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Only you can free your mind; Gold Circle

You’ve always had the answers to everything you needed to know. You just didn’t know it.  There is no need to learn the truth.  You have it within.

What’s the Gold Circle All About?

Questions, Question, and More Questions

Now that you’ve read the free material, and have done some letting go, you probably have lots of questions.  It’s common.  That’s not a fault of initiation.  The questions are the result of everything in your past that didn’t make sense…all the teachers or authorities you followed gave you knowledge that superseded your True Self.  People gave you answers or reasons that were false, but popular.  It happens to everyone.

We all live a story.  We are born, fall, then we try to get free again.  Like a good novel or movie, we hit some dead ends.  Then if your True Self can find a crack, you eventually find the answers you seek or create whatever you desire.

Once people find Gateway To Gold, they realize that there are reasonable answers to all the questions that caused them to go seeking.  They want the answers now…to satisfy that painful hunger.  I try to keep you from starving to death; but if I give you all the answers, I’ll satiate your hunger for you.  I want to keep you hungry enough that you’ll let go, and go for freedom.  The goal is for you to find all of your own answers within your own Self.  That has been my challenge in writing and creating the Gold Circle.  I can provide the answer to your questions, but should I?  I feel it is better to support you in letting go, to validate your success in letting go, and to motivate you to find your own answers.

Everyone has been well trained to listen to others.  I don’t want to be someone that you listen to or learn from.  I want the Gold Circle, and my role in it, to provide the unconditionally loving space that you need to let go of the false knowledge you’ve accumulated, so that you can return to your True Self.  I’m not your teacher, healer, guru, mentor, parent, therapist, or spiritual guide.  Make sure you are clear about that.  I’m just the leader for this site.  I care that you get free.  I know mental and emotional freedom is possible.

I can let go of whatever arises within the group and bothers me; that’s my job.  You have to clean up your own mind and world.  I can’t do that for you.  If something in the Gold Circle space causes you to feel emotion; that’s showing you a belief to let go.  This Gold Circle is about the practice (or art) of relating in a way that empowers everyone in this group to move toward freedom.  It’s about win-win relationships.  The whole of such a group becomes greater than the sum of the parts.  We’re not creating an illusion; so we aren’t playing roles.  You show up as your True Self to the extent that you can.

Your True Self is supposed to be the master of your false mind.  Your false mind was designed to respond to your True Self’s desires and intentions.  When you follow others, instead of your True Self, you get lost…really lost.  Their voices become the false voices in your mind…they are characters that try to rule your life.  When you take your power back, you find your way again.  But it’s sticky.  Those false leaders liked having power over you.  So taking your power back is simple to say; hard to do.

I’m not asking you to give your power to me…in fact, I’m begging you not to.  That will poison our virtual space.

Often when we start letting go, we think we just have a little work to do.  We have a few beliefs to let go.  That’s because we think we’ve been making progress with the things we did in our past, such as therapy, self-help, New Age, religion…usually, we have not.  In the Gold Circle, I’ll prove to you that all of those things exist within the illusion.  They don’t help you exit, so they were a waste of time.  In fact, you have to let go of the beliefs you still hold.

Once we dig in, we find that the rabbit hole is pretty damn deep.  We have beliefs on every topic.  Our mind can seem like a labyrinth with no exit.  Even though you now know the big secret, that emotions mean the belief that you are thinking is false, it can be hard to get your mind to work that way.  The real confusion comes from others who use emotions backwards.  When we believe them, we take in their psychological reversal.  So we work on eliminating such false-self relationship connections.  Our beliefs cover three areas:  personal, relationships with others, and the collective society.  In the Gold Circle, we dive into a variety of topics in each of those areas.  My goal is to show you that you can take any situation apart; you can find the causal beliefs that created problems, diseases, and suffering of all types.

It can be scary to challenge long-standing or popular beliefs…those collective beliefs are considered normal.  I’ve been there, and that is much of the value that I can offer…experience.  I can tell you what I’ve let go.  I’ve not missed any of the beliefs that I dropped; my life has only improved.  I’ve gotten calmer and more creative, and I don’t depend on others for answers.  I don’t expect my friends and family to manage my emotions.  I don’t judge the people in my life.  I know what I need to know to live my life.  That’s a feeling of independence and control that you can’t buy with money, power, or fame.  It’s the inner calmness that I write about.  But it’s not a numb calmness or a contrived silence; it’s our natural state of being.

