mental, not the physical, level.  The globalists use level confusion all the time.  Jesus was freeing people from the suffering created by the people who had Santa/Satan/Moses-like minds.  Santa is a giving front for people who are wanting to receive.  No one looks at what’s really happening with Santa.  He’s a fucking story character that isn’t real.  Parents fuel the economy, and the globalists get rich in the name of Santa.  There’s no true giving and receiving.  It’s all physical movement of stuff and $$$.  Earning is based on Santa’s rules in that illusion; so we learn to ignore true inner-to-outer earning.  After that programing, if we give to another person in the spirit of Jesus, they don’t even notice.  After all, who gets more attention on Christmas…Santa or Jesus?

This is a big issue.  Cleaning this up can put a real dent in the matriarchal clones in your mind.  Look at what you want to receive…mentally and physically.  Take one thing that’s a burning false desire right now.  Look at how you believe you could fulfill that desire.  Do you trust Santa to fulfill it or Jesus?  Be honest.  Let go around this for today, and see what happens.


Day Fourteen, My Response:

Greene illustrates this law with stories about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.  I’ll share those with you in a moment.  Greene felt that Tesla was brilliant, but lived a life of “woe and tribulation” because he didn’t know how the game was played.  I don’t agree with that.  The game is an illusion.  Knowing how to play an illusion isn’t necessary if you don’t believe that the illusion is true.  Sadly, most of us do believe that the illusion is true; and when we don’t want to play the game, we rebel against it.  I’m certain that was true with Nikola Tesla.  If you believe the illusion is true, and you can’t or won’t let that belief system go, then you need to master the illusion game.  This is the only place where Greene and I agree.  That being said, I have no problem with his point of view.  I know where he stands.  I simply offer another option, which is letting go of the illusion and living your true life without any games.

People often think that Tesla must have been a perfect True Self.  But he had a lot of baggage.  He just didn’t have baggage around inventing.  Many people are like that.  They have one place in life where they shine, but the rest of their life is a fucking mess.  We don’t realize that because we don’t hear about the normal parts of their life; those parts of their life are boring.  Thus, we tend to put talented people on a pedestal, which isn’t great for their well-being or ours.

I think it may be harder for people to let go when they have one area of extreme talent.  They probably fear losing their talent if they dare to let go of anything.  They may hold on even more than the average Joe.  It’s much like people who hold on to a peak experience in their life…it becomes their nemesis.  Since you can’t let go of anything true, letting go would improve the rest of their life.  They wouldn’t lose their talent or their peak experience.  But they don’t realize that.  In addition, such people often think that their talent is there because they suffer so much in another aspect of their life.  In Tesla’s case, I’d bet money on that.

Nikola Tesla’s dad was a Serbian Orthodox priest.  That’s a lot of religion for a child.  That would not leave Nikola’s mind unless he let the belief system go.  Apparently his mother was into science, but she was conflicted because she also came from a very religious upbringing.  So Nikola was born into a house of conflict…science versus religion.  They were ahead of their time.  Today, they’d have a lot of company.  But in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, science wasn’t an easy choice to make for a person who was raised with religion.  The sad fact is that in the illusion, science and religion are both false.  But if we let go, we get to the truth of both fields.  Then they are one and the same.  Knowledge is the great destroyer; and no one realizes it.

Apparently, Nikola’s dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a Serbian priest. But Nikola chose science.  So basically, he chose his mother over his father.  As you all know, dad’s voice didn’t go away.  Whatever we try to suppress, we project.  So dad would have manifested in other Lord God/Serpent characters in Nikola’s life.  That’s a fact of which we can be certain.

Vernon Howard had a quote that’s very relevant for Tesla’s story and this law of Greene’s. “Man is fearfully separated from himself by illusion only; so when the illusion is cured, so is the man.”  Imagine feeling so connected in one aspect of your life, but the other parts of your life don’t work at all.  You’d never understand why the rest of your life was so disconnected.  It’s kind of like Tesla put the whole of the illusion in one parent…dad.  And then he had access to his inventive ideas, which he probably associated with his mom.  So the opposition between his mom and dad would take over his inventions.  He shared their beliefs, and held them in his false mind.  We all do that…our parents are our starting point for how we view the whole world.

Now here’s the interesting part of Tesla’s mindset.  Nikola would have tried not to be his dad because he did view his dad as false.  But he probably thought that his mother was a True Self, when she was actually a science/religious clone.  And that’s what would keep him stuck.  If he had learned about letting go, he would have worked and worked on his issues with his dad because he was very bothered by his dad.  But he would never have thought to let go regarding his mother.  He’d not be able to discriminate with clones like his mother; he’d trust them as being a True Self.  This is very common.  It’s a big trap.

When Tesla found a way to create energy, his opposition (Edison) did the exact same thing in another way.  Tesla was not a victim; he was a willing participant in a story whereby two halves of a whole battle for supremacy.  That probably matched what he observed in his parents.  They were always battling over who was right…science or religion.  I suspect that his original ideas came from his True Self, but then a clone took over and put him against an enemy.

Let’s take another look at Tesla’s mental situation.  He was clearly stuck on the triangle bottom.  However, I suspect that he felt that his True Self (mom) was battling against evil (dad).  He judged Edison; and that’s proof that a clone in his mind took over his great ideas.  The True Self wouldn’t judge an opponent; it would discriminate and get free of the opposition.  Nikola needed to see the truth at the top of the triangle, which has no opposite.  He needed to let go of his parents’ beliefs in order to get beyond his triangle bottom point of view.  Nevertheless, like all of us, his father and mother were within his mind running the show.  Nikola Tesla died with the same problem that’s illustrated by Greene in this story.  When we can’t let go, we just keep repeating the same patterns over and over; and eventually, we just get tired of the struggle.

“When Tesla met Edison in New York [in the late 1800’s], the famous inventor hired him on the spot. Tesla worked eighteen-hour days, finding ways to improve the primitive Edison dynamos. Finally he offered to redesign them completely. To Edison this seemed a monumental task that could last years without paying off, but he told Tesla, ‘There’s $50,000 in it for you–if you can do it.’ Tesla labored day and night on the project and after only a year, he produced a greatly improved version of the dynamo, complete with automatic controls. He went to Edison to break the good news and receive his $50,000. Edison was pleased with the improvements, for which he and his company would take credit; but when it came to the issue of the money, he told the young Serb, ‘Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor!,’ and offered a small raise instead.”

Just to put this in perspective:  $50,000 in 1900 would be worth over $1.5 million today.  How do you feel about that?  Look at what comes up for you with this story.  It sure looks like Tesla was a victim and Edison was a perpetrator, right?  But we know that isn’t true.  We just took a look at Tesla’s mind.  This is just a normal second-cause triangle bottom situation.  Neither Tesla nor Edison knew how to let go.  And Edison had the physical masculine role.  This situation is proof that Edison also had the mental masculine role.

It all makes sense if you think of Tesla’s dad; he was a priest.  Priests have matriarchal mindsets.  Priests also work for donations; they work for whatever people decide to give them.  Tesla thought he wasn’t like his dad at all, but the joke was on him.  Mentally, his dad was in his mind creating his reality.  Go back in history…the political leader had the masculine role; the priest was feminine.  It all makes sense.  Edison was savvy in the business game.  He paid only what he had to pay.  Edison and Tesla were a typical match made in hell.  When you know the backstory of someone, they’re no longer a victim.  Their beliefs are just playing out.

The false masculine clone is going to do what it takes to get what it wants.  But there are clones on both sides of this game.  One is right; and one is being a victim.  Both people have right and victim in their minds, but they can’t play both roles simultaneously in the physical.  After leaving Edison, Tesla went to Westinghouse.  They also took the credit for his inventions.  Later on, Tesla invented the radio, and Guglielmo Marconi got the credit and money for that invention.  Do you see the pattern?

It’s pretty weird.  My daughter’s name is Nicola, my dad was also an electrical engineer and inventor who worked for Westinghouse in his 20’s, and my father-in-law was a loyal member of the Marconi club.  I don’t know that it means anything.  I do, however, have what Tesla needed to be free of his childhood baggage.  I’ll be honest, if I had to choose, I’d rather know what I know than what Tesla knew.  I could live without electrical power if I had to; people have done it for ages.  But I would not want to live if I was stuck in the illusion and couldn’t let go.  Getting stuck in someone’s illusion is always hell to me.

As an old man, Tesla lived in poverty while the people who took the money and credit became very wealthy.  Now before you feel too bad for Tesla, I also found evidence that he had a bit of a gambling problem.  So when he did make money, he lost it.  You see, if someone else didn’t sabotage him, he did it to himself.  I think this is the more important message.  I see this so often.  People can’t seem to live their dream because they have a saboteur in their mind.  Most of the time, it’s related to their relationship with one or both parents.  Either someone else sabotages them, or they do it to themselves.  We often see this pattern in geniuses and really talented people.  Like I said above, they access their True Self; but then a clone takes over their idea and the sabotaging begins.

I have a little personal experience with this issue.  My dad has a few patents; he worked for Westinghouse before joining NUMEC.  A few years ago, he gave me all of his patents.  I noticed that his boss’s name was on them as the co-developer.  I knew who did all the work.  My dad was just like Tesla.  He’d work 24 hours a day if he could stay awake that long.  But it was a labor of love.  I never heard my dad complain about sharing the patent.  In fact, he loved his boss.  So I asked him about that.  He said that his boss gave him the opportunity to do the work that he loved to do, so he appreciated the opportunity.  He also said that it was common knowledge that your company gets all the money from the patent.  It wasn’t a secret.  You knew that you would only get part of the honor.  My dad was sane; he said, “Cathy if you invent for some reason other than the joy of inventing, then you’re missing the point of inventing.”  Yep, that makes sense to me.  Clearly, Tesla was wanting to receive, and you know how that wanting to receive messes things up.  My dad didn’t have a priest for a dad.  So he realized that he made a choice to work in a corporate environment.  He felt that he didn’t have the business savvy or communication skills to be an entrepreneur; I agree with my dad’s assessment of himself, and Tesla was very similar to my dad in that way.  He was horrible at business and not much of a communicator.

Here’s a little more of Tesla’s story.  “In 1917, during his later impoverished years, Tesla was told he was to receive the Edison Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. He turned the medal down. ‘You propose,’ he said, ‘to honor me with a medal, which I could pin upon my coat and strut for a vein hour before the members of your Institute. You would decorate my body and continue to let starve, for failure to supply recognition, my mind and its creative products, which have supplied the foundation upon which the major portion of your Institute exists.'”  Whew, that’s a messy statement for sure…proves my point about his communication skills.  Oh it sounds like a bold statement from Tesla, but you can hear the bitterness.  Do you think the other clones cared about what Tesla said?  Did that statement make a difference?  Hell no.  At the end of the ceremony, I guarantee you that Tesla left feeling like shit; and the other clones all left feeling like they gave a man an honor and he was too foolish to accept it.  So they won’t make that error again.  You see, this sounds like serious abuse until you understand Tesla and his relationship with his parents.  Then it just sounds like Tesla saw his parents everywhere he went.

Greene said that Edison wasn’t actually much of a scientist.  But he was reported as being a genius because he hired good people.  This brings us back to Greene’s law.  Get others to do the work; and then, you take the credit for what they do. But, there are two sides to every triangle bottom.  It takes skill to find talent.  Generally, those talented people didn’t have the ability or money to do their inventing on their own.  So it should be a symbiotic relationship.  And often it is.  My dad was an example of that.  We also have to remember that it takes money to give the inventor the resources to invent.  The business owner foots the bill before anything comes in return.  The inventor could fail, and the business owner would have to deal with those sunk costs.

I used to have financial meetings with my employees because they had no idea how much it costs to run a business.  I’d show them what came in and where it went.  Once they saw all the revenue and costs, they realized that I was very fair with them.  Often they were shocked.  They had only been focusing on themselves, which is a privilege of being an employee.  I had to focus on myself and all of them, and all the customers, and all the vendors.  I had to take all the risks; sometimes I got rewarded for a risk, and sometimes I didn’t.  If an employee made an error, I didn’t take it out of their pay.  The company suffered; and I as the owner sacrificed in some way.  These are things that people tend to overlook when they are caught in the vicim mindset.

According to Greene, Edison was actually more of a publicist or businessman.  He said that Edison was good at spotting trends.  Well that isn’t easy to do; and to spot trends in the illusion, you have to be in the illusion.  So Tesla wanted to be outside of the illusion, but he went to work for someone inside of the illusion.  What else could have happened?  But like most of us, Tesla didn’t see what was going on.  He didn’t see the illusion as an illusion.

