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Cathy Eck’s Personal Story

Usually when you visit this page of a website, you’re looking for a resume with lots of credentials.  I’ve got a few of those, but they don’t mean much anymore.  I now realize that I acquired them because I was trying to find a place in a world that honors knowledge.  But the truth is, knowledge has never meant much to me.  And fortunately, the world of knowledge isn’t real — it’s a fragile illusion.  Now I spend my time exposing the errors of knowledge within my mind, and letting them all go.  Getting back to where we started is sweeter than when we left, but it requires a lot of inner work and dedication.

I managed to accumulate a B.S. in Business (Accounting); and for a few years, I was a CPA with one of the biggest firms in the country.  However, I got bored with working for others.  I noticed that none of the partners were happy or free.  In fact, they seemed pretty trapped by their demanding roles.  I wasn’t going to keep working toward a lofty goal that only promised a different form of bondage.  I decided to try entrepreneurship.

I founded a software technology company in the Washington, D.C. area.  That was fun, and it kept me challenged for over a decade.  But eventually, technology got boring too.  I had to spend enormous amounts of time keeping up with the rapid changes; and that wasn’t how I wanted to spend my free time.  I read religious, psychology, and self-help books every chance I got.  I was addicted to the idea of improving myself.  I wanted to understand life so I could master it.  

One day it came down to a decision.  Did I want to be a master of technology?  Or, did I want to attempt to be a master of life?  Somehow when you ask the right question, the answer becomes easy.  I quit technology for a while to find the answers, and I never went back.

Where Oh Where is The Meaning of Life

I went back to school to find the meaning of life and understand the mind (because I thought that was where you found it).  I think this is the point where the universal record keeper writes a line in the Book of Life followed by “LOL.”

My educational pursuits weren’t a complete waste.  I did learn that I adore the creative capacity of the human mind; and I’m fascinated by our equal ability to douse our creative flame.  I also developed an interest in symbolism, religion, and mythology.  All of these areas of study came to form the basis of everything I do today.  I guess I was starting to get the pendulum moving again.  I was at least challenging my old ways of thinking.  

I found the esoteric world far more interesting than the exoteric world.  I think it’s because the exoteric world is clear cut, black and white with no gray.  What you see is what you get.  You follow the rules, make the grade, and keep “the Man” happy.  The esoteric world is full of mystery and creativity.  I’ve always loved the idea of solving mysteries, but I consider that to be a destiny of sorts.  You see, my dad was watching “Perry Mason” while I was being born; and to this day, it’s still his favorite television program.

I acquired an M.S. in Transpersonal Psychology and a Ph.D. in Esoteric Studies.  My B.S. degree was hard work.  (I guess that is why they call it BS.)  But transpersonal psychology and esoteric studies were so easy for me that I forgot I was going to school.  This, I learned, is an important key to unveiling our gifts and talents.  They are often so easy for us that we overlook them.  We assume everyone could do what we do.

But I must give some credit to the schools that I chose.  They were schools that valued wisdom and creative thinking.  They didn’t have the myopic belief that there was only one right answer.  They didn’t attempt to produce clones.  Most modern schools produce McDonald’s burgers that are consistent worldwide; but they don’t solve poverty, sadness, or disease.

Best of all, the schools that I chose used writing as the basis for measurement of ability.  You can’t measure creative thinking with multiple choice or true and false questions.  Even monkeys seem to know that C is a good choice if you don’t know the answer.  So I wrote volumes of papers and essays, a thesis, and a dissertation.  I discovered that I loved writing as much as I loved the esoteric world.  I became clear minded when I wrote.  And I enjoyed the challenge of crafting sentences and trying to describe difficult concepts and ideas in words.

My unique higher education experience opened my eyes to all education.  We are all unique beings with different interests and talents.  Those talents are often ignored or devalued in traditional school.  You can test memory with multiple choice or true and false.  But you cannot evaluate creativity or original thinking.  The traditional method of education, which values memory, sends the student the message that their true gifts and interests are worthless in the world.

Because the schools I attended matched my style of learning and my passion, I felt supported.  In fact, I felt like I belonged for the first time in my life.  This was yet another key to living a life of mastery.  Finding our right place in the world is essential.

When we feel like we don’t belong, we are in the wrong place, with the wrong people, or doing the wrong things.  But changing the effects is not the answer; we must change our mind and fix the cause or reason that we think we don’t belong.  Everyone belongs; but just like puzzle pieces, we must snap in to the perfect place to complete the picture.