As you truly let go, you can’t imagine why you used to be so emotional.  You can’t remember what you let go because you no longer have those beliefs in mind.  You truly do forget what it was like to be so stuck; you don’t care what you did or experienced.  It was all false; it is irrelevant to your current life.

We get clear on God in the Gold Circle…you have to let the false God go.  He is the ruler of the illusion.  God in the true sense never fell.  Likewise, our True Self never fell.  That’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that when you let go, you find that God was always there.  The bad news is that God isn’t coming to rescue you.  Perfection has no awareness of the illusion.  So to get prayers answered in the illusion, you have kiss the ass of the false God.  That traps you in the illusion.

I’m sure that you will encounter many of the same beliefs as I did; they are popular and collective.  But you will also find beliefs that I didn’t encounter.  So you need to know how to discriminate.  If you believe a belief, you hold it in mind as the truth.  As I expose various traps, you will catch them more quickly when you meet them.  You’ll know they are safe to let go because someone did it before you, and she’s still breathing.

When I started mentoring, people would ask me question after question after question for months.  Looking at common questions impacted my writing.  I found that I had to assure them enough so they’d let go, but it was best if I didn’t give them the answer.  I could give them an example or expose their beliefs as false.  But they needed to find their own answer.  Often they didn’t like that.  They were used to a world where people give advice and answers all the time.  It’s a fine line; I didn’t always do it perfectly.  But I have became more skilled at finding how much information I need to share to be of the greatest value.

Often, until I assured another that what they were thinking was, in fact, false, letting go was difficult or impossible.  They had such strong fear that something bad would happen if they let go.  That’s a common belief, but it is a belief.  It’s not true.  Letting go can’t hurt anything or anyone.  It is holding on that causes all the damage.

The time I used to spend mentoring will now be devoted to posting content to the Gold Circle membership area.  But this is not a mentorship.  Mentoring was done from the feminine role.  I wanted to learn all the traps.  I wanted to see what people projected and then figure out how to let it go.  I will not do the Gold Circle from a feminine role.  I will not accept projections or figure out your problems.  I did it only to validate the accuracy of my work.  I wanted to make sure that anyone could get free.  I wanted to see if there were any holes in my logic or understanding.  In twenty-five years, I’ve found no holes.  However, it only takes me moments to find the holes in most of the popular beliefs systems…you’ll see why in the Gold Circle.

Some people’s minds have become very complex.  I do not recommend that you do this program right now unless you are stable in your mind; if you are on drugs, seriously ill, following a teacher or guru, or in therapy, I’d recommend sticking with the basics of western meditation until you feel ready for more.  I present the balls-to-the-wall version of freedom in the Gold Circle.  It is uncomfortable.  But it’s not unbearable if you are not holding on tightly to beliefs or a belief system.  If you are, I suggest that you follow the belief system you hold until you prove it to be false.  If you follow it completely, to the letter with no cheating, you will see the holes.  Then you will find letting go much easier.  You won’t be as fearful of letting it go.  The idea that you can’t worship two masters wasn’t about following two people.  It meant that you can’t go toward initiation and honor a belief system at the same time.

I will lead this site; and I will push you to free yourself.  It is like a school in that I’m organizing it into important topics that most people seem to find useful; but it is more like unschooling in that those topics are to drive you to find yourself…who you are, your gifts, what you wish to contribute to the world, your creative ideas and expression, your voice, and your independence from the illusion, experts, and authorities.  It is like an unschool in that what you initially find in the Gold Circle eventually becomes the full circle story of your life.  You live from your True Self as a master of life.  But that could be a long time away.  This isn’t a quick fix.  I don’t want anyone to get the impression that this is a quick fix.  If you want to become good at anything, you often train for a very long time.  You did train to be someone who fits into the illusion for decades.  Now you have a different desire.  So you have to train again…or actually untrain.

In the ancient world, people went to temples of initiation for years, often decades.  You are simply committing to undo your mind instead of putting more into it.  For most people, going off to a temple for ten years isn’t practical.  But devoting some time each day to clearing your mind is very doable.  Initiation (letting go) is most effective when you relax, take your time, and make it a way of life.

What’s In Gold Circle?

I can assure you that you will not find anything, anywhere else, like the material that I’ve written in the Gold Circle.  The Gold Circle includes a more organized and slightly different approach to explaining letting go than you find on the free material.  It takes you deeper into your mind so that you can see how it works; then you can undo what isn’t working.  Much like the free material, we are not adding to your mind in the Gold Circle.  We are cleaning out that which limits you.