I find Greene’s comment to be interesting.  Clearly Edison had the ability to be a visionary true leader.  Trend spotter is like a visionary within the illusion.  If he had not taken the false masculine role, he could have been the leader that Tesla wanted.  But I’m sure Edison has a backstory as well.

If Edison had been able to come from the true masculine, he could have provided the opportunity for Tesla to invent and do what he loved to do.  He would have honored Tesla’s contributions and rewarded him so that the relationship was win win, not win lose.  Or would he?  Think of Pharaoh.  If Edison was a true masculine and Tesla had the same baggage, Edison would have showed Tesla what he believed he deserved.  That’s what we do for each other so that we can all escape the fucking illusion.  So what happened to Tesla had nothing to do with Edison.  Can you see that?

I’ve told the story of how my employees changed positively as I let go.  It was beautiful to watch.  I just had to stop projecting my false self on them.  But I had this one programmer, Mark, who didn’t change.  I let go and let go around Mark.  I had talks with him frequently.  He’d say that he was going to change, and he never did.  Eventually, I fired him; and he said that he was relieved.  He just couldn’t do the job.  Why was that?  I don’t know, because I didn’t get into my employee’s personal histories; but it was most certainly something in his past that he could not get beyond.  My constant attempts to help him just prolonged the inevitable.  For some reason, Mark’s mind was begging to be fired.  I was avoiding being Pharaoh because I judged myself as a boss.  I didn’t want to be viewed as mean.

We can blame Edison, but the same thing happened to Tesla over and over again.  If a woman marries the same guy in five different men, there must be a problem in the woman’s mind.  She’s not letting go of whatever causes her to choose the same man.  She’s probably marrying her dad.

Greene had some advice for Tesla, albeit a little late.  “The lesson is twofold:  First, the credit for an invention or creation is as important, if not more important, than the invention itself.  You must secure the credit for yourself and keep others from stealing it away, or from piggy backing on your hard work.  To accomplish this, you must always be vigilant and ruthless, keeping your creation quiet until you can be sure there are no vultures circling overhead.  Second, learn to take advantage of other people’s work to further your own use.  Time is precious, and life is short.  If you try to do it all on your own, you run yourself ragged, waste energy, and burn yourself out.  It is far better to conserve your forces, pounce on the work others have done, and find a way to make it your own.”  

I’m not buying that advice.  After his issue with Edison, Tesla did go off on his own.  He had backers for his inventions.  But something always happened.  If you have serious baggage, you need letting go to fix the mental cause.  Physical and mental willpower runs out after a while.  And in my opinion that’s a good thing.  Running out of willpower forces us to let go.  In my opinion, the real sad part of this story is that no one in Tesla’s life said, “Nikola buddy, you keep partnering with the same damn people.  You need to see what in hell you are thinking and expecting.”  Often this is true with geniuses.  They don’t want others giving them advice.  They hear, but they don’t listen; they refuse to step out of that damn clone. They won’t be feminine to anyone, not even someone who has their best interest at heart.  In truth, that’s exactly what they need to do.

Let’s look at the same problem from the True Self’s perspective.  I remember reading a story that was supposedly told by some ancient initiates.  They saw that people were taking their original ideas and capitalizing off of them.  These people were setting up occult schools that copied the original teachings of the initiates.  People asked the initiates why they were not upset.  Why didn’t they stop them?  They answered (paraphrasing) that when you use the truth for false causes, you create your own fall.  You destroy yourself; no one has to do a thing to punish you because you’ll do a fine job of that on your own.  They were basically talking about the triangle process.  If we stand in the True Self, the person who is attacking or hurting us, or stealing our ideas, loses all their power.  They are planting themselves on the triangle bottom.  We don’t have to do anything to punish them; their own projected opposition will do that just fine.

I want you all to look at this today.  It’s very important.  You want to be yourself with your original ideas in the world.  But I feel this sort of Edison-Tesla tug all the time when I get stuck in your illusions.  I think it’s a very important topic for our times.  Many people who are deemed to be original today aren’t really original.  They’re con artists, talking to the occult and the Lords, like Tesla’s dad.  If you’ve followed them, you could easily fall for the same trap as Tesla.

Without letting go, Nikola Tesla was between a rock and a hard place.  He didn’t have a viable option to get free of this problem.  He probably never suspected that this was really a problem between him and his dad.  I’ve found the initiates to be right.  When I let go, things work out.  If people do mean things to me, they end up punishing themselves.  And maybe that is just what they need to motivate them to clean up their own minds.  Sometimes people won’t let go until they hit bottom; then letting go suddenly looks attractive.  Tesla lived in a time when letting go wasn’t even a thought.  People like Edison were big proponents of what would be called self-help today.  So they were often quite good at taking the mental masculine role; and someone like Tesla didn’t know what hit him.

So often we hold ourselves in the illusion because of something as stupid as wanting the credit or wanting approval.  These are false desires.  That being said, Tesla needed to eat.  He needed clothes and shelter.  He needed financing for his inventions.  His masculine mind should have been the businessman, but it was a priest looking for handouts from people it was bullshitting.  His masculine was matriarchal instead of patriarchal.  It was false instead of true.  Tesla wasn’t about bullshit like his father.  So he needed to see that his father was swimming in a swamp.  He was a clone pretending to be a True Self.  Then you add his mother to the equation, who had the more masculine mindset (science); and you have a fucking mess. If Tesla had seen this clearly, he would have had compassion for his father.  But he still wouldn’t have believed him.  And he’d have seen that his mother wasn’t a True Self; he’d have also gained compassion for her.  That’s the place we want to be with our parents.  We love them unconditionally, but we don’t believe them.

Tesla needed to honor what he offered and charge a fair price.  I get where he’s coming from.  People think that I should work for donations too.  But I don’t have Tesla’s baggage; I know I’m not a con artist, so I set a fair price for what I do.  That’s what we should all do with our gifts.  We should actually stop paying for worthless bullshit.

Greene felt that if you have creative geniuses under you, their creativity effectively becomes yours.  Now you seem like a genius to the rest of the world.  Is that what we want?  Do we want to look like a genius to others if we aren’t a genius?  Why would we want to be known for something that we are not?  To me that’s like being an Elvis impersonator.  We already had an Elvis.  Why not be yourself and enjoy it?

Greene tells another little tale.  “There is another application of this law that does not require the parasitic use of your contemporaries’ labor. Use the past, a vast storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.  Isaac Newton called this ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’  He meant that in making his discoveries he had built on the achievements of others.”

I’d say this is very common in the illusion.  I think there are very few visionaries and even less true inventors. Most people just learn what others did, and they add a little to it.  They find a way to make what already exists their own.  We label that original, but it’s not original at all.  It didn’t come from their True Self.

Tesla had a love for inventing and for electricity that was with him all of his life.  He had a mom that supported that talent.  So I suspect that his knowledge (he studied electrical engineering in college) actually supported his inventive ideas, which was why he was such a great inventor.  He got to pursue his dream; many people never get to do that.  He had the fun of taking an idea from his mind and bringing it to life.  He got to be a creator.  That’s the point of life.  If you viewed him in this way, from the True Self, he was a total success; this is why his story is so confusing.  It’s that old level confusion again.

Greene compared this law to the vulture.  The vulture eats what others don’t want…road kill…dead carcasses.  “Of all creatures in the jungle, he has it the easiest.  The hard work of others becomes his work; their failure to survive becomes his nourishment.  Keep an eye on the vulture–while you’re hard at work, he is circling above.  Do not fight him, join him.”  He’s talking about a host-parasite relationship, which is a triangle bottom relationship. Greene also implies that we must be willing to be a vulture to make it in the world.  We have to eat what another has caught.  Again, Greene’s point of view is very myopic.  It totally ignores our innate desire to be a creator.

Oddly, Greene reminded me of a page from a magazine that I picked up at the Washington, D.C., National Zoo.  This was many years ago.  I kept the page in a book as a bookmark.  It was called the “Vulture Club” page.  This is what it said, “Picture a garbage can with wings that eats other animals’ leftovers.  That’s right, vultures don’t kill their own prey.  They fly high in the sky looking for carcasses, or animals that have been killed by other animals or by cars.  But they depend on more than their eyes to find a meal–they also follow their noses.”  I kept that page because it was so interesting.  It was like the Creator knew that we needed to clean up the garbage, so the Creator made vultures.

It went on to say that vultures’ heads are bald because they stick their heads in the carcass to eat every last bite.  The clean head means that they don’t get dead food stuck in their feathers and that keeps them healthy.  Since the vultures eat rotten meat, they have a special chemical that’s in their stomach to kill the bacteria.  It also said that vultures are very efficient at flying.  They are so good at gliding that they rarely flap their wings. So they can focus on using their other senses.

Can you see how we’re born perfectly for what we do?  A vulture could be described as lazy, or it could be viewed as incredibly efficient and well built for a purpose.  The vulture could be described as dirty, or it could be seen like the garbage man who keeps earth clean for us.  If we judge the vulture, then we don’t see its place in the world.  This page reminded me that we miss out when we judge anything or anyone.  It blocks us from seeing who they are and how they fit into the heavenly blueprint.

Jesus often said that even the hairs on our head are counted…a brilliant metaphor for how perfectly we were designed to live the life that we planned to live.  Could it be that Tesla had it all…nearly the perfect life, and what got in his way was only his judgment of vultures?  If he didn’t judge them, they would have gone somewhere else for food.  But he did judge them because he had a vulture for a dad; and no one ever pointed that out.  Was Tesla judging Edison, or was he just trying to see his dad for who he was being?

If Edison and the others were vultures, then Tesla was a dead carcass.  That’s what we become if we just play victim and role over and die.  It’s a crude analogy, I know; but perhaps if more people got honest about the price we pay when we hang on to our place on the right-victim triangle bottom, they’d start kicking those clone voices out of their minds.

Greene does have a reversal for this law.  He says, “There are times when taking the credit for work that others have done is not the wise course.  If your power is not firmly enough established, you will seem to be pushing people out of the limelight.  To be a brilliant exploiter of talent, your position must be unshakable; or you will be accused of deception.”  

I can’t see any reason to be an exploiter of another’s talent.  Clearly if we always look for the win win for all, we’ll collaborate with others but never exploit.  We have our own talents and gifts.  We have our own True Self.  The very idea of Greene’s law (and the reversal) goes away when we let go.  Win win means that everybody involved wins, but that comes from the true mental perspective; the physical is just the effect.  That’s what the people who follow Greene’s laws are missing.

Day Fifteen, Law Eight:  “Make Other People Come to You–Use Bait if Necessary.”

“When you force the other person to act, you are the one in control.  It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process.  Lure him with fabulous gains–then attack.  You hold the cards.”

Forcing the other person to act presumes projection; it presumes possession of the FALSE masculine role.  You can’t do what Greene is suggesting if you’re stuck in the feminine role.

This sounds just like the tactic of a cult leader.  The predator cult leader lures his or her prey in with the promise of wonderful benefits of membership in the cult.  Then when the prey has submitted, the cult leader hits them with the rules.  Suddenly, they must serve the cult leader; and those wonderful benefits are nowhere to be found.  It’s the Serpent/Lord God tag team that we’ve talked about in so many ways.  So I won’t go into that again.

For today, take someone who fits this bill from your past, or someone you’ve observed in the collective, and see how you feel about this person.  Look at both sides of the triangle bottom.  Remember:  If something about them bothers you, you have the same quality or the opposite within.  In other words, you have not let go of that triangle bottom.  You might never do such a thing, but that’s because you resist doing it.  Resistance takes a lot of energy and life force.  Letting go frees us from being the predator or the prey.  The emotion we feel when we think about such a situation is saying that we’re on that triangle bottom, and our dark goddess is warning us of that.  Don’t ignore her, or you might live the very experience you most fear.

A good group to work on if you’ve been involved with them is the liberal/progressive cult.  These people are all so emotional because they share false beliefs; the false beliefs are causing their emotions.  They hold on to one side of the belief and project out the other side in order to relieve them of their endless emotions.  Often I hear enormous fear and discouragement from the people they project on.  That’s because they take the projection and hold the projected labels or beliefs in mind as true and having power.  Generally, they view real as true.  For example, let’s say that racist is projected on them; they do not identify with racist, but they don’t see racist as a false label.  They still see racism in other people.  They are bothered by the projection of racist because it isn’t true for anyone.  No True Self is a racist.  But to relieve their emotions, they call the projector a racist.  Nothing ever gets resolved that way.  They might be right, but they aren’t getting free.  If they just let go of racism completely, the cause and effect would go back to the projector’s mind.  Now they’d respond differently; they’d CALMLY say, “No, I’m not a racist.”

The good person believes in good and evil just as much as the evil person.  But the good person doesn’t think that they have evil within them; they project it out.  The evil person knows that they have evil within, and they cover it up to get what they want from the good person.  Do you see that they are the same person?  The only difference is the side of the triangle bottom that they identify with.  This is why people are magnetically attracted to their opposition.