I was now challenging my inner world using every technique I learned.  I was in the right place; and it’s safe to challenge your mind in the right space with other open-minded people.  It can feel very lonely when you realize that your inner world is full of meaningless crap.  But if you are with supportive people, you move quickly through the discomfort of change.  Everything I learned up to that time was memorized.  But now my memory was useless; and even though I didn’t miss it, I felt awkward and unsure of myself.  

I had to dig below the memories to find the part of me that was creative and unique.  I wanted original thoughts, not learned ideas.  My early schooling retarded my freethinking.  These new schools rewarded my efforts; and motivated me to keep digging deeper.

Old Life Out, New Life In

I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking for new ideas.  I wanted to find the elixir of life, and I wanted to give it freely to others.  I despised the idea of secret societies that kept the truth away from the masses.  I was determined that I’d learn their secrets without joining their clubs so that I had no oath of secrecy to obey.  But it wasn’t going to be easy; they keep their secrets well hidden or so it seems.  

I wanted to find out what might be possible for me if my mind was free of memories and was used entirely as a creative tool.  I wanted to understand different ways of thinking and beliefs of different cultures and religions; and I wanted to know how those beliefs affected people’s life experiences.  I couldn’t possibly have been less interested in the day-to-day doldrums of life.  

I wanted to understand the role of emotions.  If they were given to us by divinity, it seemed they must have a purpose.  Too many experts advocated getting rid of them, kind of like doctors do with tonsils or appendix.  

My Children Were Now My Teachers

Given my esoteric point of view, I realized that my children were a tremendous source of wisdom.  I could see that children come in pure and close to divinity, and then we cover them with manure.  We think we are teaching them, when we are really veiling them.  I wanted to avoid that at all cost.  But I learned that the rest of the world didn’t see the same way; and people tried hard to mold my children as they saw fit.

Eventually, I chose a unique plan for their education called unschooling that supported their natural interests and gifts.  I didn’t have to waste time teaching them things that they would never use.  When people are pursuing their interests, they rarely need someone to tell them what to do.  They become very self sufficient.  Doors just open for them.  I wanted that for my children.

When we give someone the answer, they might remember it for a few days or weeks.  But when someone discovers something themselves, they never forget it.  A true teacher supports the student in finding their own answers.

Quite frankly, I learned more from my children than they learned from me.  I saw my job as staying out of their way, shutting up when I was tempted to warn them of some hazard of life, and tending to my own passion.  Raising children in this way is easy.  So I had an abundance of time to devote to my research.

I remember when I’d come home from some self-improvement seminar, and I’d share the ideas with them that I thought were so wonderful at that time.  They would look at me like I’d lost my mind.  They’d not lost their discrimination so it was obvious to them that I’d just found another source of bullshit.  

I was raised with very little religious influence.  I didn’t think it had much impact on my mind or my life.

The Role of Religion

I had one very big challenge in my life at this time.  That challenge was my husband’s religion.  Over the many years that we were married, his religious ideas slowly crept into my mind. One day, I realized that I didn’t have one self-help book when I got married.  But with each passing year, I lost more and more of my inner wisdom and discrimination; and I filled my shelves with books to give me the answers.  My wisdom had moved outside of me as knowledge; and it now sat on a shelf.  I felt empty inside.  If I poured the right information in, I remembered my truth and could solve my problems.  But this was a stupid way to live.

Through many years of marriage, I’d come to hear the voice of his punishing, judgmental god in my mind nearly all the time.  I remembered the words of the priest that married us.  He said that we were now “one heart, one mind.”  It sounded romantic at the time; now it sounded like a curse.  I didn’t want to be half of a whole.  I wanted to be a whole myself; and I wanted my husband to be whole too.

I started to believe the old man on the throne was real.  I wanted to be free of his nasty ass voice.  Every time his voice spoke, I was filled with emotion.  But I didn’t know how to shut him up.  Positive thinking did not seem to affect this voice.  Visualizing him disappearing like the genie in the bottle shut him up for awhile; then he’d return.  I needed bigger guns to fight this enemy.  I had to know and understand my enemy.  I had to discover where he came from; and why he was so damn angry and vengeful.  But I felt confused.  What I now saw as the supreme enemy within my mind was considered God to most human beings.  I was caught between two worlds.  