I’ve already provided the basics of letting go and explained how we got into this mess in the free information.  I also provided basic techniques so anyone could let go.  In the Gold Circle, I go into those same topics in much more detail.  You must have already read the free information, or you won’t know what I’m talking about.  I say things in the Gold Circle that are not for general public consumption.  What I’m saying would make no sense to someone who is not familiar with letting go and initiation.  This is an advanced course.

I blogged about things as they came to me or as I worked on them in my own life.  So the order of the blogs leaves a little to be desired.  It follows my progress, not the process that is more streamlined or natural.  At first, I didn’t intend to share anything until I had gotten completely free.  But I realized that even out of order, I was sharing something that was lightyears beyond what the best teachers on the planet had to offer.  So I decided that it was selfish to wait until it was fully cooked.

The free information is imperfect; and yet, there is a strange perfection in the blog articles.  They speak to someone who is caught in the illusion because I wrote them when I was still unable to see the final exit; and they are very searchable. So I don’t want to mess with what I’ve already published in the free material.

The Gold Circle is about mastery.  You will come to know when you are letting go (if you are honest with yourself).  You will find that going back over the basics now, after you’ve done some work, brings up new issues that you didn’t even know you had. You’ll get the basics at a deeper level; and hopefully, it will give you more confidence and speed in letting go.

I intend to break you of the habit of feeding your mind and looking for reasons. Lots of people have read Gateway To Gold and No Labels No Lies. However, understanding what I say and having a free mind aren’t even related.  We are looking for body-mind congruence.  So breaking the habit of looking for reasons or answers is key.

With that goal in mind, it is very important to know how to use your body to determine if you really understand something. Candace Pert said that the body is the subconscious mind; and I tend to mostly agree with that.  All that emotion we feel in our body (and pain and symptoms) has been the effect of holding on to beliefs.  When we hold beliefs, our false self creates our body; and it only has knowledge.  Knowledge has a limit.

Wisdom is what heals, but the false self has no wisdom.  So most people fix the effects of their body problems with knowledge.  They didn’t remove the causal belief, so they have to keep fixing and fixing their body until one day they can’t find a fix for something.  They can’t access their wisdom either; they have gotten too far from it.  The illusion only has one exit…death.

Another strong tendency is the feeling that we must fix others or the illusion to get free.  We think that we want to teach and heal others.  That’s a huge trap because the others don’t want to be fixed.  When we try to teach others letting go, they learn how to fool us.  People have to want freedom.  It has to be their idea…their desire.  It’s important to be able to defend yourself, and remain yourself among others who prefer the illusion.  You know that your freedom is real when you don’t need to change anything.  False now appears so false that it can’t harm you.

The difference between a curse and a cure is just an S–serpent, sin, Satan.  A curse is your natural gifts presented, or expressed, in a way that fuels the illusion.  We express from the cursed point of view, and we don’t like what we get back in the long run.  Sadly, we often get short-term benefits in the illusion.  That’s what reels us in…like a cult leader offering us promises that he or she can’t fulfill.  A cure is the same gift or talent, but it is expressed from the perspective of the True Self.  Now it has true value, and you don’t get back something you don’t want.  In the beginning, we’re rusty at expressing from our True Self.  But as you use your unique gifts more, they flower more beautifully.

So we have to understand desires.  People get really stuck when they want a false desire.  They waste their life going after something that isn’t right for them.  When our desire, or North Star, is set on something false, letting go doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t work well.  We don’t get freedom, we get stuff we don’t need or truly want.  Then we have to get rid of it.

In the Gold Circle, I will spend a lot of time exposing false teachers and leaders.  False doesn’t mean bad; they provided people with some sanity within the crazy illusion.  I can respect that.  But for one who wants freedom, they were just a dead end.  Their words get stuck in people’s minds, creating the infamous clone.  That is such a horrible trap.  But you will be learning how to dismantle that sucker.  I’ll give you ways to understand when the clone is running, and how to eliminate it. When the clone is reduced, it is much easier to find causal beliefs. Part of the clone’s job description is to keep your beliefs hidden and suppressed so you don’t accidentally let them go.  When we understand it’s hidden agenda, we can defeat it for good.