Let me give you a short example.  Last night on Twitter, several people tweeted that Facebook had altered President Trump’s bio.  They removed “President” from it, and they inserted “Candidate.”  I felt such emotion when I read that.  So my dark goddess was telling me that I was on that triangle bottom.  It got to work.  As I let go, I saw that the issue for me was that someone was trying to steal something that President Trump had legitimately earned.  This took me to an obvious triangle bottom…someone can take what you’ve earned.  The obvious opposite would be someone can give you what you haven’t earned.  We are seeing this everywhere with President Trump and Joe Biden.  But that has not bothered me at all.  It just looks false to me.  That was not my triangle bottom.

So I kept letting go, and I saw the other side of that issue was that I could take what another has earned.  But I would never do that.  Now I knew that I could do that, but I just wouldn’t.  I would resist doing that.  Like I said above, resistance uses a lot of life force.  This went back to a memory with my ex-husband.  He took what I had earned, but I became confused after he did that.  He projected out that he deserved what I had gotten, and I didn’t deserve it.  I took that projection. I realized that I’d never gotten back what I earned from that incident.  I had decided to let him win…so I had not gotten to the win win on that issue.  The win win is always that we get what we’ve mentally earned.  If we aren’t getting what we’ve mentally earned, we need to let go until that changes.  If we’ve gotten things that we didn’t mentally earn, we need to let go of holding on to those false desires.  Those seeming assholes at Facebook helped me to clean up this core inciting incident.  So were they my friends or my foes?

On the other hand, like we saw with Nikola Tesla, if we judge the person who entraps us, we remain stuck in their web.  We can shame them, guilt them, and blame them all we want–that will only bring temporary emotional relief.  If we want freedom from them, we must do Step Two.  In the instance above.  I’d done Step Two with my ex; and what he did didn’t bother me anymore.  However, I hadn’t done Step One for me.  That’s why I related to Facebook doing that to President Trump.  I got to see someone who was in my shoes.  The fact that I had emotion meant that I was holding the belief that allowed that to happen to him.  We have to recognize that we might not cause the person in the masculine role to do whatever they do.  I didn’t cause Facebook to do what they did.  But we are feminine to them because we accepted their projection.  I saw President Trump in that feminine role to Facebook because I was still there on this issue of earning.  When we are in this situation, it might be because we already had such a false masculine in our mind (my ex was acting like Facebook in that incident), so I needed to let go that people could take what I had legitimately (mentally) earned.  Or it can be like the cult leader; perhaps they groomed us to accept their projection by luring us into their web.  Either way, we have to clean it all up.  We can free ourselves from the Greenes of the world.

Day Sixteen, My Response:

To explain this law, Greene told a rather long and boring story about Napoleon and all of his battles. I won’t repeat that story.  But the point of the story was this:  At the end of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was finally defeated for good. And this is always the case with clone leaders.  A clone will not win in the end; it can’t.  A clone has no true life force.  This is also the case with our inner battles if we persist.  Our True Self will win in the end if we just keep letting go.

But we have to remember that the clone leader wants us to think that Napoleon’s fate is what happens to the True Self, and that’s because clones think that they’re being the True Self.  So they view themselves as the martyred hero.  This ties into the right-victim triangle bottom.  It’s a story plot; it isn’t true.  In truth, when a clone loses, it’s always win win for all.  

FYI:  A clone can also be represented by a group.  For example, the Zionists represent a clone group.  Cults are clone groups.  It’s always clones, or clone groups, that start wars; and the end of the clone is the end of the war.  But the clones in your mind and life will not tell you that.  The clone always acts like it is not the cause.  It’s the master of redirection.  

Think about this both mentally and physically.  These games will work and bring power, fortune, and/or fame so long as the clone retains that false masculine role.  But if a true masculine leader happens to come along, which could be someone who has no physical role of authority, the clone will fall.  The true masculine will disrupt the clone’s ability to project.  It’s like the clone is short circuited.  The clone won’t know what hit them, which is why they view themselves as the victim.  All they know is that they suddenly feel powerless; they don’t realize that their own projection has returned to take them down.

Here is what Green has to say about this. “How many times has this scenario played itself out in history: An aggressive leader initiates a series of bold moves that begin by bringing him much power. Slowly, however, his power reaches a peek, and soon everything turns against him. His numerous enemies band together.  Trying to maintain his power, he exhausts himself going in this direction and that; and inevitably he collapses. The reason for this pattern is that the aggressive person is rarely in full control. He cannot see more than a couple of moves ahead, cannot see the consequences of this bold move or that one. Because he is constantly being forced to react to the moves of his ever-growing host of enemies, and to the unforeseen consequences of his own rash actions, his aggressive energy is turned against him.”

Why is this so?  First of all, Greene is talking about a clone…the energy of this leader is masculine and aggressive.  The true masculine is assertive, but not aggressive.  Aggression is win lose.  We must remember that when the clone grows in power, it projects out more enemies or more powerful enemies.  One side of a coin must be the same size as the other side; the two sides just look and feel different.  Given that a clone has a physical perspective, it believes in the power of numbers; so it eventually feels defeated by the increasing numbers of the opposition.  At the mental level, however, we are more aware that the opposites are equal.  The number of bodies is irrelevant.  Both sides of that triangle bottom are actually in the leader’s mind.  But a clone doesn’t want to get rid of the conflict; it wants to win the conflict.  And this keeps the conflict going.

This leader clone might feel like it is planning its moves, but it is planning based on a reactive core.  What it expects is what it has reacted to in the past.  The clone is just a tape recorder that replays sound bites and memories.  A clone is stuck in its past and bound by its knowledge.  In the story of Adam and Eve, the matriarchal Serpent came before the Lord God; also our reactive false self (matriarchal reactivity) came before our organizing, controlling, and planning clone (patriarchal).  Even human babies all appear feminine at first; then their body looks masculine later on.  When we are focused on the physical, it appears that the feminine leads.  When we come from the True Self entirely, the normal, illusory idea of leading and following goes away.

What does it mean when we are reactive?  We are outer directed, physically oriented, and we are reacting to our surroundings.  Something happens outside of us, we feel emotions, and then we want the problem fixed so that our emotions will go away.  Our mind is working backwards; we are not creating.  When I’m caught in someone’s illusion, that’s what I feel every time.  I just want this problem fixed so that I can be happy or peaceful again.  I even feel like I can never be happy if the problem isn’t fixed.  This is how we feel when we are caught in matriarchal reactivity.  David Icke calls this “Problem, Reaction, Solution.”  He says that is how the globalists control the masses, and I agree.  They create a problem.  We react; and we want our emotions to go away.  So the con-artist leaders provide a solution that benefits their agenda; and we accept it because we are so shortsighted when we’re being yanked around by our emotions.  People are waking up to this; they see that the globalist’s solutions are selfishly oriented.  But they still feel stuck with their emotions.  Thus they want Donald Trump to take their emotions away.  Meanwhile, he wants them to stop reacting.  People will stop reacting when they stop believing the false lies of the globalists.  Then the globalists will have no power anymore.  We’ll be back to being free creators.

How do we fix this in initiation?  Let’s look at our mind.  Something happens, and we can feel the emotional reaction coming on.  Our focus is outer, so we turn our focus inside.  Instead of thinking about or talking about the outer problem, we go within.  We clean up our mind.  Then the outer problem either goes away, or we realize that it wasn’t our problem (we were driving in someone else’s lane).

Next Greene asks a very good question, “In the realm of power, you must ask yourself, what is the point of chasing here and there, trying to solve problems and defeat my enemies, if I never feel in control? Why am I always having to react to events instead of directing them? The answer is simple: Your idea of power is wrong.“  This is the big, million-dollar question.  We hate being reactive.  We don’t feel in control.  Up to this point, I agree with Greene; but that’s about to change.  But before we continue, I want you to see something so important.  Greene is admitting that the reactive core is hiding under the aggression.  Clones judge reactivity (emotions, and the feminine); so of course, they’re going to try to project that out.  We must make sure that we let go of that triangle bottom…proactive and reactive, in control and out of control, or calm and emotional are good triangles to start with.  The True Self will appear to be proactive, in control, and calm.  But it’s not trying to be any of those things.  The clone has to project to look that way.  Clones manage appearances.  Watch as Greene admits to that.

You have mistaken aggressive action for effective action. And most often, the most effective action is to stay back, keep calm, and let others be frustrated by the traps you lay for them, playing for long-term power rather than quick victory.”

Let’s look closely at what Greene is saying.  He’s trying to frustrate the other…to get them to react.  He manages appearances so that he appears to be calm.  Remember, he only sees war and competition.  He doesn’t see win win.  He’s seeing a triangle bottom…aggression versus laying a trap and waiting the other person out.  This is exactly how people hunt animals.  They either assert (shoot the animal), or they lay a trap, wait, and allow the animal to walk into the trap.  These aren’t original ideas.

Clones are not creative thinkers.  But they like to pretend that they are.  Notice that neither side of that conflict is moving toward a vision…a North Star that is outside of the illusory battleground.  Neither side is letting go.  Our inward shift is what changes everything for us including the outer world around us.  Now those who are like Greene can’t assert on us (Lord God clones), nor can we fall into their trap (Serpent clones).  We’ve stepped out of their collective illusion.

Greene continues, “Remember: The essence of power is the ability to keep the initiative, to get others to react to your moves, to keep your opponent and those around you on the defensive. When you make other people come to you, you suddenly become the one controlling the situation. And the one who has control has power. Two things must happen to place you in this position: You yourself must learn to master your emotions, and never to be influenced by anger; meanwhile, however, you must play on peoples natural tendency to react angrily when pushed and baited.  In the long run, the ability to make others come to you is a weapon far more powerful than any tool of aggression.”

We’re given a couple of triangle bottoms in this paragraph.  The one who has the control has the power; therefore, the one who doesn’t have the control has no power.  This is the belief that is behind the power imbalance in the masculine and feminine roles.  Likewise, in a battle, we think that offense is masculine and defense is feminine.  This is also the case for sports.  Everything is the same…the illusion has a basic structure that never varies.  Another triangle bottom is in control and out of control.  You can even see how winning over another is viewed as being in control; losing is tied to lack of control.

The only way to be totally in control all the time is to lead from our True Self.  That happens when we do the Steps and let go.  We get the true masculine role in the conflict when we get to Step Three, which means there can no longer be a conflict.  There is no defense or offense anymore.  There is no win lose anymore.  We have total control.  Greene’s laws fall apart; they don’t work anymore.

Greene goes on to say that mastery of our emotions is never letting the other see us sweat.  We must NOT show our anger.  But the aggressor wants the opposite for their enemy; they want the feminine role to be totally emotional and reactive.  Sound familiar?  The masculine role is widely associated with calmness, and the feminine role is associated with emotions.  We often displace this on to men and women.  This is so important to let go.  Such beliefs allow clones to be deceiving.  We see the clone’s calmness and think they are a True Self.  We don’t realize that they are calm because they are projecting on the feminine role.  You see, we are all trained to hold these beliefs in mind; and to see the illusion we create as true.  No one ever exposes these core beliefs as false.  No one ever rips the programming apart; and that’s why this sort of history continues and continues and continues.  We repeat the same old programming until we take it out of our minds.

This is why I don’t take the masculine role in my work.  I honor the natural roles…masculine is speaker and feminine is listener.  But if people still have these beliefs in their mind, they will do what Greene is suggesting.  They will take control when I give them the natural masculine role because they’re speaking.  Then they want me to take their emotions.  Or they want to control me and tell me what to do.  If their clone takes control, I can’t help them.  They want me to give them something that exists within their illusion like soothing, advice, or to take their projection. I don’t offer such services; I offer freedom.  I often help someone most by refusing to answer their request. I don’t like to do that, but it is what they need most.  Generally, they are in reactive mode, and they are trying to do to me what was done to them.  Or they gave in to another and provided advice or soothing; and now they want me to do the same.  They need to punch up, not punch down.  If they do the triangle process, after I refuse their request, they will let go and cleanup a false connection with another who is controlling them.  I’m just the stand-in, not the solution.

Now Greene has to handle the situation where the person being controlled starts to notice what’s going on.  “Manipulation is a dangerous game. Once someone suspects he is being manipulated, it becomes harder and harder to control him. But when you make your opponent come to you, you create the illusion that he is controlling the situation. He does not feel the strings that pull him, just as Napoleon imagined that he himself was the master of his daring escape and return to power.”

Greene is describing someone like a cult leader.  The prey thinks that they’re choosing to join the cult.  Really they are being lured into the trap of the cult.  So the cult leader is masculine pretending to be feminine (not asserting).  The prey is feminine pretending to be masculine (having a choice).  They are a match made in hell.