I started to study the Bible.  One day, I realized that I didn’t even consider myself to be good, yet I’d never do to another any of the things that the Old Testament God did to others.  He was not only human, he was a very poor example of one.  I had no desire to put myself below him or worship him.  Now he was on his way out of my mind.  I knew that what I’d learned about him just wasn’t true. And I could see how following a false God would cause the masses to be running toward hell while believing they were going to heaven.  It was a very mean trick.  


Facing My Religious Fears

The desire to mute that voice provided added motivation for further study.  I centered the focus of my Master’s degree thesis and my Ph.D. dissertation around religion.  I realized that religious stories have a strange similarity to the stories used by the ancient initiates in mystery schools.  I suspected this wisdom would help me break the code of the secret societies.  

I discovered that the ancient mystery schools interpreted the ancient stories symbolically from a mental perspective and not the normal literal, physical point of view.  I discovered this by accident.  I tried on different perspectives looking for the one that worked consistently.  Suddenly, with the right perspective, the Bible read more like a very old novel.  It was congruent and void of contradictions now.  

The initiates had a  perspective that was 180 degrees from the normal religious point of view.  These two perspectives appeared to be in opposition.  However, they were not.  The ancient mental perspective is true.   The physical literal perspective is a false illusion.  I remember the day I saw that.  I felt like someone had given me a key to heaven.  Everything looked different.  Everything made sense.

My advanced degree studies gave me a focus and provided a support system.  They provided alternative points of view and potential symbolic meanings.  But I wanted more.  

During this time, I read hundreds of books.  I became a Master of Hypnosis, an NLP facilitator, a Reiki Master, a certified Kahuna Healer, EFT practitioner, and some other certifications that I no longer remember.  I don’t use any of them today.  Mostly I used them as tools for digging deeper into my own mind.  But they were slow.  I knew that it would take lifetimes to get to my intended destination using even the best of these techniques.

If you ask enough, the universe does seem to deliver.  Suddenly, I received the answer in the form of a myth.  But without understanding the symbolism and metaphors, the myth was just a nagging mystery that never left my mind.

The Legend

Just after I set myself free from the business world, I awoke one night from a deep sleep at 3:00 AM with a story on my mind.  I didn’t want to get up; but the story would not leave my mind.  So, I gave in.  I got up and wrote the story on my computer. Then I spent the next decade decoding that story.  I knew the story, which I named “The Legend,” was important.  I didn’t know why it was important.  I honestly didn’t have a clue how to start decoding it.  If you’ve never heard the story, here is an MP3 of me reading it.  

UHG-1-The Legend

UHG-1D Legend End

While I raised my children and pursued my advanced degrees, “The Legend” sat quietly in the background.  I thought about the story all the time and followed even seeming ridiculous clues to unravel the mystery.  I searched hundreds of books looking for this myth; surely someone had written it down before.  While searching, I learned even more about symbols, myths, legends, religions, cultures, and especially about beliefs.  I never found the answer in the books; but, once again, I was finding pieces that fit into my puzzle.

I was very resistant to trusting that I had the answers within.  This was this way because no one believed the answers I found within.  I sounded ridiculous to them.  I presumed that their lack of belief meant that I was wrong.  But, in hindsight, it meant I was right.  


Eventually, it all started to fall into place.  The key was being able to discriminate between true and false.  Proper use of my emotions was key to letting go of the false more quickly.  Using myself as a guinea pig, I tested my theories until I found exactly what worked.  Then I started to share it with others, and people would recognize the ideas as if they had carried this wisdom deep within their heart.  They had.  But, their old habits often prohibited them from using the wisdom effectively.  I was learning just how stubborn and resistant the false self can be.  It’s not fond of letting go.

Throughout my years of study, testing, and practice, I learned exactly how the mind works and how to use emotions as they were designed.  Sadly, I learned how power-hungry men in the ancient world twisted our minds so that we would be slaves to them instead of freethinking, creative, abundant and joyous human beings.  As Gloria Steinem wisely said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

The fear of these tyrants was passed on in our stories from generation to generation.  And while we desperately want freedom, we are often fearful of the consequences of going for it.  I had to decide to risk it all and brave that fearful voice in me.  I had to discover what would happen if I challenged the false god.  I’d either come out alive and pave the way for everyone to live a life of freedom, or I’d die and people would simply wonder what happened.  