It’s much easier to take down your clone if you see the clones in other popular teachers, preachers, gurus, and even politicians.  Our clone is falsely linked to these people because we gave them the masculine role earlier in life.  So if we realize they are false, then we won’t believe our mind when it repeats their words.  There will be lots of real life examples in articles or audio form. I don’t like to dethrone the clones of the illusion publicly. They don’t realize that they aren’t taking people to freedom. They really believe that they are helpful, and they are helpful to those who want to do well within the illusion (and don’t mind projecting on others). So I can be a lot freer in what I say with people who understand where I’m coming from in the Gold Circle. As more and more people prove these teachers wrong, they will naturally lose power.  We don’t need to fight with any of them.  We don’t even have to embarrass them.  They don’t realize what they are doing.  This also goes for the clones in your life.  You stop listening to them, but you don’t have to battle them.

We will really dive into projection, and I will clarify how to tell if you are projecting or if you are taking projections. This seems to really trip people up.  Much of the confusion came from psychology.  So we’ll expose the knowledge and techniques of therapy that are false.  The biggest gift you can give to the human race is to stop projecting.  The biggest gift you can give to yourself is to never take another’s projection again.  Projection happens all the time in the illusion, but we’ve become so used to it that we don’t catch it.  This is what keeps us stuck to others.  Projection creates false self connections…which is not oneness or unity.  It is hell.

We are going to look at many controversial topics:  abortion, racism, transgender, guns, drugs, socialism/communism, pedophilia, slavery, etc.  These topics often sit in our mind in a very one-sided way.  We often give them power because they have become reality for other people.  The goal is to take these topics, and many others, to the mental level so we can view them from the top of the triangle.  We will be practicing the triangle process so that it becomes second nature to let go of the bottom of the triangle on any subject.

I have a lot of other topics planned including:  more on what I know about initiation, creating our life, writing for freedom, reading for freedom, eliminating labels, our rule book, working with the characters in our mind, relationships, career, lifestyle, money, health, food and diet, healing, the eastern trap, sharing letting go, leadership, and coming full circle with our own story.

Likewise, we’ll look at lots of real life examples of how any word or topic changes 180 degrees as we move from the physical, literal perspective to the mental perspective.  As we let go, we are making an invisible shift from the physical to the mental realm.  If we don’t make that shift, we are not yet done on that topic.  Once you’ve made that shift, whatever you do will be just fine.  You are no longer acting from the false self.  The false self is simply supporting your True Self.  You are free of the curse; now you are the cure.

I’ve gotten people who mentored with me to provide some examples of letting go.  I’ve recorded some sessions so you can see some of the techniques that I use to get people to let go.

We’ll talk a lot about story.  In fact, the purpose of our lives is about creating a great story.  Most people have lots of dead end stories in their life…incompletions.  We are going to complete stories.  From day one, you’ll start seeing how you can complete the mini stories in your life.  Then one day, the whole big story will become complete.

During the nine months that I was writing the Gold Circle, I held at least two group calls for members of the Gold Circle each month…occasionally more. Most of these calls were specific to the material I was posting at that time. I did a few general “Ask Cathy Anything,” calls.  In addition, I wrote some clarifying material for questions that came up in the calls.  As I edited, I thought of things I should have said.  Or I thought of a better or different way to say what I said in the calls.

You may have noticed that articles that you read long ago seem to have changed after you’ve let go for awhile. I assure you, I’ve changed very little content. What has changed is not the blog; it’s your mind.  I’m still letting go myself.  So what I can infuse into my writing changes over time as well.  The site is designed to be very dynamic.

The fact that my work changes as I change, and you change, has validated my work.  I found that ancient writings changed as I changed.  They were written from the mental perspective.  The physical people and experiences were just metaphors.  Modern writers just seem false as you let go.  They write from a physical perspective.  So their writing changes very little as you change…you outgrow it.  You will never outgrow the Gold Circle.

In the illusion, we outgrow people, clothes, careers, etc.  In the free, mental perspective, we change but never outgrow anything.  Something written from the True Self meets us where we are.  Each time we read it, it is different; and yet the words have not changed.  We have.

I will take you back through the story that started all of this for me, and explain how I decoded it.  It is really helpful to see how all of this fits together in one neat package.  Then we will look at some other common myths and stories so you can see how we got into this mess. Like I said, the goal is that you one day look at your life, and it is a perfect story.  I call it a story worth telling.

Last of all, I will have commenting open on these posts.  You will be welcome to comment on that article theme, and I will respond to those posts.  As the leader of this community, I will act as leader and let go of whatever I see.  But like any pristine space, you must do your best to clean off your shoes before you step inside.  This is not a place to dump your problems or project them on to others.  It’s not a place to tell your stories of woe is me.  It’s a place that supports freedom, not victimhood.  It’s a place you can try out your True Self or realize that you aren’t alone in wanting to live a more free life.