Friends and family do this when the complain or tell their story.  They are luring us into a trap.  We discover that when we offer them some sound advice.  They let us know that they don’t want that advice.  They don’t want to fix their problem; they want to project the emotions out.  Or they want soothing or sympathy so they can get the victimhood advantage.  But they won’t ever admit that.  It’s up to us to see what is going on so that we don’t fall for the trap.  Once we are feeling their emotions, i.e., reacting for them, we realize that we were lured into their trap.  We are now stuck in the feminine role within their illusion.  Of course, you know how to let go from the feminine, so you can escape like Houdini.  Watch for this, but also catch your clones if they go to do this luring trick. You don’t want to fuel this triangle bottom.

“Everything depends on the sweetness of your bait. If your trap is attractive enough, the turbulence of your enemies emotions and desires will blind them to reality. The greedier they become, the more they can be led around.“

Think about a cult leader.  They promise the world, like Moses.  They are going to take you to enlightenment, nirvana, or the promised land.  So you become blinded by their fluorescent light.  You don’t notice reality; you’re focused on a fantasy that they’ve used to bait you and lure you into their trap.  Fantasy is dangerous.  It means that we are ignoring reality.  The false leader is distracting us from reality.  Would they do that if reality was actually wonderful?  Hell no!

If the prey of such a leader is greedy for enlightenment (a false desire), they will never see the fantasy…the magick.  They might even fight to the death for that promised fantasy that is not real and cannot ever be real.  I call gurus, spiritual teachers, preachers, etc., con artists all the time.  They are selling beliefs.  We can’t get to enlightenment, nirvana, or the promised land with beliefs.  It has never happened once in the history of the world.  We get such a life when we’ve mentally earned it, and not a moment before.  No one else can give us what we have not mentally earned.

Greene continues with an interesting example.  “If you get other people to dig their own grave, why sweat yourself? Pickpockets work this to perfection. The key to picking a pocket is knowing which pocket contains the wallet. Experienced pickpockets often apply their trade in train stations and other places where there was a clearly marked sign reading, “Beware of Pickpockets.” Passersby seeing the sign invariably feel for the wallet to make sure it is still there. For the watching pickpockets, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Pickpockets have even been able to place their own “Beware of Pickpockets” signs to ensure their success.“  

You have to admit that this little story is quite clever.  But what a waste of energy to spend your life trying to outsmart others and steal what belongs to them.  The pickpocket can’t imagine win win; their mindset is firmly set on win lose.

Pay attention to this idea of luring today.  Look for examples in life.  Any place you find marketing, you’ll find this programming.  Most people do it in their normal communication.  We see it in dating.  We make luring socially acceptable without realizing it.  People even come to expect it.  They are wanting to feel that magnetic pull with others.

When you are making people come to you, it is sometimes better to let them know you are forcing their hand. You give up deception for overt manipulation. The psychological ramifications are profound; the person who makes others come to him appears powerful, and demands respect.”  

To do this, you have to possess a physical masculine role.  For example, a parent might demand overt respect from the child.  Do what I say, or you can leave home?  Or a priest might overtly impose guilt on a parishioner, but the parishioner thinks it is for their own good.  They think they deserve the projection of punishment from the priest.  They don’t see the con-artist priest as a deceiver because of the role they play.  The priest’s or parent’s overt force of power is viewed as normal for that role.  But force of power is never natural.

Greene uses a honey bear trap as a metaphor for this law.  “The bear hunter does not chase his prey; a bear that knows it is hunted is nearly impossible to catch and is ferocious if cornered.  Instead, the hunter lays traps baited with honey. He does not exhaust himself and risk his life in pursuit. He baits, then waits.

We discussed this at the beginning of this response.  Now this is a trick that I have seen Donald Trump use with the globalists.  Donald Trump is very patient once he’s baited a trap.  Often his tweets are bait for the stupid globalists.  He often uses reverse psychology on them because he knows that they’ll fall for it.  So he says that he’s going to do exactly what they said they wanted him to do, and then they suddenly don’t want him to do it.  He’s showing us that they only know how to resist him.  They are clones.  They can’t allow the True Self to give everyone what they want.  It’s such a perfect metaphor for what is going on in everyone’s mind.  Our personal clones do not want our own True Self coming in and fulfilling all of our desires; that puts the clones out of business.

People were hypnotized by the globalists.  So they need to come out of that spell.  Trump exposes that the globalists are programmed; they aren’t actually kind or caring.  They only manage appearances.  They aren’t actually good at planning or organizing.  They are reactive at the core.  We didn’t see that they were reactive when they had the masculine role.  Now it’s obvious.  Trump also has to let them expend all of their false ammunition.  As they send out their minion Antifa troops, the Trump team is taking names and getting video evidence for later arrests.  Meanwhile, it looks like nothing is happening.  The globalists think they must be tricking President Trump when they are being tricked by him.

Actually what President Trump is doing is a lot like what we do.  I want to get all the tricks and traps of clones exposed on all topics.  Then it is up to you to free yourself from them.  So it appears that President Trump is doing this law.  Why doesn’t it bother us when he uses these tricks?  It’s because he’s using the globalists’ own tricks on them. He’s not using them on us.  He’s punching up, not down.  He’s giving them back their projections.  He’s reuniting cause and effect publicly, so that we can see him do it.

Let me give you a realistic example of how you could do this.  Let’s say that someone projects on you using positive thinking.  It’s legitimate to use some positive thinking to give them back that projection.  After they get their projection back, it’s going to be much easier to let go.  It’s a strategy that you can use to take down clones.  I hesitate to say this, however, because one of your clones might use my words and say it’s giving back a projection when it’s actually projecting.  So be careful.  If you hear my words, that’s a clone talking.  Said another way, you can use the clone’s trick on them if you are totally in the feminine role in order to send their projection back to them.  You do it to free yourself from them.  You give them a taste of their own medicine.  We want cause and effect in the same mind in the end.  That’s the win win for all because everyone has the incentive to let go.  I don’t use the Trump strategy myself.  I let go until I get to Step Three, and then the projection returns.  But this is an option, and it works very well in President Trump’s situation.

It’s interesting to see that the people who like and understand Donald Trump are no longer tricked by the globalists. The people who don’t like him are completely tricked and harmed by them.  So are those people victims when there’s somebody right in their face trying to rescue them every day?  It’s hard to see them as victims of anything but their own false desires for the fantasy of utopia.  They are chasing shiny objects (false desires) that they will never get to hold in their hand…they have a greed problem.  Greed or entitlement makes one a very easy target of the fantasy mongers.  They don’t like, or honor, their own True Self.

Greene has a reversal for this law. “Although it is generally the wiser policy to make others exhaust themselves chasing you, there are opposite cases where striking suddenly and aggressively at the enemy so demoralizes him that his energies sink. Instead of making others come to you, you go to them, force the issue, and take the lead. Fast attack can be an awesome weapon, for it forces the other person to react without the time to think or plan. With no time to think, people make errors of judgment and are thrown on the defensive. This tactic is the adverse of waiting and baiting, but it serves the same function. You make your enemy respond on your terms.”

Greene has just flipped to the other side of the triangle bottom.  You strike another overtly or covertly.  This is where we started this response.  It’s the other side of the triangle bottom of the hunter.  That’s all Greene does.  He takes one side of the triangle bottom, and he tell you how to use it for an advantage.  Then he reverses it and gives you the other side.  If we let that WHOLE triangle bottom go, we move to the top of the triangle.  Then we are in total control as the true masculine leader, even if we don’t have the physical role.


Let’s Take A Break From the Laws for a Couple of Days

I don’t want this challenge to get boring.  So after every eight laws, we’re going to take a short break and look at something else.  This will be a two-day break.  Then we’ll get back on Greene’s train to hell.  We’re going to stay with the theme of examining traps that pull us into the illusion…traps that are so damn normal that sometimes we don’t see them as traps.  Or we don’t view them from the mental perspective.  So we think the trap has no exit.  People often get tricked by the promise of hidden truth.  But as you know, people who promise hidden truth are just spewing beliefs relabeled as the truth.  They don’t realize that the word belief has the word LIE in it for a very good reason.

Here’s a video that I watched a few weeks ago.  I’ll let you watch it, and then we’ll discuss it.  Today, we’ll discuss the first twelve minutes.  Tomorrow, we’ll discuss everything after minute twelve.  As a warning, Quite Frankly does come from a more Christian, probably Catholic, perspective.  So you’ll hear him say some things that I would disagree with.  But the overall context of the video explains much of what’s going on today in a wide variety of different forms.  This video will help us to examine the mental cause below some very common physical effects. I can explain a guru, a mafia dude, or a progressive leader’s mindset because they are the same mind at the core.  People aren’t as complex as they seem when you view everyone from the mental perspective.

Just watch and enjoy the video; pay attention to anything that generates emotions in you.  Also notice if you find your mind being the devil’s advocate…taking the opposite side.  That’s not letting go.  It’s programming to flip sides on the triangle bottom.  In Part II of this break, I’ve transcribed the parts of this video that you need for our discussion, just in case this video gets taken down.  The video is likely to upset some people.


Now I’m not religious.  I didn’t hear the moans at the beginning as evil.  But it does sound like the moan of people who are very psychologically reversed.  They are filled with emotions because what they are thinking about President Trump is totally false.  But they believe their mind; and they think that their emotions are telling them that their false thinking is true.  We’ve all been there; and we all feel like moaning when our mind is doing that false dance.  It’s not evil…it’s not possession…it’s training.  It is training that has served the elite of the world for thousands of years.  This error of thinking can be corrected if we let go when our mind goes into psychological reversal.

Oddly, this backwards way of using our mind can be addicting.  People get addicted to their emotions, and they also get addicted to the many ways of eliminating their emotions.  Any addict has a moaner underneath the surface.  But also, people are addicted to drama; many are attention whores who use emotions to get center stage.  False desire does feed into this complex issue.

These moaners would say that they are victims.  But I guarantee you that clone characters are running their minds…so they would be in victimhood advantage.  Their minds are filled with beliefs.  In that moaning scene, they saw President Trump.  He was the trigger for their programming to run.  The beliefs they heard in their mind were all false, and they felt the corresponding emotion for those FALSE beliefs.  But they thought that the President was causing their emotions because he was the programmed trigger.  But he didn’t cause their emotions.  The false beliefs caused the emotions.  He was, however, a piece of their programming; he was like the first line of code.  If you see President Trump, you will scream….blah, blah, blah.  They are just like robots.  If they took out all of those false beliefs about President Trump, their emotions would go away.  They’d see President Trump like normal people do.  The trigger would no longer work.

This is reactive programming in a nutshell…the matriarchal way of using the mind.  It starts with a trigger, which is always something outside of the person.  Once the program starts running, the person can’t stop it.  They don’t know how to let go.  They don’t know that they are psychologically reversed.  This programming leads to hell.  But the people who program others in that way don’t care if their minions are in hell.  They need to project out the hell in their own mind so that they can live in heaven.  And that clone programming is automatic in them too.  The programmer and the programmed are a triangle bottom…it’s a very common triangle bottom.

So, it sounds like the progressive minions are stuck in hell, and they can’t get out.  They prove my point…hell is not a place; hell is a perspective.  If I stood in the same place they are standing, I’d be joyous.  Wow, it’s President Trump and Melania.  I’d be yelling “Thank you for what you’re doing for America.”  Yet they are stuck in hell, and I’m enjoying heaven, because they have accepted beliefs from others as true; and those beliefs are totally false.

But there is something more.  As I said, this programming is coming from a clone character.  And that clone character is perceived as good, useful, protective, or wise.  The moaners do something in their mind, like politically correct speaking or social justice warrior thinking, that convinces them that they are heaven bound when they’re actually firmly planted in hell.  Others have practices or diets that they think are taking them to nirvana.  Some have prayer or meditation.  That is their ice cream on manure.  They can’t see the manure; they identify with the ice cream.  Remember, any cult leader follows the Moses mindset.  He or she reels people in with promises, and then the cult leader gives them the programming.

The followers’ minds contain both the false desires and the programmed beliefs.  They identify with the pretty words (false desires).  But the ugly thinking is associated with President Trump, or some other trigger.  They disassociate from the ugly thoughts by projecting them out.  They are acting from Lord God programming; they think that they have to judge president Trump.  They are confusing discrimination with judgment.  If they want freedom from hell, they should be punching up at the leader who gave them those beliefs.  But they are punching down on President Trump instead.  So hell just gets hotter for them.  They get more and more emotional.  I talk about this all the time.  Hopefully, this example will make it easier for you to see.  If you have clones in your mind, this is what they do.  Clones don’t want to be exposed.