I realized that “The Legend” was my key to understanding the fall of all mankind — it didn’t just belong to me.  “The Legend” was a sort of Rosetta Stone for the mind.  Once I understood the code, I could see all of the beliefs that we humans accepted, which created our fall from the true world, also called Eden or paradise.  And by removing those beliefs from my mind, I came to understand how anyone can regain their native discrimination.

The only way to permanently change our outer life is to change our inner life.  When we fix the cause, we fix the effect.


This was not a quick fix.  I’m glad I didn’t know how long it would take to do all of this.  I’m sure I would not have done it.  The ancient way was a steady movement toward our true, authentic Self, which is buried under all the beliefs in our mind.  One could even say that to get to heaven you must travel through hell.  Every time, we let go of a belief, we remove some of the veil that hides the True Self.  And for most of us, that veil is pretty damn thick.  

The word belief has the word lie within it, pointing to its purpose.  


The biggest surprise was the variety of beliefs that arose in my mind.   The world we see is the entirety of our mind.  If something in the world bothers us, it is because we are a contributor to that part of the illusion.  Our emotion is a call to let go.

When I let go of beliefs that I saw in others, they became freer; and so did I.  In short, there are no flawed people.  I also had to learn not to listen to or believe what another sees, because they can only see their own beliefs. 

Some might say that was a moment of enlightenment.  But it was nowhere near the end of this game.  The insight just made the process go that much faster.  I no longer wasted time trying to decide if something was my belief or belonged to someone else.  I just let go of that which didn’t benefit myself or another.  If it wasn’t true, I let it go.  

I knew everything that I needed.  If I didn’t have the answer,  I realized that I just needed to keep letting go of what stood in the way until the answer was all that remained.  I just had to stay with the process; I did and still do.


I found that my natural joy was returning.  I felt moments of complete love and  freedom for the first time in decades.  Ancient texts, which used to baffle me, now made perfect sense.  I am surprised and delighted each day by something new that I discover or some old problem that has disappeared.  Reading these stories, legends, and religious texts is now joyful because they make perfect sense.

Gateway to Gold was born when I realized that the we are all on an alchemical journey where we must transform the lead of our life into gold.  


I started Gateway To Gold right after I sold my business in 1997.  But I didn’t have a clue what the name meant.  It just came to me.  When I ordered my checkbook, the name came back Gateway To God.  Clearly the bank understood what I was doing better than I did.  Now I understand that Gateway To Gold refers to the ancient concept of initiation.  In ancient times when you had enough of the illusion, you sought initiation, and you studied with high initiates to learn the way back to the truth.  I was resurrecting those old teachings for modern times.  Today we don’t have  mystery schools where we can leave the world for a decade.  Now we must be initiated within the context of our life.  It isn’t easy.  That is why I decided to dedicate my life, for now, to provided as much support as I can for those who are dedicated to that end.  

I share the true meaning of the ancient stories and texts that I studied as I’m inspired to do so.  I find great delight in watching others remember their truth.  I enjoy seeing people move away from slavery and toward freedom, away from fear toward courage, and away from hate or tolerance toward unconditional love.  I am passionate about meeting others who want freedom from the false illusion of life and who are willing to challenge their false mind to get it.

I have a dream………

It is my dream that one day the whole world can live a life of freedom, joy, and unconditional love.  It is my dream that we will leave behind suffering, disease, aging, and pain — that incurable will be stripped from the dictionary.  It is my dream that one day earth will once again be heaven, and we’ll all live our creative potential in harmony.  The closer I get, the more I recognize that vision and remember how divine earth used to be.  

What I write on this web site is from this ancient universal perspective and my own experimentation.  It often contradicts or exposes ideas that many consider true, but are merely beliefs.  You don’t have to accept what I say on any topic.  But here is how you can test it for yourself.

Take whatever beliefs arise for you when you read what I write and let them go completely.  If you can let it go, it was just a belief.  It it really is true, you can’t let it go.   Real truth works for everyone; no one loses from the truth.  Real truth doesn’t have chosen ones, it doesn’t have good and evil or right and wrong.  Truth is universal.  Truth joins; beliefs or lies separate.

Every time you let beliefs go, you free yourself and the entire world gains from your efforts. You make the path back to Eden a little wider.  One day, if enough of us keep exposing beliefs and letting them go, that pathway might become a superhighway.

Thank you for supporting my website.  I hope you have enjoyed learning how I lost the “his” from my history; and how I remembered my true Story.  May you receive the same blessing and grace.

Much Love,