Other techniques have no place in this space; they will be exposed as false if they enter.  I’ll be much tougher in the Gold Circle than I could be on Facebook because it wasn’t private. But I’m not mean.  So don’t be afraid.  If I don’t boot out all techniques that serve the illusion, the exit closes; and my job is to keep that exit wide open.  In fact, it is my intent that this group open the exit even wider.  I don’t want you to consider yourself a student.  I want you to consider yourself part of a unique group of people who are contributing to the ideal of freedom for anyone who wants it.

The vision for this private section of Gateway to Gold, Gold Circle, is as follows:

Gold Circle is a real, virtual space carved out of the illusory world, where it is possible and probable that everything can be let go if one is willing to challenge their beliefs by facing them head on, knowing the beliefs are false, and letting them go.  Gold Circle is an ideal that creates an exit from the illusion.  In this space, freedom is the ultimate desire. Freedom includes living a creative, joyful life, whereby you create what you desire (so long as it is win-win for everyone else).  It means that you work toward becoming the author, director, and lead actor of your own story.  Freedom includes mastering your body and living in perfect health, and having relationships that work. Freedom means that you have achieved the Greek ultimate state, which was to “Know Thyself.”  Freedom means feeling safe and secure regardless of the state of the illusion.  It means that you have compassion and caring for others; you no longer judge or want to change others. Freedom is always win-win for all.

Now let me be clear.  As the creator of this site, that is my definition.  It is very expansive.  It offers unlimited potential, but it’s not a guarantee. I offer information, just like you’d read in a book.  I offer techniques that have worked for myself or others.  But they do nothing if you don’t use them.  They also do nothing if you modify them to become like other techniques that involve repetition or willpower.  So what you get is up to you. That’s important.  You want the credit for your achievement, and you completely deserve it all. But that means that you also must assume the blame if you do nothing.  If your false self kicks your ass, that is part of your story. That part is something for you to decode.  I can point the way, but you have  decode your own mind.

My role as the creator is to make sure that whatever goes into the Gold Circle is consistently moving everyone in the direction that I’ve described in the paragraph above.  You may find that at some point, you want to detour into the illusion and live in good and evil, right and wrong, or win-lose. You might find that you don’t want to stop judging.  Or you could hit a belief system that you don’t want to let go.  If that happens, you will probably feel uncomfortable in the Gold Circle space.  You would be resisting moving closer to freedom in a space that focuses on letting go and freedom.  That’s fine.  Now you must choose.  Do I let go of more illusion; or do I let go of letting go and exit the Gold Circle?  You can’t do both; and if you try, you’ll make yourself very uncomfortable, confused, or even crazy.

If you enter the Gold Circle space with the intent to project or take over the masculine role, you will feel uncomfortable.  If you try to bring astrology or a healing technique or religion into the site, it will feel uncomfortable.  Emotions will work more often as designed inside the Gold Circle.  It is my hope that you will catch your psychological reversals more easily and see through your baggage more quickly when you visit the site, read the material, or do the things I suggest.

You will always be free to come and go.  Everyone is very welcome to join the Gold Circle, even if you left my life earlier in an angry rage because you hated what I told you to do.  I assure you that I let go of any falseness that I see in others.  I don’t hang on to problems of the past with anyone.  But I will not ever bend the rules to include your beliefs in the Gold Circle.  That would not be win-win for the others.

In Gold Circle, I’m showing you how to get all the way to freedom, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.  Thus, I cannot and will not even consider including the work of anyone else in this site except to expose the limitations of that work.  I will not dilute this work to make it more digestible to New Agers or religious people.  So your beliefs, and belief systems of all kinds, will be challenged; and that might be uncomfortable.  It gets down to that all important question, “What do you not want to let go?”  If you hit something you can’t or won’t let go, you are stuck until you do decide to let go.

You must also understand that you are entering the private section, Gold Circle, of Gateway to Gold at your own risk.  In truth, there is no risk.  Beliefs are what create risk; letting go removes risk.  But that is often hard for people to understand.  I’m not giving you any beliefs.  I’m not programming you.  But because of the crazy way we’ve been trained to use our minds, programming often feels quite comfortable.  People enter into cults all the time without feeling any discomfort.  It is deprogramming that is highly uncomfortable.  You will most likely feel lots of emotion because we are going to push your beliefs to the surface. You will also get in touch with your real desires; and that brings up beliefs and emotions.  Your body might start to act up.  Remember, pain or symptoms are just another version of emotions.  Gold Circle is never a substitute for medical advice. If you need such care, you are encouraged to seek it out immediately. You can always let go later on.  You can’t let go if you are dead.