You might also have noticed that these moaners think Ruth Ginsburg was a hero, but the flag on her casket is wrinkled. That’s a sign of a burial of disgrace.  We know that Ruth was a critical vote in passing laws that made abortion unlimited (full term), she voted for legalization of “consensual” sex with children, and she refused to step down from the bench when she was unable to fulfill her duties as Supreme Court Justice.  So President Trump couldn’t replace her with a Constitutional Judge.  She was not a hero of America; she was a pawn of the globalists.  These moaners don’t know what she was about; they know that she was a woman judge; that triggers their “women are good, men are bad” programming.  The people moaning are like trained pets.  It’s very sad.  The goal of the globalists was to program everyone in this way, and they damn near succeeded.  At the very core of this mindset is just another version of good and evil.  But these moaners would tell you that they are spiritual…not religious.  Yea right!

Standing before them is someone who wants to save them, and they are disgusted by his sight.  They are sure that he’s evil.  They judge him.  But he has done nothing wrong.  He’s trying to free them from their fucking handlers.  They don’t want freedom; they want power.  They want to be right.  They want to project.

Stand in President Trump’s shoes.  He is receiving.  He’s in the feminine role in this instance.  He’s not asserting in any way.  So he has to recognize (mentally) that their emotions coming at him have nothing to do with him, even though they are screaming that their emotions have everything to do with him.  He has to be real careful that he doesn’t judge them.  I suspect that he was judging them because they seemed to grow in power.  I’m not condemning him.  It’s a very hard place to be.  I couldn’t do it until I really cleaned out my inciting incidents.  And I never had to do it with a crowd.  So play with this, and see how you’d do if you were in his shoes.

We have to look at everything through a lens of true and false to stay sane in the world at this time.  I recently heard an interview with someone who was a mind-control insider.  He said that 85 percent of the population worldwide is very easy to control.  It is only 15 percent that aren’t easy to control; they think that it’s all in the genes.  I don’t agree that it’s in the genes; it’s nurture, not nature.  I’d tend to agree with the 85/15 ratio more or less. I live in Southern California.  When the globalists put out heavy Corona fear, I notice that about 85 percent of the people wear masks.  Only 15 percent of us can see through the ruse.  Most of that 15 percent, however, are soothing themselves with statistics.  Very few will actually say that there is no such thing as a pandemic with a dangerous virus.  It’s almost like they feel that they have to respect the virus and call it deadly, or it will attack them.  Or maybe they are afraid of the globalists’ minions attacking them.  I’m not sure.  It all looks false to me, and I see boundless evidence that it is false.  I can’t imagine that anyone would believe any of it.  But I have been caught in an illusion; and when you are caught in an illusion, you see evidence of your beliefs everywhere you look.  That’s why you are sure that your beliefs are the truth.

I’d say it a different way.  In my experience, the people with clones are the easy ones to control.  They are hard to set free.  Today, most people have clones…some have very strong clones.  The victimhood clone is very popular.  The New Age clone is very popular.  The expert clone is popular.  The positive-thinking clone is popular.  There are a lot of options these days.  In my experience, clones don’t call out other clones.  That’s too risky.  If they call out the other clones, they might get exposed; and they fear exposure.  Like I say all the time, you know that that a clone is running in your mind because you are bothered by an opposite outside of you.  Use the triangle process, and you’ll decrease the power of the clone until it’s all gone.

There are a lot of Trump supporters now.  But the vast majority are still mind controlled.  They just aren’t mind controlled by progressivism.  They’re mostly mind controlled by their religion or the medical system.  They might also be mind controlled by a certain kind of music or science.

You might wonder why mind control sticks.  It’s because it puts our focus in the physical.  Many of you have noticed that you can’t let go of your beliefs in disease if you think about your body problems.  That’s because you are in the masculine mind (intellect).  Your focus is on your body…the physical.  Most people erroneously view physical manifestations as real; and therefore, they hold them as true.  If we put our emotional attention on the problem and let go of our thinking, however, we reverse that programming.  That’s just western meditation.

If you are thinking about stuff, your body, or physical life, you are focused on the physical illusion.  You have to get to the mental perspective to let go.  This is common sense.  You can’t let go of reality.  You can only let go of the beliefs that caused the reality.  You know that.  Witnessing helps you to move out of the physical focus and into the mental focus.  But if you have just come from the physical focus, you will probably go right into the clone mind.  So you’ll still be in thinking mode.  Or you’ll be reacting to something outside of your mind.  You have to start to see what your mind is doing.  You have to start watching your mind…not thinking, not reasoning.

We’re at the point where I’m trying to get you to start catching the programming tricks.  For today, watch your mind as much as you can.  See if you are thinking about shit (or reasoning), soothing yourself, or reacting.  If you are reacting, you probably need some Step One.  Who or what are you reacting to?  Why?  If you are soothing yourself, you need some Step 2.5.  Why are you soothing yourself instead of letting go?  Do you like those pretty words?  Do you think your emotions are positive?  If you are thinking, then you’re probably judging, or you are discriminating by talking about discriminating but not actually letting go.  There is no discrimination without letting go.  So you need to do some Step Two.  The Steps take care of everything.

We’re going to take a break here.  We’ll resume tomorrow with the list of cult attributes from the video.


Second Day of Our Break…The Cult Defined

This part got really long because there is a lot of meat in this topic.  So today, we’ll look at the definition of a cult and religion.  Tomorrow, we’ll look at each of the individual attributes of a cult.

Around minute twelve in the video, Frank began talking about a belief system that’s known as Satanism.  I can’t verify what he’s saying.  Although, I have heard similar things from others.  I’ve only known one person who claimed to be an official Satanist; and I didn’t know him very well.  He talked about sex all the time; and I thought that was a bit odd.  He seemed to think that sex was sacred and magical.  I thought he was just relabeling his perversion so that it sounded like a spiritual quality.  He sounded like any run-of-the-mill New Ager to me.  So I can’t say that this definition or this list is truly the hallmark of Satanism.  But it is a great starting point for cleaning up any cult, religion, or group that has a belief system.  From my point of view, they are all the same.

I suspect that Frank was raised Catholic; he’s Italian. He didn’t see this definition or list as relating to religion…just to the Satanists.  But if you’ve been following the news about the Vatican, it’s pretty apparent that it’s not God in that house.  So Frank is probably closer to Satanism than he knows.

In truth, we will find Satan in every belief system.  As I’ve shared before, Satan was the more accurate name for the false God (deity) of Moses.  If you look at our triangle vertically, the True Self or Creator God would be at the top of the triangle.  Satan or the false God would be the whole bottom.  So Satan does rule over any illusion.  In any illusion, we ignore the top of the triangle as if it doesn’t exit.  We pretend that the illusion is true because it’s real.  But all illusions are created with belief systems, so they’re all real and false.

Consequently, I see this definition of a cult and list of attributes as relating to every religion, east and west, every New Age group, every self-help group, medicine and alternative medicine, science, psychology, education, politics, and more.  All belief systems are built on lies; they all stem from a false desire of wanting to figure everything out or wanting to explain things that don’t need to be explained, instead of trusting our inspiration.  Our True Self KNOWS everything; but it doesn’t have to define everything or turn everything into a five-year plan.  It takes us effortlessly in the direction that we want to go…we set our North Star.

All belief systems take something that we absolutely know in our True Self. They level confuse that knowing by turning it into knowledge (or beliefs) within the illusion. We store that knowledge in our false self.  We memorize the truth, which is ridiculous.  Then we put more emphasis on the memorized truth than the real truth in our True Self.  It’s insane, but that’s what we do.  That’s the essence of the fall, and we all participated in that ruse.  We were trained that it was the right or good thing to do.  Initiation is about cleaning up this error…not making our past bad or wrong.

In the ancient days, every religion was labeled a cult.  It makes sense because cult is found in the word occult.  All beliefs systems are occult (meaning hidden).  The beliefs are divided in second cause; half of the belief is overt (desirable); and half is hidden, covert, or undesirable.  You know this by now.

The term religion, according to, is below.  The word religion was the result of relabeling; cult became an undesirable term.  So cults no longer called themselves cults.  This is how they distanced themselves from the occult.  They called themselves religions, spiritual classes, self-help groups, mystery schools, etc.  The bold words are my doing. There is so much in the history of this word.  Read it slowly, and let go of whatever attracts your attention or causes emotion.  Remember that even being a vegan or a yoga practitioner is a belief system; and therefore, it is occult.  We get tricked when we relabel belief systems to make them acceptable or good for us; to get free, we need precision of language.

“c. 1200, ‘state of life bound by monastic vows,‘ also ‘conduct indicating a belief in a divine power,’ from Anglo-French religiun (11c.), Old French religion ‘piety, devotion; religious community,‘ and directly from Latin religionem (nominative religio) ‘respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods; conscientiousness, sense of right, moral obligation; fear of the gods; divine service, religious observance; a religion, a faith, a mode of worship, cult; sanctity, holiness,”‘in Late Latin ‘monastic life‘ (5c.).

According to Cicero derived from relegere ‘go through again‘ (in reading or in thought), from re-‘again’ (see re-) + legere ‘read’ (see lecture (n.)). However, popular etymology among the later ancients (Servius, Lactantius, Augustine) and the interpretation of many modern writers connects it with religare ‘to bind fast‘ (see rely), via notion of ‘place an obligation on,’ or ‘bond between humans and gods.’ In that case, the re- would be intensive. Another possible origin is religiens ‘careful,’ opposite of negligens. In English, meaning ‘particular system of faith’ is recorded from c. 1300; sense of ‘recognition of and allegiance in manner of life (perceived as justly due) to a higher, unseen power or powers’ is from 1530s.”

Do you see all the binding words in those definitions?  Cults, now called religions or spiritual groups, were originally created to bind people with their leaders or their unseen Gods/deities.  The connection is false, but everyone in the group perceives the connection to be true.  This creates a group illusion.  It blocks everyone in the group from connecting to their own True Self.  If someone tries to escape the group illusion, the others pull them back.  The false-self connection becomes normal for them.  They might even think it is love or a soul connection.  One who leaves will appear fallen to the cult members, even if that person left because they found their True Self.

If the cult is New Age, the members bind with the Universe.  If there is no God (or deity) in the cult, then the members bind with their leader, like a guru or like a communist dictator. People also bind with experts, doctors, healers, and more.  The key to binding is the false-self connection.  The person in the feminine submits to the person in the masculine role.

I honestly have no problem with people choosing to belong to such groups.  However, they usually have a problem with me because I won’t say that they have the truth.  That tells me that they have a clone that doesn’t want to be exposed.  They have relabeled their cult so that they are above someone else who doesn’t have that same belief system.  If we get honest, and call their belief system a cult, it puts everything in the right perspective.  The cult is the bottom of the triangle, not the top.

The people who have given me the most trouble in my programs were in cults in the past.  But they didn’t realize that they were in a cult.  Some were part of religions like Buddhism or Catholicism.  Many were New Age or self-help workshop junkies.  Some were liberal or progressive politically.  Often they said they were in a some sort of school; they went to learn Tai Chi, they went to study yoga, or they learned some sort of healing work.  They wanted to add letting go to their already existing belief system.  They couldn’t see that their belief system was false.  They thought that their cult clone was their True Self.  So they kept that clone, and then that clone wanted me to join it in its illusion, or it wanted to take me down.  The clone wanted me to submit to it.  Over time, this became more obvious.  It’s lose lose for me to join their belief system; it’s win win for them to let go of their cult clones.

If we allow a clone to do our letting go, we make that clone into our True Self.  We put them on the clone throne.  So being able to tell the difference between a clone and a True Self is critical in initiation.  Think about what I’m saying.  Here are a few symptoms of clones running our show.  If we are letting go from a clone character, then we will try to let go of letting go.  Or our mind will claim that letting go doesn’t work or is harmful in some way.  We will try to let go of our shadow projections, but we are creating those projections.  We will look at people who bother us and think they need to let go.  We might even get angry at people who don’t let go.  We can’t deal with other people, so we spend more and more time alone.  We feel superior to others, but we find ourselves pretending that we’re inferior…false humility or managed appearances.  We blame others for our emotions.  We don’t say what we’re thinking; we say what is socially acceptable or whatever will get agreement from the other.  We aren’t really in true and false discriminating; we are in good and evil or right and wrong relabeling it as true and false.  We are judging but saying we are discriminating.  We are focused on the physical illusion, but saying we are in the mental realm because we are thinking about shit.  We are confusing the masculine and feminine roles.  These are errors that I see all the time.  They are clone errors.  We learned to do these things by accepting beliefs systems from cult leaders.

A clone will resist Step Two because it is wired for win lose; it hates the idea of win win for all.  It doesn’t want freedom, but it will pretend it does when it is talking to me.  This section is your chance to get honest about these clones and to eliminate the beliefs that give them power.  You don’t have to confess to me that you’ve got clones; I don’t care.  If you project on me, you’ll get it back anyway.  Then you’ll say letting go isn’t working…that’s a victimhood clone by the way.

Spend some time on this.  It’s huge.  Don’t use this list like Frank did…to project your own cult on someone else.  One more thing, it might look to your cult-leader clones like I’m doing the things on this list.  That’s because they don’t call their group a cult.  No cult leader ever does.  Remember that they all use relabeling.  Cults give you belief systems.  In this work, we remove your belief systems if you let go.  Clones love to tell others that they are doing what the clone is actually doing.  That’s another trap.  I’m often the stand-in for that trap.

Also I don’t just expose one group; I expose every cult out there.  There is no belief system that I won’t expose.  That being said, I don’t see anyone as evil or an enemy.  But their beliefs are beliefs; they aren’t the truth.  I’m thinking vertically on the triangle.  A cult leader is always thinking horizontally at the bottom of the triangle.  Most cult leaders have ONE enemy, their opposite; and they go hard on that one enemy, like the globalists with Trump and the conservatives.  Notice, however, that you don’t see the globalists exposing medicine, healing, psychology, religions other than Christianity, New Age, self help, marketing, activism, diets, charity work, etc.  Those cults are all fine with them.  Cults support other cults.  Typical Christianity is a cult too, but we take it out of cult form in this program by removing the level confusion.


Destructive Cult Defined:  “Exactly how is a destructive religious cult (DRC) defined?”

“A DRC is any group which uses psychological manipulation to impair, destroy, or make captive an individuals’s freedom of thought or reasoning abilities.  This is done with the hidden purpose of promoting the wealth, power, or vanity of charismatic cult leaders.  The recruitment practice is usually deceptive and the victim enters the cult without informed consent.  Cult leaders demand blind faith in their teachings, restrict the freedom of their followers, and direct them to engage in criminal activity.”

The reference to criminal activity is because this document was for the police.  Remember the police only see something as criminal if the person takes action.  But we would expand that definition to the mental level.  In my mind, any cult leader is engaging in harmful activity.  It could be defined as criminal.

Do you see the connection to the Serpent and the Lord God?  If you don’t, go back and read it again.  The cult leader manipulates people in order to get them to join the group with promises (Serpent), and then they give them rules and restrict their freedom (Lord God).  All cults stem from the Old Testament story of Moses.  That’s why we go deeply into the fall and Moses’s story in this program.  You have to see the core of the illusion for what it is.  Once you see the pattern, you realize that it is repeated everywhere.

If you don’t see the pattern, and you think Moses was a good leader, then you will fall into every cult leader’s trap.  Think of Barack Obama; people wouldn’t compare him to Moses, but they should.  He became the leader of the progressive cult in America.  He’s become very wealthy and powerful.  He said he was giving people hope and change, but just like the Serpent he lied by omission.  He gave us change that we did not want.  He gave us hope that we could clean up the mess he made.  He made a hell of a lot of rules.  People didn’t think twice about following him, and even worshipping him, because he matched the Moses pattern.  In addition, these leaders all use projection as a means of control.  People became very demoralized in America during the time of Obama’s reign of terror.  They could no longer stand up for themselves.  They felt like they were bad people.  They were taking his projections; they were stuck in the feminine role within his illusion.

Recently, a friend invited me to a party.  One man at the party was a very religious Evangelical.  He started to evaluate President Trump as prideful; he said that Trump needed to be more apologetic.  That word stuck in my mind.  It was an odd choice of words.  He was very logical, and he had a lot of conviction.  He talked very quickly as if he’d practiced his speech.  But the bottom line was that he didn’t make any sense to me.

When I got home, I looked up, apologetic.  Apparently the Evangelicals are now doing something called the apologetic ministries.  It sounds to me like a response to the conviction and labelling of the progressives.  They are now defending their point of view with the same sort of loud and demanding false logic that sounds virtuous.  In fact, as I reviewed what I remembered, he was actually quite prideful.  He was saying that Trump was doing what he was actually doing.  Of course, he’d never say that he was part of a cult.  No one ever does.  When we let go, we see everything in the illusion as a cult and occult; we don’t want to be part of any of it.

I want to focus on one more big cult before we end for today.  I want our group to do our part in achieving freedom for all.  At this moment in time, America is participating in an election mind-control circus.  And the whole world is participating in a Corona Virus circus.  Both of these hoaxes were created in the exact same way.  I want you to see how they were created.  Too often, people just label the globalists as bad, evil, or wrong; and yet, they are doing the same thing all the time.  We have to clean up our own mind, or we can’t stop these shit shows.  We’re fueling their cult without realizing it.

Look at what the globalists have done intellectually without any judgment.  They have a false desire.  They want the power to rule the whole world.  They want their utopia, which means that we’d all live in communism, practice their Satanist religion, and we’d do what they told us to do.  That’s clearly a desire that is not win win.  But as you know, clones don’t do the win-win test.  They don’t do Step Two.  They want their false desire, but the True Self will never give them that desire…no way no how.

So they have to make the desire happen with willpower.  To do that, they need others to believe what they believe.  They need the power of numbers.  So they create belief systems, label them the truth, and then they tell others what to believe.  Every belief system follows the cult protocol.  The Serpent reels people in, and then the Lord God rules over them.  To fuel the belief systems, they keep repeating the same beliefs and desires (lies) over and over again.  Even when we say they are lying, they don’t care.  They ignore us.  They keep telling us that there is a pandemic and Joe Biden won the election.  Those are complete lies. They even use their magic media and Hollywood to make their lies look real and true. Historically speaking, they know that at some point, we’ll give in.  We’ll see overwhelming evidence of their belief system, we’ll be tired of fighting them, and so we’ll agree with them.

How does any religion work?  How do most groups work?  They keep saying the same things over and over until the group conforms.  What is prayer?  What is mantra?  What is an affirmation?  It’s repetition until you get what you think you want…a false desire.  Do you see how they sell us on their false way of manifesting by telling us that it’s a Secret or the truth?  Once there is group think around such a belief system, there is very little chance that people will leave the group or change their minds.  No one knows how to let go.  The cult leaders also make sure that they reinforce the group think with weekly services or meetings.

Most people are just fighting the globalists’ mind control by clinging to the honest side of the triangle bottom.  They say, “These people are liars. And that’s a fact.”  But lying and honesty is a triangle bottom.  We have no power on either side of the triangle bottom.  Honesty is the desirable side of the triangle bottom, or it used to be.  But the globalists made lying the more powerful side of the triangle bottom.  They did that by creating New Age, self help, alternative healing, bringing the east to the west, and progressivism.  They taught you that lying was good if you used it to fulfill your desires.  Getting any desires was labeled good and successful.  So we fueled their illusion without realizing it.  We got ourselves into this situation. We fell for the Serpent’s big-ass trap just like Adam and Eve.

If the globalists still bother you, if you still fear them, you are on that triangle bottom.  You had a false desire.  You didn’t apply the win-win test to that desire because you didn’t know how to.  You either did mental action or physical action; you used willpower to get what you wanted.  That was in the past.  But often people still hold the clones that believed such things in their minds.  I know because I get the projections.  We do know how to let go.  We can clean up our minds and take some power out of their illusion.  That’s contributing to freedom for all.

Let’s stop here.  We’ll do the list tomorrow.  You have plenty to do for today.  It’s very rare that I meet someone who isn’t trapped in some sort of belief system.  But when I do meet such a person, they are always a great leader.


Third and Fourth Day of Our Break…The List of Cult Attributes

Cult Techniques of Psychological Manipulation

This is a lot to let go.  So I’ll give you the whole thing today.  But I’ll give you two days to work on it.  You can use these prompts to dive deep and clean up some core beliefs.  Also, I want you to see how I take something like a video, television, movies, conversations and tear them apart.  I mine them for beliefs to let go.  I get all of the emotion out of the activity; then I can see it all clearly from the true-mental level of perception.  And suddenly, it’s all good.  There’s nothing to fear…no confusion anymore.


Isolation:  Loss of reality induced by physical separation from society and rational reverences.

Often people who have been part of a cult (or any cult-like belief system) isolate themselves when they start letting go. I constantly tell them to get jobs, get out with friends, visit family…to use life and relationships to let go.  I talk about my life and how I’m always doing fun activities.  I talk about my family and friends as normal people with beliefs to let go.  I talk about letting go as a lifestyle that slowly removes the programming and beliefs that we all acquired earlier in life.

Initiation is practical; it’s not spiritual or religious.  That’s because it’s not a belief system; initiation removes our belief systems.  Any cult is about group think.  Initiation is about independent thinking…free thinking.

In any cult, everyone thinks the same.  When you engage with the world, however, everyone thinks different.  So the amount of beliefs that you encounter when you engage with others who have different belief systems can feel overwhelming, especially if you are used to group think.  People who have been in cult-like groups are very uncomfortable with disagreement.  They make disagreement into something bad in a cult; they get very emotional when there is disagreement.  That’s because the cult is like a group clone.  The clone feels threatened when someone doesn’t agree with its point of view.  It feels like it’s losing power; and that’s because cult thinking needs the belief in the power of numbers to survive.  The beliefs have no power of their own.

Is it the volume of beliefs that makes it uncomfortable to engage with the real world, or is it something else?  I suspect that it’s the belief that the person has to believe others that’s at the core.  We find that belief in every belief system.  Not only that, a cult gives power to FALSE beliefs that are relabeled as TRUE.  So it’s hard to see beliefs as false after being trained to make beliefs into the truth.  The person’s mind learned to do that automatically.  So all beliefs seem much more powerful than they really are.

Cults separate people from the rest of society in order to program them.  Communist countries control the propaganda that their citizens receive to keep them programmed.  If the members of the group find out that others have different beliefs that are NOT as limited, they just might let go or leave the group.  We are not free until we can listen to anyone and not believe them…no matter how convincing they might be or how much conviction they may have.  The character game is where you practice doing this.  Listen to your favorite cult leader in your mind…one line at a time.  Let go as they speak.  They will say nothing true.  They will have a lot of conviction in their beliefs; but conviction has emotion in it.  Emotion means the beliefs are false.

I expose and share stories, but there is no conviction in my speaking or writing.  To someone who was stuck in group think, my words can feel powerless.  They’re used to beliefs with lots of emotional magnetism.  That causes letting go to feel weak.  That causes their own True Self to feel weak.  So my words also feel weak.  Nevertheless, I tell you not to believe me.  Believing is memorization.

So if you think that you have to isolate to let go, ask yourself why?  In my experience, if you don’t mix with the world, your beliefs won’t rise to the surface.  The world is our mirror, and ideally we keep it very clean.  You aren’t free if you restrict yourself from any person or part of life on planet earth.


Hypnosis:  State of high suggestibility induced by hypnosis, often thinly disguised as meditation.

I’ve shared with you how most hypnotherapists put ideas into people’s minds.  But I did the opposite.  I took the person to the causal belief of their unwanted experience with light suggestion, and I asked them to let go of that belief.  They could always do it in hypnosis.  But if they didn’t want to, they would come out of the hypnosis session.  I wasn’t forcing them to do anything.  They still had free will.  If they let go as I suggested, they had nothing more to fix.  When they replayed the troubling scene from their past after letting go, there was no emotion.  Their past seemed like a dream.  Their dark goddess had no need to react anymore.  I was using hypnosis to deprogram people.

In a cult, hypnosis is used in the normal way.  It’s used to program.  For example, if you went to a hypnotherapist and said, “I want to lose weight.”  They’d program you to hate candy and sweets; and they’d tell you that you loved broccoli.  So you’d follow their programming after the session.  You’d lose weight because you’d be in the hypnotherapist’s illusion; and they believe that eating broccoli (and avoiding sweets) causes you to lose weight.  Now the weight would stay off as long as you didn’t disobey your new false God…the hypnotherapist.  The cult leader is just like the hypnotherapist.  Often they speak in a certain tone and pace so as to induce a light state of hypnosis (the alpha state).  Then their beliefs become implanted in the followers’ minds as the truth.

Notice how meditation was listed as making someone highly suggestible.  I’ve found that to be true.  People aren’t letting go in eastern meditation.  They’re just floating above their manure.  Also they’re following some master, guru, or eastern thinking in general.  So they become falsely connected to that aspect of the collective illusion.  They become passive followers.  In fact, they’re now programmed to easily follow other clones of the same ilk.