There will absolutely be times when you want to quit.  You have to decide moment-to-moment if you want to continue or stop.  Your commitment is only one month at a time.  You will probably hate me along the way, and think I’m insane. If you discriminate, you’ll see it is just your clone trying to keep control.  I expose as many tricks and traps as I can. I make it as easy for you as I can.  I’ve done everything I shared.  But I can’t make your beliefs into the truth even if they really work well for you. I can’t make your beliefs disappear for you.  Also, your mind is uniquely programmed so I can’t anticipate everything that you will encounter.  I might also present beliefs that you don’t have.  Ignore that post; you get the week off.

Your job is to be responsible for your well being, but also to be hard on your mind and challenge it. Most of the time, we are not in a life threatening situation.  So before you take action, you usually have the time and space to try to let go.  If it doesn’t work, follow your beliefs; get help.  But vow to let go after the fact so it doesn’t happen again.  That results in progress; and any progress is great progress.

You can’t screw up by letting go.  If you don’t let go, you’ll just get what you were going to get anyway.  So you’ll see what your beliefs were creating, and now you’ll work on that topic.  But letting go never causes problems.  Over time, it causes problems to disappear or never happen.  The idea that letting go gets you in trouble comes from the notion that God punishes us or gives us problems as tests.  If our false God doesn’t want us to let go, it blames letting go.  It’s lying.

Try not to get too impatient.  If you let go of beliefs every day, your mind is getting more clear.  That’s huge; the rest of the world is putting more beliefs in each day.  Don’t take such progress lightly.  Your future will be better than it would have been if you had not let go.  If you remember that, it quiets your “need it now” clone.

This is not a race; and you will determine when you have gotten to where you want to be or are ready to move on to something else. The investment for Gold Circle is $50 per month.  Once you sign up, the billing will happen automatically until you cancel your membership.  You can register by clicking on “Buy a Membership” to the right of this page in the grey area or in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Buying a membership assumes that you have read this page, and you agree to what I’ve written.  There are no refunds.  I’m not looking to create an accounting or technical support job for myself.  If this isn’t fun, I’ll just go do something else.  I don’t need to do this to be free or happy, and it has been very expensive to maintain this site for years with little income.  It’s time for that to end.

I will make it easier on you by saying that you can share a membership with others.  So couples or friends can share one membership.  But all people sharing the membership must have read this and agree to it.  They all must have read the free information.  You will only get one member ID so you’ll both post as the same name in comments or the forum.  This might turn into something that you can do together.  Hopefully, it won’t turn into fighting for access to the site or projecting on each other. If so, you’ll just have to let go of that.  If you share a membership, use a combined name and identify yourself when you post something.  I’m not psychic, I won’t know who I’m talking to unless you tell me.  Ideally, I’d like you to use your real name (not your New Age name or your porn name).  When people use fake names, it gets confusing.  They aren’t really that name.  This website is about being yourself.

If money is very tight for you at this time, I suggest you keep working on the free stuff with a focus on money. Many people have found the money to join my mentoring program by doing exactly that.  Since I started business I’ve always had the intention that people would make or save more money from working with me than they paid me.  Unlike technology, the payback for initiation isn’t always obvious, but you will notice that you don’t need a lot of health and wellness things that you used to need.  You will find that expenses go down; you don’t end up paying for mistakes.  You stop going to those workshops and buying all those programs.  You’ll stop chasing false desires.  In fact, you can now sell a lot of that stuff that you don’t need.  I did.  If you want to do this program, you’ll find the money to do it.

I hope you love the Gold Circle, and it helps you to feel part of something that is moving toward freedom.  Most important, make it a fun journey.  Take delight in each insight or accomplishment.  Realize that this quest for freedom, and completion of your story, is your life purpose.  If you succeed in freedom, you will have done something that virtually no one else does.  Fuck the 1%.  You will be part of .00001% or less.  At least that is how it is right now.  So don’t be hard on yourself.  Know that freedom is possible; and the greatest joy will be knowing that you did it yourself.  That is mastery.

Much love, Cathy