If you feel passive, in any aspect of your life, look for the other side of the triangle bottom.  That’s your guru…like it or not.  If you feel like a follower, who is your leader?  If your mind says “Cathy,” then you are projecting that.  I’m not your opposite nor your leader.  I don’t make you passive.  I only hold the vision for your freedom.  So find out who said that.  That’s probably a redirecting clone.  They want to remain your false God.


Peer Group Pressure:  Suppression of doubt and resistance to new ideas [beliefs] achieved by exploiting the natural need to belong.

This is worded kind of weird so I added [beliefs] for clarity.  They’re saying that these people suppress their natural doubt and their natural resistance to beliefs.  In other words, they have no discrimination.  Whatever they hear, they take in.  We should feel emotion when someone tries to program us, or tries to impose their beliefs on us; and we do feel that initially as young children.  But over time, that natural impulse to doubt and let go gets psychologically reversed.  Often it’s because of peer group pressure to hold on to the beliefs.  We want to belong.  We don’t want to be the outcast or be banished from the family unit or tribe.

This should be getting easier for all of you.  But if there is someone who still tricks you, look closely at that person.  How do they do that?  What is the belief in you that lets them in?  What does belonging mean to you? Do you fear not belonging to that group?  Are you stuck in obey and rebel with this group or person?

In my experience, from having taken so many projections, it’s very often the belief that we have to help or save others that causes us to take their projection.  I get stuck because someone asks me for help, and I don’t want to tell them “No.”  But if they have a Serpent clone, they ask for help because they say they are drowning.  Then when I get in the water with them, they try to drown me.  People do to me what was done to them.  Belonging can be a big trap.  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  So ask:  Who do you think you need to help or save?  Family, humanity, some group from your past?  Is that true.  You actually need to punch up and expose them.  That’s freedom for all.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I used to fall for the “I need help” trick all the time.  Then I created these websites and programs.  There is nothing I do not cover.  So now when someone asks me for help, I can tell them that the answer in on my website.  You can do the same.  If someone is asking you for help, and you feel bound by them, tell them that you did this program; and they can too.  Send them to a free article.  Make them responsible for their own life.  Make them responsible for their own emotions.  Help them get their own answers.  You have to get to the point where you can say, “Letting go is your answer.  If you don’t want to let go, then I can’t help you.  I’ve got a life to live.  Enjoy your suffering.”  You’ll get there when you have proven letting go to yourself…when nothing, not even a billion $$$ or life on your own private island, could ever make you go back into the shitty illusion.


Love Bombing:  Sense of family and belonging contrived through hugging, kissing, touching, and flattery.

This became popular as the matriarchal point of view became powerful.  You no longer shook someone’s hand; you hugged and kissed everyone.  It’s funny that we’ve gone to the other side of that triangle bottom with the Corona hoax.  That’s life in the illusion…the pendulum just keeps swinging.

Flattery has also become huge; people dish out compliments that they don’t authentically mean.  This is all a show to simulate belonging.  It done to alleviate the fear of disagreement that I talked about above.  But it’s also a way of getting the masculine role with someone so that we can project on them.  People bond physically, which supports bonding mentally.  It’s all about false-self connections and projection in a cult.  Remember:  Most people’s minds work outer to inner.

I used to hate when my mother-in-law hugged me.  One day, I slowed my mind down; and I realized that she always initiated the hug.  It was her way of taking the false masculine role.  After the hug, I felt stuck in her illusion.  That was what I didn’t like.  So I cleaned up my mind.  I didn’t say a word to her.  Then, her hugs became innocent because I didn’t accept the projection that came with them.  She stopped hugging me; it didn’t do her any good anymore.  In fact, it made her emotional.  See if you have anyone like this in your life.  Use the character game to undo the false connections that you have with them.


Removal of Privacy:  Loss of ability to evaluate, logically achieved by preventing private contemplation.

This is pointing to another form of interference with our discrimination.  In other words, the cult member isn’t allowed to think for themselves.  This is true, or even worse, when the cult leader says things that we want to hear.

However, when a cult leader gets into our mind, contemplation isn’t effective.  We are just contemplating their beliefs or ideas.  We’re looking in their illusion for freedom, and it doesn’t exist in their illusion.  There is no letting go in their illusion, or any illusion.  

This is why people forget to let go when they get stuck.  They have left my world where letting go exists and entered an illusion, or the collective, where letting go doesn’t exist…in fact, holding on is condoned and encouraged in any illusion.  So now they feel bad or guilty for letting go.  The fear that they won’t belong if they let go arises.  

Do you see how these different aspects of the cult all work together to create bondage?  Cults are very complex.  It actually takes a lot of beliefs to chain us down.  Our True Selves are very power.  Letting go is the solution.  We actually stop contemplating in initiation.  We see that it’s never helpful. 


Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue:  Disorientation and vulnerability created by prolonged  mental and   physical activity and withholding adequate rest and sleep.

This one is pretty clear.  The cult leader wants to get the followers into a place where they aren’t clear minded so that they can get their beliefs past the followers’ natural discrimination.  They often use sleep deprivation in the beginning to get the programming to stick.  After a little conditioning, the person is easily programmed.

Also, some groups will alter sleeping patterns; they want their followers on their schedule.  They don’t want the followers to choose anything for themselves.

If you have trouble sleeping, it’s very likely that a cult-leader clone is trying to control you.  If you are free, you can do whatever you want.  You are not bound by a schedule or unable to do what you want to do.  Often when I’ve let go of something big, I do feel a lot of energy.  And I might go without sleep for a longer period of time than normal.  But I’m doing that based on how my mind and body feels.  When I’m tired, I’ll go to sleep easily.  Sleep shouldn’t be a big deal.  If it is, there is a clone with beliefs about sleep in your mind.


Games:  Need for direction when playing games with obscure rules increases dependence on the group.

I suspect that this one is talking about Serpent games.  The games are about getting or keeping people in the group think illusion.  I guess this is why some people want me to tell them what to do; they even try to guilt and shame me if I won’t do it.  That’s the result of an old cult leader in their mind.  They want me to come into that cult leader’s illusion and tell them how to get out or what to do.  I have no intention of doing that.  They need to punch up at the fucking cult leader.  If they come my way, they can make their own choices.

In my programs, we play games to let go; but that decreases your dependence on me.  Those games make you more free.  You have tools to let go so that you don’t need me.

That being said, I also suspect that they are talking about games where people share secrets or do really stupid things that they don’t want others to know about.  This could even relate to things like BDSM or swinging.  Those are common activities among people with belief systems.  It’s weird, but belief systems turn people into perverts.  It makes sense.  Belief systems make you very physical.  So you want sex all the time so that you can get that free feeling that you’d have all the time if you got free of your belief system.


Meta Communication:  Subliminal messages implanted by stressing certain key words or phrases in long, confusing lectures.

I can’t stand listening to long, confusing lectures.  I could never listen to Barack Obama talk.  There was so much confusion and projection in everything he said.  This trap reminds me of those charismatic preachers.  They put great emphasis on certain words, and you can see how strangely people react to them.  It is like they go into a trance…speaking in tongues, hands in the air, and even fainting.

My husband and I went to one of those churches one time just to see what it was like.  We were laughing so hard that we had to leave.  It was like watching a plague in high speed.  People were screaming and falling on the floor all around us.  Also, we weren’t part of their cult, so their speaking-in-tongue words just sounded like gibberish, or baby talk, to us.  It was hysterical.

My whole life, I’ve been a person of few words.  Look at my early articles; they were pretty short.  Quite honestly, if I had my way, there would have been two words on one article, “LET GO.”  Or maybe three, “FUCKING LET GO.”  That’s why I like Twitter.

But with clones, I have to cover every possible way that they can misinterpret what I say.  I do that because I want others to have freedom.  If it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t be inspired to do it.  Exposing is a reversal of programming; and programming is done with a lot of words and a lot of repetition of those words.

One sentence is enough communication for me.  In most conversations with friends who don’t let go.  I listen and let go; they like to hear themselves talk.  It’s good practice letting go, and usually there’s some good wine, a few laughs, and some yummy food.  Most of my friends are wealthy.  So they have giant televisions and swimming pools.  I do enjoy the fringe benefits.

Communication in the illusion is hard work.  I do all my explaining on these blogs.  I don’t want to do anymore during my time off.  And oddly, unless the person asks me a question, my mind is blank.  I have nothing to say.


No Questions:  Automatic acceptance of beliefs accomplished by discouraging questions.

It might seem like I discourage questions because I can be pretty tough on people at times.  But here’s why I’m tough.  In a cult, they discourage questions because they want followers who just take in the group beliefs and make them the truth.

The questions that people ask me are something like this:  Why can’t I let go?  Why isn’t letting go working?  What should I let go?  Often, they just want me to submit to their illusion and prove it to be false for them.  Or they want me to improve the quality of their shitty illusion.  But my desire is freedom for all.  I can’t do that with everyone and get to my desire.

So their question isn’t a relevant question for our mutual vision.  It would be like asking an attorney how to fix the plumbing under their kitchen sink.  Most of the time, the person asking me a question should have asked the cult leader in their past that question, like this:  Why can’t I let go?  Why doesn’t letting go work in your illusion?  What shouldn’t I let go in your belief system?  Do you see how their questions now make sense.  They’d put that cult leader on the spot.  They’d be exposing his or her ass.  They’d set everyone free in that cult.  But they don’t want to punch up, so they punch down.  Punching down is not only cruel, it doesn’t work.

In truth, with letting go, you should be able to always get your own answers.  Those answers will be so much better than my answers.  So I don’t discourage questions, and I have a reason for saying that you can ask me questions.  But it’s not so I can answer your questions.  I want to see if I missed anything.  I want to see if there is a belief system or clone that I need to expose.  I want to see if there is confusion in my writing.  Everything I’ve learned from the group calls and our conversations is being incorporated in the new website.  It’s going to be great.  You’ve all contributed to it in some way even if you never asked a question.  I sense the unasked questions too.  So if you can’t show me something I’ve missed, then your question is not really a question.  It’s either an avoidance of letting go or an avoidance of punching up at the person who programmed you.

Let’s get real.  I’m on your side.  I want you to be independent and free.  I don’t want you to follow me or think like me.  You have a True Self, and I’m determined to help you find it and live from it.  So don’t get upset when I won’t answer your questions.  Instead be pissed at those who did answer your questions.  They wanted you to be their minion.


Confusing Doctrine:  Complex lectures on an incomprehensible doctrine, encouraging rejection of logic and blind acceptance.

I recently discussed this regarding my days in occult research.  Those books were so complicated; but that was because they were so filled with false bullshit.  They weren’t exposing; they were imposing.  For some reason, I could see the two levels of perception in their words.  So they did enlighten me.  But for most people, those books just put them into an even deeper sleep.

The occult writers wanted me to think that they were very smart; and I was stupid.  That’s what they project.  In my experience, the truth is always so simple.  It takes no thought or MENSA IQ to understand it.  Thus my three perfect criteria for the truth or letting go:  1)  It’s simple, anyone can understand it (no education necessary).  2) You can apply the truth independent of others; you don’t need someone to help you let go (doesn’t mean they can’t help you, but you can let go alone).  3) The end result is always win win for all; when you let go, the whole world becomes a better place…no one loses.

Apply those criteria to your old cult leaders.  They will fail the test…I assure you.


Rejection of Old Values:  Acceptance of a new lifestyle accelerated by constantly denouncing former values and beliefs.

This can be a tricky one.  You see, often those old conservative values are a match to what we’d do as a True Self.  We just wouldn’t believe we had to do them.  We’d find that way of being to be natural.

So if we let go of both sides of the triangle bottom, we’ll get to a top of the triangle whereby we end up sounding like a conservative at times.  As I’ve often said, I kind of sound like a conservative, and I kind of live like a liberal.  But I don’t have either belief system.  Letting go handles this mess.  You don’t identify with any groups on the triangle bottom.  So you don’t have to denounce anything.

When you are denouncing, you are rebelling.  So every new cult after the first cult is just a rebellion against the earlier cult.  The first western cult was the Jews with Moses.  But they got the idea from the east.  I’ve never traced that back all the way, but I suspect that it goes back to the old, old stories of Lemuria.  I’ll write about that one day.  Those stories are very level confused thanks to the New Agers and channels.


Confession:  The destruction of personal egos, increased vulnerability to new teachings and recruits’ weaknesses revealed, through sharing innermost secrets.

I beg people not to share their stories with me.  They don’t listen.  It probably comes from beliefs in confession.  But to me confession is worthless; it isn’t letting go.  There is no realization that the causal beliefs behind what the person did were false.  As I’ve said about traumatic experiences, if you just go back to what happened before the trauma and let go, the trauma goes away.  It becomes an illusion, the same is true of any story where you were ashamed, embarrassed, or felt overly vulnerable.  Take out the causal beliefs, and you’ll be free of it.  You’ll see that you were reflecting the group.  And they were a bunch of assholes.

The reason that I ask people not to confess with me is that they speak about the shit they did (or was done to them) as if it’s true.  They are making their illusion stronger, not weaker.  Then I have to let it go as the listener so that I don’t contribute to their stuckness.

Like I often say:  Don’t share a story until it’s full circle.  Then you’ll only want to share it for the purpose of helping another get free.  You’ll include your false beliefs in the story because every story starts with beliefs.   Most of the time,  you’ll forget it even happened.


Guilt:  Teachings of eternal salvation reinforced by exaggerating the sins of a former lifestyle.

This sounds like Christianity and Judaism to me.  Both of those religions are so big on guilt.  Guilt and shame are generally imposed or projected on us by others in belief systems.  The cult leader is projecting their guilt and shame out so they can feel relief.  That’s important to see.

People often tell me that they’re stuck in guilt and shame, but they can’t figure out why.  They’ve done nothing physically wrong. They need to find the source of the guilt and shame.  That source is a clone, either in their mind or their life.

Often people feel guilt and shame when they let go.  That’s a clone that wants them to hold on…that’a a cult leader clone.  Guilt and shame are labels for emotions that we should just see as a signal from the dark goddess to let go.  They are like any other emotions.

But this one also sounds like New Age ascension-type teachings or Christian saving.  I’ve heard many cult groups say that they’re saving the world.  Or they have done something that makes the person above their former sins.  That’s faux freedom.  You can’t get free with words or actions.  Actually if you want to save the world, let go of your beliefs and expose your old belief system.  Belief systems aren’t saving the world, they are destroying it.


Fear:  Loyalty and obedience to group maintained by threatening soul, life or limb for the slightest “negative” thought, word, or deed.

This is subtle.  It can happen if a cult leader plants a belief that causes fear of someone or something…like fear of God.  But more often. it is imposed on the follower by getting them to think that positive thoughts, words, and deeds have power.  Once they accept that words have power, the leader flips the follower to the negative and the person obeys blindly.  Now they are afraid to think anything that is not approved by the cult leader.

This became so common with the self-help movement.  It gave way to the large number of psychopaths and sociopaths in leadership positions today.  I talked about this yesterday.  So I won’t go into the details again.  But if you notice that your words are positive or high minded; there is a negative side to those words.  Don’t give into the temporary relief that you can feel with a few positive words or a nice quote.  Don’t soothe yourself.  The True Self doesn’t talk.  False leaders talk; they use words to sell their beliefs.  So we are using their words to take their beliefs out and make them false again.


Chanting and Singing:  Non-cult input screened out by demanding repetition of mind-narrowing chants or phrases, when faced with non-cult ideas.

I’d include mantras and affirmations in this mess…even repeating prayers is a form of this cult practice.  The repetition is trying to fix something.  It’s hiding something unwanted.  This is very eastern and matriarchal at the core.  We shouldn’t be repeating anything.  Repetition always comes from the false mind.  It’s just not necessary.  The True Self is quiet.

You see this chanting with groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter; it’s how they entrain with each other.  They are a cult.

I will add something to this that I recently found in my mind.  Often, I find myself saying something and then repeating it.  You’ll hear it in recorded calls.  I hear President Trump do the same thing.  I really paid attention to it in a recent conversation.  I do it when the person I’m talking to is not listening or receiving.  They are hearing, but not listening.  They’re in the false masculine role thinking, not the feminine receptive role.  So I can tell that the message isn’t being received; therefore, I’ll repeat it and repeat it.  Now that I see why I do that, I’ll just tell the person to get into the feminine, or I won’t say anymore.

If we are listening from a clone, we can’t receive.  We just want to assert.  Assertion can including giving; but giving doesn’t include all asserting.  Most people assert things that others don’t want; and that’s why people develop clones in the first place.  They are tired of receiving things that they don’t want…like projections.


Disinhibition:  Abdication of adult responsibility encouraged by orchestrating child-like behavior.

I can tell when someone has been in a cult.  They are either very sharp in their speaking, very strong and often quite loud; or they talk like a child.  They are stuck in an earlier time in their life.  They are talking to someone else, not me.

The cult leaders use inciting incidents to keep their followers stuck.  We see this with the minions of the globalists; they are like two-year olds screaming in the grocery store because mommy won’t buy them candy.  It’s weird to watch adults act like children.

This is also why so many adult children are living in their parent’s homes these days.  They were programmed by the progressive cult.  That cult doesn’t encourage mature, or responsible, behavior.  So they can’t seem to grow up.


Change of Diet:  Disorientation and increased susceptibility to emotional arousal achieved by depriving the nervous system of necessary nutrients, through the use of low-protein child-like food.

This is my big warning to everyone.  If someone tries to control your diet, they are trying to control you.  As little children, our diets are controlled by our mothers out of necessity.  We can’t feed ourselves.  So when someone tells us what to eat, even an expert, they put us right into the feminine role as a small child.  We can’t mature; they have us stuck in their illusion as a child.

Never listen to anyone on the topic of diet; turn them off.  It’s all bullshit.  The more you let go on this topic, the more you will chose whatever your body naturally needs and wants.  You might be very surprised with your choices.  They won’t match the experts.  Your True Self designed your body; it should know how to maintain it.

That being said, your True Self is unconditional love and pure truth.  If you love the food you choose, and even better if the person who made the food loved it, that’s a good start.  If you don’t put false beliefs on the food you choose, it will match your True Self.  Your body will handle it just fine.  That’s really simple, I know.  But the truth is simple.


Controlled Approval:  Vulnerability and confusion maintained by alternately rewarding and punishing similar actions.

Reward and punishment takes us back to the false God.  It’s like our core programming within the illusion.  So every cult leader uses it.  It’s like having a big bomb or a machine gun.  Even people who weren’t raised with religion have gotten stuck in this triangle bottom.  It’s used in schools, government, medicine, psychology, parenting, etc.  But we can let it go.  You have all the tools you need to do that.  Just work on the Moses decodes.


Dress:  Individuality removed by demanding conformity to the group through a dress code.

You see this with orthodox religions.  Look at the orthodox Jewish men who only wear black and all have long beards and funny curls in their hair.  Amish and fanatical Mormons have very strict dress codes.  Catholic schools demand strict dress codes.

Organizations of false authority, like the military, police, religious leaders, also have dress codes.  But that is largely so that we can tell them apart from those without authority.  When we finally get rid of the false God programming, the false authority roles will slowly fade away.  They just won’t be needed anymore.

Oddly, the dress codes (which often includes hair and makeup codes) are trying to remove any sense of diversity.  Since people are largely programmed from the outside to the inside, outer conformity leads to inner conformity.  It’s just more matriarchal programming.

But today it’s become insane.  People will scream “diversity, diversity,” as they wear the fashion of the month.  They are conforming to group think; and the fashion industry is used by the globalists.  But they think they are being diverse because they think they picked out their outfit.  I’ve got news for them…they didn’t.


Flaunting Hierarchy:  Acceptance of cult authority produced by promising advancement, power, and salvation.

You see this with any groups that promote movement up a pyramid of power.  They say that you are going to ascend or you will become part of the elite.  This is not a problem in a corporation when upward movement is based on experience and talent.  It’s a huge problem, however, if upward movement is based on our willingness to submit and conform.

The best example of this can be found in those horrible pyramid schemes that sell those overpriced products and reward the members at the top while making the bottom do all the work.  They are copying the globalists’ illusion of elite versus commoners.  But no one sees that because they all think that one day they will be the elite at the top.

Sound familiar?  Why do people submit to the globalists, they think that they will be part of the elite one day.  I’ve got news for them…they won’t.  Those pyramid schemes often promote positive thinking as well…another globalists invention.  The people at the top try to motivate those at the bottom so that they will make them more money.  It’s a real shit show of selfishness and entitlement.  These pyramid schemes are totally cults.  But no one calls them a cult.  Every cult is organized like a pyramid; but not all pyramids are cults.


Finger Pointing:  False sense of righteousness created by pointing to the shortcomings of the outside world and other cults.

I don’t really care what others believe.  But in order to get people out of their belief systems, I have to point out that their beliefs (and belief systems) are false.  I have to expose.  Ideally, people should all be punching up and exposing their own cult leaders.  But someone had to show how it was done because no one was doing that anymore.  Everyone was becoming so passive.

Once we are indoctrinated, we often don’t notice that beliefs are beliefs. We don’t think to expose clones as false.  Besides exposing is often punished in a cult; holding on is rewarded.

If you were part of a cult in the past, you have that programming.  So you have to clean it up.   Cult leaders finger point for themselves.  They do it to increase their power over others; they make examples of the people who don’t obey or conform.  I expose for the people I’m serving.  It’s actually not beneficial to me personally.  I end up exposing things that were never part of my life or mind.  It takes me temporarily out of my own lane.  So that phase of my life is ending.  I’ve taught you all how to expose for yourself.


Replacement of Relationships:  Pre-cult families destroyed by arranging cult marriages and other “families.”

Arranged marriages come from the east, and they tie into astrology.  Matchmakers are also a very Jewish tradition in the west.  Suddenly, it’s becoming popular in America again.  This is all based on the idea that we are half of a whole.  Once we have a belief system, we are half of a whole.

Even using an app to find a mate is admitting that love can’t be found naturally.  The questions on the app are designed by experts…generally psychotherapists (psycho the rapists).  So if you want rape in your life, use those apps or find yourself a matchmaker.

If you want unconditional love, however, free your mind.  And if you truly want a relationship after freeing your mind on the topic of love, you’ll find it.  We wouldn’t use such tools if we didn’t have limiting beliefs about love, marriage, etc.  Often, people want relationships because they are lonely.  They are miserable in the relationship, but they fear being alone.  So they stay.  If they get rid of the loneliness, they’ll find what is right for them.  Marriage is a choice; ideally it’s a choice made by our True Self.  Cults made marriage proper and arranged.


Financial Commitment:  Increased dependence on the group achieved by “burning bridges” to the past, through the donation of all assets.

I’ve not known any cults that do this.  But I do notice that people seem to go broke when they join cults.  There were a couple of cults near my home in Virginia.  The people worked for the cult like slaves.  They got room and board, and they got a small stipend, like $50 a week.  That isn’t much money.  So they lived like paupers; and they got used to that.  They couldn’t even fathom how to go back out into the world after living in the cult.  So they stayed even when they wanted to leave.

They didn’t have letting go.  Letting go does the opposite unless you bring old cult shit with you, and I suspect that many do.  I feel the belief projected on me that “spiritual people don’t have material lives.”  Let me tell you who that benefits?  Cult leaders always have very material lives, even the Pope has a very material life.  Gurus often have material lives that no one sees.  Don’t be fooled.  We live in a material world.  The reason for such beliefs is obvious; if you don’t have a nickel to your name, you won’t be leaving the cult.


Like I said, I’ll give you two days on this one because it’s a beast.  Then we’ll start back up with Robert Greene and his bag of clever tricks and traps.  Also tomorrow, I’ll be moving to a new page.  You’ll see that new page if you look at the recent articles section on the home page.  It will be the top choice.  If you aren’t doing this as I write it, the article will have the same title, but it will be Part III, Laws 9 though 16.




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  • Beliefs! The Lies that Blind You!

    The word belief has the word "lie" within it, hinting at its purpose.

    The word belief has the word lie within it because every belief is a lie. We lose ourselves when we confuse beliefs with the truth.

    As we let go of beliefs, we change our minds. As we change our minds, we change our relationships. As we change our relationships, we change our world.

    The most loving thing we can do is to drop our beliefs and judgments about others and set them free. When we free others, we also free ourselves.

    Positive thinking is not something that you need to do; your true, authentic Self IS positive. Find your Self and you will never have a negative thought again.

    Used properly, your emotions can lead you down the shortest path to your authentic Self. Denying or suppressing them is a ticket to hell.

    No matter how ornate your mask, your true Self is much more beautiful. Be Your Self!

    Many will attempt to fill you with their truth; but real and lasting transformation is about letting go of your beliefs and unveiling your OWN truth.

    Esoteric means hidden. Esoteric wisdom means hidden wisdom. Esoteric healing means to heal by finding the hidden cause.

    The ancient wisdom keepers lived their lives based on the law of cause and effect. They never fixed a problem because a problem is an effect of a mental cause. Today, we call the mental causes beliefs.

    In modern times we've become so good at projecting and suppressing our beliefs that we hide the causal beliefs even from ourselves.

    We often confuse our beliefs or opinions with the truth. This causes our problems to become chronic or permanent.

    If our mind believes something is true, it won't let it go. We first have to discriminate between true and false (beliefs). Then we can let the beliefs go. What remains is the truth.